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Will began his rehabilitation. Paul and Maggie tried to locate Jana. Nick and Logan were rescued. Jack won the election. Nick could only remember being married to Sharon and not Phyllis. Brad found out that Victoria was pregnant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, June 25, 2007

It's election day and both Jack and Nikki's camps are anxious about what will happen at the polls. At the first exit polls, Jack is up by a small margin. David tells Nikki that she's now up by two points in the polls. In the parking lot, Neil stumbles upon Karen who locked her keys in the car. He gets a hanger from his car and helps her unlock it. Thankful, she asks him out for coffee tomorrow to repay him. At the hospital, Gloria worries that William will say something about her to his caregivers. Michael and Lauren allow Gloria and William to stay with them. Maggie and Paul go in to see William, completely missing the paper that William has written that says "murderer." Later, Gloria returns to William's hospital room and finds the piece of paper that says "murderer." Amber takes Cane to the garage at Newman Enterprises and surprises him with a new motorcycle, saying that she's been saving her money now that they aren't paying rent. Cane is thrilled. Amber receives a call from a L.A. record producer saying that he heard her demo, but wants to hear some new songs from her. She asks Katherine to loan her the money to make the demo but Kay refuses. Kevin receives another email from Jana saying how much she misses him. Jana calls Kevin again and they both agree they want to see each other, but Jana hangs up before Kevin can trace her location.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The polls are closing, and Nikki is still pulling ahead. Nikki says that she must beat Jack in this election; she is the person who cares about the people-it's not just about her personal agenda. Victoria comes in to cheer her mother on, but when she is alone with Katherine, she admits that she doesn't always approve of her mother's tactics-especially when it comes to her relationship with David Chow.

Meanwhile, Jack is worried that Nikki is ahead of him by 5 points. Ben tries to explain to Jack that the last minute votes are on his side, the older generation of folks favor Jack, and they will be the one's to pull Jack over the margin. Ben is correct, as the numbers go through; Jack is surprised to hear that he is the projected winner of the race. Jack hugs Sharon and tells her that he couldn't have done this without her. Phyllis also cheers Jack on, but has a faraway look as she watches Sharon and Jack's happy embrace.

When Nikki finds out that Jack has won the race for Senate, she wants to give a concession speech ridiculing Jack and his tactics. But when the time comes for her to give a speech, Nikki retracts and admits that she wants to help Jack with his endeavors. Jack happily agrees that now that the race is over, he would also like to work together.

Nick tells Logan that he has to go home to his family. Logan tells him that from a medical professional's standpoint, Nick can't make the trip. She also says that if she left him and something happened to her, Nick would die. She will not let that happen. Nick wonders why Logan isn't practicing medicine anymore. At first she avoids Nick's questions, but admits that she lost her family in a car accident. Logan feels like she could have saved her family, but didn't. Nick tells her not to blame herself. When Logan tends to a cut on Nick's leg, she realizes that it is infected. She tells Nick that there has been a change of plans; they have to go to the hospital. She decides that they will leave at first light. Nick says that he can't wait, if there is any chance that he will die from the wound, they need to leave right away. Suddenly, they hear an airplane overhead. Logan runs out, but doesn't see anything. Nick insists that they leave right away.

Kevin tries to instant message Jana. He writes to her that he hasn't forgotten what she did, and he doesn't forgive her, but that he misses her. When Jana receives the message, she calls Colleen, asking her if Kevin has a girlfriend. Colleen is alarmed when she hears Jana's voice, and tells her that there's no way she will help Jana. Jana begs for Colleen to take down her number. When Colleen does, she immediately hangs up and tries to reach Paul. When she can't reach Paul, Colleen goes to see Kevin. She is shocked to hear that Kevin has been in touch with Jana. Kevin tries to explain to Colleen that playing on Jana's feelings is the only way he will be able to find her and put her away. At first Colleen objects, but Kevin ultimately convinces her to help him.

Colleen tells Adrian that she is going to help Kevin find Jana. Adrian begs Colleen to drop it, and when Colleen refuses, Adrian goes to Kevin and tells him to stay away from Colleen. When Jana calls Colleen again, Colleen tells her that Kevin is just as sick as Jana-that's why he can't get over her.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jack tells Ben that he wants to start planning the Clear Springs project. Ben tells Jack that the project is associated with Phyllis' extortion case and that he should steer clear of it, but Jack doesn't agree. Maggie and Paul try to figure out who the positive DNA sample in the tainted cream case belongs to. They wonder why William had a sample secretly tested. As Gloria is feeding William, she shows him the note paper she found where he had scribbled ‘murderer'. She tells him that if he focuses on happy things that it will help his recovery more. Nick tells Logan that she has a gift and that she should go back to practicing medicine. Logan runs outside when she hears an airplane flying overhead. She says she needs to make something that the planes won't miss so they can be found.

Gloria shows Michael the paper that William wrote ‘murderer' on. He tells her not to leave William alone. Jack receives the champagne and note that Phyllis sent him. Sharon asks him who it's from and he lies saying it's from a constituent. She goes to make breakfast and Jack phones Phyllis and thanks her. He then asks Phyllis to manage the development of Clear Springs. She accepts the position. Paul asks Michael how William is doing. He tells Paul that William is getting lots of care. Maggie tells Michael that the acting D.A. is putting Phyllis' extortion case on the fast-track. Nick tells Logan to tell everyone he ever loved that he loved them and that everyone who ever screwed him that he never got over it. He then tells her to let his family know that he really loved them. He thanks Logan for her help and tells her to go back to work. A park ranger shows up saying he saw their signal. Logan explains that Nick needs flown to the hospital.

Michael tells Phyllis that the replacement D.A. is fast-tracking her case. Ben tells Jack that he shouldn't have Phyllis run the Clear Springs project. Sharon walks in and agrees. Jack tells her if she insists he won't have Phyllis do it. She asks if he already offered her the job. When she finds out he has, she says she doesn't want to be the bad guy and they agree Phyllis can run the project but will be fired if Jack or Sharon decide it needs to be done. William's speech therapist gets him to start mumbling words. Gloria rushes her out of the apartment saying that William is tired. After she leaves, Gloria tells William that he needs to rest. Phyllis wants Michael to get the custody papers ready; she says she'll feel better heading into her trial knowing that Summer will be safe with Michael and Lauren. She says she doesn't want Nikki taking care of Summer. As Logan is on the Ranger's phone telling the hospital what to expect, the Ranger realizes that it's Nick Newman. The Ranger heads outside to guide in the helicopter and Nick tells Logan that he can't wait to see his kids and kiss his wife.

Maggie and Paul show up to see William but Gloria tells them that William is sleeping. She tells them that she'll give them a call when William is having a good day. She just stares at William after they leave, knowing William heard everything. David and Nikki say their goodbyes before he leaves town. At the hospital, Logan calls for Victor and Nikki Newman and is put through to Nikki. She tells Nikki that she has Nick with her, but Nikki hangs up and tells David that some nut called. Nikki's assistant tells Nikki that Dr. Armstrong is on the phone and Nikki has David take the call. Logan insists that David put Nick's parents on the phone. Nikki's assistant phones the hospital and verifies that a Dr. Armstrong is at the hospital with a patient. Nikki gets on the phone and asks what she wants. She says that Nick is with her. Nikki asks to speak with him and Logan tells her that Nick is unconscious and suffering from blood poisoning. Nikki drops the phone and rushes out of the office saying that her son may be alive. David grabs the phone and tells Logan that Nikki is on her way.

Phyllis, Michael and Lauren sign the custody papers for Summer. Lauren assures Phyllis that if they have to raise Summer that Phyllis can be assured that they will take good care of her. Phyllis thanks them and says it's very important to her that she has friends that she can trust to take care of Summer if needed. Logan shows Nikki into Nick's hospital room and she's thrilled that Nick is alive. Nick wakes up and says ‘hi, mom'. Sharon and Jack come into the room and are amazed to see Nick. Sharon asks Nikki if she knows what Nick has been through. Nikki says that all she knows is that he is alive. Nick wakes up and tells Sharon that he's been wanting to see her. He says, ‘no welcome home kiss'. She reaches down to give him a kiss and he starts to passionately kiss her. She tells him that she knows he is sick but that the kiss was a little inappropriate. Nick asks ‘why, because I want to kiss my wife?' as Jack and Nikki look on shocked.

Phyllis tells Michael and Lauren to give her a moment to check her voicemail. She mentions that there are twelve messages. She says the only time anyone wants to call her is when they want to tell her bad news. She hears the first two messages are from Nikki and she deletes them. Michael tells her to at least listen to the messages. Phyllis looks shocked and hands the phone to Lauren. Lauren tells Michael that Nick was taken to the hospital an hour ago. Michael and Lauren say they'll watch Lauren as Phyllis rushes to get to the hospital. Lauren tells Summer that her daddy is home. Sharon tells Nick that they are divorced. Nick doesn't believe her And says that he loves her. He tells Sharon that he would remember divorcing his wife. He then tells everyone that he wants to see his children. Sharon says she'll bring Noah by later. Nikki tells Nick that they don't know where his daughter is right now. Nick tells them to just call her on her cell phone. Nikki asks who's cell phone, and Nick says Cassie's. He then asks what Cassie's cell phone number is. Jack and Sharon look on horrified as Nikki tells Nick that Cassie was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago. Nick asks Nikki why she would say that and starts yelling that he wants to see Cassie.

In the hallway outside Nick's room, Sharon and Jack discuss what is going on with Nick. She says that Noah will be excited that Nick is alive, but that she doesn't want to bring him to see Nick until Nick is better. Logan tells Nikki that it's probably just the infection and medication causing Nick's temporary amnesia. Maggie tells Paul that she wants to solve the tainted cream case before William recovers. She asks Paul to be on the lookout for anything she may have missed while he's visiting Michael and Lauren's. Maggie says that she has a hunch that something is not right with Gloria and how she hovers and isolates William. Gloria shows William the cream she ordered to help prevent bed sores. David checks in on Nikki as Sharon and Jack look on. David tells Nikki that he is not leaving town right away, that he wants to see if she needs anything and to see what happens next with them. She tells him that her husband won't stay away forever. David says he understands. Phyllis rushes in asking where Nick is and Nikki directs her to Nick's room. She walks in and is in shock that she is really seeing him. She puts her hands on his cheeks and hugs him, then kissing him. He wakes up and tells her to cut it out and asks what she is doing. Phyllis says ‘it's me' and he says ‘I know who you are, you're Phyllis Abbot.' He then asks for his wife. Phyllis says ‘I'm right here' and asks where Sharon is. Sharon walks in and Nick tells her to get Phyllis out of here.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Nick's room, Phyllis shows Nick pictures of their wedding and Summer, but he doesn't remember. He is happy to see Victoria when she enters. She tells him that she married Brad but is divorcing him, and that she is pregnant with either Brad or J.T.'s baby. Later, Nikki introduces Logan to Victoria and J.T. Phyllis tells Nick that she was arrested for extortion and could face jail time for six months. Nick harshly states that she's still the same Phyllis he remembers. Nikki is surprised to see Victor in the hospital waiting room. Kevin shows Lily the still image of Jana from the webcam and notices bones in the background. He calls Colleen and tells her to check the photo he just emailed her. She recognizes the painting of bones as being in the Kostnice Ossuary in the Czech Republic, although admits that she could buy a print of it anywhere. Adrian walks in on Colleen and is not pleased that she is continuing to help Kevin. He grabs his manuscript from her, saying that it is private and that he can't believe she would betray his trust. Lily agrees with Adrian, saying that she doesn't like that she and Kevin are trying to find Jana on their own. Kevin and Jana re-analyze the photo of Jana and try to use clues in the picture to narrow down where she could be. Kevin gets an idea, saying that if Jana thought he was deathly ill, maybe she would come back to Genoa City. Jack nominates Ben to be his chief of staff. Ben agrees to go through the other resumes to fill the other staff positions if he wants to go be with Nick. Jack says that there isn't much they can do for Nick, so he'll go through the applicant list himself. Sharon tells Jack that she loves him, not Nick, so he doesn't have to worry. Brad asks Victoria to come over to explain to Abby that their divorce was not Abby's fault. Victoria arrives and invites Abby to come to her house to do art projects every once in awhile. Happy that Victoria isn't angry at her, she gives Victoria a big hug. Brad notices that Victoria left her day planner at his house. As he picks it up, an appointment card for a pre-natal visit to her OBGYN falls out.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Victor returned and Nikki tried to talk to him about everything that had been going on, but Victor said his only interest was his son. When he went to see Nick, Nick expressed how upset he was about his inability to remember the last two years. Victor hugged him and reassured him that his memory would come back. For now, his father was just grateful that Nick was alive. Later, Nikki asked Victor if he'd found Victor, Jr., and Victor said no.

Jack and Sharon saw Phyllis, who was putting together some things to take to Nick to try to jog his memory. Sharon told Phyllis that Noah might be confused by Nick's condition, so her son was going to see his father alone first. Phyllis agreed with that. When Jack and Sharon told Noah the truth, Noah couldn't wait to see his father. But when Sharon explained Nick's memory loss, Noah felt sorry for his father. He knew that Nick was having to suffer the loss of Cassie all over again.

Jack ran into Phyllis at the coffee shop while Sharon took Noah to see Nick. Phyllis was picking up Nick's favorite shake from Crimson Lights. Jack tried to reassure Phyllis that everything would work out okay. They were still talking when Jack got a call letting him know that Victor was back in Genoa City and at the hospital. Jack told Phyllis, who thought Jack was going to see Victor to talk to him about Nick. But Jack said he was going to congratulate Victor for backing the right candidate in the senate race.

Victor wasn't entirely pleased to see Jack at the hospital, and Jack chided him for the spectacle Nikki had made of herself on the Internet because of her relationship with David. Victor warned Jack not to talk about that and cautioned him about the corrupting effect of absolute power. Jack said Victor and Nikki had done plenty to make sure he suffered and wasn't successful and it hadn't worked. As Jack was leaving, David Chow approached Victor. Victor suggested to David that he leave him alone, but David criticized Victor for the way he'd abandoned Nikki. Victor ended up hitting him, but David didn't back down. Nikki got David away from Victor and gave him ice to put on his face. She suggested that he should probably leave and go on with his life. Overhearing them, Victor agreed and told David he should take her advice.

Later, Nikki talked to Victor alone and said that he'd abandoned her because he didn't know how to deal with any emotions, including grief. Victor denied that and said she was full of psychobabble. He also told her that at that point, he really didn't give a damn what she felt.

Noah and Nick were able to connect after a few moments of awkwardness. Nick was emotional and shaken as he tried to take in all the changes that he couldn't remember. Noah assured him that he was going to be right there to help his dad, because he'd never believed Nick had died. When Sharon came in to take Noah home, her son didn't want to leave. Nick was able to find the right words to let Noah know it was okay to go; they would see each other tomorrow. After Noah left, Sharon stayed behind a minute to talk to Nick. Nick said his head could believe all the things he was being told about the past two years, but his heart hadn't caught up. Could Sharon come back later alone to talk?

Victoria was thrilled to see her father home again. When Victor expressed his regret over her miscarriage, Victoria shocked both her parents by telling them that she was pregnant again. The problem was that she didn't know if the baby was J.T.'s or Brad's. Meanwhile, Brad found Victoria's day planner and some information from her doctor that she'd accidentally left in his house when she saw Abby. After figuring out that she was pregnant, he investigated what kind of testing could be done to determine the paternity of the baby. Later, when Brad found Victoria and J.T. at the coffee house, he told Victoria about the testing. But he said he'd rather wait until after the baby was born to get the test, and J.T. agreed. Brad warned Victoria, however, that if the baby was his, he intended to raise it.

Phyllis went to see Nick and show him some of the things that might help him remember, but Nick was still blank about his involvement with her and about Summer's birth. Phyllis was upset, because the Nick she was with wasn't the Nick she knew. When she walked outside, she hugged Victor, telling him that she was glad he was back. She then got the usual cold shoulder from the Newman women. Nikki said they were glad that Nick had Summer in his life and hoped he'd remember her. She and Victoria just weren't thrilled that Phyllis was part of the package. Phyllis rebuked them for the way they were behaving and said she'd leave them to fight, since they were so good at that.

Later, Sharon returned to the hospital, where Nick confessed how devastated he was by Cassie's loss. He didn't understand how Sharon managed it. Sharon told him she survived one minute, then one hour, then one day at a time. The sadness would never go away, but the happy memories would come back, too. When Nick broke down, Sharon crawled on the bed next to him and comforted him.

Amber finally found someone who would do her demo for half the cost anyone else wanted to charge, but Kevin adamantly refused to let her dig up Garrett's bag and take the money. When Cane found out how desperate she was to do the demo, he told her that he was willing to sell his motorcycle so she could have the money it would required. Unfortunately, the man he wanted to sell it to took it for a test drive and wrecked it. Amber was upset, because the motorcycle wasn't insured. She again pouted because Kevin wouldn't okay her digging up the money. Later, after Amber had left, Cane came back and asked Kevin if he knew where Amber was. Jill had given him a check to cover the cost of the demo. In the meantime, Amber was on the Chancellor estate digging up the bag of Garrett's money.

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