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The Newmans learned that Victoria's baby was not capable of living outside the womb. Lauren tried to convince Heather to forgive Paul. Neil invited Karen to Thanksgiving dinner. Nick saw Nikki and David in an embrace. Jeffrey tested the Jabot cream.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, November 12, 2007

At the office, Phyllis learned from Michael that her appeal was being reconsidered before the appellate court in a few days. Phyllis was skeptical about her chance to have her verdict overturned, but Daniel and Lauren celebrated. Phyllis later managed to secretly borrow a phone from Daniel. After she stepped into an elevator, Phyllis made a call to Nick, who told his wife about Victoria's precarious medical condition. Phyllis told Nick about the appeal, but she was hesitant to discuss any specifics because she was sharing the elevator with an eavesdropping Sharon.

Karen invited Neil over for dinner and a movie-watching marathon. Neil was excited about Karen's list of movie choices until she mentioned that she'd planned for them to watch "Prizzi's Honor." Neil's demeanor suddenly changed and he quickly excused himself, leaving Karen wondering what she'd done wrong. When Karen later asked Neil why he'd left when they were discussing movies, Neil explained that "Prizzi's Honor" had been Dru's favorite movie, and then he backed out of their date, saying he had to work late with Sharon. Later, however, Karen was stunned to learn that Neil didn't actually have plans to work late. After Neil discussed the matter with Sharon at the coffeehouse, Sharon explained that it was time for Neil to move on with his life even though Dru's body hadn't been found. Neil later returned to Karen's office and insisted that she get her coat, so they could head off to enjoy a cozy evening together.

At the hospital, a consulting physician informed Victoria's loved ones that Victoria's condition seemed stable after an overnight crisis. However, Victor ordered the doctor to try to do more. Brad stopped by and was upset to learn that no one had contacted him when Victoria's blood pressure had become dangerously high. Victor strongly voiced his desire to call in another specialist, but Nikki said she didn't want Victoria to be poked and tested any more than necessary. Meanwhile, Nick, Nikki, J.T. and Brad all visited with Victoria, talking to her as if she could hear every word they said. J.T. promised Brad that he would be contacted if Victoria's condition worsened. The specialist later confirmed that Victoria seemed to be suffering preeclampsia, which could, he said, lead to eclampsia, a serious circulation problem. The only cure, the doctor explained, is to deliver the baby. Nikki became distraught and put her head on Victor's shoulder after the specialist explained that the doctors need more time in order to determine whether or not the baby is stable.

Heather's head was still reeling from Paul's belated confession that he is her biological father. Paul explained that he kept the fact a secret because he didn't want to make things harder for her, but, in tears, Heather insisted that her life could not have been harder. Heather explained that believing that Robert, an abuser, was her father made her worry that she, too, could be capable of violent attacks. Then, she said, weeping, when she learned that Robert wasn't her father, it was devastating to think that her real father didn't even care about her at all. Paul tried to explain that his relationship with April was very complicated in the past, but Heather expressed her feelings of anger that Paul had walked away knowing that his daughter and her mother were trapped in an abusive situation and that he didn't do anything to help them. Heather asked Paul why he was just now telling her about being her father. Before Paul could complete his response, however, Heather stopped Paul cold in his tracks when she told him that she knew he'd kidnapped and falsely imprisoned Sheila Carter. Heather added that knowing Paul was her father would not prevent her from pursuing criminal charges. Paul tried to explain that Sheila was a psychopath and that digging up what happened would deeply hurt Lauren. Heather, seemingly seething with hatred, looked Paul in the eye and told him that, considering how she feels about him now, she doesn't feel bad about charging him with a crime. Later, Paul explained to Heather that he'd seen Sheila, as Phyllis, acting strangely as she shopped for baby clothes. After he followed Sheila, he continued, he found the prison cell Sheila had replicated as Fen's nursery, and he told Heather about the evil plans Sheila had concocted to hurt Lauren. Paul pointedly asked Heather if she wanted to prosecute him for what he'd done to Sheila or for what he'd done to her.

After Paul and Heather parted, Paul phoned Maggie and told her that Heather had overheard them talking about Sheila and the kidnapping. Later, at Lauren and Michael's, Michael was livid when he learned that Paul was Heather's father, and that Lauren had kept it a secret from him. Michael said he now realized why Paul had assisted Heather by providing evidence against Phyllis. When Michael tried to distance his involvement in Sheila's kidnapping, Paul reminded Michael that he had gone along with the plan. Michael joked that soon they'd all be waving to one another across from their cell blocks, but Paul assured his friends that he take care of the situation. Michael also pointed out that Paul had, in effect, lobbed a grenade into Heather's life, so she would have no reason to show him mercy. Lauren panicked at the thought of Heather dredging up the past involving her horrifying encounters with Sheila. Michael maintained that Heather has no concrete proof because for all she knew, they could have just been spinning tales outside of Indigo that night. However, Paul worried about Kevin or Phyllis talking to Heather about what happened. Michael dismissed Paul's worries, claiming that everyone in G.C. wanted psycho Sheila out of the picture. Lauren warned Paul to watch his words when he discusses the issue with his daughter, but Paul maintained that he would handle the matter in his own way. Lauren, however, still worried about how Paul will deal with his angry daughter, the ominous assistant D.A.

When Heather went to see Daniel at Newman Enterprises, she berated Daniel, who had missed his community-service appointment. Heather threatened Daniel with a violation hearing even though he told her that he had already discussed the matter with his parole office. During his unfortunate encounter with Heather, Phyllis phoned and asked Daniel to check on Summer, who seemed to be suffering an earache. Daniel picked up Summer at daycare and stopped by his mom's office, so Phyllis could check on her feverish baby. However, just before Daniel left his mom's office with his sister in tow, Heather walked through the door. The smug assistant D.A. sternly explained that the baby's presence was a flagrant violation of Phyllis' work-release program. When Phyllis tried to explain, Heather whipped out her cell phone and attempted to report Phyllis' actions to the authorities. Phyllis heatedly explained that Heather could not know how a mother feels and that, during her work-release time, she'd walked past the daycare day after day never stopping to see her baby. When Daniel asked Heather if she even had a heart, Heather snapped her phone closed and walked away. Daniel later found Heather in the break room, crying. Daniel thanked Heather for not turning Phyllis in, and he apologized for saying anything out of line. Daniel gave Heather a handkerchief and helped her wipe away mascara that had run in her tears. Daniel joked with Heather and even made her laugh. After Daniel left the room, he overheard Heather phone the court and order a random inspection of Phyllis' work habits. Daniel later warned Phyllis to keep her eye out for random spot checks, and he also said that he feels that Heather is perhaps a bit more complex that he had first thought.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jeff calls Gloria to ask her to dinner. He then checks his recording device to make sure it is still working. At dinner Jeff states that he's thinking about buying a place downtown, close to the D.A.'s office, so he'll always be reminded of Will. Jeff wishes he could figure out why Will sent him that package before he died. Jeff gets up to take a call and a waitress brings their check. Gloria reaches into his jacket pocket for a pen to sign the bill and finds the taping device. Later, Gloria tells Kevin that Jeff was taping her and wonders if he knows what she did with the tainted cream. Gloria wonders if he gave her the tainted jar of the cream and decides to test a small patch on her wrist. Nothing happens, so Gloria knows that Jeff still has the real tainted cream and she vows to get that back from him. Nick shares with Phyllis that Victoria may have preeclampsia. Abby arrives and Brad and Colleen carefully inform her about Victoria's accident. Abby states that she wants to go visit Victoria in the hospital. Colleen takes Abby to the coffeehouse for breakfast. Abby declares that she is learning about Native Americans in class and that she wants to buy Victoria a dream catcher so that she'll only have good dreams. Later on, Brad and Colleen bring Abby to Victoria's room and Abby gives Victoria the picture of a dream catcher that she drew. Victor buys and donates, to the hospital, a new state of the art ultrasound machine. Dr. Webb examines Victoria's baby but then explains to the Newmans that he wants a colleague to corroborate his recommendation. Dr. Webb informs the Newmans and J.T. that the baby is not yet capable to live on its own outside of the womb.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Phyllis talks to Daniel about her nervousness over her upcoming appeal hearing. After he hangs up with her, Amber asks Daniel how Phyllis is doing. Daniel tells her that she pretends that she's in control and tough for his sake. Amber says it's better than acting needy. Michael and Lauren ask Paul what he discussed with Heather. Paul says that he only admitted to what Heather overheard him talking about. Michael and Lauren are upset that he confirmed his kidnapping Sheila to the prosecutor. Lauren says he may have to implicate them in the kidnapping. Paul says he doesn't plan on doing that. Lauren tells him that if he's asked and he doesn't tell them then he's withholding evidence. Paul wonder how they would ever find that out Michael sarcastically says ‘I don't know, maybe you'll confess that, too.' Paul repeats that Heather overheard him admit to it. Lauren says if he doesn't withhold evidence then he will be naming her, Michael and Phyllis as accessories. Michael tells Paul that what he did was selfish and he is endangering other people. Michael says that Phyllis could remain in prison, he could be disbarred and Lauren could go to prison. Gloria and Kevin finish dinner at the club when she asks him a favor. She wants Kevin to go to the bar and keep Jeffrey occupied so she can go up to his room to look for the jar of contaminated cream. Gloria says if she wants to hold on to her money and her freedom that Jeffrey can't have anything on her. Kevin asks how she would get into his room and she says she has a master key that she stole from the housekeeper. Gloria makes her way upstairs and Kevin goes to the bar to talk to Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he doesn't have time to talk because he needs to make a call and left his cell phone in his room. Jeffrey heads upstairs and Michael frantically calls Gloria's cell phone. The ring startles her as she's opening the door to Jeffrey's room and the key card falls into the room as the door shuts with her still in the hall. She answers and Kevin tells her to get away because Jeffrey's on his way. She heads down the hall and Jeffrey comes into the hallway and sees her. He says hi and she starts to speak to him but he says he has to make an important phone call and heads into his room.

Lauren tells Michael that she can't stop thinking about Paul and the ramifications of what he has said to Heather. Michael says that the last thing he needs to be doing is planning damage control on the night before Phyllis' plea hearing. Lauren says that she's not going to go through what Phyllis went through. She says she is not going to be separated from her son. Michael says it won't go that far. Lauren says that if this thing snowballs with Paul that she will take all the resources that she has and leave; and start over in a new country if she has to. Michael says that he would go with her, that the thought of them living on a secluded island sounds wonderful. But first, he says, he has got to get Phyllis out of jail. Jana tells Phyllis that she couldn't handle things the way Phyllis is handling them. Jana says that she (Jana) deserves to be in prison and that she has no commitments on the outside. She says she has all the time in the world to figure out how not to mess up her life when she gets out. Phyllis says that there are wars going on in the world, world hunger and that her sister-in-law is in a coma and that self pity is for morons and idiots. Gloria tells Kevin at the bar that she has decided to go back up to Jeffrey's room and seduce him. She wants Kevin to interrupt them so it doesn't go to far. He says he has things to do and tries to leave. She tells him to show up at Jeffrey's door in three hours and tell her that there is some kind of emergency.

Jeffrey calls Michael and Lauren's to speak with Gloria. Gloria tells him she's on her way. After she hangs up, Lauren questions Gloria on why she is meeting Jeffrey. Gloria says she enjoys his company. Lauren tells Gloria that she's not going anywhere until she tells her exactly what she's doing. Gloria confesses that she needs to get into Jeffrey's room to see if he has that contaminated cream. Lauren says that he already gave it to her. Gloria tells her that the cream Jeffrey gave her wasn't contaminated and that she needs to find out if he has the real stuff. Lauren tells her that it's a stupid idea; she says that she could make things worse. Lauren tells her that she's compromised her family already and that she needs to leave Jeffrey alone or he could get suspicious. Lauren tells her to cancel her date. Gloria says she can't do that and she leaves. Lauren phones Michael and leaves him a message telling him to call her as soon as possible. Daniel tells Amber that he has found that Heather is human. Amber says it's impossible. He says that Heather could have ratted his mom out to the parole board and that he could have slapped him with a parole violation, but she didn't. He tells Amber that when he went to tell Heather thanks for not going after her mom and that she started crying. Amber asks him if he gave her a hug. Amber says that it was a calculated gesture to get something from him. Daniel tells her that she's being paranoid and Amber tells him that he's too trusting. Michael phones back Lauren from the coffee shop and she tells him what Gloria is up to. When he hangs up the phone he asks Kevin how long Heather has been there. Michael goes up to Heather and tells her that when Paul talked to her earlier that he did so without the benefit of legal counsel. Heather says that Paul volunteered information. Michael says that if Paul volunteered information that it was here say. Heather says that it was eyewitness testimony. Michael tells her that without corroboration she wouldn't have a case; and besides she‘d have to excuse herself from the case since Paul is her biological father. Heather says that she has no relationship to Paul and she tells Michael to go to hell.

Gloria tells Jeffrey that she hopes that they could be a regular girl and a regular guy and enjoy each other's company. He says he's thought the same thing. She says it makes her wonder what else they have in common. Michael tells Lauren about talking with Heather at the coffee house. Michael gets a call from Phyllis asking him how it's going to go tomorrow. Michael tells her that he doesn't want to encourage her or discourage her; that she just needs to trust that he is going to do his best. Gloria and Jeffrey flirt with each other. At the coffee shop, Amber sees Heather and tells Daniel they need to leave because she‘s there. Daniel says she's not all evil. Amber teases Daniel that he likes Heather. He says he doesn't like her, but that he wants to talk to Heather about his mom. Lauren passes them and goes to Heather's table. She tells Heather about how she's been having panic attacks since the Clear Spring's explosion. She tells Heather that she's only telling her that so that she understands how badly she wants to speak to her. Lauren says that even though being buried alive was truly horrible, that it was nothing compared to the nightmare she lived with Sheila Carter wanting her dead. She explains all the fear she had wondering if Sheila was going to show up and kill her. She also worried about Sheila kidnapping Fen and that she had kidnapped Scotty before. Lauren says that she knows what Paul did was illegal, but that she needs to understand that Paul saved her life. She says that Paul is a good man. Heather says that a good man would not abandon his child. Lauren says that she understands where she's coming from but she thinks she should consider forgiving Paul; not just for his sake but for her own. Lauren says that the anger she's holding inside of her will eat her up alive.

Jeffrey takes Gloria up to his room. Jeffrey kisses her. Gloria pulls away and says she's missing her watch. She asks Jeffrey to go downstairs to get it but he says he'll call down and have it sent up. After the call he goes back to kissing Gloria. Amber tells Daniel not to go talk to Heather but he does anyway. He asks Heather if he can talk to her about his mom and she says that she can't. He tries to plead Phyllis' case and lets it out that he's only known his mom for four years. Heather asks why Phyllis didn't raise him. He says that she wanted to but it was complicated. Heather wonders why Daniel would stick up for a mom who didn't raise him. He says he can't change history but that once he met his mom and got to know her, he couldn't help but love her. Heather tells Daniel that he's either incredibly needy or incredibly gullible. Heather walks away and then phones Paul. She tells him she wants to meet up with him. He says he's at the athletic club and says she's on her way. Maggie tells Paul that as soon as Heather gets to know Paul that she will come around. He says he understands why Heather is angry with him but that he hopes they get to the point where Heather doesn't hate him. Paul says he's usually a confident guy but that there's something about Heather's anger that takes all his confidence away. Maggie tells Paul to give her a call after talking to Heather and leaves. Jeffrey gets on the phone to order some wine and Gloria goes to the restroom. She calls Kevin and tells him to get over there right away. Kevin says it hasn't been three hours yet, but Gloria insists, saying that Jeffrey is eager. Kevin tells her to walk out on him. She tells Kevin that she can't do that because he might get suspicious and that she's not a tease.

Daniel is upset thinking that he's messed things up for his mom. Heather tells Paul that she's upset that Michael and Lauren know that he's her father. He explains that Lauren is his ex-wife and that Michael just found out about it. He tells her that he regrets not being a part of her life but that he can't change the fact that he wasn't there for her. He says he'd like to do something for her now. Heather says that him coming clean with her and taking her for an ice cream is not going to cut it. She then asks if she has brothers and sisters. Paul tells her that she's got a brother named Rickie, who just turned five. Maggie asks where he is. Paul explains that he lives in Los Angeles with his grandparents. She asks if Rickie knows that Paul is his father and he says yes, they have a good relationship. He says when he was young he was clueless and he made the foolish decision to stay out of her life. He says he was wrong and he hopes that if given time and she will let him, he could be a better person to her now, for her. Jeffrey and Gloria's wine arrive and Gloria says the glasses have spots on them but the attendant leaves before she can stop her. Jeffrey says he'll clean the glasses, and when he goes to clean them, she starts searching through his things. She finds a letter to Jeffrey from William saying that says ‘if anything happens to me, don't let her get away with it'. She puts the things back right before Jeffrey comes back into the room. Jeffrey tries to kiss Gloria again but she stops him and says she's a little nervous.

Michael tells Lauren that she took a big risk with Heather in talking with her. Lauren says he'll be facing a very angry woman in court tomorrow. Michael hopes that the anger will throw her. Lauren says that Heather was very focused. Michael says if she loses it in the courtroom then she loses everything, but that it's probably only wishful thinking. Lauren says that facing her father's ‘accomplice' will probably make her even more determined to beat him. Heather compares Paul to the people she prosecutes, that they offer up apologies after they are caught. She then tells him not to worry that she's not going to prosecute him. Paul thanks her. She tells him it's not a favor, it's just that she doesn't have the evidence to lock him up. She then tells him to go back to not being her father, that it's better for her that way. She tells Paul that he can tell Michael that Paul is safe, but that she plans to do to Phyllis what she was unable to do to him, which is to keep one child abandoning jerk in prison.

Phyllis is on the phone with Nick and Jana rushes in saying she's been on the phone too long and that the guards are going to say something. Phyllis ignores her and continues talking to Nick. Jana interrupts again and tells her to get off the phone. Phyllis finally hangs up the phone before the guard arrives. As Gloria and Jeffrey are drinking wine, there is a knock at the door. Kevin is there and tells Gloria that there is an emergency and he needs her. He says there's a problem with one of her perfume shipments at Jabot and that they need her. Gloria apologizes and says she has to take care of this and leaves with Kevin. After they leave, Gloria tells Kevin about the letter Jeffrey has from William.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Michael worries about getting prepared for Phyllis' appeal. He arrives at the courthouse early and talks to Jack and Lauren about Phyllis' chances. Daniel arrives in the courtroom, and Michael doesn't approve of his presence. Daniel makes one last attempt to convince Heather to give his mother a break. Daniel tells Phyllis that she can listen to the trial from his cell phone. Phyllis isn't sure that's such a good idea.

When Nick shows up at work, Phyllis cannot control herself. She closes the door and runs to him. They struggle to pull themselves apart from each other. Phyllis asks Nick how Victoria is doing. Nick tells her that Victoria's blood pressure is unstable again. Phyllis made a special pillow as a gift for Victoria. When Phyllis explains to Nick about Daniel's plan to have his cell phone on in the courtroom, Nick doesn't think it's a good idea. Phyllis can't help herself when the phone rings, and answers.

While Michael begins the retrial, Lauren notices Daniel acting mysteriously. Michael states that he believes the judge should have declared a mistrial when the tape was released. The judge calls for a 10 minute break, and an officer notices Daniel's cell phone. As Heather begins to speak, she admits that the judge should have called a mistrial during the previous trial. But when an officer calls it to attention that Daniel has his cell phone on, the judge demands that he turn it over. Phyllis immediately hangs up, and the judge tells him to leave. Outside the courtroom, Lauren calls Phyllis and Daniel apologizes for getting caught with his cell phone. Phyllis tells him that its okay, the phone situation isn't going to affect the judge's decision one way or the other. When Michael comes out of the courtroom, he says that Heather's case was more subdued than he thought, but it was still a hard case. Heather tells Daniel he's lucky all he got was kicked out of the courtroom.

Phyllis tells Nick that he was right; it wasn't a good idea to listen to the trial on Daniel's cell phone. Michael calls Phyllis and tells her that the trial went well. When Nick leaves, Brad gives Phyllis an evil look in the hallway.

Dr. Webb tries a new medication on Victoria when her blood pressure rises. Victor tells Nikki and Brad about Dr. Webb's attempts. Nikki tells Brad that if they don't deliver the baby soon, Victoria could die. When Sharon arrives, Brad tells Sharon that his internet searching has given him a negative outlook on the outcome for the baby. Sharon tells Brad that he needs to have faith. Brad talks about how much Victoria wants the baby. He says that God cannot take this baby from her. Sharon tells Brad that's why she's here to support him. She suggests Brad taking a break, but Brad insists on staying. Sharon says that she will stay there with him. Brad tells Sharon about the time when Ashley got in a car accident and lost his son. He says that he's lost a lot of people that he's loved too many times in his life. Sharon holds his hand. She tells him that anytime he needs her, all he has to do is pick up the phone and call.

J.T. worries that if they deliver the baby early, that he won't make it. Colleen drags J.T. away from the hospital room to give him a break. J.T. talks to Colleen about Victoria's strange cravings at the beginning of her pregnancy. He talks about Victoria's fears during her first trimester. He can't understand why she made it so far, and now is going through this. When J.T. returns, he is happy to hear that Victoria's blood pressure is stabilizing. Nikki worries about J.T. eating, but Colleen realizes that Nikki isn't eating either. Colleen offers to take Nikki on a walk. Colleen tells Nikki that when she was in a coma after the fire, it took her awhile to wake up, and she knows that her parents prayed for her. Nikki says that's what they are trying to do, to will her awake.

Dr. Webb tells J.T. and the Newman's that Victoria's blood pressure is higher than before. He says that he's going to have to deliver the baby. Nikki says they have to talk about it. Dr. Webb says that he will need a decision soon. J.T. looks through the door window at Victoria.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Gloria is working on ideas on how to get Jeffrey out of town. Kevin tries to get her to just leave him alone but she knows he's after her. She tries to figure out a way to make him fall in love with her and goes through his known interests settling on his Masters in Japanese art. She picks up a mock traditional Japanese charm and invites herself over to his place. She shows off the item and he explains his background in art which "surprises her". She flirts more with him but excuses herself before it gets too intense to get his interest up. She briefly returns for a passionate kiss. Later Jeff takes out the cream and tries some on himself. He notices an immediate burning sensation and wonders what's in it.

At Newman Enterprises Neil and Karen discuss the holidays. She's down since it will be her first away from home. Lily & Devon surprise Neil with some home cooked food and they talk about the holiday. They insist on having at home and making everything Dru would have. Lily suggests inviting Sharon over and Neil wants to invite Karen. They reluctantly go along with it. When David storms in demanding to know why Neil is going away with the loan recall he explains that it was Victor's order before the disaster struck. Karen asks Lily what she can bring for Thanksgiving, explaining that Neil invited her. Lily insists she has it covered but Karen wants to bring a traditional dish from her family. David threatens Neil with a damning press release about the loan recall if they don't back down. Karen advises Neil to just let it slide for a while he eventually agrees. Later Karen overhears Lily & Devon talking about how they aren't looking forward to her joining them for Thanksgiving dinner. She calls her mom to try to arrange to go home and spend the holiday with her but her mom is busy. Karen lies to Neil anyway that she's going home.

The Newmans worry more about Victoria's condition. David brings over business documents for Nikki to sign and learns that the loan ahs been called in. He first blames Victor but Neil says he's in charge and it was his call. Victoria's doctor suspects that there may be a problem with her kidneys. The lab confirms his diagnosis of pre-eclempsia. David takes Nikki to the cafeteria to get her mind off things and go over the papers. J.T. and Victor spend time with Victoria, whose monitors start to go off again. The doctor examines her and tells them that they MUST deliver the baby now or they could lose both of them. Nikki returns and sees the tension in Victor and J.T.'s faces. She asks what is going on and Victor fills her in. She creams that they can't. They have to keep the baby in the uterus even if it means Victoria will die. The words shock even her but she is adamant that is what Victoria would want. They have to do everything they can to ensure the baby lives. It's what Victoria would want. Victor adamantly disagrees but Nikki won't let it happen.

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