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Victor offered to forgive Nikki's loan if she dumped David, but she refused. Victor was arrested for the murder of Ji Min. Jack admitted to Ashley that he had tampered with their father's will. Lily and Cane could no longer deny their attraction.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, none of CBS's four daytime drama series aired new episodes. The holiday has been accounted for in the schedule and there will be no lost or "missed" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.

Tuesday, January 1, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of The Gator Bowl, the entire CBS Daytime lineup of daytime dramas – The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light – was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd and pick up where the action ended onFriday, December 28th.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2007

Sharon and Noah were still snowbound, without power, at Nick's. Noah slept upstairs, while Sharon held Summer. Sharon thought it was best that they left so that Noah could sleep in his own bed, but Nick insisted that was too dangerous. Nick suggested they play cards as Sharon became teary-eyed about her situation with Jack. Nick told her that Jack had made many mistakes, but he was always the first to admit it, and also that Jack was great with Noah. He advised Sharon to think carefully about leaving Jack – once she moved out, she might not be able to go back. Sharon's cellphone rang and she didn't answer when she saw it was Brad, who left a message saying that he was thinking about her and hoping that she was in a warm and safe place. Sharon and Nick remembered the storm that caused Noah's premature birth and how they kept vigil by his incubator. They also reminded each other that if they hadn't almost lost Noah, Cassie would never have entered their lives: Grace Turner located Cassie because Grace thought Noah had died, and she thought Cassie would bring solace to Sharon. Sharon made overtures to leave with Noah, but Nick stopped her again: after all, he said, she would only be going home to pack. Nick didn't think Sharon was as certain about leaving Jack as when she got there.

Later, Nick found Sharon asleep on the couch and Noah coming downstairs. Nick tucked Noah in next to Sharon, and, at Noah's request, stayed down with them until Noah fell asleep.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis was having a drink at the bar when Brad sat down with her. She made no secret about her disdain for Brad as he suggested a truce to work towards a mutual goal: to make sure Jack and Sharon break up. When Brad said that he knew that Phyllis hated Sharon, Phyllis told him she wasn't going to get in the middle: she told him she didn't hate Sharon but she hated him. With Brad gone, Phyllis called Nick to tell him she had taken a room at the Athletic Club because the roads were in bad shape. Phyllis didn't look thrilled when she learned that Sharon was still there, but cheered up when Nick told her that Sharon was reconsidering leaving Jack. She warned Nick about Brad's plan to destroy Jack and Sharon's relationship, then looked over at Brad, having a drink at the bar, remembering a kiss that he and Sharon shared.

At the Abbott house, also without power, Ashley told Jack she made the last flight out before the storm. She said she wanted to help Jack: she had heard about his resignation from the Senate and his possible involvement in Ji Min's murder and wanted to know how she could help. Jack tried to change the subject to Ashley's life in Los Angeles. She told him she was doing well professionally developing scents for Forrester Creations, and that Abby was great, but she was once again unlucky in love: although she had a romance with Ridge Forrester, that ended when he went back to Brooke. They commiserated about how unlucky they were in love. A phone call from Sharon interrupted their talk: she told Jack that she was stuck at Nick's. When Jack suggests that she tell Noah about their leaving, Sharon informed him she already had, and she hung up. Ashley stared at a picture of John as Jack told her how much he missed "the old man." Jack started to tell Ashley that he had done things he wasn't proud of, and that was the reason Sharon was leaving him. When Ashley suggested that maybe they just weren't right for each other, Jack objected, saying they had been happy for a long time. He told her about John's letter that Gloria had obtained in which John wrote of his love for Gloria and how Jack had manipulated him into changing his will. Trying to justify what he did, Jack said that he knew Ashley hated Gloria as much as he did. Ashley said that "hate" was too strong a word: she certainly didn't like Gloria, but John had loved her and made him happy in spite of her many faults. Jack did not have a right to deny Gloria her share of John's estate, since that was what their father wanted.

Later, Ashley stared at a Christmas snow globe and reminisced about happier holidays when John was still alive. Jack commented that the house was full of great memories. They both realized that they need to make better choices in their lives. When Jack said that they will eventually find what they are looking for, "John" appeared to Jack and told him he's right. When Ashley left to call Abby, "John" told Jack he hoped that he would listen to Ashley regarding Gloria's inheritance. When Jack protested, an angry "John" told him that he needed to forget about Gloria and focus on his own problems.

The Newman ranch had no power, but Victor assured Nikki that because of the emergency generators there wouldn't be any problem with Victoria's medical equipment. Nikki wondered out loud how their relationship had deteriorated, and how Victor had become such a bully. Victor protested, saying that he was just "confident about his convictions." When Victor said that Nikki stopped loving him, she said that she never said that – she always thought that nothing could separate them. When Victor admitted he may have changed, Nikki suggested they stop trying to hurt each other and move on. Later, Victor remembered happier times with Nikki. He then made a proposal to Nikki: if she got rid of David Chow he would forgive her loan! She was shocked and angered and wondered how Victor could have so little respect for her: she refused his offer, and Victor told her never to say that he didn't try. As Nikki started packing, Victor looked on with tears in his eyes. Nikki went upstairs to see Victoria and read her a poem while a distraught Victor looked over family photo albums.

The next morning the storm was over. Nikki found herself in Victoria's bedroom. She went downstairs where Victor was having breakfast and he refused to even say "good morning" to her. Telling him that she will be back soon to pick up the rest of her things, she started out and turned around to look at Victor: both of them clearly despondent.

Phyllis made it back home and Nick told her that Sharon and Noah left earlier, and Sharon left a note thanking him for his "good advice."

Sharon and Noah entered the Abbott house and Noah ran to the kitchen to get breakfast. Jack came into the living room: he and Sharon exchanged glances as Sharon said "we're back" before embracing him.

Thursday, January 3, 2007

Neil and Nick are surprised to see Victor at work. Victor says that he's been feeling a little stir crazy sitting at home with Victoria all day. Neil welcomes Victor back. Victor talks to Neil about filing a countersuit against Nikki and Chancellor Industries. Neil and Nick disagree that that's the best decision. Victor says that he will not settle. Karen wonders why Neil and Nick are looking so glum. Neil says that Victor is back and is on the warpath. Nick goes into Victor's office to talk to him about the lawsuit. Nick tries to convince Victor to drop the countersuit. Victor says that's never going to happen. When Cane comes to visit Victor, Neil warns him not to go in there. Neil tells Cane that Victor is planning to file a countersuit. Cane isn't pleased with Victor's plan.

Lily comes by Newman Enterprises to have lunch with Devon. Cane sees her and tells her that she's looking very fresh today and that her chances for winning the Jabot contest are good. Lily rolls her eyes, and Cane looks sheepish. Later, Devon teases her about Cane's comments, but says that she should be the winner of the fresh face of Jabot. Lily says that she wishes that she had never entered the contest. When Cane shows up at the coffeehouse, Lily hides behind the newspaper. Devon tells Neil that he can tell that Lily is still hung up on Cane. He suggests setting her up with one of his friends. Neil thinks that is a good idea.

As Noah gets ready for school, Sharon asks Ashley how long she will be staying. Ashley says that she's going to stop by to see Victor and then will be leaving. Noah wonders where they will go when he returns from school. Sharon says that they will be returning home to Jack-to stay. Ashley tells Sharon that she is very happy that Sharon is giving Jack and second chance. Sharon secretly calls Brad and they agree to meet after she drops off Noah. When Sharon meets up with Brad at the Athletic Club, she says that she has decided to stay with Jack. Brad thinks that she should think it through. Sharon says that if they are going to be friends in the future, the subject of Jack is closed. Brad disagrees, but says that he just wants her to be happy. Jack sees them holding hands.

J.T. sees Paul at the coffeehouse and Paul wishes him a Happy New Year. J.T. says that Reed has gained another half pound and is doing well. J.T. asks Paul if he knows anything about David Chow. Paul realizes that it's probably Victor that wants to know more about David. Paul warns J.T. that Victor is ruthless. He warns him not to get in the middle. J.T. goes to see Victor and tells him how well Reed is doing. J.T. suggests that Victor visit Reed, he says that it will make him feel better. Victor asks J.T. if he's found out any information about David yet. J.T. says that either David has nothing to hide or is hiding very well. Victor suggests that J.T. search harder.

Heather and Maggie discuss the evidence that they have on Victor towards Ji Min's murder case. Maggie tells Heather that she is ready to move on this as soon as possible; but they agree that the evidence they have is circumstantial. Heather tells Maggie that the New Year usually makes you feel refreshed and renewed, but all she has been feeling is stressed. She confides in Maggie that she blames Paul for deserting her and leaving her with her stepfather. Heather receives a phone call and finds that some evidence that they had on tape has been erased. Maggie gets another call and its confirmed: Victor was the last person to see Ji Min. They have enough evidence now for an arrest. Victor smiles when Ashley comes to visit him. She tells him that her heart is with Victoria. He asks her how Abby is doing. Ashley says that she is doing great. Ashley wonders if Victor and Jack will ever get over the grudge that they have against each other. Ashley goes to get Victor some lunch, and wishes that she could stay longer. Victor says that he has missed her. When Ashley leaves in one elevator, Maggie appears out of the other. "Victor Newman," she says. "I have a warrant for your arrest."

Friday, January 4, 2007

Lily, Devon and Roxanne are hanging out at the coffee shop. While Lily is browsing a catalogue for the college classes she'll take next, Cane walks in and she flashes back to the conversation they had about him telling her she's too young for him, though he really likes her. Back in real time, they exchange glances and then he leaves with his coffee. Lily excuses herself and is gone for quite a while. Devon suspects that was off in the ladies room feeling sad after seeing Cane. However, Lily returns and is all smiles, then says she has to leave. Devon has an idea on how to help Lily get over Cane: fix her up with someone else. Roxanne manages to fix her up with a guy named Alan and calls Lily to ask if she wants to join him and Roxanne to go check out the new singer at Neil's club. Lily says yes, as Neil overhears this little scheme and he approves of it. Meanwhile, Lily enters the same place where Cane is and, after some awkward moments, he says there are only two choices: one of them can leave town so that it's easier for both to deal with, or they can give in and date each other. They set a date for next week and then part ways.

As Nick and Neil walk through the hall of Newman Enterprises, they notice a commotion going on down the hall and walk toward it to see what's going on. They discover that Victor is being arrested for the murder of Ji Min Kim and is having his rights read to him by Maggie. As they enter the elevator, Victor calmly asks Nick to call his lawyer, Michael Baldwin, and Nick said Michael would be there when he arrives at the jail.

Gloria, Kevin, Michael and Lauren are all having dinner and Michael notes aloud that Gloria's boyfriend isn't with them. He adds that he knows something is going on and that both Gloria and Kevin are in on it and that he won't let up until he finds out what it is. His phone rings and Kevin mumbles under his breath, "Saved by the bell." Michael hears him say that. Neil is the caller, telling Michael that Victor was arrested and Michael is needed now. Michael says he's on his way. Gloria says that she's surprised at that news. Michael retorts that when someone commits a crime, they usually get punished for it. He then gives Gloria a look that sends her that message loud and clear.

Meanwhile, Nick leaves a message on Nikki's phone telling her to call him as soon as possible, and that it's urgent. As Michael rushes toward the door to leave, he encounters Nikki and David as they are entering. Nikki asks him why he's rushing and Michael, who can tell that Nikki hasn't heard the news, tells her that Victor has been arrested. Nikki is now distracted and appears to be highly concerned for Victor and tells David that she has to go find Nick and find out more about what's going on; David will have to handle their scheduled meeting by himself. David doesn't look happy about this.

Continuing to discuss Victor's arrest, Gloria comments that she thinks he did it, adding that anyone can be pushed to kill someone else. Lauren comments that she doesn't think Victor would ever kill anyone. At that moment, Kay and Jill arrive for the meeting and overhear this and ask what's going on. Lauren informs them of the news. Thinking Nikki is behind Victor's arrest as part of the ongoing problems between them, Kay comments that she didn't have to go that far. Then Jill adds her thoughts, saying she thinks Jack is the one who killed Ji Min and has once again weaseled his way out while also finding a way to make it appear it was Victor. Gloria agrees with that speculation. Kay tries to dissuade that thought by saying the police must have information that others don't have for them to arrest Victor.

Before they proceed to discuss business about the "Fresh Face" contest, both Lauren and Kevin excuse themselves and leave. Kay sees Cane enter and walks over to talk to him, leaving Jill and Gloria to talk privately. Jill tells Gloria that she had an interesting chat with Jeffrey, who told Jill how he's very interested in Gloria. Before she could continue, Jeffrey walks up to Gloria and sits next to her. Kay tells Cane about Victor's arrest. Cane asks if she thinks he could have done it. Kay responds that he has been a friend for many years and is capable of many things but questions if he's capable of murder. The meeting breaks up and everyone exits, leaving Gloria and Jeffrey alone. He wants her to arrange a dinner where he can propose to her in front of everyone. She doesn't want to, but when he begins to become impatient and firm, she agrees. Then he asks her for a check for $50,000 for a dazzling engagement ring. Lauren has returned from her spa treatment and passes nearby enough to see that something isn't quite right with the couple. After Jeffrey leaves, Lauren approaches Gloria and lets her know that she saw what just happened, and asks Gloria to let her and Michael know if she's in trouble. Gloria only tells her about the dinner plans for tomorrow and asks her to be there, then leaves. Gloria finds Kevin at the coffee shop and tells him she needs help, then tells him about the dinner plans and that he knows she has been withdrawing money and buying jewels. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Michael about the dinner plans and that she also believes something is going on. They plan to attend to see what happens.

Michael talks to Victor at the jail, planning how to get Victor released. Michael tells Victor he needs to give the judge Victor's passport so that they won't think he's a flight risk. Victor agrees and in a sure tone of voice tells Michael that he did not do this, and that whoever planted evidence that made it look like him will pay. Michael advises him to not talk to anyone and to keep his temper, so that his job is easier to do, then leaves to get more information and to try to get Victor released.

Maggie and Heather are discussing Victor's arrest. Maggie notes that Heather looks more tired than earlier in the day and suggests that she go home to rest, but Heather declines. Just then, Michael arrives to get the discovery information they have about Victor. He points out how Jack was the last person to see Ji Min alive according the videotape. But the women inform Michael that they discovered the tape was tampered with, and they were able to have the erased portions of the disk rebuilt and it reveals Victor at Ji Min's door after Jack was there. Michael looks stunned to hear this news.

Sharon is sitting at a desk in the Abbott home looking at a wedding picture of her and Jack. Jack arrives home bringing her a bouquet of flowers; the same kind that he got for her for her wedding day, the same ones that were in the picture that Sharon was looking at. He told her he wanted her to remember how happy they once were; he asks if it's working. She responds that there was much that was good about them as a couple. He then tells her that he dropped Ashley off at airport. He continues that it was wonderful to see her and that he asked her to stay but she left anyway. Sharon suggests they get a movie, and Jack likes the idea; they embrace.

Later, a reporter comes to the door asking Jack to comment on Victor's arrest. Jack makes a brief statement about his belief in the judicial system, then as he politely closes the door, he mutters aloud but only for himself that Victor's arrest is cause to celebrate. Sharon overhears this from the other room and shows concern on her face. Jack, with a drink in his hand, stands alone as his thought flash back to conversations he had with Victor. He recalls how they talked about the evidence, and Victor's response that he saved Jack's life in the building collapse and for that, Jack thanks him by accusing him of murder. He is irritated enough to say if he had to do it all over again, he would have left Jack in the rubble to die. He recalls another chat where Victor says if had known of the potential problems with the building site, he would never have approved it, but Jack snips that Victor isn't taking responsibility, but he'll take the label of hero, while his daughter lays in a coma and he almost lost his grandson. Victor responds in a rage, telling Jack to leave. Back in reality, Sharon approaches Jack, and expresses that she heard him gloating over the news, and Jack can tell she is not sure of what is the truth.

Later, Michael and Nick arrive at the jail to take Victor home after Nick posted a million dollars bail and Victor gave up his passport.

Nikki finds Nick with Neil working on the statement for the press. Neil leaves to send the statement, and Nikki asks Nick how Victor was during the ordeal. Nick indicates this isn't easy for Victor, and asks Nikki if she thinks he could have done it. A concerned Nikki offers her support by responding that she can't bring herself to even think that he could. Later, Neil asks Nikki how she feels about Victor's situation, and she tells him that right now, it's important that everyone be there for him. Just then, David walks in, and Neil leaves to write Nikki's statement to the press. David advises Nikki that it's not a good idea to issue a statement of support for Victor on one hand and sue him on the other hand. Later back at the ranch, Nick is there when Nikki arrives home. Nikki thanks him for posting bail for Victor, and he tells her that he heard her statement of support on the radio, and that Victor also heard it. Nick comments that it was very generous of Nikki to do that. Nikki asks if that was his comment or Victor's. Nick gives her a sly little grin, and then they both see Victor coming down the stairs after a shower. Victor tells Nikki that he'll have her stuff sent to Sharon's, and then leaves. Nikki tries to talk to him further, but he keeps walking.

Jill and Kay arrive at the Newman ranch to support Nikki. Kay expresses concern that with everything that has happened to Victor, that although he looks like he's tough on the outside, on the inside, he could be falling apart. Nikki calmly responds that Victor doesn't fall apart -- he makes everybody else miserable, and THEY fall apart! Nick's facial expression says he agrees with that statement!

Victor calls Jack to let him know he's a free man, and that he believes Jack planted the evidence. Jack smugly responds to Victor, and as they hang up, Sharon is shown standing nearby looking concerned about Jack's attitude.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate


Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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