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Colleen was knocked unconscious, and she woke up in a locked storage room with Jana. Jana convinced the guard to set her free. Victoria and Brad headed to Kutna Hora. Jack considered running for office. Dru insisted that she had seen Carmen.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, February 12, 2007

At the hospital, Paul managed to phone Michael and tell him that the police were questioning Maggie, and that Paul himself would be questioned at the police station. Michael told Paul not to say anything and to request his lawyer's presence. Paul felt that Maggie would tell the truth about Sheila's imprisonment, and that she would confess about Paul, Michael and Lauren's involvement, as well. When Michael arrived to represent Paul during the questioning session, William commented that he was surprised that Paul thought he needed a lawyer present because no charges were being pressed. William pointed out that Michael should desire to be home with his traumatized wife and newly recovered son. Michael, however, pointed out that since Sheila had repeatedly attempted to kill Lauren and since it was his son Sheila had kidnapped then he wanted to know everything concerning Sheila's sociopathic criminal activities. However, William's line of questioning didn't concern Paul, Michael or Lauren. William wanted to know if Paul knew whether Sheila had an accomplice, as she had previously with her late partner-in-crime, Tom Fisher. However, Paul, while protecting his sources, convinced the D.A. that Sheila had worked alone this time. William seemed satisfied with Michael and Paul's explanation. Michael also thanked William for not pressing charges against Lauren. After leaving the police headquarters, Michael and Paul stopped by the hospital to visit Maggie. They thanked her for protecting them. Maggie said that she told the detective that she became involved when she saw Phyllis in a place she shouldn't have been and followed her, at which point she discovered that Phyllis was really Sheila. Maggie said that she also told the detective that Paul had followed her to the warehouse because he has a crush on her and wanted to protect her. Michael went home and shared the good news with Lauren, and the newly reunited family spent a quiet evening at home with their son.

Amber attempted to impress Cane by pretending to know about rugby, which is an avid interest of Cane's since he had played on a team. While Cane was out buying a fast-food dinner, Amber phoned Daniel, who gave her a crash-course on the current champions of the game. However, Amber clued Cane in on her deception when she mentioned the team "Wall of Bees," instead of the "Wallabies," which is the name of an Australian team. Cane decided to give Amber a crash course in Aussie terminology and told her that she's considered to be a "dazzler," and offered her a "pash." When Amber asked about a "pash," Cane tenderly kissed her lips. Amber returned his affection, but she kissed Cane passionately; however, she did not sleep with Cane at his sublet apartment even after getting an eyeful of Cane's buff body when Cane changed into his rugby jersey. Daniel had earlier sent Amber a text message reminding of her the unwritten rule about not sleeping over on the first visit to a guy's place, and as Amber left Cane's, she sent a text message to Daniel letting him know that she did not stay the night.

Colleen, who had taken refuge at Daniel and Lily's, told Lily that she is very much involved with Adrian, who had phoned earlier to check on Colleen. However, Lily was concerned that Colleen knows so little about the man she is dating against her dad's wishes. Colleen explained that she couldn't truly share her life with anyone, and she broke down and told Lily the whole story of her family, the stolen art and the threats against their lives. Colleen also told Lily about Brad finding the listening device and about the inscription on the reliquary that Colleen allowed Adrian to translate. Lily insisted that Colleen stay at her place, but Colleen said she couldn't put them in danger, a danger Colleen claims she feels protected from when she is with Adrian. Daniel and Devon, although they were sitting nearby in the same room, did not overhear Colleen relating her life story to Lily because they were engrossed in their studies. Daniel, between his phone call from Amber and his back-and-forth text messaging, listened to his MP3 player through ear buds, and Devon removed his cochlear device, so he could study in peace. Earlier, however, Devon told Daniel that he was worried about the trial. Devon said that he could see fear in Dru's and Neil's eyes, as if they were windows to their souls. Daniel promised Devon that he would support Devon through whatever happens, and just a few feet away, Lily promised Colleen that she'd stand by her friend and support her.

Jill questioned Katherine at length about what took place so many years ago, using details from old newspaper articles and information from old phonebooks she'd copied from the Genoa City library. Katherine, already exhausted, couldn't remember the details about what took place during her alcohol-soaked years, and she became increasingly anxious. Esther, worried about Katherine's obvious distress, offered to get Katherine a cup of tea, but an angry Jill told Esther about Katherine having switched Jill's newborn son with another baby 30 years ago. Later, when Katherine went to bed, she had a dream about the woman named Violet. Katherine quickly awakened Jill and told her daughter that the woman's last name was Montgomery-the woman to whom Katherine gave Jill's son is named Violet Montgomery.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nick and Phyllis arrive at the office with Summer. Brad and Victoria think it is too soon for Phyllis to return to work, but she says she would rather word than sit around at home letting Sheila win. Phyllis notices a strange look between Nick and Victoria, who tell her they can't help but be worried for her. They are sure that Jack won't mind, however, and Phyllis tells them that's part of the reason she's there; she wants to thank Jack for all he's done for NVP.

Victor and Nikki look at the paper, smiling to themselves about what Jack has gotten himself into. They know Jack will be filled with ego over the article, and want him to bask in the moment.

Jack comes out of the elevator and is congratulated by a colleague. He speaks briefly with Sharon before noticing Phyllis. Hugging her, Jack tells Phyllis how happy he is she is alright. Nick comes out of the office in time to catch the hug, and he and Sharon watch on uncomfortably.

At the police station, Michael, Kevin and Gloria show Jana's coat to the cops. The police do not suspect foul play and think Jana may have left on her own accord. Kevin thinks it will take Jana showing up dead before his concerns are taken seriously.

Victoria, nervous after having found the bug in their home, wants Brad to assure her that they are going to be okay. Brad promises her the office is not bugged and says they will be fine, they just need to decipher the code on the reliquary before the people after them do.

Colleen arrives at Adrian's classroom to find him working on the anagram. He tells her he wasn't expecting her until expecting her until later that afternoon. Pointing to the board, he shows her the progress he's made with the scrambled phrase. Colleen wants Adrian to stop working on the phrase, telling him he should be teaching. Adrian says he was going to give it to his Ph.D. students to work out, but changed his mind, wanting to handle it himself. He is looking to English words to figure out the inscription and is thinking of the word 'Koran' or 'okra'.

Brad feels badly about how he left things with Colleen and wants to go find her. He doesn't want Victoria to tell Colleen what they are working on with the anagram, as he isn't sure he can trust her not to give the information to Adrian.

Victor meets with Jack, and both agree Senator Bodie got what he deserved. Victor points out that there is now an empty seat in the senate of the State of Wisconsin, and Jack smiles at the thought.

Lauren and Fen visit Maggie at the hospital, and Maggie tells Lauren she is glad everything worked out. Lauren says she knows Maggie covered for them and tells her how grateful she is.

Paul contacts Michael and informs him that Jana hasn't used her ATM cards or credit cards. Lauren then calls and informs Kevin that a woman matching Jana's description has been brought to the emergency room at Genoa City Memorial. Kevin and Michael rush to the hospital.

Rebecca and Brad enter the office to find Victor and Victoria working on the code. Victor has found something he knows: 'Kutna Hora', the name of a town in the Czech Republic. Rebecca says she has been there. There is another word as well: 'grab', which means 'grave'.

Sharon and David are in the hall, talking about the kidnapping. David remarks it's nice that some people have happy endings and walks away. Sharon sees Nick in an office with Summer and tells him how devastated Jack was by the kidnapping. She then says she will be spending Valentine's Day with Jack.

Phyllis tells Jack she is proud of how he handled the situation with Bodi and is happy he got NVP the zoning it needs.

At the hospital, Lauren updates Maggie on the search for Jan. Michael and Kevin arrive and talk to the nurse, who confirms a young woman was brought into ICU. She agrees to let Michael and Kevin see the girl, but warns them she has been very badly beat up. Kevin wants to go in by himself. Later, over the phone, Kevin informs Gloria the woman found wasn't Jana.

Jack cancels his date with Sharon, telling her the situation with Bodi has been moved up. Sharon, obviously upset, tells him that's fine.

Adrian has found the phrase 'Kutna Hora' and says he knows that place, as his parents are from the Czech Republic. There still remains a second set of letters to decipher, however. Colleen says she loves watching Adrian work on the anagram, since he's so good at it.

At Newman, Rebecca suggests the phrase could refer to the final resting place of someone related to the commandant. She remembers being in Kutna Hora when a man once dropped some luggage and some of the silver items inside spilled out. The man was later captured and killed. Rebecca thinks there is something important about this place.

David introduces himself to Jack, and informs him he is from Granville Global. David is glad to hear about what Jack did to the Senator, mentioning that he once rubbed elbows with the man when he was in politics. Jack and David agree to get together and talk some more at another time.

Gloria shows up at the police station to talk to Will, telling him Jana has been missing for forty-eight hours and they can't seem to get help finding her. Will wonders if maybe Jana simply walked out on Kevin and this is her way of breaking things off. Gloria insists that isn't it, saying if Jana wanted to end things with Kevin, she would have done so to his face. Will agrees to help organize a small search party for Jana, and Gloria is pleased.

After Brad makes some calls and finding there are no rumors of hidden art in Kutna Hora, Victor suggests they go to the city themselves. Victoria is aware of some old churches and chapels that were once used to hide vast amounts of art.

Adrian, frustrated that he cannot solve the puzzle, leaves to prepare for his class. When he is gone, Colleen hesitantly approaches the board and erases the words.

David and Jack are talking about politics and David gives him some tips on how to succeed. David says that winning in politics is like winning the Super Bowl. The prospect has Jack smiling, and Victor smiling as well, for he is watching Jack through the blinds of his office. Later, Victor offers David a chance to work in politics again and mentions that Jack would be an excellent candidate for office.

Nick gives Phyllis a scrapbook of their memories for Valentine's Day, and she is thrilled. She regrets she didn't get him anything, but Nick doesn't mind. She and his little girl are gift enough.

Jack apologizes to Sharon for breaking their plans and she wishes him a safe trip to Wisconsin. She is visibly upset when he gives her a small peck and walks away.

At his computer, Adrian types the words 'Kutna Hora' and then waits.

Will visits Kevin and Gloria and informs him some blood was found on a jogging trail near the lake. Kevin wants to go there, but Will tells him there's no point. Whoever lost that much blood could not possibly have survived.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Neil sent Dru flowers for Valentine's Day and promised her a romantic evening at Indigo. They invited Sharon to go when they found out Jack was out of town, but she didn't want to interfere with their evening. Later, Sharon went by Crimson Lights, where she saw David Chow. She gave him a cookie from one divorcee to another, and the two of them talked for a few minutes. He agreed that the police were making a mistake by charging Devon with Carmen's murder, because he still thought Dru had done it. He intended to stay in Genoa City until justice was done. But he also admired Sharon for defending Dru; they were both standing by their friends.

Lily had invited Colleen to Indigo, but Colleen said she was working with Professor Korbel. Lily and Daniel went to the club, and Devon and Amber were there as well. Cane bought a beautiful young coed a drink and said it was from Devon. The woman recognized Devon from campus and sat down with him. When Dru and Neil arrived, they were happy to see Devon having a good time. They watched their kids before agreeing to go home for a romantic night together.

Daniel and Lily exchanged Valentine's gifts. When Lily went to talk to her parents before they left, Amber talked Daniel into calling her on her cell phone. She wanted Cane to overhear her talking to what he would presume was another guy. Cane fell for it and later told Amber he'd hate to have to break some poor guy's dialing fingers. Amber was being careful to flirt with Cane just enough but not give in too quickly, as she'd explained to Daniel. Lily thought it was silly that Amber was roping Daniel into her schemes to keep Cane interested in her.

Brad tried to talk Victoria out of going on the trip to the Czech Republic with him and Victor, but Victoria wasn't budging. After a romantic tryst with Victoria in the office, Brad was leaving when he ran into Sharon in the parking garage. Since he was still leery of being overheard after finding the listening device in his house, he asked Sharon to sit in her car with him so he could update her. Sharon was concerned about the continuing danger surrounding the reliquary. Victoria got off the elevator and spied her husband in the car with Sharon. She tapped on the window, and Brad and Sharon got out of the car. Just in case anyone was eavesdropping, Brad said he'd been updating Sharon on things she'd need to do while they were gone on their business trip. Later, Victoria lit into Brad for being alone with Sharon again. Brad angrily told her that Sharon needed to know to be extra vigilant after the kidnapping incident. Victoria didn't want to discuss it any further.

Kevin and Gloria looked through some things of Jana's at Crimson Lights in case there were any clues there regarding her disappearance. William Bardwell had put a rush on the DNA testing on the blood by the lake after Kevin gave him Jana's hairbrush for a sample comparison. Kevin spotted Colleen and Adrian on the other side of the coffee house and confronted the professor about his acrimonious relationship with Jana. Korbel insisted he had nothing to hide; if he knew anything about Jana's disappearance, he'd tell the police. Colleen said if Jana was missing, the first person she'd suspect was Kevin himself. Gloria stood up for Kevin, and Colleen and Adrian left.

J.T. came to Crimson Lights looking for Colleen. Kevin told him that he thought she'd gone to Indigo with friends. He told J.T. that Jana was missing, and Gloria offered to pay J.T. to help search for her. J.T. promised to get involved, but for the moment, he needed to find Colleen. After J.T. left, William Bardwell tracked down Gloria and Kevin. He was sorry to tell them that the DNA was a match; the blood by the lake was definitely Kevin's girlfriend's.

J.T. arrived at Indigo but didn't see Colleen, so he talked to Lily. She told him that she'd invited Colleen, but she had to work with Professor Korbel. J.T. was upset because he distrusted the professor. Meanwhile, Colleen and Adrian were working when he told her again that nothing else could happen between them. Not only was she his student, but it was causing problems with her family. Colleen agreed. Adrian gave her a book of poetry, and Colleen gave Adrian some seeds for the rooftop garden he wanted. They agreed that they had until midnight to be together. After they made love, Adrian went to take a shower. Colleen was getting a drink of water when she knocked over a can. She found a strand of hair dyed red and an earring that matched Jana's. She also found Carmen Mesta's driver's license. While she stared at the items, she flashed back on J.T.'s warnings about Adrian Korbel.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Paul tells Kay and Jill that he tracked down Violet Montgomery to Arizona, but that she died two weeks after Phillip's birth. Paul hands Kay a fax of the announcement in the paper, and Kay gasps that the woman in the photo is the same Violet that she gave the baby to. Cane and Amber continue to flirt at Indigo. She admits she tried to talk to an immigration lawyer for him and he asks for the lawyer's number. At the coffeehouse, Amber goes to say hi to Kay and Jill. She freaks when she sees the file on Violet Montgomery, and purposely spills some papers on their table so that she can grab the photo of her. Dru has a nightmare about seeing Carmen slashing her car tires and wakes up with a start, telling Neil that Carmen was here and is the one who has been moving their things. Kevin, Gloria, Michael, and Lauren are shocked to hear that Jana's DNA matches the blood found by the lake. Kevin is furious that no one believed that Jana was really in danger. The police arrive to question Kevin and ask to search his apartment. After they finish searching, William questions Kevin about Jana's interest in serial killers and her scrapbook of articles about Carmen's murder. Colleen takes the hair extension and Carmen's I.D. and rushes out of the apartment. As she tries to find her keys to open her car, a cloaked person grabs her and knocks her out with chloroform. Detectives question Korbel about Jana's disappearance. He says that Jana accused him of killing a student at his last university even though her death was ruled a suicide, so they got into an argument at the coffeehouse. Colleen wakes up to find herself alone with Jana in a freezer.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Amber ran into Jill at Crimson Lights and asked if she wanted to have coffee with her. Jill declined, saying she had to get back to work. But as she and Amber walked through the coffee shop, Katherine stopped Jill because she said she had good news. Violet Montgomery's brother had been located in Australia. Amber had heard enough and slipped away, as Katherine vowed to Jill that no matter how long it took or how much it cost her, she would find the son she'd taken from Jill and return him.

Amber ran into Daniel and asked him where she could find a good pawn shop. She didn't tell him why she needed one, but she was hocking her jewelry for cash to buy a couple of tickets to Las Vegas. Later, she went to Indigo to see Cane, who was planning to buy an airline ticket back to Australia before his visa ran out. Amber had paid a man to pretend to be an immigration officer looking for Neil. Cane got nervous about someone from immigration being in the club, and Amber traded places with him, pretending that she was the bartender. She walked the immigration guy out and slipped him some money for his act. She then told Cane that she was making a serious offer. She would marry him so he could get his green card and stay in the country. That way, he'd have all the time he needed to look for his birth mother.

Michael was trying to talk William Bardwell into getting a search warrant for Adrian Korbel's apartment, but William said there was no probable cause linking Korbel to Jana's disappearance. While Michael was on the phone with Bardwell, Kevin left the apartment. Michael took off after him. After they were both gone, Gloria and Lauren talked about all the reasons they liked Jana. Lauren got upset because she said it sounded like they were writing Jana's eulogy. They then began looking through Jana's papers to see if they could find any clues about where she might be.

Michael caught up with Kevin just as Kevin got to a GCU classroom to confront Adrian. Adrian said he'd had nothing to do with Jana's disappearance. Michael talked Kevin into leaving, but before they went back to Michael's, they drove by the lake where Jana's coat had been found.

Daniel and Lily were concerned because Colleen hadn't come home the night before. They left messages for her, but she didn't return their calls. J.T. was looking for her, too. When Lily and Daniel went to talk to Adrian Korbel, the professor said he hadn't seen Colleen since the night before. They told him that J.T. had seen her car still parked outside Korbel's apartment, so he said he was going home to see if he could figure out where Colleen might be.

After leaving messages for Colleen and never hearing from her, J.T. let himself into Korbel's apartment. He found one of Colleen's earrings on the floor. When Adrian came home, J.T. was still there. Adrian was furious and said he was going to call the police and report J.T. for breaking in. J.T. suggested that he do that. He could then explain why the earring of a student was next to his bed. Adrian admitted that he hadn't been surprised when Colleen had left the night before, but now he was beginning to wonder if something had happened to her. J.T. and Adrian went to check on Colleen's car.

Colleen awoke inside a cooler to find Jana sleeping there. Colleen woke her up, and Jana said that Adrian Korbel had put them both there. Colleen was devastated by Jana's insistence that Adrian had been deceiving her. He had probably also killed Carmen. Colleen couldn't figure out why, and Jana said it was connected to a piece of art. Carmen had seen Victoria's portfolio, and there was something in it that Adrian didn't want anyone to know about, so he'd killed Carmen. Jana managed to make Colleen talk about the reliquary and the coded message on it. A man that Jana said was Adrian's accomplice came in. When Jana charged him, he turned a stun gun on her. He left the two of them alone, and Colleen took care of Jana. Jana again pumped Colleen for information on the engraved reliquary. When the man returned, Jana said she'd tell him everything if he'd just let them out of there. Colleen begged Jana not to talk and ran toward them, but the man slammed Colleen against the wall and took Jana out, locking Colleen in again.

Daniel and Lily went to Michael's to offer their support to Kevin. He told them that he'd seen all the blood next to the lake. As much as people were offering him hope, he was starting to feel like he'd never see Jana again. Gloria futilely tried to get Kevin to lie down or to eat something, and Lauren urged him to believe in Jana's strength. She was a survivor, and if anyone could get herself out of a tough situation, it was Jana. Kevin left, saying he needed to take a drive. After he got in his car, as he was fastening his seatbelt, someone else slipped into the passenger seat. Kevin thought it was Michael and turned to tell him that he wanted to be alone, only to see Jana sitting in the car next to him.

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