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Victoria lay comatose in the hospital. Phyllis entered the work release program. Jeffrey invited Gloria out to dinner. Paul debated whether or not he should tell Heather that he was her father. Lauren continued to have panic attacks.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 29, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sharon stayed by Noah's bedside as he recovered, physically, after enduring a laparoscopic spleenectomy. However, Sharon, Nick and Jack became increasingly concerned when Noah's mental state showed signs of emotional distress when he expressed fear of being left alone and short-term memory loss when he repeatedly failed to recall who had just visited his bedside. Although his stomach ached, Noah's attention was diverted from his pain when first Nikki and then Lily stopped by with gifts. After awaking suddenly from a fitful nap, Noah again complained of a stomach ache and fervently begged to see his dad, who had gone to see Phyllis at Newman Towers.

While Noah rested, Sharon told Jack that she felt guilty because she wasn't with Noah and because Noah could've lost one or both of his parents. Sharon declared that Jack was a hero for staying behind and forcing Nick to go ahead with her out of the collapsed garage.

Nick worried about Noah. When Lauren and Michael came to visit, he told them that it would mean so much to Noah if Phyllis could come visit him, but Michael warned that such a visit would be restricted. When Nick later visited with Victoria, he gently held her hand and told her that everyone was concerned and that even their parents weren't fighting with each other as they all eagerly waited for her to wake up.

Victor and Nikki kept a vigil by Victoria's side at the hospital, and after Victoria failed to come out of a coma after more than half a day, Victor called in an expert, Dr. Webb, to consult on Victoria's case. Victoria's vital signs, as well as those of her unborn baby, however, remained stable. Victor and Nikki were quite concerned when Victoria's doctor said that he worried about biochemical changes in Victoria's brain. A worried J.T. remained at Victoria's bedside, and the doctor allowed him, Victor and Nikki to listen to the baby's steady heartbeat.

While Kay and Jill discussed possible causes of the collapse, Cane expressed remorse and guilt that he didn't do something when he realized that the garage's construction was shoddy. After drafting an official statement about the accident, Kevin uploaded it onto a company Web site. Later, an anguished Cane told Lily that he mentally goes over every contract he signed and every decision he made wondering at which point he put everyone in danger. Cane said that he blamed the catastrophe on himself. After checking online news reports, Lily tried to make Cane feel better by telling him that everyone had been rescued. However, Cane explained that perhaps he doesn't deserve his wonderful new-found family if it's proved that he let them down. Empathizing, Lily explained that, after her mother died tragically, she learned that sometimes bad things just happen. While Lily consoled Cane at the coffeehouse, Daniel watched from the bar.

Kay and Jill later visited with Victor and Nikki at the hospital. Jill was miffed that Jack was being called a hero, and Kay reminded Victor that he was being called a hero, as well. Victor, however, said that he was no hero if he couldn't find a way to save Victoria. While Jill attended to Kay's painful shoulder injury, Jack approached and asked about Victoria's progress. Kay explained that there'd been no change. Jill, still angry, told Jack that what he did to save people at the garage does not make up for what he did to Ji Min and that she would never let people forget that.

Phyllis enjoyed her first day out of prison on work-release after a late start. Jana sent a carved-wood motorcycle she'd made to Kevin as a reminder of the trip they'd planned. Before Phyllis left the prison, the warden cautioned her that she is not to participate in activities outside prison that are not connected with her job. The warden also warned Phyllis that her activities are subject to spot checks at any time. Daniel transported Phyllis to the Newman offices and later brought Summer in to see her mom, but Phyllis worried that Summer would become confused if her mom is sometimes available and sometimes not, so Phyllis refused to hold her baby. As Phyllis' boss, Jack "ordered" Phyllis to call Nick on his cell phone to check on Noah and Victoria. Phyllis later spoke to Noah over the phone and wished him well, but afterward, Sharon had to explain to Noah that Phyllis wasn't allowed to visit him.

Phyllis also enjoyed a bakery brownie and hot coffee while she chatted with Daniel during a break at work. Lauren and Michael stopped by to chat briefly. Michael, however, warned Phyllis that if she's seen cavorting with friends, she'll be sent back to prison. After the Baldwins arrived back at their home, Michael repeatedly persuaded Lauren to rest, but she suffered dreadful panic attacks. Later, Nick stopped by to see Phyllis at her office, and even though the couple wanted to be close, they both understood that they'd be breaking strict work-release rules if they succumbed to their desires.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nick and Phyllis read online blogs about the Clear Springs catastrophe. Some people believe it was sabotage, while others think that the building inspectors were paid off to deny that the building was faulty. Phyllis and Nick discuss how Jack saved Nick's life. Nick reveals that Jack is a prime suspect in the Ji Min murder case. As Phyllis looks for some insurance papers in Jack's desk, she comes across the note he wrote when he thought he would die in the parking garage, and is touched. Nick surprises Phyllis by bringing Summer by the conference room, dressed as a pirate for her first Halloween. Later that day, Phyllis gives Nick a work-related file, and when he opens the package he realizes that it's a get-well card for Noah. Jill watches in disgust as Jack receives applause for being a hero when he enters the coffeehouse. Dr. Okamura informs Nikki and J.T. that as long as Victoria remains stable, the baby will continue to grow and develop in utero. Brad meets with Logan and asks if she can give him any information on Victoria. Victor sits by Victoria's bedside, apologizing for calling in Nikki's loan on Clear Springs. A nurse comes in to administer a pain test on Victoria but she doesn't respond. Victor overhears J.T. on the phone with Cane talking about the building inspectors. Victor throws J.T. against a wall, demanding to know if he knew about problems with the construction and didn't tell anyone. J.T. thinks that some of the contractors were getting kickbacks for using cheap cement and he was going to look into David Chow's background. Victor confronts David about having knowledge of the substandard concrete. David swears he had nothing to do with that scheme. Victor charges over to Katherine's house, demanding to know why she didn't shut down the parking garage when she knew that there was something wrong with it. Kay apologizes and takes full responsibility, but Victor won't hear that. Amber goes to the Chancellor Estate to check on Katherine. Jill and Cane enter, stunned to see Amber in their house. Kay explains to Jill that when she thought she might die in the garage, she regretted how hateful she had been toward Jill. Now Kay knows she should have never threatened to cut Jill out of her will for marrying Ji Min. Jill reassures Kay that she's already forgiven her. Cane asks Amber if she'd like to get a coffee later, and she accepts.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Phyllis returns to prison after her first day out on work leave. The chaplain comes by to ask Phyllis how her day went. She acts aloof with Jana and the Chaplain and says it wasn't all it was cracked up to be then says she wants to be alone. Victor tells Nick that he hired private investigators to find out what happened at Clear Springs. Victor says he also wants to find out who cause the plane crash of the Newman jet. At Victoria's bedside, J.T. and Nikki jokingly argue about J.T. and Victoria's wedding plans. Paul and Maggie stop by to check on Victoria. Maggie goes to get a drink for J.T. and Paul questions J.T. on whether he's been home or not. Paul says he and Maggie can stay with Victoria for awhile so J.T. can get a break. Nikki tries to get him to go but J.T. says he's not leaving until Victoria can come with him. Sharon tells Jack how happy she is that her son is going to be O.K. and that her husband is a hero. Jack gets a phone call telling him that the press now knows that he's the #1 suspect in Ji Min's murder.

Paul and Nikki finally convince J.T. to go home and take a shower. Victor comes in and wants to speak with Paul. They leave, then J.T. right after, leaving Nikki alone with Victoria. Jack confronts Maggie about the press knowing that he is the suspect in Ji Min's murder. He accuses the police of leaking the information. Maggie tells him that it wasn't her, but that she intends to find out who did it. The Chaplain talks with Phyllis about the problems and hardships that can come transitioning between prison life and working outside the prison. She says that she doesn't understand a program that allows her to spend 10 hours working at a keyboard but won't let her spend even 10 minutes alone with her loved ones. Noah tries to convince Sharon that he can go out trick or treating. The nurse comes in and tells Noah that if everything looks as good in the morning that the doctor should let him go home. Nick shows up in costume with candy for Noah. Paul tells Victor that he will find out who is connected with the foreman from the Clear Springs project. He says he hasn't yet found a connection with David Chow but that he will keep searching; and that if he does find a connection, Victor will be the first to know.

As J.T. is heading out of the hospital he runs into Adrian and Colleen. Adrian tells J.T. that he's sorry about Victoria and that he feels responsible. He tells J.T. how he got stuck in the building collapse and slowed Colleen down. J.T. says not to beat himself up. Jana tells Phyllis that the Jack she knew would have gotten out of the collapsed building and not looked back. Phyllis says that people can change. Just then, there's a news report on the T.V. telling how Jack is the prime suspect in Ji Min's murder. Jana says that that is the Jack she remembers. Jack arrives as Sharon, Nick and Noah are enjoying Halloween candy. He has Halloween cookies for Noah. Nick tells Sharon and Jack to get out of the hospital and have dinner together and that he will stay with Noah. Nikki gives Adrian some time alone with Victoria. He tells Victoria that she has to wake up because he owes her a big ‘thank you'. He tells her that she did everything for them when they were trapped. He tells her that her child is going to be perfect just like his mom. He says he has faith that she is going to walk out of there. Nikki tells Victor that she's giving Adrian some time with Victoria. Victor tells her that he hired private investigators to find out what happened. She says that David had nothing to do with it. Victor says ‘not that they know of'.' Victor says that whoever is responsible will be; that they will suffer.

As J.T. is talking with Colleen in the hallway, David Chow walks in and J.T. questions him on how well he knew Joe, the Clear Springs foreman. David tells him that he didn't know Joe that well and had nothing to do with the scam going on. J.T. threatens him and blames him for Victoria's state. David says that he is tired of being everyone's scapegoat. He tells J.T. that if he continues to be publicly accused that he will sue for slander. Nikki stops in to visit with Noah and has more Halloween treats for Noah. Nikki tells Noah stories about when Nick was little and would go trick or treating with his friends. Nick goes to visit Victoria and Nikki stays with Noah. Phyllis tries to convince Jana that Jack is not involved with Ji Min's murder. Jana tells Phyllis about how badly Jack treated Gloria after John died. Jack tells Sharon about being trapped in the rubble and that he was certain that he wouldn't make it. He says looking back, he wasn't judging things on how good of a Senator he was, but on what kind of husband and father he was. He says he's put them through so much already and that maybe he should resign his seat in the Senate. He says he's reassessed his priorities and there's nothing more important to him than making sure that she and Noah get the life that they deserve. He says if he remains in the Senate that there will always be someone gunning for him and that she and Noah will be caught in the crossfire. She tells him he's a great Senator and that she doesn't want to hear any more talk about quitting. John appears to Jack and says that he doesn't know what has gotten into him, but that he knows he didn't raise a quitter. Jack says that this isn't about quitting but about protecting his family. She tells him if he resigns that it will be viewed as an admission to guilt in Ji Min's death. John tells him that he's married to a smart woman. He tells Jack that he is innocent and that he should fight to prove that. Sharon tells Jack that it's his decision and that she knows he'll make the right choice.

Jana tells Phyllis that she knows it's hard to hear bad thins about people you care about. She says that Kevin has to deal with it all the time. Jana says that she was seeing Kevin at the time and that Gloria was very upset about John's will being changed. Phyllis says there is no proof that Jack was behind that and that he didn't need the money. Jana says he just wanted to keep Gloria from getting anything. Phyllis says she has to use the restroom then tells a guard that she needs to see the Chaplain. Nick tells stories to Victoria about when they were little. He says he's not a quitter and that he knows she's not going to stay lying there. He tells her to show him how tough she is and wake up. Nikki worries about how David is doing. He says until they figure out how the collapse was caused, he will continue to be a suspect. He tells her that he should stay away from the hospital while all of this is going on so that she isn't put into any more stressful situations. Victor visit's the hospital chapel. He says that he needs help. He says he wants to find out who is responsible for the building collapse and that he wants to do anything possible to help Victoria. He says he's not the most humble of men but that when something like this happens, you appeal to a higher power.

Phyllis talks to the Chaplain about Nick and Jack being trapped in the building collapse. She tells him it's ironic because John went through the same thing. The Chaplain asks how, and Phyllis tells him that while John was stuck in prison, he must have been reevaluating his life because when his will came out, he had cut Gloria completely out of it. The Chaplain says he doesn't see how that is relevant to this situation. Phyllis says that John would be very proud of her son. Jack finds out from his lawyer that the DNA tests from the dog hair found on Ji Min's body weren't matched with their dog. He says that the only thing they know for sure is that it's hair from a yellow dog. J.T. returns and tells Paul and Maggie that Victoria needs him and he brought her guitar to try to help her. J.T. walks in and hears Nick laughing and asks if Victoria is awake. Nick says he was just telling a story about when Victoria blew up a pumpkin on Halloween. He leaves to go back to Noah.

Nick talks with Phyllis on the phone and she asks about Victoria and Noah. He tells her there's no change with Victoria and that Noah is trick or treating at the nurse's station. Phyllis and Noah talk on the phone for a moment. Nick gets back on the phone and tells Phyllis that he'll see her tomorrow at the office. She says that she'll see him in her dreams tonight. J.T. holds Victoria's hand and sings to the baby. Nikki finds Victor in the Chapel and sits down next to him. Victor tells her not to look so surprised, that she's not the only one who prays. She tells him that she's not surprised. Victor talks about when Victoria was 8 years old and her pony got sick. Nikki says she remembers that the vet said the only humane option was to put the pony down. They talk about how Victoria wouldn't allow that and that she stayed in the stables with the horse day and night. Nikki says it was by shear force of Victoria's will that the pony got better. Victor says she'll get through this. He says that sometimes it feels so damn helpless. Nikki says maybe helpless, but there's always hope. Jack is raging mad that he has been publicly named as the prime suspect in Ji Min's death over flimsy evidence. He says there must be thousands of yellow dogs in the area and says that even Victor has one. He then stops talking and realizes, yes, Victor does have a yellow dog.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Michael and Gloria worry about how Lauren is feeling. When Kevin is about to leave, Gloria asks that he stay so they can all spend a nice evening together. Gloria receives a call from Jeffrey, inviting her to dinner. Gloria gladly accepts. Michael and Lauren disapprove of Gloria spending time with Jeffrey. Gloria says that it's not a problem. If Jeffrey wants to spend his evening telling her how fabulous she is, she's not going to spoil his fun. When Jeffrey comes by, he tells Gloria that one of these days he wants to take her whole family to dinner. Kevin says that's he's available now. They all laugh uncomfortably, but end up agreeing to let Kevin go to dinner with them.

When Michael and Lauren are alone, Michael tries to comfort Lauren. She tells him that she took some anti-anxiety medication, but that she is still really uncomfortable. Lauren wonders why bad things always seem to happen to her. Michael tucks her in bed and talks to her about her fears. Michael grabs a movie and get cozy together. After Lauren falls asleep, she wakes up in a cold sweat. She feels like something bad has happened to Paul. Michael calls him, and Paul says that he will stop by.

Gloria, Jeffrey and Kevin sit down for dinner. Kevin asks Jeffrey what his intentions are toward his mother. Jeffrey says that the more he learns about Gloria, the more he wants to know her. Jeffrey baits Gloria with a story about accidental justice. Gloria says that she understands where he's coming from. When Jeffrey probes Gloria further, she doesn't budge. After Jeffrey leaves, Kevin says that Gloria is falling for Jeffrey. Gloria says that if Jeffrey Bardwell thinks he's good at playing people he has a big surprise coming.

When Jeffrey gets back to the hotel, he listens to his recorded tape of the dinner with Kevin and Gloria.

When Cane hangs up the phone, Jill asks him how things are going at Clear Springs. Cane says that there haven't been any more fatalities, so that's a good thing. The phone rings, and Cane gets upset. He says that there have been reporters calling all day. Maggie knocks on the door, asking Jill if she knows anything about the leak to the press about Jack. Cane says that he would think the leak to the press would be a good thing because it might shine more like on Jack. Maggie asks Cane if he is the one who leaked the dog hair information to the press. Cane and Jill say they had nothing to do with it. Maggie says that if they have any further information to let her know. When Maggie leaves, Cane is upset with Jill. He knows that she was the one responsible for the leak.

Heather and Paul discuss Paul's experience being stuck in the parking structure. Paul says that it makes you appreciate the little things that you take for granted. He says that if you do survive, it makes you realize what matters the most. Heather is impressed by the heroism that Paul showed in the tragedy. When Maggie comes by and Heather leaves, Paul talks to Maggie about possibly telling Heather that she is his daughter. Maggie supports Paul telling Heather, but Paul is worried that it may ruin Heather's life. Paul says that for all of Heather's life she thought that her father rejected her. He says that if he thought for one minute she would forgive him he would tell her. Maggie says that he's not giving her enough credit.

When Paul comes by to see Lauren, she is immediately comforted by his presence. Lauren tells him about her anxiety and nightmares of the thought of being trapped again. Paul tells Lauren that he had an epiphany after the accident. He tells her that he's thinking about telling Heather that he's her father. Paul decides to call Heather's mother. He tells her that he's considering telling Heather that he's her father.

Heather sees Cane at the bar and asks how he is doing. He asks her if she'd like to stay for a drink. Heather outweighs her decisions: workout-or have a drink with Cane? She decides to stay. Cane gets a phone call from Jill, who is worried about him. He tells her that he's fine. Cane tells Heather that it feels great to have a parent now. Heather says that she had a hunch that Cane wasn't raised by Jill. Heather says that she can relate, she grew up with her mom, but without her real father. She says that she had an imaginary vision about her real father. She says that at first she hoped he would come find her, but later realized that he deserted her and her mother. Cane says that he found out that his mother had been tricked into deserting him. Heather says that she doesn't care if she ever meets her real father.

When Cane gets home, he sees that Jill waited up for him. She asks him if he likes her. At first Cane says as a friend, but then admits that he does have feelings for her.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Victor and Nikki visit Victoria in the hospital. There's still no change in her or the baby's condition. Outside Victoria's hospital room Jack tells Victor that he is a suspect in Ji Min's death but soon Victor will too since the only evidence also points to him. Victor is outraged that Jack would try to pin it on him. He insists that Ji Min never answered the door so he never confronted him.

Gloria asks Kevin to go along to the prison to see Jana. She realizes how important loved ones are after the disaster. Jana mentions Phyllis meeting with the minister who knew John. This renews their suspicions that Jack had something to do with that will that excluded Glo from John's money.

Phyllis spends the day working with Devon at Newman and also learns about John's cellmate. She calls him and leaves a message wanting to speak.

Paul tells Maggie that he wants to tell heather that he's her father. The Clear Springs disaster made him reassess everything. He calls Heather but she says Heather is in a good place and shouldn't be shaken by this news. He will respect her wishes. It also turns out that they are both investigating the same man, Joe Boddington. They will pool their resources to find out who he was taking bribes from. After investigating he reports to Victor that Joe was a criminal in the construction business who covered his tracks well.

Cane tells Kay he's worried that he should have said something once he suspected something was amiss at Clear Springs. Neil questions them later on why J.T. was working there and they confess. When Nick learns it may have been substandard construction that led to the accident Nick swear she'll sue Chancellor Ind. Kay and Cane get a visit from the chief inspector who tells them they know what happened at Clear Springs.

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