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Kevin sought revenge after he got a message from Jana. An old acquaintance of Amber's tried to blackmail her, but he ended up dead. Will attempted to find a way to communicate. Sharon tried to catch Phyllis in a lie. Nick was alive.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, June 11, 2007

After the paramedics whisked William to the hospital, Gloria blamed herself for his having suffered a stroke. While they waited word on William's condition, Gloria told Michael that William had conducted DNA tests on her hair. Later, Kevin and Michael learned that William is the only person who knows that the results of the DNA tests proved that Gloria is guilty of tainting the face cream.

Kevin urged Daniel to heed Lily's advice to seek marriage counseling. The joint counseling session, however, began badly and spiraled downward. Lily accused Daniel of lying about frequenting a swinger's Web site and keeping a nude photo of Amber on his phone. Daniel defended himself claiming that had to hide the truth because of Lily's ever-present anger. At the end of the session, the counselor recommended that the couple return, so she could outline steps Daniel could take to earn Lily's trust. However, Lily seemed totally deflated when Daniel browsed through his pocket calendar and claimed that his life was too busy with summer school and work to immediately schedule more sessions. Later, Lily told Daniel that she didn't plan on attending additional counseling sessions because the session made her feel worse about their relationship.

Much to Amber's frustration, Plum (Garrett) amused Cane with stories of Amber's past while the two perused Amber's childhood photo album, including photos of Amber running nude through water sprinklers when she was a tot. However, when Cane stepped away, Plum proved to Amber that he could show Cane current photos of Amber in the nude. Later, when Cane learned that Plum was staying with Kevin and Daniel, as a favor to Amber, Cane became suspicious that Daniel frequently does favors for Amber. Amber explained that she set Garrett up with Kevin and Daniel because he steals things, and she didn't want him to steal from Kay. Amber urged Cane to hire Garrett to work on the Clear Springs construction project. Amber became even more frustrated when she learned that Plum turned down the construction job and was, instead, waiting for Cane to procure an inside job offer from Jill.

Brad cut a deal to have the perjury charges against him dropped if he agrees to testify against Phyllis. Brad also received immunity from his purchase of the real estate in Clear Springs for agreeing to sell the land for the price he paid. Brad said he planned to sell to the land to Jack.

At the Abbott Estate, Sharon dutifully cared for Phyllis and for Summer. Sharon left to run personal errands for Phyllis, who seemed to relish time alone with Jack. Sharon, meanwhile, ran into Brad, who told her that he'd struck a bargain to have his perjury charges dropped. Both agreed that Phyllis deserved the jail time she'd most likely receive due to Brad's testimony. Brad also questioned Jack's motives for allowing Phyllis to stay in his home rather than hiring help that would allow Phyllis to recuperate at home. Sharon listened attentively as Brad urged her to figure out Jack's motive regarding his extended hospitality to Phyllis. However, Jack enjoyed spending time with Summer and remarked that he had hoped that she was his baby when he learned that Phyllis was pregnant. When Noah retuned from school, he told Jack and Phyllis that he had planned to write an essay about his dad, who was his hero. When Noah told Jack that he had changed his mind and wished instead to write about him, Jack was touched. Jack related fun and adventurous stories about camping trips with Nick. When Sharon returned from running Phyllis' errands, she found Jack and Phyllis teaching Noah about rocks. Sharon suggested that Jack hire a nurse to care for Phyllis, but Jack said he didn't want more ears and eyes at his house before the election.

Brad stopped by Jack's with the papers to transfer the Clear Springs properties. Phyllis offered her congratulations through gritted teeth when she learned that the sale of the property to Jack would allow him to fulfill his plans for the project. When Sharon and Jack went upstairs to change Summer's diaper, Brad taunted Phyllis with the news that his perjury charges have been dropped in exchange for his testimony against her. When Brad also told Phyllis that he would soon be divorced, Phyllis theorized that if Brad had divorced six months earlier, then Sharon might have a different husband now.

An unshaven Nick awoke on a bare mattress in an open-air area thick with leafless trees. A young woman poured heated water from an enamel camp kettle and told Nick that it was about time he woke up.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A disoriented Nick is lying on a cot in the woods under the care of Logan. Logan's cell phone battery is dead, and her car is parked 10 miles away from where she is camping. Nick wants to get up and leave, but Logan won't let him due to his injuries. Logan goes and gets Nick some fresh water. At the hospital, William tries to speak, but he can't. He tries to write something on a piece of paper, but it's not legible. The doctor tells Michael that William might lose his memory. Gloria and Lauren try to find a rehab facility for William, but all are full. Finally, Gloria receives a phone call informing her that William is broke and his uncle left him in debt. Sharon picks up on Phyllis faking her injury and Phyllis realizes Sharon is trying to trap her. Sharon secretly sets up a nanny-cam to try to catch Phyllis faking her injury. The therapist's office calls Daniel, saying that the check he wrote for his session bounced. Kevin looks up Daniel's account online and discovers that his funds have been transferred to an account in Oklahoma. Plum sweet talks Lily at the coffeehouse, saying Daniel's an idiot for having that picture on his phone. As Lily starts to make nice with Amber, she catches her in another lie. Daniel sees Lily, and tells her that he lost their bank cards and they're getting new ones. She asks if she can write a check for summer school, and Daniel says yes even though he knows they have no money. Cane calls Plum, asking for a resume so he can find him a job at Chancellor. Plum comes over to Kay's house to drop off his resume. Plum tells Amber that he talked to Lily, and defended Amber and put the blame on Daniel. Cane tells Amber he checked out Plum's references and says that they are fake. He asks Amber to talk to Plum to see what's going on. Kevin wants to continue with the search for Jana, even though Paul doesn't have any leads. Kevin is so intense about finding Jana, he'll pay whatever the cost is.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brad and Victoria tell Abby that they are getting divorced. Abby tells Victoria that she hates her. She tells Brad that she hates him, too. Jack's campaign manager, Ben, tells Phyllis that she needs to be out of Jack's house. Jack tells him to back off and that he has more damaging information on Nikki than this situation. He says that he thinks Nikki is having an affair with David. Ben says that David has a reputation for being a player. Karen tells Nikki and David that they are talking too loosely to each other and could slip up in public. Kevin tells Daniel that he can't figure out ‘Amber's cousin'; that he thinks there is something he isn't telling them. Daniel asks Kevin for a loan until he figures out what has happened to the money in his bank account, but Kevin says he's tapped out because of spending money on trying to find Jana. Kevin gets an IM from Jana. She apologizes to him and tells him to not bother tracing her, she's using a stolen computer. Then she signs off. After Cane leaves the coffee shop, Plum shows up there to see Amber. He tells her she needs to make sure he gets a job with Cane or he'll send Amber's X-rated videos to Cane, then he kisses her.

Jack says he's going to hire someone to dig up dirt on David and Nikki. Ben asks that Jack try to get a picture of David kissing Nikki. Karen questions Nikki about David. Nikki is upset that Karen thinks there is more than a professional relationship with David. Kevin shows Paul a print-out of his conversation with Jana. Kevin says they need to track down Jana. Paul shows Kevin some estimates on how much it will cost him to pursue Jana. Kevin says he'll come up with the money. Amber meets Daniel that Plum needs money. Daniel tells Amber that he needs money because he was phished by someone pretending to be ‘Strangers By Night'. Amber tells Daniel that if Plum gets a job he can lend money to Daniel. Victoria and Brad talk about how Abby reacted to their divorce. Brad tells Victoria that he cut a deal with the D.A. and won't be facing perjury charges. Victoria says Nikki has the money and is ready to buy the Clear Springs properties from Brad. Brad tells her that part of his deal with the D.A. is that he had to sell the properties and that he won‘t be selling them to anyone with the last name of Newman.

Nikki asks David if he said something to Karen about their kiss. He said he didn't and Nikki tells him that Karen seemed really interested in their friendship. He tells her it's professional jealousy. Sharon finds out that Karen is out picking up food and goes to meet up with her while she's away from Nikki, hoping to get some kind of information. Amber gives Daniel a phone with the ‘212' area code so that she and Daniel can talk on their cells without their spouses getting jealous. She plans to have Daniel pretend to be a former boss of Plum's and for him to give Cane a good reference on Plum when Cane calls. Cane walks in while Amber and Daniel are talking. Cane tells Daniel to not be speaking to Amber. He leaves to get back to work and Amber gives Cane the phone number to call for Plum's reference. Victoria's attorney tells Brad that Victoria has froze their joint assets. He phones Victoria and leaves a message telling her that this will only make things more inconvenient for both of them.

J.T. questions Victoria about why she's drinking mineral water and not alcohol. Victoria tells him it's too early for a drink. He then invites her back to his place. Jack asks Paul to prove that David Chow is behind the negative attacks against him. Paul reminds Jack that Nikki is a good friends of his. Paul agrees to investigate but says he won't reveal any campaign secrets to Jack. Nikki gloats after reading the interview with Jack, Sharon and Phyllis. Sharon starts small talk with Karen at the club. Sharon tells her she's getting a little tired of all the gossip about her and Karen tells her she can't take it personally. Sharon tells Karen that she likes her and if they were in a different lifetime they may be friends. Karen tells Sharon that there is no reason they can't be friends and tells Sharon to give her a call sometime. Phyllis is up walking around with Summer not realizing the nanny cam is recording her.

Daniel stops by the Abbott mansion to ask Phyllis for some money. He tells her that he and Lily's tuitions ended up being higher than they expected. Daniel gets a phone call on the cell phone that Amber gave him; it's Cane asking for a reference on Plum. Daniel gives Plum a rave review. Amber is listening in to Cane at the coffee shop and Phyllis overhears and questions Daniel. He tells her he was just helping out a friend. She tells him that he is lying to her and that it's her fault. Phyllis tells him that she's not loaning him any money.

Paul visits Nikki and tells her he'd like to help her campaign. Nikki introduces Paul to David and Karen. J.T. and Victoria go back to his place and shower together when there is a knock at the door. J.T. answers the door wearing a towel and it's Brad. Victoria comes out in her towel and Brad tells them that they deserve each other and leaves. Kevin gets another IM from Jana. She tells him that she misses the coffee shop and their apartment. She talks about how they were planning trips together and that maybe they could still take a trip together someday. She then signs off.

Phyllis is exercising in the living room when she notices the nanny cam. Victoria tells J.T. that's it's probably better that Brad knows about them. She says she's tired of hiding secrets. J.T. tells Victoria that he knows she is pregnant. Victoria tells him that she was just about to tell him. He says he's been waiting to congratulate her. Brad calls his lawyer and says to forget what he said about the divorce going smoothly and about letting his wife get what she wants, he says he has no reason to compromise or be generous. Jack arrives back at the Abbott mansion and Phyllis pretends that he woke her up. She asks him to get her phone, which is sitting over by the nanny cam. Just as he locates the nanny cam Sharon walks in the room. Jack says that someone has been recording everything that is happening in that room. Phyllis asks if it's possible that Nikki's people could be spying on them. Jack phones Ben to tell him what has happened when Sharon suddenly confesses that she put the camera there. She tells Jack that she did it because she thinks that Phyllis is faking her injury. Phyllis tells her to play the video to see if she has been running around. When Sharon shows the video to Jack, it just shows Phyllis lying on the couch and struggling to reach things from the coffee table. Sharon apologizes but Phyllis says that she doesn't need to apologize, that she has given Sharon more than enough reasons to think that Phyllis is lying.

As Amber secretly looks on, Cane calls Plum and tells him that his boss gave him a good reference and that he wants to talk to him about a job. Amber leaves a message on Daniel's phone thanking him for helping out. Kevin comes home looking for the travel book Jana was talking about but can‘t get into one of the bedrooms to get to the book. He yells to Plum to let him in. Plum is unconscious on the floor.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daniel tells Kevin that he is still having problems with the money situation. He can't even sell his car. Kevin thinks that Daniel may have to come clean with Lily. Kevin tells Daniel that Plum won't answer the door to his room. Daniel wonders if the door could have locked by itself. Kevin says that's impossible, the door can only be locked from the inside.

Lily's credit card gets returned at the coffeehouse. Amber comes over and tries to talk to her. Lily refuses. Daniel calls Lily and tells her that he needs to talk to her. Lily reluctantly agrees. When Daniel shows up at the coffeehouse, he asks Lily to come with him to his therapy session again. At the therapy session, Daniel admits that he is the one to blame. At first, Lily shrugs away when Daniel tries to apologize. When Daniel says that all he wants is to be a good husband again, Lily hugs him.

Amber pounds on the door, screaming at Plum to answer the door. When they finally decide to break the door down, they find Plum lying on the floor dead. Kevin goes to call the police, but Amber begs that he allow her to search Plum first. Amber begins screaming at Plum when she can't find any evidence on him. Daniel realizes that Plum may have used the Atlas on the floor to hide something on a tall bookshelf in the room. They find a bag filled with cash.

Gloria stays by William's side at the hospital. Michael and Lauren ask her to come outside for a moment. They tell her that what they feared is true, William is penniless. Gloria says that she doesn't care; she loves William and will help him get well-whatever it takes.

Maggie tells Paul that she's been going through William's files while he is in the hospital. She finds out that William appears to be getting close to solving the Jabot case. She visits William in the hospital to see if she can find out more information about the case. When Gloria leaves Maggie and William alone in the hospital room, Maggie can tell that William urgently wants to tell her something. When he tries to write it down, his handwriting is illegible. When Maggie discovers that William can communicate "yes" and "no" through blinking once or twice, she begins asking him about the case. William begins to feel overwhelmed, and Gloria interrupts them, saying that she doesn't want to push William. Maggie says that she thinks that William was coming really close to solving the Jabot case. Michael and Lauren glance at each other. Michael asks Maggie to keep them informed of any new revelations regarding the case.

When Gloria and William are alone again, Gloria tells William that she feels badly about lying to Maggie. But she knows that going to jail would be a bad thing for William. She is the only one who can and will take care of him, and she will stay with him till he gets well. A tear runs down William's cheek.

Sharon tries to explain to Jack why she hid the nanny cam to spy on Phyllis. Phyllis overhears them whispering and tells Sharon again that she's not mad, that Sharon and Jack have really been there for her through this. When Phyllis and Jack are alone, Phyllis happily talks to Jack about how great it is staying with him. Jack admits that it's not such a great idea having his ex-wife living in the same home as his new wife. When Jack goes upstairs Sharon tells Phyllis to drop the act. Phyllis tells Sharon that it's not an act, but it's not entirely true that she's there for her back. Phyllis admits to Sharon that she's afraid to go home. She's just misses Nick so much, being at home reminds her every second that he's gone. Sharon flips out; she can't believe that Phyllis is always so insensitive. Sharon tells her that there is no way she's going to feel sorry for the woman that stole her husband away from her. Jack overhears this and comes in the room. He admits to Phyllis that this is just too much for his wife. He's going to book a room and a nanny for her at the Athletic Club.

Nick attempts to escape, but he passes out from his injuries. When he is found by the woman who saved him, he is hallucinating. Nick thinks that he sees Cassie. The woman takes him back to her cabin again, and goes to get a plant to help heal him. She ties his arms back so he doesn't escape once again. When Nick wakes up, he is still suffering from a high fever. He drinks the plant's medicine, but he keeps wondering where Cassie went. He says that he's coming home soon.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Amber, Daniel, and Kevin frantically searched Garrett's room for any information he might have about Amber and her past. Since the other two couldn't tell Kevin exactly what they were looking for, Kevin was all for calling the police immediately. But Amber said she had to find any information Garrett had about her first. As the three of them became increasingly distraught, Cane called Amber. Garrett hadn't shown up for the job Cane had gotten him, so Cane intended to go to Kevin's and confront him. Amber hurriedly talked Cane into meeting her at Crimson Lights in an effort to keep him from catching them all with Garrett's dead body.

While Kevin and Daniel continued to search Garrett's room, Amber left to meet Cane at Crimson Lights. Cane was talking to Paul, who told him a lot of cases were hard to solve. He commended Cane on making Katherine happy at Chancellor and advised Cane to take Amber out at least once a week. When Amber arrived, Cane left Paul and raged at her about her "cousin." Amber tried to get Cane to go back to work by lying and saying Garrett had cleaned out his room and skipped town. But Cane then decided to go to Kevin's and help him clean up after Cane's desertion.

Kevin and Daniel both got news that left them feeling financially strapped. Paul wouldn't continue to search for Jana without payment from Kevin. Daniel had no way of getting money in the bank before Lily found out they'd been the victims of identity theft. When Amber called and warned them that she and Cane were on their way over, they managed to do a partial clean-up of Garrett's room and hide his body. The three of them managed to deflect Cane's suspicions and get him out of there. Then they tried to calm down and figure out what to do next. Kevin's mood was soured by text messages he began to get from Jana begging him to forgive her. He, Daniel and Amber stared at each other, counted Garrett's hidden money which Kevin was pretty sure wasn't counterfeit, and made a pact that the three of them would stick together and let no one else in on the secret of Garrett's death.

Jack was disappointed that Paul hadn't been able to dig up any damaging information about David Chow. Jack and Nikki kept cranking up their stealth attacks on each other's characters. Phyllis had agreed to move into the athletic club the next day to take some of the strain off of Sharon. But both women were determined to do whatever they could to help Jack win. Jack let Ben contact Nikki's campaign and challenge her to a debate. Although Karen didn't think it was a good idea, David encouraged Nikki to do it. Karen was becoming increasingly worried about the developing relationship between David and Nikki.

Nikki was prompted by Karen's and David's worry over Victor's absence to call Hope and ask if she'd heard from Victor. She was crushed to hear that Victor had called Hope with an update, since her husband had returned none of her calls. Frustrated and hurt, she turned to David again for comfort, not only telling him to go after Jack in any way he knew how, but also crying on his shoulder about her missing husband while David held her.

When Jack and Ben left for Jack to do an interview, Phyllis and Sharon continued to play nice with each other, although both women expressed relief that Phyllis would be moving out the following day. However, when they started seeing stories on the Internet that were attacks on them rather than Jack, they suspected that Nikki was behind it. As Nick's ex-wife and wife, they decided to channel their anger at their mother-in-law into getting evidence that she and David were personally involved. Phyllis suggested that they use Sharon's nanny cam, and Sharon agreed. They were both willing to do whatever it took to help Jack win his campaign, but they also decided to leave him out of their dirty tricks.

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