The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on Y&R

After Hope died, Victor offered Adam a job at Newman Enterprises. Nick, Phyllis, Jack, and Sharon decided on a name for the magazine -- Restless Style. Jeffrey and Gloria declared war on each other. Amber assisted Katherine with her memoir-writing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 18, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, February 18, 2008

While they dined at the club, Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack celebrated after having discovered a vacant warehouse to become the home of their new fashion magazine. After Jack volunteered to contact the building's owner, Nick admitted that he'd already purchased the warehouse. Phyllis was surprised but pleased. Sharon agreed to enlist the help of an architect friend after Jack suggested that the Abbott Foundation also set up an office in the warehouse. With space to spare, Nick suggested creating an easily accessible photography studio, and everyone agreed that the concept could help attract hot, new designers and give their magazine an edge over competitors. Sharon, Nick, and Jack considered prospective advertisers, namely Beauty of Nature, Jabot, Fenmore's, and Forrester Creations. Jack and Sharon welcomed the opportunity to escape their unwelcome houseguests, Gloria and Jeffrey, and visit Ashley in L.A. to secure advertising from Ashley's employer, Ridge Forrester. Speaking of their uninvited guests, Sharon mentioned the fiasco Gloria created when she lured Noah's dog, Fisher, outside in the snow, which upset Noah when he thought his dog had become lost. Jack assured Sharon and his business partners that he'd be rid of Gloria and Jeffrey very soon.

Before Jack and Sharon prepared to face Gloria and Jeffrey at home, Jack arranged a meeting with Ridge Forrester in L.A. Sharon barely managed to contain her excitement at the prospect. Jack admitted that he felt as if he'd finally set anchor after drifting aimlessly out at sea. After Sharon and Jack left, Nick and Phyllis continued discussing plans for the new magazine. Nick phoned Neil about meeting to discuss a business proposition. Nick told Phyllis that he enjoyed the sense of freedom the venture brought and was excited for the new beginning it offered for them.

At the Abbott mansion, Kevin dispensed another dose of poison into Gloria's tea. After taking a sip, Gloria noted that the minute drops of poison no longer sickened her as they had before. Kevin supposed that the residual effects of the poison could be detected through tests, as long as it were administered each day. Kevin related a story he'd read in a newspaper about a woman who'd given her neighbors a letter instructing them to phone authorities and implicate her husband if something happened to her. Gloria's interest was piqued when Kevin explained that after the woman was found dead, the letter was ruled admissible in court as evidence incriminating the woman's husband. However, in order to cast suspicion on Jeffrey, Kevin urged Gloria to begin feigning stomach pains in front of Jack and Sharon as a prelude to their planned, climatic dinner-party scene. Gloria and Kevin jokingly compared their upcoming dinner party to the classic accusations from the board game "Clue" as they compiled their guest list. Jeffrey returned and chided Kevin for his seemingly constant presence and attentiveness to his mother. After Gloria and Kevin left to get coffee at Crimson Lights, Jeffrey viewed the video he'd secretly recorded. Jeffrey thought Gloria and Kevin to be quite clever as he watched Kevin administer the drop of poison and listened as his wife and stepson discussed their devious plans.

At the coffeehouse, Jana asked Amber about her relationship with Daniel. Amber explained that she wasn't sure how Daniel felt now the two, once-close friends, had made love. Jana urged Amber to relax and allow the relationship to develop naturally. Amber approached Nick and Phyllis when they stopped by for coffee after she overheard their conversation about the magazine project. Amber eagerly offered to create sketches and was thrilled when Nick mentioned that Daniel had already put in a good word on her behalf. Amber displayed a wide smile after Nick and Phyllis agreed to contact Amber should they need her services. Gloria and Kevin breezed into the shop, too, and Jana teased Gloria about possibly leaving a fifty-dollar tip after she mentioned that Jeffrey had done so for Amber earlier. Gloria shied away from discussing Jeffrey and suggested that Jana and Kevin hold their wedding at the Abbott mansion. Jana was thrilled, especially since Gloria's offer meant approval of the couples' union. Kevin suggested he and Jana plan a wedding on Halloween, but Jana expressed her desire to marry sooner and have a Goth-themed ceremony. The celebratory mood was broken when Gloria realized that she had left her purse, which contained the vial of poison, at the Abbott mansion, where Jeffrey might find it.

Gloria hurried home, but while she was away, Jeffrey had discovered the poison in his wife's purse. By the time Gloria, nearly breathless, returned, Jeffrey had replaced the poison and set Gloria's purse on the sofa, where she'd left it. Gloria retrieved her purse and found the vial of poison still inside. Gratefully relieved and unaware that Jeffrey had snooped inside, Gloria clutched her purse to her chest. Jeffrey barged into the room unexpectedly and startled Gloria. Jeffrey played it cool, but after commenting about Gloria's tight grip on her purse, Gloria explained the she thought she'd lost her handbag when she had inadvertently left it behind.

Jeffrey grabbed Gloria from behind, groped her and kissed her neck. Gloria protested and broke away. Gloria reminded Jeffrey that they had agreed to public displays of affection only. Jeffrey said he couldn't help himself because Gloria was a beautiful woman. Gloria advised Jeffrey to take cold showers or find a lover. Jeffrey explained that he had come into the marriage for the long haul and suggested that he might make a deal with Gloria if she'd make love to him. Gloria glared at Jeffrey, but he reminded her that he'd benefit from her death more than she would from his. Gloria teased Jeffrey and suggested that she might be recording him on video, but Jeffrey reminded his wife that he still had the tainted cream. After they realized it was time to turn the home over to the Abbotts, Jeffrey began tossing pillows and other items about the room in order to annoy Jack and Sharon. Jeffrey picked up Gloria's purse and was about to dump its contents, but Gloria quickly wrested her bag away from Jeffrey and held it, protectively, close to her chest. Jeffrey teased Gloria that she must be keeping something secret from him inside her purse. Gloria agreed but teasingly insisted that Jeffrey would have to wait a while before he could see his surprise.

Jack, Sharon and Noah were shocked when they came home and found their house trashed. Gloria appeared and held her hand against her stomach as she complained of serious stomach pains. Gloria made her way to the kitchen, so she could exit through the back door, and Jack ushered Noah upstairs to finish his homework. Sharon, stressed, ran her fingers through her hair and talked to herself while she repeated the phrase, "This isn't getting to me," as if it were a mantra. As Jack, Sharon, and Noah picked up the mess the Bardwells spitefully created, Gloria rang the doorbell. Jack answered the door, and Gloria again complained of stomach cramps before she requested that she be given her car keys, which Sharon found in the cushions of the sofa. Jack handed over the keys and warned Gloria that they were on to her and weren't about to stand for it. Gloria glared at Jack and informed him that he couldn't stop her. After Gloria's unwelcome interruption, Sharon replaced a piece of silver onto a shelf, next to two books, where Jeffrey had hidden his video camera.

In Hope's bedroom at her farmhouse, Victor and Vic stayed with Hope as she drifted in and out of sleep. Hope moaned from pain, but she refused medication because she wanted to be able to think and express herself clearly. Hope pleaded with Vic to believe her as she explained that she had forced Victor to stay out of his life. Vic half-heartedly acknowledged his mother's confession. Vic held his mother's hands as she told him that Victor loved them so much that he allowed her to raise Vic as she wished without interfering. Vic, however, suggested that Victor had stayed away because he didn't want his son. Hope was desperate for Vic to believe her as she tearfully told him that she was wrong to think that he didn't need his father. Victor promised Hope that he'd reach out to Vic, but Vic argued that he didn't need anything from Victor. As she grew nearly breathless, Hope begged Victor and Vic not to let her die without knowing that they would connect.

While Hope rested, Victor urged Vic to discuss his feelings. Vic insisted that his only concern was his mother. Victor pressed Vic to open up, but Vic vowed, after his mother's death, to reach the goals he had already set for himself. Victor offered his support as a father, but Vic expressed his resolve not to seek handouts from Victor, and conversely that he didn't owe anything, emotionally, to his father. Vic walked outside after Victor urged him to consider what he owed to his mother, who, Victor pointed out, had made great sacrifices for her son. Victor noted aloud that Vic was as stubborn as his father, and he joined his son outside. Vic said that since Victor had not been part of his life while his mother was raising him, he had no business telling him what his mother wanted. Victor reminded Vic that he had known Hope longer and knew that she'd always done what she felt was best. Victor urged Vic to heed his mother's advice because he'd not find peace until he did.

Hope's strength waned, but she smiled as she recalled visions of her wedding to Victor, their joyous honeymoon and the birth of Vic. Vic knelt beside his mother, and she told him that it was an unselfish act for Victor to have stayed away as he did. Even after Hope explained that Victor had kept up with his son over the years, Vic argued that he couldn't love someone he'd never known. As she grew weaker, Hope told Vic that relationships take time, and she begged her son to let his father in. Victor and Vic listened carefully as Hope told them that she loved them and that they had been the greatest joys of her life. She promised to be with them in spirit even after she could no longer be with them in body. Just before Hope fell asleep, she begged her son and Victor to make peace and take care of each other. Vic, too, fell asleep in a chair in Hope's bedroom. Victor gently awakened his son when the hospice nurse gestured that Hope had passed away. Vic rushed to his mother's body and kissed her forehead. As Vic cried, a grieving Victor comforted his son.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vic wonders why his father is still hanging around. Victor says that he will stay for the funeral and then head back to Genoa City. He asks Vic if he would consider coming with him. Vic says that once the funeral arrangements have been taken care of, he will go back to his life in New York City-a life that Victor knows nothing about. Victor says that he probably knows more than Vic thinks he does. Victor knows how far Vic has gone on his own and how hard he worked to get there. Victor asks his son if he would like a job with double the pay working with him. Vic says that he's burying his mother today. Victor tells him to think about his offer. Vic doesn't think that Victor cared for his mother. Victor says that there are a lot of things he doesn't know. Victor tells his son that he still has a lot to learn. Vic wonders what his father would have to teach him. Vic says that he doesn't want anything from his father. He finds a necklace that he made for his mother when he was a boy. Victor says that Hope should wear it. When Victor grabs his bag, he says that he hopes Vic will think about his offer. Victor asks Vic what he's going to do with the ranch. When Vic says that he will probably sell it, Victor says that he will buy it. Vic seems to appreciate the offer. Victor calls him his son.

Victoria says that J.T. looks very handsome all suited up for his first day at Newman. She kisses him goodbye, and goes to the coffeehouse to visit her mother. Victoria tells Nikki that J.T. is excited to start his new job, but she is also excited to go back to work. Nikki thinks that Victoria needs to get stronger first, but Victoria is insistent. She goes home and writes someone she once knew in Paris. When Victoria comes to visit J.T. at work, he tells her that he visited her office and that it looked lonely. J.T. says that if Victoria wants to come back to work, he will be supportive of her.

Katherine tells Amber that she would like Amber to be her assistant while she writes her life story. Katherine says that she's looking for a universal theme that will tie everything together. Amber thinks the theme should be about love. When Amber talks to Katherine about her confusion concerning Daniel, Katherine tells Amber that she has a lot of growing up to do. Katherine gets a call from Victor, who informs her that Hope has passed away. Katherine offers her condolences to Victor and tells him to take care of himself. Amber tries to comfort her, and Katherine asks if they can discuss her book at a later time. Amber tells Katherine that if she needs a friend, Amber is hers forever. Amber says that she's really glad Katherine is in her life. Amber goes to the coffeehouse and tells Jana that she's decided to be celibate. Jana says that a life without human contact is madness. Jana says that things can be much simpler-if Amber likes Daniel, she should go after him. Jana calls Kevin and suggests that they have dinner with Amber and Daniel.

Nikki leaves a message for Victor on his cell phone. She is irritated that he has taken off again without a word to anyone. Nikki stops by Katherine's and Kay tells her about Hope. Nikki wonders what happened to Hope and Victor's son. Kay says that Hope and Victor had an arrangement where Vic was concerned, but now Hope's death will change that. Nikki says that it won't change anything. Nikki calls Nick and tells him about Hope's passing. Nikki says that she thinks it's time to reach out to Victor. Nick says that's something he can't do.

Nick goes to talk to Neil about his new business project. Neil says that he doubts Victor will want anything to do with it, especially if Jack is involved. Nick says that he has a deal for him that he wants Neil to take a look at. Neil agrees to look over the deal and let him know.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From his office at Newman Enterprises, Neil phoned Nick to tell him how impressed he was with the prospectus for the advertising tie-in between the Beauty of Nature cosmetics line and Nick's new magazine venture. Neil committed to the project even though Victor, expected in the office later that day, hadn't had a chance to review it.

Phyllis wanted to know if Nick was going to call Victor. She felt that Hope's death might provide an opportunity for father and son to reconnect, but Nick threw the ball in Victor's court, saying that Victor knew where to find him if he wanted to talk. Phyllis predicted that Nick would never talk to his father, and Nick said if humanly possible he wouldn't. She asked Nick to imagine how he would feel if, in 30 years, Summer refused to speak to him. Nick countered that he would never be the type of father to alienate his children. He asked a slightly put-off Phyllis to stop pressing the matter.

Reed and Victoria were sleeping in the bedroom of the loft apartment when J.T. came in and moved the baby to the bassinet. Victoria's cell phone rang and woke her up. Victor was on the phone, wanting to know if he could stop by and visit Victoria and Reed later in the day. Victoria told her dad that she would rather get out of the house, so they planned to meet for lunch at the Athletic Club. Victoria told J.T. that she had a bad dream-in the dream she was safe after the Clear Springs explosion but Victor and Nikki were trapped. When J.T. said that meant she must be more concerned with her parents than she let on, Victoria said she was just glad that Victor had returned to town.

Victor ran into Nikki and David at the Athletic Club. Nikki expressed her condolences about Hope's tragic passing. Victor asked Nikki if she and David were planning on leaving the Newman ranch. When Nikki said they were, Victor said "the sooner the better." Victor walked away as Nikki started saying that she had no great desire to be near him.

Victoria met Victor for lunch and informed her about Hope's death. When Victoria asked how Vic was doing, Victor told her that he and Hope had finally told Vic that Victor was his biological father. Victor also informed her that he offered Vic a job at Newman Enterprises. A surprised Victoria asked Victor if he might be jumping the gun, but Victor sang Vic's praises, telling Victoria that her half-brother graduated 2nd in his class at Harvard Business School and had a great job at a New York investment firm. Victor asked his seemingly skeptical daughter if she would support Vic if he worked at Newman.

Victoria told Victor she learned that he and Nikki fought about Victoria's medical treatment while Victoria was comatose. Victoria said she felt that may have played a big part in her parents' divorce, but Victor assured her that his problems with Nikki started long before Victoria's accident. Victor was thrilled to learn that Victoria planned to return to work on a part-time basis. When Phyllis and Nick stopped by to offer Victor their condolences, Victor pointedly told Nick how impressed he was with his Vic.

Back at the loft, J.T. told baby Reed that when he grew up he would have to find his own path in the world, but that he and Victoria would be there to help him. As he told his infant son how much he and Victoria loved him, Victoria came home. When J.T. told Victoria that she seemed depressed, Victoria said she didn't want to talk about it-all she wanted was for J.T. to hold her.

At Newman, Neil told Victor that Brad had resigned to work at Jabot. Victor was thrilled to hear this news, but Neil was concerned that Newman was losing too many employees. Victor said that he would rather work with a small group of people he could trust, mysteriously adding that the short-staffing situation would probably end soon.

At the Kansas farmhouse, Vic was on the phone thanking someone, adding "...I appreciate that... I hope I am making the right decision... only time will tell." Victor left a voicemail for Vic, asking his son to call him back. Later, Vic took a long look around the farmhouse, turned out the lights, and walked out.

In the Jabot conference room, Nikki and Brad went over Brad's contract while David looked on. Nikki said she wanted Brad on board at Jabot as soon as possible. When Brad left, Nikki told David she sensed he didn't like the idea of Brad working at Jabot. David told Nikki he trusted her judgment, but he just didn't have a "good read" on Brad yet. Nikki told David that Brad would be a great fit for Jabot, and asked him not to be suspicious of the people she had working for her.

Outside the conference room, Cane introduced himself to Brad. He told Brad he was glad to have him aboard and that he valued Brad's no-nonsense approach. Later, at the Athletic Club bar, Brad asked Cane about office politics at Jabot. Cane said that his philosophy was simply to be nice to people.

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Kevin and Gloria that he had just returned from Korea. He had managed to track down Jeff's "mystery woman," who, evidently, Jeff has known for years. When Michael informed Gloria that Jeff was transferring large sums of money to a Korean bank account, she became livid thinking that Jeff might move to Korea to be with this woman-after sending Gloria to prison. Gloria told an unsympathetic Michael that there had to be a way to stop Jeff from draining her bank account. Michael told her that although immoral, there was nothing illegal about what Jeff was doing. Gloria feigned stomach pains, which Michael attributed to stress caused by the Abbotts moving back in. When Gloria started whining about not being able to drive the Abbotts out, Lauren told her mother-in-law that she should stop acting ridiculous and buy a mansion of her own. Gloria said that would never happen, as John wanted her to have the Abbott mansion. After faking another pain, Gloria invited Michael and Lauren to come to dinner at the Abbott mansion that night. The Baldwins reluctantly agreed.

After Michael and Lauren left, Kevin complimented Gloria on how real her make-believe stomach pains appeared. When Gloria said how tired she was of the pretending and lying, Kevin told her how good she was at it. He reminded her that the "last performance" would be dinner that night and they reviewed their plan: during dinner, Gloria would collapse, and Kevin would take her to the hospital. Kevin reminded her to increase the dose of poison and to hide the bottle in Jeff's room.

In the Abbott living room, Sharon stumbled upon Jeff's hidden camera. When Jack told her it was a spy camera, they wondered exactly who was spying on whom: Jeff on Gloria? Gloria on Jeff? The Bardwells on the Abbotts? Jack popped the disk out of the camera and into his laptop. On the video, they saw Jeff placing a vial of clear liquid into Gloria's purse. The Abbotts agreed that Jeff had a guilty manner and look about him. Jeff came in to remind them that their allotted time in the living room was over, and Jack quickly closed the laptop. Jack told Jeff that he seemed to be edgy lately-Jack wondered if the newlyweds were quarreling. Jeff told Jack that he and Gloria were very happy, and loved living in the mansion. Jack said that it had to be difficult for the Bardwells to live there with the Abbotts, and offered to buy out the Bardwells' half of the mansion for $5 million. As Jeff muttered, "It's too low," Gloria came home and told the Abbotts to get out of the living room. When Jeff followed Gloria to the kitchen, Jack and Sharon rifled through Gloria's purse and found the vial. Jack thought they might be nose drops, but stopped Sharon from tasting the liquid. They replaced the vial and the camera before they left.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Jack and Sharon met up with Phyllis and Nick and they toasted bringing on Beauty of Nature as a major sponsor for their magazine. Nick tempered the celebration when he advised them that Victor wasn't aware of the deal yet. The Abbotts told Nick and Phyllis about the spy camera they found in the Abbott living room.

Back at the mansion, Gloria told Jeff that Michael, Lauren, and Kevin would be joining them for dinner. Jeff told a surprised Gloria that the dinner would be a great way to say goodbye to the mansion. He informed Gloria that Jack had made an offer to buy the Bardwells out and that, in spite of Gloria's sentimental attachment to the mansion, he was accepting Jack's offer. Jeff said that he was sick and tired of the scheduling arrangement with the Abbotts. When a teary-eyed Gloria said she was sick and tired of Jeff controlling her life by blackmailing her, he said that they could move to a new mansion-or Gloria could move to a 4-by-6-foot cell. When Gloria left the room, Jeff retrieved the spy camera and hid it in the dining room.

Alone with Kevin, Gloria told her son that she was feeling fine and must have developed a tolerance to the poison. Michael and Lauren arrived and Michael questioned the true purpose of the dinner, assuming that Gloria was up to something. Jeff returned from running an errand, and he and Michael started sniping at each other. Gloria told them to stop, as she was not feeling well. Lauren said that Gloria should consider seeking medical attention. Gloria surreptitiously spiked her martini with poison, and said there wasn't anything wrong with her that a drink wouldn't take care of.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Neil tells Victor that he decided to advertise in Nick's magazine. Victor says that he's not interested. Neil thinks Victor would have the sense to listen to the deal before he turns it down. Victor says that Neil is wrong; he doesn't want anything to do with Nick's business.

Jack, Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon decide to name their magazine Restless Style. Neil calls to tell them that Victor has shot down their proposal. Nick says that he had a feeling this would happen. Jack tells Nick not to let this thing with Victor get him down. Phyllis can tell that Nick is more upset than he is letting on. Nick says he's not thinking about going over to Victor's to give him a piece of his mind. Phyllis can tell that that's exactly what Nick wants to do. She tries to convince him otherwise, but Nick is out the door. Nick goes to Newman and tells Victor that he's making a big mistake. Victor wonders just what Nick knows about the magazine business. Nick says that he will soon find out. J.T. talks to Victor about wanting to buy a house for them. Victor says that he would loan him the money. Victor gets a surprise visit from Vic.

Jack and Sharon think Jeffrey may be considering their offer. When they find out that the Baldwins and Bardwells are having dinner in their dining room, they decide to go out to dinner. They wonder what it was that they found in Gloria's purse. They decide to toast to Gloria for getting them out of the house to spend a nice night on the town together. Jack receives a call from his lawyer and is thrilled to hear that he is no longer a suspect in Ji Min's murder.

At dinner, Jeffrey tells Michael, Lauren, and Kevin about Jack's offer. Michael thinks it's a good idea for them to take the money. Gloria admits that she ordered takeout instead of actually cooking. Jeffrey admits that he sends money to an old girlfriend who calls him all the time because he's such a good guy. When Gloria and Kevin go to get dessert, Michael asks Jeffrey just how much money has he sent over to this woman. Jeffrey says that it's nothing compared to the amount of money Gloria has. Meanwhile, Kevin pours a lot of poison into Gloria's wine glass. Gloria says that she can't even taste it anymore. They prepare to bring out the dessert. After dessert, Gloria begins stumbling. She passes out on the floor. Jeffrey sits there and eats his dessert.

At the coffeehouse, Maggie and Heather discuss the suspects in Ji Min's murder. Amber tries to listen in on their conversation as she pours them coffee. Heather gets frustrated at the lack of evidence they have in the case. When Paul sits down with them, Heather tells him that they are going to have to drop everything they have on Jack. When Heather tells her boss that she doesn't have any evidence on Jack, her boss hangs up on her. Maggie gives her a hug. Paul suggests that maybe it's time for a change. He tells Heather that he believes in her.

Daniel shows up at the coffeehouse and Amber is excited to hear about his trip. Daniel says that it wasn't exactly what he thought it would be. Amber says that Heather and Maggie have been having an interesting conversation. Daniel wonders why Amber cares. Amber tells him that he should ask Heather out. Daniel wonders just what Amber is thinking. Amber says that everything is cool-she's okay with it. She tells Daniel not to hold back in fear that Amber might get her feelings hurt. Daniel decides to ask Heather to dinner. Heather says yes. Amber watches them walk away. At dinner, Heather and Daniel have a good time together. Heather asks Daniel if he'd like a nightcap at her place.

Victoria sends a second email to an old friend named Sabrina. She wonders why she hasn't heard back from her yet. She goes to Jabot to visit Nikki. Victoria admits to Nikki that she is restless. She says that she is ready to get back to work. Nikki tells her to take things slowly. Victoria goes to visit Phyllis. She introduces Reed to Summer. Phyllis tells Victoria that she should work with them. Victoria says that she belongs at Newman and that Victor needs her. When Nick comes home, Victoria asks Nick how he's doing. Nick says that he'd rather not talk about it, considering it's about their father. Nick also tries to convince Victoria that she should work with him and his partners. Nikki comes to Phyllis' to see if Nick is okay.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Michael, Lauren, and Kevin stopped by Crimson Lights, after having left Gloria with Jeff at the hospital. Lauren wondered what could have made Gloria collapse, and Michael surmised it was probably nerves or indigestion. Kevin tried to cast suspicion on Jeff, hypothesizing that perhaps Jeff poisoned Gloria. Michael remembered that several days ago he caught Kevin and Gloria with a vial of fluid, which, at the time, they "joked" might be poison. Michael found it strangely coincidental that now Gloria was ill and Kevin was suggesting that their mother was poisoned. Kevin said he didn't follow Michael's logic.

Jack and Sharon returned home, and were pleasantly surprised to find they had the house to themselves. Michael, Lauren, and Kevin showed up and told the Abbotts that Gloria had to be rushed to the hospital after collapsing at dinner. Jeff and Gloria arrived, informing them that the doctor's diagnosis was exhaustion. Michael became even more suspicious when Kevin asked Gloria if the doctor had noticed even a mild case of food poisoning. When Gloria said no food poisoning was present, Kevin said that didn't make sense. Jeff rushed the Baldwins and Kevin out. As they left, Jeff thanked them for coming and remarked that he had a great family. Outside the front door, Lauren and Michael confronted Kevin, accusing him of knowing in advance about Gloria's "collapse." Kevin told them they should be glad that Gloria was all right, and walked off.

When Gloria told Jack she knew it was time for Jeff and her to leave the living room, Jack said he would bend the time limit rules since Gloria was ill. Jeff tried to take Gloria up to bed, but she refused his help, insisting on going upstairs alone. With Gloria gone, Jack asked Jeff if he had decided to take Jack up on his offer to buy the Bardwells' half of the mansion. Jeff said they were considering it. When Jeff went upstairs, Sharon said it looked like Gloria was repulsed by Jeff when he offered to bring Gloria up to bed. Sharon suggested looking at the spy camera video to find out what was going on. When she went to get it from the bookcase, it was gone.

From Crimson Lights, Kevin called Gloria and told her to meet him there as soon as possible. Gloria snuck out of the house when Jack and Sharon were in the kitchen. Jack and Sharon started up to bed, but when Sharon came back downstairs to get her book, she saw Jeff in the dining room, retrieving the spy camera.

At Crimson Lights, a frantic Gloria and Kevin tried to figure out why Gloria didn't become ill. Gloria told Kevin that the doctors found no trace of poison in her bloodstream, and that she had felt fine all day. Kevin said there was only one explanation for this -- but he hadn't figured out what it was yet. Later, with Gloria gone, a nervous Kevin smelled, then tasted, the liquid in the vial, and realized it was water.

Back home, Gloria ran into Jeff in the living room. He told her he knew about the poisoning scheme she had cooked up with Kevin. When Gloria asked him if he was going to send her to jail, he told her he wasn't mad-in fact, he was excited. He and Gloria decided to continue to play mind games with each other, and may the best person win!

At Phyllis and Nick's, Nick was reviewing blueprints for the Restless Style offices as Phyllis prepared to go to an exercise class at the Athletic Club. Phyllis thought it was cute when Nick started talking about the "flow" of the office space. She told Nick he had become a different person since they embarked on the magazine venture. Nick said he felt like a different person.

Victoria, J.T., and Reed relaxed at Crimson Lights. J.T. told Victoria about Victor's offer to sell them the guest cottage. When Victoria said she liked the loft apartment, J.T. said that the cottage would be a better place to raise Reed. Victoria admitted she liked the idea of being back on the Newman estate, but questioned whether J.T. would like working for Victor as well as living next door to him. J.T. said it wouldn't be a problem. Nikki stopped by and they told her they would be moving into the cottage as soon as Nikki and David moved out. Nikki wished the Hellstroms good luck in their new home and told them that she and David would be moving out the next day. J.T. and Nikki left.

Nick ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights. She told him that she and J.T. were planning to move into the cottage. Nick told her the cottage was a great place to raise a family. Victoria told him she was feeling a little isolated and planned to return to work at Newman the next day. Nick suggested that Victoria spend more time with her friends, but Victoria countered that her friends either worked or were in Europe.

Victor was pleasantly surprised when Vic showed up in his office. Vic decided he wanted to take Victor up on his job offer. He told his father that he had taken a leave of absence from his New York job, as he wanted to try working at Newman on a trial basis. He emphasized that he was there to work-not to bond with Victor. Victor said he would set up a senior management meeting to introduce Vic. Vic said he wanted to go by his middle name, Adam. He felt using "Vic" would send the wrong message. Victor said he hoped that one day Adam would be proud of the name "Newman."

Victor gave Adam a tour of the office. As to what department Adam would be working in, they decided to play it by ear. Victor invited Adam to stay at the ranch, but Adam said he would rather stay at the Genoa City Hotel. Victor said that the hotel was nice, but that the Athletic Club was nicer, and offered to pay for Adam's accommodations at the Athletic Club. Adam agreed to stay there, but didn't want Victor to pay. After Adam left, Victor called the Athletic Club to inform them that a Mr. Wilson would be checking in. He told them to give Mr. Wilson the VIP treatment, and to send the bill to Victor.

Victoria and Reed stopped by to see Victor. She told Victor she would be back at work the next day. When Victor protested that it was too soon, Victoria insisted she was fine. Victor told her he had a surprise-someone new was starting at Newman. The new employee would work closely with Victor and assume some of Nick's responsibilities. Victoria begged Victor to hire Nick back, but Victor refused. Victor told his daughter than the new employee's name was Adam Wilson-and that Adam was his son.

While placing a takeout order at the Athletic Club, Phyllis ran into David and Nikki. Phyllis told Nikki she was surprised that Nikki hired Brad to work at Jabot. Nikki said that Brad was a great businessman. Phyllis countered that he was a lousy human being, and left for her exercise class.

David and Nikki talked about how excited they were to move into the Athletic Club. She told him that J.T. and Victoria were moving into the guest cottage as soon as she and David moved out. David asked Nikki if Victoria was happy. Nikki said she was, but Nikki worried that Victor might try to get "his claws" into her. Nikki told David that his friend Walter called and left a message-he wanted to have dinner with David. A concerned David told Nikki that Walter was not his friend-in fact, he was kind of a pain. Changing the subject, David suggested they sit down and get something to eat before they went home to pack. On the way to a table, Nikki bumped into Adam.

While waiting for her takeout order, Phyllis met Adam. Adam told her he was new in town and was starting work the next day. He flirted with Phyllis, but when she showed him her wedding ring he became embarrassed and apologized.

At home after dinner, Phyllis told Nick that "some guy" tried to hit on her at the Athletic Club. They had a laugh about it, then began kissing passionately.

Alone in his office, Victor thought about his children: Victoria, Nick-and Adam.

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