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Gloria and Kevin hatched a plan to frame Jeffrey. A judge awarded Gloria the Abbott mansion. Cane revealed that 'Marina' was really Amber. Victor was given ownership of NVP. David promised to pay back the money he owed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 21, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, January 21, 2008

In their hotel suite in the Bahamas, Sharon and Jack enjoyed a swim in the ocean before retreating to a romantic "honeymoon" celebration in their island hideaway. Jack ordered a meal from room service and the hotel later sent a decadent dessert tray that the couple indulged in while professing their love and devotion to each other. Jack told Sharon that he was pleased to have her by his side. Although Sharon agreed that they were celebrating their decision to start over, she said they also should not forget the many lessons they had learned from the difficult times they'd weathered. Jack and Sharon made love and later fell asleep. After Sharon awoke, she snuggled with Jack.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel offered his sincere congratulations to Lily for having been named a semifinalist in the Fresh Face of Jabot contest. Cane and Amber mused about the mysterious Marina also having been named a semifinalist. Lily said she couldn't wait to meet Marina. After Cane told Lily that she should be proud of her accomplishment, Amber remarked that Cane had always had faith in Lily. Cane turned Amber's words back on her saying, "for better, for worse, right?" Cane whisked the fresh-faced Lily away for a private celebration.

After leaving the coffeehouse, Cane and Lily picked up some take-out and watched "Casablanca" at the Chancellor mansion. After viewing the classic romantic flick, Cane and Lily embraced and kissed. When Cane progressed a bit further with his affections, Lily stopped him for a moment and explained that she hadn't been with anyone since Daniel. When Cane offered to wait, Lily declined and moved in closer to Cane. As the couple was necking on the sofa, Kay and Jill appeared. Jill cleared her throat to let the lovers know they were no longer alone. Kay and Jill both congratulated Lily for having been named a semifinalist. After Cane and Lily left to get dessert at the club, Jill and Kay discussed Cane and Lily's budding relationship. Jill worried that the very young Lily was falling too deeply for Cane, but Kay advised Jill to let Cane handle the relationship. Kay, however, told Jill that she was more worried about Amber and the fact that she was more na´ve than Lily. Jill scoffed at Kay's assertion, adding that she's happy that Amber's out of Cane's life.

After Cane and Lily left the coffeehouse, Daniel mused to Amber that Lily should watch her back because he had a suspicion that once Marina surfaced, she planned to make a foolish but major play for Cane. Amber told Daniel that she planned for "Marina" to choose Amber to design her clothes, which, if successful, could allow Amber to reboot her music career. Daniel, however, said he thought Amber's twisted logic was nothing more than a pipe dream, until Amber involved Daniel by naming him as Marina's personal assistant. Amber insisted that Daniel owed her after she'd won their bet by being named, as Marina, a contest semifinalist. To humor his friend, Daniel called the newspaper and introduced his client, Marina Dryden, before handing the phone to his mysterious client. Amber cooed into the phone, deepening her voice into a sultry and slightly monotone New York accent. After having agreed to meet the newspaper editor at the club, Amber donned a wispy strawberry-blond wig, and further disguised her face by applying dramatic eye makeup and a prominent beauty mark above her lip. Amber, as Marina, and Daniel, as Marina's assistant, met with the journalist, so Marina could grant her debut interview. Marina quickly corrected the reporter's assumption that her story was one of rags-to-hopeful-riches, after Marina claimed to be a successful business woman in many artistic endeavors. Marina explained that her inspiration for winning the contest was fueled by absolute, everlasting, and profound love. Daniel's mocking echoes of Marina's responses earned him a few subtle foot-to-foot nudges from Marina's black-patent heels. Ignoring Daniel's sarcastic remarks, Marina explained that she'd lost the love of her life in order to pursue her career. Marina said she'd entered the contest so she could step aside from her old life in order to become someone new, in hopes of recreating her future.

When Cane and Lily walked into the club, Cane noticed Marina. Lily and Cane approached the group and made introductions. The newspaper's entertainment editor introduced himself as Ed Carpenter and requested an interview from Lily after he finished interviewing Marina. As Cane and Lily listened, Carpenter asked Marina where she was from. When Marina responded "Little Rock," Carpenter noted that he didn't detect a southern accent, but Marina didn't miss a beat, adding that she'd been raised in Germany. When Cane said that he recalled Marina having earlier mentioned that she'd been raised in San Diego, Marina explained that she was being playful and mysterious with him. After the reporter left, Daniel explained to a curious Lily and Cane that he'd just met Marina at the bar.

As Victor and Nikki both prepared for a courtroom battle to settle the terms of their divorce, Victor grimaced when he saw David Chow at the GCAC. Nikki stopped by the hospital nursery. While she cradled Reed, J.T. snapped photos for Victoria. After J.T. remembered that Nikki was about to face a tough court battle, Nikki assured him that she'd come into her marriage alone, so she'd manage to leave it alone and that she'd be fine because she had little Reed to keep her going.

As Victor waited outside the courtroom, he daydreamed that Nikki approached, apologized profusely, requested forgiveness, and begged Victor to take her back. As the two embraced, Nikki told Victor that she loved him. However, Victor's fairytale vision ended abruptly when Nikki, primed for the worst, stepped off the elevator with her grim-faced attorney. Just before the proceedings began, David showed up to offer his support to Nikki, who was less than thrilled by David's presence due to the backlash she'd surely endure from the jealous Victor. David remained outside the courtroom as the attorneys prepped their clients, telling them that they'd each have a turn to speak to the judge, but that they could not address comments to one another. Just before the proceedings, Nikki also experienced a daydream in which Victor told the judge that he'd reconsidered his feelings, which had been clouded by his anger. Victor went on to explain that Nikki had always been a loving, caring wife and mother, who deserved better, so he could not have his marriage end this way.

However, when the hearing began for real, Victor lashed out at Nikki for having slept with another man, which in turn drew a defensive response from Nikki. Victor also testified that Nikki had nothing when they married and that he was already a very successful businessman at that time. Victor also maintained that Nikki's successes during their marriage were gained due to her association with him. Nikki testified that she didn't know that Victor was rich when she met him because he masqueraded as a butler. Nikki explained that although she was dedicated to her family and her husband, both personally and professionally, she didn't turn away from her husband until he began ignoring her, leaving her lonely and sad. After the attorneys spoke briefly, the judge asked Victor to state what he truly wanted. Victor said Nikki was bent on revenge just because she was not fulfilled. Nikki stated that she wanted the matter to be settled, but that she wished to retain a shred of dignity.

After consideration, the judge was ready to announce the terms of the settlement. Victor snarled silently at David, who had joined in and sat close to Nikki in the chamber. As everyone listened intently, the judge ruled that Nikki deserved a settlement and was entitled to support at the level she was accustomed to during her marriage. However, the judge also ruled that N.V.P. would become Victor's in order to cover the loan made to Nikki. After the judge left the chamber, however, Victor looked sternly at Nikki and told her threateningly to "enjoy it while you can."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gloria informs a stunned Michael and Lauren that she and Jeff were married in Las Vegas. Michael is furious but Lauren intervenes. Michael leaves and Lauren interrogates Gloria, who reveals nothing of her plans for Jeff. Gloria, however, does mention that she is moving in with Jeff. Michael arrives home just as Gloria is taking her things to Jeff's. Michael tries to stop her but to no avail. Lauren informs him that after the wedding Jeff disappeared. Michael becomes determined to find out everything he can about Jeff. Later, Michael decides to have Kevin dig up Jeffrey's phone records. Neil voices his concern that he and Lily are drifting apart. However, Karen is the voice of reason, helping him to see that she is merely growing up. Later, Neil tries to convince Karen to sing at Indigo on a permanent basis but she hides behind her stage fright. Victor is not pleased by the judge's ruling on his divorce settlement with Nikki. Nikki on the other hand is thrilled that she isn't bankrupt. As David and Nikki are discussing possibilities for future ventures, David suggests they set a wedding date. Nikki, however, isn't ready for that step yet. David gets a call from a strange man that demands they meet. Nikki visits Kay and finally falls apart at the loss of her marriage. David meets with an unknown man and promises to pay him in full in two weeks. The man calls David by the name of Scott. David is almost caught meeting with the unknown man when J.T. enters on his way to the gym. J.T. talks to Victoria about the baby, and hopes for her to wake up. Later, Victor pleads with his daughter to wake up, needing her more than ever. Victor demands that every trace of Nikki be removed from the ranch as soon as possible. Later, Victor and Michael meet. Michael pushes Victor to recall every moment of the night Ji Min died. At the ranch, Nikki finds all her belongings packed up, with a note from Miguel telling her Victor ordered him to do it. Nikki and Victor both feel the pain of their loss but neither is able to reach out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the Winters' kitchen, Lily was having trouble getting bagels out of the toaster when Karen showed up in a bathrobe. At first Lily thought that Karen had come over early, but when she saw that she was in her bathrobe she realized that Karen had spent the night. Neil rushed through and said goodbye, but Lily didn't respond. After Neil left, Karen asked why Lily hadn't said goodbye to him. Lily said it was obvious that Neil had other things on his mind. Karen apologized for surprising Lily and not telling her in advance that she was spending the night. Lily brushed it off. Karen congratulated her on making the "Faces of Jabot" semi-finals, and asked if Lily wanted to get a beauty treatment at a spa. Karen said that she knew she could never replace Lily's mother. Lily said no to her spa offer.

Alone, Lily remembered several conversations when Neil told her how inappropriate dating Cane was for her, primarily because of their age difference. He said he didn't trust Cane, blamed him for getting her involved in the "Faces of Jabot" contest, and said he would be happy if Lily realized that Cane wasn't right for her. After Karen rushed out, Lily called Cane and asked him if he would stop by on his way to work. Cane accepted. Cane arrived a while later and Lily said that Neil and Karen were taking things way too fast. She said that Neil was a hypocrite for criticizing her relationship with Cane. She expressed regret over moving back in with Neil, and said she was going to find her own place. When Lily said she thought it would be a good idea for Cane to move out of the Chancellor mansion, Cane said they could "kill two birds with one stone." As they began to kiss, an embarrassed Karen rushed in to pick up her appointment book. Cane broke the awkwardness by asking Karen to hide her eyes. She covered them and he kissed Lily. After Cane left, Karen told Lily that she would not tell Neil about Cane's visit. Karen assured Lily that she could trust her. Later, at Crimson Lights, Lily told Cane that Karen wasn't going to spill the beans about their liaison, but she was upset that Neil might be disappointed in her.

Gloria visited Kevin at Crimson Lights, and he told her he was trying to hack into Jeffrey's phone records. She told Kevin she expected to get the Abbott estate in her settlement with Jack, but Kevin was skeptical. Gloria was pleased with Kevin's plan to make it look like Jeff was trying to poison her. He came up with the idea after watching Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious." Kevin told her they needed a dramatic setting for the plan -- the Abbott mansion would be perfect -- but it wouldn't work in Jeff's room at the Athletic Club. Gloria assured him she would get the mansion.

At Newman, Michael told Victor that Victor had no verifiable alibi for the time that Ji Min was murdered, and that the DNA evidence implicated him. He also said Jack's alibi checked out. Michael suggested that Victor consider pleading guilty and claiming self-defense. Victor was angry and asked Michael if he was working for the DA or for him. Michael added that Heather had a witness who would testify that the reconstructed surveillance tape was complete, but Victor wanted him to find a rebuttal witness. Michael continued to push Victor to enter a guilty plea and claim self-defense as the motive. Victor flipped out and told him that he would never plead guilty to a crime that he didn't commit. He questioned Michael's commitment to the case, and then fired him! Without saying a word, Michael left.

Back at home, Michael told Lauren that Victor fired him. Lauren was happy because she felt he was under too much pressure. Michael blamed Gloria's situation for the stress. Lauren also said she thought Michael was having a hard time with the case because, deep down inside, he believed that Victor was guilty. Lauren said that she thought it was possible that Victor was guilty, that he was not to be underestimated. He said that a jury of people like Lauren would probably convict Victor because they would view him as powerful and ruthless.

At the Athletic Club, Heather had breakfast with Dennis, the District Attorney. He said that clearly the best evidence was the eyewitness who placed Victor at the Athletic Club when Ji Min was murdered. Heather added that there was plenty of backup evidence as well. Dennis said he thought that Victor was a flight risk. Heather said that they had Victor's passport, but Dennis said guys like Victor had a way of getting around things like that, and urged Heather to "amp it up" and get Victor behind bars.

Paul and Maggie were also having breakfast, and they observed Heather and Dennis. Paul asked how Heather was holding up, and Maggie told him that Heather was having nightmares about "childhood stuff." She suggested Paul talk to Heather, but he said that she always cuts him off when he brings up the subject. Dennis left and Heather joined Paul and Maggie. She said that Dennis was watching every move she made. Paul suggested that Dennis take over the case, particularly if Heather felt emotionally drained.Heather became angry, telling him that he didn't know her well enough to question her ability. As she left the club, she received a phone call from a man who wanted to meet her to give her some information on the Newman case. They agreed to meet at Crimson Lights immediately.

At Crimson Lights, Heather met the man -- Sean Cahill. Sean, who admitted he had been arrested in the past, said he worked at Emilio's as a valet and was sure that he saw Victor being dropped off at the restaurant at 8 pm on the night of Ji Min's murder. A clearly disappointed Heather thanked Sean for coming forward, and Sean said that if "the guy didn't do it he shouldn't fry." Sean left, followed by Heather. When Kevin asked her who Sean was, she said it was nobody. Michael and Lauren arrived, but Michael didn't inform Heather that Victor had fired him. Sean came in looking for a jump start for his car. When Kevin commented that he was some guy who'd had a long talk with Heather, Michael volunteered to help him get his car started.

While Michael was outside with Sean, Kevin and Lauren went over Jeff Bardwell's phone records after Kevin had hacked into the system. They learned that he had been making at least 5 calls a day to a number in Korea. As they were speculating on the possible reasons for the calls (e.g., a business partner, a second wife, etc.), Michael came back in with his new best friend -- Sean. He quickly left.

Gloria and Jack ran into each other at the Athletic Club, and she told him about her marriage to Jeff. After Jack said he would send his condolences, they discussed the meeting between their lawyers to discuss Gloria's inheritance from John. Jack told her that there wouldn't be much cash involved as most of the estate was tied up in stocks, bonds, and real estate. When Gloria offered to buy Jack out of his share of the Abbott estate, Jack said that would happen over his dead body. Jack joined Nick at the bar where they decided, since both their wives were out of town, to get together with Summer and Noah for some family bonding. Later, Gloria ran into Jeff at the bar and pumped him for information about where he had gone. Jeff teased Gloria that she seemed jealous, but Gloria said that Jeff made her nervous. Jeff said there was no need to be nervous as long as she didn't double-cross him.

Back at Victor's office, Neil was on the phone with a high-powered Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, explaining that Victor needed him right away. Michael rushed into the room and told Victor that he just found Victor's alibi-a man who placed him at Emilio's at the same time that Heather's eyewitness placed him at the Athletic Club placing a bloody towel in his gym bag. Michael smugly asked Victor if he wanted to reconsider the whole firing thing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lily beams when she receives flowers from Cane. Neil knows that they are from Cane and has a disapproving look on his face. Lily tries to talk to Neil about his feelings towards Cane. She says that she would rather have Cane in her life as a friend than not at all. When Karen and Neil discuss how Neil feels about Cane seeing Lily, Karen insists that Neil and Lily have dinner alone to talk. Neil agrees, but he also has another surprise in store for Karen. He offers her the key to his apartment.

Amber tries to look more like Marina and less like herself. Daniel isn't buying it. He tells her that she's not going to get away with it. Amber insists that everything will be just fine. When Kevin and Jana happily return to the apartment, they find Daniel and Marina there. Jana asks Marina if they have ever met before. Amber is ecstatic that Jana doesn't recognize her. Daniel says that having the four of them in one apartment is too much. Kevin says that Amber or Daniel will have to flip a coin because one of them will have to move out. When they are alone, Kevin tells Jana that they should make a list of all the things she misses doing, and then they will do them all. Jana says that they should start with what she misses the most, and kisses him. Kevin says that he can't believe she's really with him again.

Cane is excited to set up for the Fresh Face of Jabot contest. When he sees Lily, he says that she looks beautiful. Lily hopes that she hasn't overdone herself. When Marina walks in, Cane gives her a knowing look. When Kay and Jill announce the winners, Lily and Marina are among the four winners. Cane congratulates Lily, and then goes over to Marina to congratulate her. Then Cane goes over to Jill and whispers something in her ear. Cane goes over to Marina and yanks off her wig.

Kevin's wedding gift to Gloria is a book called "How to poison your spouse without getting caught." They co-conspire how Jeffrey will try to kill Gloria. Kevin tells Gloria he might have some information about another woman. When Gloria goes to Jeffrey, she inquires as to where Jeffrey ran off right after their wedding. Jeffrey keeps quiet about his whereabouts. Gloria continues to question Jeffrey, but he remains mum about any part of his life. He tells her that he's planning on retiring-and Gloria will be the person writing his checks.

Sharon happily returns home from her business trip. She tells Jack that she's looking forward to continuing where they left off on their honeymoon. When a lawyer comes to the door, Jack tells Sharon that he is in negotiations to give Gloria her half of the estate. When Sharon leaves, the lawyer assumes that Jack will play hardball. Jack says that this time, he's not. At the meeting, Jack tells Gloria that he will give her what she wants. But when Gloria says that she wants the estate, Jack is unwilling to give it up. Gloria says that she gets the mansion or there is no deal. Jack says that John would roll over in his grave to find that Gloria would be living in the Abbott estate with Jeffrey Bardwell. When Sharon returns, she agrees that Jack should not have to give Gloria the estate. When Gloria goes to the Athletic Club to tell Jeffrey the news, Sharon pays Gloria a visit. She asks to speak to her alone.

Brad tells Sharon that he would like to speak to her in private. Sharon says that she doesn't think that's such a good idea. Brad says that he wants her to know that he respects her commitment to her marriage, but is upset that they can't be friends. Sharon says that it's just not possible. When Sharon leaves, Brad goes to Neil and tries to talk to him about his position within the company. Brad thinks his abilities are being wasted. Neil tells him that its just not in the cards right now. Brad says that Newman can't afford to lose him. Brad asks a mystery woman out on a date.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cane has just removed Marina's wig to reveal that Marina is really Amber, while photographer's cameras flash to capture this shocking moment. Amber cries and tries to explain that she believed the rules were not fair and that she shouldn't have been barred from the contest in the first place. When reporters want to know what Marina's real name is, Jill tells them -- Amber Moore. One reporter then realizes that Amber is the same person from the Extreme Catwalk video, which creates even more excitement. Jill ends the announcement ceremony and asks everyone to wait out in the hall for a formal statement that will be issued soon. Amber leaves, and while she waits for the elevator, Kay approaches her. Amber expresses her sincere regret to Kay. Kay offers her support and says she will go with Amber.

Kay and Amber arrive at Kay's home. Amber confides in Kay and tells her that she pretended to be Marina to impress Cane, because she still loves him. Amber tells of how even though she knows he doesn't care for her in return, she can't stop loving him, no matter how hard she has tried. She says that sometimes she thinks she's got it under control, but then he'll smile at her, or say something nice, and she feels special again.

Later, Lily and Cane are talking in an office. Cane tells Lily how proud he is of her, and she tells him that she couldn't have done it without him. Jill is just about to walk in but hears the couple talking, and slowly backs out. Later, Jill talks to Cane and cautions him to be careful with Lily's heart. She tells him that Lily is in love with him and that if Cane isn't ready for a relationship, he needs to tell her or he could end up hurting her.

Kevin arrives at his apartment with Jana. Amber is posing as Marina to see if Jana will recognize her. Amber is encouraged that she was able to fool Jana, and now is more confident that she will fool everyone else. Amber and Daniel tell Kevin that the apartment is getting a little too crowded now that Jan will be staying there. Kevin agrees, and suggests that Amber and Daniel flip a coin to determine who will be moving out!

Michael sees Heather at the coffee shop and they throw jabs at each other as they discuss the Victor Newman case. Michael presents an idea as 'something he needs Heather's advise about.' He asks if an eyewitness places the accused person at a restaurant at the same time that the prosecution thinks the accused is at the crime scene, "That would constitute reasonable doubt, wouldn't you say?" They discuss statements made by the two witnesses and the credibility of those witnesses. Michael suggests that Heather drop the case. Heather says she won't.

Heather returns to her office and makes a call, asking someone to dig up all of the information they can find about the waitress witness's financial records. Then her boss walks in and tells Heather that Michael has been to see him with the same information that he shared with Heather earlier. Heather is told to create a list of every witness with full information on each so that he has convincing evidence that will win the case. Heather is told she has 48 hours to do this or she will be pulled from the case.

At the hospital, J.T. signs the release papers to take baby Reed home. Victor is also there, and holds the baby. J.T. says that Reed coming home is a miracle. Victor expresses that he hopes it will help Victoria to heal from her coma. J.T. replies that he also hopes it can help heal the problems between Victor and Nikki. J.T. tells Victor that he doesn't want Reed to get caught up in the tension between Victor and Nikki. Victor assures J.T. that he has kept Victoria shielded from the tensions and he will do the same for baby Reed.

Nikki is visiting at Victoria's bedside. Nick brings a crib from storage that he has cleaned up, in preparation for baby Reed to come home from the hospital. They sit and discuss the situation between Nikki and Victor. Nick asks Nikki if she has given up on Victor. She replies that she had to stop trying because it just wasn't working out for them, and she is profoundly sad about that. She continues that she is not alone and that she has her friends and family, and David. Nick tells her that he thinks she moved to fast where David was concerned. Nick believes that Nikki got involved with someone a little too quickly and maybe for the wrong reasons.

As Nick and Nikki still visit with Victoria, Victor enters the room and announces that the baby is with J.T. downstairs. Nick and Nikki leave to see baby Reed and J.T. Victor stays with Victoria and talks to her, telling her that the baby is home and he's strong and that Victor can't wait to see Reed in her arms. Soon they are all in Victoria's room and J.T. brings the baby over to Victoria. He sits down next her and holds the baby near Victoria, introducing them to each other, as the family looks on happily.

Sharon and Gloria are talking privately about the divorce settlement that is currently in discussions. Sharon tries to convince Gloria that Jack should keep the mansion. Despite all of the back and forth points made by both women, in the end, Gloria insists on having the mansion in her settlement and tells Sharon to look for another house to live in.

Later, Gloria meets Kevin at the athletic club. They first talk a little about how to poison Jeff, and then Kevin asks about the conversation that Gloria had with Sharon. She tells him that Sharon wants Gloria to let Jack keep the mansion, and how she tried to use Noah to accomplish this. They talk about how the tension would be intense if they all lived together, and Gloria expresses that she'd do anything to keep a little boy from witnessing such horrible things. This causes Kevin to give a look as he remembers that Gloria allowed him to stay in a tension-filled environment when he was younger. Gloria adds that although she'd protect a little boy, she has no heart at all when it comes to Jack.

Michael walks in and Gloria flags him down. He tells Gloria that to deal with Jeff in a sure way, he'll need something really bad to nail him with. He doesn't think the Korean woman that Jeff talks to is enough. Michael tells Gloria and Kevin to not do anything without him, then leaves. Gloria and Kevin decide that they should not tell Michael what they are planning to do to Jeff. Then Gloria gets a call from her lawyer, and we hear her say that she will go tell Jack herself.

Michael talks to Carol, the waitress witness, and appeals to her sense of compassion for others. He speaks to her in soft tones and empathizes with her situation. He tells her that he understands that she would do anything to help her husband who has been injured and has great medical needs now. He adds that he understands how one little lie that she gets paid for can seem worth it to help her husband. He tells her that he believes she's not the kind of woman who would allow an innocent man to go to jail, especially because of a lie that she told. Carol softens up and says that she will tell him the truth. She says that she did lie and that she's ashamed of that, but that when a loved one is so in need, a person will do anything to help. Michael asks who paid her. She replies that she never knew who it was it, and that the money just showed up in their bank account. She asks if she could get in trouble for this, and Michael says that it's not up to him. Still showing compassion, he offers his best wishes and his help in the future. He gives her his business card, then leaves.

Jack walks into the living room and sees John sitting on the couch. He tells Jack that he is happy that Jack is being fair to Gloria, and that he has one more request. John tells Jack that he wants him to let Gloria have the mansion. John adds that the house is pulling Jack down. Jack passionately states that the mansion is his home and the only connection to John, and asks how he can walk away from that. John tells Jack that the house is just a place, and that Jack should find a new home where he and Sharon can build new memories as a family. He tells Jack to let go of the past and move on. As Jack continues to talk to John, Sharon walks in. She asks Jack, "Who are you talking to?" Jack confides that he is talking to John and that he does that sometimes. Sharon thinks this is understandable and endearing. Then Sharon says that she can imagine that John has strong opinions on the matter of the mansion. Jack doesn't say what John's feelings are, but only says that Jack "struggles with the thought of it." Sharon tells Jack that she's made a decision that Gloria will not get the mansion. She tells Jack that she went to talk to Gloria and found her to be very unreasonable. Sharon says that even she has now found a breaking point with Gloria. Sharon believes the Abbott mansion should stay in the Abbott family. Jack is moved by her support, and hugs her.

Gloria soon arrives with news from her lawyer-the judge has ruled that she is to get half of the house. She tells him to make room in the closet because she's moving in immediately, then leaves.

The show ends with Kay and Amber talking about how love can make a person do crazy things. Kay remembers her loves, and when she mentions Phillip, she becomes sentimental. She recalls that she did some questionable things and cautions Amber to stop before the same thing happens to her. Kay begins to look like she may not be feeling well, then suddenly, her eyes close and she falls over to the side of the couch and is unconscious.

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