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Jack instructed his campaign manager to dig up dirt on Nikki. Victoria asked J.T. to investigate Brad's life. Brad tried to talk Sharon out of marrying Jack. At the photo shoot, Phyllis and Sharon argued, and Sharon and Dru fell off the cliff.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 2, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, April 2, 2007

After Phyllis told Sharon that she had made the decision to travel to Monaco in Sharon's place, Dru warned Sharon that Phyllis' blackmail scheme would soon permeate Sharon's entire life if it wasn't checked. Dru jokingly offered Sharon a possible solution, but, she warned, the consequences would result in imprisonment. Later, when Sharon and Dru were discussing Phyllis' continued harassment, Victoria walked in just as Sharon informed Dru that Brad was at the breaking point. When Victoria asked what Sharon was referring to, Sharon lied that it was about a business deal. After Victoria left, Dru and Sharon continued their grand plans to rid their lives of Phyllis. Finally, Dru came up with a plan to convince Phyllis that Sharon and Nick are still very much in love in order to play into Phyllis' insecurities. However, Sharon feared that Jack would find out. Dru pushed the plan and promised that Jack would not find out.

Nick and Phyllis looked forward to their wedding, but they worried about the rifts between family members. Just before the couple left the break room, Dru came in to consult with Nick about revamping the cosmetic line's Web site. After Phyllis excused herself, Sharon came in. Nick and Sharon discussed family matters and were quite cordial to each other as Sharon flirted with her ex. Later, as Brad was leaving the Newman office building, Phyllis confronted Brad and Sharon using thinly-veiled threats of blackmail. Brad left, but Sharon continued to tangle with Phyllis until she finally made her point that Sharon must be careful not to push Phyllis too far.

Nikki, still miffed at Victor, declined to commit to an anniversary trip to Alaska. Victor brought up the subject of their upcoming anniversary after Nikki berated him for changing business decisions behind her back. Jack and David came into Victor's office, and Nikki invited them all to her press conference to hear the announcement of her candidacy for the state senate. Later, Victoria lent moral support as Nikki prepared her speech for the press conference. Victoria left, and Phyllis stopped by to discuss business with Nikki. Phyllis asked Nikki if she still planned to participate in the wedding. Nikki seemed surprised by Phyllis' question and assured her that she would, of course, because someone had to behave rationally. Later, Nick asked Victor to be the best man at his wedding. Nick also expressed his desire for the family to come together and be cordial at the wedding. While Nick spoke to Victor, Nikki was in the break room remembering her ugly confrontation with Victor about stepping into the middle of his plans to ruin Jack. Jack stopped by and talked to Nikki about her announcement. Jack warned Nikki to be wary of the press, and Nikki was surprised that Jack was willing to offer such helpful advice. Jack noted that he is looking forward to having good competition.

As Nikki worked on her speech, Victor, David and Jack haggled over Jack's public reaction to Nikki's announcement. Victor, however, warned David that he would not tolerate dirty politics. Victor reminded David not to tear Nikki down. However, after David left, Victor told Jack that Nikki would have to suffer the consequences if she proceeds with her campaign against Jack. Later, Jack met with David privately and instructed him to dig up dirt about Nikki. Jack warned David that if it becomes necessary to share insensitive information about Nikki, however, then its source must be kept secret. As Jack, Victor and the rest of Nikki's family looked on, Nikki spoke before a gathering of the press to announce her official candidacy for the Wisconsin state senate.

In Nick's office, Victoria and Nick discussed pressing business matters and the fact that their parents were not getting along. Nick and Victoria also discussed the fact that Brad's behavior has become a bit suspect lately since he's become so agreeable. Later, Victoria and Brad sparred over Brad's selection of Neil to the board seat and the fact that Brad wants to keep his purchase of land in Clear Springs a secret. Later, however, Victoria met J.T. at the club and asked him to investigate Brad because he seemed to have an explanation for every odd thing he does. Victoria explained that something about Brad's behavior was wrong, but J.T. explained that Brad's past had been examined before. Victoria, however, requested that J.T. investigate what's going on in Brad's life at the present time in order to discover what Brad's hiding from her.

Adrian ran into Colleen at the coffeehouse and told her that he planned to meet with Victoria to work on the Clear Springs restoration project. Colleen invited herself along to join Adrian. At Newman, Brad, who'd just left his wife's office, ran into Sharon. As Brad and Sharon talked, Colleen and Adrian stepped out of the elevator. When Colleen saw Sharon talking to Brad, she remembered the night before at Jack's when Sharon happened upon Colleen and Adrian kissing. Brad was stunned to learn that Adrian and Colleen had come together to work with Victoria on Clear Springs. Later, when Colleen and Adrian were alone in the break room, Colleen assured Adrian that Sharon would not tell Brad about what she'd seen. As the two were talking, J.T. showed up. He warned the couple that he'd be keeping tabs on them.

Later at the club, Adrian confronted J.T. and sarcastically delivered his personal schedule to J.T. However, J.T. made a point to check his PDA and informed Adrian that he already knew the professor's schedule. After, J.T. left, Adrian remembered times in the past when J.T. had indeed managed to show up wherever Adrian happened to be.

When Colleen and Adrian met with Victoria, she was surprised to see that Colleen had tagged along. After Adrian left, Victoria tried to reason with Colleen, but Colleen made her point by explaining that Victoria has maintained an innocent friendship with J.T., so Victoria consented to allow Colleen to work with Adrian after Colleen assured her stepmother that she had no romantic interest in him. However, as Colleen promised Victoria that she had cooled her interests in the professor, Sharon met with Brad and unburdened her soul when she told Brad that she'd seen Colleen kissing the professor at Jack's.

After Brad learned about Adrian and Colleen kissing at the Abbott estate, he angrily confronted Jack, who was embarrassed that he knew nothing about Colleen's romantic interlude. While Brad was sparring with Jack, Sharon told Colleen that Brad knew that she and Adrian were seen kissing at Jack's. Later, Jack questioned Sharon about why she had not informed him that Colleen and Adrian had been together at his home. Sharon told Jack that she had wanted to, but that she had promised Colleen that she wouldn't say anything. However, Sharon added, Brad suspected that she knew something, so she had no choice but to confess the truth. Sharon also admitted to Jack that she'd told Colleen that Brad knew the truth about her relationship with Adrian. Later, Brad called to meet with Colleen at Jack's. Brad surprised Colleen when he told her that he'd allow her to see Adrian since she considers herself to be an adult. Brad added that he expected Colleen, as an adult, to be financially self-supporting, including payment of her college tuition.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Daniel is watching online porn when he realizes he's late for class and quickly shuts down his computer. At the coffeehouse, Daniel admits to Kevin that he's failing all his classes except for one. Meanwhile, Lily and Devon are ecstatic because they earned straight A's. Lily turns on Daniel's computer and is stunned to see a porn site pop up. Kay hires Michael to keep her out of prison for Cane's kidnapping charges. Michael argues with William that it is a waste of time and money to try to prosecute someone Kay's age, and William says that she owes it to Cane and Jill to pay for what she did. Cane asks Jill to drop the charges against Kay. Jill says that she wants him to put Katherine behind bars because she just can't accept what Kay did to them. Later, William decides to side with Cane and not press charges, which makes Jill furious. Cane tells Kay that he forgives her. Jack tells Sharon that he's not going to be able to make the shoot tonight and he's sending Phyllis in his place. Colleen tells Adrian about her new situation and says that even if she has to drop out for a semester to save money, she is going to do it because she wants to be responsible for her life. However, Jack agrees to finance Colleen for the rest of the semester and she'll pay his loan back later.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lily finds porn pop ups on Daniel's computer, he blows it off and leaves for school. Dru tells Neil that she is not going to deal with Phyllis' 'nonsense' at the photo shoot. She tells Neil that Phyllis is crazy and always trying to create trouble for Sharon. Sharon tells Phyllis that she is not getting her hair braided for the photo shoot, telling her that Jack agreed she didn't need to wear the braids and that she works for Jack. Bardwell tries to convince Jill to move past the fact that Katherine kidnapped Cain, reminding her that Cain was able to forgive Katherine. Gloria overhears them arguing and then goes in to talk to Jill while she has Kevin grabs Ji Min and sets he and Jill up for dinner to go over a contract; all part of Gloria's plan so Gloria can have dinner with Bardwell. Sharon and Jack discuss who may stand up for Jack at their wedding. Victoria and Victor talk about her pregnancy cravings. She tells Victor that Nikki is out of town working on her campaign and Victor is upset that she didn't tell him.

Brad walks in on Sharon in the lounge while she is working on her wedding vows. Brad is visibly shaken when he reads the vows. Sharon asks Brad if he thinks her vows are too formal. She then asks what she should say, and Brad tells her that she shouldn't marry Jack; that he doesn't deserve her and never will. Dru tells Neil that Sharon asked her to be maid of honor. They then reminisce about their wedding.

Phyllis walks in just as Brad tells Sharon not to marry Jack and Phyllis goes off on him. Then Jack walks in and Brad says Phyllis was upset because Brad was complaining about Jack interfering in Colleen's life. Brad and Sharon leave and Jack asks Phyllis to play nice at the photo shoot. Sharon tells Dru that Phyllis is driving her nuts and Dru says they have to come up with a plan to threaten Phyllis to get her off Sharon's back. Gloria and Bardwell arrive for dinner and Gloria points out that Jill and Ji Min are dining together. She then 'mentions' that the two have been spending lots of time together lately. Kevin then calls to cancel the dinner so they will be alone. Victoria stops for tea at the coffee shop and tells Kevin she is pregnant. He then tells her that he would like to help with Nikki's campaign; he says he wants to do anything to help beat Jack.

Jack tells Daniel that he should cut back on his hours at the office and concentrate on his studies. He also tells Daniel that he can overlook if the rent is missed on the house. Jack and Victor discuss how they have become such close friends and then asks Victor to be his best man. Victor tells Jack that they have been through a lot lately and that he has seen the changes in Jack and agrees to be Jack's best man. Phyllis walks in on Daniel telling Summer that he is going to get his act together. Daniel tells Phyllis that he got failing grades in the mid-terms. Phyllis tells him to quit Newman so he can focus on school. She tells him that she will help out financially. He says he's not going to quit his job, that he will do better.

Daniel tries to cancel one of his subscriptions to a porn site and finds he can't cancel before the six month term he agreed to. Lily shows up for them to go to dinner, and before they leave, Daniel throws away his flash drive that contains porn. Lily asks why he threw it away and Daniel tells her it has been giving him trouble lately and he doesn't need it anymore. Jill explains to Ji Min about Bardwell not prosecuting Katherine for Cain's kidnapping. A dessert arrives and the waitress tells them it is compliments of Mr. Fisher to apologize for cancelling their meeting. Bardwell notices Jill and Ji Min sharing the dessert. Gloria tells Bardwell how much of a catch he is and that if Jill doesn't see that, someone else will. Phyllis is mad at Sharon and Dru when they are late for the photo shoot. When she gives Sharon the dress to wear for the photos, Sharon is upset that it's not the dress she agreed to wear.

Victor tells Neil that he asked Drucilla to go to Japan to launch their new design in the Asian market and that Neil should go along with her since they were married there. Neil asks Victor how Nikki's campaign is going and he says that he has no idea. Neil then tells Victor that he hopes Victor's decision to support Neil for the board seat didn't come between he and Nikki. Dru and Sharon begin to argue with Phyllis about the photo shoot when Lily and Daniel arrive. Dru tells Phyllis that she is not in charge, Dru is.

Gloria tells Kevin that she is reading up on libido enhancers and plans to visit the doctor the next day to get something to try to hurry up Jill and Ji Min's connection. Victor has private time with Summer and tells her how he is so happy to have her in his life and that he will do anything to protect her. Brad shows up in Victoria's office with olives for her cravings. Victoria tells Brad how she her parents are totally in love but always wind up hurting each other. Sharon thanks Drucilla for standing up for her at the photo shoot and Dru tells Sharon that she is not going to let that 'heifer' mess with Sharon. Phyllis is behind a clothing rack and overhears them.

Neil tells Jack that Drucilla is excited about being Sharon's bridesmaid. He then calls Drucilla to find out how much longer they'll be at the photo shoot. Phyllis confronts Sharon about Sharon telling Drucilla about Phyllis blackmailing Brad. She then writes a text and says she will send it to Nick and Jack telling them everything. Drucilla sees them arguing goes over to them to help. The three struggle over the phone and Sharon and Drucilla end up falling off the cliff.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

As Drucilla and Sharon go over the cliff, Phyllis reaches out to Sharon, who hangs onto a pipe for dear life. Phyllis grabs her wrist, and Sharon begs that Phyllis not let her die. Lily is screaming hysterically. Daniel and Lily rush over to hold onto Phyllis' legs, in hopes to pull Sharon off the cliff. Phyllis tells Sharon to let go of the pole and to grab her other hand. When Sharon lets one hand go, she screams and loses her grip with her other hand, falling down the cliff into the water below.

Neil hears Lily screaming, but can't get her on the phone to hear what's going on. When Jack tries to reach Phyllis, there's no answer. Finally Daniel calls Jack, and tells him that Drucilla and Sharon have been in an accident. As Neil and Jack rush off to find them, Jack wishes his car could sprout wings and fly. Neil catches up with Lily, and Lily explains what happened. Neil is furious to hear that Phyllis was fighting with Drucilla and pushed her. Daniel maintains that it was all an accident, but Phyllis hangs her head in shame. When Nick arrives, Phyllis tells Nick that it was all her fault.

Lily tells Neil that she wishes she could be closer to her mother, wishes there was something she could do to help her. Neil tells Lily a story about how brave and proud Drucilla is and always has been. Lily hopes that she will be able to tell Drucilla that she heard her story.

Brad and Victoria check out the beautiful homes located in the area that Jack wants to tear down. Brad says that it would be nice to have a summer home there, a place where they could bring their family and children. Victoria jokes that Victor and Nikki would need separate rooms. Victoria tells Brad that she loves him for saving these homes, but why didn't he just save himself the trouble and vote for Nikki on the board in the first place? Victoria is interrupted by Jack and Neil running out of the office. Jack tells Victoria that there has been an accident and that she should call the police right away. Victoria and Brad frantically call everyone they know, everyone that knows Drucilla and Sharon.

At the coffeehouse, Nick brings Noah the smoothie he promised for agreeing to wear a suit at his wedding. Noah sees Lauren and asks her if she is coming to his father's wedding. Nick tells Noah that Lauren has plans. Noah suggests that Nick and Phyllis throw a superhero-themed wedding. Nick receives a call from Phyllis, who has a hard time explaining what happened. She tells Nick that Sharon has been in an accident, and that he'd better come right away. Nick asks Lauren to watch Summer and Noah for awhile. At Lauren's, Noah wonders if he can watch television. Lauren says that their cable is out, but suggests that Noah use her crayons to draw superheroes. Noah invents several superhero characters, including one for Sharon, whom he calls "The blonde avenger". He says that he powers are that she cannot get hurt.

Detective Sullivan talks to the families as the divers and rescue team search the river below. Jack asks Detective Sullivan how far she thinks the fall would have been. Detective Sullivan says that she is not a rescue expert, but she estimates the fall would have been about 55 feet. She also says that they would probably only have 10-15 minutes to survive the freezing cold water. Further down there was a waterfall as well, and if they made it past that, their chances of survival would be even less likely. Sullivan gets a call announcing that a woman has been found and is being flown to the nearest hospital. Sullivan asks what the woman looks like, but her phone cuts out.

Friday, April 6, 2007

At the command station near the river, no one was sure if the woman helicoptered out was Drucilla or Sharon, or if the woman was dead or alive. Michael arrived home with a frantic need to tell Lauren what he'd heard, but Lauren was able to stop him before he blurted out anything in front of Noah. When Noah went into the kitchen, Michael explained that he'd heard Sharon's body had been found. Lauren was devastated to realize that Sharon was probably dead.

Victor and Devon arrived to join Nick and Phyllis and the Winters family at about the same time. Maggie Sullivan had to tell them that the body being airlifted to the hospital was Sharon's. She wasn't breathing when she was found, but the paramedics were trying to revive her. There was a glimmer of hope that hypothermia had actually helped save her. Maggie had no good news for the Winters family, however, as Dru still hadn't been found.

Brad was at the hospital trying to find out which woman had been brought in when Nick, Phyllis, and Jack arrived and told him it was Sharon. The doctor was finally able to give them more information when Phyllis pretended to be Sharon's sister. Sharon was alive and was slowly being brought back to consciousness. Brad wanted to see her, but Phyllis said as her sister, she had the right to decide that Sharon's fiancé should be the first one to talk to her. Jack hurried away to see Sharon.

Nick was angry when Brad repeatedly questioned Phyllis about what had happened at the photo shoot. Phyllis said that she and Sharon were fighting over the way the shoot was going, and Phyllis had taken out her phone to call Jack. When she and Sharon struggled for the phone, Dru came over to help Sharon. As the three of them were arguing, Phyllis fell backwards and Dru went over the cliff. Sharon also went over the cliff but was able to grab a tree. Phyllis had done her best to hold on to Sharon, but Sharon had let go.

In the meantime, Detective Sullivan was questioning people at the site. Lily and Daniel disagreed about what had happened. Lily held Phyllis responsible, and Daniel said because they couldn't actually hear anything and their view was impaired, they couldn't be sure what happened. After Maggie left, Daniel tried to comfort Lily but she turned on him, accusing his mother of being responsible for what had happened to her mother. Daniel was finally able to calm her down a little, but Lily and Devon remained inconsolable in spite of Neil's insistence that Dru was a survivor who would fight to come back to them.

Sharon asked to see Nick, who was comforting and kind to her. He had to tell her that Dru hadn't been found yet. Sharon was upset, but her primary concern was Noah. Nick agreed to go to Lauren's and talk to Noah in person. Sharon didn't think their son should see her yet because her injuries might upset him. Nick promised to handle Noah gently. Later, Nick called Lauren and told her the news. Lauren was enormously relieved to be able to tell Michael that Sharon was alive and Nick and Phyllis were on their way.

Victor remained at the command site to be supportive of Neil. He was also helpful to Daniel about Phyllis, telling her son that this wasn't anyone's fault. It was a terrible accident. While they were waiting, Maggie came in with Drucilla's coat, which Neil identified. Lily wanted to know where they'd found it, and Maggie admitted it was in the river past the falls. Devon wondered if that meant they though Drucilla had gone over the falls, and Maggie admitted that the rescue had been reclassified. It was now a recovery operation. Victor offered comfort to Neil as Lily sobbed in Devon's arms while Daniel looked on helplessly.

Brad listened with suspicion as Maggie Sullivan arrived to question Phyllis. Nick was defensive of his wife, saying she'd done nothing wrong. Phyllis said that she was willing to answer Maggie's questions and repeated her story, leaving out the details of what she and Sharon had really been fighting about. Later, Brad slipped into Sharon's room. She was glad to see him, but she told him the truth. Phyllis had been threatening to tell Jack about the night Brad had spent with Sharon. Before Brad could react, Victor and Jack arrived. Victor had to give Sharon news that broke her heart. The authorities no longer thought there was any hope of finding Dru alive.

Lauren and Michael's relief when Nick and Phyllis arrived was short-lived when they got the news about Dru. Nick was able to break the news about Sharon to Noah, and Noah felt better after talking to his mother on the phone. Sharon assured him that she was fine. Later, an exhausted Noah fell asleep. Nick was hungry, so Lauren led him to the kitchen. Michael could tell Phyllis was near the breaking point. He wanted to take care of her, but Phyllis was still holding out because of the rift between them about Sheila. After a few seconds, however, she began to sob and agreed that he could take care of her. Later, when she became nearly hysterical in front of all of them, Nick looked on helplessly as Michael confronted Phyllis. He asked if she'd pushed anyone off the cliff, and Phyllis said no. So he asked if Phyllis had wanted them dead. Again she said no. Michael said that she hadn't done anything wrong then, and one good thing had come of it. She was standing there in front of him. Phyllis collapsed in his arms.

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