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Victoria told family about her engagement to J.T. Phyllis' appeal was shot down. J.T. was suspicious of David. Adrian accepted another teaching post at Genoa City University. Michael worked to get Phyllis into a work release program.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, October 8, 2007

While enjoying breakfast at the GCAC, Paul brainstormed with Maggie about the details of Ji Min's death. Together, they conjectured that Amber wasn't strong enough to overpower Ji Min, and Maggie admitted that her gut wasn't accepting Cane as the killer. Maggie told Paul that she couldn't get thoughts of Jack's involvement out of her mind. At that point, David Chow stopped by and mentioned Jack and the fact that Ji Min was about to go public about his involvement in Jack's business scheme. Later, Paul met with Cane at the coffeehouse to get an update on the sting operation at Clear Springs. Paul reported that J.T. was keeping an eye on a contractor name Joe Boddington, who seemed to be involved in kickback schemes. However, Paul admonished Cane not to go after the man aggressively as he had Ji Min. When Cane pressed Paul to share what Maggie knows about Ji Min's death, Paul told him that Maggie is looking into a new lead that may finally give Jill some closure.

Sharon and Jack awoke refreshed from a night of blissful sleep and celebrated the fact that they weren't featured in Genoa City's morning paper. Their celebratory mood was dampened by a phone call from a reporter seeking a comment after a sleazy tabloid published a story about the kiss. Sharon wondered if a spiteful Phyllis had broken the story, but Jack disagreed. Jack blew it off, but Sharon was quite shaken by the publication of her tawdry smooch session with her ex.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel started his morning off with a steaming cup of coffee, but he himself became steamed when he saw the front page of a tabloid, which featured a lurid story called "Lip Lock," with juicy details of the kiss Nick and Sharon shared at the photo shoot. With a copy of the rag magazine tucked under his arm, Daniel marched into Nick's office and confronted him. Nick admitted that he'd already discussed the matter with Phyllis, but he refused to discuss it with his angry stepson. Later, Daniel visited his mom and told her about the unfortunate publicity. Phyllis was livid. Daniel asked his mom why she had become unglued about this matter when she had never seemed to care before about what others thought of her. Phyllis said that she was worried for Jack and his public image. Daniel could only offer his mom a supportive hug. Later, Phyllis called Nick, who slipped into his father's empty office in order to take his wife's call in private. Nick theorized that Brad had spilled the beans to the press. Since the can of worms had been reopened, Phyllis made Nick revisit the details of the kiss he'd shared with his ex. After the call, Victor walked into his office. Victor told Nick that the undesirable publicity wasn't helping his efforts to assist Phyllis. When Victor asked about Phyllis' reaction to the news of the kiss, Nick happily reported that she'd taken two steps forward after Nick had apologized. Victor commended his son for offering an apology, which, he said, surely wasn't learned from his mother. Later, Nick confronted Brad in the Newman break room and accused him of leaking the kiss to the tabloids. As the two angry men were going at each other, Neil stepped in and put a halt to their hostile verbal exchange.

Later in the Newman break room, Neil offered sympathy for being the victim of a tabloid expose to Sharon, who insisted that she was more worried for Jack. Neil reminded Sharon that she wasn't responsible for having accidentally leaked the information. After Neil left to take a call, Brad walked in. He, too, offered a sympathetic ear, but Sharon refused to discuss the matter with him. Brad seemed stunned when a dutiful Sharon rushed off with hot coffee for Jack. When Jack noticed that Sharon was distressed by calls from persistent reporters, he offered to give up his senate seat. Sharon reminded Jack that he'd once wisely advised Noah that quitting was never the answer. Sharon assured Jack that she could handle the gossip mongers. Sharon and Jack left the office arm and arm to have lunch at the club. Daniel watched as the couple strolled out the door. Later, however, when Maggie came looking for Jack, Daniel was all too happy to inform her just where she could find Jack.

As Sharon and Jack were finishing up their lunch date at the GCAC, Brad walked in. Brad took notice of Sharon and Jack cooing together at a nearby table and seated himself at the bar. A reporter approached Jack and Sharon and bombarded the couple with questions about Sharon's kiss as a photographer snapped intrusive photos in quick succession. Jack grabbed Sharon and planted a kiss square on her mouth after announcing "this is the only kiss I am concerned about." After the reporter left, Maggie seated herself at Jack and Sharon's table. She told Jack that she needed him to accompany her to the station to answer a few questions about Ji Min. Jack said that he had already done so and would certainly not do so again without an attorney present. In a most serious tone, Maggie advised Jack to call his attorney at once and have him meet them all at the police station. Sharon seemed stunned. Brad observed from his seat at the bar.

In their posh room at Clear Springs, Victoria and J.T. awakened and celebrated the joy of their engagement. The couple joked about which sports the baby would play best after he's born. Victoria was touched that J.T. is accepting of the fact that he'll soon gain an instant family. Later, after the two finally dressed, they went to breakfast at a restaurant. Victoria noticed that J.T. was distracted. J.T. pointed out a man in the restaurant who seemed to be involved in a kickback scheme connected to the construction projects at Clear Springs. Victoria voiced her concern that J.T. could be endangering himself if the man is indeed involved in illegal activities. Later, Victoria was shocked when she saw David Chow chatting with the man J.T. had pointed out to her moments earlier. Victoria told J.T. that something wasn't right about David talking to the man, but J.T. dismissed her odd feelings as a reaction to hormones.

Nikki, trying to avoid negative publicity for Clear Springs, asked Victor to delay announcement of their divorce, but Victor, citing Nikki's bad business practices, said that after their children learn of the split, that the gloves will come off. Later, Victor didn't mince words to business associates when he bluntly advised investors that buying into N.V.P. is like buying a deck chair on the Titanic. Neil, having overheard Victor's frank phone conversation, was even more stunned when Victor told Neil that he and Nikki were divorcing. Victor was a bit guarded with his feelings about the divorce, but he seemed saddened when he told Neil that after all of those years with Nikki and after raising two great kids and sharing grandchildren, it was just over. Back at her office, Nikki told David that when Victor was sick last year, he was a different man because he needed her, but now that Victor has turned abruptly into a hostile man with an utter lack of compassion, she is devastated by his unfeeling reaction to the ending of their marriage and to her financial dilemma.

Faced with looming loan payments to Victor, Nikki came up empty when she phoned one investor after another seeking a bridge loan. David offered to postpone his trip to Clear Springs in order to help Nikki seek funding, but Nikki refused. After David arrived at Clear Springs, he reported back to Nikki that construction was going well. However, Nikki's worry over the loan payment prevented her from rejoicing. David suggested that she buck up and ask Victor for an extension. Back at Victor's office, Neil was stunned to learn that the methane fields at Clear Springs are twice the size of the initial estimation. Victor remembered Nikki's theory that Clear Springs would be profitable, however, he cited the fact that she was mistaken about just how that profit was to be gained. Later, Nikki marched bravely into Victor's office and requested an extension on her loan payment. Not only did Nikki have to admit to Victor that she had encountered a serious business setback, she also had to face Neil, who wondered aloud if the setback was indeed only temporary. Without further discussion, Victor coldly announced that Nikki must make the loan payment on time or his company would call in the loan because he was not about to throw away good money after bad.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

At the coffeehouse, Cane brings Lily a book about Australia for her Cultural Anthropology paper. Devon blurts out that Lily isn't taking a Cultural Anthropology class. Lily tries to cover by saying that she is getting ahead of schedule and planning on taking it next year. Lily thanks Cane and says that she will return it as soon as possible. Cane says that he bought it for her. When Cane tries to return the CD, Lily says that she also got it for Cane. When Cane leaves, Devon teases Lily about liking a guy that's too old for her.

Neil asks Karen if she would like to have dinner at his house. At first Karen teases Neil about always talking about work when she goes out with Neil. Neil promises that he won't talk about work; it's a special ice cream night for the family. He says that Lily got a 98-percent on her first test and they are going to celebrate. Karen says that he had her at 'ice cream' she will be there.

Lily and Devon are disappointed when they hear that they have to wait for Karen to start their ice cream night. Neil says that next time he will ask them if it's okay, but this time he is overruling them. When Karen shows up in a hat just like one of Drucilla's, Lily runs off. Neil explains that Drucilla was a hat collector, and the hat is just like one of the one's she owned. When Karen says that she picked it up at a thrift store, they realize that the hat actually is one of Drucilla's hats that Neil previously donated. Karen feels uncomfortable but Neil says it's kind of ironic. He convinces her to stay, but during card games and ice cream Lily and Devon criticize Karen. When Karen doesn't play the card game well, they get impatient with her and let her know. When Karen says goodbye to Neil, Lily and Devon giggle about Karen not knowing the game. Karen returns the hat to Lily and says that Drucilla must have wanted the hat returned. After Karen leaves, Neil tells Lily and Devon how embarrassed he is of their behavior. He says that Lily and Devon treated Karen horribly and if they ever treat anyone like that again, he wants them out.

Maggie wonders why she can't get Jack to speak to her. She tells Paul that some new evidence has come up with Ji Min's case. There was animal hair on Ji Min, probably that of a dog or small animal. When Maggie asks Jill if they owned any pets, Jill says definitely not, Ji Min was allergic to dogs. Jill tells Katherine that Maggie was asking her questions about having a dog. Katherine and Jill wonder what that could mean.

Jack worries about losing his spot as Senator in the wake of being taken in for questioning. Sharon comes up with an idea. She thinks that if Jack agrees to come forward with everything he knows about Ji Min, maybe Heather won't press charges against him for fraud. When they convince Katherine to help them, they go to Heather. Heather agrees not to press charges. When Maggie and Heather show up at Jack's home, they begin asking questions about the night of Ji Min's death. Maggie asks Jack how he persuaded Ji Min to not go through with the interview. Jack knows that Sharon won't approve, and doesn't answer the question right away. Finally, he admits that he told Ji Min that he had purchased his family's home and land and would do whatever it takes to stop Ji Min from doing the interview. Maggie and Heather find this news interesting, and tell Jack that Ji Min died due to physical contact, a fight. Jack seems shocked. When he speaks to Sharon later, he wonders if it was such a good idea to admit the truth. He worries that this wont be the only time he has to tell the same story.

Paul asks Maggie if she got what she needed after speaking with Jack. Maggie says that she has some new evidence at the lab. It's hair from Noah's dog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Victoria tells Nick that she and J.T. got engaged. Victoria tells him that she's very happy. He says he's all for anything that makes her glow like she is and congratulates her. She says she can't wait to tell mom and dad. Nikki tells Victor that she called her lawyer. Victor asks her to have him call his attorney. She asks about the kids and Victor says it's better to get this over with as soon as possible. Paul congratulates J.T. about his engagement but also says it's kind of sudden with the doubts he was having. J.T. tells him that he never had any of those doubts until Paul brought them up. Paul tells him the marriage and the kid on the way are huge commitments. J.T. says his relationship with Victoria is different than his relationship with Colleen. The dean from the college comes up to Adrian and Colleen and tells Adrian she'd like to talk to him about a position that suddenly came open. Adrian says he'll join her in a moment, and after she walks away Colleen tells him that he can't teach at the college and be with her since it's against the rules. He tells Colleen he's just going to talk to the dean to find out more information.

Nick tells Victoria that he can't remember the last time he saw her like this and she tells him it's been awhile since she's felt like this. Nick tells her she can't continue as ‘superwoman' juggling work, a wedding and the upcoming birth. She asks him what he thinks the solution would be and Nick says ‘me'. Nick tells her he wants to resume some of his duties as co-C.E.O. She tells him that he's under stresses, too, with Phyllis in prison. She tells Nick that she's not an invalid and can handle it. Nick tells her that he just wants to do something to help and that he's ready to get back to his job. The dean wants Adrian to take over a class that begins that evening. She says she'll pay him the full semester pay but he says to hold on, that there's still the matter with Miss Carlton. She asks if there is a personal relationship between the two that he's now ready to acknowledge and he says ‘yes'. Paul and J.T. discuss the construction theft at the Clear Springs site. J.T. tells Paul about the guy he's got his eye on and is suspicious about, and he tells Paul that Victoria saw David Chow having lunch with the guy. David leaves a voicemail for Nikki explaining some numbers are way under projection but that he has some ideas to turn it around and wants to talk to her. He also says he misses her. Nikki's phone beeps for the voicemail and Victor asks if that's her boyfriend. Nikki says David is not the reason she wants a divorce. Victor says she has proven that she's perfectly happy to be married to one man while sleeping with another. She says she doesn't want to fight with him for the sake of the children. They agree to be civil in public and that they'll tell the children together. Nick and Victoria decide to call their parents to tell them that Nick is coming back as co-C.E.O. when Nick's phone rings and it's Victor. He answers and says perfect timing. He says he and Victoria have some news and would like them to join them for lunch. Victor checks with Nikki and they agree to join them for lunch. Victor says that he and Nikki have news for them also.

Colleen nervously watches the dean and Adrian talking. Brad asks how it's going and that he hates to see her so upset. Brad gives Colleen a check and tells her that part is to cover the rest of her tuition, to pay her uncle back and get books and supplies. She says he doesn't have to do this. Brad tells her that he does and that he's going to pay for the rest of her education as well. Colleen tells him that he stopped paying for her school because he didn't like Adrian and that they're still together. She then tells him that next time it will be something else. Brad tells her that they won't always agree. He says he has the right to tell her so, but that she has his word that he'll never withdraw his financial support again. Colleen thanks him and gives him a hug. Victoria tells Nick that there is some kind of kickback scheme going on with the construction project and that J.T. is working undercover on it. When Victor and Nikki show up she tells Nick that she'll fill him in with the rest later. Victoria tells them that she knows they have news for them, but that she wants to share her news to them first because she so excited and can't wait for them to know. Victoria then tells them that she and J.T. are engaged. Victor asks her if she's doing this for the baby. Victoria tells them that she loves J.T. She says with the first time in her life with J.T. she wakes up and she's happy, and she laughs. She asks them to be happy for her. Nikki and Victor tell her that they are happy for her. Nick then tells them that he's decided to come back to Newman as co-C.E.O. They tell him that they're happy for him also. Victor then tells them that he and Nikki are getting divorced. Victoria says she's not shocked, but she's sad. Nick asks why now. Nikki tells them the fighting is exhausting and it's not good for any of them. Victor also says it's bad for business. Nikki tells them the decision was mutual. Victor says that when Nikki decided to move into a hotel room with another man that it was more than he can take. Nikki says that she didn't move in with anyone in a hotel room, that she had her own room, and that she wouldn't have seeked the company of another man if her husband had been emotionally present. Nikki says she doesn't know how any woman could live with him more than one day and she doesn't know how she did it for so long. He tells her that he gave her everything. She asks him what he wants, does he want blood? Victor says he detests her and leaves.

A man bumps into Colleen while she's carrying a tray of food and spills it all over him. Everyone in the club looks and she apologizes. He says it's a $2,000 suit. She says she can get that dry-cleaned for him and he asks for her manager. Heather approaches him and he tells her that her waitress just ruined his suit. Heather tells him that she's not the manager, that she's the District Attorney. She tells the man that she saw what happened and that she thinks the waitress is being incredibly gracious when he clearly bumped into her. Heather says that he could be escorted off the premises for disturbing the peace. The man takes a towel and leaves. Colleen thanks Heather for helping her. Paul sees David Chow at a restaurant in Clear Springs and asks what he's doing there. David says he's there for Nikki and MVP. He asks Paul while he's there and Paul tells him he's there for Victor, that he's entitled to keep an eye on his money. J.T. then walks up and goes into a rage about how Paul didn't pay him much. Paul tells him that he left on his own accord and J.T. says it was because he doesn't work for pennies. J.T. leaves and Paul says to David, ‘what do you bet he flunked charm school?'. Nikki tells the kids that the divorce is for the best and she wants to change the topic. She then says they should celebrate the engagement. Nick says he's going to go talk to Victor and leaves. Victoria and Nikki discuss how upset Nikki is by this whole thing. She says she wants to be angry at Victor, she'd much rather feel anger. Nikki starts to cry and Victoria tells her it's OK to let it out. Nikki says that sometimes she still looks in the mirror and sees that naive young girl that she used to be. She says she was so young and her family was dysfunctional. She says that she thinks that when you're a with a strong man that in some way it comforted her. She says she has no one to blame but herself. Nick asks Victor what he really wants. Nick gives him a woodworking pattern for a cradle and thinks that they should build it together. Victor tells him that now that he's co-C.E.O. again that he won't have time. He tells Nick that he's too busy. Nick continues to talk about building the cradle. Nick tells Victor that Nikki has been there for him. He says that he knows they love each other but that they're both stubborn. Nick tells him that he knows of a kid who was dropped off at an orphanage who is too afraid to hurt that way again. Nick tells Victor to take another look at that cradle, that he thinks they should build it. He then leaves. Adrian thanks the dean and she leaves. He tells Colleen that he missed teaching and that he set the terms. He told the dean that if he had to choose between teaching and her, that he would choose her. He tells her that the dean said that Colleen just can't take a class that Adrian is teaching. David Chow calls over J.T. at the restaurant and asks him if he's spoken with Victoria today. He tells J.T. that Victoria and Nikki are working on this project together and that if Victor has Paul there working for him that he wants to know why. He tells J.T. to let him buy him a cup of coffee. J.T. tells him to make it a beer.

Victoria and Nick talk about their parents. Nick says they can't live together and they can't live without each other. Victoria remembers a fight they had once before and they split up. Victoria says that she was upset and was afraid that if Victor stopped being mom's husband that he's somehow stop being her father, too. Nick says that that didn't happen. Victoria says no, it didn't happen. David asks J.T. if Victor sent Paul there just to look around. David says that he's involved with Victor's wife and J.T. is involved with his daughter and that maybe Victor sent Paul there to keep an eye on them. J.T. says he was hoping to work some overtime to get some extra cash but that they're not giving any overtime. Victoria tells Nick that she knows they can't fix mom and dad and that they shouldn't. They agree to raise their kids differently. She says that she's marrying J.T., she's having his baby and that it makes her the happiest person in the world. Just then Brad walks in and says ‘that's good to know.'. Brad congratulates Victoria on her pending nuptials. But he say's he's confused as to how it's J.T.'s baby. He says the last he heard there was some confusion -- Nick interrupts him and tells him that he should take a hike. Brad tells him that he doesn't have to protect his sister, that she can take care of herself. Victoria asks Nick to give them a minute and Nick leaves. Victoria apologizes that Brad found out this way that J.T. had just asked her to marry him last night. She says she would have told him. Brad asks when. Victoria says she's surprised that he even cares. Brad says he cares about the baby and if it turns out that it's his baby that there is no amount of Newman money that will keep him from raising his son.

Heather approaches Adrian at the coffee shop. He thanks her for standing up for Colleen at the club. Adrian tells her that he's got lots of work to do and asks if she'll excuse him. She says no problem, I'll see you in class. He says excuse me and Heather explains that she's one of his new students. J.T. tells Paul that he spent some time with David Chow. Paul says that the bait is in the water. J.T. says if this guy is a shark, they'll see if he takes a bite. David gets in touch with Nikki and she tells him that she and Victor are getting divorced. Nick and Victoria ask Victor to be kind to Nikki, out of respect of all the years they were together; and if not that, then out of respect for them. Nikki walks in and says she didn't know the kids were going to be there. Victor says they wanted to talk to him. He says he listened and he heard. Nick and Victoria thank him and leave. Once alone, Nikki tells Victor that the kids are more upset about this than she thought they would be. Victor says he would have thought they would be more upset by their mother flaunting her love than by him not being able to put up with it. Nikki says she never intended to flaunt anything. Victor asks her how it makes her feel having failed in business and as a wife. He says if he were her, he'd turn to the arms of anyone who opened them as well. Victoria tells J.T. over the phone that she told her parents that they are engaged. Nick leaves a message at the prison for Phyllis.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

On Nick's birthday, he brings Summer to visit Phyllis in jail. Nick updates her about Victoria's engagement and going back to co-CEO. He wants Phyllis to work for him. Phyllis realizes how much of her daughter's life she is missing out on. Lauren hosts a birthday party for Nick. They watch in amazement as Fen takes his first steps. Nick hopes that Phyllis will be released from jail with her appeal today so that she will be able to see Summer's first steps. Michael sees a fax come through and grabs it. Colleen lets Heather borrow a book for school, and they get to talking about all the things they have in common. They realize that Colleen has a statue that belonged to Heather's deceased roommate. Adrian walks in and states that Macey's parents gave that to him as a way to thank him for helping to rectify the situation with her death. In jail, Jana continues to hang around Phyllis until she flips, telling Jana to leave her alone. At the jail, Kevin tells Jana that she wasn't in the right mindset when she killed Carmen. He wants to make a website for people to sign to petition to set her free. Maggie introduces herself to Jeff Bardwell, saying that she worked with William on some cases, including the Jabot case that hasn't been solved. Jeff tells Gloria about why he and William were really estranged. He says that he dated and fell in love with Miranda before William, but once she met William, she fell in love with and married him. He tells Gloria that history sometimes repeats itself—he's staying around town because he is drawn to her.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Phyllis' appeal has been denied. Michael tries to explain that the committee found the arguments without merit. She freaks out, not understanding how this could be happening. She tells Michael she wants a new lawyer. His arguments aren't working and no one's listening to him. She wants someone better suited to appeals. He tries to assure he knows what he is doing and begs her not give up hope. Later Jack blasts Michael for his ‘inept' handling of the Phyllis' case and appeal. He goes to visit Phyllis who tells him about Victor's offer to help if she turns on Jack. He isn't surprised. He tells her she should have taken it but she says she could never turn on her friends. The prison Chaplin stops by to see Phyllis and Jack is stunned to see it's the same Chaplin from John's days in prison. The same one he had John give the revised will naming Jack executor back when John was confused about the date. Phyllis picks up on Jack's weird behaviour. Back in the prison common area Jana tells Phyllis she's sorry about the appeal. She used some of her internet connection time to print off articles about Phyllis for her but Phyllis doesn't want to see them. Ever. Jana gets a message that David Chow is waiting to see her. She goes to see him and tries to explain how sorry she is for what she did to Carmen. She explains why she did it and about the tumor. David tells her all about Carmen and her family and friends. She wants to atone for what she did. Later she tells Phyllis about the visit and how it still bothers her what she did. Michael calls Jack, Nikki, Nick and Victor together to help with Phyllis' appeal. They can make a case for her to be eligible for work release if they can prove that she's absolutely necessary work-wise. They need to come up with a list of reasons why they can't work without her. They all press Victor about his contacts with getting Phyllis on the work release program but he says it's complicated. Nick goes to see Phyllis again but she's upset when he says that Nikki is looking after the baby. She doesn't want Nikki alone with her ever since Nikki hates Phyllis so much. Nick explains that Nikki may be able to help get her out.

David and Nikki meet and chat about her divorce. He talks about his relationship with Carmen and how it happened because he was drifting apart from his second wife. He did NOT cheat on her though. Nikki takes Summer out of daycare to spend time with her. She tells her to not let a man dictate who or what she should be. Nick overhears them and then chats with his mom about the divorce. He thinks they're rushing into it but Nikki disagrees. He also goes to his dad and says the same thing but Vic says Nikki has done nothing but ignore his wishes and gallivant around town with another man. It's all her fault.

Colleen stops by Adrian's class to give him a present to kick off his new career at the university teaching again. Heather stops by to bring a book she promised but forgot it at the office. She tries to speak with Adrian about an upcoming paper but he brushes her off. At the coffee shop heather bumps into Paul. He invites her out for dinner with him and Maggie and she loves the idea. She calls her ex-roommate's parents about the statue they supposedly gave Adrian but they never did. She talks to Paul about how much she envied Macy for having a full family. Living with Robert (April's abusive second husband) was a nightmare. April never knew but he hit her too. Add to that the biological father who never wanted to know her. This stings Paul but he hides it in front of her. He later talks to Maggie about how it kills him that he never got to know Heather and even let a monster like Robert terrorize her. Maggie implores him to tell her he is her father. Colleen bumps into Jack at the coffee shop and mentions that Brad is now paying her tuition again. He will reimburse Jack for what he's paid. Jack is skeptical about Brad's ‘no strings attached' turn around but Colleen is optimistic. Back at Adrian/Colleen's she tires to distract him from his class prep when Heather stops by with the art book. She deftly mentions how Macy's parents never gave Adrian the keepsake. He acts like he must have just misremembered and then later claims to recall that Macy gave it to him herself in class one day. Heather seems skeptical.

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