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Victor decided to file a countersuit against Nikki. David proposed to Nikki. David received a mysterious phone call. Victor and Nikki were forced to stay in the same house due to a storm. Gloria announced that John's letter had been authenticated.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 24, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, December 24, 2007

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon pretended to enjoy holiday cheer with Jack for Noah's sake. Jack later thanked Sharon for waiting until after Christmas to tell Noah that she planned to leave Jack. John paid a visit to Jack. John reminisced about past joyful family celebrations, but John's musings only added to Jack's feelings of sorrow and pain. Later, Jack told John that he was feeling terribly lonesome and that he feared that he was about to lose what matters to him the most.

At the Baldwins', Kevin captured Fen's second Christmas with a video camera. Gloria breezed into the room and told Kevin and Lauren that she'd have to forgo family celebrations in order to celebrate with Jeffrey. Michael phoned and told a very disappointed Lauren that he was snowed in at the St. Louis airport, but he promised to be home soon. When Kevin decided to join his mother's rendezvous with Jeffrey at the coffee house, he squirmed when Gloria met Jeffrey with a death-grip hug and a passionate kiss. Amber was shocked when Jeffrey mentioned that he and Gloria planned to marry. Kevin seemed to become nauseated when Jeffrey gushed that he was about to spend his first Christmas with his soon-to-be wife and step son. Gloria later gave Jeffrey a valuable coin minted the year he was born. Jeffrey surprised Gloria when he gave her what she believes to be "the" jar of Jabot face cream.

Victor shared a brief time of Christmas joy with Nick, Phyllis and Summer at the tack house. Nick had hoped that his dad would stay for Nikki's expected visit, so the family could be together, but Victor nixed the idea. Later, Lauren and Fen joined Phyllis, Nick, Summer and Daniel to drink eggnog and toast the fact that they could all be together. Jack and Noah later stopped by with gifts, and Noah and Daniel decided to visit with Victoria. Nick and Phyllis offered their sympathies to Jack, and reminded Jack that Sharon could decide to work out the difficulties in their relationship and not push for a divorce. However, Jack told Nick his life is being further complicated by the fact that he had joined Nikki and Katherine in their lawsuit against Victor. Later, after Daniel and Noah returned, Jack excused himself before Sharon's planned arrival. Just as Lauren feared that she'd be spending Christmas without snowbound Michael, the wary traveler arrived donning a Santa hat as he greeted his waiting family and friends with a jolly "Ho, Ho, Ho" and a bag of presents. Under the mistletoe, Michael gave Lauren a romantic kiss.

Nikki and David stopped by the hospital to check up on baby Reed. J.T. kept vigil at the nursery waiting area and mused that next Christmas, he envisioned his whole family well and together, fully enjoying the joys of the holidays. Later, Victor stopped by the hospital, and he and Nikki each spewed cross words about lawsuits and business loans. J.T. watched helplessly as his in-laws sparred in their nasty war of words. Later, Victor was ecstatic when he learned from J.T. that Reed's condition is steadily improving.

Lily, Devon and Neil carefully unwrapped treasured Christmas ornaments as they decorated their tree. One ornament reminded Lily of a Christmas when she and Dru lived in France. Other ornaments also sparked Lily's fond memories of Dru and the emptiness left by her mother's absence. However, Karen stopped by and joined in to help the Winters family create and hang decorations. Sharon also stopped by with gifts and noticed that Lily and Devon seemed to be making it okay through their first Christmas without Dru. Neil and Sharon shared a tender moment, as Neil offered his concern that Sharon faces tough times ahead with Jack. Later, Lily told Colleen that she was tortured by thoughts of her mom and Daniel and the reminders of both she seemed to see everywhere. Colleen offered her friend sage advice that perhaps even Dru would approve of Lily enjoying the holidays with Karen. Neil later entertained his family and friends with a dramatic reading of the lyrics from the classic carol, "Go Tell It on the Mountain." Afterward, he looked toward heaven and offered up a "Merry Christmas" greeting to Dru.

At the coffee house, happy couple Colleen and Adrian, on their way to the Winterses', stopped by to offer a kind word to Daniel and Amber. Cane also stopped by and Amber gave him a gift. Cane laughed when he saw Amber's gift, a soccer jacket with the fictitious "Wall of Bees" team emblazoned on it. Amber was pleased that Cane had accepted her little gag gift in the spirit in which it was given.

While waiting at the club for Heather, Paul shared with Maggie his fear of further disappointing his estranged daughter. Not long after Heather arrived, she asked Paul how he felt during Christmases past when he saw other parents buying presents for their children. Paul truthfully answered that he tried to block those images out of his mind, and he told Heather that he would do things differently had he the chance to do so. Heather expressed anger that she was left to wonder about her father's absence and falsely led to believe that Paul was merely a family friend. Paul, unable to magically recreate the past, earnestly requested that Heather rebuild her relationship with him one step at a time. When Maggie reminded Paul that it was about time to attend midnight mass, Heather eagerly expressed her desire to join them.

In addition to Christmas, Cane also enjoyed celebrating his birthday with Katherine and Jill, as he blew out candles on his cake. Cane told his mother and grandmother that it was the best birthday he'd ever had.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of all your favorite soaps were pre-empted for various holiday programming. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Programming will resume on Wednesday, December 26th.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to take the time to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday. For our friends of other faiths and in other countries, we invite you share in the spirit of the holiday season as your celebrate holidays and festivals of your own.

Dan J Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nick and Phyllis are playing a very physical video game. Phyllis can tell that Nick is taking the game too seriously and venting his anger toward Victor. Phyllis and Nick have just finished their movie and take out food when Phyllis grabs Nick and begins kissing him passionately. Amber tries to engage in conversation with Cane at the coffeehouse but Cane avoids her. Daniel sees Amber through the window videotaping herself. Amber tries on her new "Maria" disguise and practices auditioning for the "Faces of Jabot" contest. Victor confirms with Paul that he is aware of the investigation of Ji Min Kim's death and allegations against him. Victor highly suspects that it was Jack who killed Ji Min Kim. Paul informs Maggie that Victor has been inquiring about the Ji Min Kim case. He acknowledges his faith in Maggie working the case alone. Later, Heather comments to Paul that even though they spent Christmas together, she still needs time to heal from the pain of growing up without a father. Jack prepares a romantic dinner for Sharon, with hopes of enticing her to change her mind about the divorce. He promises to change, but Sharon is still unable to forgive him. Brad comforts Sharon and urges her to make the right decision with regards to her and Jack. Later, Sharon comes home to find Jack and Noah bonding at the dining room table. Sharon tries to fight back the tears. Jack is still conflicted about how to save his marriage. Nick suggests he give Sharon her space, in order to get her back. Victor is served with Nikki's lawsuit papers. At Nick and Sharon's old place, Nikki and David are discussing the lawsuit, when Victor enters the house in a rage. David explains to Nikki that although he understands that she is going through a lot of family trouble, he can't wait any longer. David asks Nikki to marry him. Nikki is shocked by his sudden proposal.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nikki tells David that she knows he wants an answer to his proposal, and he deserves an answer. David says he understands what that means. It means no. David apologizes for pushing Nikki to do something that she's not ready for. Nikki hugs him. She says that all she can think about right now is Victoria's health. Nikki says that she really needs him in her corner right now, especially with the pending lawsuit against Victor.

Victor thinks about his reaction to Nikki regarding the lawsuit. When Neil stops by, Victor says that he would like to talk to him about the lawsuit. As Neil looks it over, he tells Victor that he doesn't understand why Nikki is pursuing this lawsuit with everything going on with the family. Victor says that he's most upset that Katherine is also involved in the lawsuit against him. Victor tells Neil that he wants to file a countersuit. He tells Neil to find out every weakness regarding the Clear Springs project, and then use it against them. As Neil leaves, J.T. stops by to see Victoria. Victor asks J.T. how Reed is doing. J.T. says Reed has gained another half pound so they are taking bets on when he gets to come home. J.T. says that he brought a picture of Reed for Victoria. Victor says that the boy is a real hope. He appreciates J.T., and tells him how happy he is that Victoria chose J.T. Victor says how important it is to find someone who you can trust. Victor tells J.T. if he ever gets tired, he is welcome to stay at a room at the ranch. J.T. thanks Victor, and says that if there's anything he can do for Victor, he will. Victor says actually he can. Find out everything he can about David Chow.

Nikki talks to Katherine about Victor and the lawsuit. Katherine says that she has cared about Victor for years, but she believes that his volatility is becoming his Achilles heel. Nikki says that she feels like she's losing control. She has a daughter in a coma and a husband who hates her. Katherine tells Nikki that Victor doesn't hate her. When David comes downstairs, Katherine asks Nikki if David is living with her now. Nikki says no, he just spent the night. She tells Katherine that David asked her to marry him. Katherine wonders if that's what Nikki wants. Nikki says that she wants to concentrate on the lawsuit. Katherine says that she knows Nikki better than that. She needs to get the strength to face her demons. Katherine tries to get to the bottom of Nikki's feelings for David, but Nikki keeps mentioning Victor.

Victor runs into Katherine at the Athletic Club and tells her that he is very disappointed that she's including herself in the lawsuit against him. Victor suggests that Katherine may be getting more than she bargained for. As Victor walks away, David says that they will see him in court. Victor tells David that if he continues this, this will be the end for David. David gets a telephone call and tells the person on the other line that he has no time to meet with them. When he hangs up, the person calls back. David gets upset, saying that he already said that he can't meet with them. He says there's no point because he doesn't have the money yet. He says that when the money comes, they will be the first in line. Nikki rushes in from the cold and David quickly hangs up. When Nikki asks what's wrong, he says nothing. Nikki says that during her lunch, Katherine was able to help her realize that she's falling in love with David.

Jeffrey tells Gloria that it's time to go public with their love affair. He thinks that New Year's Eve is the perfect time for an engagement. Jeffrey tells Gloria that if she doesn't marry him, there will be an announcement in the paper stating that Gloria is the person involved with tainting the Jabot cream. Gloria says that no one will buy it for one second. Jeffrey says that Gloria better play the best performance of her life. Gloria finally gives in and says that she will set up a party. Jill sees Gloria and Jeffrey together. Jill tells Gloria that the entries for the fresh face of Jabot are pouring in. After Gloria goes to leave, Jill sits down with Jeffrey. He tells her that it's nice talking to one's of Gloria's friends. Jill says that Gloria always seems to get her man. Jeffrey wonders if Gloria stole William from her. Jill would rather not spoil the conversation, but Jeffrey insists she tell him her feelings about Gloria. Jill tells Jeffrey if she was him, she would stay as far away from Gloria as possible.

Michael interrupts Kevin talking on a cell phone. Michael says that his cell phone looks just like the one Gloria was going to give him. Michael insists that Kevin tell him what Gloria is up to. Kevin tries to continue Gloria's fake story about her falling for Jeffrey. Michael doesn't believe him. He realizes that Jeffrey may be onto Gloria. He says that Jeffrey Bardwell is blackmailing Gloria. When Michael looks at Kevin's reaction he realizes he is right. When Gloria returns home she wonders what Michael thinks he's right about. Michael says that he's right about every little thing she's been trying to hide. Michael tells Gloria and Kevin that he's onto them. Michael says that he has to run to Victor's, but he is not finished with them yet. Gloria says that before he goes, she wants him to know that she's having a New Year's Eve party and that Jeffrey will be invited. She secretly tells Kevin that if they don't figure out a way around this soon, she's going to become the bride of Frankenstein. Kevin suggests that Gloria turn over all her money to him, and that he disown her. Gloria thinks they should open an offshore account and stash her money there. Kevin says that he's going to find out how dirty Jeffrey can be. Gloria gets the idea to turn all her assets into liquid, so that Jeffrey will not have a dime of her wealth. Meanwhile, Jeffrey tells the bartender that he would like a bottle of their best champagne. He says the news he just received could ask for nothing less.

Michael goes to see Victor to discuss the police suspicions about Victor's involvement in the death of Ji Min Kim. Michael says that people are going at Victor from all sides. Michael suggests he drop the lawsuit.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The bad weather that is getting worse is key to every part of today's show.

Neil is auditioning singers for the club and concerned about the weather being so bad and getting worse, that it might keep customers away. Karen thinks they're all fine, but missing that something special. She sings a little, and Neil tells her that she should be the singer. She doesn't think she's good enough and says no. Later, when she's alone, she plays the piano and sings, then Neil enters to hear her and tells her that she should be the club's new singer.

Nick is at Victor's home talking to Victor. Victor asks why Nick disagrees with everything he does, and Nick replies that lately most things Victor is doing is wrong. Nick continues to try to convince Victor to practice forgiveness and to just stop all of the mess that is occurring now. Nick poses the question about what Victoria would find if she woke up today, and asks if he would want her to find all of this strife between her parents. Victor tells Nick he wished he could but he can't drop things now. Victor talks to Victoria while she lay in her coma, saying that he and her mother are at an impasse, but that he loves her and will do everything he can to protect her.

Meanwhile, Phyllis is talking to Nikki to try to get her to undo the damage that is going on with the Nikki versus Victor mess. Nikki thinks the odds are against her now, but Phyllis reminds her how the odds were against Victoria giving birth to a healthy baby, and to her surviving the childbirth, but they both happened.

Later, Nikki goes to Victor's home and starts the conversation by trying to get the problems to stop. Victor tells her that anything they had has been destroyed now.

Sharon tells Jack that she will tell Noah today that they are moving out of the Abbott home. Jack tries to convince her to wait for one more day to tell Noah, Noah overhears this conversation from the stairs, then goes back upstairs. Sharon agrees to wait one day to tell Noah.

Gloria gets news about the handwriting on John's letter, and is ecstatic. She rushes over to gloat to Jack, informing him that the handwriting was proven to be John's and now she knows that he never meant to cut her out of his will, and that he really loved her. She tells him he is despicable for taking advantage of his sick, dying father the way he did. Jack calls his lawyer to come out to the house in the bad weather to seek ways to keep Gloria from getting his dad's money. Sharon hears that conversation, and tells Jack that he should respect his father's wishes and let Gloria have what's due to her. Later, Sharon leaves, saying she has to make arrangements for her move tomorrow. She's tells him in a snippy way to not worry about the weather, that she's a big girl and she'll be fine.

After she leaves and Jack leaves to another room, Noah comes downstairs and calls Nick but when he gets the voicemail, Noah hangs up, then puts on his coat and leaves the house in the bad weather. He ends up at Nick's house (he got a ride from his friend's dad). He tells Nick that he knows his mom is leaving Jack, and that he's sick of always moving and he asks Nick if he can stay with him. Noah tells him how Sharon and Jack aren't getting along, and Nick tells Noah how the same thing is happening to him -- that his parents are fighting and that he can't do anything to help them. Nick continues, saying that even though his parents are fighting, he knows that they love him, and tells Noah that he has to know that he is loved too.

Nick calls Sharon to let her know that Noah is with him so that she won't worry. Sharon anxiously tells him she's on her way. Nick calmly tells her to take her time, everything's ok. Sharon said she'd call Jack so that he won't worry, but before she could call, Jack called her after noticing that Noah was missing. They deduce that Noah must have overheard them talking earlier. Sharon arrives at Nick's to get Noah. Phyllis calls to say there is a weather warning, and Nick tells Sharon and Noah they should wait a while to see if the weather lets up. Sharon calls Jack to let him know that she'll stay put until the weather breaks. Jack gets off the phone and wishes for his dad to appear to him. Just then, there's a knock on the door. Jack answers it, to find that Ashley has returned!

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