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Amber, Kevin, and Daniel buried a body and hid the loot that they found. Sharon and Phyllis went on the Internet and posted evidence of Nikki kissing David Chow. Jack discovered that he had suddenly gone ahead in the polls. Victor viewed the video of his wife and David kissing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Noticing that Jack's popularity has slipped in the polls due to negative publicity from Nikki's camp, Phyllis and Sharon joined forces to hatch a plan to dig up dirt on Nikki. After Phyllis feigned a maneuver that she claimed realigned her "injured spine," the two women made their way to Newman Enterprises. However, after running into Brad, Phyllis assumed the task of strategically placing a small "nanny" camera on a desk in Nikki's office. As Sharon distracted Brad, Neil came along to drop off something in the office, so Sharon pretended to sprain her ankle and screamed as if in pain in order to warn Phyllis. When Jack happened upon his wife and his ex, he wondered how the women had ended up at Newman Enterprises when they were supposed to be picking up Noah's book at the tack house. Phyllis quickly concocted a story about needing to pick up her notebook, and then the two women abruptly left after having accomplished their mission undetected.

Brad met with his divorce lawyer to outline his stake of community assets. Neil overheard Brad lament the fact that the Newman family was always out to get him. Neil seemed to enjoy pointing out the fact that Victoria has reassigned to him the projects formerly assigned to Brad.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. gushed over Victoria and bragged that he is surely the father of her unborn baby. Later, as Victoria, Neil, Cane and Adrian met at the club to discuss restoration projects at Clear Springs, J.T. showed up. Colleen told Lily that she couldn't care less as she and Lily watched J.T. hover over Victoria. Later, as the couple shared time together at the bar, J.T. seemed distracted and bored when Victoria shared her long-term plans for Clear Springs. J.T.'s mind was solely occupied with thoughts of making love to Victoria.

Amber, Kevin and Daniel realized that they'd have to dispose of Plum's body if they wanted to keep the money they found in Plum's backpack. After discussing some rather gruesome possibilities to rid themselves of the flaccid corpse, the trio decided to put the body into Kevin's car, drive somewhere and then dump it. En route, they planned to pretend that they were transporting a drunken friend. To excuse their absences, Amber told Cane that she was filling for a sick coworker, and Daniel told Lily that he had to work late. As they struggled to move Plum's remains, Jana's voice suddenly filled the room, and Kevin realized that she was contacting him via Web camera. Amber and Daniel listened as Jana and Kevin exchanged sarcastic niceties. When Jana requested to meet with Kevin, he told her he would if she comes back to Genoa City. Kevin promised Jana that he'd go the D.A.'s office with her to explain what had happened. Later, however, Kevin confided to his friends that he had agreed to meet with Jana, so he could have a chance to get back at her.

Later, however, at GCAC, Lily exposed Amber's alibi as a lie when Cane stopped by to defend her. When Kevin, Amber, Daniel and their dearly-departed passenger ended up stopping briefly in front of the club, Neil saw them. Neil approached the car and questioned Daniel about why he wasn't with Lily. Neil asked about their "friend," but he was told that their limp passenger was passed-out drunk. When Neil suggested that Daniel and Amber contact their respective spouses inside the club, Daniel and Amber got out of the car, leaving Kevin alone with Plum's body. However, neither Cane nor Lily were pleased to learn that Daniel and Amber had arrived at the club together, having shared a ride. Daniel and Amber were, of course, forced to rack up a more lies to cover their devious tracks.

After learning that would-be supporters had canceled his planned appearance, a dejected Jack was alone in Victor's office, doubting his decision to run for senate, when John appeared. Jack received a pep talk from his late father who told Jack that life isn't always easy and that the tougher challenges bring the greater rewards. Jack lamented the fact that he had resorted to back-stabbing publicity against Nikki. John asked Jack if he still had the pocket watch he had given him. Jack opened the watch and read aloud the inscription: "I am the master of my fate; the captain of my soul." Jack resolved not to go down without a fight.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Michael tells Gloria that William's uncle leveraged his company and left the company in millions of dollars worth of debt when he died. She wonders if she could convince Katherine to buy the company, that way she might be able to earn William's forgiveness over lying about the Jabot cream scandal. Kay gives Cane an envelope of money as a thank you for keeping the first phase of the Clear Springs project under budget. Cane says that he'll play a joke on Amber and tell her that he bought a Time Share in Vegas from the same company whose presentation she had to sit through to get tickets for their wedding trip. He calls the company but learns that they never gave any comp tickets out to anyone. Amber and Daniel drill Kevin to make sure that no one saw him dump Plum's body. They decide to keep the money but to stash it on the Chancellor property. Michael and Gloria walk in, saying that they have to keep William here while he gets well since his place has too many stairs, and Michael's place is full with their baby. Daniel and Amber scramble to leave, taking Plum's suitcase. Gloria says that Kevin will stay with Michael and Lauren for the time being. Paul and Maggie come in to ask some questions to Kevin about Jana. Daniel tells Amber that someone stole his credit card numbers and maxed him out, so he's going to have to come clean with Lily. In the office, David and Nikki try to push Karen out so that they don't have to try to hide their attraction to one another. They work on a couple of Nikki's speeches, then David tells her how beautiful he thinks she is, and they share a hot kiss. Later, Sharon watches the nanny cam footage, shocked to see what they caught on tape. Logan gives a feverish Nick more tea, telling him that it's the only medicine she has. Nick's fever breaks and he asks Logan where he is. She says that he is in the Wisconsin Wilderness and that she's a doctor who has been trying to nurse him back to health. He says that he has to see his family, but falls when he tries to walk. She says that they'll hike back into town when he heals.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sharon shows Phyllis the video they got of Nikki and David kissing. Sharon backs up the video to show Phyllis the whole tape and they end up seeing Jack talking to his ‘dad' about how he owned Jabot. Phyllis tells Sharon that Jack is just stressed about the campaign, but Sharon realizes that Phyllis knew that Jack owned Jabot. Phyllis tries to explain but Sharon tells her to let her deal with her husband. A reporter tells Victoria that Brad has confirmed they are getting divorced. Brad tells the reporter that Victoria moved out and when the reporter asks where she is staying, Brad lets it be known that she's staying at her boyfriend's loft. Nikki tells the reporter that Brad is just trying to embarrass Victoria and that he's trying to deflect the attention from his perjury charge.

Kevin talks with Daniel on the phone about dumping the body. Cane tells Amber that Katherine gave him a bonus check. He tells her he'd like to take her on a honeymoon. Then he tells her that he was trying to trick her into thinking he was buying a timeshare in Vegas like the time they went to Vegas, but he tells her that he found out the timeshare people don't give away tickets to Vegas. He then tells her to admit it and tell him where she got the tickets when they went to Vegas and ended up getting married. She tells Cane that she pawned her ring to get the tickets to Vegas and he tells her she should have told him, but that it's OK. They kiss and Cane wants to go to the house and spend time in the bedroom.

Daniel tells Lily that someone stole the money from their account and that they need to go over their bills to make sure there aren't any other fraudulent charges. Jack has a photo op with Brewers' baseball players. Phyllis accidentally walks in on the press conference to tell Jack about Sharon knowing about Jabot, but is sidetracked and excited to see the Brewers' players. Realizing she's a big fan, the players ask to have their picture with her but his campaign manager rushes her out of the room. David and Katherine leave Nikki alone so she can talk to Victoria. Nikki tells her that it's despicable the way Brad is treating her. Victoria tells her to get back to work. After she leaves, Victoria and J.T. talk about digging up anything they can find on Brad.

Brad shows up at Jack's campaign headquarters telling Jack he wants to back him in the election. Phyllis says that he changes his loyalty more than he changes his socks. Jack and Brad leave the room to discuss things. Brad tells Jack how he told the reporter about he and Victoria's divorce, that that should help Jack's campaign. Amber tells Kevin that she hid the money in the Chancellor stables. He tells her that they need to bury the money somewhere so it isn't found. Daniel and Lily reminisce as they go over their bills think about good times they've shared.

David and Nikki talk about their kiss. They agree they've been unprofessional and didn't know what they were thinking. Sharon tells Jack that she and Phyllis set up the hidden camera to catch Nikki, and tells him that they ended up seeing Jack on the tape saying that he owned Jabot. She then tells him that if that wasn't hard enough, he then confided in Phyllis. Jack tells Sharon that he bought Jabot before they were married and then recently sold it back to Katherine. She is upset that he didn't trust her with the information but that she told Phyllis. Sharon says she can forgive him since he forgave her. They agree that they need to quit distrusting each other. Sharon tells Jack that she thinks him buying the properties from Brad will hurt his campaign, but he explains he has to do it. Phyllis and Brad trade barbs in the break room. Nikki and David talk about how they should be able to not flirt and work, they are adults and can handle the situation. They agree not to let the kissing happen again. As Amber, Cane and Katherine chat, she gets a phone call from Kevin. He tells her that the news is reporting that a ‘John Doe' has been found.

Amber thinks back when she, Daniel and Kevin were trying to figure out how to dump the body. She then tells Cane that it was Lauren calling saying that she found Amber's car keys in the parking lot and she's going to run over and get them. Kevin calls Daniel and lets him know and starts to lose it. Amber arrives and Kevin puts her on the phone to calm him down. Victoria passes Brad in the hall and smiles at him. He asks what that look is, and she says it's anticipation. He asks for what, and she tells him sweet revenge. Jack apologizes again to Sharon. She tells him not to look so worried, that she's still here. Phyllis comes in, and Sharon tells Jack that they also caught Nikki and David on tape.

Nikki lays into Brad about him talking to the press about he and Victoria's divorcee. Brad tells her that she's a piece of work and will do anything to benefit her campaign. Phyllis and Sharon show Jack and his campaign manager the video of Nikki and David kissing. His campaign manager doesn't want them to release the tape because it could be traced back to Jack. Phyllis and Sharon say that Jack didn't have anything to do with it, but he says it could still ruin Jack's campaign. After going over the bills and remembering old times, Lily and Daniel hug. He then gets a call saying that he has been invited to a week-long business seminar. He tells Lily that Neil put in a good word for him. He then asks Lily if he can see her when he gets back. She then asks him to stay for dinner. She then tells him that he could spend the night, just to sleep.

Amber returns and Cane questions her about her cousin. He then tells her that a body was found that seems to match his description. She says there's no way and gets a worried look on her face. Lily tells Daniel to pick out a DVD to watch while she gets dinner ready. She goes upstairs to put the bills away and Daniel calls Kevin to tell him he can't help Kevin and Amber hide the money, that he is not going to pass up an opportunity to spend the night with Lily. Kevin is upset and hangs up on him. Amber argues with Cane and tells him the body can't be her cousin's. He suggests they go down to the morgue to find out.

J.T. tells Victoria that Brad sold all his Clear Springs properties to Jack. She tells J.T. that if Brad wants to play dirty, then bring it on, she will fight back. Jack tells his campaign manager that he wants to put the video out of Nikki and David kissing; his campaign manager worries that it's going to blow up in his face.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daniel happily watches a chic flick with Lily. When Lily goes to make more popcorn, Kevin lightly knocks on the door. Daniel tells Kevin that there is no way he is leaving; this may be his only chance to get Lily back. Kevin says that Daniel owes him, and he's going to be calling Daniel with an emergency. When Daniel starts massaging Lily's feet, he is interrupted by Kevin's call. Lily begs Daniel not to answer it, but he does anyway. Daniel apologizes, but Kevin is in a jam at the coffeehouse, dealing with an emergency flood. Daniel promises that he will return with a special surprise.

Amber and Cane go to the morgue. Cane tells Amber that he knows what's going on. He understands that she is freaked out at the thought that the John Doe may be her cousin. When Amber begs Cane to go get her a soda, she calls Daniel, apologizing for not being there. When Cane returns and hears Amber talking to Daniel, he grabs the phone from her. Quick on his feet, Daniel passes the phone to Kevin, who says that they are at Jabot having computer problems. Cane runs off to Jabot, giving Amber the opportunity to go to the Chancellor Estate to help Kevin and Daniel bury the money.

At the Chancellor Estate, Kevin and Daniel freak out when they hear somebody coming. They are relieved to see Amber. As they begin digging, a security guard shows up. They hide again, barely dodging the guard. When Daniel comes home to Lily, she freaks out when she sees that Daniel's shoes are muddy. Daniel covers saying that he had to shut the water main off at the coffeehouse. When Amber returns home, Cane apologizes for taking off. Amber tells Cane that the John Doe was not her cousin.

Victoria tells J.T. that she is not going to reveal her knowledge about Brad's sale of the Clear Springs property. When Brad and their divorce lawyer show up to discuss the split, Victoria says that Brad can have the house, the cars and the furniture. The only thing that she wants is the Clear Springs property. Brad says he won't give up the property.

Jack smugly pretends he's saying a campaign speech, pretending to know nothing of the footage of Nikki and David's kiss. When Jack gets a call asking him about it, he happily says that he doesn't want others' personal issues to get in the way of their campaigning. When he hangs up the phone, he happily suggests that they all go to toast to their victory. At Gina's, Brad tells Kevin that his shirt is ripped down the back. Kevin jokes that he was wondering where that draft was coming from. Jack makes a bet for when Nikki will step down.

Nikki is shocked to see the footage of David and her kissing. David tells the press that Nikki is traveling and has no comment. David decides that he must quit as campaign manager. He apologizes to Nikki for making such a mess of the situation. Katherine is in shock that Nikki and David have been kissing. She asks David if he is in love with Nikki. David says that he respects Nikki. Katherine tells him that he has really messed that up. Katherine suggests to Nikki that for the sake of her family, she drop out of the race.

When Nikki appears on television, she apologizes to the public for the embarrassment and humiliation she caused herself. She says that she won't let that get in the way of the people who need her help though, that's why she still asks for the peoples vote.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Karen and Victoria tried to talk David out of going to Nikki's debate against Jack. After the video of David and Nikki had spread all over the Internet, they were concerned about how it would damage her campaign. Nikki insisted on David being there, and David assured them that as a volunteer, rather than a consultant, he'd be invisible to the voters.

Katherine and Jill were getting ready for their day. Katherine said she was going to Nikki's debate, and Jill was going to work. After they left, Amber was ready to go to work, too, but Cane talked her into calling in sick. After she did, Cane let her know it was his intention to make love to her in every room of the house. During one of their trysts, a messenger arrived with a DVD. Amber nervously remembered Garrett telling her that he had copies of her old videos that he could show Cane. Cane caught her trying to find out what the DVD was, but it was only an exercise tape. Later, Cane led Amber outside for a picnic. It was hard for Amber to be romantic, however, when they were at the same location where she, Daniel, and Kevin had buried the money they took from Garrett's room after finding him dead.

Katherine went to Newman Enterprises, where she, too, tried to talk Nikki into making David stay away from her. She told Nikki that Victor might not react as badly as she feared, but she also wondered if Nikki had feelings for David. Nikki admitted that she was confused about her feelings. Later, David spoke privately with Nikki. He told her that he'd be at the debate, but out of sight. He agreed with the others that Nikki couldn't afford to be seen with him.

Victoria was having problems with morning sickness, so J.T. brought her some of the things she felt like she could eat. Victoria said that she couldn't let Nikki or Brad see her eating those foods, because they would remember that they were all the same foods she'd craved before her miscarriage. Brad did see the food on the table, but he didn't make any comment about it. Later, J.T. tried to talk Victoria out of going to her mother's debate, saying the stress might not be good for her. Victoria disagreed, insisting that the most important thing was for her to be publicly supportive of her mother.

Ben was having an equally hard time convincing Phyllis not to go to the debate. Sharon agreed with Ben, and even Jack reminded Phyllis that being low key wasn't something she was good at. Phyllis insisted that she could handle it. Later, she saw David Chow behind the scenes at the debate. She congratulated him on getting such effective footage of him with Nikki on the Internet.

Jack and Nikki appeared to be doing equally well during the debate, and Jack didn't take any opportunities to bring up the tape of David with Nikki. But when he spoke of values, Nikki dropped her bomb: After divesting himself of the Clear Springs properties so no one would doubt his ethics, Jack had secretly bought them back. Before Jack could respond, the debate was out of time. Later, Nikki and Jack both spoke to reporters, each of them putting their spin on things.

After the debate, Victoria felt nauseated and J.T. was leading her out of there. Brad confronted her about already knowing and leaking the information regarding the Clear Springs property. J.T. kept Victoria moving away from Brad. Later, Victoria insisted that she was fine. She just needed to eat. She and J.T. went to the athletic club, where Victoria wondered about her bad choices in men. J.T. assured her that he wasn't a bad choice.

Jack wasn't entirely happy to see Sharon and Brad talking after the debate, but he only watched from a distance as Brad expressed his regret that Nikki had divulged the Clear Springs information. Sharon was sorry that his divorce with Victoria was turning into something so bitter. Meanwhile, Phyllis confronted Nikki, making a few biting remarks about Nikki's videotape. Nikki told Phyllis that she was bitter and might as well face the fact that her life was always going to be an unhappy one.

Nikki went back to Newman and placed yet another call to Victor, asking him where he was and begging him to call her. When she looked up, David was standing in the doorway. He said he thought she might need a friend. Little did Nikki know that Victor was even then on one of the Newman jets watching the footage of her with David Chow that was on the Internet.

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