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Daniel sought help from his therapist. Nick tried to get closer to Sharon. Will died, and Gloria inherited $50 million. Nikki became the sole owner of NVP. Nikki left Victor. Kevin learned that Jana could be found unfit to stand trial.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, July 16, 2007

After Jana was rushed to the hospital, she ranted that Kevin had chloroformed her, tried to kill her and had shown her a suitcase full of money. All of these allegations were noted by Maggie, but Colleen and Kevin denied that there was any truth to Jana's claims. Later, Michael quizzed Kevin about the money Jana claimed to have seen. Kevin confessed that he had fooled Jana by placing one-hundred-dollar bills on the top and bottom of stacks of one-dollar bills. Michael didn't seem to buy Kevin's lie.

Michael was confused when Kevin wanted to keep tabs on Jana's condition. Kevin told his brother that he feared that Jana was faking her illness and would escape from the hospital if given the chance. While Kevin was alone, he relived first the tender, loving moments with Jana and then he remembered Jana holding him and Colleen as hostages in the freezer and, finally, his last moments with her after he lured her back to G.C. Kevin told Michael about his confused emotions. Michael offered comfort, telling Kevin that he had grown up being a victim of his father's abuse. Kevin explained that he had thought that he would enjoy a normal relationship with Jana. Kevin said that he somehow knows that Jana still loves him. Kevin later learned from a distraught Jana that she has a brain tumor.

A worried Daniel summoned Amber to the club and pointed out the dude from L.A. who is searching for Plum. Amber didn't recognize the guy and assured Daniel that she wasn't worried because the man, who is quizzing strangers, doesn't know who Plum had come to G.C. to see. Daniel also phoned Kevin to let him know that someone was searching high and low for Plum. Later the man searching for Plum encountered Cane at the coffee shop. He showed Cane Plum's photo and asked if he'd seen him. Cane asked if Plum went by another name, but the man didn't know. Cane never let on that he recognized Plum/Garrett from the photo. Cane questioned the man and learned that he was from L. A. Cane then told the man that he didn't know Plum. Cane told Amber that the man called Garrett "Plum," Amber told Cane that she wouldn't be surprised if he cousin had gotten into trouble. Later, the man even questioned Brad about Plum, but Brad said he didn't know Plum either. When it was Amber's turn to be questioned about Plum by the man from L.A., the man recognized her.

Amber begged Cane to take her along on his business trip to Clear Springs. Cane tried to dissuade Amber, explaining that he's be busy and that Amber would be bored. When Amber couldn't get Lily to cover her shift at the boutique, she called Lauren and faked being ill in order to take time off to travel with Cane. Later, however, when Amber announced that she was free to travel with Cane, he nixed the idea. Amber was surprised when Cane told her that a man had asked him about Garrett. Cane then questioned Amber about Garrett's whereabouts, but Amber claimed that she had no idea where Garrett could be. Later, Amber called Kevin to tell him about the man searching for Plum. Kevin advised Amber to make something up, but Amber told Kevin that she had tried to get Cane out of town before he could have a chance to learn that someone was searching for Garrett/Plum. Kevin informed Amber that Jana told the authorities about the money. Later, when Cane was at the club, Adrian sat with Cane at the bar, and he questioned Adrian about Amber's past.

Amber concocted a plan to send a letter she'd found of Plum's to Argentina and have someone there mail it back. When she told Daniel about it, however, Daniel wanted no part of it. He told Amber that he was about to come clean to Lily. Amber warned Daniel that Lily would kick him out of the house, and she warned him to keep her name out of his confessions about wrongdoings. Daniel, however, blamed Amber for his troubles. Amber worried about what Cane will think if he finds out about her video on the Internet, but Daniel was not about to change his mind.

A distraught Adrian left dozens of voicemail messages for Colleen. When Adrian went to the hospital to see Colleen, he called Kevin a selfish bastard. Adrian told Colleen that he was worried about her and didn't appreciate that she'd kept secrets from him. He reminded her, too, that she'd kept a secret about the stolen art. Adrian then informed Colleen that, during his research for his book on Kunta Hora, he'd discovered that Brad's mother is dead. Adrian asked Colleen who Rebecca is because he said that he had seen Brad's mother's death certificate. Colleen explained that Rebecca had to keep her identity a secret. Colleen told Adrian that she loves him, but that she just cannot tell him everything about her family. Adrian became upset and told Colleen that she wasn't ready for a commitment.

Brad showed up at the hospital to quiz Colleen about what was going on. Colleen assured her dad that she was fine and that she'd later explain everything. When Colleen later visited Brad after her fight with Adrian, she told Brad that she was leaving to visit her mother for a while. However, she first warned Brad that Adrian knows that Brad Carlton's mother is dead, so it is only a matter of time before he learns who Brad really is. Brad later met with Adrian at the club. He told Adrian that he would pay him twice the publisher's advance not to write the book in order to protect his mother. However, Adrian accused Brad of trafficking in stolen art.

When Colleen later visited with Lily, she told her about the argument she'd had with Adrian. When Colleen mentioned her involvement with Kevin, she let it slip accidentally that Daniel had also been involved. This was not welcome news to Lily, but Colleen tried to explain that Daniel just got caught up in what had happened with Jana, but Lily was even angrier when Colleen mentioned that Amber was also involved.

Devon told Daniel that he would not lie to Lily in order to cover Daniel's tracks, but Daniel explained that he had already decided to tell Lily everything. Daniel secretly went to see his therapist who told him that he can now begin to solve his problems now that he is admitting that he has them. Daniel admitted that he is now keeping other secrets and telling lies to hide what's going on. Daniel confessed that he's worried that he'll lose Lily. Before Daniel had a chance to confess his lies and secrets to Lily, he found that she already knew about his arrest for soliciting a prostitute because Daniel's court-date notice had arrived in the mail.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Daniel tries to explain what happened at the strip club but Lily doesn't want to hear it, she says she feels sick just thinking about it. Lily tells Neil about Daniel's arrest, and that he still lies to her, and he says he'll pay the attorney fees if she wants to divorce him. Nick, Phyllis and Sharon agree to go to the lake with Noah to honor Cassie again. Brad tells Victoria and J.T. that since Adrian is trying to dig up dirt on his family for his book, they all have to be vigilant about not giving away any info about his past. Brad reveals that Abby knows that Victoria is pregnant. Alone, J.T. gives Victoria a present of socks for the baby, and they start to kiss, leading to hot sex. Gloria leaves Michael and William alone in the apartment. Michael tells William that he can't let him turn in Gloria. Michael recounts all the terrible times Gloria and Kevin have had to go through. William writes that he's sorry. Michael finds notes in William's pockets that say "they're keeping me prisoner." He starts to get angry, but then William has a coughing fit and starts gasping for air.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

William gasps for air and Michael calls for an ambulance. Michael tells William to relax as he panics. Michael calls Gloria to tell her what is going on and tells her to meet them at the hospital. Amber tells Kevin that the guy in town looking for Garrett (Plum) recognized her from Extreme Catwalk. Amber is worried that he is looking for the money. Kevin tells her to remain calm and lay low. Neil talks business with Karen in the break room. He mentions the holiday campaign is the last thing Dru worked on before she died. Nikki gives Victor a contract that will sell her NVP but he says no. Nikki is upset that he won't sell her his interest in NVP. She thinks Victor doesn't think she's capable enough to run her own company. She tells Victor that she needs to make her own mistakes and asks him to stop protecting her. He tells her he wants to work with her, but she says he just wants to order her around and control her. Kevin tells Amber that Jana has a brain tumor. She asks him if he's starting to feel sorry for her and he admits he does a little. Kevin tells Amber that they need to find out why Carson is looking for Plum. Carson questions Daniel at the coffee shop to see if he knows Plum. Carson tells him that Plum saved his life in Iraq. Gloria shows up at the hospital questioning Michael about how William is doing. He tries to encourage her that William will be OK. He then gives her the note that William wrote that says ‘they're holding me prisoner'. Gloria tells Michael that she's not holding William prisoner. He tells her that William will have her arrested for murder.

David meets with Nikki so they can return her campaign donations. David takes the blame for Nikki losing her campaign, but she says that she is to blame. David tells her that he will be moving on. Victor shows up and tells David to get out. He tells David that he will have security escort him out of the building. Nikki apologizes to David. The doctor tells Gloria and Michael that William was reacting to stress but that she thinks this was an isolated incident. Gloria wonders why William thinks they are holding him prisoner. She explains that he had everything he needed and she's worked with him for hours. She tells Michael that it's her fault that William is stressed since he was trying to tell Maggie about Gloria.

Daniel tells Kevin and Amber about Carson's questioning. Amber thinks they should tell Carson that Plum went back to L.A. Daniel tells them he has to tell Lily everything or he'll lose her. Kevin and Amber both tell him that he can't tell Lily anything. Daniel tells them that his marriage has to come first. Amber says hers does to and Cane will leave her if he finds out. They also think that Lily won't keep her mouth shut. Amber begs Daniel not to tell Lily because she will tell Cain and her marriage will be over. Daniel tells them that they can have his share of the money and that he was never a part of it. He tells Amber that he won't say anything. Neil argues with Karen about her marketing plan because she changed Dru's original plan. Victor walks in and says he supports Karen's marketing plan.

William thinks back to when he confronted Gloria about the tainted cream, Maggie questioning him about who's DNA test came back positive and when Michael was telling him that Gloria didn't intentionally kill anyone. Gloria and Michael come into the room and Gloria apologizes to William for not being there. She tells him that Michael showed her the note he wrote and she explains she was just trying to help him and trying to get him better before he had to deal with what Gloria did. She tells William that she is going to go to the police and make a confession. She tells William that she knows she has lost his love and respect, and she says she's going to see if she can redeem herself. Gloria asks Michael to promise to take care of William if she goes to prison. Gloria tells William that he will have the best care and he'll never have to be afraid of her. She tells him to get better because that's all that matters.

Kevin, Daniel and Amber go on the internet to try to find out information about Carson. Neil apologizes to Karen for overreacting to her marketing plan. She accepts quickly. He tells her that he's hyper-sensitive to anything to do with his wife. He says it hits him when he doesn't expect it and apologizes again. He then asks her if he can buy her a drink after work. She says that she'd like that. Victor questions his secretary about Nikki's whereabouts but she doesn't know. Nikki visits David and drops off some of his personal items. Nikki apologizes about how Victor treated David. He invites her in for a drink. She comes in for the drink and asks David what is next for him. He says he doesn't know and she tells him he should stay around for a few days. She asks if he's going to stay for Carmen's murder trial but he says he doesn't want to relive that. Nikki tells David that Victor can't stand the idea of her being independent. He says that Victor needs to recognize Nikki's talent and success.

Amber tells Kevin that Garrett's name is really Plum and that he wasn't her cousin but her ex from LA. He gets upset that she lied and asks her whether she really knows who Carson is. She swears that she's never seen him before in her life. Karen and Neil enjoy a drink at Indigo and make small talk. Carson interrupts and shows them Plum's picture and asks if they've seen him before. Neil says that he thinks he has seen him. Maggie visits William at the hospital and Gloria tells her that he is going to be fine. Gloria tells Maggie that she's glad she's there because she wants to tell Maggie something and that she wants to tell her in front of her husband. Just as Gloria is about to tell Maggie, William starts writing and Maggie is excited that he is writing. He writes ‘my wife' and Gloria tells him to go ahead and finish it. He then writes ‘I love her'. Gloria tells William that she loves him, too. Maggie is touched and says it must have been horrible that he couldn't communicate with his wife. The doctor comes in and says that William has pneumonia. She says she's going to discharge William and that Gloria should get him a portable oxygen tank. Maggie gets a call and has to leave. Gloria tells William that she was worried when Michael called her and that she prayed on the way there that he'd be OK. William writes that she wants Gloria to take him home. She says ‘yes, I'm taking you home' and kisses him.

Karen says she is glad to get out of politics but Neil tells her that working for a big corporation can be political. She tells him that as long as he's there giving her advice she'll be fine. Neil tells her he'll help her all he can. Nikki comes to Victor's office and asks what he wanted. He tells her that if she can raise the capital that he'll sell her NVP. As Kevin, Daniel and Amber search for information on the internet, there's a knock on the door. They look out the peep hole and realize it's Carson. They don't answer and he finally goes away. Daniel says that Carson will be back and he'll be looking for answers. Michael and Gloria get William home and Gloria tells Michael to go on out with Lauren so she can be alone with William. Gloria goes to get a pillow for William. As she's in the other room he closes his eyes and slumps in his chair. When she returns and sees him she thinks he's fallen asleep. She goes to move his head up and realizes that he's dead. She starts to cry and begs him not to leave her. She hugs him and cries begging for him not to leave.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michael tries to call Lauren to tell her the bad news. Kevin asks Michael if Gloria has been out of her room all day. Michael says that he will only admit it to Kevin, but he feels relieved not that William is dead. Kevin says at least now the Jabot case will go away.

Meanwhile, the new assistant DA, Heather, who is taking over William's cases glances down at the Jabot file. Paul and Maggie stop by to tell her that she's doing a great job. Heather says that although she didn't know William that well, she knows that he was a very dedicated attorney, with an unwavering search for the truth. Maggie says that she couldn't have said it better herself. Heather tells Paul and Maggie that she finds the Jabot case appealing, but since there is no evidence, it seems like a long shot. Maggie and Paul glance at each other. When Maggie and Paul are at dinner, Maggie wonders why Paul doesn't just tell Heather that she is his daughter. Paul says that it's hard to tell an adult something like that, someone who has never known him as her father for so many years. Maggie says maybe they should help her with the Jabot case. Paul says that if William knew the killer, it might put Heather in danger.

Maggie and Paul go to see Gloria and to offer her their condolences. Kevin says that Gloria has locked herself in her room all day. When Gloria comes out, she is dressed nicely and looks strong. She says that she doesn't need everyone's pity, William would want her to be strong. But when Heather shows up with some of William's things, Gloria begins to lose it a little. She says that she feels a little dizzy, and needs to be alone for awhile. After Paul, Maggie and Heather leave, Gloria tells Michael that she has decided to write a will. She says that the only reason she has for living are her beautiful sons, and that you can never be too careful. Gloria grabs an envelope so she can begin writing her will. When she looks at the cover, she is so dismayed that she doesn't want to read the letter. Michael opens it. He says that William's Uncle's estate dealings have finally concluded, in favor of the estate. Kevin wonders what that means. Michael says that means that their mother is now worth 50 million dollars.

Nikki signs over her shares of Jabot to Katherine. She is so happy that Victor has decided to sell her NVP. She tells Victor that she really thinks that things are getting better for them. They decide to have a nice dinner later to celebrate.

Jack talks to Victor about giving Nikki ownership of NVP. Victor smugly tells Jack that the reason he did so was so that he could bring the true owner of Jabot down. Jack asks Victor if he means Katherine. Jack says that Katherine is the owner of Jabot. Jack pretends to be surprised that no one has informed Victor.

Nikki happily tells David that she is the sole owner of NVP. David is happy for Nikki, but feels that it's time for him to leave Genoa City. Nikki tells David that she will miss him, but hopes he will understand if she doesn't want him to stay in touch.

Victor is waiting for Nikki when she returns from seeing David. He is furious that she did not inform him that Jack sold Jabot to Katherine. Nikki says that she was going through so much with the loss of their son, and Victor was away. Victor shouts that he sold Nikki NVP to go after Jack. Nikki can't believe that the only reason Victor sold her NVP was based a revengeful agenda.

Nikki goes to see David. She begs for him not to leave. David tells Nikki to go with him. Nikki asks that David stay so that he can work with her at NVP. When David and Nikki walk into Newman Enterprises, Victor tells David to get out. Nikki says that he is working with her now.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Now that Victoria's relationship with J.T. had her feeling happier, she began to notice the strain between her parents. She went to talk to her father and try to make him see things from Nikki's point of view. Nikki had been devastated when Victor left them to look for Victor Jr. right after they thought Nick was dead. Victor needed to see that Nikki was a strong, independent woman with business success under her belt. But she still needed Victor emotionally.

In the meantime, Nick talked to Nikki. He understood her frustration with Victor, but he also reminded his mother that his father loved and needed her. It might take him a while to come around, but he eventually would. If Nikki could only be patient, she would have NVP and Victor.

Nikki and Victor finally spoke, and their conversation began with promise. Victor apologized for speaking so harshly to her and for making her feel that he didn't respect her. Nikki apologized for what had happened with David, and she tried to make Victor see that she wasn't using Victor's absence as an excuse for what she did. Victor objected to David's presence in her life and reminded her of all the things he'd given her. Nikki said she didn't want things. She only wanted his respect. But Victor wanted to treat her as if she were still the helpless girl he'd met and taken in. She was no longer that girl, and he needed to stop yelling at her and exploding whenever he didn't get his way. Victor then delivered an ultimatum. She would either fire David or else. Nikki said if "or else" meant he would leave her, it was too late. She was leaving him.

Nikki went to tell David that she'd left Victor. She said she knew he was going to come after her and David and try to take down NVP. David said that Victor didn't know who he was tangling with, and Nikki said that David might be strong, but Victor knew how to win. David said he hadn't been talking about himself. He was talking about Nikki, who was just as strong as Victor. Nikki was grateful that David saw her as a strong person in her own right. Nikki also felt she had one advantage over Victor. Since she'd learned from the best--her husband--she could anticipate all Victor's moves. David said then let the games begin.

Nick talked to his father, who was outraged by Nikki's behavior. Nick told Victor to calm down; he was afraid he'd have another seizure. Victor said that he would be fine. His only goal now was to destroy Nikki's company and teach her the price for her disloyalty. In the meantime, Victoria was unaware of all that had gone on between her parents, but she told J.T. that her father didn't respect her mother. J.T. said that he would always respect Victoria's desires. She told him to prove it and stopped the elevator they were in so she could kiss him.

Carson was still looking for Plum. He went to Kevin and Daniel, who finally admitted that they knew him as Garrett. He was Amber's cousin and Kevin had taken him in for awhile. But he'd left town owing Kevin money, so they'd pretended not to know him because they thought he might owe Carson money, too. Kevin wanted to get his money first, before Carson did. After Carson left, Daniel and Kevin weren't sure he'd bought their story, but at least they no longer had to worry about anyone telling Carson they were lying to him.

Amber was being flirtatious with Cane, who promised that he'd bring home dinner for them later, as long as Amber was dessert. Cane also asked about Amber's friend Allie, wondering if she might be interested in dating a friend of his from Australia. Amber said that Allie was helping her sick sister in Illinois and she wasn't sure when she'd be back. After Amber left, Cane began making phone calls. He called the Las Vegas wedding chapel where they'd been married and got the exact time of the ceremony. He then called the hotel and tried to get videotape from their lobby during that time. It was a dead end, however, because the hotel cameras were nonfunctional.

Amber was upset to find out what Daniel and Kevin had told Carson. But they said it was only a matter of time until someone connected them all together, and it was better that they made up a reason for lying to him in the first place so he wouldn't think they had anything to hide. They also looked up Plum on the web and found out Carson was telling the truth. Plum really was a veteran who'd been heroic in battle. Amber felt bad for never knowing that about him.

Carson found Cane at Indigo and showed him Plum's picture again. He said it was surprising that Cane hadn't recognized his wife's cousin. He then told Cane that wasn't really the truth. Plum was actually a former boyfriend of Amber's. Later, Amber found Cane at Jabot and tried to talk him into going home early. Cane confronted her with the truth, and Amber admitted that Garrett's real name was Plum and he was an ex. She hadn't told Cane because she was ashamed of her past and hoped he'd forgive her. Cane said he already had forgiven her, but his face when she couldn't see it said otherwise.

Carson was still showing the picture around when he met someone else who said she recognized Plum. When Carson asked if she knew where he was, the woman said yes, she was pretty sure he was back where she worked. She then told Carson that she worked at the morgue, and Carson realized that Plum might be dead.

Jana was trying desperately to get Kevin to talk to her, but he kept blowing her off. She then managed to reach Michael and tricked him into coming to see her in the psych ward. She told him that Kevin wanted him to represent her. Michael wasn't able to reach Kevin, but it didn't matter. He said there was no way he was going to defend her after what she'd done to his brother.

Kevin went to see the new D.A. assistant, Heather. He told her that he wanted to help her in any way with her case. When Heather realized that Kevin was a little obsessed with Jana, she suggested that he might get some victim counseling to help him deal with his feelings. Kevin wasn't interested in that; he was sure that Jana was using her brain tumor as the reason for all she'd done, but she was lying. She'd known exactly what she was doing, and he was the only one who understood just how cunning she could be.

Later, Kevin went to see Jana, who seemed delighted that he was visiting her. But Kevin told her not to get too excited. He wasn't there because he cared about her. He was just going to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't get away with anything. In the meantime, Michael also went to talk to Heather. He was willing to offer the D.A. his assistance in any way possible to ensure that Jana ended up behind bars for life.

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