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Jana made it through her surgery. Phyllis received a six-year sentence. Phyllis locked herself in the bathroom so that she would not have to leave an ill Summer. Ji Min honored Jill's request not to announce Jabot's true ownership.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Adrian visited Jana at the hospital. When Jana thanked the professor for coming, she remarked that only two other people, namely Kevin and Colleen, ever come to visit. When the professor asked if she was jealous of Kevin and Colleen's closeness, Jana quickly dismissed the idea, insisting that the two are more like brother and sister. At the club, Kevin obsessively phoned neurosurgeons in a futile attempt to get immediate help for Jana. Colleen stopped by to pick up take-out food, and she overheard Kevin's phone calls. In an attempt to relieve his frustration, Colleen reminded Kevin that Jana is still in police custody, so taking her to a doctor in another city would not be easy. Kevin vowed that he wouldn't stop trying to find help for Jana. At the hospital, Kevin sat by Jana's side as the surgeon explained that Jana would be conscious during the surgery, so she could assist the surgeons by being able to answer their questions. The surgeon also confirmed Jana's worst fears when he explained that serious complications could arise during the delicate procedure, including death. Jana later worried that if she were to die, she'd end up in hell with the creeps from serial murder cases she's read. Kevin allayed Jana's fears and told her that hell was only a place that preachers talk about to frighten people. Later, Kevin tried to bring cheer to Jana by giving her a CD and a photo of the two of them. As Jana admired the photo, she began having a seizure. Kevin yelled for help. Just hours before her surgery, Jana's ever-growing tumor was causing her body to flail wildly on her bed. The nurse ran to get medication as another nurse held fast to Jana's arms to prevent her from falling onto the floor. Kevin, unable to help Jana, was frozen with fear.

Colleen went to Adrian's to prepare dinner for Lily and Devon. However, a knock at the door surprised Colleen because it was too early for her expected guests to arrive. The unexpected visitor was Kevin, who had graciously volunteered to deliver Colleen's to-go order after a mix-up sent her home with the wrong one. Adrian wasn't too happy to see Kevin's face when he opened the door, and he was even less pleased when Colleen invited him to come in and also to stay for dinner. Kevin quickly accepted the offer because he was eager to discuss Jana's medical problems with a sympathetic listener. However, Kevin's frustrations were relieved when he received a phone call informing him that Jana's surgery had been scheduled for the next day. Kevin skipped hurriedly out of Adrian's apartment to go tell Jana the good news. Devon and Lily arrived for dinner at Adrian's. They couldn't believe that Colleen had changed her tune about Jana, but Colleen explained that she wouldn't wish Jana's grave condition on anyone. Colleen and Lily retreated to Adrian's kitchen to prepare dinner. Colleen became frustrated when she discovered that Adrian's kitchen was a bit disorganized. What was supposed to be a relaxing dinner for Lily and Devon was turning into a tension-filled fiasco. However, before Devon and Lily left, Lily thanked Colleen and Adrian for the relaxing evening, which Lily claimed truly helped after her horrible day. Alone together, Colleen promised to give her attention to Adrian, after; she said half-jokingly, she organized his kitchen. However, Adrian asked a surprised Colleen to move in with him.

Still mingling in the courtroom after Noah's and Sharon's surprise testimonies begging leniency for Phyllis, Noah explained to Phyllis, Nick, Michael and Daniel that it was his idea for them to testify because he didn't want Phyllis to go to jail. Michael, however, explained that although Sharon's and Noah's supportive testimonies will help, Phyllis is not yet in the clear. Outside the courtroom, Jack, who was pleased with Sharon's decision to speak on Phyllis' behalf, asked his wife why she did it. Sharon answered that Noah had persuaded her and added that she also did it for Phyllis' kids. However, Nikki and Brad were not at all pleased with Sharon's surprise testimony. Nikki hoped that the judge would rule on the facts of the case and not on emotion. Neil was also not happy about the testimony, and when he returned to the courthouse to retrieve Lily's lost wallet, he confronted Phyllis. A brave Phyllis, however, defended her testimony as an honest account of her remorse and sorrow over her actions. She again apologized personally to Neil and added that if she could change what happened, she would.

At her dad's office, Lily fumed about Sharon's testimony. Neil and Devon agreed that Sharon had betrayed them. When Devon asked if Sharon's testimony could impact the judge's ruling, Neil answered that it was powerful testimony coming from a victim. A still-shocked Lily professed her hatred for Sharon for what she did to her mom. Devon, however, said that Dru would understand why Sharon did what she did. Neil reminded his children that the jury had already found Phyllis guilty, so he couldn't fathom that the judge would give Phyllis a slap on the wrist. An angry Lily said that if Phyllis gets to go home, then she would freak out. Nikki stopped by, and before he and Lily left, Devon thanked Nikki for giving testimony against Phyllis. While Nikki and Neil conducted business, Nikki told Neil that she realized how difficult it must have been for him to see Lily going through the pain of testifying at Phyllis' trial. Neil agreed it was and added that it sometimes takes the death of a loved one to remind people of just how important family is because important things in life are easily taken for granted.

After Nikki left Neil's office, she ran into Victoria and J.T. in the hallway. Nikki was bubbly and animated, and she wasted no time inviting Victoria and J.T. to dine with her. Victoria was taken aback and explained that she's lived with J.T. for months and had yet to even share so much as a breadstick with her mother and J.T. together. Nikki explained that she just wanted to put the day behind her. J.T. gladly accepted Nikki's offer, but before they left, the elevator door opened and Sharon stepped out. Nikki didn't miss a beat with her nastiness toward Sharon and asked Sharon where her "I 'heart' Phyllis" T-shirt was. Sharon returned fire with her response that she had to settle for a "Just Say No to Nikki" T-shirt that was surely a leftover from the campaign. Later, a dinner, Nikki studied the ultrasound photos of the baby, but she couldn't discern the baby's sex. Victoria thrilled her mother when she announced that Nikki would soon have another grandson. A proud Nikki hugged her daughter. Looking on from a corner of the restaurant, Brad phoned Colleen. He left a voicemail telling his daughter to contact him because he didn't like the way they had left things.

While dining at the club after a long day at the trial, Sharon, Jack and Noah discussed Phyllis. Sharon explained that although, Phyllis broke the law, she couldn't bring herself to take a mother away from her children. Noah asked permission to phone Phyllis, and Sharon allowed her son to make the call. Phyllis assured a worried Noah that she was fine and asked to speak to Sharon. Phyllis thanked Sharon for her testimony, adding that she knew that it was more than she deserved. After Noah went to visit a friend at another table, Sharon told Jack that she worried about how her testimony has hurt the Winters. Sharon insisted that she must see go, at that very moment, to see Neil and explain. When Noah returned to the table, he admitted to Jack that he realized he hadn't been very nice to his mother lately. Jack smiled and told Noah that he was the greatest stepson in the world. As Jack spent time with one stepson, he noticed Daniel seated at the bar. He excused himself to say a word to Daniel. Daniel said he was trying to stay optimistic but that he was worried about his mother.

When Sharon arrived at Newman, she ran into Brad while she was looking for Neil. She told Brad that she probably wouldn't have testified if Brad hadn't told the judge that Phyllis had tried to flee. She also told Brad that he didn't understand about being a mother. Brad responded that he didn't blame Sharon for choosing to testify and that he wished he could have protected her. Sharon assured Brad that she couldn't stay mad at him for long. Sharon then made her way to Neil's office. Neil was angry that Sharon had gone back on her word to him that she wouldn't testify. Sharon said that she couldn't live with herself if she were to cause Phyllis to be separated from her kids. Neil didn't go easy on Sharon. He reminded her that his kids have to live the rest of their lives without their mother and that he has lost his best friend and soul mate and the one person he had thought he would grow old with. Neil said he couldn't accept that what happened to his wife was fate or the will of God. An angry Neil admitted that he wanted revenge by seeing Phyllis suffer. Sharon said nothing, but she rose from her chair and embraced Neil.

At the Newman's tack house, Phyllis spent the evening with Summer, Daniel, Nick and the Baldwins. They snacked and shared comical views of past harrowing experiences they've all pulled through. Phyllis' mind was set on tying up loose ends, so she took out her checkbook and began making financial arrangements for Daniel, including paying back the quarter-million dollars that Daniel stole. Daniel refused at first, and Michael reminded Phyllis that he was representing Daniel as part of a two-for-one deal with her. Phyllis insisted on clearing Daniel's debt even after he vowed to take responsibility for himself. Daniel, however, was elated with his mother's generosity, and he gave her a heartfelt hug. After Daniel and the Baldwins left, Phyllis told Nick that she had one more thing to do as he headed upstairs to put Summer to bed. When Nick returned, he found Phyllis reading the last lines of a children's book into a video camera. She tearfully instructed Nick to play this and several other videos she had of herself reading stories for Summer. Nick embraced Phyllis, kissed her, and lowered her onto the sofa. In the background, a song played, its lyrics declaring over and over that "It's all right."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In the courtroom, Judge Chong sentences Phyllis to the maximum penalty of a fine and six years in jail. Noah walks up to Brad and says that he knows that he and Sharon slept together because he read about it on the Internet. Sharon comes over and is shocked to learn what Noah knows. Noah says that they both did something bad, but only Phyllis is going to jail, and that he's never going to be like them when he grows up. At dinner, Noah announces that since he knows what Sharon and Brad did, he wants to live with Nick. Nikki and Phyllis get in to a heated argument over Nikki being a part of Summer's life while Phyllis is in prison. Later, Michael tells Phyllis, Nick, Daniel and Lauren that he's not going to rest until he can figure out a way to reduce Phyllis' sentence. Paul offers to help Heather on Kevin's case, saying that he thinks they'd make a great team. Just as Jana is about to be taken into the room for her surgery she flips out, saying that she can't go through with it. Kevin asks the surgeon if he can sit in the room with them, and Jana says she will do it if Kevin is there. In the surgery room, Kevin holds up cards for Jana to identify while the surgeons do a brain scan. She starts off well, but eventually starts to say the wrong word, as the EEG starts to spike. Jana and Kevin start to panic.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kevin tries to calm Jana in the operating room during her brain surgery. In the waiting room, Gloria is worried at all the stress Kevin is under and Michael tells her that he can't magically make the charges and case against Kevin disappear. Gloria tells him that he can. He then says he'll try. He then says that just once he'd like to represent someone who is innocent, that it would make his job so much easier. Ji Min bumps into Amber who is serving coffee at Kevin's coffee shop. Heather then comes up and tells Amber that she has a deal to offer her that she won't be able to refuse. A reporter asks Jack how he feels about the verdict in Phyllis' case and he explains that the punishment should fit the crime and that he feels six years in prison is unfair. Nick, tired of the reporters calling, pulls the plug on he and Phyllis' phone. Nick, Phyllis and Daniel want to spend the day together. Phyllis then says someone is missing and phones Noah and invites him to spend the day with them also.

After the reporter leaves, Jill commends Jack on how he is able to manipulate the press. She says she wishes that the reporter had known that Jack recently owned Jabot and how she'd love to see him try to squirm his way out of it. Jack tells her that Ji Min lied to her and that he (Jack) told the truth. She then accuses him of laughing at her behind her back and he denies that he did. He says it was business and she tells him that his business ruined her personal life and that she hates Ji Min and she hates Jack for bringing him into her life. Cane confronts Ji Min at the coffee shop for lying to his mom. Cane says he needs to leave town. Ji Min says he's not leaving town. Cane tells him if he goes near his mom again he'll break his legs. Cane interrupts Heather and Amber and tells Heather that if there's anything he can do or say to help her put Amber behind bars to give him a call. Noah comes over to Nick and Phyllis' and they try to figure out what they're going to do. They talk about basketball and Phyllis wants Noah to teach her some basketball tricks. Noah asks if they have basketball in jail because he doesn't want her to forget what she learns. Jana's surgery is over and Kevin asks the doctors if there was any damage but they don't answer. Amber shows up with coffee for Colleen, Michael and Gloria. She then tells Michael that Heather offered her a deal, that if she testifies against Kevin and Daniel that she'll be lenient on her. Michael explodes and tells Amber to immediately get him if the police or the prosecutor approach her again.

Michael confronts Heather about approaching Amber with a deal offer. He tells her to stay away from his client or he'll have to talk with the state bar ethics committee. Heather tells him he's interested in a plea agreement for her. Michael tells her that any offers she may have for his clients should be brought to him. She also encourages him to have someone else represent his brother. Amber worries about the charges she faces, but Colleen tries to encourage her. Gloria, meanwhile, makes snide remarks then leaves the room. Amber tells Colleen that they're all screwed if they can't find the money to pay back the government. Colleen says ‘I thought you knew' and explains that Phyllis is paying Daniel's money back and Gloria is paying back Kevin's. Kevin talks to Jana about learning sign language to communicate with her when she suddenly speaks. Kevin then kisses her and asks if she remembers what happened in surgery. Kevin assures her that she's fine now and wants to her say his name. He tells her he's never been happier to hear her voice. Jill sees Cane at the coffee house and he tells her that Ji Min is there and that he had a run in with him. Jill tells Cane that she doesn't know who she hates more, Ji Min or Jack for orchestrating the whole thing. Cane doesn't understand why Jack isn't in trouble for all of this. She explains that it would get Katherine's company into trouble as well. Jack is in another interview and the reporter keeps questioning him about Phyllis' case while he wants to talk about his educational bill.

Nick, Phyllis, Noah and Daniel play basketball together. Noah tells Phyllis that she's not bad at basketball. He tells Phyllis while she's in jail he's going to have to babysit. Ji Min approaches Jill at the coffee shop and gives her something telling her to open it. Katherine watches from the doorway. She tells Ji Min that he can't make an expensive gesture and expect her to come running back to him. She tells him she can't accept it and that if he doesn't leave she will. Kevin tells Gloria, Colleen and Amber that Jana is doing fine, but she's tired, and he's not quite sure how the successful the surgery was until he talks to the doctors. Kevin goes back to be with Jana and Colleen leaves to make a call. Amber then tells Gloria that she heard she's going to pay the money Kevin owes back. She then talks about how her mom would never help her and then asks Gloria if she can borrow the money. She goes on talking about how she'll become a singing star and will be able to pay her back. Gloria then lashes out at Amber for stealing the money and dragging Kevin into it. Gloria tells her that she has connived her way into a free attorney and that Michael isn't doing it out of the goodness of his heart. She says he's doing it to keep Amber in line because if she was on her own she'd do something stupid and self serving like testifying against Kevin. Amber tells her that she'd never testify against Kevin and Gloria says that she's right, and that she won't be involving Kevin in any more of her schemes because she's going to stay far away from him.

At the coffee shop, Phyllis thanks Daniel for not acting like he's miserable inside. She asks him to watch out for Noah while she's gone. He promises to do just that unless he's also put into prison. Phyllis tells Daniel that things will be changing for Noah with changing schools, dances and girls. Daniel says he remembers when he was young and his father would go on tour and be gone for a week that it would seem like forever. Now, he says, time goes too fast. Noah asks Nick if Daniel is going to jail. He then asks if Phyllis' parents were criminals, too. He then asks if Summer will be a criminal when she grows up, too. Gloria goes in the room to check on Kevin and Jana. She tells Jana that it looks like she's going to make a full recovery. Jana tells her that she doesn't know how she'll ever repay her. Amber tells Michael that there is no way she can come up with the money to pay back the government like Daniel and Kevin. Michael tells her that he'll try to work out some payment plan or something. He then leaves to talk to Jana's doctor and Colleen accuses Amber of acting to get sympathy. She then tells Amber that she thinks Amber knows where the money is. Amber swears that she doesn't know where the money is. Amber then realizes the only other person in the Chancellor mansion that would take the money would have been Ji Min because he saw her burying the money. Katherine tells Jill that she's truly sorry for Jill being hurt by Ji Min. Jill says it was probably her fault because she was so blind. Katherine tells her it's not her fault and that if you're in love with someone you sometimes can't see what is right there. Jill tells Katherine to stop and says that she wanted her to be unhappy, and congratulations, she's unhappy.

Phyllis jokes with Nick about sneaking Gina's food into prison for her. Nick tells Phyllis he fell for her because she's beautiful, sexy and smart. She asks him if it's enough to last for six years and he says six years is nothing when it compares to the rest of their lives. He says when they're in their 90's and sneaking out to the stables that this will be just a blip. Cane confronts Jack about Ji Min hurting Jill and Cane tells him that the more he knows him the more he dislikes him. Jack tells Cane that his mother has always been a master at self deception and tells him that if he wants to do business with his grandmother that he needs to learn what is personal and what is business. Ji Min returns to the coffee shop and tells Jill that he never meant to hurt her and that he loves her. He says he'd do anything to fix this, but Jill leaves and tells him to leave her alone. He turns around and Amber is staring at him and flashes back to burying the money and being watched, then seeing Ji Min in the living room when she came back into the house. She goes up to Ji Min and asks if he's ok, that she saw him and Jill arguing; then she offers him a cup of coffee. Gloria asks Jana's doctors how the surgery went and they tell her it was successful and that Jana should make a full recovery. She then asks the doctor if he thinks that tumor was responsible for Jana trying to kill Kevin. He tells her that a brain tumor can affect behavior but there's no way to be sure that it caused that behavior.

Amber tells Ji Min that she needs a $100 bill and will never make it to the bank in time so Ji Min offers her a hundred. She goes to get some twenties to buy it, then Jack comes in and says ‘well, isn't it Genoa City's newest bachelor.' Jack tells Ji Min that he can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Ji Min's phone rings and Jill tells him she needs to see him at the Athletic Club. Amber returns and trades her twenties for the $100 bill. Gloria tells Michael and Kevin to go get the car and bring it around while she goes to say goodbye to Jana. Gloria tells Jana that it seems no one will ever know for sure if her brain tumor was truly the cause of her craziness. Jana swears that it was and that she'd never do anything to hurt Kevin. Gloria tells her that if she ever does anything to hurt Kevin, Jana won't survive her (Gloria). Nick, Phyllis, Daniel and Noah return to the house and decide to make sundaes. Phyllis tells Noah that she has a schedule of the prison visiting hours and they can look at it to plan his visits. Noah then says he's not going to visit her and runs from the room. Jill asks Ji Min if he really meant it when he said he'd do anything to get her back. He says that he did. She then tells him that she wants him to go public with everything that went on with Jabot, all the lies. He asks her if she's sure; that her mom and Jack could get hurt by this. Jill says they've always known there is a possibility that it could get out. He then says that he could go to jail for this, but then agrees to do it.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nick asks Daniel and Noah if they want hot dogs or hamburgers for dinner. Daniel says both, but Noah is too busy playing video games to notice. When Nick asks him to put the game down, Noah gives Nick a dirty look. Nick says that even if Noah is angry with Phyllis, it is her last night out of jail, so please be nice to her. Victor stops by to say farewell to Phyllis. He brings her a bunch of books to read while she is in jail. When Victor leaves, Nick tells Phyllis that all he wants to do is spend time with her. The doorbell rings. It's Jack. Phyllis gives Jack a grateful hug. When Noah sees Jack, he asks if he can go home with him. Phyllis reluctantly agrees, but when Noah tries to leave without saying goodbye, Phyllis runs to hug Noah. She tells him that even if he is angry and never wants to see her again, she loves him, and she knows that he loves her. Right before Noah turns to go, he runs into Phyllis' arms.

Phyllis asks Nick to keep updating her website about Summer so that she will have an account of everything that Summer does. Nick jokes that she will know more about Summer's potty training than she'll ever know. Nick begins to read about Summer's first day at home. He reads that she was so small that she fit it in the palm of her daddy's hands. Phyllis and Nick smile at each other. As Phyllis goes through the last minute things she will miss, Nick asks her if she's forgetting something. Phyllis says that she is saving the best for last. They begin kissing, and start to make love.

Sharon is surprised when Jack brings Noah home. Jack says that Noah has been having a hard time of it. When Sharon goes to talk to Noah, Noah tells Sharon that his puppy was bad so he put him in jail. Sharon says that if Noah is feeling sad, it's not bad to cry. Sharon later tells Jack that it's Phyllis' fault Noah is having to go through all these feelings. As she is complaining about Phyllis, the phone rings. It's Victor, he wants to speak with Jack about something.

Katherine can't believe that Jill is willing to forgive Ji Min. Jill says that Ji Min has decided to come clean with the illegal business dealings with Jabot. Katherine thinks this is all about getting even with her.

Katherine goes to Victor to tell him what Ji Min is doing. She wonders why Victor isn't disappointed.

Victor goes to see Jack to see if he's worried that Ji Min is going to come forward about Jack secretly owning Jabot. Jack says that Katherine owns Jabot, so he has nothing to worry about. Victor hints that Jack's senate seat could be in jeopardy with all these accusations.

Jack shows up to talk to Ji Min and Jill. Ji Min says that he and Jill are thinking of starting their own company. He says that everyone loves a reformed sinner. Jack says that he does not want to try to take him on. Ji Min says he doesn't deal with threats very well. When Jack leaves, Jill laughs about the look on Jack's face. Ji Min says, like he told her before, he will do anything to make this right.

Daniel meets up with Amber at the coffeehouse. He talks to her about awkwardness he feels knowing that it's his mother's last night being free. Sharon shows up at the coffeehouse, and tells Daniel that even Phyllis doesn't deserve to be away from her children for that long. Daniel tells her that even if he goes to jail, he will do his best to be a good big brother to Noah. Heather comes up and interrupts Amber and Daniel's conversation. She wants to know if Amber has decided to take her offer. Daniel is upset by Heather's behavior. He knows that she's after his family.

Friday, August 31, 2007

At a breakfast meeting, Katherine tells Nikki about Ji Min's plan to go public with Jack's involvement with Jabot and how it will hurt her and Nikki/Clear Springs. Nikki is livid.

Victor runs into David at Newman and they have a strained conversation about Nikki. Nikki runs into Victor and it's tense. Nikki tells him about the Ji Min situation and he assures her he will help. He tracks down Ji Min in the Athletic club lobby and asks him to back off but he refuses. Katherine also finds Ji Min there and tells him to re-think this but he won't. She warns him that is he making a lot of enemies. He doesn't care who it hurts. Nikki tries to get Jack to go public first to do damage control but he refuses. Later Jack and Victor taunt each other over their roles in this mess. Victor was the one who got Ji Min to record the incriminating conversation in the first place. Nikki tries to reason with Victor. If Clear Springs goes down he will have to pay off a huge loan. Bad business for personal reasons makes no sense. He reveals that he is happy with cleaning up after her failure and that he WILL still make a profit.

Amber and Daniel chat about the $100 bill she got off Ji Min and the possibility it is part of the missing money. Daniel has his mom's good-bye to worry about so he leaves. Carson arrives and chats with Amber about her woes. He offers to help her but she is coy. She says the $100 bill is a birthday gift and she puts it in her bag. Later she tries to call Katherine. When she surprisingly gets through on her cell she quickly tells her that Ji Min stole the money. Kay is intrigued. She tracks Amber down at the Athletic Club and says that if she can prove Ji Min Stole the money she will be VERY grateful. She then quickly follows up with an admonishment that they never had this conversation. Carson shows up and produces the bill she stashed in her bag. He tells her it IS part of the missing money. He knows since he was the one who originally stole it along with Plumb and remembers the serial number. She tells him that Ji Min has the money. Carson suggests checking out his room.

Daniel walks in on a post-coital Nick/Phyllis. Playful teasing around until Nick tells Phyllis that Summer seems to have a fever. He will take care of her but Phyllis wants to stay with her. She begs Michael to get her an extension so she can be with her but Michael doesn't think it's likely. Lauren shows up to help support but Phyllis is adamant that she's staying with her daughter. Logan arrives as per Nick's request to look at Summer. She assures Phyllis that while it could be a relapse it's most likely just a cold. If she's still sick in a few hours to take her to the hospital. Michael tells them that judge refused the request and Phyllis locks herself and Summer in the bathroom.

Katherine tells Jill she will re-instate her in her will if she gets Ji Min to keep quiet. Jill is impressed. Jill goes back to the suite to tell Ji Min who is hiding the money he stole out from under Amber. When she tries to enter the door is locked from inside. He covers and hides the money before she can come in. She tells him about Kay's offer and tells him she's considering it. His gesture of coming clean is enough for her to prove his love.

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