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Brad discovered that his home had been bugged. Lauren shot and killed Sheila. Dru noticed that some of her belongings had been mysteriously moved around. Amber considered marrying Cane so that he could stay in the country.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, February 5, 2007

Michael, who had gone to the warehouse to check on Paul, learned via a phone call from Nick that Sheila had kidnapped Fen, Phyllis and Summer. Michael told Nick that Sheila had shot Maggie. Lauren, standing near Nick as he talked to Michael, had first thought that Paul had been shot. At the warehouse, while they awaited help for Maggie, Paul told Michael that he felt at fault for Maggie's predicament. However, when investigators arrived, both Michael and Paul covered their tracks with stories about how they had accidentally stumbled upon Sheila and her hideout the day before her escape. All the while, however, Paul and Michael had flashbacks about their true roles in Sheila's capture and incarceration, which began four months before Sheila's escape when Paul observed Sheila, as Phyllis, shopping for baby items. Michael experienced a flashback when he learned from Paul that he had faked the morgue photo of Sheila. Paul jokingly explained to the investigator that he didn't call the authorities earlier because the only thing he could have accused Sheila of was decorating-idea theft for replicating Fen's nursery. Maggie, taken away by ambulance, was still in surgery when Paul later called the hospital to check on her condition.

Victor and Nikki came to the tack house to offer Nick their support and assistance while the investigators questioned Lauren. Lauren explained that Sheila, an evil woman, disguised herself as Phyllis in order to get close to Fen. Lauren pleaded with the detectives to speed the search for her son. Lauren said that she'd lost count of the many times Sheila had attempted to kill her. Lauren gave a description of Sheila's clothing and stressed the fact that Sheila had managed to change her entire appearance to imitate Phyllis' face, hair color and voice. Nick said the Amber Alert would help authorities speed the rescue. Paul and Michael, joining the others gathered at the tack house, Lauren and Nick attempted to guess where Sheila could have taken the babies and Phyllis but realized that Sheila could be anywhere in the world. However, Paul said it would be difficult for Sheila to leave the country.

Jack, who saw the Amber Alert while he was in Madison, called Nick to offer support and prayers for the babies, Phyllis and the families. The investigator later told Nick, Nikki and Victor that Phyllis' car had been found in the long-term parking lot at the airport, but that it had been parked outside of the security camera's range. After a saddened Lauren and Michael arrived home, Lauren blamed herself for not having killed Sheila when she had the chance, a mistake she said she would not make again.

Sheila, donning a gray wig and glasses disguised her voice to sound like an old woman as she guided Phyllis to an apartment in a retirement village. Sheila carried baby Summer, so Phyllis was forced to follow along with Sheila's directives. Sheila told her neighbor, an older woman named Dot, that Phyllis was her daughter Susan and that the babies were Sheila's grandchildren. Dot referred to Sheila as "Bets" and seemed to be familiar with the disguised Sheila. Phyllis shared pleasantries with the neighbor but said and did nothing to alert the woman.

In the tiny apartment, Sheila rocked Fen lovingly in her arms as she told Phyllis that Paul and Michael had kept her in a cell for months. Sheila threatened Phyllis, telling her that many people had tried to stop her, but that each one had ended up in the ground. She told Phyllis that she, too, would end up in the ground, but Fen would not. Sheila cooed at baby Fen, while a shocked Phyllis, handcuffed to a chair, listened to Sheila's tirade of threats, one being that they were all in for a nice, long stay.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria urged Kevin to report Jana as a missing person because she could be hurt. Kevin worried that perhaps Jana had just left him after he told her about his attempt on Colleen's life years ago. Later, Kevin told Daniel about his theory that Jana's disappearance could've been connected to Professor Korbel because of the possible link Jana had discovered between the professor and the suicide and murders that occurred at his previous teaching location.

When the Amber Alert was aired about the babies and Phyllis on TV, a barista at Crimson Lights watched and told a shocked Gloria and Kevin that he had seen Phyllis at the coffeehouse just before Jana left. Kevin told Gloria that if the woman the barista saw had actually been Sheila, then she could be behind Jana's disappearance, and he whisked his mom away to investigate his theory.

While they tried to eat lunch, Lily and Daniel attempted to calm Devon's trial-day jitters, but the young man was so worried he couldn't eat or concentrate. Daniel offered sage advice from his own trial experience while Lily entrusted her lucky French coin to Devon. At home, Dru and Neil also shared their fears about Devon's fate, but Neil held onto the hope that Michael could mount an effective defense for their son.

As Sharon arrived to accompany Neil and Dru to court, she ran into David Chow in the hallway of the Winterses' condo building. Sharon somewhat befriended David by offering her apologies for her earlier rudeness and declaring her admiration for his continued support for his murdered friend. When Devon and his parents along with Lily, Daniel and Sharon arrived at the courthouse, they surrounded Devon and offered their support, but they were unnerved by David Chow's presence. Anxious for the trial to begin, Devon and his parents nervously awaited Michael's arrival. Outside the courtroom, David introduced Carmen's mother, Maria Mesta, to Devon, Neil and Dru, the woman Mrs. Mesta claimed was the one person Carmen did not speak well of. However, the waiting ended when a court officer informed them without explanation that the trial had been postponed. When Neil phoned Michael to ask about his absence and the postponement, Michael was too upset to finish his explanation. Paul took the phone and told Neil about Fen's kidnapping.

Dru suggested that the family go out to the ranch to offer support, but Daniel thought otherwise since his mom and Dru do not get along. Just before the Winterses left the courthouse, Dru spotted Carmen in front of a window at the end of a hallway. However, when Dru showed Neil where Carmen had stood, the hallway was empty. Later, after the Winterses arrived home, Neil expressed his concern for Michael and his impaired ability to defend Devon, but Dru said there shouldn't be a trial in the first place because no one was murdered. Neil, disbelieving Dru's sighting of Carmen, explained the courthouse was thoroughly searched, but no sign of Carmen or anyone resembling her was found.

After Jack phoned and informed Victor about the FBI's plan to catch Senator Bodi accepting a bribe, Victor and Nikki made a tea-toast to Jack's moment of triumph, for however long it lasts, Nikki added sarcastically. Meanwhile, at a hotel room in Madison, an FBI agent warned Jack not to choke on his coffee again as he affixed the recording device to Jack and showed him the location of the hidden camera. A bit later, Senator Bodi met with Jack, and just as Jack thought he would, Bodi took Jack's briefcase full of money, a first installment payment, and assured Jack that he would sway the committee to favor Jack's request to rezone. As the Senator left the hotel suite, however, he was met by the FBI agents and arrested on the spot.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

At the Winterses', Dru freaks when she realizes that a vase has moved. Sharon and Neil try to calm her down, saying that she is just really stressed out. Dru insists that she saw Carmen at the courthouse. Dru tells Jack that she thinks she's seen Carmen since she died, and Jack reveals that he's seen his father, too. He says that he thinks he keeps seeing his father because his spirit isn't ready to move on. At the tack house, Daniel and Lily are stunned to learn that Sheila had plastic surgery to look just like Phyllis. A news crew comes to the house to interview Nick about the kidnapping. The nurse tells Paul that Maggie is out of surgery but has not yet regained consciousness. Paul remembers that he still has the walkie-talkie and calls Sheila on it. Sheila asks if Maggie is dead yet, saying that she is sure she shot her in her vital organs. Paul calls Michael and tells him that both he and Sheila still have the walkie-talkies. They agree not to tell the police about this, and try to find Sheila themselves. A surgeon tells Paul that Maggie has regained consciousness. At the retirement home, Sheila tells Phyllis that she may not be leaving here alive. Phyllis starts repeating everything Sheila says to bug her, since they look so alike. Phyllis and Sheila watch Nick and Daniel's pleas for help on TV, but Sheila states that they aren't ever going to find them. Sheila calls Paul on the walkie-talkie and tells him that she wants to talk to Lauren in five minutes. Paul calls Michael and tells him, but knows that Lauren can't get to the hospital in that amount of time. Lauren tells Michael to put the phone up to the walkie-talkie so that she and Sheila can talk that way. She brings Phyllis an outfit, saying that they are going to match so that no one can tell who the real Phyllis is. She calls Paul to talk to Lauren, and says that she is holding Scotty. Lauren freaks out, boldly stating that that baby is Fen.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Jill and Ji Min were planning to meet Sharon at Crimson Lights, but Sharon was late. They had a more personal conversation about Jill's past, and Jill admitted she had another son who'd died. When Sharon arrived, she told them that Sheila Carter had kidnapped Fen, Phyllis, and Summer. Meanwhile, Nikki had taken Noah to Chicago and Sharon wanted him back home. Ji Min offered to meet about business another day, but Sharon wanted her mind taken off everything. She was interested in Ji Min's offer for her to do some modeling for Jabot and said she'd find out if her contract would allow it. Because Cane had stopped by their table earlier and suggested that Ji Min and Jill have lunch at Indigo, Ji Min offered to take the two women there. Sharon declined, so Jill and Ji Min went alone.

Victoria and Brad didn't believe that Colleen had worked out the cryptic message by herself. As they ignored calls from Victor and Nikki, Brad continued to pressure Colleen for the truth. When she finally admitted that it was Adrian, not her, who'd worked out the anagram in Latin, Brad raged at her for putting them in danger. Colleen got furious with her father and left. Victoria then tried to reason with Brad, but he only got madder. He finally left the house and ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights. When she told him about the kidnapping, Brad went home to tell Victoria why her family had been calling. Victoria had worked out more of the coded message, but she dropped her tablet on the floor in her hurry to call Nick when she found out that Phyllis and Summer were kidnapped. Kneeling to pick up the tablet, Brad saw the bug under the desk. He motioned to Victoria to stay quiet and pointed it out to her.

Amber noticed how distracted Adrian was because Colleen wasn't in class. After class ended, she tried to talk to Adrian, but he said he was busy and needed to take care of some things. When Colleen came in, Amber made a few remarks about the two of them, but then she left them alone. Adrian could tell Colleen was upset, so he invited her back to his place so they could talk in private. Colleen admitted that her father was angry with her because of Adrian, but it wasn't anything she could explain. Adrian told her that she didn't have to. Until she was ready to confide in him, he wasn't going to push her. The two of them ended up in bed again.

Amber went to talk to Cane at Indigo. While he was explaining to her that he might be deported back to Australia, Jill was across the club talking to Ji Min. Jill told him the history of Sheila Carter. Ji Min was shocked by Lauren's long history with Sheila. He was also curious about why Jill and her mother were having problems. Jill didn't go into their full history or explain that Katherine had kidnapped her son and given him away.

Upset about Cane's immigration situation, Amber called an immigration attorney. She said her boyfriend was about to be deported and she wanted to marry him immediately.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nikki lays into Sharon, telling her that she hasn't been very fair to Phyllis lately, and Sharon retorts that it's because she stole her husband. Nikki and Sharon start to argue and Nikki leaves abruptly. Jack tells Sharon that since he was there for Summer's birth, he will always have a bond with Phyllis, and Sharon realizes that Jack still has feelings for her. Suddenly Noah comes screaming into the room, saying he read about the kidnapping on the Internet and that they have to do something. Sharon and Jack try to calm him down, saying that the police are looking for them. He cries that Summer is going to die just like Cassie. Sheila calls Paul, saying to relay the message that Summer and Fen look so cute together and she wishes Lauren could see it. She then dresses up like an old lady, ties Phyllis up, gives her Fen, who she now calls Scotty, and leaves to go to the store with Summer. When she gets back she snaps a photo on her cell phone of Phyllis and Summer to send to Nick. Kevin asks William if any of the police can look for Jana, but William says that the police force is stretched thin looking for Sheila. Paul suggests that Kevin use his new sound equipment to record Sheila on the walkie-talkie, so they can play it back and try to hear any background noise that would help indicate where she is. Sheila calls Paul and Kevin records the conversation. They play the conversation back through some filters and realize they hear a train whistle in the background. Kevin turns on another filter and they hear cows mooing. Paul thinks he knows where they are located. Nick makes another on-air plea to Sheila to contact him about his family, saying that she will get whatever reward she wants in return. Paul gives Lauren a gun, saying that he and Michael are going to try to find Sheila since they think they know where she may be. They go to an abandoned warehouse where they find a note from Sheila and a transceiver. They scream in frustration. Sheila laughs at them through the walkie-talkie, happy that she fooled them again. Nick is ecstatic when he receives the photo of Summer and Phyllis, and the detectives get started on trying to track where it came from. Nick notices there is a sign in the outside window of the picture that looks familiar. Daniel enlarges the photo on the computer and Victor says he knows where they are, a retirement home close by. Lauren leaves and goes there, asking a neighbor if she's seen two women with two infants, and the neighbor says she has. Lauren can hear a baby's cry. As Sheila taunts Paul, Phyllis frees her hand and lunges at Sheila, knocking her down. Paul and Michael hear their struggle. Lauren breaks down the door and aims her gun at the women. Michael and Paul hear a shot being fired.

Friday, February 9, 2007

While Paul and Michael listened helplessly to the two-way radio in the warehouse, Lauren held a gun on Phyllis and Sheila, unsure which of them was Sheila. The crying babies confused and upset her, and both women insisted they were Phyllis. Driven by fear for the babies, Lauren fired the gun at one of the women. As she fell, she told Lauren that she'd shot the wrong one. Across the room, her look-alike reminded Lauren that they'd talked about going to the spa together, painting their nails, and about their babies. Sheila, bleeding, told Lauren she'd never be free of her. Then she died. Lauren grabbed the radio and told Paul and Michael where they were and that she, Phyllis, and the babies were all okay.

Everyone got to the retirement home at almost the same time: Paul, Michael, Nick, and the police. Lauren asked the police to look at Sheila's stomach, where they found the stab wound. William Bardwell wanted some questions answered about what had happened at the warehouse and afterward. Paul, Michael, and Phyllis all rushed to Lauren's defense, and William said she wasn't going to be charged with any crime since she'd thought shooting Sheila was the only way to protect the children from harm. Later, Paul went to see Maggie. He explained that he hadn't told anyone about Lauren and Michael's involvement. Since they'd just stumbled into the truth the same way she had, Paul begged Maggie to leave them out of it when she was questioned. Maggie pointed out that he was asking her to lie. Before the two came to any agreement, a police officer arrived to question Maggie about her shooting.

Kevin was still worried about Jana, but Gloria told him she was sure everything would turn out okay. Kevin was concerned that Jana might have somehow crossed paths with Sheila. When Michael brought Lauren and Fen home, Kevin told Lauren that Jana was still missing. Lauren tried to comfort him. Later, Michael, too, talked to Kevin privately. He understood how helpless Kevin felt and didn't blame him for being worried about Jana. He hugged his little brother. Later, however, when Michael and Lauren were alone, the stress got to Michael. His hands began to shake so badly he couldn't pour himself a drink, and Lauren comforted him, assuring him that Sheila was dead. She could never threaten them again.

Colleen was with Adrian when Brad called her and asked her to come home immediately. Colleen wanted to know why, and Brad said their house had been bugged. He had no idea how long that had been the case, but someone now knew they had the reliquary and also knew everything they'd figured out about it. When Colleen arrived home, things were tense between her father and her, especially after he said that it was possible that Adrian was the one who'd planted the listening device. Colleen was furious, saying it was possible Adrian could help them. Brad said they couldn't trust anyone; they were all in danger.

Colleen went with Brad and Victoria to Nick's house. She apologized to Lily and Daniel for not having known about Phyllis's kidnapping. Victor was upset to find out about the listening device at Brad's. He said they were now in more danger than ever. All of them were present, along with Nikki, Noah, and Sharon, when they got the news from Nick that Phyllis and Summer were safe. He was on his way home with them.

Phyllis was shaken up when she got home with Nick, but she pretended that she was okay to Daniel and Noah. Sharon spoke to her privately and told her that Jack sent his regards and had been very worried about her. Phyllis thanked her for letting her know. But as everyone talked around her, she kept reliving scenes of being in the same room with Sheila and all that had happened. She seemed distant and preoccupied when Lily and Daniel decided to leave, and when Daniel hugged her goodbye. Colleen told her father that she was staying at Lily's that night. Brad said she needed to move back home, and Colleen told him that until he began treating her like an adult, she had no intention of living in his house.

Brad managed to get a few moments alone with Sharon to tell her about the bug they'd found at his house. He wanted her to be extra careful, and she promised she would be. Neither of them realized that Victor, Nikki, and Victoria were watching them talk until Victoria said it was time for them to go home. Sharon agreed that she and Noah needed to leave. When they were finally alone, Nick and Phyllis sat on the couch together, holding Summer without talking. Meanwhile, at home, Victoria began fighting with Brad about his decision to tell Sharon everything. She said it was hypocritical of him to expect Colleen to say nothing when he shared everything with Sharon. Brad said that Sharon had a right to know, as she'd been put in danger by the people who were after the reliquary. Their argument was cut short when Victor came in and said he was there to help them figure out the rest of the coded message.

Amber was was upset about the news that Sheila Carter was in town and had kidnapped Fen, Phyllis, and Summer. She text messaged Daniel to tell him that she was thinking of him. Later, Cane joined her at the coffee house, where the two of them tried to figure out if there was a way to keep him in the country on his work permit. Adrian came in and saw the flyers with Jana's picture on them. He sat down at the table with Amber and Cane. They tried to pick his brain about how he'd remained in the country, but Adrian merely told them he had a good immigration attorney. He then said he had work to do and went to another table.

After they got back to their apartment, Daniel text messaged Amber while Lily and Colleen were talking. He told her that his mother and Summer were back safely, but he didn't tell her that Sheila was dead. Amber told Cane she was afraid to go home. Considering that she'd once been held at gunpoint by Sheila Carter, she was afraid Sheila would come after her again. Cane said she could stay with him. Meanwhile, Daniel and Lily had a talk with Colleen. Daniel said that even if Adrian wasn't as bad as Brad thought, Colleen should face the truth. As teacher and student, they were never going to be able to openly have a relationship. Was that really the way Colleen wanted things to be?

Just as Kevin and Gloria arrived at Crimson Lights, he received a call on his cell phone. He told his mother that Jana's coat had been found. Meanwhile, a stranger made a phone call and told someone that the listening device in Brad's house had been found and removed. Seconds later, Adrian was hanging up his cell phone, but it wasn't clear whether he'd been the one talking to the man who'd bugged Brad's house. He did, however, immediately call Colleen, saying that he'd wanted to make sure she was okay.

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