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Brad confronted Adrian and Colleen about their affair. Sheila shot Maggie. Jana disappeared. Lauren was shocked to find Phyllis bound and gagged in the closet. Sheila tied up Lauren and kidnapped Phyllis, Summer, and Fen.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Colleen spent the night with Adrian in his bed, and when she returned home early the next morning, Victoria warned Colleen that pursuing the relationship was not in her best interest. Colleen insisted that Adrian was not exploiting her and that he saw much potential in her academic work because he submitted her paper on the Grugeon collection to a magazine. Victoria explained that her concern was not only for Colleen because Colleen could be compromising the safety of the entire family by having told Adrian about Rebecca and offering more information about the family's ties to the Grugeon art pieces if her paper is published. Colleen informed her stepmother that she didn't need input on the matter and refused to take Victoria's advice to cool her relationship with the professor.

Brad and Victor arrived home with the Grugeon piece, which had been in Geneva in the possession of a man who knew about the danger associated with it, though he didn't know why. At the Carlton's, Rebecca examined the piece and determined it was indeed the same piece she had catalogued when she worked at the concentration camp. However, while viewing the piece with a magnifying glass, Rebecca noticed an inscription on the artwork that she had not seen before. The inscription, written in a foreign language, puzzled Rebecca, Brad, Victor and Victoria when they tried to decipher it and even an Internet search for a translation failed. After Victor left for another appointment, Victoria told Brad that Colleen had moved back home after breaking up with J.T. Listening all the while to Brad and Victoria's conversation, the unseen eavesdropper also learned that Colleen is now involved with Adrian Korbel.

At Crimson Lights, Jana showed J.T. the newspaper accounts of the young woman who reportedly committed suicide and the murders that took place where Adrian Korbel formerly taught. J.T. called Holden, who lives in the area where the murders occurred, and requested his help to determine whether the attacks could be connected to Adrian Korbel. Later, J.T. also called Paul and asked him to dig deeper into Adrian's past. He told Paul that he was worried about Colleen's safety. When the professor walked into the coffeehouse, Jana approached him and noticed that he sat his briefcase in a chair. Later, when Adrian stepped out into the patio to take a phone call from Colleen, Jana managed to take the briefcase. Behind the counter, Jana covertly searched through the professor's briefcase while J.T. watched. However, Adrian re-emerged and was angered to see Jana with his belongings. J.T. defended Jana and explained that she was attempting to locate the bag's owner just as she does with the many items patrons often leave behind. Jana offered an apology, and Adrian accepted. Later, however, Jana pointed out to Adrian that his distress over the briefcase incident may have been due to the fact the J.T. was present. Adrian agreed that J.T.'s involvement did play a part, and when Colleen later joined the professor, he seemed uneasy when he was forced to leave to teach his class knowing that J.T. and Colleen would be at the coffeehouse together. Just after Adrian left, J.T. sat down at Colleen's table and warned her that Adrian could be dangerous. He told her that Carmen and Adrian were seen in the area just before Carmen was murdered. Colleen, however, dismissed J.T.'s theory and defended Adrian.

Neil, Dru and Devon questioned Michael about being sharp enough to direct Devon's defense when Michael informed them that jury selection would begin Friday. They asked Michael if something other than dealing with a new baby was bothering him. Michael, secretly worried that Sheila could harm his family and the implications of her continued imprisonment, stated that it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle. However, Devon continued to feel uneasy when he had to remind Michael about Lily's fingerprints being one of eight sets of prints found on the duct tape. Dru was not only concerned about Michael. She frantically searched for her missing PDA, which contains her personal information and phone numbers. As Dru searched for lost PDA, her cell phone rang. When Dru answered, she heard Carmen's voice ask her if she lost something. Carmen stated that it wasn't over yet and that Dru would pay for what she's done. Neil, alarmed by the look on Dru's face, took the phone from Dru. However, Neil heard an automated voice prompting the listener to participate in a survey. Neil was confused, but Dru maintained that it had been Carmen's voice she'd heard.

At the warehouse prison cell, Sheila, weak and feverish, refused nourishment. She taunted Paul, telling him that he spends all of his time with her. Later, as Paul continued his vigil guarding Sheila, Maggie called. She arranged to meet Paul later at home to retrieve her badge. Lauren stopped by the warehouse to ensure that Sheila was still imprisoned. When Lauren noticed that Sheila's infection was worsening, Lauren called her doctor and requested strong antibiotics for herself. While Lauren looked on, Sheila commented that perhaps Paul's diligence to protect Lauren proved that he was still in love with Lauren. When Lauren later dropped the antibiotics off at Paul's apartment, she noticed that he seemed stressed and offered him some of her anti-anxiety medication. Paul warned her that the pills could be addicting, but Lauren left two pills on Paul's coffee table. When Paul returned to the warehouse with the antibiotics, however, Sheila refused to take them and bit Paul when he tried to force the pill into her mouth. Sheila said she'd rather die than live her life in the cell. Later, Paul returned home to meet Maggie. The two teased one another playfully, but Maggie received a phone call and left. Apparently, Maggie's caller provided the global positioning system (GPS) information obtained from Paul's cell phone signal when he was at the warehouse with Sheila. After Maggie left, Paul fell asleep. He dreamt that he'd found Sheila unconscious. When he entered the cell to check on her, Sheila attacked and choked him. After Paul awoke from his nightmare, he swallowed the "happy" pills Lauren left for him.

After she left Paul's, Maggie, having used the GPS information she received, went straight to the warehouse where Sheila was imprisoned. When Maggie heard Sheila's cries for help, Maggie used her revolver to shoot the lock off the door. When Maggie entered, Sheila told her where to find the key. Sheila acted the role of an injured kidnap victim and begged Maggie to hurry and release her before the kidnapper returned. However, the moment Sheila's hands were freed, she clasped her hands around Maggie's throat and choked her until Maggie lay limp.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Brad is furious to learn that Colleen and Adrian are sleeping together. Korbel arrives at Brad's house to talk to Colleen. Korbel tells Brad that he will no longer be seeing Colleen. Colleen is crushed. Colleen tells him that she's not going to let him dictate her life. Colleen apologizes to Adrian about her father, and asks if he dated Sara Whitcombe, the student who died. He firmly says that he did not and that he has never lied to her. Brad tells J.T. that he wants to hire him to keep Colleen safe, and that he must do this as a favor to him because of what happened in Ohio. J.T. tells Colleen that Professor Korbel was found with a girl who committed suicide. Colleen says that Adrian told her about it and that he was trying to help the girl. Brad calls her to come home to talk about her relationship with Korbel but Colleen refuses. Colleen confides in Lily how everyone thinks that she and Adrian shouldn't be together. Jill and Kay go to Indigo to meet William to learn the results of the DNA test. Cane seats them. Jill tears open the test results and is devastated to learn that Phillip wasn't her biological son. Jill goes to the bar and tells Cane that she is having a horrible day. When she goes back to the table she fumes that Katherine has always tried to take away from her what was hers, but this is unforgivable. Kay leaves, and Jill sobs into William's arms. Amber sits down with Daniel at the coffeehouse. She tells him about "the rules" that guys should follow for dating a girl. She tells him that she has tickets to a concert that she wants Daniel to pretend are his, but that he can't use them, then he should give them to Cane. Amber thinks the only way Cane will ask her out is if he thinks he's in control of the situation. Daniel calls Cane and offers him the tickets. Amber acts surprised when Cane asks her to the concert. Nikki, Victor, and Jack discuss how they are going to try to get Senator Bodi allow them to build a N.V.P. spa in an area where he doesn't want construction. Jack says that they may have to sink to his level to get him to cooperate with the company, but Victor refuses. Jack shows Victor papers that he uncovered showing that the senator funneled funds that were intended for emergency services into his pet projects, and thinks that by showing him that they know this, they can persuade the zoning board to see things their way.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Maggie awoke in the cell to find Sheila standing over her with Maggie's gun. When Sheila told her she was Phyllis Newman, Maggie knew she was lying. Sheila admitted she wasn't. She then listened to a message that Paul left for Maggie wondering why she'd stood him up for their coffee date. Sheila tied up and gagged Maggie and hid outside the cell, waiting for Paul to show up. When he did and reacted with shock to seeing Maggie lying in the cell, Sheila hit him from behind. While Paul was unconscious, she rigged up a system for being able to overhear them even after she left the building. She then shot Maggie. When Paul regained consciousness, he found Maggie bleeding and realized he was locked in with her. He begged Maggie to hold on. When she asked who the woman was, Paul said she was just a psychopath. Sheila overheard their conversation while she cut and dyed her hair to look like Phyllis's.

Nick had to go out of town with Jack to check on the spa plan at Menomonie, so he and Phyllis spent the afternoon together. She'd bought them a digital camera so she could take photos of Summer to email to Nick whenever he was away from them. Nick was worried that Jack might extend their business trip, but Phyllis encouraged Nick to get back as soon as he could. Neither of them was aware that Sheila was probably on her way to change places with Phyllis.

Sharon brought Dru a package that had been misdelivered to her from Fenmore's Boutique. Dru was horrified to open it and find a duplicate of the shirt of Carmen's that Dru had cut up. Sharon kept a level head and encouraged Dru to call Fenmore's and track down the purchaser of the shirt. It was Amber who'd sold it, but it had been a phone purchase made with Dru's credit card. Dru said that was impossible, then she discovered her credit card was missing. Sharon suggested that maybe Carmen's sister was helping David Chow spook Dru. Dru got J.T. to do a check on Carmen's sister. She was not only in Houston, but she didn't look like Carmen. So she couldn't have been the woman Dru thought she saw.

Neil saw David Chow at Newman and threatened to have him thrown out. David let him know that he had every right to be there. He was working out of that office as a liaison between Newman Enterprises and Granville Global. He told Neil that he'd read Carmen all wrong. She wasn't a predator out trolling for married men. Furthermore, his relationship with Carmen wasn't quite as sordid as it had been portrayed to be. Thinking back on some of his conversations with Carmen, Neil had to admit that there'd been a time when he'd thought she was just a nice person, too.

Neil had to break the news to Dru that David was working from Newman now. Sharon offered to befriend David and try to get information from him, but Neil and Dru insisted that it was too dangerous. Sharon agreed not to do anything. But later, when Sharon ran into David at Crimson Lights, she showed a softer side to him and made him think she might be worth having as a friend.

Dr. Korbel ran into J.T. at Crimson Lights. He belittled J.T. for his attempts to drive a wedge between Colleen and him for crimes that had happened years ago that had nothing to do with Adrian. J.T. admitted that Jana had been the one who'd given him the printouts because she thought Korbel might be dangerous.

Rebecca showed Colleen the cryptic writing on the reliquary and said she hadn't yet been able to crack the code. Colleen was interested, but she didn't have the expertise to figure out what it meant. When Victoria came home, she and Colleen again exchanged harsh words about Colleen's and Korbel's relationship. Colleen told her she was no longer seeing the professor in a romantic way. She left the house with a packed suitcase and said she was staying with Lily and Daniel. Colleen went to see Korbel, however, even though he'd earlier told her that nothing romantic could happen between them again. When Adrian let Colleen inside his apartment, she said she had something to show him.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

As Paul tries to save Maggie, he explains to her the story of Sheila. He says that she built this place to kidnap Lauren and her baby. Maggie wonders why Paul didn't call the police. Paul apologizes for not trusting the system, but admits that in the past Sheila had escaped, and he couldn't risk that. Now he wishes that he would have contacted the police right away. Paul tries to get the tracking device that Sheila left behind. When he gets it, he begs that Sheila calls that cops. Sheila laughs, saying that she has things to do. Suddenly, Maggie falls asleep, and Paul cannot wake her up.

Phyllis takes some pictures of Summer and sends them to Nick. Nick happily shows them to Jack, who angrily refuses to look at them and insists that Nick concentrate on business. When Jack and Nick talk to the Senator, the Senator refuses to make a deal with them and leaves. Jack is upset with Nick for trying to persuade the Senator with accepting their plan. He says that he's going to find a way for the Senator to admit perjury. Phyllis hears a knock on the door and answers it. It's her look alike; Sheila.

When Nick calls Phyllis again, Sheila answers. She agrees with Nick about not wanting to be working with Jack, and says that she can't wait for Nick to come home. No one suspects anything, while Phyllis is tied to a chair with her mouth taped up. Sheila calls Lauren and asks her to come by. Lauren says that Fenmore is sleeping, but maybe later when he wakes up.

Neil asks Drucilla what she's working on. Dru says that she's finishing up a little ditty that she and Carmen previously worked on. Neil says that she already turned it in. Drucilla freaks out, knowing that someone has hacked into her computer. When Michael comes to the door, Drucilla is so exhausted with all of the turmoil she takes a nap on the bed. Drucilla dreams of fighting with Carmen, and then wrapping a dead Carmen up in a blanket, and wakes up screaming.

Michael comes home from talking to Drucilla and Neil, and Lauren decides that she would rather spend time with Michael than go over to Phyllis'. Phyllis/Sheila is upset by this news, but insists that Lauren come by the next day.

Colleen stops by Adrian's to give him his lecture notes. He offers her a cup of tea and they talk about how Adrian first got interested in the subject of Art History. Lily calls and Colleen asks if it's a problem if she stays with Lily and Daniel for awhile. Korbel apologizes to Colleen for messing everything up with her father. Colleen says that it's not his fault, if anything it's her fault for getting J.T. interested in Korbel's past. Adrian says that Jana is the one responsible for looking into his past. They agree not to place blame on each other. Adrian recommends that Colleen transfer out of his class, but she refuses.

Cane talks to Jana about his search for his real birth mother. J.T. goes to Jana and tells her that although he thinks she is a great investigator, he is surprised at her attraction to Kevin. He warns her, telling her to watch her back. Jana gets angry, saying that Kevin has changed. Kevin shows up and tells Jana that he's in love with her. He tells her that he has changed, and doesn't want any secrets between them. Kevin tells Jana the truth about attempting to kill Colleen. Jana seems shocked at this truth, and says that she knows he is different now, but she must go, she's late to work. Later, when Kevin tries to find Jana, he realizes that she's not at work either. Korbel goes to Jana, angry with her for investigating his past. Jana says that it's not her fault.

Katherine tells Nikki about the results from the DNA test. Katherine feels terrible, saying that if she were Jill she would never forgive her for such a thing. J.T. calls and tells Katherine that he has some news for her. When Katherine explains to Nikki that she is having J.T. investigate the case, Nikki hopes there is a chance they will find the real Philip.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Lauren was reluctant to take Fen out on such a cold day to visit Phyllis and Summer, but Michael encouraged her to go. He had to concentrate on jury selection for Devon's trial. Before she left, Kevin came over. He'd told his mother that Jana hadn't come home the night before, and he was afraid it was because he'd told her the truth about his past with Colleen. When Lauren heard about his concerns, she assured him that Jana knew he was a different person now and wouldn't hold his past against him. Gloria and Kevin went to Crimson Lights to find out if anyone there had seen her. One of Kevin's employees told him that the last time he'd seen Jana, she was arguing with Professor Korbel on the coffee shop patio. Kevin told Gloria that it might not be his fault Jana was gone. It might have more to do with Adrian Korbel.

Victoria, Brad, Nikki, and Victor were at the Carlton house trying to decipher the coded letters on the Grugeon reliquary. Victor was concerned because no one had heard from Ashley and Abby, and he began to lash out at Brad for the danger everyone was in because of his lies. Victoria tried to defend Brad, but Nikki agreed with Victor. They were all relieved when Ashley called. She'd just chaperoned a field trip with Abby and her class. After Brad hung up, Victor warned him that he had twenty-four hours to figure out their next move. If he hadn't cracked the code by then, Victor was going to do things his way.

Colleen had secluded herself in an empty classroom as she tried to figure out the coded message on the reliquary. When Adrian came in, she wouldn't tell him where the code came from, but he agreed to help her anyway. As they began to break down the French and Latin words, Kevin burst in. He accused Adrian of having harmed Jana and threatened to call the police. Whereas Adrian just laughed at him, Colleen said she'd be glad to talk to the police. She could tell them her theory that Jana had either skipped town after finding out the truth about Kevin's past, or Kevin had burned her alive to get rid of her. Kevin left with threats that this wasn't over yet. After he was gone, Adrian figured out the "answer" on the reliquary.

Colleen went to the Carlton house, where Victoria and Brad were still working on the code. She explained how the words were part of an anagram that translated into, "The man is before you." She didn't tell her father and Victoria that Adrian knew about and had helped her crack the code. Meanwhile, Dr. Korbel was still in the classroom puzzling over the coded message.

Jack wanted Nick to leave so he could set up the senator for a bribe. Nick called Phyllis, not realizing that he was actually talking to Sheila, who told him to stay away as long as it took to take care of business. After hanging up, Sheila ungagged Phyllis, who offered her money and her passport so she could leave without detection. But that wasn't what Sheila wanted. She talked to Paul a couple of times and found out that Maggie was still alive. She suggested that she might come to finish the cop off. She also talked to Lauren and encouraged her to come over with Fen.

Jack arranged to have his meeting with the senator postponed until the afternoon. Tired of Jack and eager to get home, Nick decided to fly back to Genoa City without Jack. After he was gone, Jack met with the senator. He and agents had set up a wiretap, and when the senator met with Jack, he accepted his offer of a substantial campaign contribution in exchange for getting the permits for NVP to build their spa in a protected area. But Jack also disconnected his wire so that he could get information about the senator's previous financial arrangements with Victor.

Jack called Victor, who was sitting at Crimson Lights with Nikki. Jack said the only thing left to do was to actually let the money change hands, and then the senator would no longer be a problem. After their call, Victor told Nikki that Jack had gone through with the plan. Nikki said that this would bring down Jack, too. Victor agreed and said that once Jack was dealt with, his next target was Brad Carlton.

Lauren arrived at the tack house for her coffee date with Phyllis. But when Sheila, disguised as Phyllis, went to get their coffee, Lauren opened the closet door to hang up her coat. She spotted the real Phyllis bound and gagged on the floor. Before she could do anything, Sheila was on her with a gun. She then tied up Lauren and gagged her so that she and Phyllis were facing each other. She taunted them for a while, trying to decide which baby she should take: Fen or Summer.

Paul begged Maggie to hang on, insisting that someone would be coming soon. When his cell phone rang, Paul was sure it was Michael calling. In the meantime, Sheila had communicated with him via radio to let him know that she now had Lauren and Fen as well as Phyllis and Summer. Paul told her to leave the babies alone and to come after him. Sheila broke off communication with him. A while later, Michael arrived and Paul began yelling for help. Michael was shocked to see Maggie and Paul locked up in the cell, and even more upset to hear that Sheila was holding both babies and their mothers captive.

Nick arrived home to find Lauren gagged and tied up to a chair. When he took off the gag, Lauren had to tell him the bad news. Sheila had kidnapped Phyllis, Summer, and Fen.

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