The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on Y&R

Gloria wed Jeffrey. Victor filed a countersuit against Nikki. Victor fired Nick. David hid a massive amount of debt. Jana was released from prison. Lily and 'Marina' learned that they were semi-finalists in the Jabot contest.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Michael was still livid when he arrived home after his meeting with Jeffrey. He told Lauren that Jeffrey admitted that he was blackmailing Gloria because he knows that Gloria tainted the Jabot face cream and that Michael and Lauren were both accessories after the fact. Lauren was shocked when Michael told her that Jeffrey was brazen enough to request that Michael serve as his best man. Lauren, however, affirmed that they could beat Jeffrey at his own game because they're smarter and stressed that they must succeed. Michael thought about their predicament for a moment, and then he recalled that Jeffrey and William didn't get along, that Jeffrey was once imprisoned in Africa and that he never discusses his line of work. Michael wondered if, perhaps, William kept a diary. After going through his mental checklist, Michael announced that he and Lauren, if they wish to get the upper hand, must contain Gloria, because she gets deeper into trouble every time she attempts to handle a situation on her own.

Gloria paid a visit to Jeffrey's room where he presented brochures describing perfect honeymoon destinations. When Gloria acted as if she were stalling, citing Michael's suspicions, Jeffrey called her bluff, explaining that he'd just met with Michael, who admitted that he's known what Jeffrey was up to for quite some time. Gloria feigned shock when Jeffrey demanded $100,000 to make arrangement for them to marry immediately. Gloria refused to write a check and suggested instead, since the blackmail scheme was revealed, that they hurry off to Vegas to wed there. After William, armed with Gloria's credit card, went down to the Genoa CityAC travel desk to book their flights, Gloria phoned Kevin and told him that their little plan had worked and the marriage was arranged. The next step, Gloria explained, would be to figure out how Jeffrey planned to kill her after they marry, and then she'd be free. Gloria later met Kevin at the coffeehouse and told him that while she's away tying the knot with Jeffrey, she needed him to plan phase two of their scheme. Kevin teased that Gloria's death should be a grisly one. A stoic Gloria insisted that her "death" should seem like an accident and, unhappy that she was being forced to marry her blackmailer, pressed Kevin to have good news ready when she returns. When Gloria later arrived at Michael and Lauren's to pack for her "business trip," she berated Michael for having confronted Jeffrey. Gloria also promised Michael and Lauren that the whole fiasco with Jeffrey would soon be over. After Gloria left the room to pack, Michael turned to Lauren and vowed that he'd find out where Gloria was headed. Back at Genoa CityAC, Jeffrey packed his bags, too. Just before Gloria set off with her packed bags, she told Lauren and Michael that she was headed off to handle Jabot business in Albuquerque and would be returning in a few days. Kevin, just arriving however, met his mother at the door and wished her well on her trip to Nevada. After Gloria left, Michael and Lauren prepared to follow Gloria's trail. Kevin attempted to detain Michael and Lauren by begging them to watch a Hitchcock DVD with him.

April arrived unexpectedly at Genoa City to see about Heather, who stormed out. April heatedly questioned Paul's motives for having told Heather that he is her father. Paul explained that Heather lives and works in Genoa City and he sees her every day, so he couldn't just keep quiet about being her father. Paul said he had hopes that Heather would forgive him. April accused Paul of turning Heather's life upside-down in order to give himself closure. Paul told April that he planned to repair his relationship with Heather and explained that she could either choose to stay and help or she could just leave and let Paul deal with Heather his way. Heather ended up at Crimson Lights. She couldn't help but notice dozens of distinctive fliers pleading for Jana Hawks' release. Heather, regretting her decision to bolt instead of facing her parents, phoned and asked her mother to come, without Paul. Later, Maggie advised Paul to take it slowly with Heather, as she was already over-involved with a very stressful job. Maggie, citing the fact that Heather is dealing with anger from her past, also recommended that Paul cut himself a little slack. Paul told Maggie that maybe he was selfish to dump everything on Heather, perhaps causing more damage than he could ever fix. Maggie, however, reminded Paul that the truth's out and cannot be taken back, so he had no other choice. He must fix his relationship with his daughter.

Kevin went to the prison to visit Jana. He was alarmed to learn that Heather had questioned Jana, but Jana put Kevin's fears to rest when she told him that Heather was respectful and had inquired about what Jana planned to do with her life if she were released. Kevin was ready to celebrate when Jana told him that Heather seemed to have taken into consideration the expert testimonials he'd collected, which linked Jana's crimes to her tumor. Jana was pleasantly surprised to see an outline of her face printed on Kevin's tee-shirt under which a caption read, "Free Jana Hawks." Kevin promised Jana that he would get her out of prison very soon.

When J.T. walked into the GCAC dining room, he recalled the night before when he saw David shaking hands with a strange man at a corner table. At the ranch, Nikki read Don Quixote to Victoria. When J.T. phoned from the GCAC, Nikki reported that Victoria's condition was stable. J.T. asked Nikki to meet him later at the coffeehouse to discuss a matter. When Nikki later met J.T. at the coffeehouse, he told Nikki that he'd observed David engage in a heated argument with a man he'd never seen before. J.T. also admitted that Victor had fired him when Victor learned that J.T. was uncomfortable lying to Nikki, so he hadn't been spying on David at the time. When J.T. offered to find out what was going on between David and the stranger, Nikki declined, insisting that she'd handle it. Meanwhile, back at the GCAC dining room, David argued loudly with someone on his cell phone, yelling that "he couldn't do that because he didn't have the money." As his anger grew, David also demanded that his caller "back off because he was getting sick and tired of being pushed and was fed up with the caller's antics." Paul and Maggie overheard David's side of the intense conversation, but when Paul inquired, David brushed off Paul's concern citing that it was merely a slight business misunderstanding. However, Paul remained suspicious of David's behavior. Later at home, Nikki questioned David about the man he'd argued with the night before. David explained that he thought he was meeting with a banker who could arrange funding to pay back Nikki's loan to Victor. However, David continued, the banker turned out to be a nosy reporter looking for a scoop on the Newman family. Nikki, buying David's story, thanked David for his noble effort and embraced him warmly. Later, Nikki became frustrated when her online bill payments weren't accepted at her bank, but her frustration turned to anger when she learned from her bank's customer-service rep that Victor had frozen her assets.

Colleen and Adrian enjoyed an impromptu romantic break together at the coffeehouse. Heather approached Colleen and explained that her office may not choose to pursue the case against Jana Hawks if Colleen were to write a letter of support requesting Jana's release. Adrian angrily protested Heather's insistence to involve Colleen, but Heather explained that a letter would make more of an impact than Kevin's gung-ho flier and poster campaign. Colleen was a bit surprised by Adrian's overreaction to Heather's suggestion, but Adrian explained that although Kevin may think his posters are clever and even though Colleen seems okay with the "free Jana campaign," he remains skeptical because he lived through Jana's attack on Colleen. Adrian and Colleen took a break from their argument to seek J.T.'s input on the matter. J.T. reminded Colleen that she isn't merely rescuing puppy; she was, instead, supporting the release of a woman who almost killed her. Adrian finally told Colleen that he would not support her if she decides to stand up for Jana. Later, Colleen discussed the matter again with J.T, who explained that he understood Adrian's desire to protect Colleen from harm, just as he wished he could have protected Victoria. J.T. offered a kernel of wisdom to Colleen, explaining that time is as fragile as the chances we take, therefore advising Colleen not to remain angry at Adrian; and later, the couple reconciled. J.T.'s coffee break was interrupted by a call from the hospital telling him that Reed's condition had changed. At the hospital, the doctor reported to a relieved J.T. that Reed's lungs were strong enough for him to breathe without a ventilator.

After Daniel whisked Heather away from Adrian's confrontation over Jana and indulged her in an impromptu neck massage, Daniel explained to Heather that Adrian's anger was most likely caused by his desire to protect Colleen. April arrived, and after being introduced to Daniel, mistakenly believed him to be a masseuse. After Daniel left, Heather, still tense even after Daniel's massage, told her mother that she wished she'd never come to Genoa City and that Paul had never told her that he is her father. However, April explained that the more Heather tries to suppress the truth, the more it will eat at her. Heather lovingly accepted her mother's apology for never having told her about Paul. However, Heather was not at all receptive to her mother's suggestion that she should walk away from Paul and her life in Genoa City. Heather explained that she couldn't just walk away from her future. April advised Heather to rethink her relationship with Paul, if she wished to stay in Genoa City. April decided that she'd stay in town a few days to help her haggard daughter work out issues with both her parents. When Daniel later returned, Heather was crying softly. Daniel made Heather laugh when he recalled April's assumption that he was a masseuse. Heather's troubles seemed to melt away as she enjoyed Daniel's company.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Nikki arrives at the hospital just minutes before Victor and they both are elated to learn from J.T. that their grandson is now breathing on his own. J.T. advises them that only one person can visit at a time and he allows Nikki to be the first one to visit. While Nikki is visiting with her grandson, David and Victor are embroiled in a conversation about Nikki's assets. Nikki overhears Victor's insults toward David. Nikki takes a minute to talk with Victor privately. She wants to know why he's being so rude to her. Victor tells her that it's all because of David but that if she's willing to cut David out of her life then her debts would be forgiven. David is eavesdropping from around the corner. After their visits are over, they all go their separate way. Later, Nikki and David are back at the ranch and he offers to leave Nikki for good so that Victor will cancel all her debts. To David's surprise, not only does Nikki not agree to his offer but she tells him that she wants to be his wife.

Amber tries to get Kay, Jill and Cane, who are at The Coffeehouse, to tell her who the finalists are going to be in The Fresh Face of Jabot's contest, however, none of them will give her any information. Amber is discouraged and lets The Chancellor trio continue their conversations. Daniel advises Amber that if her fictitious model friend, "Marina", is selected as a finalist then her scheme will be exposed. She assures him that she can handle anything that comes her way. A while later Heather comes to look for her missing sunglasses. Daniel wastes no time in asking her out on a date but she says due to her work she doesn't have time for a social life. Daniel respects her answer and says maybe another time. Cane suggests to his mother and grandmother that they all go on a trip to the Outback sometime during the spring. Kay and Jill are eager to discuss this idea later in the day because they all have to go back to the office. As Kay stands up to leave, she becomes weak in her knees and Cane steadies her.

Heather has joined her boss at the sports club. Her boss wants to make sure that the case against Victor is solid and questions Heather whether she is ready for this long fight. Heather reassures his concerns but he still advises her to find a solid witness. Once the meeting is over, Heather walks toward the door and runs into Victor. Victor warns her that if she doesn't drop the case against her then her career is over. Heather asks if he is threatening her and as Victor walks away he replies to take it however she wants to.

Sharon and Jack are having dinner at the athletic club before Sharon's flight to Chicago for the new "Sweet Adorations" campaign. Even though Sharon wants his company, Jack reminds her that he can't go due to his appointment the next day with Gloria's counsel. As they are leaving they see Brad having a drink at the bar. Colleen is concerned that Brad is not fully grasping the fact that Sharon has chosen Jack over him. Brad has secretly booked a flight to Chicago and the fax with his itinerary is delivered to Colleen. She confronts him and he tells her that it would be a big mistake if he didn't take this chance to be with Sharon. Colleen makes her way to the Abbott house to speak with Jack. She tells him that Brad's on his way to Chicago.

In Chicago, Sharon receives a knock at her hotel door. She looks through the peephole and opens the door to see Brad standing there.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Sharon's hotel room, Brad stood in the doorway telling her that he followed her because she forgot a folder -- also he wanted to review some product testing results. Sharon saw through these excuses and told him that following her to Chicago wasn't going to change anything. He told her that they belonged together, and that he would never hurt her like Jack had. She told him it wasn't about Jack -- it was about the two of them. She also said that too much had happened since New York and that she could never love him the way he wanted her to. When Brad said it was because she was too afraid, she replied it wasn't about fear -- it was about her finding out what she wanted, and she had chosen Jack. When he kept pressuring Sharon about whether she really loved Jack, she finally told him they needed to make a clean break, including ending their friendship, which, she said, would never be enough for him. Brad said, "So, it's goodbye." With tears in her eyes she hugged him, then opened the door as Brad exited.

At the Abbott house, Jack started to call Sharon as "John" appeared. "John" asked Jack if he trusted Sharon, and Jack told him it was Brad he didn't trust. "John" informed him that as they were speaking Brad was trying to make Sharon doubt her decision to stay with him. Jack looked at his wedding ring and had a vision of Sharon and Brad making love. When Jack said that Sharon would never betray him, "John" planted doubt in his mind and told him that Brad could knock at Sharon's door, bottle of wine in hand. When Jack wondered why his own father would taunt him, "John" told him that he was simply voicing Jack's fears. Jack left for a drive, having a vision of Brad and Sharon in bed together. "John" reminded him that Chicago was due south.

At the Athletic Club, Jack tried to call Sharon, but got voicemail and didn't leave a message. She called him back after Brad was gone, and they began an awkward conversation -- Jack could clearly sense that something was wrong. They engaged in small talk, but just before they were about to hang up, Sharon told him that Brad had followed her to Chicago , but that everything was over between them, and that Brad really seemed to hear her this time. They told each other, "I love you" and hung up. Later, a restless Sharon tried to sleep while Brad was downstairs in the hotel bar having a drink.

At Newman, Neil came into Victor's office with some papers-an outline for the countersuit that Victor was filing against Nikki. Victor told Neil to make sure the lawyers had the papers drawn up that night, because he wanted Nikki to be served first thing in the morning. Neil said before he bothered the lawyers he wanted to be clear about what Victor wanted. He told Neil Nikki was to turn over full management of NVP to him, and that Victor was to be reimbursed for any salary paid to David Chow, as he had never approved David's hiring. When a skeptical Neil said that he was going to leave Nikki with nothing, Victor said that was his intention and that none of this would have happened if it weren't for David. When Neil said that this battle between the Newmans would get uglier and uglier and that Nikki might be destroyed, Victor said that was his plan. He said David could take care of her from now on. He told Neil to get the lawyers working on it immediately.

Running into Karen in the Newman break room, Neil told her that Victor was going ballistic, and that although Victor was his boss, he was also his friend and he felt very much in the middle of the situation. When he said he always tried to be loyal, Karen reminded him that there was only so much he could do.

At the Winterses', Lily was studying when Cane knocked on the door with some papers that Neil needed. Lily coyly asked him why he didn't fax them, and Cane sarcastically wondered why he hadn't thought of that. She told him she was studying about the American Civil War for an upcoming exam. Cane told Lily he was an expert on the Civil War, but when Lily started quizzing him it was clear he was just pulling her leg -- he was making up amusing, ludicrous answers to her questions. The quiz ended with the two of them kissing passionately on the couch. When Karen and Neil entered, they quickly broke apart, but it was clear to them what the kids were up to. Cane said he was there just to drop off the papers for Neil. Obviously uncomfortable, Cane decided to leave, and Neil had a chat with him outside the apartment door. He told Cane that there was nothing he could do about him and Lily seeing each other, but he absolutely forbade the two of them being physically involved in the apartment.

Inside the apartment, Lily told Karen she'd bet her $50 that Neil was lecturing Cane. Karen told her that Neil was just surprised -- that fathers tend to be overprotective. When Lily said that Neil was getting on her nerves, Karen told her that this was just as hard on Neil as it was on her. Later, with Neil back inside, Lily told him she had reached a decision -- that she was going to move into her own apartment, as she felt she couldn't grow up on her own living at Neil's. She left the room and Karen comforted Neil.

Nick walked into Victor's office and saw the papers outlining Victor's countersuit against Nikki. Victor came in and told Nick he had no right to go through his private papers and he grabbed then back. Victor threw Nick out.

Later, Victor ran into Nick in the break room. Nick pleaded with Victor not to tear the family apart. When Victor chided Nick for not blaming Nikki as well, Nick asked Victor to be the bigger person and stop fighting with Nikki. When Nick said it was Victor who pushed Nikki into David's arms, an enraged Victor said that all of Nikki's recent problems (her Senate run, Clear Springs) were David's fault, and that "slimy" David was just after Nikki's money. Nick reminded Victor that Nikki had no money. Victor warned Nick to stay out of it -- he reminded Nick about how he had squealed to the feds about his corporate malfeasance, and he knew that Nick had the capacity to betray him. When Nick told Victor that he was just an angry and bitter man (and that he never wanted to be like him,) Victor fired Nick! He told Nick that if he couldn't support him and be loyal, he had no place at Newman. Nick told Victor he was done with him for good. He walked out, telling Victor he would end up all alone.

At Nikki's, she told David she was sure she wanted to marry him. David said they'd make a perfect team, and that she should make a final break with Victor by selling NVP to him and dropping the lawsuit. Nikki was reluctant at first, but said she would think about it. Later, during a celebratory dinner, Nikki said that Katherine would understand if she dropped the suit, but that Jack wouldn't. David told her that Jack could file his own suit, and that she needed to rid herself of Victor for good so they could start out fresh. Nikki finally committed, saying "let's do it" as they toasted and smiled.

Later, Nikki came downstairs responding to Nick's frantic pounding at the door. Nick told her that he and Victor had gotten into it again. He told her he had begged Victor not to continue to try to destroy her. He then warned her that Victor was planning a major lawsuit against her -- one that could strip her of everything.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michael tells Lauren about his frustrations with Victor and Gloria. Lauren can tell there's more to Michael's worries than he's letting on. Michael admits that Victor is being very hard to deal with. He says that the worse Victor acts, the worse the case against him is getting. Lauren wonders what she can do to help. Michael says that she is helping him by being there for him. Lauren offers to take over the Gloria situation. Michael says he's worried about what Jeffrey might do. Lauren asks if she can at least find Gloria. Michael says only if that's all she promises to do. As Lauren goes to find Gloria, Michael runs into Heather and tries to talk to her about Victor's case. Michael says that the tape they have as evidence in JiMin's case is circumstantial. Michael tells Victor about the evidence against him. Victor insists that Jack Abbott is behind this. He says that if Michael doesn't believe it, he will find someone who does.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin makes some calls to bring people to the "Free Jana Hawks" rally outside of the prison. Heather comes by and tells Kevin that his hard work has paid off, the DA is going to drop all charges they have against Jana. Daniel tells Heather that he thinks she dropped the case because she actually has a heart under her tough skin. Heather says that she did the correct thing. Kevin is ecstatic. He runs to be the first person to tell her the great news. At the prison, Kevin tells Jana that she will be free. Jana is grateful. They happily get ready to leave together. When Kevin and Jana arrive at the coffeehouse, Jana is shocked to see that everyone set up a special Gothic party for her. Jana is humbled by the special welcome for her. Jana wonders how she will learn to be herself again. Kevin says he has that all figured out- she can move in with him again and work at the coffeehouse.

Nikki tells David about Victor's lawsuit against her. In the lawsuit, Victor wants profits from the last six months of NVP, as well as reimbursement for any money Nikki paid to David. He even wants Nikki to return her couture gowns that he bought for her as gifts. Nikki can't believe that Victor would want the clothes off her back-literally. David calls Victor's claims outrageous. Nikki says that she's ready to fight. Nikki decides to go to Victor to discuss his claims. Victor tells her that she started this war, she better learn to deal with it. Nikki tries to give Victor a proposition. She says that if she sells NVP to him, she will drop the case against him if he will drop his case against her. Victor asks her why he should pay for something he can simply take away. Victor says no to Nikki's proposition. Victor angrily tells her that he wants her exactly where he found her-at the strip club with nothing. He says that he wants Nikki back on the streets where she came from.

Nikki talks to Katherine about Victor's case against her. Katherine suggests that Nikki pursue her lawsuit, and take Victor to court right away. Katherine goes to see Victor to talk to him about his cruelty toward Nikki. Victor says that Kay has strained their relationship by filing a case against him. Katherine asks him if it's worth it to him to lose everything to destroy Nikki. Victor says that he has made up his mind.

As Nick returns to the office to pick up the rest of his things, Nick thinks about his horrible fight with his father. He can't believe Victor is trying so hard to destroy Nikki. When Victor comes into the office, Victor walks by Nick without saying a word.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jack and Sharon dine out and discuss his idea for The Abbott Foundation that he wants Sharon to run. She mentions a few of her ideas, such as a drunk driving program, in Cassie's memory. She tells him that she'll give the project more thought after her tour. Jack surprises her by offering to take her on a get-away to the Bahamas for a couple of days before her tour begins, and informs her that he's chartered a plane that's scheduled to leave in one hour. He says he's made arrangements for Noah, cleared her calendar, and had Lauren pack a bag of clothes, such as shorts, bathing suit, sarong, and more from Fenmore's store resort collection. Thoroughly impressed, Sharon agrees, and the couple heads for the airport.

When they enter their room in the Bahamas, with views of the turquoise ocean, Sharon finds a bouquet of her favorite orchids and a bottle of champagne .She becomes very romantic with Jack and enjoys being pampered as Jack tries to sweep her off her feet.

Lily meets Cane at the coffee shop. They talk about how the "Fresh Face of Jabot" contest will announce its semi-finalist at 2pm, and Lily is nervous, but also keeps saying she doesn't think she'll win it. Cane offers encouragement, saying "I have the feeling that you're going to hear very good news today." Amber, who is standing nearby, hears this and drops and breaks a glass. She suspects that Cane must know something about the semi-finalists. She walks over to the table, pours more coffee for them, and talks about the contest, saying he must know who the winner is since his mom is heading the contest and he works in the building. Cane responds that he doesn't, that he was just offering Lily positive thoughts. He also says that even if he did know, he wouldn't tell.

Daniel shows his portfolio to a professional photographer. The photographer says that Daniel has a good eye, but lacks experience. Daniel is feeling low about not being able to get a job. Amber brings Daniel some coffee and tells him to keep trying. Then she tells him that when she wins the "Fresh Face of Jabot" contest, he can be her personal paparazzo. He says if she won, it would really be "Marina" winning, and that he would be the photographer to someone who doesn't really exist. She asks him if he can cover her shift at the coffee house, while she goes home to prepare for the interviews that she'll have to give when her name is announced as a semi-finalist. He responds that he can't imagine her winning with the disguise that she has. They make a bet: if she wins, he has to be her personal assistant for a week, and if she loses, she has to find Daniel a job. He tells her she should start looking for his job now, because she isn't going to win. Amber is hurt by his negative attitude, because she has just heard Cane offer hope to Lily. She asks Daniel to be supportive. She notes that nothing has ever gone her way, and asks if he can imagine how much this contest means to her. He says he can, and that's why he's so worried about her. Cane and Lily begin to make plans to spend time together to either celebrate or commiserate after the semi-finalists are announced. As they talk, Neil enters. After a brief exchange, Cane decides to leave. Neil rejects Cane's goodbye handshake. As Cane and Lily leave, Amber watches them, and Daniel takes a picture of Amber's face and expression, acting as her paparazzo, as if he'd already lost the bet.

Neil discovers that Lily entered the contest and asks why she didn't tell him. She said she thought he would try to talk her out of it. He expresses his concern that she may not continue her education if she pursues modeling. He wants her to be sure she is aware of how hard, even brutal, modeling can be. He tells her that he was saw what it did to her mother, Dru. Lily thinks she's been through a lot already and that she can handle anything, and can make her own mistakes. Neil responds that as her father, it's his right to tell her how he feels about her choices. He adds that he hopes she makes the right choices this time, and that he loves her, then he says goodbye.

Later, a small crowd gathers near the computers at the coffee shop to see the webcast announcement of the contest semi-finalists. Cane is with Lily, and Daniel is with Amber. Lily comments that Amber seems more nervous than Lily does. Amber explains that she's nervous for Lily. The announcement begins with the news that two of the finalists are from Genoa City. The name of the first semi-finalist is Lily Winters, and the second is Marina. Amber lets out a small shriek, but tries to contain her excitement that it's actually her secret identity. Cane suggests that Amber call her friend, Marina, to be sure she heard the news. Amber and Daniel walk over to the phone on the counter, and Amber asks her new assistant, Daniel, to make the call, which he does.

Neil enters Victor's office and finds Victor in a bad mood. He reminds Victor that Victor is due in court today. Victor asks why in a snippy way. Neil asks if he has so many legal cases that he can't keep them all straight. Victor tells him that's Neil job-to keep them straight for him. Neil tells him that today's court appearance is about the divorce. Victor says that it shouldn't be complicated; that he keeps his things and she gets nothing. Neil suggests that if they could settle the divorce case in a good way, it could help with other issues down the road. Victor responds that there is no way they can ever work things out amicably.

Nick enters and asks to speak to Victor alone, and Neil leaves. Nick tells Victor that the battle between Victor and Nikki has affected the whole family, even Victoria, who must feel what's going on. Victor responds that it's Nikki's fault. Nick disagrees and says he blames Victor, who is not just divorcing Nikki, but is trying to erase her from his life. Then Nick says that as he was cleaning out his office, he found something that he wanted to show Victor-a framed wall hanging Victor had given to Nick when he first started to work at Newman Enterprises. It is a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt that reads:

"It's a terrible thing
To look over your shoulder
when you're trying to lead
And find no one there."

Nick says that it obviously means something to Victor or he wouldn't have given it. Victor tells Nick to hang it on the wall of his next place of employment. Nick calmly tells him that he should keep it, because he needs it more now. With that, Nick leaves the office.

Nick calls Nikki, who is with David as they wait to go to court. He asks her if she can come to the Newman offices, for one last attempt to settle things out of court. She asks if Victor requested this, and he says no, but that he is reading between the lines and thinks it's worth a shot. Nikki says she'll think about it. She goes, and as she talks to Nick, she discovers that there wasn't anything said to indicate things could be different, just a hunch on Nick's part. She has doubts that anything will change, but agrees to talk to Victor, since she's there anyway.

Nikki and Nick enter Victor's office. Nick said he scheduled this meeting. Victor says that it's a waste of time and nothing will change. Nick says that surely there is a way that Victor and Nikki can resolve this without going to court, and tells them to work it out, then he leaves the pair alone. Nikki is willing to settle things, but Victor remains headstrong and unwilling to negotiate. Nikki says that she doesn't blame him for everything, that she takes her share of responsibility, but hopes they can come to an agreement and stop the bloodshed for the sake of the family. That way, he can go on with his life and she can try to find herself and her new life. Victor adds. "With another man, is that it?" Victor states in a strong voice that her affair is at the core of everything that is wrong right now. She responds by saying how lonely she was despite being his wife. Victor reacts with anger, or possibly hurt feelings. He retorts that she had been married to one of the wealthiest men in the world and had everything she ever wanted -- and she still betrayed him. Nikki replies that she put up with his betrayals through the years, but because of her one indiscretion, it's like the whole world has fallen apart. He responds that those events happened years ago, and this incident with her is recent. He then asks her what she wants. She says that she wants to spare the family more pain and public embarrassment. He repeats his question more firmly, and gestures that he is talking about the court case: "What do you want?" She replies that he can have MVP, but that she wants her marital assets intact, such as her accounts, her stocks, clothes, and jewelry. She also says she'll drop her lawsuit if he drops his counter-suit, and admits that they were both being malicious when they did that. He calmly says she wants to leave with some shred of dignity, and she replies yes, that she is the mother of their children and they have spent most of their lives together. She asks him to be decent to her now, for the sake of their children. He concludes the meeting by saying that he admires her courage for coming there, and that she almost made a good case--almost. But he cannot forget the affair with David, nor forgive it. He says he'll see her in court, and tells her to bring her checkbook. She leaves, determined to fight.

Neil sees Nikki on her way out and can tell things didn't go well with Victor, so he goes to Victor's office. Neil suggest that Victor vent now rather than in the courtroom, but Victor says he's fine and he'll be fine in court. Victor believes the judge will see how Nikki is trying to take advantage of him. After Neil leaves, Victor refelcts quietly in his office, and when he sits at his desk again, he sees the framed wall hanging that Nick left behind. He reads it, then puts it inside a drawer, and is quietly alone again.

Nikki, David, and Nick all join together to dine and discuss the upcoming case. David advises her to be careful and to instruct her attorney that she is seeking to preserve her financial security above all else, and not seeking to get even. She admits that although she is looking to get even, she'll tell her lawyer it's about the money. Nick supports Nikki saying that she has put up with a lot over the years --his infidelity, his anger, his coldness, everything. David chimes in that for those things alone, Nikki should get half of everything Victor has. David's phone rings, and he steps away to take the call. While he's away, Nick asks Nikki if it's wise to have David with her in the courtroom. She understands why Nick asks, but says that she needs David's support. Nick tells her that David is at the core of Victor's anger, and it's best if he's not there. Meanwhile, David tells the unknown caller that he knows how much money he owes, and he will have an answer by tonight.

As Nick is leaving, his phone rings, and we only hear one side of the conversation. He tells the caller things are worse and he tried hard to head off the court battle, even came close, but not close enough. He says the case starts in less than an hour and predicts it'll be the ugliest battle yet.

Meanwhile, Nikki is looking at baby Reed through the hospital window, and talking to him, telling him how good he is making her feel and how it gives her strength for what she is about to face. As she continues to talk, Victor also arrives to do the same thing, but doesn't reveal his presence as he stands nearby watching and listening to Nikki talk to Reed. He quietly leaves.

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