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Will walked in on Jill and Ji Min having sex, and Will broke up with Jill. Jack discovered that Brad had bought property at Clear Springs, using insider information. Adrian received an offer for a job in France.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 16, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, April 16, 2007

As part of an elaborate scheme, Gloria and Kevin set up Jill and Ji Min to become romantically involved during a business meeting, in hopes of persuading William to turn his attention from Jill to Gloria. Gloria supplied a passion-enhancement drug, which Kevin mixed into thermoses of coffee and tea in the boardroom before Ji Min and Jill began their meeting. Before he left the pair alone, Kevin handed over a thick file filled with cost-analysis figures on computer equipment for Jill and Ji Min to discuss. Later, at Michael's apartment, Kevin munched popcorn and sipped beer as he watched the action unfold, using his laptop to receive video from a boardroom-mounted Web camera. Meanwhile, Gloria lured William out to get coffee by telling him that it was the anniversary of the day she'd met John and that she needed someone to commiserate with. Kevin added suggestive comments as he watched Ji Min and Jill interact while they sorted through stacks of papers. Finally, after a few sips of the spiked beverages, Ji Min and Jill's attentions to each another took precedence over business issues.

As William and Gloria sipped coffee at Crimson Lights, William listened as Gloria recounted her perfect relationship with John, the man she claimed made everyone feel special. Gloria stepped away from their table to call Kevin and covertly check the progress of Jill's and Ji Min's meeting. Her eyes widened when she overheard Jill's and Ji Min's suggestive conversation streaming from Kevin's laptop. Not long after she rejoined William, Ji Min and Jill's passion ignited. Kevin called Gloria to let her know that it was time to let William get an eyeful. William was led to believe that Gloria was on a mission to retrieve a file at Jabot for Kevin, so he agreed to accompany her. Of course, when William and Gloria entered the boardroom, they witnessed, firsthand, Ji Min and Jill passionately embracing and kissing. Jill, mortified to see William, hastily rearranged her clothes.

Lily, Devon and Daniel tried to convince Neil to leave the club after Dru's memorial service was long over. They offered to stay with him, but he refused. Later, they told Sharon that Neil was at the club alone. Sharon went to the club to check on Neil and saw the empty shot glasses lined up on the bar. She convinced Neil to come back to her place. Neil agreed to come as long as he could bring his booze, and Sharon gave her wary approval. At Sharon's, she and Neil talked about Dru and how much she had meant to them as a devoted friend and a spouse. Sharon told Neil that Dru was her sounding board and that she easily shared her feelings with Dru when she found herself attracted to Brad. Sharon admitted that Brad seemed to be the only person who could understand her feelings of emptiness after Cassie died. Neil had a difficult time understanding how Sharon could see such goodness in Brad, but Neil pressed Sharon for more information about her connection to him. Sharon told Neil about kissing Brad in St. Louis. Sharon admitted that it was unfair to Nick for her to let herself become so attached to Brad after Cassie died.

Sharon and Neil shared their favorite stories of Dru. Sharon told Neil that Dru was most proud of being a good wife and mother. Neil remembered how Dru would listen when Neil shared the joys and trials of his day. They both agreed that Dru cared for others and supported them with her faithful friendship. Sharon offered Neil support and friendship.

Daniel and Devon were concerned by Lily's inability to relax. As Lily expended nervous energy cleaning the couple's tiny apartment, she became unglued when, while dusting a shelf, she accidentally broke a doll given to her by Dru when Lily was a child. Lily cradled the broken doll in her arms and cried that the precious gift could never be replaced. Daniel and Devon offered to repair the doll, but Lily was inconsolable. Daniel called the Baldwin residence in search of his mom, but Kevin told Daniel that Phyllis wasn't there. Daniel mentioned Lily's condition to Kevin, and he suggested that Lily be given anti-anxiety pills prescribed for Lauren. Daniel was hesitant at first, but when he went to pick up Lauren's pills from Kevin, he explained that Olivia had approved of Lily trying the pills and that Olivia would get Lily a prescription if necessary.

While Daniel was out getting the pills, Lily attempted to browse the Internet. When she encountered sluggish connections, Devon suggested that she use the browser history to load pages faster. Lily saw the titles of several porn pages in the browser's history, but she didn't tell Devon about what she discovered. Devon suddenly remembered that he had found Daniel's flash drive in a waste basket at Newman. He asked Lily to return the device to Daniel. As Lily examined the flash drive, she remembered asking Daniel why he was tossing it into the trash. He told her that it wasn't working and that he no longer needed it. However, when Lily plugged it into her laptop, the flash drive's light glowed.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

William is stunned that Jill is making out with another man. He rushes out of the room with Gloria trailing him. Ji Min and Jill are both embarrassed that they let themselves get carried away. Jill calls Will to apologize. Gloria tries to talk him out of meeting her. At the coffeehouse, Jill tells William that until tonight she had a strictly business relationship with Ji Min. William doesn't believe her, and says that he's disappointed she isn't who he thought she was. He leaves and Ji Min enters, asking Jill if they can start over. William returns to Gloria with news of new evidence in the Jabot lotion tampering case. Kaylee comes to Devon's house to give him a card the kids made at the foster care home where she volunteers, saying that Dru did so much for those kids. Lily tries to open up the files on Daniel's flash drive. Kevin offers to help and uncovers the words "Strangers by night." Lily goes to get a coffee as Kevin finds a photo of porn, but minimizes it before Lily sees. He erases the flash drive, then tells Lily that the recovery program crashed and erased the disk. When Lily comes home she is surprised to see Neil there. She tells him about the broken doll and Neil tells her that Dru also broke it before she gave it to Lily, and that he fixed it once and can do it again. Lily is so happy. Later she goes online to the "strangersbynight" site, shocked at what it is. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to the coffeehouse to look for Lily and Kevin tells him that she left, but that she suspects that he's looking at porn because she found his flash drive.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lily ignores Daniel and makes smart remarks to him when they get up in the morning. Neil gives Lily her doll, which he repaired. Lily and Daniel tell Neil that he is welcome to stay with them as long as he wants. Victor tells Jack that he promised Jack his support and that he will continue to support him. Jack tells Katherine that he wants her to become his business partner. Phyllis gets a phone call from someone that says they have photos of the accident at the photo shoot and they will be publishing them. Neil gets a phone call about the photos and is upset that a tabloid plans to publish them. Neil tells Lily and Daniel that when those pictures are published everyone will be able to see their personal tragedy. Nick calls his lawyers to try to stop the publishing of the photos.

Jack explains to Katherine that Chancellor Industries would guarantee quality in the construction of the resort. Katherine asks Jack to tell her why she should partner with him. She reminds him that she has done business with him before and that she doesn't trust him. Jack apologizes to Katherine about trying to secretly buy Jabot. Victor tells Katherine that he believes in the project and in Jack. She tells Victor that if anyone should distrust Jack, it should be Victor. Victor tells her that Jack is a changed man and to let bygones be bygones. Victoria returns from her business trip. Brad tells her that Neil will not admit that Dru is dead and that Neil believes she will return home. Victoria tells Brad that she and Nikki have hired a new campaign manager. Karen, Nikki's campaign manager, tells Nikki that pictures of Drucilla's accident are going to be published. Nick's lawyer files a motion to stop the accident pictures from being published. Nick wants Phyllis to stay home for the day so she doesn't have to deal with the press. Lily tries to talk Neil into staying home from work. He says he has to figure out a way to stop those pictures from being published. After Neil leaves, Daniel asks Lily to tell him why she is mad at him. She tells him she is not in the mood to talk to him, then tells him to go online and look up some of his porn instead. She tells him that she knows about 'Strangers By Night' and accuses him of hooking up with other women. He tells her he was just curious and checked it out once or twice. She then asks him how he got into it then, and he flashes back to Amber giving him the information about the website. He tells Lily that some guy at school told him about it.

Neil talks to Sharon about the photos the tabloid plans to print, and Sharon tells him that they had called her for a comment. She tells him that Michael and Newman's lawyers are working on blocking their publication. Katherine asks Victor if he is choosing his money or his wife when it comes to the Clear Springs project. He tells Katherine that the development in Clear Springs will be good for the community. Brad tells Nick that Nick wants to stop the pictures from being published because he is afraid how Phyllis will look. He then tells Nick that it's quite a coincidence that two of Phyllis' least favorite people fell off the cliff. Nick tells Brad to watch his accusations or he will have a very serious problem. Neil interrupts and tells Nick and Brad that Michael called and they have a court time to try to stop the photos from being published. Karen tells Nikki that Nick went down to the courthouse to get an injunction. Lily says she wants to meet this person who keeps gibing Daniel the porn links, but he says it doesn't matter anymore who it is because he it's over. She tells him it had better be.

Phyllis visits Daniel and they discuss the pictures. She tells him she's afraid that the pictures will show that she could have done something more. She tells him she shouldn't have started the fight and that she always seems to do things that she later regrets. Nick phones Phyllis and tells her that the judge barred the tabloid from printing the pictures. Karen asks Katherine to appear at some of Nikki's fundraising and campaign events. Katherine tells Nikki that's he met earlier with Jack and Victor about the Clear Springs project. She tells Nikki that she is considering partnering with Jack on the project. Nikki tells her she can't, otherwise Jack will be able to spin it to look as if Katherine is supporting his political campaign. Nick gets a phone call and finds out the accident pictures have been posted online.

Daniel stops by Indigo to surprise Lily with a present. She opens it and finds Daniel's computer. He tells her it is no longer password protected and that he has nothing to hide. Nikki tells Victoria that she is having second thoughts about running for office and wants to know if Victoria thinks she's doing the right thing. Nikki says that she is in this race to win, but that she hopes she doesn't lose her husband and best friend in the process. Nick looks at the pictures online and is visibly shaken and says 'what? This can't be right!'. Karen introduces herself to Jack and starts questioning him on his position on different causes. Katherine tells Jack that she has decided to take the project. He tells her that he's thrilled that they are back in business again. Nikki asks Victor why he brought Katherine in on the Clear Springs project. He tells her that he will protect Katherine, to not worry about her. Lily asks Daniel how she can be sure that he won't look up porn again. He tells her that he's sorry he lied to her but that he's not the only one who has lied to her. He then tells her that her dad is drinking again. Nick tells Phyllis that the published pictures get her off the hook but show a whole lot more. He shows her the pictures and it appears that Sharon is pulling Drucilla toward the cliff. Sharon and Brad look at the pictures and Sharon says that the pictures are wrong. She then wonders what she will tell Neil. Neil walks in and asks if Sharon saw the pictures. She starts to apologize but Neil tells her that Dru isn't here today because of Sharon.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Phyllis tells Nick that the pictures make it look like Sharon pulled Drucilla off the cliff in order to save herself. Nick thinks it's sick that the internet would post such photos. Phyllis says the only thing good out of it is that she can face Neil again.

Meanwhile, Neil accuses Sharon of being the person responsible for Dru's death. Sharon is confused and distraught. Sharon tells Brad that Neil was right, she was selfish, and she panicked. Brad tries to comfort her, saying that it was not her fault. He tells her that she didn't push Dru off the cliff. Dru would never want her taking responsibility for what happened. Victoria walks in, hearing them. She says that she can't imagine what Sharon is going through, knowing that Dru is dead because of Sharon. Sharon and Brad look at Victoria in surprise. Brad says that this was not Sharon's fault. Victoria apologizes, saying that it came out wrong. Victoria asks to speak to Brad about business. He appears frustrated that he has to leave Sharon alone in this state.

Lily cannot believe that her father is drinking again. Daniel tells her that it's true; the coffees Neil has been drinking are laced with alcohol. Lily wonders why Daniel didn't tell her. Daniel says it was because she's going through so much right now. When Colleen stops by, Lily is disgusted with Daniel and his secrets. When Colleen takes off for class, Lily tells Daniel to go with her. Colleen asks Daniel what is going on with Lily. Colleen can tell that Lily is furious with Daniel. Daniel tries to act as if it's nothing to do with him.

Lily confronts her father about his drinking. He says that he is strong, and he won't be drinking anymore. Lily thanks him for his strength to quit. Neil tells Lily that he loves her and wants to make sure that his family is okay. Lily hopes that her father is really going to be okay.

Daniel sees Amber at the coffeehouse, and admits that Lily found out about his porn addiction. First, Amber is freaked that Lily saw her picture before she took it down. Daniel says no, but Lily went to the site just long enough to find out what the site is about. Amber tells Daniel to cheer up, Lily will forgive him. Amber tells Daniel to go home and talk to Lily about it. Lily has bigger things to be upset about than what Daniel is looking at on the computer. She gives Daniel some suggestions on how to make Lily happy again.

Korbel tells Colleen that he has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity in France. When class is over, Korbel tells Colleen that he needs to discuss work. He says that he hasn't decided yet what he wants to do. He doesn't want to leave Colleen. Colleen says that a long distance relationship can't work. She's done it before, and it lasted with J.T. about 5 minutes. Colleen thinks that maybe with Korbel things could be different.

Lily admits to Colleen that she found out about Daniel looking at porn. She's worried because the site was a place where people tried to meet up. Colleen says that maybe Daniel is telling the truth and he has stopped looking at the site. Lily says that she needs to know if he is being straight with her. Lily figures out that if Daniel paid to join the site, the credit card payment would be on the statement. Lily goes to the web site and checks out the customer service information. She finds out that Daniel had indeed purchased a subscription to Strangers by Night. Neil comes by and can tell that Lily is angry about something. Neil says that he is supposed to be the one looking out for her. Lily says that they can look out for each other. Lily says that she is scared. She lost her mom, she's worried she could lose Neil if he starts drinking, and she's worried that she could lose her husband too.

Phyllis gloats that she's not the responsible for Drucilla's death. Sharon can't believe Phyllis would stoop so low.

Jack angrily goes to Brad when he finds out that Brad has purchased property at Clear Springs. Then, Jack tells Nick and Phyllis about it. They realize that this means they may have to hire lawyers. Jack says they need to put a stop to Brad Carlton for good. They wonder about if they can get Brad for fraud or breach of contract, considering that Brad had insider information about the Clear Springs project.

Nick tries to talk to Victoria about the Clear Springs project. Nick says that he's betting that Victoria didn't know about Brad purchasing the properties. Victoria tells Nick to go back to Jack and tell him that his mission to soften her up has failed. Nick tells Phyllis that he'd bet that Brad purchased Clear Springs on his own, without Victoria's knowledge. Phyllis suggests talking to Brad herself. Phyllis goes to Brad, says there are many ways to fight him besides blackmail. Brad says that if she wants to tell Victoria about Sharon and him, to go ahead. Phyllis says that she doesn't have to, he just did.

When Brad sees Colleen, he gets angry when Colleen mentions Korbel. Victoria says that Colleen won't be able to work on the project, because they won't have Korbel and Colleen working together. Brad tells Colleen that he will never condone the relationship. Colleen leaves.

Colleen goes to see Korbel. She tells him to take the job, she's going with him.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Jack was a little concerned when Sharon didn't answer his calls. Sharon didn't want to talk to anyone because she was still too upset about the photos making her look responsible for Dru's death. However, when Nick arrived with Noah, Sharon answered the door. Noah was upset because he thought the locked door indicated that something was wrong. Nick and Sharon waited until Noah went upstairs to talk about how their son was doing. Nick admitted that he'd had to sleep on the floor next to Noah's bed because Noah couldn't sleep through the night. Sharon wondered if therapy was making him worse instead of better. Later, when Noah came downstairs, Sharon encouraged Nick to take Summer to work. She needed some time alone with Noah. She told Jack the same thing when he called to check on them.

Victoria walked in just as Phyllis made a comment to Brad about Brad and Sharon. She wanted to know what they were talking about, and Phyllis made a quick exit. Brad said that Phyllis was just trying to cause trouble. When Victoria pressured him, he said that he'd met with Sharon at her house the day before the board vote. Sharon had wanted to persuade him to vote Jack's way. Victoria pointed out that Sharon must have been persuasive, and Brad insisted that he'd only voted against Nikki to push his own agenda regarding his ownership of the houses in Clear Springs.

Later, Victoria went to talk to Phyllis, saying they needed to separate business from family. At that moment, she wanted Phyllis to tell her the truth sister-in-law to sister-in-law. Was there anything going on between Brad and Sharon? Phyllis said that Victoria should discuss those issues with Brad. Victoria convinced herself that Brad was telling her the truth, especially when he didn't waver under Jack's pressure in a meeting later. Brad said he wasn't going to back down from the position that he, Victoria, and Nikki had taken on Clear Springs.

Jack was meeting with Phyllis when Nick arrived. He said that he was concerned about Noah, who was with Sharon. When Jack wanted to go check on them, Nick said they needed time alone. Jack gave in to Nick's argument. He told Phyllis and Nick he might have a way around Brad's latest move. With imminent domain, they could force the sale of the properties by proving it was for the public good. The best way to make that happen was to get Jack elected.

Noah woke up from a nap because he had a nightmare about Abby. He wanted to call her, and Sharon said they didn't have her new phone number in L.A. They could probably get it from Brad though. Noah said no, he wanted Jack to come over and bring the number. Sharon called Jack, who came right over. He called Ashley in L.A., who put Abby on the phone for Noah. Later, when Noah fell asleep again, Jack told Sharon that she and Noah brought out the best in him. He no longer wanted to wait. Sharon looked dazed when Jack suggested they get married right then.

Victoria was touched when Brad gave her a gift box full of products so she could pamper herself. They agreed to meet up later for a romantic night at home. But Victoria got a call from J.T., who asked her to meet him at Crimson Lights. Victoria arrived there later with a look of apprehension. Had J.T. found out something about Brad? J.T. admitted that he'd uncovered something between Sharon and Brad. Crushed, Victoria asked for details about when and where--she said she already knew why.

Lily confided in Neil about the things she'd recently discovered about Daniel. She didn't know how he could look at Internet porn if he really cared about her. Neil told her not to let it destroy her marriage. Daniel really loved her, and this was something they could work through. In the meantime, Amber encouraged Daniel to go home and do everything he could to make up with Lily. She needed him more than ever right now. After Daniel left, Amber called Cane to enlist his help in fixing things between Daniel and Lily. Cane agreed to do it, but he wondered if Amber had any secrets that she hadn't told him. Amber made up something harmless to put an end to the discussion. She was determined to make sure that Cane found out nothing about her past.

When Daniel got home, Lily confronted him with the credit card statements. It was clear that he hadn't just been the target of jokes from friends. He'd actually joined one of the sites. Before Daniel could explain, Neil called and made Lily think he might be weakening and was about to drink again. Lily rushed to Indigo, where Neil called one of his AA contacts in front of her and arranged to attend AA meetings again. When Daniel showed up at the nightclub, Amber motioned him over and said she and Cane were going to help him out of his predicament with Lily. Daniel stood by as Cane took responsibility for sending porn to Daniel as a joke. When Lily asked about the site membership, Cane took the blame for that, too, saying Daniel had charged the membership for him because Cane's credit card was maxed out. Amber said that she'd forgiven Cane. Couldn't Lily forgive Daniel, too?

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