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Nick and Sharon were reported to have been on the Newman jet when it had crashed. Everyone was shocked when Sharon walked in. The Newmans cut Phyllis out of the plans for Nick's memorial service. Katherine purchased Jabot from Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, May 14, 2007

After Victor received a phone call about the Newman jet going down into Lake Michigan, both he and Nikki frantically sought the plane's manifest in order to know for sure who was on board. Believing that both Nick and Sharon were on the plane, Victor shouted orders over the phone to have rescue equipment rushed to the crash site. Early reports brought grim news that no one was found alive. Victor and Nikki broke the news to Brad, who offered a hug of support to Nikki. Nikki and Victor couldn't reach Victoria, so Victor ordered Brad to locate both Victoria and Noah and bring them to the ranch. Nikki repeatedly stated to everyone she spoke to that no reports of death had been confirmed. Brad maintained his composure until he stepped into an empty office and closed the doors. He broke down and cried, expressing his profound grief over Sharon's death. Victor attempted to call Phyllis, but she was screening her calls and refused to pick up. Brad returned to Victor's office to wait for more information. Brad phoned Michael and told him about the crash, and he asked Michael to contact Phyllis. Victor and Nikki made their way past grieving and shocked Newman employees as they began the somber journey from the office to the ranch to await word of rescue efforts.

Victoria, who was unaware of what had happened to the jet, was seeking solace from J.T. at his place. She told J.T. that she'd just taken all of the baby's clothes to Goodwill, where she'd seen a poor mother who could barely even afford used clothing for her soon-to-be born child. Victoria admitted that although she is rich, she was jealous of the pregnant woman. When J.T. suggested to Victoria that she could try soon for another baby, Victoria explained that she couldn't see herself getting pregnant by Brad because her marriage is not going well. Victoria said that her whole life was a mess and that she felt betrayed because she couldn't even lean on her mother, who was supposed to be a built-in ally. Nick, she said, had now become her role model and the one person in her life that she could fully trust. Brad interrupted Victoria's counseling session when he phoned looking for her. J.T. obeyed Victoria's request by not telling Brad that she there. However, J.T. was obviously shaken when Brad told him about the accident. A stunned J.T. took Victoria aside and told her the shocking news. Victoria crumpled against an open door and sobbed as J.T. tried to offer comfort.

When Victoria later came to the ranch, she embraced her parents and they all cried together. Brad joined them and Victoria sought comfort in Brad's arms. A door slamming caught everyone's attention, and they were shocked when Sharon walked in. Victor grabbed Sharon and tightly embraced her. Victoria noticed the tremendous sense of relief mixed with joy on Brad's face when he realized that Sharon was alive and well. Sharon explained that her photo shoot had been canceled, but she left the ranch abruptly after learning that the crash had killed Nick, so she could find Noah. After Sharon stepped outside, she sobbed as she clung to a lamppost. Brad's numerous attempts to comfort Victoria were rebuffed after Sharon's visit. Victoria told Brad that she realized just how much he truly loves Sharon, more that he loves her. Victoria added that she felt Brad would never stop loving Sharon. After everyone left, Nikki confronted Victor and told him that Nick would still be alive if Victor hadn't invested in the Clear Springs development. Victor couldn't believe that Nikki was blaming him for Nick's death. The couple began shouting at one another.

Jack was at Kay's discussing business matters when an obviously distressed Esther ran into the room shouting news of the crash. Jack and Kay were shaken. Kay called Victor, but learned that he hadn't yet been able to obtain the plane's list of passengers and crew. A distraught Jack left to digest the news. Ben stopped by Jack's to show him a public-relations statement he'd written regarding the tragedy, but Jack told Ben to handle it himself. Jack poured himself a double portion of scotch and turned on the news. Jack shouted at the TV announcer when the newsman speculated that Nick had been the passenger aboard the ill-fated plane. Jack added that there had been another passenger, a wonderful woman named Sharon Abbott. Jack slumped into a chair and had almost passed out when Sharon walked in. Jack first took Sharon for a ghost and hurled his empty glass in her direction. However, when Jack realized it was indeed his wife, he embraced Sharon and promised her he'd never hurt her again. As they both cried tears of joy and relief, Jack told Sharon that he wasn't worthy of her. Sharon comforted Jack and told him that everything was okay.

Phyllis phoned Nick, but she reached his voicemail. As Phyllis, who was playing with Summer, was leaving a message for Nick, she prompted Summer to say her first word, "Da-Da," into the phone. Phyllis was thrilled that Summer had uttered her first word, and she was still beaming with pride when Michael came. Phyllis excitedly shared with Michael the news that Summer had just said, "Da-Da." When Michael told Phyllis that the Newman jet had gone down, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Phyllis cried and shouted, "No!" Michael tried to offer Phyllis comfort, but Summer began crying, too, and Michael picked her up to comfort her. Phyllis sobbed uncontrollably as she told Michael that she felt she would die. Michael called Lauren to tell her that he planned to stay with Phyllis. Phyllis spoke briefly with Lauren, who offered love and support to a shocked and grieving Phyllis. Phyllis asked Michael, rhetorically, what she was going to tell Noah, who'd just lost both his parents. A distraught Phyllis accessed Nick's voicemail account and learned that Nick hadn't heard the messages she and Summer had left moments earlier. Before Phyllis had time to think, she and Michael heard Noah's friend's parents drive up to drop Noah off. When Noah walked into the tack house, Phyllis listened nervously as Noah talked excitedly about the movie he'd just seen. Phyllis began talking to Noah about his dad, but instead, she stalled for time and directed Noah to play with baby Summer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A coast guard officer arrives at the Newman ranch and tells everyone that they are now classifying this as a recovery mission. Victor demands to be taken to the site of the crash. Nikki, Kay, Victoria, and Brad reminisce about Nick's childhood. Victoria goes back to the loft and tells J.T. to make her a strong drink; she wants to spend the night there. Sharon informs Phyllis that she got off the plane since the shoot was cancelled, but Nick was still on it. Sharon sits Noah down and she and Jack tell him that Nick's plane crashed today and that Nick died. Noah bursts into tears, thinking that all the accidents that have happened lately must be his fault. Sharon and Jack both tell him that's not true, and he still has a lot of people that love and take care of him. At home, Daniel and Lily embrace, apologizing for fighting earlier. They start to kiss, but Lily remembers Daniel's strangersbynight email and pulls away. Kay stops by Jack's house to check on Sharon. Jack is reluctant to bring up business, but reminds Kay that the Newmans don't want to be brought into another scandal, which is why she should buy Jabot from him now. She agrees to have the papers drawn up, saying that she won't tell anyone that Jack owned Jabot.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lauren visits Phyllis' with Fen. When Fen cries, Phyllis wakes up asking Nick to get Summer; then realizes that Nick is dead. Gloria tells Kevin that she is lucky to have him after reading about Nick's death in the paper. She tells Kevin that she is meeting Evan at the club, where William happens to be having a meeting. Brad leaves a voicemail message for Victoria wanting her to call him to tell him that she's OK. Victoria wakes up on J.T.'s couch and he explains that he turned her cell phone off when she fell asleep. She tells him that she had a dream of her and Nick racing their horses. She says that Nick is the only person in the world who understood her. She also says that she can't go out into the real world, and J.T. tells her she can stay as long as she likes. Victoria decides to leave, but J.T. tries to talk her into staying and having breakfast with him. She says she needs to be with her family, and that she's sure Brad is wondering where she is. J.T. tells Victoria that Brad doesn't have to be her husband. She says she's always known what she wanted in life, but that Brad isn't the caring, dependable, trusting husband that she planned on. J.T. tells Victoria that he know she loves Brad, but that whatever happens, she can depend on J.T. Brad phones Nikki and asks if Victoria is there with her. He then leaves another voice mail for Victoria.

Gloria and Evan appear to be enjoying breakfast together when William shows up at the club. William tells Evan that Gloria mentioned Evan was leaving town, but he tells William he's considering staying in Genoa City longer. After William walks away, Gloria tells Evan that he is very good at making William jealous. Phyllis worries that she will go to jail and there will be no one to take care of Summer. She tells Michael that she needs to be there for Summer, and asks Michael to do whatever he has to do to keep her out of jail. Michael phones William and tells him he'd like to meet with him about Phyllis' case. Lauren stays with Phyllis when Michael leaves to prepare for his meeting with William. Lauren tells Phyllis that Michael is at his best when he's helping a good friend that needs him. She also tells her that William is a human being and lost his wife; and that he may decide not to prosecute Phyllis under the circumstances. William asks Gloria if she is avoiding him. She tells him that she's embarrassed that she asked him to marry her; that she didn't mean to put him in an awkward position. William asks her if they can meet later for coffee, but Gloria says she has plans with Evan.

Paul returns from his business trip and visits Kevin at the coffee shop. He tells Kevin that when he was overseas, he did some digging and found compiled a list of Jana's friends, family and enemies. Paul tells Kevin that he'll be in contact with everyone on the list to try to find out where Jana is. Maggie shows up at the coffee house and is pleased to see Paul. Kevin and Paul explain that Paul is trying to locate Jana. Maggie tells Kevin that he is assisting in Paul's search. Maggie assures Kevin that they will go through everything and make sure Jana is apprehended. Phyllis asks Lauren to raise Summer if she ends up in jail. She says she's going to have Michael draw up papers so that Victor and Nikki cannot fight for custody. Lauren tells her that she and Michael will do anything for Phyllis.

Brad shows up at J.T.'s and finds Victoria along with a half-dressed J.T. J.T. goes to get dressed to leave Brad and Victoria alone. Brad asks Victoria to leave with him, she tells him she first has to say goodbye to J.T. Paul tells Maggie that he missed her while he was gone. She teases him about not calling her while he was gone, but he also tells her that she didn't call or text him either. William interrupts them asking if they've seen Michael. Phyllis tells Lauren that it's unfair that Summer will never know her father. Phyllis says that Nick is a much better parent than she is and that if Summer is supposed to have one parent, then she should be the one who is dead. Gloria and Evan show up at the coffee house to talk strategy, not realizing that William is meeting Michael there. When Evan finds out William is the D.A., he freaks out and tells Gloria that he can no longer help her in her scheme. Michael reminds William that he never continued the case against J.T. when he attacked Kevin; and tells him that he'd look bad trying to put a newly-widowed mother behind bars. William tells him that extortion is a serious crime, and the victim made a complaint and that William has to pursue the case. Michael tells him that the jury will see that Phyllis has been more than punished by a higher authority than William.

Gloria tells Kevin that Evan took off after finding out that William was the D.A. She tells Kevin that she is going to marry William. Evan stops at the club for a drink and chit chats with Paul at the bar. He asks many questions about William Bardwell and learns that William is a billionaire. Brad and Victoria stop for coffee at the club and Victoria is upset when the waitress says she's sorry about her brother. She tells Brad that is why she doesn't want to go out in public. Then Paul walks up to say the same. Next, J.T. walks in.

Evan shows back up at the coffee house and apologizes to Gloria for taking off. He tells her that his brother got railroaded by a business partner and that the local D.A. put him behind bars. He said his brother is out of prison now but his life is ruined. He tells Gloria that he's still willing to help her bag William. She agrees to pay him if she marries William. J.T. fills Paul in on the whole Brad/Sharon/Victoria situation. He tells Paul that Brad and Victoria are definitely over with. Paul tells him that nothing is over until it's over. Back at their home, Brad asks Victoria if she's sleeping with J.T. She tells him ‘no'.

Michael tells Lauren how the meeting with William went. He tells her that he asked William to hold off for six months, then drop the charges later on when it's not in the public's mind. William then calls Michael and tells him he's pursuing the charges and is convening the grand jury. Michael tells Phyllis that he will give her the best defense in the world and that he will make William regret his decision. Phyllis tells Michael that she trusts him.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Phyllis brings everyone coffee and exclaims that Hazelnut is Nick's favorite. Michael and Lauren tell Phyllis to sit down, they should be the one's doing things for her. Phyllis says that she needs to be awake and spending time with Summer. After all, she may not have the chance once she goes to jail for blackmail. Michael tells Phyllis to never say that again. Phyllis says now she has to lie, go spend her day on trial, and then prepare for her husband's memorial service. When Phyllis goes to the Newman's to discuss Nick's memorial service, she finds that all of the decisions have been made. Nikki and Victoria discuss what pictures they should include of Nick at the memorial. When they ask Phyllis for her input, they disregard her suggestions saying that they are inappropriate. When Phyllis suggests using the priest that her and Nick had at their wedding, the Newman's disregard this too. Phyllis asks if they want to do anything Nick would like. When Phyllis goes home, she tells Lauren that she needs to be alone. Phyllis sits down and talks to Nick's picture. She tells him that he's the one who keeps her sane, and now he's gone. Katherine stops by to see how Phyllis is doing. When Katherine gives Phyllis an outfit for Summer, Phyllis says that it's blue, Nick's favorite color. Katherine says what happened to Nick was a tragedy. Phyllis thinks that if she would have made him stay, Nick wouldn't have gotten on the flight. Katherine tells Phyllis not to think like that. She says that if she needs anyone to talk to, she is there for her. Katherine notices the jar of fire flies that Daniel and Noah gathered. Phyllis freaks out when she sees that they are dead.

Katherine calls Michael to tell him some urgent news. They decide to meet for lunch at the Athletic Club. Michael pretends that he is shocked by the news that Jack really owns Jabot. He tells her to keep this information a secret. He is surprised to hear that Jack sold her Jabot. He wonders if she was so anxious to sell Jabot, why would she want it back so easily. Katherine says that before there was the tainted cream scandal, now Jabot is doing well. Michael says that Katherine doesn't owe Jack anything. Katherine says that it's not Jack, it's her respect for John.

Michael worries about what to do with the knowledge that Katherine purchased Jabot from Jack. Lauren can tell that something is wrong and asks Michael what he is worried about. Michael tells her that he doesn't know if he should tell Victor about Katherine's purchase. Lauren wonders what it could hurt by not telling Victor.

Nikki asks Victor who should speak at the Memorial. Nikki says that she thinks Victoria and her will handle it. Victor just stares at the floor with his head down, working on project. Neil stops by to talk to Victor. Victor says that Nick was always good at putting things together. Neil wishes he could find the time to do projects with his son. Victor says to take advantage of it, that it could be gone when you least expect it.

Victoria calls J.T. and talks to him about missing her brother. J.T. says that she needs to be around people right now. All Victoria wants is to have her brother back. She says that she needs him more now than ever before. When Victoria hangs up with J.T., Brad is standing there. He asks her if he can do anything for her. He offers her food or drink. She gets upset, saying that none of that matters now. Brad wishes that Victoria could confide in him the way she does with J.T. Victoria gets a business call asking for her input. Brad suggests taking care of this for her and she can go visit her parents. Brad goes to work and tells Victoria's assistant to bring all of Victoria's work to him. When Victor finds out that Brad is trying to take over Victoria's work, he tells him that he won't let Brad take Nick's place. Victor informs Brad that Neil and Victoria will be running the company now.

Brad tells J.T. to stay away from his wife. He says that he didn't like J.T. when he was with Colleen, and he dislikes him even more now that he is comforting Victoria. J.T. says that she is grieving, that she needs all the help she can get. Brad doesn't care; he doesn't want J.T. anywhere near his wife.

Lily tells Daniel that she feels for everything Phyllis is going through. Daniel hopes that he said the right things. Lily assures him that there really is nothing you can say when a loved one dies. Daniel asks if she is thinking about her mother. Lily wonders why bad things can happen to good people. When Daniel tries to comfort her, he can tell that she hasn't forgiven him. Daniel gets his pillow and blanket and brings it down to the couch. Lily tells him to bring his stuff back to their room; she doesn't want Devon to know that they are fighting. When Lily goes to the kitchen to make cookies, Daniel grabs the chocolate chips away from her. When she says that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, they begin kissing. Later when Lily is wearing Daniel shirt, she teases him about making it an everyday outfit. Daniel runs up to take a shower. He tells her to remind him that he has to email his professor and check on the extension. Lily goes to the computer to see if Daniel has been viewing Strangers by Night again. When Daniel comes downstairs, he smells the cookies burning. Lily freaks out, realizing that she burned them.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Victoria was having a difficult time writing a eulogy for Nick's memorial service. For the first time in days, she was able to turn to Brad and let him comfort her. Brad told her to speak from her heart. Later, Colleen came over and brought flowers to Victoria. Victoria thanked her, but it was clear that she wanted to spend time alone rather than with her husband and stepdaughter. She also told Colleen not to tell anyone that she'd miscarried the baby.

Jack called Sharon, worried because he wouldn't be at the memorial service, but she told him that she'd be fine. Noah didn't want to talk to Jack. Noah lay with his head on Sharon's lap and talked about his father and how much he'd miss him. Later, after getting ready, Noah came downstairs to see Sharon crying as she looked at her engagement ring and remembered the day Nick asked her to marry him and their wedding day. Noah rushed to comfort his mother. She promised that she would go with him to the stable after the memorial service so Noah could tell Nick's horse that Nick was dead.

Jill and Katherine arrived at the ranch to spend time with the Newman family before the memorial service. Jill was able to offer words of comfort to Victor based on her experience of losing a son. Katherine stayed close to Nikki. Nikki's campaign manager called and said that the police had promised to keep the press away from the church. But when Victor said it was time to leave for the service, Nikki said she couldn't do it. She couldn't sit there and hear her son eulogized. Katherine stayed with Nikki while the rest of them left. The two women looked at pictures of Nick and talked about his growing up. Nikki was filled with remorse because their last words together had been angry. Katherine assured her that Nick knew how much his mother loved him, and he loved her, too.

Phyllis was upset because the fireflies that Noah had caught for his father were dead. Daniel told her where to find fireflies during the day and took care of Summer while Phyllis went out. She was able to replace the bugs in Noah's jar, and she told Daniel it had been good just for her to get out of the house for a while. Michael and Lauren arrived. They'd talked it over and agreed to be Summer's legal guardian should the need arise. They also wanted Phyllis and Summer to move in with them for a while. Phyllis thought about it, but she remembered how Nick had described the renovated tack house as their new home with Summer. She decided that she wanted to stay where Nick's things were, even if it meant living close to the Newmans.

At the church, Victoria, Noah, and Victor delivered remarks about Nick. Sharon and Phyllis sat on opposite sides of the church, both of them sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. Daniel and Lily were there for Phyllis and Summer, with Neil, Michael, and Lauren sitting in the background. Victor sat with Noah and Sharon, and Victoria and Brad sat behind them with Colleen. Noah said that when Cassie had died, he'd been sad because she was alone in heaven. Now their father was there to take care of her. Victor, too, talked about the loss of Cassie, and Sharon fought to keep her composure. Phyllis was relieved that Nick's family managed to convey Nick's sense of humor and his playfulness when they talked about him.

Later, back at the ranch, Katherine told Jill they should leave the Newmans so they could grieve privately, but she was going to keep a close eye on Nikki over the following days to make sure Nikki had support if she was tempted to drink. Victoria kept her secret about the miscarriage even after Nikki mentioned the baby. Sharon and Phyllis avoided talking to each other, and Phyllis told Noah where the fireflies were. Noah and Sharon left to find them, and when they did, Noah released them and told them to fly free. Phyllis held Summer and looked at a photo of Nick, promising her daughter that they would live a wonderful life together, just as Nick would have wanted. Nikki leaned against Victor and said she didn't know how she was going to go on every day without Nick in her life.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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