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The Newman family grieved for Nick. Victoria continued to have difficulties with Brad's feelings for Sharon. Michael and Lauren agreed to be Summer's legal guardians if Phyllis went to jail. Gloria used her friendship with Evan to make Will jealous.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Victoria continued to use J.T. as her confidant. Brad continued to complain about it—both to Victoria and to Sharon. J.T. enjoyed spending time with Victoria, but Brad was not happy to see his wife cozily sharing thoughts and feelings with J.T. at the GCAC J.T. seemed delighted when Victoria kissed him on the cheek, but Brad approached J.T. afterward and warned him to stay away from Victoria. J.T. told Brad that he wasn't his boss, and added that he wouldn't stay away from Victoria unless she asked him to. When J.T. told Victoria about Brad's warning, a spiteful Victoria set a lunch date with J.T. Victoria later confronted Brad and admonished him for threatening J.T. Victoria told Brad that she has a right to maintain a friendship with J.T. since Brad maintains a friendship with Sharon. Brad warned Victoria that J.T. is in love with her, but Victoria said that "love" was not what she felt for J.T. An angry Victoria stormed out after she told Brad to "grow up."

Later, as J.T. waited for Victoria to arrive for their lunch date, he fantasized about kissing her. However, after Victoria sat down, she discussed Brad's complaints about her close friendship with J.T., which she reiterated is just a friendship, and then she quickly cut their date short and went back to the office. When Victoria returned, she told Brad that losing the baby and Nick had made her fearful of losing loved ones and that she realized that she had overreacted about Brad's friendship with Sharon. Victoria promised Brad that she would get past his unfaithfulness and strive trust him. The couple embraced before making their way to an empty office to rekindle their love life. Victoria jokingly told Brad that she'd kill him if her were ever to be unfaithful again, and Brad said if Victoria were unfaithful with another then he'd kill "him" while he's sleeping.

Michael worked with Victor to draft a contract laying out the terms which will transfer Jabot out of Jack's hands. Michael described the agreement as the most maliciously-unbalanced contract ever. Michael also told Victor that Kay wished to buy back the company, but Victor advised against her doing so due to legal liability. Michael said that he couldn't stop Kay from buying back Jabot, and he refused to discuss Kay's confidential matters with Victor, who insisted that Jack end up with nothing. Victor warned Michael that his timing in advising Kay is critical to Victor's plan to put the screws to Jack. Later, when Michael presented the contract to Jack, he voiced complaints about the blatant one-sidedness of the contract. Michael explained that Jack was getting what was coming to him. Jack warned Michael that he would never forget what Michael had done to him. Victor retuned and added that he would never forget that Jack had taken advantage of him. An angry Victor forced Jack to sign the contract.

Later, however, while Lauren and Michael dined, they discussed Michael's legal dilemma. Lauren told Michael that he has legal obligations to Kay and that Victor was out of line to expect Michael to persuade Kay to do what Victor wants her to do regarding Jabot. Lauren suggested that for Michael to serve both of his clients well, he would have to come up with a way for Kay to delay the purchase of Jabot that would be completely unrelated to Victor's plans. Michael later met with Kay, who was eager to buy Jabot back before someone else does.

Meanwhile David presented to Victor his version of a public-relations spin that would be used to publicize Jack's relinquishment of N.V. P. David said that Victor would be presented as the knight in shining armor who stepped in to offer fiscal and managerial policies, an explanation that in effect is between-the-lines criticism that will trash Jack for selling N.V.P. As Victor conducted business as usual, in private, he greatly mourned the loss of Nick.

Victor became quite concerned about Victor, Jr. after learning that no one had heard from him in a while, so he hired Paul to find out what was going on. After making a few calls, Paul told Victor that Victor, Jr. had abruptly quit his job after leaving a bizarre, two-sentence notice. Paul told Victor that, during his investigation, the Columbian consulate security attaché questioned Paul at length after learning that he was searching for Victor, Jr. Paul said he cut the conversation short when his equipment picked up evidence of a line trace. Paul also reported that Victor, Jr.'s landlord said that Victor, Jr. had hooked up with bad people and had moved out without paying his rent.

Sharon was confused when she learned that Jack was selling his share of N.V.P, and she didn't seem to buy his explanation that the move was beneficial to his campaign. Later, Sharon, concerned that Jack's campaign would actually suffer, questioned Ben, who explained that N.V.P.'s and Phyllis' agreement to fund Jack's development would serve as proof of a corporate vote of confidence in Jack's capabilities as an entrepreneur.

Adrian was a bit surprised to learn that Colleen still holds a grudge against J.T. because she thinks that he ratted on Adrian about maintaining a relationship with a student, a relationship that caused Adrian to lose his job. Adrian advised Colleen to let it go, but Colleen said she was not about to let the person responsible get away with telling on Adrian. She even mentioned that she felt like killing J.T. Later, at Crimson Lights, Colleen discussed the reason she's angry at J.T. with Amber, who suggested that Kevin be enlisted to hack into J.T.'s emails. When Kevin explained that it could take a month to hack through the firewall security system on J.T.'s computer, Amber devised a plan to temporarily pilfer J.T.'s PDA, which stores his computer passwords. The trio managed to get J.T.'s PDA after J.T. stopped by Crimson Lights to wait for Victoria. After Kevin downloaded J.T.'s passwords, Colleen and Amber managed to return the device to J.T. just before he became too suspicious about having misplaced it.

As J.T. waited for his lunch date with Victoria, he fantasized about kissing her. Victoria discussed Brad's concern about their friendship, which she described as just a friendship. Deciding she wasn't hungry after all, Victoria quickly cut their date short and went back to the office. When Victoria returned, she told Brad that losing the baby and Nick had made her fearful of losing loved ones and that she realized that she had overreacted about Brad's friendship with Sharon. Victoria promised Brad that she would get past Brad's unfaithfulness and strive to trust him. The couple embraced before making their way to an empty office to rekindle their love life. Victoria jokingly told Brad that she'd kill him if her were ever to be unfaithful again, and Brad said if Victoria were unfaithful with another then he'd kill "him" while he's sleeping.

Kevin was busy cyber-eavesdropping on Ji Min and Jill when Michael walked into Crimson Lights. Michael reminded Kevin that he "knew nothing" of such activities. However, Kevin watched and listened as Jill and Ji Min made plans to stay in the same Hong Kong hotel room. Kay, however, was not too pleased when she learned from Jill that she planned to travel to Hong Kong at the same time, as Jill put it, as Ji Min. Later, Kay confronted Ji Min and told him that her daughter would not be traveling with him because she knew that he was the true owner of Jabot and that he had lied to her all along. When Ji Min attempted to assert himself as a victim of Jack's fraud, Kay didn't buy it and told Ji Min that he was either a liar or an incompetent hustler. Kay also told Ji Min that his services would no longer be needed after the sale of Jabot is completed. Kay also ordered Ji Min to tell Jill that she would not be traveling with him and added that he should cancel his return flight. Ji Min later met with Jill and tried to convince her to delay her trip, so she could fulfill her obligation to "Extreme Catwalk." Jill immediately realized that Ji Min no longer wanted her to accompany him and questioned his reasons why. Ji Min evaded her questions and left Jill guessing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Victor hands Nikki the signed document from Jack, proving that he finally owns NVP again. Victor give the company to Nikki to run. Nikki calls a meeting with Victoria, Brad, Sharon, Karen and David to tell them that she is now the new owner of NVP. She says that she's keeping Sharon as the spokesmodel, but is canceling the photo shoot. To Victoria's surprise, Nikki states that she is going to move ahead on the Clear Springs plans on a smaller scale to preserve the community's historical architecture. Karen and David warn her that it might look like she is splitting her focus if she is running for senate and running a company, but Nikki is confidant that she can do both. David suggests that they give the impression that Victor is running the company until Nikki gets elected, and Victor agrees. Brad tells Phyllis that she's finally getting what's coming to her, since Nikki is running NVP and didn't even mention Phyllis in her announcement meeting. Nikki tells Phyllis that she's not going to allow her to come back to work at NVP. Later, Victoria comes to Nikki and tells her that she lost her baby. Ji Min tells Jill that he's led her on and he doesn't have true feelings for her. Ji Min reluctantly tells Jill that he's not the owner of Jabot; Jack is, but he was tricked into it. He admits that Kay was furious when she found out and said that she'd prosecute him if he left town with. Kevin finds an email in J.T.'s account mentioning that Victoria hired him to investigate Brad. At the GCAC, William, Evan and Gloria play the jealousy game. William tells Gloria that he had Evan investigated and he's not who he says he is. Victor tells Nikki that he's flying to Sri Lanka to look for Victor, Jr. as he is concerned that something has happened to him.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lauren and Michael discuss how Michael can't warn Victor about Jack. Lauren asks if he can't just take a ‘vacation' from the attorney-client privilege oath and talk to Victor. He tells her he can't do that, but he is determined to figure out some way to leak the information on Jack selling Jabot to Victor without being disbarred. Jack leaves a message for Katherine telling her he wants to wrap up their deal as soon as possible. Gloria tells Evan that William is investigating him. She tells him that William knows that Evan isn't a wealthy sailor and that he wants Gloria to steer clear of him. Fen begins to cry so they continue their discussion in the baby's room, when Lauren walks in and hears them chatting via the baby monitor. Lauren tells Gloria that she knows Gloria is having Evan pretend to be her boyfriend. Lauren tells Gloria that she needs to stop the scheming.

Adrian visits Victoria and offers his condolences on Nick's death. She thanks him but wants to discuss business. He lets her know that he's writing a book. She offers to help him with his book along with Colleen. Neil is annoyed that Brad is late for a business meeting. Neil then announces that he has named Devon the point-person for the Newman fall campaign. Brad asks if Neil is sure Devon should be the point-person and the client says they're glad to be working with Devon. Kevin and Colleen pretend to be having fun together when J.T. walks into the coffee house. Colleen wants to know about J.T.'s emails from Kevin but she gets a call and says it'll have to wait until later. Michael goes over the Jabot contract with Katherine, trying to convince her not to buy the company. She tells him that she's meeting Jack in a half hour and wants Michael there so they can complete the sale.

Victoria meets J.T. at the coffee shop and he's angry that Kevin and Colleen are friends. Victoria tells J.T. that Colleen is not seeing Kevin, that she's still dating Adrian. Colleen watches Adrian shooting hoops as she remembers meeting him at his apartment in secret. Adrian tells Colleen that Victoria is going to help him with his book and that now all he needs to do is convince her father to help also. She tells him that's a long shot. After the meeting, Brad wants to talk to Neil about Devon's position in the fall campaign. Brad thinks that Devon is not experienced enough for the project. Neil tells him that Devon is a bright young man and a quick learner. Neil tells Brad that he has made the decision and it stays.

William calls Gloria and asks if she has spoken to Evan yet. She says ‘no'. He then asks her to meet him at the athletic club. Lauren tells Gloria that she cannot believe she is playing these kinds of games with the district attorney. Gloria tells her that the contaminated cream incident was a mistake, that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. She blames Jack for the product getting out and hurting people. Jill storms into the living room and is furious that Katherine is going to buy Jabot back from Jack. Michael tells Jack that he is lucky Katherine didn't nail Jack to the wall for what he did. Jack asks Michael if Katherine is aware that Michael and Victor are joined at the hip these days.

Jill tells Katherine that Ji Min didn't know about what Jack was up to, that Jack pulled the wool over his eyes also. Jill asks Katherine to keep Ji Min in his position at Jabot so he can prove he's a good worker. Jill says she owes it to her with all the stunts she's pulled on Jill. Neil gives Devon advice on how to handle the project he has been given. Meanwhile, Brad catches the client in the break room and asks him to periodically send him information on the project so he can make sure it is going properly. The client agrees. Victoria warns Brad that Adrian is working on a book about the treasure. Brad says that's the last thing that he needs.

J.T. arrives at the basketball court and challenges Adrian to a game. Kevin tells Colleen that Victoria has hired J.T. to investigate Brad. Katherine arrives as Michael and Jack are bickering. Gloria tells Lauren that she cares for William and that if they marry she won't have to live with her and Michael anymore. Lauren reluctantly gives Gloria and Evan an idea on how to make William jealous. Kevin pulls up J.T.'s email for Colleen. Colleen reads an email with information about Brad sleeping with Sharon. Victoria tells Brad that she's helping Adrian with the book so that she can make sure he doesn't learn too much information. Neil walks in and tells Brad that he knows Brad requested that all the material be run through him. Neil tells him that he doesn't want Brad within a hundred yards of Mr. Cline or his people. Victoria tells Brad that she trusts Neil's judgment and that it's his call, not Brad's.

Jack tries to get more money from Katherine for Jabot. She tells him that he accepted her deal days ago, and those are her terms, he can take ‘em or leave ‘em. Adrian tells J.T. that he quit his teaching position so he can date whoever he wants. J.T. is visibly shaken. Brad is angry that Victoria has taken Neil's side. Victoria tells him that he's angry because he's not in charge, and that's it's business and he shouldn't take it personal. Jack tells Katherine to be reasonable, that other people would pay four times as much for Jabot than she is willing to. Katherine tells Jack that if he is having second thoughts then he can not take the offer. She then tells him that if this becomes public knowledge, then she'll be forced to sue him.

Colleen tells Brad that he is a hypocrite, that while he lectured her about her relationship with Adrian, and the whole time he had slept with Sharon. Brad tells her that it was a one time thing and a lapse in judgment. She tells him that he lied and there is nothing that he can do to make it up to her. Colleen inadvertently tells Brad that it was J.T. who told Victoria about the affair. J.T. goes to the bar and Jack is there drinking and they both talk about how they have had a bad day. Katherine tells Jill that once again she is the owner of Jabot. She also tells Jill that Ji Min is going to be fired. Michael tells Lauren that he couldn't talk Katherine out of buying Jabot. She asks what he is going to say to Victor, and he tells her that Victor is out of town at the moment. She says maybe he can use that as the excuse as to why he didn't warn Victor. Michael tells her that that is not a valid excuse in Victor's book.

Just as Gloria sits down with William at the coffee shop, Evan sneaks up behind her and gives her a kiss on the cheek and ‘returns her earring'. William tells Gloria that she needs to steer clear of Evan. He then tells her he is in the next step of his investigation in the tainted cream case, and that he can't let his personal life interfere with the investigation, that Gloria will have to be tested as she is on the list of his possible suspects.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sharon and Noah order waffles with strawberries and whipped cream at the Athletic Club. Noah begins to worry when Jack hasn't shown up for breakfast. As he begins to get frantic, Sharon calls Jack on his cell phone but it goes to voice mail. Suddenly Jack appears, apologizing for being late. When Sharon tells Noah to hurry up and finish eating so that she can drop him off at school, Noah says that he can't go to school because he's not feeling well. Jack says that maybe they should all take a day off to relax. They all go outside to play basketball, and Noah gets upset when Jack makes a similar move that his dad used to make. Noah says that Jack stole the move from his father. When Sharon and Jack try to talk to Noah about it, Noah says that it doesn't matter because his dad is not dead. All Noah wants to do is go home and wait for Nick to come back home.

When Jack is alone at the basketball court, he gets another visit from John. John isn't particularly happy with Jack losing his company once again. John says the reason that Jack lost the company is because of his methods. Lying, cheating and confusing people will get you nowhere. Jack says that he wants to do better, and he wants to help Sharon and Noah. John tells Jack that he has something special to share for Sharon. When Sharon and Noah come back, Sharon wonders if Jack is going to ask Noah if he can play basketball again. Jack says that he will wait until Noah asks him. Jack shares the secret his father told him. He says that sometimes when he talks to John, John talks back. He tells her that Cassie sent Sharon a message. When Sharon feels the wind across her face right before she goes to bed, that is Cassie kissing her goodnight. Sharon is moved by these words. Noah looks up from his game and asks Jack to play.

Jill tells Kay that she's having a lapse in sanity for trying to get rid of Ji Min. Kay talks to Michael about the implications of getting rid of Ji Min. Michael says to either make him happy or keep him as far away as possible. Kay goes to Jill and tells her that Ji Min can stay working for Jabot, but only if Jill steps down from a potential CEO spot. If Jill takes the CEO spot, Ji Min is gone.

Lauren and Michael come home to find that Gloria has been up all night trying to figure out a way to avoid the DNA test. Lauren suggests that maybe Gloria tell the truth. Michael and Lauren try to figure out a way to not be involved in Gloria's troubles.

Gloria has lunch with William, and he once again warns her about Evan. When they are interrupted by Evan, William begrudgingly lets Gloria talk to him alone. When Evan presents Gloria with a ring, William angrily walks away. Gloria thinks she screwed everything up. When she comes home to Michael and Lauren, they tell her that she's been playing with fire trying to date a man that will potentially be prosecuting her. When there's a knock at the door, Michael answers and tells William that Gloria isn't under any obligation to discuss legal matters. William says that his visit is personal, and asks to speak to Gloria alone. He tells Gloria that ever since her first saw her singing, "My funny Valentine," he knew that he was in love with her. He asks Gloria to marry him.

Amber happily greets Cane at his office in a sexy outfit. She is excited to scheme her way into trying out for Extreme Catwalk. They are interrupted by Cane's assistant, who has Cane's check. When Amber sees the numbers, she tells him that he has a lot to learn. When Amber sees the correspondent from Extreme Catwalk, she attempts to audition. When she fails miserably, Cane mentions that his mother, Jill Abbott is the person that recommended Amber. When Amber tries out again, she gets the part. Later, when Amber and Cane meet in the coffeehouse, they are tracked down by the correspondent from Extreme Catwalk. When she tells Amber that she has been disqualified, Amber says that her stepmother is going to be very angry.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Jack was shocked to find not Ben but Phyllis in his campaign office at Newman. Phyllis begged him to let her work on the campaign. She had nothing else since losing Nick and being put on leave of absence from NVP, and she was terrified that she was about to be indicted by the grand jury. Jack felt sorry for her and agreed to let her stay, although he knew no one on his campaign was going to be happy about it.

Brad confronted Victoria about hiring J.T. to investigate him. Victoria said that if he'd told her the truth, she wouldn't have had to use an investigator. Later, Victoria repeatedly tried to call J.T. to warn him that Brad was likely to confront him. J.T. was playing basketball and missed her calls, so he wasn't expecting to see Brad at the athletic club. Brad accused J.T. of investigating him for his own personal reasons, including his interest in Victoria. He again warned J.T. to stay away from Victoria as well as from Colleen.

When Victoria finally reached J.T. by phone, she apologized for Brad once again getting in his face. J.T. said he didn't care. When Victoria went to the athletic club later, she ran into Colleen, who had some harsh words for her about the investigation of Brad. She couldn't believe that Victoria had gone behind his back again. Victoria then saw J.T. and asked how Colleen had known about the investigation. J.T. said he didn't know, but he was glad everything was out in the open. Victoria admitted that her marriage wasn't really working, and J.T. confessed that he had feelings for her. Later, when J.T. saw Colleen, he told her to stay out of his business. Colleen said that wouldn't be a problem, and she wanted him to stay out of her life.

Jack made arrangements for he and Sharon to attend some political fundraisers. Sharon was excited about it, but she was afraid that her grand jury testimony would end up hurting his campaign. Jack assured her that the grand jury wasn't going to be as shocked as she feared by the truth about her one-night stand with Brad. He wanted her to stop worrying, because it was now his turn to take care of her. Sharon hugged him, thankful for his reassurance as well as for the way he was supporting her during the anniversary of Cassie's death and the loss of Nick from her and Noah's lives.

Nikki made sure that anyone connected to NVP knew not to consult with Phyllis about anything. Phyllis also had a confrontation with Sharon in the break room. Sharon thought it would be best if Phyllis stayed away from Jack's campaign. She said that he wanted to be senator very badly, and if Phyllis cared about him, she wouldn't hurt his changes. But Sharon was sympathetic later when she saw the way Nikki treated Phyllis. She told Phyllis privately that it never got better. Even after divorcing Nick, Nikki still treated Sharon badly. The two women smiled because they agreed about one thing at least. Phyllis also apologized because Sharon would have to testify before the grand jury. She said she'd never meant for any of this to happen, especially on the anniversary of Cassie's death. Again, Sharon and Phyllis seemed to share an understanding based on their loss of Nick.

After a second confrontation with Victoria, Brad was even more reluctant to show any kindness toward Phyllis, reminding her that she wouldn't be in this predicament if she hadn't tried to blackmail him and Sharon. Although Sharon had told Brad that she was starting to feel sorry for Phyllis, Brad had no sympathy for her at all. Phyllis said that even if he didn't, he should remember that she was the only parent that Summer had left. She worried about what would happen to her daughter if she ended up in prison. Overhearing their conversation, Nikki stepped in and said Phyllis didn't need to worry. Nikki would take care of Summer. In fact, she would love to raise her grandchild. Phyllis was horrified at the glee Nikki showed over the prospect.

Gloria was shocked when William asked her to marry him. She called in Lauren and Michael so they could hear the good news. Lauren offered her congratulations, but Michael wasn't as quick with his approval. He privately asked William again to drop the case against Phyllis, but William refused. After William left, Gloria was served with a subpoena to provide her DNA in the Jabot face cream tampering investigation. Michael suggested that she tell William the truth, and Lauren reminded her that John had forgiven her for her deceptions. Gloria pointed out that she hadn't been facing jail then.

Jill and Ji Min were at the athletic club trying to figure out how to change Katherine's mind about firing Ji Min. Ji Min assured Jill that even if he severed ties with Jabot, that didn't mean he was ending his relationship with her. While they were talking, William came in. He told them about his engagement to Gloria. Jill later told Ji Min that she blamed herself. If William hadn't caught Jill and Ji Min in a passionate embrace in the Jabot board room, he might not have proposed to Gloria.

Amber was disappointed to hear that the executives at Extreme Catwalk were turning her down because she was related to one of the judges. Cane and Amber pitched an idea for the show: Jill as the evil mother-in-law who was trying to break up Amber's marriage to Cane. The producers said they'd talk it over with the network. Later, when they talked to Jill, she was all for it. She called the Extreme Catwalk people to give her support to Amber.

While Jill and Ji Min were in the Jabot boardroom, she got a call from her doctor. Her physical had indicated that she had increased hormone levels. After hanging up the phone, Jill thought back to the night William had caught her and Ji Min together. She remembered that it was Gloria who'd prepared their coffee that night, and Gloria who was with William when they walked in on her and Ji Min. Ji Min was shocked to hear Jill's suspicions about Gloria. Jill found a handwritten note with Gloria's doctor's name on the page in her calendar before the night in question. She called and pretended to be Gloria, asking for a refill. After she picked up the pills, she showed Ji Min that she was right. Gloria had spiked their coffee with libido-enhancing drugs.

Amber, Cane, and the Extreme Catwalk rep were at Crimson Lights later, all of them talking separately on cell phones. Amber was thrilled when she got the news. The network had gone for her idea; she was back on the show. Amber told Cane it was important to her to show the Forresters as well as the people who'd known her growing up that she had made something of herself.

Gloria met William at the athletic club. She said she'd changed her mind about the big wedding. She'd rather get married immediately. William made some calls and cleared his schedule for the next day. He said the wedding date would work out for her Extreme Catwalk role as well as not interfering with her DNA test. Gloria tried to postpone the test until after their wedding, but William said it was best to get it out of the way. Later, Gloria fretted over the situation to Michael and Lauren. Michael said he didn't know any way for her to get out of it. The only thing that could save her was Bardwell dropping the case, and Michael thought that possibility was very unlikely.

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