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Jill told Cane that she was his mother. Kevin was charged with Carmen's murder. J.T. knocked Kevin unconscious. Colleen confirmed Kevin's innocence. Devon and Neil caught David giving money to a woman who looked exactly like Carmen.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, February 26, 2007

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis were joined by Michael and Lauren, who'd returned to pick up Fen. While the babies napped upstairs, Nick and Phyllis shared the news of their upcoming Wisconsin wedding and asked Michael and Lauren to stand up for them. The couple agreed. As the two couples made plans, the mention of Sheila visibly upset Lauren. When Nick and Phyllis went upstairs to check on Summer, Lauren told Michael that perhaps it would be best if they told Nick and Phyllis the truth about Sheila being locked up before the attack. However, Michael didn't think it was a sound plan since he, Lauren and Paul could all go to jail, and because Maggie put her job on the line as well. When Nick and Phyllis rejoined the conversation downstairs, Lauren didn't mention Sheila. Phyllis apologized for her earlier mention of Sheila's attack, and the matter was dropped for the moment. However, Michael, thinking about Kevin's predicament, said that he hated the fact that his brother was locked in a cell. Those words sparked a memory for Phyllis, and she experienced a flashback. Phyllis remembered that Sheila had told her that Paul and Michael had held her captive before she easily escaped. Suddenly Phyllis put the pieces together and demanded that Michael tell her the truth. When Michael admitted that truth, both Phyllis and Nick were angry that their trusted friends had put both Phyllis and Summer in jeopardy. Michael tried to explain that what he and Paul had done wasn't legal, but Phyllis was not appeased. She demanded that Lauren and Michael leave at once and took back her request to have them present at her wedding. Phyllis told Lauren and Michael that she never wanted to see either of them again.

Dru was anxious about her plans to capture Carmen Mesta on the security camera she was setting up and would not accept the results of DNA tests proving that the woman Dru claims to see lurking about is dead. After Dru left the room, David Chow stopped by to give Neil a file. When Neil went to his home office to get something for David, Dru returned and was livid to see David holding her security camera. She ordered David to leave and warned him that she would call the police. David shook his head and asked Neil how he could live with a lunatic. Lily, Devon and Daniel overheard David's remark as they entered the Winters' apartment. However, Dru brushed off her children's concern and asked about Colleen's condition. Lily told her parents that Kevin had been arrested for attempting to kill Colleen and that Carmen's driver's license had been found in Kevin's wallet, so Devon could be off the hook. However, Daniel pointed out the fact that there was no proof that Kevin did anything, but Dru considered Kevin's implication of guilt to be good news and believed that proof would be found. When Dru suggested they go to the hospital to question Colleen, who was still unconscious, Daniel defended Kevin, saying that Kevin had changed since his attempt on Colleen's life years ago. However, Dru refuted Daniel's claim and insisted that Kevin was more of a suspect that Devon could ever be. When Dru left the room to get her purse, Lily told Neil that she feared that Dru's emotional state was deteriorating. Lily and Devon both hoped that Dru would snap out of her delusions after Colleen connects Kevin to Carmen's murder. Later, after the Winters family returned from the hospital, Dru became hysterical when she thought that a plant had been moved. When she found no evidence of Carmen on her security camera, she became angry and blamed David Chow for having alerted Carmen. When her family tried to convince her that Carmen was dead, Dru lost control and screamed, "She is not dead! Why don't you all believe me? I'm not crazy; I'm not crazy! Why don't you believe me?"

As Kay and Jill discussed Jill's newly found son, Ji Min, thinking that Jill was ill, arrived with Korean chicken soup, along with business papers. Jill enjoyed the soup so much that Ji Min suggested the two go out for dinner now that he knew Jill wasn't ill. However, Jill received a phone call from Paul telling her that Cane had returned home, so she sneaked out of the mansion to go see him. As Ji Min questioned Kay about the way she managed Jabot, they suddenly realized Jill wasn't there. When Kay learned that Jill had left without telling anyone where she had gone, she knew that Jill had gone to see Cane. While Jill was away, Kay asked Ji Min if he'd left anyone special behind, but he said he hadn't met the right person yet. After Ji Min left, Jill returned home. Kay asked if Cane knew that Jill was his mother, but Jill explained that it wasn't the right time to tell him because Cane had just returned from his honeymoon with her new daughter-in-law.

After Amber and Cane return from Las Vegas, Amber jokingly suggested interior-design changes for Cane's sublet apartment. When Amber told Cane that he'd need to make room for her belongings, Cane panicked. However, Amber said she knew that their marriage was in name only. However, Cane said they'd have to come up with a plan to make the immigration officials believe otherwise. Amber's Internet research indicated that Cane should first contact his lawyer about his marriage. Amber explained that the officials would conduct an investigation, so Amber told Cane that she'd bring some of her belongings over to Cane's and suggested that they learn some detailed personal information about one another, just like the couple in the movie, "Green Card." While Cane stepped out to get something from his car, Amber phoned Daniel and told him about her Vegas wedding and gushed that her new hubby is a keeper unlike her previous husband. While Cane and Amber where showering, Jill knocked on the door. Cane answered and was surprised to see Jill, whom he recognized from Indigo. While Cane was out of the room dressing, Amber entered the living room, wrapped in a towel. Jill was surprised to see Amber, but Amber unabashedly announced that she and Cane were married as she flashed her wedding band at Jill. Jill, taken aback, quickly concocted a story about having come to ask about hiring Cane to tend bar at a party she was giving and abruptly left. Cane told Amber that he was curious about Jill's visit because she could have easily phoned about hiring him. However, Amber insisted that it was a very American thing to do to show up unannounced. After a suggestive conversation, Amber decided to go home, but she left her bra behind in Cane's apartment.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At the hospital, Brad is updating J.T. on Colleen's condition when Jack and Sharon arrive. As Jack tries to reach Traci, Sharon and Brad talk alone. Brad tells Sharon how afraid he is to lose Colleen, and Sharon hugs him as Victoria looks on. Later, Sharon is alone when Victoria approaches. Victoria asks Sharon about Noah and about work, hinting to Sharon that she should leave, as she is not needed at the hospital. Brad overhears the conversation.

Adrian arrives at the hospital to visit Colleen. Brad is grateful to Adrian for saving Colleen's life, but makes it known he doesn't want the two seeing each other. Brad tells Adrian he will let him know when Colleen is awake. Adrian reluctantly leaves. Later, Adrian returns with some flowers and goes in to see Colleen. Sitting at her bedside, he takes her hand and tells her he loves her. Victoria enters the room. She tells Adrian he shouldn't be there, but as she sees how much he cares for her, agrees to keep him updated on Colleen's condition. Later, Brad and Victoria argue when Victoria suggests Adrian be allowed to date Colleen.

At Crimson Lights, Lily, Devon, Daniel and Dru are discussing the charges against Kevin. Devon is unsure of Kevin's innocence, but Lily is convinced Kevin is guilty. This angers Daniel, who says Kevin is probably being framed just as Dru was. Will Bardwell enters with a team of investigators and declares Crimson Lights closed for investigation. Lily and Devon go back to the house with Dru, where they see she has purchased more security cameras. When they express their concern for her mental health, Dru gets frustrated and throws one of the cameras, hitting Lily in the face. Lily and Devon go to the hospital, and Lily learns she will need stitches to close up a gash over her left eye. Devon calls Daniel to tell him what happened. Daniel doesn't think Lily should go over to the Winters' apartment anymore, and Lily and Devon agree it's for the best.

Michael and Gloria arrive at Crimson Lights and tell Will they are not leaving. Shortly afterwards, J.T. arrives. Michael wants J.T. to investigate Jana's whereabouts. J.T. does so reluctantly, still believing Kevin is behind Jana's sudden disappearance. Gloria speaks to Will, demanding to know what he has against her family, particularly her son. Will insists he is just doing his job, but Gloria is still unhappy about Kevin being blamed. Michael pulls Gloria away before she can say anything further. Moments later, Will tells them Crimson Lights has been officially declared a crime scene. Michael and Gloria go to the prison to update Kevin on Colleen's condition. They tell Kevin that drops of Carmen's blood were found at the coffeehouse and that he is being charged for Carmen's murder. Kevin screams he didn't do it and insists he has been set up.

Will tells Devon and Lily that the charges against Devon have been dropped; he is no longer on the hook for Carmen's murder. Lily and Devon are ecstatic, but Daniel realizes this means Kevin has been charged instead.

Neil and Dru meet with Dr. Lynch. Dru insists she never meant to hurt Lily, but Neil thinks something more serious can happen in the future. Neil and Dr. Lynch convince Dru to admit herself to the psychiatric ward. Later, at the Winters' home, Neil is throwing out garbage when he sees Carmen getting into the elevator. He yells out, trying to stop her, but the elevator door closes before he can catch her.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sharon saw David Chow at Crimson Lights. He told her that he was sorry; apparently, he'd wrongfully accused Dru of Carmen's murder. Sharon said that Dru had realized that all the strain had been too much for her. She'd even checked herself in to get help.

When Neil and Devon went to see Drucilla, they had news for her. Neil, too, had seen the woman who looked like Carmen. He now knew that Dru wasn't imagining things. But when they tried to get Dru out of the hospital, they discovered that her commitment was no longer voluntary, but involuntary. The head of the unit had determined that Dru could be a danger to herself or others. Dru's doctor explained that there was nothing he could do, so Neil set up an appointment with Michael to get Drucilla released.

Kevin wondered if Michael really believed he was innocent or was just being a good defense attorney. Michael assured him that he believed Kevin's story. One way or another, they would find Jana and get the facts. There was also still a chance that Colleen would wake up and back up his story. Later, Kevin was surprised when Devon came to see him. Devon again wanted to know how Kevin could let him be arrested when he was innocent. Kevin told Devon he had it all wrong. He, too, was innocent. Devon of all people should understand that an innocent person could be wrongfully accused. Devon blamed Kevin for all the bad things that were going on in the Winters family.

Nikki and Victor were in the office together when Jack came to see them. He insisted that he'd made up his mind and wasn't going to run for the vacant senate seat. After he left, Nikki said she'd misjudged his ego. She couldn't believe Jack didn't want to run for office. She wondered if Victor was going to give up. Victor insisted that one way or another, Jack would be running. Later, Victor met with David Chow. He said if David would persuade Jack to run for office, with David as his campaign manager, Victor would contribute to the campaign and pay David double what he'd made at Granville Global.

Nick went to see his father after reading a newspaper account about what had happened in the Czech Republic. He was angry that Victor had excluded him from what was going on, both with the reliquary search and with Jack's entrapment of the corrupt senator. Nikki tried to make peace between them, but Victor angrily told his son that he couldn't always trust Nick's judgment. Nick had made mistakes in his relationship with Sharon and at work. Nick said his marriage had failed for many reasons, none of which were Victor's business. As far as he was concerned, this was once again all about Victor having control.

Later, Nick was in his office alone when Sharon saw him. She could tell something was wrong, so she came in and closed the door, correctly guessing his mood had something to do with Victor. When Nick admitted it, she reminded him that Victor was always going to try to control things. If Nick just accepted that, it would lower his blood pressure. Nick begged Sharon to step in if he ever treated Noah the same way. Sharon assured him that he wasn't like his father. Nick was grateful for Sharon's words. He told her that he and Phyllis were planning to get married so that it would be legal in Wisconsin. He wanted Noah to be his best man, and if Sharon wanted to be there, she was invited. Sharon said she'd think about it and get back to him. She wondered if he wanted to go with her to check on Colleen. Like Sharon, Nick believed that seeing Colleen helpless in a hospital bed was the worst thing any parent could go through. But he said he was planning to visit later, so Sharon left without him.

Phyllis saw Jack and was surprised at some of the things he had to say to her. He said he was getting along with Victor because he'd decided Victor had wisdom and guidance to offer him. He'd also come to realize that his anger at Victor had cost him his marriage to Phyllis. Phyllis told Jack that she and Nick were getting married. She invited him to the wedding, and Jack agreed to come. After Phyllis left, Jack tried to call Ashley, but he couldn't reach her. When he tried to call Sharon, he found out she was on her way to the hospital. Finally, he asked his father's ghost to make an appearance. When John arrived, he told Jack that he'd driven away everyone in his life. Wasn't it time that he did something good?

David Chow came to see Jack at just the right moment, saying Jack had the opportunity to do good things as a state senator. If Jack would run, David would manage his campaign. When Jack was on his way to see Victor and Nikki, he ran into Sharon. She was back from the hospital early because they'd been doing some kind of procedure on Colleen and she couldn't see her. Sharon noticed the improvement in Jack's mood. He promised to explain later. He then went to tell Victor and Nikki that he'd changed his mind. He was going to run for the Wisconsin senate.

Michael had agreed to meet Neil at Newman Enterprises. When he got off the elevator, he saw Phyllis. They spoke privately, and Phyllis let him know that he wasn't forgiven for keeping the truth about Sheila from her and Nick. She also wondered if that truth had been what pushed Kevin over the edge. Michael insisted that Kevin was innocent. Phyllis walked out on him. Later, when Michael met with Neil, Neil told him that he'd also seen a woman who looked like Carmen. There was something going on. Michael decided that getting to the truth would not only help Drucilla, but might also help clear Kevin. Neil agreed that they should work together. Michael told Neil to make Drucilla understand that for the following seventy-two hours of observation, she needed to be on her best behavior. Michael then went back to see Kevin with some good news. He'd been able to get bail for him.

Drucilla was befriended by another patient, who said she'd also checked in voluntarily. But they'd changed her status and now she'd been there six months. The woman also told her that the nurse who was being so harsh treated everyone badly. When the nurse tried to give the patient medication, Dru interceded on her new friend's behalf. She said maybe she didn't need the medication. When the nurse grew hostile to Dru, Dru tried to take up for herself. The end result was that the nurse had Dru put into restraints. Neil and Devon came back to the hospital to find out that Drucilla's visitor privileges had been revoked.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lauren sees the ring on Amber's finger and asks if she's married, or if she's just wearing it to scare off freaky guys. Amber smiles and says that she's married. Amber tells her that he is a bartender, but he's got a lot of potential.

Katherine and Jill bicker over when Jill will get up the nerve to tell Cane that he is her son. They are interrupted by Cane, who asks about the party. Jill pretends that the party is supposed to be a surprise for Katherine. When Jill and Katherine begin bickering again, Cane says to call if they need anything. He heads off to the Boutique.

At the Boutique, Amber introduces Cane to Lauren. Cane tells Amber that Jill and Katherine are a bit loony. Just then, Jill and Katherine walk in. Amber tells them that she and Cane are throwing a little get together to celebrate their marriage. Lauren offers to throw it.

Amber asks Daniel to play a game with her. Daniel calls her back, and Amber pretends that she is talking to Cane's attorney. Apparently getting married doesn't make Cane a citizen, so he will have to go back to Australia. Cane offers to get their marriage annulled. Amber offers to go to Australia with Cane. Amber tells Jill and Katherine that she really sad. She explains the situation with Cane.

Michael and Kevin try to get more information to help Kevin's case. Kevin suggests going to the store where Jana got her pictures developed to hopefully find something Jana hadn't picked up. Michael says okay, but warns Kevin not to go anywhere near the hospital. Kevin goes to the hospital anyway, and Victoria angrily tells him to leave or she will call the police.

Brad says that he will not leave Colleen's side until she wakes up. Traci arrives, and is devastated to see her daughter in her current condition. The doctor recommends a surgery that will entice Colleen to breathe on her own. The doctor says that everyone should leave, saying that it's hard to see people in this condition when they are trying to breathe but cannot. Brad insists on staying anyway. When Colleen wakes up, Brad encourages her all the way. After some rest, Colleen tries to speak. She wonders how Kevin is. Brad says it's okay, he's put away. Colleen doesn't understand. She tells them it was Jana that did this to them. Kevin saved her life.

Neil tries to find proof that Carmen has a look alike. He tries to talk to David Chow, but David acts as if he knows nothing about what Neil is talking about. Neil and Lily try to see Drucilla on the anniversary of their first wedding. The doctors let them see her, and Neil brings Dru a Shakespeare book. Drucilla is a wreck, and begs to go home. Neil says that they won't let her go for 72 hours, but he is trying.

Kevin has a claim ticket to pick up his laptop that was in the shop. Michael tells Gloria and J.T. to go with him as not to destroy any potential evidence. Gloria gets an emergency phone call from Lauren, and J.T. and Kevin are left alone. As they watch some of the videos from the coffeehouse, one is Kevin pulling away a dead body in a bag. When Kevin jumps up to tell Michael that he was set up, J.T. hits Kevin over the head with a metal cup.

Friday, March 2, 2007

David Chow was talking to a woman who was a dead ringer for Carmen Mesta. He said now that they knew Dru was innocent of Carmen's murder, the woman needed to leave town without being seen. She said she needed money--cash, so that it couldn't be traced. David said he had to go to his bank in Newman Towers. He told her not to go anywhere and not to let anyone see her before he returned.

Neil promised Drucilla that he would find the woman who looked like Carmen Mesta, and when he did, he would help Dru get out of the psych ward. Drucilla was upset when someone on the hospital staff came in and told Neil he had to leave. Neil reminded Dru that she had to work hard to keep it together, or the doctors were going to think she was really crazy. After Neil left, he went to Newman Enterprises and called Carmen's family in Texas. After expressing his sympathy, he asked if anyone in the family looked like Carmen. Whoever he was talking to hung up on him.

Devon came in and told Neil he'd been getting calls from people who'd seen a woman that looked like the photo of Carmen on the flyers he'd been putting up everywhere. While they were talking, another call came in and Devon was given an address. When he and Neil left to check it out, they saw David Chow in the elevator. It turned out they were all going to the same place. Neil and Devon saw David giving money to the woman who looked like Carmen and confronted the two of them.

Kevin was unconscious after being hit from behind by J.T. at Crimson Lights. Katherine called an ambulance while Jill helped Michael at Kevin's side. Michael was enraged at J.T. for attacking Kevin, particularly since he'd just gotten a call from the hospital. Colleen was awake and had corroborated Kevin's story. It had indeed been Jana, not Kevin, who'd tried to kill Colleen and Kevin. Kevin had saved Colleen's life by putting water-soaked fabric over her face so she could breathe when they were in the smoke-filled cooler.

The police tried to question Colleen about Jana's motive for killing Carmen, kidnapping Colleen, and being interested in the artwork that seemed to be at the heart of the entire ordeal. Colleen pretended not to have the answers, and she said her throat hurt too badly to talk. When Bardwell and Maggie left to investigate the attack on Kevin, Traci left to call Ashley and Steve and let them know Colleen was okay. While they were alone in the room, Brad and Victoria told Colleen what had happened to them in the Czech Republic. Based on Colleen's description of her kidnapper, they deduced that the man in the catacombs had been Jana's father and was now dead.

Maggie questioned people at Crimson Lights about the attack on Kevin while Jill talked to Cane about the way he'd broken up Michael and J.T.'s fight. Cane said he was used to doing that kind of thing because he was a bartender. After Amber talked to Professor Korbel on the patio, letting him know that she and Cane were married, she asked Cane to go shopping with her. She made sure that Jill and Katherine knew they were leaving for Australia the next day.

After Cane and Amber left, Katherine warned Jill that time was running out. She needed to tell Cane the truth before he left the country. Jill said she wanted to do it privately. They decided to go to the boutique and invite Cane to dinner at the Chancellor house. But when they got to the boutique, Cane told them he couldn't come to dinner. He had to spend the night packing. Jill finally took him aside and told him the truth: he was her son. He'd been taken from her when he was a baby and given to Violet Montgomery. Cane was stunned. At first he didn't believe it, but then he agreed to go to the Chancellor house so he could hear more of the story from Jill.

Amber pretended that she'd simply overheard everything and that was how she knew Jill Abbott was Cane's mother. She got Cane alone and excitedly reminded him that he didn't have to go to Australia now. As Jill's son, he was a U.S. citizen. He had a mother, a grandmother, and a wife. Cane looked dazed and reminded Amber that if he was a U.S. citizen, he didn't need a wife. Now they could get their marriage annulled. It was Amber's turn to look a little dazed.

Lauren and Gloria were distraught to hear that J.T. had attacked Kevin. They met Michael at the hospital. Gloria raged at Brad for the way they'd all treated Kevin. Now her son was the one who was injured, when he should have been thanked for saving Colleen's life. Fortunately, Kevin regained consciousness and the doctors said they'd be able to talk to him. But Kevin wanted to see Colleen first.

When Kevin went to talk to Colleen, she thanked him for saving her life, and he said he was just grateful she was okay. He was sorry for what Jana had done to both of them. Colleen was sorry that Kevin had been injured by her father and by J.T. She said she knew he'd changed. Kevin and Colleen seemed to feel a new kindness toward each other. In the meantime, Victoria saw J.T. in the waiting room. He was relieved to hear about Colleen, but he felt terrible about what he'd done to Kevin. Victoria told him that he'd been set up by Jana, just like everyone else, to think that Kevin was guilty. He shouldn't be so hard on himself.

After finding out from J.T. that Colleen was conscious, Professor Korbel tried to see her. Brad told him that Traci was with Colleen. His daughter was tired and didn't need any more visitors. But when Colleen was alone, Adrian slipped into her room. She was happy to see him, and he apologized for not realizing sooner that she'd been kidnapped. Colleen assured him that he had nothing to be sorry for. When Adrian kissed her goodbye, Traci saw them. She wanted to know what was going on. Brad admitted that Colleen had been seeing her professor after she and J.T. broke up. When he started to go inside her room to make Korbel leave, Traci stopped him. She said she wanted to handle this situation from now on.

Maggie and Bardwell told Kevin that all charges against him had been dropped. Colleen had backed up his story. Kevin was a little bitter after all he'd been through. When they asked him if he wanted to press assault charges against J.T., Kevin said yes. Maggie and Bardwell arrested J.T. in the hospital while Michael looked on. Michael felt satisfied to see J.T. arrested, but he also felt guilty because he'd doubted Kevin. He'd also left J.T. and Kevin alone, making it possible for J.T. to hurt Kevin. Lauren assured him that none of this was his fault.

Brad went to Kevin to apologize. Kevin asked him to leave. Later, Gloria went in to see Kevin. She told him that he was a hero for saving Colleen's life. Kevin was still angry about being the town pariah one minute and the town hero the next. Gloria was trying to make him feel better when the phone rang. Kevin answered it and was shocked to hear Jana's voice. Jana apologized for everything, including trying to kill him. She said she was glad he'd escaped. Kevin told Jana that when he found her, he was going to kill her.

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