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A vigil was held for Dru. Neil learned about Phyllis' blackmail attempt. Lily found porn on Daniel's phone and laptop. Neil turned to alcohol. Brad admitted to Sharon that he loved her. Gloria and Kevin spied on Jack and Ji Min.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Neil visited the site of the accident at the cliff, already overflowing with flowers and mementos offered as tokens of affection for the missing Dru. A photo of Dru was perched before a large bouquet of flowers. Neil cried as he knelt down and spoke aloud to the photo of Dru, telling her about his first memory of bringing Lily home from the hospital. Neil pleaded with Dru to come back and to be safe. Neil remembered the first time he met Dru when they ran into each other in the office hallway. Neil said he couldn't imagine what his life would be without Dru, so he wouldn't accept that she could be dead. Lily, Devon, Daniel and Colleen joined Neil at the site, and Phyllis left. Devon wondered how he could lose two moms. When Lily said Dru would always be here, Neil berated her for talking as if Dru were dead.

After Neil left, Lily decided to snap photos of the memorial site with Daniel's cell-phone camera. However, when she opened the phone, she saw an image of a woman's breasts on the display screen. When she asked Daniel about it, he denied knowing how the photo got there. Daniel claimed that some fraternity guys in his class had put the photo on his camera as a prank. Later, as Lily contemplated contacting Olivia and other relatives and friends about Dru, she discovered more evidence of Daniel's visits to porn sites. Daniel tried to cover, but Lily recounted that first, his computer was flooded with porn spam, and then he had a picture a girl's naked breasts on his cell phone, and then she discovered that his secret email user name is "Studguy101." Lily looked at Daniel with astonishment and asked him what was going on.

Phyllis also came to the accident site with flowers. Neil told Phyllis that he hadn't heard anything from the search team, and he pressed Phyllis to tell him exactly what had happened. Phyllis said that she and Sharon had argued over details of the photo shoot. Neil pressed her for more information, thinking that new information could lead to a rescue. Later, Nick checked on Phyllis at the office. Phyllis said she hadn't slept the night before, and she and Nick discussed the fact that the freezing weather worked against Dru's survival. When Noah came in, Nick prepared him for a visit to see his mother by explaining that she'd be bruised, but that she'd get better. Later, Phyllis told Nick that they should postpone the wedding and the rehearsal dinner. As Phyllis continued to punish herself for the accident, Nick told her that it's not like she pushed Dru over the cliff. Phyllis lamented the fact that everyone seems to feel that in a way, she had.

Sharon awoke to find Brad at her bedside at the hospital. As they were discussing Phyllis' role in the accident, Sharon mentioned the fact the Phyllis had saved her life. Jack walked in and was surprised to see Brad comforting Sharon. Sharon told Jack that if she hadn't argued with Phyllis then Dru would still be there. Jack assured Sharon that if anyone could make it, it would surely be Drucilla. When Nick brought Noah in, Jack left. Noah gave his mom the comic book he'd made that featured Sharon as the invincible blonde avenger. After Nick sent Noah to get water for Sharon's flowers, Nick and Sharon discussed the fact that Noah would have to be told about Dru. Later, Nick took Noah to the coffeehouse and gently broke the news that Dru is missing. Noah wanted to help look for Dru, but Nick explained that many people were already searching for her.

Back at the office, Brad ran into Phyllis in the break room. He told her, sarcastically, that she looked great, but that she should because she didn't suffer any injuries to cause bruising like Sharon did. The two argued about the accident, and Brad told Phyllis that by showing up at work, she had no soul, conscience or mechanism in her warped brain to determine what's appropriate. Brad accused Phyllis of manslaughter, but Phyllis reminded Brad that if he'd not had an affair, the circumstances would never have ended up as they did. She added that everyone is guilty of one thing or another. Just as Brad was berating Phyllis for being as good as guilty of pushing Sharon off the cliff, Jack walked in. As Phyllis became more upset, Jack comforted her.

Later, Jack and Brad discussed preparation of a press release about the tragedy. However, David Chow came in and handed over a press release he had already ordered a campaign staff member to write. David later told Jack that although he hated to admit it, something good could come out of the tragedy because Sharon's accident could garner sympathy votes. Jack agreed that it could, as sick as that type of thing is. David explained that the timing of the accident's not bad because Nikki has been gaining endorsements. David told Jack that the Madison newspaper wished to interview Sharon. However, Brad felt that Jack was exploiting Sharon, so Brad felt he should act to protect one of his closest friends. However, Jack reminded Brad that they were talking about his fiancÚ.

When Neil visited Sharon at the hospital, she told him that Phyllis was involved with the accident because she was blackmailing Sharon and Brad over their affair. Sharon explained that when they were at the photo shoot, Phyllis threatened to call Jack and tell him about Sharon's affair, and that was why they were arguing. Neil realized that Dru became involved when she stepped in to help Sharon. Neil was shocked when Sharon told him that Phyllis forced Brad to give him the seat on the board in order to keep Phyllis from disclosing Brad and Sharon's affair. After Neil left, Brad returned and Sharon told him that Neil knew the whole story of Phyllis' blackmail. Brad wondered if Neil would talk about the affair. An exhausted Sharon apologized saying that she was sorry that circumstances turned out the way they did. Brad offered Sharon comfort just as Jack returned. Jack remarked to Sharon, somewhat sarcastically, that it looked as if she was in good hands.

After Neil's revealing visit with Sharon, he confronted Phyllis and warned her that he'd hold her personally responsible if his wife didn't make it. As Jack gently urged Neil to back off and take it easy, he exclaimed that Dru's blood would be on Phyllis' hands.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lily asks Daniel about his "stud guy" email. Daniel becomes defensive, saying that it was an old email address that he doesn't use anymore. Lily gets upset; there have been too many naked pictures and porn pop-ups to pretend nothing is going on. Daniel tells Lily that she has more important things to be worrying about. Lily can't believe Daniel would say that, and asks Colleen to leave with her. Lily runs into Amber knocking on the door. Amber apologizes for everything Lily has been going through, and offers her some food that she brought. Lily thanks her, but says that she and Colleen are leaving. Daniel talks to Amber about his situation with Lily. Amber goes to the coffeehouse and softens the situation with Lily and Daniel.

Cane asks Neil if there is anything he can do for him. Cane says that he went to the site and tried to search for Drucilla, but the divers wouldn't let him go out on his own. Neil tells Cane that they called off the search; it is now only a recovery. Cane asks Neil if he would like any food, or drink. Neil decides to have a Scotch. When Cane serves Neil the drink, Neil downs it.

Jack and Noah escort Sharon home. Jack mentions to Sharon that he hadn't noticed how close Brad and her were before. Sharon says that when she was going through the divorce with Nick and when Cassie died, Brad was there for her. The phone rings, and its Brad, calling Sharon to see how she is feeling. After she tells him that she is fine, Jack and Noah are looking after her, Jack asks Sharon when they should mention their engagement to Noah. Sharon says that now isn't really a good time, that maybe they should wait until all this drama has boiled over. Noah overhears, and brings it up. Jack and Sharon say that it is true, but Sharon wanted to wait to make sure that Noah is comfortable with the situation. Noah doesn't seem too ecstatic, and Jack hopes that Noah will get used to the idea. Noah mentions that his class is taking a field trip to the Jelly Belly factory, and Jack and Sharon convince him to go.

Brad needs a signature from Neil, and finds him at Indigo downing Scotch. When Brad tells Neil that his prayers are with him, Neil angrily tells Brad that a large part of the reason Drucilla is missing. Neil tells Brad that he knows everything, from Brad taking advantage of Sharon's vulnerability, to Phyllis blackmailing Brad into voting Neil on the board. Brad tells Neil that he knows what he is going through, and understands that Neil needs to take his pain out on somebody. Neil says that Brad will never be his friend, but he won't tell the world about Brad's affair with Sharon because he cares about Sharon.

Brad calls Sharon and asks if he can come by to see her. Brad tells Sharon about the situation with Neil. When Sharon and Brad discuss Noah getting used to the idea of Sharon and Jack getting married, Sharon blurts out that she thinks she has made a big mistake. After her near death experience, her life and loved ones had flashed before her eyes. She says that Jack never entered her thoughts and that she is not sure of her love for him. Sharon admits that Brad was one of the people in her thoughts. They share past memories of how close they once were. As they remember a special night together, they start to kiss.

Daniel shows up at Indigo and finds Neil drinking. Daniel mentions that Neil is drinking a very short iced tea. He sits down with Neil, and when Lily calls, Neil decides to get a coffee. Neil asks Daniel not to say anything about his drinking. When Lily shows up at Indigo, she thanks Daniel for keeping an eye on her father. She also apologizes to Daniel for getting so upset with him. Daniel tells her that he loves her more than anything. She is reminding of her parents' happiness together, thinking they would be together for all time.

Phyllis tells Michael the truth about blackmailing Sharon and Brad. Phyllis admits that she did it because she was always the other woman, and this was her opportunity to have power over Sharon and Brad. She begs Michael not to tell anyone, even Lauren. Michael promises her. Lauren can tell that Michael is deep in thought. When she asks Michael how Phyllis is doing, Michael says that Phyllis is a mess, but doesn't tell her the truth.

Jack sees Phyllis at the coffeehouse, and asks her to sit down. He wants to know if Phyllis knows anything about Sharon's connection with Brad.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jack tells Phyllis that he suspects Brad and Sharon may have had something going on between them in the past. Phyllis tries to convince Jack that he is reading too much into Brad and Sharon's relationship. Jack then asks Phyllis if she would tell him if she knew something. Before she can answer, Jack says 'never mind', that he is jumping to conclusions. Meanwhile, Brad is visiting Sharon and they are kissing. Lauren shoots video of Michael and Fenmore. Lauren confesses to Michael that she wants to have up to date video of Fen in case he was kidnapped again. Gloria overhears Bardwell dropping flowers off at Jabot for Jill. When he leaves, she goes in and reads the note attached, which is an apology. Jill walks in and wonders who the flowers are from, Gloria quickly drops the note into the trash and tells Jill that there wasn't a card attached to them.

Gloria lets Kevin know that she had her doctor appointment and has the 'libido' pills. Kevin smashes the pills up for Gloria and she puts them into Jill's coffee pot. Jill and Ji Min walk in for their meeting and Gloria lets them know that she has plenty of snacks and coffee for their meeting. Lauren tells Michael that 'Fenmore' will be the anchor store for the Clear Springs project. During a business meeting, Jack tells Phyllis that she seems evasive and that he thinks she knows something about Sharon that she is not telling him. She tells Jack that she doesn't know anything, but if he's that concerned, he needs to talk to Sharon. After Sharon and Brad kiss, Sharon worries if marrying Jack is the right thing to do. Brad tells her she would be making a mistake in marrying Jack, and Sharon tells him that Jack has been nothing but kind to her. She then tells Brad that she will marry Jack, and that Brad just wants Sharon to be free so that she can be there when Brad wants her to. She tells him that she cannot continue this way with Brad. Sharon tells Brad that it is over between them. Brad tells Sharon that he thinks of her each morning when he wakes up. He says that every time he closes his eyes, he sees Sharon's face. He tells her that he never wanted to hurt her. Sharon says that every time she looks at him it hurts knowing that they will never be together. Brad tells Sharon that he has tried to live his life with Victoria and that he's tried to be a good husband. He says he loves Victoria, but nothing like the way he loves Sharon. Sharon tells him that they don't have a future together.

Phyllis and Jack talk about Noah and Phyllis tells him that when Nick isn't around, Noah talks about Jack. She mentions he told her about when he and Jack put together the model car. Michael tells Lauren that she should know more about Jack's plans before she commits to the project. Gloria tells Lauren and Michael that Jack is the one who told Ji Min to send her away on business so she cannot be on Extreme Catwalk. Michael asks how she knows this and she tells him she read an email. Kevin gets nervous, and Michael asks them 'what email' with a knowing look. Michael gets mad at Gloria and Kevin for hacking into Ji Min's email. Kevin tells Michael that Ji Min and Jack are working together somehow. Michael tells them to tell him everything they have found out.

Jill and Ji Min start getting flirty with each other as the pills set in. Right after Brad leave's Sharon's, Jack calls to check in on her. Jack tells her he is just finishing up and will be over as soon as he can. Michael tells Kevin to keep hacking into the email and to find out the connection between Ji Min and Jack; despite Lauren's protests. Jill fantasizes about kissing Ji Min. Michael shows the emails to Lauren and she can't believe the lengths that Jack has gone to to harm Gloria. Lauren then says that she will not allow Jack or anyone else to harm her family and that she is not going to sign on to the Clear Springs deal until she knows what Jack is up to. Kevin explains to Michael and Lauren that he can bring up the Jabot security cameras on his laptop to spy on any meeting that Ji Min and Jack may have there. Ji Min fantasizes about kissing Jill. Jill tells Ji Min that she found their evening a lot more stimulating than she thought it would be. Jill tries to get Ji Min to join her for a nightcap, but Ji Min says he will be on the phone for hours. As Jill gets up to leave, she finds the note from Bardwell in the trash can. Kevin brings up the camera from the board room on his computer and he, Michael, Gloria and Lauren all see Jill and Ji Min there. Ji Min leaves so Michael tells Kevin to go to the security camera in Ji Min's office. Phyllis calls Sharon and lets her know that Jack has been questioning her about Sharon and Brad's past. Phyllis tells Sharon that she didn't tell him anything and that she won't, just as promised. But she also tells Sharon if she has any doubts about marrying Jack, to get out now before Jack gets hurt. Jack arrives at Sharon's with food and gifts.

Lauren, Michael, Kevin and Gloria find that Ji Min is on the phone speaking in Chinese, so Gloria suggests they view the board room again to see what Jill is up to. William shows up in the board room to see Jill and she explains that she had just found the card from his flowers or she would have called him earlier. Lauren says she doesn't feel right spying on their private business. Brad sits at the bar drinking as he looks at a photo of Sharon, but then calls Victoria to see how her business trip is going. As Jack and Sharon are eating dinner, they discuss the situation with Drucilla. Sharon tells Jack that she already misses Dru and what a good friend she has been to her. Jack tells Sharon that he wants to be her best friend. He tells her that he hasn't had the best of luck in his previous marriages and wants to make sure they do it right. He then asks Sharon if anything is going on between her and Brad. Sharon says 'no'. Sharon tells Jack that she can't promise that she'll never hurt him, but that she can promise that she wants to marry him; that she can't wait to be his wife.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Michael gathers Amber, Cane, Jill and Kay in the conference room to figure out how they're going to do damage control for Amber's newspaper quotes. He asks them to write down everything in their lives that they would never want to see in print. He calls them in one by one to discuss their past. He learns that Kay doesn't remember anything she did in her drinking years, that Jill stole Kay's husband, that Cane got arrested for swimming nude with some friends, and that Amber had a child but lost it at birth. Gloria and Kevin watch on Kevin's computer as Michael conducts his meeting in the boardroom. Gloria wants to see what Jill writes on her list but Kevin powers off the computer, saying that that is violating her privacy. Kevin eventually relents and turns it back on in time to hear Jack ask to speak with Ji Min privately. They see Jack give Ji Min an order and realize that they really are working together. They burn the footage to a DVD and give it to Michael. Neil wakes up at Indigo and pours himself a whiskey-laced coffee. Olivia shows up and notices that Neil is drinking and asks him if he still has an AA sponsor. Neil says that he isn't getting drunk, just trying to relax, and that the kids don't need to know. Lily enters and rushes into Olivia's arms. They both realize that Neil isn't coming to terms with the fact that Dru is probably gone. Amber comes clean with Cane after giving an interview with the newspaper about her internet video. Amber goes to Daniel's house and asks to use his computer to wipe out her "strangersbynight" profile so that no reporters find it when they are digging up information about her. Victor offers Neil some advice, encouraging him to attend Dru's prayer service to help cope, even though it doesn't mean that they've given up on Dru.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Jill thought it might be a bad idea for Katherine to go to Dru's prayer service. The paparazzi might make a circus of a solemn event if they had a chance to go after Katherine. Katherine assured Jill that she could make it from the car to Indigo without attracting too much attention.

Brad called Sharon to check on her before Dru's service. She admitted that she was feeling shaky and wasn't sure she could speak. He told her to picture him in his underwear. She laughed and said she had to get off the phone because someone was at the door. It was Jack. Although they'd planned to meet at Indigo, he didn't think she should go there alone. Sharon was grateful for his presence.

Victor was surprised when Nikki arrived at Newman. She told him that she'd only come back for Dru's service. She had every intention of returning to Madison afterward. Victor wondered if Victoria was with her, but Nikki said their daughter hadn't been up for the trip.

Phyllis saw Daniel at Crimson Lights when he arrived to pick up coffee that Kevin had donated for Dru's service. She asked how Lily and Devon were doing, and Daniel said Lily was keeping herself too busy to break down. Later, Phyllis and Nick talked. She'd been trying to write her own eulogy of Dru, even though she still had no intention of going to the service. Nick talked her into going to the cliffs to say goodbye to Dru. He waited while Phyllis paid her respects, recalling the contentious relationship she and Dru had shared. She said they'd had a good time in the elevator, since both of them had been drunk on tequila. But she did admit that she admired Dru's gift for motherhood. Phyllis then broke down a little, confessing that everything she disliked about Dru she could say about herself, though she'd never admit that if Dru were in front of her. Now Dru must be having the last laugh, because Phyllis was in so much trouble. She wadded up the paper with the kind words she'd written about Dru and dropped it on the ground. As she turned back to Nick, a breeze caught the paper and it tumbled over the cliff and toward the water just as Dru had a few days before.

Olivia was at Indigo with Neil. She was worried because she was sure he'd been drinking again. Neil said that he'd only needed it to get through the service. Afterward, he wouldn't drink anymore. Lily, Daniel, Devon, and Colleen arrived with food. Lily took her father across the room to look at the picture collage she'd made of their family in private. Olivia was touched to see Brad when he arrived, and the two of them embraced while she expressed her sorrow over the loss of her sister.

Nikki and Victor sat down with Jack at Indigo. Nikki said she'd heard that Sharon, too, had almost lost her life on the cliffs. Sharon said she was fortunate. She only wished that Dru had been equally fortunate. She told her former in-laws that she couldn't get through these days of loss and pain without Jack, who'd been so supportive of her.

Olivia, Sharon, Devon, Lily, and Neil all spoke about Drucilla. Olivia talked about what a passionate person and little sister Dru had been, and how she'd once saved Liv's life by donating bone marrow. Sharon talked about their friendship and how much it had meant to her. Devon talked about his three years with Dru and how she'd completely changed his life, making him believe in himself and giving him hope for the first time. Lily talked about all of Dru's accomplishments. She believed the greatest one was the kind of mother Dru had been. They hadn't always agreed, but Lily knew her mother had always put her first. And Neil talked about Dru as the love of his life. Although the others spoke of her in past tense, he still had hope that she would come back to them. But then when he prayed, he said if that wasn't to be, then he hoped God would accept Drucilla into his arms peacefully.

Nikki had been a little impressed by how well Neil was doing, but Katherine told her that he wasn't doing as well as he'd pretended. Katherine had taken a few seconds to speak to Neil alone, warning him that this was a dangerous time for a recovering alcoholic. Neil assured her that he wasn't drinking. After the service, Jill and Katherine returned to Jabot. Katherine said she'd liked to be remembered the way Dru had been, and Jill insisted that she not be morbid. Katherine smiled and said maybe Jill was a little glad that she was still around. There could still be hope for them yet. Jill told Katherine not to put words into her mouth.

Brad spoke to Sharon for a moment and told her how moving her remarks about Dru had been. Sharon said that the things that had happened had helped her realize what was really important. Later, Brad talked to Colleen, who was worried about Lily, just as Daniel and Devon were. Brad said all they could do was be there for her when she finally fell apart.

Nikki and Victor returned to Newman Enterprises, where they fought again about Nikki's campaign. Victor said he wasn't just worried about the way she was interfering with his vendetta against Jack. The press was going to have a field day with Nikki's past and humiliate her and their entire family. Nikki said the only person Victor was worried about was himself. He'd never let anyone tell him not to do something, and the fact that he thought she would indicated that he didn't see her as his equal. Winning the senate seat was now the most important thing to her, and she had no intention of backing down. If he was upset about not having her around to fetch his slippers, maybe he could train Zapato to do it. Victor angrily said that Nikki had never brought him his slippers in their lives. His mood swung between rage and frustration as Nikki walked out on him.

Neil talked Lily into going with Devon and Daniel when they took Olivia to the airport. Once again, Neil privately assured Liv that he wasn't going to be drinking anything but sparkling water. But when he was alone, he stared at the photos of Drucilla and remembered their first meeting, their first wedding, and many of the other times they'd been together and happy. He finally turned around and picked up a bottle, filling one shot glass after another and drinking them.

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