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Jack and Sharon wed. Victoria learned of Brad's affair with Sharon. Nick was shocked to find out that Phyllis had been blackmailing Brad. Victoria sought comfort in J.T.'s arms. Brad had Adrian's job offer rescinded. Victor punched Brad.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, April 23, 2007

A stunned Victoria confronted Brad about his and Sharon's affair in New York. Brad maintained that he merely ran into Sharon and that their meeting was innocent until Victoria informed him that the room-service waiter had come forward with evidence proving otherwise. Brad confessed that he had indeed slept with Sharon in New York. Victoria seemed somewhat relieved that Brad had finally admitted the truth. Brad urged Victoria to ask him whatever she wanted to know, and he began by explaining that his affair with Sharon amounted to one night between two people who love one another only as friends. He apologized to Victoria and said that he hated hurting her. Victoria shot back that Brad just hated the fact that he got caught. Victoria was tense as she continued to dig into the details of her husband's affair, longing to understand how he could betray his vows. Brad explained that his and Sharon's affair culminated from a mutual attraction. Brad sipped whiskey as he hopelessly attempted to defend his wayward actions.

Victoria recalled that she had watched their wedding video and celebrated the fact that she had found her true love the night Brad was in New York with Sharon. Victoria's anger seemed to wane a bit as she recalled fond memories of her wedding and the vows she and Brad had pledged to one another, but she ultimately put Brad into his place when she told him that she cannot believe a single word he says. Later, Brad brought in take-out food, but Victoria claimed that she was not hungry. Brad reminded her that they both had to look after the growing baby, but Victoria told Brad that she wasn't having the baby with him.

After Nick was called away to deal with a problem at the ranch, Noah was a bit sullen. He lashed out at Phyllis and told her that he didn't have to obey her when she urged him to put away his comic book and study for a history test. Phyllis took charge and switched Noah's comic book for his text book on Native Americans, but Noah teased that his comic book character is part Navajo. Noah told Phyllis that he'd continue with his comic book until she returned when she left the room to check on a crying Summer. When Nick returned, he sent Noah to his room when he caught Noah reading the comic book instead of the history book. Nick was miffed that Phyllis had allowed Noah to manipulate her. Phyllis laughed and told Nick that she thought Noah was being clever to tie his comic book character in with his history lesson. Nick was not amused. He told Phyllis that they both must be consistent with Noah and not let him play one parent against the other. Phyllis also worried that the press might try to get to Noah after Jack and Sharon marry. Phyllis tried to laugh it off when Nick urged her to read a parenting self-help book dealing with preteens. Nick persuaded Phyllis to consider the book to be a refresher course. Phyllis told Nick that she saw her inner child when she scanned through the book, but she promised Nick that she would read the book cover to cover.

Jack surprised Sharon when he asked her to elope. A stunned Sharon was concerned that the press would use the photos of her accident against Jack during his campaign. Jack told Sharon that they could keep their marriage a secret until after the election, so Sharon agreed to marry Jack anytime, anywhere. However, neither Jack nor Sharon could seem to find time in their busy schedules to squeeze in even a quickie wedding. However, Sharon jokingly suggested the pair marry that night, and Jack quickly agreed.

Sharon stopped by to pick up Noah and told Nick that she and Jack were getting married that evening. However, Sharon urged Nick to keep the news a secret. Noah was glad to see his mother but apprehensive at first that her unexpected presence signaled that something was wrong. Sharon allayed her son's fears and told him that he'd soon learn about a surprise. When Noah and Sharon arrived at Jack's, Sharon told Noah that her wedding was the surprise. Noah set his mom at ease when he told her it was okay with him for her to marry the "awesome" Jack. Jack was also relieved to hear that Noah approved of the marriage. Jack asked Noah to be his best man, and Noah agreed.

Just moments before the wedding, Sharon thought about Cassie after Jack mentioned that he felt rootless after his dad died. Sharon said she wondered what Cassie would've thought if she knew that her parents have divorced and remarried. Jack said that Cassie would want Sharon to be happy. Sharon agreed that getting married was a major step toward healing. The justice of the peace and his wife arrived to perform and witness the wedding. As the JP and his wife looked over the marriage license, John appeared to Jack. Jack wasn't happy to see his late father, but John said he'd come to give Jack his blessing. John surprised Jack when he told him that he and Sharon would be very happy together. When the ceremony began, Noah snapped pictures as his mother descended the stairs wearing a backless cerulean gown and carrying a bouquet of blue and white flowers.

As Jack and Sharon clasped hands and stood facing each other, Jack vowed that he could list a hundred reasons why he loved Sharon. He told Sharon that she changes the lives of others for the better. Tears flowed down Sharon's cheeks as she vowed to Jack that she loves him because he's given her the ability to trust again. She told Jack that they could get through any crisis together. They pledged their solemn vows and exchanged rings. Noah clapped as the couple kissed, and John gave a "thumps up" from the corner.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sharon and Jack bask in the joy of their new marriage. After Sharon tells Brad about her marriage to Jack, Brad drops the bomb that Victoria knows about the two of them sleeping together in New York. Sharon and Brad suspect that Phyllis was the one who told Victoria. Sharon is afraid that Jack will find out. Victor is caught off-guard when Jack gives him a check for $258 million dollars to pay back the loan for N.V.P. Jack proceeds to tell Victor that he is the best friend he's ever had. Later, Sharon finally confesses to Jack that she slept with Brad in New York. Jack is stunned and devastated. Nikki invites Victor to a banquet next week, but he says that he is already sitting at Jack's table. Jack is concerned that the banquet is causing problems between Nikki and Victor, and suggests that Nikki drop out of the senate race. Nikki states that she does not want to be at odds with Victor due to her campaign. Kay offers Cane a job overseeing construction for the new Chancellor project at Clear Springs. Cane declines the job offer. Amber schemes to make the power to go out in the apartment to show Cane that they need to move out. Victoria tells Nicholas that Sharon slept with Brad while they were in New York. Victoria admits she had J.T. investigate him. Victoria also tells Nikki, but asks her not to tell Victor. Victoria admits to Nikki that she doesn't know if she can give Brad another chance. At the loft, J.T. tells Victoria that Brad is stupid for cheating. J.T. and Victoria start to kiss passionately. Furious, Nick confronts Brad.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jack is shocked after Sharon reveals her affair with Brad. Jack asks her if it was revenge to get back at Nick for cheating on her. Sharon tells him that none of this matters to them. He then asks her why she waited until after they were married to tell him; then figures out that someone else knows and that Sharon needed to tell him before someone else did. Nick asks Brad why he married Victoria if he was going to cheat on her a month later. Brad says that he loves Victoria and hopes that she takes him back. Nick tells Brad that Victoria will never trust Brad again. Meanwhile, Victoria has just slept with J.T. Brad confronts Phyllis and accuses her of telling Victoria about his affair with Sharon. She denies that she said anything. Brad tells her that she has nothing to hold over him anymore. Jack asks Sharon if she loves Brad, she says she does, but as a friend. Sharon tells Jack that she can't change the past, but she'd like to focus on her future with him. Jack tells Sharon if Brad were a single man that she would have chosen him. Sharon says she chose to marry Jack because she loves him and he makes her happy. Sharon says she meant every vow she said to Jack at their wedding. Jack says he has to get to work and leaves her.

Brad leaves a message for Victoria telling her he wants to talk to her. Victoria has a problem at work, cutting short her time with J.T. J.T. asks Victoria what she is going to do now that they have slept together. Victoria tells J.T. she's not ready to face Brad yet, that there is someone else she needs to see first. Adrian asks Colleen if she was serious about moving to Paris with him if he takes the new job. She tells him that she wants to be with him. He then tells her to come with him. He tells her that he loves her, and she says the same.

Phyllis asks Nick how Victoria is doing after hearing the news about Brad and Sharon. She then asks how she found out. Nick explains that she hired J.T. to investigate. Nick wonders if Brad and Sharon are lying and were involved longer than they say. Nick then wonders if there is a Newman curse, with all the divorces in the family. He then tells Phyllis that he wants them to be honest with each other so they don't go down the same road as the others. Jack rushes to get on the elevator before the door closes and ends up alone with Brad. Brad congratulates Jack on his marriage to Sharon. Jack tells Brad he looks a little upset and wonders if something is wrong with him and Victoria. He tells Brad that it must get old living and working with the same woman each day. Brad tells Jack that he is now in the same boat. Jack says that his isn't the boss.

Adrian and Colleen discuss Paris and what it will be like living there. Adrian then has to leave to meet with Victoria about the restoration project; Colleen says she's coming along to she can tell her dad that she plans to move to Paris with Adrian. Victoria visits Sharon to tear into her for sleeping with Brad. She tells Sharon there is no need to explain, that everyone knows she can't function without a man. Victoria says to Sharon that this was her third or fourth time forgetting her marriage vows to her husband, and that she gets double-points for doing it with her sister-in-law's husband. Sharon says she's not going to stand here and listen to this. Sharon tells Victoria that she married Jack last night. She says Jack knows everything. Victoria wants to know if she told Jack before or after the wedding Sharon says it's none of her business, which answers Victoria's question.

Phyllis tells Jack she is sorry about what has happened with Brad and Sharon. He tells her he was thinking of calling Guinness, that he may go on record for the world's shortest honeymoon. Jack tells Phyllis that Sharon says she only has feelings for Jack, but he says he's heard that before. He then starts bringing up everything that Phyllis did to him when she cheated on him with Nick. He tells Phyllis that he thought this time, with Sharon, would be different. He then says he probably deserves this because of all the women he has hurt. Phyllis tells Jack that she cares about him and that she's sorry she hurt him.

Sharon calls Brad and tells him that Victoria just left her. Brad tells Sharon that Phyllis denies telling Victoria about their affair and that he believes her. Sharon tells Brad that she told Jack. She says he walked out and she doesn't know what is going to happen now. Victoria tells Nick that she visited Sharon, then Brad walks in. He says he needs to talk to her alone, so she tells Nick it's fine, to go on to his meeting. Victoria tells Brad she's been thinking about her options. She then says they need to try to stay together for the sake of their baby. She tells him to not make the mistake that all is forgotten.

Phyllis tells Nick that she needs to tell him something that she's been keeping from him. She tells Nick that she knew about Sharon and Brad before and chose not to tell him. Nick asks her how long she has known, she tells him a little over a month. He asks why she didn't tell him, she says that she didn't want to hurt him. Then she tells him she decided to use the information to help Nick by getting Brad to vote for Neil for the board position. Phyllis says she didn't think Nick would want to know that his ex-wife was sleeping with Brad, but if she should have done things differently. She then explains that this is what led to the argument at the photo shoot when Drucilla was killed. Phyllis says that she will never lie to him again and begs that he tell her that they are OK.

Jack returns to Sharon's and she hugs him telling him she's so glad he's back. Victoria thinks about sleeping with J.T. as she and Brad are in the office. Adrian and Colleen come in and Colleen tells Brad that she needs to talk with him. Adrian tells Victoria that he won't be on the project much longer because he's received a job offer that he can't refuse. Victoria congratulates Adrian on his job in Paris but says she will miss his expertise on the project. He tells her that Colleen is going to move to Paris with him. Victoria tells Adrian that she wishes them both the best, that she hopes they will be very happy together. Brad tells Colleen that he doesn't want to hear anything about Adrian unless it's that he's moving far away. She tells him that it's his lucky day. Brad tells Colleen that he wishes the professor a grand bon voyage. Colleen tells Brad that what she and Adrian has is real. Brad tells Colleen that he doesn't care how well Colleen and Adrian know each other, that it doesn't mean they should be together. Colleen tells Brad it's so much more than that, that she and Adrian were made to be together and that she's going to move to Paris with him.

Brad storms into Victoria and Adrian's meeting and tells him that they are making a huge mistake. Colleen says 'even so, it's my decision'. After they leave, Victoria tells Brad that she wished Adrian all the best. In the elevator, Colleen and Adrian kiss. Nick tells Phyllis that she should have told him about Sharon and Brad when she found out so that he could have told Victoria. He then tells her to look at how many people got hurt by what she's done. He tells Phyllis that the only reason she is telling him this now is because she's afraid that Brad or Sharon would tell him Phyllis knew. Nick says that he thought Phyllis had changed, but that he was wrong. Brad tells Victoria that he can't understand how she can condone Adrian and Colleen's relationship. She says she can't understand lots of things that Brad does, either. She tells Brad that it's much better that their make their relationship known than to sneak around keeping it a secret. Jack tells Sharon that he's been thinking about what she said to him earlier. He tells her they've only been married for 24 hours, only a few people know, that they could get an annulment.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jack tells Sharon that if their relationship isn't right, he wants to get an annulment. Sharon says that is not what she wants. When Jack leaves, Brad shows up at the door. He tells Sharon that getting an annulment is the right thing to do. He believes that Jack isn't good enough for her. Sharon gets upset with Brad. She says that if he really cares about her, he would want her to be happy.

Phyllis begs Nick to forgive her for blackmailing Brad and Sharon. Nick just looks at her in disappointment. Phyllis pleads with Nick to stop looking at her that way. They are interrupted by their wedding coordinator, asking if they would like rice or potatoes as a side during the rehearsal dinner. Nick tells her that it's not a good time right now. When Jack comes to work, Nick tells Phyllis that he would like to be alone with Jack. Nick congratulates Jack for his marriage to Sharon. Jack doesn't appear thrilled, and Nick concludes that Jack found out about Sharon's affair with Brad. Nick says that it's strange knowing that his ex-stepfather is going to be a stepfather to Noah. When Jack mentions going home, Nick remembers that Sharon used to hate it when he would come home late. Jack remembers things about Phyllis, and the two compare ex-wives. When Jack mentions that one of the good things about Phyllis was her unpredictable behavior, Nick has a knowing look in his eye.

Phyllis asks Michael for his advice. She admits to Michael that she told Nick the truth about her blackmailing. Michael says that there is nothing Phyllis can do. Nick loves her, and this too shall pass. Phyllis sees Nick again and he tells her that he told their wedding coordinator that they would be having potatoes. Phyllis is thrilled, but realizes that Nick still doesn't trust her.

Gloria is worried that William will find out that she was the one behind the Jabot scandal. She tells Michael that she doesn't want to go to jail forever. Michael says that he will try to handle it, and goes off for dinner with Lauren. Gloria calls William and invites him to dinner. During dinner, Gloria slips some of her love potion into William's drink. After a few sips, William is suddenly uninterested in going back to work. When they go back to Michael's, William kisses Gloria. Gloria slightly pulls away, saying that William just broke up with Jill, and she doesn't want to be the rebound. William tells her that he cares for her more than she knows. As they kiss again, Gloria asks William about the Jabot case. William admits that they found DNA on a glove that matched the poisonous chemicals in Ashley's perfume. He says that soon, the culprit will go to jail for a very long time.

Lily talks to Colleen about how she is coping with her mother's death. When Colleen asks Lily how things are with Lily and Daniel, Lily asks that they don't talk about it. Lily gets upset when Daniel and Devon come to pick her up, leaving her dad alone. When Lily, Devon and Daniel get to the apartment, Neil is packing up all of Dru's stuff. He says that Drucilla isn't coming back, and this is what they need to do. Daniel suggests that they take Drucilla's things to the group home for the children. They all agree that would be a good thing to do.

Sharon finds Neil at the bar again, and is worried that Neil still blames her for Drucilla's death. When she comes up to sit by him, Neil is friendly. He tells her that he knows that Sharon was Drucilla's best friend, and that she would never do anything to hurt her. He suggests they go back to the apartment to collect Drucilla's things. Back at the apartment, Neil gives Lily a jade cross that he had bought for Drucilla during their wedding in Japan. Neil gives Devon one of Drucilla's Bibles. Neil tells Daniel that even though Drucilla and Daniel didn't always get along, Daniel eventually won Dru over because he proved his love for their daughter. Neil gives Daniel a locket with a picture of Lily as a baby. He gives Sharon a metal that Dru won during one of her ballets. It was a gift for luck. When Sharon comes home, she is pleased to see Jack there waiting for her. She says that her lucky metal made her wish come true. She tells him that she wants Jack and Noah and her to be a family. Jack says that's exactly what he wanted to hear.

Korbel happily tells Colleen that he has accepted the job offer. They discuss plans to live in Paris, and how happy they will be when they get there. As Colleen goes off to work, Brad confronts Colleen again and asks her to change her mind. Colleen tells her dad that she has made the decision, she is moving to Paris with Adrian.

Adrian comes to Gina's to tell Colleen some bad news. His job offer in Paris has been rescinded. Meanwhile, Brad is on the phone with someone in Paris, making an art deal.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Nick confessed the truth to Victoria about Phyllis's blackmail of Brad. Victoria couldn't believe that Phyllis would use personal information to interfere with business. She was also hurt that Phyllis had lied to her. When Nick told her to let him deal with Phyllis, Victoria said he could do that his way, and she was going to do it her way.

Michael talked Lauren into letting him stay for Phyllis's bridesmaids luncheon. As they waited with Phyllis, Nikki was the first to arrive. She thanked Phyllis for making Nick smile again, something Nikki had never expected to see after Cassie's death. As they were talking, Victoria arrived and expressed her rage to Phyllis about the blackmail. Nikki turned on Phyllis, saying she'd messed with the wrong family. The two women backed out of standing up for Phyllis and said she'd be lucky if she was allowed to keep the name Newman. They then left, and Michael and Lauren attempted to console Phyllis. She asked if they'd stand up with her and Nick, and Lauren said they'd do whatever Phyllis needed them to do.

Victor met with Jack and David Chow. David was shocked to hear that Jack and Sharon had gotten married. Jack insisted that he wasn't going to hide his relationship with his new wife. Later, when Victor was alone, Nikki arrived and told him the truth about Brad and Sharon, although she didn't tell him about Phyllis's blackmail. Victor was furious and went to confront Brad. After hitting his son-in-law, he warned Brad that he'd messed with the wrong person when he hurt Victoria, because hurting his daughter was like hurting Victor.

Nikki and Victoria met at the club, and Nikki confessed to telling Victor about Brad and Sharon. Victoria was upset, but Nikki said that Victor had risked his life to help Brad. He deserved to know the truth. She hadn't told him about the blackmail; she said that might be something that would give the two of them the upper hand later with the Clear Springs project. They also discussed whether the news about Jack's marriage to Sharon could be used to their advantage.

Back at Newman, Victoria confronted Brad about Phyllis's blackmail and Brad admitted it was true. He'd been trying to keep Victoria from being hurt. Victoria said that his sleeping with Sharon was one thing. But letting someone manipulate him into making a bad business decision rather than acting like a man and telling her the truth was even worse. She walked out on him again.

Adrian and Colleen were trying to figure out why the offer of the job at the Paris museum had been rescinded. Adrian wanted to know who was more qualified than he was and had gotten the position. But after tracking down several leads, he discovered that the job was still open. In the meanwhile, Brad called the museum and left a message to be called back. He reminded the museum that he'd just donated a very important painting to them.

Noah didn't want to go to Nick and Phyllis's rehearsal dinner and asked Sharon to get him out of it. Sharon wouldn't agree and reminded him how much this meant to his father. But Noah was just angry to be missing a good friend's birthday party just to stand in a stupid church. Sharon called Nick to tell him she needed some help with Noah. Nick and Jack both went to the house. Jack reminded Noah of the time Abby had dropped whatever she was doing and talked to him on the phone because she cared about him. That's what people did for those they loved. After Jack left, Nick sat down with Noah for a man-to-man talk while Sharon left them alone.

Sharon was home alone later when David Chow came over. He told her how much damage she could do to Jack's campaign because of the photos with her and Dru on the cliffs. He wanted Sharon to agree to keep their marriage a secret. While they were talking, Jack came home. He asked David to leave. He then told Sharon that he had no intention of hiding their relationship. In fact, he wanted Sharon and Noah to move with him to Abbott Manor so that the public could begin seeing the three of them as a family.

No one was at the church when Phyllis arrived with Michael and Lauren. When they went to find the minister, Nick and Noah arrived. Nick said he was going to show Noah what to do the next day at the wedding, then he was dropping his son at a very important birthday party. Phyllis wondered if Nick would come back, and he assured her that he would. Later, Victoria came to the church to find Victor and Nikki there. Victor hugged his daughter and said she should end her marriage to Brad. Victoria warned him to take care of his marriage, and she'd taken care of hers.

Phyllis was distraught when Michael and Lauren told her that the minister couldn't be there. He'd hurt his back. While she began to panic about whether her wedding would even take place, the Newman family looked on. Michael and Lauren promised to make everything right. Phyllis wasn't sure that anyone could.

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