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Adrian and Colleen's relationship was exposed to the dean. Amber sent Daniel some nude photos of herself. Phyllis overheard Brad and Sharon talking about the night they had spent together in New York.
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Neil and Devon found the woman that Dru had been mistaking for Carmen Mesta. Neil couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the woman, who is the spitting image of Carmen. The woman was talking to David Chow. Neil demanded an explanation from David. Without missing a beat, David acted as if he'd just the met the young woman he introduced as Ines Vargas, Carmen's cousin. David explained that he had received a call about a relative of Carmen's who resembled her and had come to investigate. The woman acted equally surprised to learn that Devon and Neil had been hunting for her. She explained that she'd come to Genoa City for Carmen's trial but was leaving after learning that the guilty party had been found. Neil told Ines that Dru was being held in the psych ward because no one believed she had been seeing someone she thought was Carmen. Ines agreed to reveal herself to the judge, so Dru could be released. David was unable to accompany Ines after Victor summoned him by phone and demanded that David come at once to his office.

Neil calmly brought Ines in to the psych ward to meet Dru, but Dru wasted no time demanding that the woman explain why she had been appearing everywhere Dru had seen her. Ines acted as if she knew nothing about Dru's allegations, which fueled Dru's frustration. Ines decided she wanted no part in helping to get Dru released from the psychiatric ward. When Dru became distressed, Devon took Ines to get a cold drink. Neil explained to Dru that David pretended to have just met Ines when Neil and Devon discovered her. Neil swore that he'd find out what was going on between David and Ines, but he warned Dru to remain calm. Meanwhile, Devon explained his mother's difficult situation to Ines before taking her back into the ward. However, when Ines rejoined Dru, she again confronted Ines about seeing her all over town. Ines finally admitted that she had indeed made appearances at Dru's apartment building, the Newman Towers and at the courthouse for one reason or another. Dru then accused the woman of being a stalker. However when Dru blamed Ines for causing Dru to almost lose her mind, Ines walked out. She told Neil that perhaps Dru, who she had seen attacking Carmen on video tape, belonged in the psych ward.

When Victoria found Brad at the office, she asked him why he wasn't with Colleen, and he explained that Traci was there keeping unwanted visitors away, including Adrian. When Brad said he planned to have a talk with Adrian about his inappropriate behavior, Victoria suggested that he first talk to Colleen because Brad had earlier jumped to the wrong conclusion regarding the professor.

Victor and Nikki celebrated the fact that Jack had taken their bait after Jack announced that David Chow would serve as his campaign manager during Jack's bid for the state senate. Victor, who had actually hired David, apologized to Nikki for giving N.V.P. to Jack. Nikki worried that people would assume that Victor was funding Jack's campaign since Victor had been working with David. After he left Victor's office, Jack announced his plans to Nick and Phyllis, and she encouraged him and offered to create a Web site for Jack. Jack later returned to Victor's office to meet with David. Victor and Jack told David that he needed to arrange a press conference immediately, so Jack could make his news public. Victor and David told Jack that he would have to appear humble and admit to his past mistakes.

David left the office to make the arrangements and stopped briefly to phone Ines. However, Ines didn't answer because she was at the hospital with the Winters.

After reading an online news article, Phyllis told Nick that Kevin Fisher is innocent. When Phyllis said her first instinct was to call Michael, Nick told her that he was sorry that Michael had hurt her, but Phyllis said she wouldn't let it ruin the happiest day of her life. Later, Phyllis asked Victoria to be her maid of honor, and she accepted. When Phyllis later joined Nikki to attend to N.V. P. business, she asked Nikki to be her matron of honor, and she accepted after learning that Lauren wasn't considered.

Nick was pleasantly surprised to learn from Victoria that his mother and sister would participate in his wedding. Nick said he was happy that his family had accepted Phyllis. Victoria explained that she preferred Phyllis over Sharon and told her brother that she is worried about Sharon's constant pursuit of Brad. Victoria admitted that she realized that Sharon had been able to offer comfort to Brad during Colleen's ordeal that Victoria could not. Meanwhile, Brad joined Sharon in the break room for coffee. Brad told Sharon that he was concerned for her and that perhaps she should forgo her ex's wedding. Back in the conference room, just as Nick attempted to qualm his sister's apprehension about the matter, Brad and Sharon, nearly falling over one another, giddily entered the conference room. To break the awkwardness of the situation, Victoria brought up the fact that Sharon's life would soon become hectic since Jack's running for office. However, Brad said that Jack, who's morally bankrupt, should not receive votes from any of them.

Working on N.V. P. business with Phyllis, Nikki said she was relieved that Jack would be too busy to attend to day-to-day affairs at N.V.P. Phyllis told Nikki that she had heard that Victor was offering financial support for Jack's campaign and asked if he was doing so just to keep Jack busy. Phyllis seemed taken aback when Nikki said that they intended to play Jack just as he had played them.

Nikki, Victor, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon were present when Jack made his announcement to the press that he would run for the senate seat vacated by Bodi. However, along with his political announcement, Jack also told the press that he planned to set aside a sizable piece of N.V.P.'s land for public use, news that shocked Nikki and Phyllis. However, smug Victor secretly told Nikki to just wait.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jack shows Victor his plans for NVP and Victor is impressed, telling Jack he has his full support. This infuriates Nikki, who accuses Victor of doing to NVP exactly what Jack did to Jabot. When Phyllis also seems to support Jack's plan, Nikki is even more upset, and claims Phyllis is only backing Jack because he helped her deliver Summer. Phyllis says her decision to support Jack is not personal, it's business. Victor overhears and is happy to find out that Phyllis also supports Jack. Nikki angrily walks off.

At his place, Cane tells Amber that while he is grateful for all she has done for him, he wants to get their marriage annulled. He has already done some research and discovered it may be possible to have the marriage declared invalid as he was too drunk at the time to remember. Later, Amber tells Daniel about Jill being Cane's mother. When she sadly explains that her marriage will soon be over, Daniel says Cane is a jerk and that he only used Amber for sex. Amber once again asks for Daniel's help; when Cane walks into the room, she pretends to be taking the phone number of one of Daniel's friends. Loudly enough for him to hear, Daniel tells Amber it's Cane's loss. When Daniel leaves, Cane goes to Amber and tells her he's glad she's moving on. It's clear he's not really, however, because the two end up going back to his place and having sex. Later, Daniel receives a text message from Amber, thanking him for helping her once again. Included in the message is a picture of Amber -- presumably a naked one -- as Daniel quickly shuts his cell phone when Lily walks into the room.

Katherine worries that she and Jill found Cane too easily and suggests to Jill that they take a DNA test. Jill responds that she does not want to humiliate Cane and says she is certain he is her son. Again, she brings up how awful it was of Katherine to take her son from her all those years ago. Cane visits Jill and becomes upset when she asks for a DNA test, angrily telling her she gave him away. He leaves, and a heartbroken Jill is left alone.

At the boutique, J.T. runs into Adrian, who is there buying a gift for Colleen. When J.T. asks Lauren about Kevin's condition, she tells him Kevin is doing okay physically but not emotionally.

At Jack's house, Lily and Daniel tease Colleen about Adrian. Colleen admits to Lily that she's not completely over J.T. but has strong feelings for Adrian. When Adrian arrives to see Colleen, Daniel and Lily leave to give them some privacy. Colleen tells Adrian she is sorry for ever doubting his innocence, and they are about to kiss when the doorbell rings. It's J.T., and Adrian leaves so he and Colleen can talk. Colleen thanks J.T. for saving her life. She asks him why he hurt Kevin, and J.T. explains what he saw on the surveillance video. J.T. admits to Colleen he was wrong and feels bad for what he did to Kevin. He fears he will go to jail for the assault.

Kevin has returned to work at the coffeehouse. Michael tells Kevin that J.T. has been let out on bail but that he may lose his investigator's license. J.T. enters, wanting to talk to Kevin and apologize for what he did. Kevin doesn't want to talk to J.T., though. He wants J.T. to know exactly what it feels like to have everyone looking at him like a criminal. Later, Colleen visits Kevin and asks him to forgive J.T. She says she knows Kevin has changed and points out that J.T. saved his life. Kevin believes that J.T. would have watched him die if Adrian wasn't there. Colleen wants to know what she can do to convince Kevin to forgive J.T., but Kevin tells her he wants J.T. to pay.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jill tells Katherine that Cane is upset with her for asking him for a DNA test. Cane explains to Amber that Jill asked for a DNA test. Amber tells Cane that Jill is a good person, to give her a chance. Cane then says he thinks his mother doesn't think he's good enough to be her son. Michael tells Neal that they do not need Inez to testify at Drucilla's competency hearing, but that it would help if David Chow would. Phyllis tries to convince Nick that Jack's plan with the NVP spa/retreat is a good one. She also tells him that Victor is financing the project. Nikki tries to discourage Victor not to finance Jack's project, but Victor says it's a very lucrative plan. When Nikki explains to Victoria that the project means bulldozing Clear Springs, Victoria becomes upset with Victor because Clear Springs has buildings with great architecture. David Chow tells Jack that his image is important in politics, and discusses Jack get a different wardrobe. Colleen talks Traci into going to the Writer's Symposium instead of staying to take care of her. Just then, Professor Korbel shows up at the Abbott estate to drop off lecture notes for Colleen. Colleen then tells Jack, Traci and Brad that she and Korbel would like to be alone.

Amber calls Cane a quitter because he's bailing on Jill. Amber convinces Cane to talk to Jill before he just walks away from her. Neal asks David Chow to testify at Dru's competency hearing, to let the judge know that Inez is a Carmen look-alike. David agrees to testify. After Professor Korbel leaves, Colleen argues with Traci and Brad. She then tells Brad that she's going to be staying with Daniel, Lily and Devon. Jack then invites her to stay at the Abbott estate. Colleen explains that she can make her own decisions and tells Jack that she would love to stay at the Abbott estate.

Jill meets with J.T. at The Coffee House and explains that Paul found her son. J.T. tells Jill that she needs to convince Cane to take a DNA test. Jill worries that when the DNA test comes back, that Katherine could be charged with kidnapping. J.T. says they need to have a private DNA test done, and that he will set it up. Cane stops by the Chancellor estate looking for Jill and Katherine invites him in to wait for her. Katherine tells Cane that she pressured Jill to ask for the DNA test, and then says that everything that has happened to him is Katherine's fault. Victoria and Nikki try to figure out a way to convince Victor not to fund Jack's Clear Spring's project. Nick tells Victor that he is very excited about the Clear Springs project and tells Victor that he was right; Nick needs to focus on work more. He tells Victor he is going to make him proud and asks if he can oversee the project along with Phyllis. Brad confronts Jack about him inviting Colleen to stay with him. He then tells Jack that Colleen and Professor Korbel are seeing each other and asks Jack if he's forgotten what happened to Traci when she dated her professor. Traci leaves, she sits Colleen down to tell her the story of when she had an affair with one of her professors. She tells Colleen that she understands how special it feels when an older man tells you that you're smart and beautiful. She says that Tim Sullivan told her all of that. Colleen says he sounds like a wonderful man. Traci tells Colleen how she ended up pregnant and that when she went to tell him that she was pregnant, she found him in bed with another girl. Colleen says that Adrian would never do anything like that. Traci then explains that she was so depressed and ashamed that she tried to kill herself. Traci then explains that she had a miscarriage, and that she doesn't want Colleen to make the same mistakes she did. Traci tells Colleen that if she settles down with Adrian that she could jeopardize her whole future.

J.T. tells Jill that the lab results from the DNA test will be completely confidential, and that no one will know anything unless she tells them, which will keep Katherine out of legal trouble. Professor Korbel comes into the coffee house and J.T. tells Jill that Coleen is having a relationship with him. J.T. asks Korbel why he would turn in a professor for having an affair with a student and then decide to hook up with a student himself. Korbel says that even great men are capable of hypocrisy and he is not a great man. Korbel tells J.T. to focus on his legal defense instead of worrying about him. David Chow shops at Fenmore's for a new tie for Jack. Inez shows up and David Chow tells her that Neal asked him to testify at Dru's hearing. Inez worries that he will be under oath and that they could ask anything. Amber calls Jill and tells her that her alteration is ready for pickup and then tells Jill that she lucked out by getting her as a mother-in-law. Katherine explains to Cane how Jill was pregnant with Katherine's husband's child and tells him how she was a drunk and wanted to punish Jill for having an affair with her husband. She then tells Cane that Jill didn't give him up, that she stole Cane from her. Cane is upset with Katherine and tells her that he grew up without parents. He tells her how he wondered why he lived with his uncle and that he dreamed of finding out who his real mother is. Katherine tells Cane not to be angry with Jill, to be angry with her. Katherine then tells him to take the DNA test and find out who his real family is.

Devon testifies for Dru and explains everything that she has done for him. Michael then calls David Chow to the stand. Phyllis tells Jack that Nick wants to work on the Clear Springs project with them. Victoria tells Nick that the project is too risky and that they will be destroying an historic area. Nick says the profit potential is great. Jack tells Victor, Nick, Nikki and Victoria that the Clear Springs zoning board has approved their project.

Jill stops by Fenmore's to pick up her altered clothes. Amber tells Jill that Cane went to see her at the Chancellor estate. Jill explains that she only asked for the DNA test because there is no record of the adoption. Amber tells Jill that Cane is overwhelmed and to just be patient with Cane, that he is afraid of rejection. Victoria tells Brad to stop being so vocal about his hatred of Professor Korbel, that it will make him more attractive to Colleen. She then tells Brad that the Clear Springs project is a go, but Brad tells Victoria and Nikki that they three of them can stop the deal. Brad, Nikki and Victoria then confront Victor, Jack, Nick and Phyllis and tells them that the Board of Directors needs to approve the project. Victor asks why Nikki is doing this, she says that somebody has got to protect that property and it may as well be her.

Jill and Amber arrive at the Chancellor Estate and Cane tells her that he will take the DNA test. Michael puts David Chow on the witness stand and asks him if he agrees that Inez looks like Carmen. He says the only way they could look more alike is if they were twins. He then says that when Dru saw Inez, she had to have thought that it was Carmen. Michael then calls Dru to the stand, just as Inez walks into the courtroom. Adrian goes back to the Abbott house to visit Colleen, and tells her that the Dean wants to see them because someone reported that they were seeing each other. J.T., Brad and Traci are then shown separately, each with serious looks on their face.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Colleen is shocked that the Dean wants to meet with her and Adrian. She wonders who would tell the Dean about their relationship. Adrian says that it must be someone who wants to break them up. Adrian is worried; he knows that this will ruin his career. Colleen thinks that whoever told the Dean is probably someone who loves her. Colleen goes to Brad. Brad insists that although he feels that Colleen should not be with Korbel, he didn't go to the Dean. Korbel can't get any information from J.T. either, who insists that Korbel is getting everything he deserves. Brad goes to J.T. and asks him to find out who went to the Dean with this information. J.T. refuses, saying that it's not his business anymore.

Amber is frustrated and stuffs herself with cookies as she blames herself for falling in love with Cane. Daniel suggests that maybe Amber return to LA. Amber can't believe he would just expect her to give up on what she's tried so hard to achieve. Later Daniel has a plan. Daniel calls Amber at Cane's apartment and pretends to be a guy from LA needing a singer immediately. Cane thinks the guy's accent is strange, but tells Amber about the situation. When Amber appears ecstatic about a singing gig back in LA, Cane wonders what happened to Amber saying that she would be there for him when he was lonely. Amber says that since their marriage is getting annulled, she has no real reason to stay in Genoa City anymore. Cane is obviously upset as Amber happily gathers her things. He admits to her that although it's not something he's normally capable of, he thinks he's falling in love with his wife. Amber jumps into arms, and they happily make love. Later when Cane is in the shower, Amber calls Daniel and thanks him for the plan. She tells Daniel to go to a particular website and sign in as her. Daniel wonders what it's about.

Drucilla is shaken a bit as Inez walks into the courtroom when Drucilla is on the stand. Drucilla calmly talks about getting prank calls, having break-ins and feeling like someone was stalking her. Michael asks her who she thought was stalking her. Drucilla admits that she thought it was Carmen. Even Drucilla's psychiatrist admits on the stand that Inez shockingly looks exactly like Carmen. He says that although he thinks Drucilla would benefit from continued psychotherapy, he doesn't think that she needs to be locked away in a facility. Inez coaxes the prosecutor to put her on the stand. Michael is against it, but the judge allows it. As Inez takes the stand, she says that when she met Drucilla she was accused of breaking into her apartment and stalking her. Inez admits that she was frightened by Drucilla, and glad that she was unable to leave the hospital. Inez's testimony looks bad for Drucilla, but Michael turns things around when he suggests that the real reason Inez has been in town for so long could possibly be a vengeance. The judge rules in favor of Drucilla and allows her to be free. Drucilla and her family rejoice, and Drucilla apologizes to David Chow for accusing him of stalking her. They are also relieved to hear that Inez plans to leave town right away.

As Phyllis gushes about wedding dresses at the Boutique, Victoria and Nikki are not her biggest fans. They are upset with Phyllis for taking Jack's position when it comes to NVP. Lauren is surprised to see Phyllis at the Boutique. Phyllis rudely ignores Lauren's dress suggestions. As Lauren tries to apologize, Phyllis gets angry with Lauren, wondering how she could ever forgive her for putting her family in danger. Lauren is obviously upset, but Phyllis says that is just not enough. Nikki isn't happy to see Phyllis fighting with Lauren in public. Nikki says that it's obvious a lot of people don't like Phyllis. She suggests that Phyllis won't be her business partner for long.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Colleen tried to persuade Professor Korbel to lie to the dean. She said there was no proof that they'd been improper, so they just needed to both tell the dean the same story. Adrian said he intended to resign so that the investigation would stop, and Colleen's college career wouldn't be hurt. After Adrian left, Lily stopped by. She told Colleen the story about Inez and how her mother and Devon were both now cleared of all charges. When she noticed how distracted Colleen was, Colleen told her about the situation with Adrian. Lily said that if he resigned, at least the two of them would be able to see each other, but Colleen said he'd always remember that she'd ended his career.

Daniel kept trying to look at the web site Amber had sent him to, but he was constantly interrupted by Lily and Devon. After they finally left him alone so he could write his paper while they met Neil and Dru for dinner, Daniel was able to get into the site, which contained racy photos of Amber. When he called Amber to thank her, she was at Crimson Lights talking to Lily. Cane had just returned from getting his DNA test and expected the results to be back quickly. Daniel reminded Amber that she was a married woman now, and Amber said everyone needed a hobby.

Colleen went to talk to the dean early, before Adrian could go. She denied any wrongdoing. She said she was merely Adrian's student and research assistant, and it was probably a jealous student telling lies about the two of them. Colleen then let Adrian know that she'd lied to the dean. If he now told the truth, he'd be making her look twice as bad. Adrian felt he had no choice but to also lie to the dean, so when he met with her, he, too, denied the accusations against him. The dean said that he'd come highly recommended, and she really hoped this wasn't going to be the end of his career.

Nick and Phyllis were calling board members to tell them to vote for Newman development of Clear Springs at the same time that Victoria and Brad were calling them to tell them to vote against it. Later, Victoria and Phyllis talked, and Victoria reminded Phyllis that she wasn't a real Newman and needed to stay out of the family business. Meanwhile, Brad and Nick talked circles around each other to avoid discussing the proposed development. Jack was unaware of all the lobbying that was going on with the board members. He and Sharon decided to take advantage of Noah's dinner with a friend to go out to dinner themselves.

Sharon and Jack, Phyllis and Nick, and Brad and Victoria all ended up at separate tables at the club. When Brad got a call that made it sound like the board might vote his way, he had a bottle of champagne sent over to Nick's table. Nick and Phyllis were surprised when the waiter who delivered the champagne was none other than their old friend Rocky from their SouthwEsthern elopement. Meanwhile, Jack asked Sharon if she wanted to make a quick trip to New York with him the next night, since Noah would be staying with Nick and Phyllis. Sharon was agreeable until Jack told her what hotel they'd be staying in. It was the same hotel where Sharon and Brad had succumbed to their one night of passion.

Colleen went by the club to get her paycheck and saw Adrian sitting at the bar. He told her he'd seen the dean and had lied to her, too. Colleen was relieved until Adrian said that he'd had no choice and walked out on her. Before Colleen could leave, Rocky showed up with her paycheck and asked for a date. Colleen turned him down, but then Brad walked up. He said he still wanted to go to the dean with her, but Colleen said it was too late. She'd already been and had told the "truth," that there was nothing going on between Adrian and her. When Brad protested, Colleen said that was the last she wanted to hear about it. She then gave Rocky her phone number in front of her father to prove her point. But when she walked outside the club, Adrian called her name. He said he'd forgotten something then grabbed her and gave her a passionate kiss.

Before Brad could return to his table, Sharon approached him and asked if they could talk. They moved to a more private spot, and Sharon told him about Jack's offer. She'd already told him that she would go to New York with him, but now that she knew which hotel it was, she wanted to back out and didn't know how. Brad said she could think of something, and Sharon said she couldn't very well tell Jack that she didn't want to stay in the hotel because it was where she'd slept with Brad. As the two of them moved away, neither was aware that Phyllis was standing there and had overheard them.

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