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Kevin handcuffed Jana and pulled out a gun. Jana suffered a seizure. Paul was reunited with Heather. Cane gave Amber a copy of their forged marriage certificate. Michael informed Phyllis that her trial was going to resume.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

While Maggie and Paul were visiting, Gloria remembered confessing to William, before he suffered a stroke, that she had tainted the cream. After William managed to write the word "murderer" on a pad, Michael and Gloria quickly shifted the subject of discussion to Jana. However when Michael realized that Gloria's continued insistence that Paul and Maggie leave William alone seemed suspicious, Michael gave William a pad and pen and asked him if he knew anything about Jana. William wrote the word, "No," on the paper.

Maggie insisted that she wasn't giving up her plan to help William solve his cases, but Michael, Lauren and Gloria told Maggie and Paul that it's a matter of life or death to find Kevin. Gloria was also concerned that Kevin's condition could deteriorate. Paul checked, but learned that Kevin had not used his credit or ATM cards. Later, at the coffee house, Maggie told Paul that she was worried about William. She also said that she couldn't stop thinking about the fact that William had written "murderer" on the paper and that Gloria kept William isolated.

Meanwhile Jana contacted Kevin via Webcam. Kevin told Jana that he had $500,000 that he had won at a casino. Jana expressed her concern for Kevin's health when she saw his bruises, but Kevin was persistent at his attempt to lure Jana to Genoa City. Later, Kevin called Amber and Daniel and ordered them to meet him at the Chancellor estate to dig up the money. When Colleen became suspicious about why Daniel was in such a hurry to leave the apartment, she secretly followed him. Before Colleen arrived at the estate, Kevin told Amber and Daniel that he needed to use all of the money in order to impress Jana. Amber, Kevin and Daniel quickly hid the money when Colleen found them, but Colleen threatened to call Michael and the police unless she was told what was in the bag. When they finally told Colleen about the money, they claimed that they had hidden it for Amber's missing cousin, but were borrowing it in order to lure Jana back. Later, Kevin showed Jana the money over the Webcam. However, Jana didn't know that Colleen, Amber and Daniel watched her interact with Kevin on his computer, out of the camera's view.

Victor told Jack, Sharon, Karen and Neil that the jet crashed because someone planted an incendiary inside the plane. Victor theorized that the target could have been Jack. However, Victor insisted that Nick not be told about the sabotage. However, Victor ordered Newman emails and other correspondence be gathered for investigators for fear that the attempt could have been organized by the mob in retaliation for the video released by Nikki's campaign manager. Victor said that until they know who the target was, they cannot know the saboteur's motives. Victor didn't want the Newman employees alarmed, so he forbade anyone to discuss the sabotage or their speculations about threats to people within the company. Neil alerted the mailroom to watch for suspicious deliveries, but Victor still would not allow Neil to tell Nick that the plane crash was no accident. Victor said he was certain that the authorities would catch whoever sabotaged the jet. Later, Victor told Karen that he knew that she didn't like him. Karen explained that she blamed Victor for Nikki having lost the election because Victor didn't offer his support. Jack and Victor exchanged terse words when Victor told Jack that he didn't approve of Jack buying his was back into the Clear Springs project. Jack sternly advised Victor that he had better adjust to the idea if they both wished to profit from the partnership.

Nick returned the office. Logan showed up to check on Nick. When Nick offered to repay Logan for saving his life, she refused money in lieu of free cosmetics for life. Nick told Logan that he feels as if he has stepped into someone else's life. Nick said that he wished he could have his old life back, a life when he was married to Sharon. When Sharon and Jack stopped by, Nick openly flirted with Sharon. Nick was shocked and angered when he learned that Victoria had long ago fired Sharon as Newman's spokesmodel. Jack couldn't believe it when Nick told Sharon that he'd try to rehire her. Later, Sharon told Jack that Phyllis had divulged to Nick about Sharon's affair, the blackmail and about Phyllis' indictment, but that Nick understood and wasn't angry. Jack changed the subject to Clear Springs, but he nixed a plan to have Sharon involved at the present time because of security concerns. Sharon was disappointed when Jack canceled her public appearances.

Nick told Neil that he was still in love with Sharon and that he couldn't believe that he had hurt her. Neil explained that after Cassie died and Nick divorced her, it took a long time for Sharon to move on, but that she finally had moved on. Neil urged Nick not to undo the progress Sharon has made. Later, as Nick and Sharon shared an elevator ride, Nick told Sharon that she would be perfect for his new campaign. He begged Sharon to come back to work for Newman.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jana refuses to meet Kevin. Furious, Kevin starts throwing things around the room. Amber, Daniel, and Colleen try to convince Kevin that it's over but he won't accept it. Amber and Daniel take their cut of the money out to Amber's car. Kevin admits to Colleen that he needs to make amends with her by carrying out revenge on Jana. Scared, Colleen pleads with Kevin to get back to the hospital, saying that she's forgiven Kevin for what happened in the past. Just as she convinces Kevin to go back to the hospital, Jana's webcam pops back on and she says that she changed her mind and wants to be with him. Karen meets Neil at Indigo for a date. Nikki and Victor go out to eat, adjusting to the divide that is between them and trying to make the best of the situation. Later, Victor asks Karen if she'd like to work for Newman Enterprises, in Dru's old job. Nikki talks to Kay and asks to use her money to buy out Victor's shares of N.V.P. so that she could run her company as she sees fit. Devon reads the news article about the strip club raid, and is furious that Daniel was caught there. Daniel pleads with Devon not to mention it to Lily. Cane asks Kay about the kind of person Amber was when she was in Los Angeles. Later, Cane calls the Vegas chapel where they got married and asks for another copy of his marriage certificate. Amber's car breaks down on the way home and when Cane goes to get the spare tire, Amber moves the money bag out of sight before Cane sees it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sharon tells Jack that Noah has run away. Nick tells Logan that it's going to be hard catching up on everything he has can't remember from the last two years. Logan tells him about Donald Rumsfeld resigning and Dick Cheney shooting someone. Nick is interrupted by a phone call and he asks ‘what happened to Noah?'. Phyllis gets a call and says that Noah isn't there and asks if they called Nick. Jill and Ji Min return to the Chancellor Estate after having dinner. When Jill tells Ji Min that Katherine and Cane aren't home, he tells her they should take advantage of being alone, but she tells him she's worried someone in her family will walk in. He starts to kiss her but she says she's too nervous someone will come home. She tells him that this is the down side of living with family. Ji Min says if they were married, they wouldn't have to worry about that. Cane works on changing the tire in Amber's truck while she clutches the bag of money closely. Cane asks Amber if she has anything in the bag to give him a light source to see what he is doing. Kevin is in great pain as he waits for Jana to show up. Colleen tries to convince him to go back to the hospital. She also tells him that it is too dangerous for him to be alone with Jana. Jana contacts Kevin on the web cam and asks him to meet her at the water tower in an hour. When the cam is off, Colleen again tells Kevin that he can't do this.

Nick and Logan are at Phyllis' house discussing where Noah may have run off to. Nick and Logan decide to go out and look for Noah, Phyllis says she'll wait there, but reassures Nick that Noah will be fine, that he's a smart kid. Sharon tells Jack that she's called all of Noah's friends' parents and he is nowhere. Jack decides to call the police. Jill says she's stunned, that she didn't think she and Ji Min getting married would ever be an option. He says he's proposing marriage, but she says they still need to get to know each other. Katherine walks in and says that they are not getting married. She tells Ji Min that she knows Ji Min is only trying to get to her money. She tells him that if he keeps this up, that Jill will be visiting Ji Min on weekends in the state penitentiary. Colleen tells Kevin that he can't defend himself against Jana and that she is going to call the police. Kevin takes her keys away from her and tells her not to follow him and to not call the police. He turns around and Jana is standing in the doorway and says 'wait right there!'. Jana pulls a gun and points it at Kevin and says that he said he didn't tell anyone about he and Jana. He says that he didn't, that Colleen found out by accident.

Katherine tells Ji Min that she knows what he did, but he says that Jack took advantage of both of them. Katherine tells him to save it for the judge. Jill tells Katherine to butt out or she'll be in front of a judge for murder. Cane and Amber walk in as they are all arguing. Cane and Amber head upstairs and the fight continues. Katherine tells Ji Min that she will turn him in. He tells her that her anger should be directed toward Jack. Ji Min says goodbye, but Jill says she's coming with him. Jack and Sharon are questioned by a policeman. Logan and Nick show up at the Abbott home. The policeman says they'll put out an APB on Noah and search the neighborhood. He says that most kids show up in a couple of hours. Nick asks Jack if he can search the property for Noah. Jack says he'll help, but Nick says he'd rather that he not.

Nick and Logan return after searching for Noah so Nick can rest. Jack says the search party just arrived and they'll be looking for Noah. Logan tells Sharon about her two children that died in a car accident. She tells them that her kids loved the attic. Jack and Sharon say they've searched the attic, but they will look again. Logan goes along to help Jack search the attic, leaving Nick and Sharon alone. He jokes around with Sharon trying to cheer her up. Phyllis searches the barn for Noah and sees his backpack in one of the horse stalls. She then starts talking loudly about how everyone is worried about Noah and is looking for him. She then says if he were there he'd be hungry and would come out to eat the marshmallow rice treats she has with her. She eats on and talks about how good it is. She then says she might give one to the horse, but Noah yells out that she can't give one to the horse, it might make him sick. He then tells Phyllis to go away.

Katherine runs into Cane and Amber in their underwear as they're sneaking around the house and tells Cane that she was just talking on the phone with his brother, Billy. When she finds out she hasn't talked to Billy yet, he wondered why Jill hasn't introduced them. She tells him that he should fly over to visit Billy. Katherine tells them if they're really hungry that Esther has made a tofu cheesecake. She then says goodnight and tells them to put some clothes on before they catch cold. Jana holds Kevin and Colleen at gunpoint and questions why Colleen is there. Colleen goes along with Kevin's story that she just showed up there.

Phyllis sits talking with Noah eating rice crispy treats. He asks her how she knew he was there. She tells him that she knows he likes to spend time with the horses. Noah says he came there before to keep the horses company while Nick was gone. Phyllis tells Noah about when she ran away when she was little. She tells him how she ended hiding in poison ivy. He asks if her mom was mad. She said she acted mad but that she knew she was crying. Noah tells Phyllis how his mom yells a lot and that Jack is busy all the time now that he won the election. She invites him over to spend the night with her some night and that she'll have Daniel and Lily over, they'll order pizza and watch a movie. Then she suggests they call his parents so they can stop worrying.

Jack, Sharon and Nick find a picture of Noah so they can offer a reward for people to find him. Sharon gets a phone call and Noah tells her that he's with Phyllis. Phyllis gets on the phone and tells Sharon that Noah is fine and she'll bring him back to the Abbot's. Amber sneaks down the stairs and outside. Jana asks Kevin where the money is. He tells her that he hid it in case there was a problem. Jana tells Colleen to go get the money. Kevin says it's in the closet. When Colleen goes to get it, he locks her in and tells Jana that he couldn't deal listening to Colleen anymore. She bangs on the door to get out and Jana asks Kevin if she loves him. Kevin tells Jana that they need to go because someone is going to hear Colleen screaming. Kevin tries to convince Jana to leave with him. He asks her to put the gun down. When she does, he hugs and kisses her. Colleen continues to beat on the door. Just as Kevin kisses Jana, he tells her she's stupid and covers her mouth with a cloth and knocks her out.

Amber is in the trunk of her car getting the money out of the bag. Phyllis returns Noah to the Abbot's. Sharon, Nick and Jack question Noah about running away. They find out that he hitchhiked to get to the ranch. Noah tells them if they punish him that he'll just run away again. Amber has the money in a trash bag and buries it in the garden at the Chancellor Estate. Someone is spying on her while she is digging the hole.

Sharon decides to set up an appointment with Noah's therapist and she and Nick will go along with him. Phyllis tells Jack that Noah told her he's upset because Jack and Sharon are so busy. Logan tells Phyllis that Noah has lost a sister, lost his father for awhile and almost lost his mom, and that he's feeling that his world is fragile. She says that anything to assure him otherwise is good for him. Sharon tells Nick that they need to spend more time with Noah. Noah comes back downstairs with his backpack and tells Sharon that she's mean. They tell him to take his backpack back upstairs. He says no and tells Nick that he hates him. Jack tells him he can't run away again, but he says he doesn't want to run away; he wants to live with Phyllis.

When Amber comes back into the house she is startled to find Ji Min in the living room. He tells her that Jill sent him back because she left her purse there. Amber tells him that she was getting something from her car. Amber tells Ji Min ‘goodnight' and heads back upstairs. Colleen continues to beat on the door and call for Kevin. Kevin tells her that he's chloroformed Jana to give her a taste of what she did to Colleen. He then handcuffs Jana. Colleen tells him to let her out, but he says he can't because he protecting her, that she can't be a part of this. Colleen pleads with him to just let her out.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kevin happily wakes up Jana with a shout. As she looks at her arms handcuffed to a pole, she wonders how she got there. Kevin shows her the gun that she pulled on Colleen and him. He wonders how it feels having the tables turned on her. Colleen pounds on the door, begging Kevin to let her out.

Daniel calls the hospital looking for Kevin. When Daniel finds out that Kevin isn't at the hospital, he calls Michael. Michael explains that he wishes that he knew where Kevin is. Daniel tries calling Colleen, but there is no answer.

Suddenly Jana has a seizure. Kevin isn't sure whether or not to believe it's real. When Jana comes to she thinks Kevin is someone else and that her baby needs to be fed. Kevin can't believe that Jana is serious and crazy. Colleen screams for Kevin to let her out and not do anything stupid. When Michael and Daniel arrive, Michael begs for Kevin to drop the gun.

Victor explains to Nikki that he hired Karen. Nikki isn't happy that he didn't discuss it with her first. When Karen signs her acceptance for her NVP position, Nikki tells Karen that she will report to her. Victor isn't happy with Nikki trying to overpower him. Nikki asks Victor if he will sell her his share of NVP.

Neil is overjoyed to have Karen working with him at NVP. When he shows her her new office, Karen wonders if she has taken over someone's position. Neil explains that his wife Dru used to have the position. When Neil sees Karen opening letters with a letter opener that Dru had a competition for in Paris, he is overwhelmed with memories of her.

Phyllis makes pancakes for Noah. Noah says that he's not hungry. When Phyllis explains that breakfast is the most important part of the day, Noah tells her that she is not his parent. Phyllis tells him that his parents gave him permission to stay with her, but not permission to be rude to her. The doorbell rings, and it's Nick. Phyllis feels funny that Nick rang the bell. Noah complains to his father that Phyllis won't let him buy a videogame. He says that Nick doesn't like Phyllis' pancakes either. Nick tells Noah to apologize. Sharon also calls Phyllis to check in on Noah. Phyllis admits to Sharon that she would rather have Noah live with Jack and Sharon so that he has a stable home. After Phyllis leaves to let Nick and Noah have some alone time, Noah expresses to Nick his feelings about Nick's memory. Noah feels that Nick lied to him when he said that he would never leave him. Nick tries to help Noah understand that it's not about lying, he cannot remember. Noah suggests that Nick move back in with Phyllis. He says that Nick laughed a lot when he was with Phyllis, and thinks it may be a great way to remember his old life. Nick thinks this is a good idea and asks Phyllis how she feels about it. At first Phyllis is hesitant, but eventually agrees. When Sharon comes by to see Noah, Noah tells her that Nick is moving back in, and that he will be living with Phyllis and his father.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Daniel, Colleen, and Michael tried to reason with Kevin and get him to hand over the gun. But every time Kevin weakened, Jana said something that infuriated him again. Finally Colleen got in between Kevin and Jana. She said that he didn't want to kill Jana or he'd have already done it. Nor would she take the gun and do it for him. Colleen said she'd come to believe that he had changed, but if he could kill Jana, then he hadn't and he might as well kill himself, too, and become just someone she used to know. Kevin handed over the gun and called the police, telling them where he and Jana were. Daniel said he had to clear out before the police got there, and Michael said he should leave, too. Colleen refused to leave, and Kevin called Michael's phone from his cell so that Michael could rush in just after the police arrived. Jana reminded them all that she could tell the police a different story, but Kevin said they wouldn't take the word of a psycho killer.

Gloria was working with William and showing Lauren how much he'd improved when a new assistant D.A. arrived. She said she just wanted to meet William and let him know she'd be taking over some of his caseload. Paul and Maggie arrived and Paul was stunned to see the new assistant D.A., Heather, who he knew from the past. Heather remembered him, too, from when she was a young girl. She'd been working in Chicago but had jumped at the chance to return to Genoa City because she wanted to work in a small town. Heather said her first priority was the extortion case against Phyllis Abbott. Maggie and Paul had to leave because Maggie got the call that Kevin and Jana had been found.

Maggie and Paul arrived at the warehouse to find Colleen and Kevin. Jana, still cuffed to a pipe, swore that Kevin had lured her there and tried to kill her. Kevin pointed out that if he'd wanted her dead, she was at his mercy, so he could have killed her. Michael arrived and told Maggie that Kevin wasn't going to answer any more of her questions. Colleen insisted that she was going to take Kevin to the hospital at once. Maggie wondered why Colleen was there, and Colleen said that Kevin had called her. After they left, Michael got a call from Lauren to let him know that Kevin had been found. Michael said he knew and that Kevin was on his way back to the hospital and Jana was in police custody. Before he could hang up, Lauren warned him about something else. There was a new D.A. who was making Phyllis's case a priority.

Cain got the mail he was expecting from the Las Vegas wedding chapel. He looked over the marriage certificate then sealed it back up. When Amber arrived, he gave it to her and said it was a surprise. She pretended to be happy when she saw their marriage certificate, then Cain pretended to notice that his signature on the certificate didn't really look like his handwriting. Amber reminded him how drunk he'd been when they got married. After Cain left, she called the wedding chapel and made sure there were no photos of their wedding. When she found out there weren't, she was relieved.

Cain went to Indigo, where he mistook Logan for a bartender. They ended up having a beer together, and Cain admired everything Logan had done for Nick, including her great survival skills. The two of them seemed to have more in common than he and Amber did. Later, after Cain left, Daniel arrived at the bar. He ordered a drink then listened, stunned, when a stranger came in and began asking if the bartender had ever seen Plum, the real name of Amber's cousin Garrett. Daniel called the Chancellor house just as Cain and Amber were about to go upstairs for some privacy. Amber was worried when she found out someone was looking for Plum.

At the tack house, Phyllis and Nick were trying to figure out how their new arrangement would work out. Nick was fine with being there, but he said that he wasn't going to take advantage of Phyllis. As long as he couldn't remember their relationship, he wanted to sleep separately from her. The two of them fed Summer and put her to bed, then played a video game. Nick's suggestion that they go riding made Phyllis laugh. She told him they usually never got out of the stables. Before they could leave, Michael arrived to give Phyllis the news about her extortion case. Nick left so they could talk, and Phyllis said Michael's timing was lousy. Michael reminded her that she needed to focus first on getting out of trouble, and next on getting her husband back. Phyllis agreed.

Michael went home and told Lauren how worried he was about Phyllis. She seemed like herself on the outside, but inside, she was terrified of going to jail and of losing Nick. In the meanwhile, Nick went to Indigo, where he ran into Logan. He told her that he was starting to understand why the old Nick had married Phyllis. She was fun and she was smart. Logan said that she'd gotten a call from her landlord. Her building was going condo, and she had to make a fast decision about whether to buy or move out. Nick asked what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be, and Logan admitted that she wanted to stay in Genoa City.

At the hospital, Kevin and Colleen were waiting for someone to take care of Kevin. Gloria came in and threw herself on Kevin, warning him that he'd better never do anything like that again. She was happy, however, that he'd managed to trap Jana. Later, Kevin was horrified when he saw Jana being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney. Maggie told him that Jana had suffered some kind of seizure. Kevin said she was faking it so she could escape.

Paul came to the hospital, and Maggie talked to him privately. She'd noticed how struck he was by the sight of Heather, and Paul admitted that it was true. He then made another confession. Heather was his daughter, but Heather didn't know that.

Later Maggie was able to talk to Jana, who told her that Kevin had lured her there with a lot of money and then tried to kill her. Maggie went outside and asked Kevin if any part of that was true. Neither Kevin nor Colleen seemed on the verge of telling Maggie the truth. To them, it was their word against Jana's.

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