The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on Y&R

Victoria and Nick were wary of Adam. Restless Style had difficulties getting off the ground. Chloe critiqued Lily's modeling skills. David admitted to his gambling addiction and related debt. Victoria's friend, Sabrina, made a surprise visit.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, February 25, 2008

At the loft, Victoria was nervous as she prepared for her first day back at work and about becoming reacquainted with the half-brother she met only briefly long ago. J.T. announced his plans to stay home with Reed and the baby's nanny. After Victoria left the ranch, J.T. phoned Nikki and the two worked together secretly to create a new home for the newlywed couple and their baby at the ranch. As J.T. arranged newly delivered furniture and accessories, the nanny, Gabby, put Reed into his crib in an upstairs nursery. To make the ranch homey for Victoria, J.T. placed a framed photo of Victoria holding Reed onto the fireplace mantle. David and Nikki stopped to help J.T. put the finishing touches on the Hellstroms' home. As a special gift to Victoria, Nikki left in place her antique dressing table.

Before Victoria returned from the office, J.T. set out flowers, wine, and pizza, and lit candles to set a romantic mood. Victoria was elated when she saw J.T.'s amazing makeover. The couple toasted their new home, but Victoria remained mum about her somewhat uneasy encounter with Adam. While Victoria checked out the rooms upstairs, J.T. recalled the day he proposed marriage. Victoria, surprised to see her mother's treasured dressing table, was moved when J.T. informed her that the piece was a gift from Nikki. Victoria phoned her mother and thanked her for the special gift. Nikki was surprised to learn from Victoria that Victor's son, Adam, was in town.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil was taken aback when he found newcomer Adam Wilson working away in an office. Adam told Neil that Victor had hired him just the night before and that he was previously employed at the prestigious Keller-Stuart investment firm in New York. When Neil pressed further about what had prompted the young executive to leave his former employer, Adam abruptly changed the subject. After Victor arrived, Neil questioned Victor about the role he had planned for his new hire. Victor shocked Neil when he announced that the young man was his son. Victor requested that Neil not mention the father-son relationship in front of Adam just before Adam walked into Victor's office. After Neil and Victor left together, Adam surveyed Victor's office and noticed a photo of Nick. Victoria breezed in and found Adam seated in her father's chair. Victoria correctly guessed that the man was her half-brother and warmly welcomed him to Newman Enterprises. Although Victoria was cordial and polite to Adam, her face showed the strain of being obligated to accept a stranger as a business colleague and a family member.

Victoria offered her condolences to Adam, and he asked if Victor had spoken of him in the past. Victoria explained that her father had only mentioned that he and Hope had a son, who was being raised in Kansas. Victoria said she, her brother, and mother never spoke about Hope and her son because Victor's absence during the time he lived in Kansas was painful. Victoria said she was pleased that Adam had a place to come to after his mother's death. Adam maintained that his position at Newman, after having earned a degree at Harvard and having left his position on Wall Street, was just another job. Adam admitted that Victor had convinced him that a position at Newman would offer a chance to learn more and advance quickly.

Victoria also questioned Adam about whether he had a desire to grow closer to his father, and his brother and sister, as well. Adam insisted that his sole objective was a career opportunity. Victoria commented that there must be something else, but before Adam could respond, Victor returned. Victoria greeted her father, offered assistance at anytime to Adam, then retreated to her office. Neil returned to accompany Adam to his newly assigned office. After his son left, Victor, who with a knit brow seemed quite troubled, turned to gaze at his photo of Nick. A bit later, Adam, charged with energy and eager to learn more about Newman Enterprises, returned with questions about the company, but Victor advised him to wait for Neil's assistance. After Adam acknowledged that he had worked late and arrived early at the office, Victor proudly remarked to himself that Adam was his son, all right.

J.T. phoned Victoria at the office, but she did not mention her encounter with Adam. After she spoke briefly with J.T., Victoria phoned Nick and told him about Adam's arrival. Nick seemed unaffected by the news that his half-brother had been hired at Newman and declined to drop everything and rush to the office to meet the man his sister claimed was being groomed for Nick's old job. After Nick hung up, he seemed deep in thought about the startling developments. Across town, Adam stopped by the club to check the status of his belongings, which were to be shipped to Genoa City. Nikki, followed by David, walked down the stairway at the club, and Nikki accidentally bumped into Adam, who was near the landing. Nikki joked that it must have been her turn and reminded Adam that he had run into her earlier. After the awkward encounter with Adam, Nikki told David that she felt as if she knew the young man.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon enjoyed a peaceful breakfast without their unwelcome houseguests. Sharon told Jack that she had secretly witnessed Jeffrey hiding his spy camera. Sharon voiced her concern that Jeffrey could be taping her when she showered, but Jack assured her that he'd thoroughly checked and secured their living quarters. Jack remained curious about Gloria's sudden collapse the night before. Sharon wondered if, perhaps, Gloria's odd behavior was the reason Jeffrey was taping his wife. Jack suggested that Jeffrey's spying might be considered a direct violation of the court-ordered living arrangements.

At the club, Gloria and Jeffrey shared breakfast while they took pot shots at one another. Gloria told Jeffrey that she wasn't comfortable around him. Jeffrey congratulated Gloria for her and Kevin's brilliant, but failed, plan to frame him for Gloria's poisoning. Gloria, having recalled that Jeffrey had threatened a counter-challenge, queried Jeffrey about whether or not his game had begun. Jeffrey answered that his scheme was still being planned, but would begin when Gloria least expected it. Jeffrey laughed maniacally and welcomed a challenge when Gloria announced that she might come up with plan for him before he did for her.

When Jeffrey stepped away to take an overseas phone call, Gloria phoned Kevin and explained that Jeffrey had learned of their poisoning scheme and switched water for the poison in the vial. Presently, Gloria admitted Jeffrey had her on the defensive as he concocted a scheme against her. Gloria joked that Jeffrey was, perhaps, occupied on a phone call with a Korean girlfriend. At that moment, Gloria's scheming mind hatched an idea, which she kept to herself. When Jeffrey returned to the table, he chided Gloria for continuing to connive with Kevin on her cell phone. After Jeffrey suggested that Kevin wasn't her best crime partner, Gloria protested that he was still her son and that Jeffrey had acknowledged that the poisoning scheme was brilliant. "Not in execution," Jeffrey shot back and insisted that the whole fiasco was laughable. An alternative plan, Jeffrey suggested, was for Gloria to give up her scheming and admit that she was falling in love with him. Gloria challenged Jeffrey, who professed to be a master game player, to get Jack out of her house. Jeffrey corrected Gloria that the mansion was their house, not just hers, but Jeffrey agreed to get Jack out only if Gloria promised to work with him. Gloria accepted Jeffrey's offer, "for now," she added.

After Gloria and Jeffrey returned to the Abbott mansion, Gloria prodded Jeffrey to share the details of his proposed plan. Jeffrey diverted Gloria to the kitchen to make coffee. After she was out of sight, Jeffrey, grinning deviously, picked up a screwdriver, walked over to the banister, tapped the top of the handrail with the palm of his hand a few times and then bounded up the stairs as if he were a man on a mission.

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis excitedly prepared for a day of overseeing the remodeling project at the warehouse. Workmen were already quite busy by the time the couple arrived at the site of their future office space, and Phyllis was thrilled to see the transformation that was taking place. Jack and Sharon arrived, and the four business partners celebrated that their plans were coming together. Jack announced that he and Sharon were heading off to California to seek advertising from Eric Forrester and other California design houses. Sharon worried about leaving Gloria and Jeffrey at the mansion, but Jack mentioned that he had already told his attorney about Jeffrey's spy cameras. Nick and Phyllis listened to the Abbotts' plight. Sharon doubted that Gloria and Jeffrey would soon be evicted and declared that they were as slippery as snakes. Phyllis and Nick convinced the Abbotts to enjoy their stay in California and agreed to check on their home while Jack and Sharon were away.

Having noticed that Sharon seemed underwhelmed about the warehouse-to-office space transformation, Phyllis asked Sharon, when the two were alone, what troubled her. Sharon admitted that she felt left out of the fun, funky, and exciting new venture because she was saddled with the Abbott Foundation. Phyllis advised Sharon to quit the foundation and work with the magazine, but Sharon worried that she'd let Jack down. Phyllis advised Sharon to talk to Jack. Sharon promised to speak to him about working with the magazine project while they were in L.A. After Jack and Sharon left, Phyllis noticed Nick's sudden mood change. After Phyllis coaxed him to explain what was wrong, Nick told Phyllis that Victor had hired Adam to take his place at Newman Enterprises.

As Nick and Phyllis dined on Chinese take-out at home, Phyllis said that Sharon had planned to tell Jack that she was bored with the foundation and wished to work with the magazine. Phyllis asked Nick, who seemed lost in thought, when he planned to meet Adam. Nick answered vaguely that he would eventually. Phyllis advised Nick not to let his anger at Victor color his opinion of Adam, but Nick reminded his wife that he had nothing to do with his father, so he had no reason to become involved with his father's other son.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jack and Sharon can't wait to go to L.A. to promote their new business. When Gloria sees their bags are packed, she excitedly assumes that Jack and Sharon may be planning to move out. Jeffrey says how wonderful it will be having the whole house to themselves. Phyllis stops by to bring Jack and Sharon some positive statistics predicting the outcome of their company. Phyllis asks Sharon if she's talked to Jack yet. Sharon says that she hasn't yet-she doesn't want to disappoint him. Jack looks confused and asks what she's talking about. Phyllis excuses herself and Jack insists that Sharon tell him what they were talking about. Sharon says that she will tell Jack on the plane. Jack and Sharon happily greet Eric Forrester in Los Angeles. Jeffrey says he is ecstatic that he and Gloria are alone. Gloria says that Jack and Sharon are only going to be away for a few days. Jeffrey says that's all he needs. Gloria calls Kevin to tell him that she doesn't want to be alone in the house with Jeffrey. Gloria thinks he's planning on doing something to her because of their poison scandal. She asks Kevin if he will move into the mansion with her to protect her. Kevin suggests that Gloria change tactics-give up and be happy with Jeffrey, or give up her money and move on. Gloria says that she's been thinking about distracting Jeffrey by bringing his Korean girlfriend to town.

Victoria tells J.T. that meeting her brother for the first time was a little unsettling. J.T. says that Adam was probably nervous too. Victoria admits that she decided to take Reed to the office with her. J.T. says that maybe they should wait until Reed is a little older. Victoria says that it will be fine. When J.T. and Victoria get to Newman, J.T. admits that it is nice having Reed there with them. J.T. says that he doesn't want Victoria to push herself too hard. Victoria says that she will be fine. Adam visits Victor to discuss working with the Beauty of Nature line. Victor says that he should talk to Victoria about it. Adam discusses his thoughts on the product line with Victoria. She says that when he talks, she feels like she's hearing a business lecture. Adam says that Victor asked them to work together. When Victoria checks the numbers, she is disappointed that Adam was right about the company. J.T. and Victoria decide that they should give Adam a chance. They talk about inviting him over to dinner.

Phyllis sees Adam working out at the Athletic Club. He smiles flirtatiously at her. Adam approaches Phyllis and says that the reason he works out is so he can eat donuts. Phyllis suggests a great French pastry shop nearby.

Victor calls Nick to ask why he didn't request to borrow the money for his new venture. Nick says that Victor has nothing to do or say about his business ventures anymore. Victor visits Nick at the Athletic Club and wonders how Nick turned out to be so cold to his own father. When Victor tells him that his brother is in town, Nick wonders why he should care. Victor says that one day when Nick's son is grown up, he hopes that Noah is nicer to Nick than Nick is to Victor. Adam runs into them at the Athletic Club. Adam introduces himself and tells Nick that he would like to pick his brain if he can. Victor thinks it's a good idea for them to talk. Nick wonders if his father should trust him talking to Adam after Victor fired him. Adam asks if Victor fired Nick before or after Adam came to work for Newman. Victor tells him that Nick doesn't always deal with business problems well. Later, Nick tells Phyllis that he met Victor Jr. Nick says that he actually feels sorry for Victor Jr. because he also has Victor as a father.

When Daniel asks Amber if she would like to go to a concert with him, Amber tells him to ask Heather. Daniel gets frustrated that Amber keeps blowing him off. When he asks her if she's still moving into Phyllis' penthouse, he offers to help her move. Amber turns it into another argument and Daniel leaves. Jana can't believe that Amber continues to push Daniel away. Kevin tells Jana not to get involved in other people's affairs. Jana attempts to bring Daniel and Amber back together. Daniel returns and gives Amber the concert tickets. He tells her to call him if she thinks they can ever be friends again.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the Newman Enterprises conference room, Adam discussed the Beauty of Nature pricing structure with Neil. Neil was impressed with Adam's proposals to increase sales, but suggested that Adam shouldn't be working so hard. When Adam said he really hadn't met anyone to socialize with, Neil invited him to go to Indigo that night. Adam was surprised to learn that besides Neil's duties at Newman, he also owned a nightclub. Victoria stopped by and told Adam she wanted him to do some work on the Beauty of Nature advertising budget. When Adam told her he had already done that, Victoria, grimacing slightly, told him she was glad they were working towards the same goal. They were unaware that Victor was outside the door, eavesdropping on part of their conversation.

Later, Adam loudly asked Victoria if she had time to talk about Beauty of Nature. Victoria shushed him and reminded him that Reed was fast asleep in his cradle. J.T. stopped by and told Victoria, over her protests, that they were going to Indigo that night. Victoria was concerned about leaving Reed alone, but J.T. reminded her it would only be for a few hours. When Adam asked J.T. if Indigo was Neil's club, J.T. said it was, and gave Adam a flyer advertising that night's events. Victoria asked Adam if they could work on the Beauty of Nature project the next day. When Adam left, Victoria told J.T that Adam was "trying to be the smartest person around this place." J.T. defended Adam, suggesting that he was young and might be uneasy in his new environment.

J.T. called Nick at the Restless Style magazine office and invited him and Phyllis to join the Hellstroms at Indigo. Nick said they had too much work to do, but Phyllis, telling Nick they needed a night out, grabbed the phone and accepted J.T.'s invitation.

Adam stopped by Victor's office to discuss Beauty of Nature. Victor told his son that he would rather have him discuss the line with Victoria. When Adam said that he was hesitant to talk to Victoria while Reed was with her, Victor told Adam to give Victoria a chance to settle down and recover. When Adam made it clear that he knew all about Victoria's accident at Clear Springs, Victor was impressed with how thoroughly Adam had done his homework. Victor gave him a large file that contained everything he needed to know about Beauty of Nature, but warned him not to burn himself out at work. Later, alone in the conference room, Adam glanced at the Indigo flyer.

Adam received a call on his cell phone. He told the person on the other end that he was in Wisconsin and that he didn't know when he would return-it might be never. He said he had a great opportunity there and wanted to see it through. Based on the expression on Adam's face, it appeared that the person who called hung up on him.

From the still-under-construction Restless Style office, Nick phoned his lawyer to say he needed to take out another loan against his trust fund. He told the lawyer that this time he didn't want Victor to find out about it. Phyllis was concerned that Nick was taking on too much debt-she reminded him of how expensive it could be to start up a magazine. She suggested that he get others to invest in the magazine, but he wanted to retain his 50% ownership, with Jack owning the other 50%-that way he and Jack would retain total control. Looking concerned, Phyllis asked Nick to reassure her that they didn't have anything to worry about financially. Nick assured her he was ready and willing to bet on himself.

Daniel showed up and said the offices were awesome. He told his mother and Nick that he wanted very much to be a part of their fledgling venture, and was grateful when Nick told him they found him a position as an assistant in the photo department. Phyllis reminded him that his job wouldn't be glamorous, but Daniel said he just wanted to get his foot in the door. Amber showed up unexpectedly with some snacks. Phyllis did not look pleased. When Daniel asked Amber what she was doing there, she said she wanted to pitch some of her designs, since Jack liked some of them. Phyllis told Amber that although she seemed to have talent, they were interviewing several people for the fashion editor position-and the fashion editor would make the decisions about whose fashions would appear in the magazine. Amber told Phyllis she was willing to do anything at the magazine. Phyllis told her there was a receptionist position open, and Amber quickly said she would take it. When Phyllis went to get Nick's approval to hire Amber, Daniel reminded her that if she got the job the two of them would be working in close proximity. Daniel asked her if things could go back to the way they were before they slept together. Amber quickly agreed and they shook on it, but Amber said it still felt a little weird being around him.

After looking around the magazine offices, Amber and Daniel agreed that the space was amazing. They met back up with Nick and Phyllis, who were getting ready to go to Indigo. Daniel said he was going too. This disappointed Amber, who thought she and Daniel were going to hang out. Daniel reminded her that she previously said she didn't want to, so he had made plans with Heather. Daniel volunteered to join Amber at Crimson Lights for a while. Just before leaving, Amber asked Nick and Phyllis if they had made a decision about hiring her. Nick told her she got the job and she was overjoyed. After they left, Phyllis told Nick she suspected that Daniel and Amber were more than just friends.

At Crimson Lights, Amber told Daniel how happy she was that she would no longer have to be a server there. When Daniel reminded her it was just a receptionist position, Amber said that it was in a world she loved-the world of fashion. Heather called to cancel her date with Daniel. Daniel and Amber both realized that they would be spending the evening alone.

At the Forrester Creations office in Los Angeles, Ashley and Eric Forrester warmly greeted Jack. After brother and sister caught up a bit, Ashley left Jack with Eric. Jack pitched the magazine concept to Eric. Eric told Jack that he knew of many other attempts trying to get similar magazines off the ground, but they had all failed. Jack told him that this venture would be different-they were going to hire the best in the business, and could afford to do so, since Nick Newman and Jack were funding the project. When Eric asked if this was a joint Newman/Abbott venture, Jack assured Eric that Victor Newman had nothing to do with the magazine. Eric reminded Jack that he and Victor were friends, and that he knew that Jack and Victor were enemies.

Eric told Jack he would run the idea by his advertising department. After Jack left, Eric called Victor. Eric assumed that Victor had invested in the project, but Victor told him that he thought the magazine was a foolish undertaking that would never get off the ground. Eric thanked Victor for his candor. In the Forrester hallway, Jack told Ashley he felt things went well, and that Eric would soon be on board. Ashley was happy to see Jack back "on top of the world." They planned to go to dinner with their families.

At Jabot, Lily, Jill, and Chloe reviewed the proofs of Lily's photo shoot. Chloe told Jill she was extremely unhappy with the way the shoot turned out. When Jill said she thought Lily showed a lot of promise, Chloe said that professional models don't "promise"-they deliver. Jill told Chloe she was being too hard on Lily. Nikki and Cane joined Jill as Chloe and Lily walked off to look at some outfits. Cane thought the photos looked great, but Nikki said some of them were just not right. Jill commented that perhaps Lily didn't have the innate talent that Dru did. Cane said that the contest winners were rookies and needed to find their own styles. Hearing Chloe being harsh with Lily, Cane walked over and pulled Chloe aside. He told her to ease up on Lily-that Lily was a great asset to Jabot. Chloe sang her own praises, saying that she was working hard with Lily. Lily thanked Cane for talking to Chloe, but told him she could handle the situation.

Later, Chloe criticized the way Lily looked in an outfit-she told Lily she needed to give it "attitude." When Lily, out of despair, said "this isn't happening," Chloe replied, "you can say that again." Lily asked for a break, and when Chloe granted her only 5 minutes, Lily became upset with her. Chloe told Lily to yell and scream all she wanted-at least that way they'd have some drama going on.

Out in the hallway, Lily told Cane that perhaps she would never be the model her mother was. Neil called to invite them to Indigo to hear Karen sing. Cane wanted to go, but Lily feared that Chloe wouldn't let her. Cane told Lily that Chloe could have her for another half hour-then they were off to Indigo.

Victor ran into Nikki at the Athletic Club. They warily decided to eat together. Nikki wanted to know all about Adam. Victor said he had some of Hope's traits, but also some of Victor's. When Nikki said the world wasn't ready for two Victor Newmans, Victor said that some people weren't sure the world was ready for one. Nikki said that Victor must be happy to have a son in his own image. Nicholas, she said, had always followed his own way, although he always wanted Victor's love and approval. Victor said that Nicholas had a strange way of showing it, as he had seriously betrayed him. Before he left, Victor said that it would have been better if they dined separately.

At Indigo, Karen told Neil she needed to remember the tips that Pat Benatar had given her. Neil told Karen that she could be a professional singer.

Later at Indigo, Cane and Lily ran into Devon. Lily was not happy to see Chloe arriving with Jill-she was sure they would discuss what a failure Lily was at modeling. Cane walked over to Jill and Chloe's table, and Chloe asked him if he needed to relax after a tough day. Cane told her that she was making it tougher by trying to change Lily into a supermodel overnight. Jill told Chloe and Cane that from now on Nikki and Cane would be running the Fresh Faces of Jabot project. Chloe told Cane she thought it was inappropriate that he was dating one of the models. As Neil introduced Karen, Cane rejoined Lily, and she asked him to invite Chloe to join them. Lily said she felt sorry for Chloe because she was so intense.

At an adjacent table, the Hellstroms sat with Nick and Phyllis. Victoria asked Nick if he was curious about Adam. Nick said he wasn't interested in his half-brother, but warned Victoria to watch her back. Nick had to leave due to a minor emergency at the Restless Style office. As Karen was finishing her song, Adam stopped by Indigo. After the song was over, Adam went to the bar and bumped into Phyllis. Once again, he flirted with her. When Phyllis rejoined Victoria and J.T., Victoria said she saw that Phyllis had met her half-brother. Phyllis was shocked-Adam was Nick's half-brother and he had been hitting on her!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eric Forrester asked Jack and Sharon to meet with him to discuss their business proposition. They were disappointed to hear that Eric didn't want to make any deals with them. Jack mentioned to Ashley that he thought Victor was at the heart of why Eric turned down their deal. Jack told Sharon that he was disappointed that Victor was getting in the way of their potential business success.

Nick and Phyllis talked about making improvements in their new office. Nick said that whatever Phyllis purchased would be okay with him. Phyllis was worried that they might not have enough money to keep moving forward. Nick hoped that things would go well at Jack and Sharon's meeting with Eric Forrester. Phyllis told Nick that she met his half-brother Adam at Indigo. Phyllis mentioned that she thought that Adam was in way over his head. Nick remembered how Victor treated him when he started working at Newman. Jack called to tell Nick about the outcome of their trip to LA. Nick was disappointed to hear that Eric Forrester turned down their offer.

Victor was happy to see Adam working diligently first thing in the morning. Adam suggested that they hire a well-known celebrity to be a spokesperson for their Beauty of Nature line. Victoria didn't approve of Adam's idea to hire a celebrity. Adam said that he had already set up a meeting and asked Victoria if she would like to go with him. Victoria agreed to give it a try, but admitted to Victor that she and Adam didn't necessarily see eye to eye. Victor told Victoria to give Adam a chance.

J.T. called Victoria to ask her where the baby thermometer was. Victoria immediately dashed out of the office to be with her son. The doctor made an in-house call and said that Reed might have to go back to the hospital for a staph infection. Victor was surprised to hear that Victoria went home to be with the baby. Victor went to the ranch to bring Reed a toy and dropped it off because no one was home. When he opened the door, he was greeted by Sabrina, who introduced herself as an old friend of Victoria's. Sabrina told Victor that she'd heard a lot about him.

Adam secretly smiled when he learned that he would be in charge of leading the meeting. At the meeting Adam said that he was heading up the project while Victoria eased back into it. Victor stood back and listened. After the meeting, Adam happily asked the bartender for a bottle of Perrier. Phyllis was also sitting at the bar and asked him what he was celebrating. Adam told her that he had just had a very productive meeting. Phyllis mentioned that she hadn't known who he was when she first met him. Adam didn't think it was a big deal. Adam asked her to join him, but Phyllis said that her husband was parking the car. Adam said that he would have to celebrate alone. Phyllis said that he should join them. Adam was surprised to see that Nick was Phyllis' husband.

Gloria overheard Jeffrey on the phone saying that he'd made the decision to sell their portion of the mansion and told him that would happen over her dead body. Gloria mentioned that somebody had loosened the railing on the stairs and asked Jeffrey if he had something to do with it. Jeffrey suggested that maybe somebody did it so that Jack and Sharon would fall down the stairs. Jeffrey said that it was time for them to get out of the mansion, and it was also time that they consummated their relationship. Gloria wouldn't have anything to do with it. Gloria went to the coffeehouse to tell Kevin that Jeffrey tried to kill her and was pleased to find out that Kevin had arranged for Jeffrey's girlfriend to come to town. When Jeffrey stopped to see Gloria at the coffeehouse, Gloria said that she wasn't going to be able to see him. Jeffrey insisted that Gloria be home in half an hour. Gloria told Kevin to call her as soon as Jeffrey's Korean girlfriend arrived in Genoa City. Gloria returned home an unhappy woman. Jeffrey had set up champagne and caviar to celebrate the consummation of their marriage. Jeffrey admitted to Gloria that he was the person who messed with the stairwell. He warned her that he could be the type of person who was capable of anything and suggested that they work with each other. When Gloria asked Jeffrey to pour her another glass of wine, she dashed out of the house with Kevin

Friday, February 29, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Nikki bumped into David's "friend" Walter. She invited him to join David and her for dinner. When David arrived, he appeared extremely uncomfortable to see Nikki and Walter together. David took a phone call, and when he rejoined them, Nikki told him that Walter was about to fill her in on David's life. David said his life was an open book. The 3 of them took a table, and when Nikki continued to press Walter for details about David's past, he jokingly said that David was a serial killer on the run. David, increasingly uneasy, asked Walter to tour the gym with him.

In the gym, Walter asked David if Nikki knew about his alias and the money that he owed Walter. David told Walter to get off his back and to stay away from Nikki. Walter told David to tell Nikki he was starting a new business and to just get her to sign a check. David said that he wasn't going to use Nikki for her money, and warned him to get out of his life. David punched Walter, and Walter reciprocated, leaving David with a nasty bruise on his face.

David rejoined Nikki. When she noticed the bruise, he told her that he and Walter had gotten into a fight. Nikki remarked that David always seemed on edge when Walter was around. She also said that she thought David had been struggling with personal problems. David broke down and told Nikki he had been lying to her-he now wanted to be completely honest for the first time. Nikki told him it took a big man to admit his problems. David told her he owed Walter nearly $250,000. Stunned, Nikki asked if the debt was due to a business deal gone bad. David told her that he had a gambling addiction that had started spiraling out of control, and Walter loaned him the money to cover the debt. Nikki empathized with David's addiction, and asked when the problem began. David said it began around the time he met Nikki. When Nikki intimated that David had pursued her because he knew she was rich, David protested and declared his love for Nikki. He told her the debt was not her problem, and that he did not want her to bail him out. He insisted they loved each other and he did not want that to change. Nikki said it already had, and left him alone at the table.

At an adjacent table, Nick and Phyllis were dining with Adam. When Nick asked Adam if he left New York per Hope's wish, Adam said that he did it for himself-that he would have more financial security working at Newman Enterprises. When Nick said he wouldn't have left an investment firm to work at Newman, Phyllis told her husband that not everyone saw Newman like he did. Adam said he wanted to be treated like everyone else at Newman-that he wasn't all that comfortable having Victor for a father. Phyllis remarked that perhaps Adam and Nick had more in common than they thought. Nick told Adam he could learn a lot from Victor-some good, some bad.

Nikki stopped by and Nick introduced Adam to her. Nikki was clearly shocked to learn that the young man she had been running into around town was Victor's son. Nikki said she saw some of both Hope and Victor in Adam. After saying she was glad that Nick and Adam were getting to know one another, Nikki left. Adam said he didn't picture Nikki being beautiful and elegant. He thought she would be more like Hope, who was a simple, but challenging, woman. When Phyllis said that men liked challenging women, Adam remarked that Phyllis must be a challenging woman as well.

Nick and Phyllis told Adam about Restless Style. Adam remarked that it took a lot of capital to start a magazine venture. When Adam expressed a desire to see their offices, Phyllis and Nick invited him to join them-they were on their way over.

Adam was very impressed with the office space, which was now nearly completed and furnished. When Adam told Nick that he bet Nick's trust fund helped get the place off the ground, Adam quickly realized he had put his foot in his mouth. Phyllis tried to break the tension by asking Adam if he was ready to jump ship and join them at Restless Style. Nick said that Adam wasn't going anywhere. When Phyllis said she was kidding, Nick said that he wasn't. Adam apologized to Nick for making generalizations about "rich kids," and left. When Nick asked Phyllis what she made of that, she said that Adam was nervous, which caused him to make a careless comment.

At Crimson Lights, Amber complimented Daniel for changing his hair color back to brunette. When Daniel noticed that Amber was doing her job half-heartedly, she said that it didn't matter, since she was leaving the job to work at Restless Style. Daniel reminded her it was just a receptionist job-that she shouldn't harbor visions of grandeur. Amber said she planned to make something of the opportunity, and suggested that Daniel do the same. She suggested the two of them help each other out, but only as friends-no sex. She told Daniel she didn't think Heather was good enough for him. When Daniel asked her about her love life, she said she was swearing off men.

Katherine and Cane came into Crimson Lights and Katherine asked Amber to stop by the house the next day to continue work on her autobiography. Amber excitedly told Katherine and Cane about her new job-but she told Katherine she'd still have time to work on Katherine's book. Before Amber walked off, she pointedly told Cane that she was getting her life together. Cane questioned Katherine as to why she would have Amber help her with the book. Katherine told Cane that Amber was her friend, and that she saw some of herself in the girl. Daniel told Amber he was impressed-it appeared that she was finally getting over Cane. Phyllis called Daniel from the Restless Style office and Daniel told her he was going to stop by. Amber invited herself along.

Arriving at the Restless Style office just after Adam left, Amber and Daniel told Phyllis and Nick how great the space was shaping up. Nick and Phyllis were about to leave, but Amber and Daniel wanted to spend some more time there looking around. Nick tossed Daniel the keys and asked him to lock up. Now alone, Daniel and Amber lowered the lights so they could better take in the beautiful view. Daniel stared at Amber, and she said that maybe Daniel was starting to believe her. Daniel said he had never stopped.

At the Hellstroms, Victor waited with Sabrina for Victoria and J.T. Sabrina told Victor that, from the tone of Victoria's emails, it sounded like Victoria had been through a lot between the accident and the baby. Victor told Sabrina that Victoria's life was getting better. Sabrina left to "freshen up" and J.T. and Victoria arrived home from the hospital with Reed. Victor was concerned when he learned that Reed may have a staph infection, but the Hellstroms assured him the baby was on antibiotics and was going to be fine. Sabrina came back into the room and Victoria was excited to see her. Victoria said she thought Sabrina was mad at her, as she hadn't responded to Victoria's emails. Sabrina told her old friend that she had been busy-she left Paris. When Sabrina said she was staying at a hotel, Victoria suggested she stay at the main house with Victor. Victor said that would be fine. Sabrina said she would only be in Genoa City for a few days, as she was starting a new business in New York. Victor left to have the staff prepare the guest room, and J.T. went upstairs to give Victoria and Sabrina some time to catch up. When Victoria asked Sabrina why she left her job as a Parisian museum curator, Sabrina told her that she was involved in a bad relationship, and she felt it was time to move on. Sabrina was excited about starting an art consulting business in New York. When Sabrina asked Victoria how she was doing, Victoria said she was blessed-that motherhood entailed some long days and nights, but it was wonderful.

At the ranch, Victor left a voicemail for Adam, stared at the dinner table set for one, then headed upstairs. J.T. brought Sabrina by, and before he left, Sabrina thanked him for making her friend Victoria so happy. Victor came downstairs and Sabrina told him how beautiful the ranch was. Victor invited Sabrina to help herself to some food, and as she did, they discussed the world of art. Victor said he knew that Sabrina was interested primarily in contemporary art, but Victor said he preferred the old masters. Sabrina said that perhaps she could change Victor's mind. Saying she was tired, Sabrina thanked Victor for letting her stay there, and went upstairs to bed.

Back at the Hellstroms, Victoria told J.T. he would love having Sabrina around. Victoria acted preoccupied about Reed, although J.T. kept assuring her she was overreacting-that the baby was fine. When she heard Reed crying, Victoria bolted upstairs, leaving J.T. behind with an annoyed look on his face.

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