The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on Y&R

Adam and Victoria's sibling rivalry grew fiercely competitive. Nick continued to pump his own money into the magazine. Adam flirted with Phyllis. Nikki paid off David's debt, but she postponed their wedding. Amber admitted that she'd stolen Plum's money, and she seduced Daniel.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Nikki leisurely sipped coffee at the club, but she seemed distressed when she relived the moment David confessed that he was addicted to gambling and indebted to Walter. David appeared, still disheveled and bruised from his fist fight with Walter. David apologized for hurting Nikki, and she admitted that she felt as if someone had also punched her. David asked Nikki if she could forgive him, but Nikki explained that it was too soon to offer forgiveness. David claimed that he had been too ashamed to admit to his problem earlier. Nikki told David that he had broken her trust. David offered to quit the company and move out of the suite. Nikki said that she wasn't sure she could trust him again. After Nikki abruptly left, David seemed lost in despair.

David showed up at Jabot and confronted Brad about having approved construction costs David opposed. Brad explained that he had consulted Nikki, but David was angry that Brad had circumvented him and pressed Nikki for a decision. Brad added that Nikki was the CEO, after all. After the two argued over the matter, Brad suggested they try to iron out their differences at the GCAC. David walked ahead of Brad, and before Brad caught up with him, Walter called. Walter threatened David and told him he had 24 hours to pay or he'd suffer more than a black eye. When Brad caught up to David, he asked if anything was wrong. David answered that he was fine.

While Brad and David drank coffee at the club, David reminded Brad that he reported to him, and David reported to Nikki. Brad said that he understood the chain of command but feared David might cross the line. Brad told David that he knew the business and Nikki more than David did. David said that he looked out for the company's best interest. David suddenly became nervous when Walter strutted into the club, but again, David lied that everything was fine when Brad asked if anything was wrong. Nikki stopped by the club, and she glared at Walter, seated at the bar, when she walked past him. After Brad left, Nikki asked David how long it had been since he'd gambled. David answered that he hadn't placed a bet in four months. Nikki promised David that she planned to stand by him, and he promised that her trust in him would be restored. Nikki asked David how he planned to pay his debt, but he said that it was his problem. Nikki told David they would tackle it together. But after David stepped away, Nikki looked worried.

At a Jabot photo shoot, Lily, clad in sequins and flashy accessories, struck one imaginative pose after another, as the photographer and Chloe shouted directives. During a rest break, Cane approached Lily. Noting that Chloe's mood seemed to have mellowed, Lily asked Cane if he'd slipped her a "happy pill." Cane swore that he hadn't and suggested that Chloe was instead impressed with Lily's talent. But when Cane kissed Lily, Chloe emerged, pointed her finger at Cane, and commanded that he not smear Lily's makeup.

When the photo session continued, Lily seemed nervous and apprehensive that her poses weren't pleasing Chloe, but to Lily's surprise, Chloe praised Lily's modeling. Chloe stepped away, and Cane walked over to Lily and asked if she still doubted her choice to enter the modeling contest. Lily beamed with pride and answered, "No. Not anymore." Nikki stopped by just as Lily and Chloe left for lunch. Nikki asked where Brad was, and Cane told her that Brad and David had gone out for coffee, but that two did not seem to be on best terms. Nikki said that she had noticed and wasn't happy about it.

Chloe joined Lily and Colleen for lunch at the coffeehouse. Lily reminisced about having lived in Paris with Dru. Chloe expressed her desire to visit France but stressed that she would never indulge in fattening French cuisine. Lily asked Chloe why she ate meager portions of food and refused to dress her salad. Chloe explained that it was only fair that she remained thin if she expected Lily to remain thin. Chloe berated Lily for pouring fattening dressing onto her salad. Colleen protested Chloe's claim that Lily's salad was too fattening with dressing, but Chloe cautioned Lily to watch her diet. Lily calmly assured Chloe that she was fine.

Back at the photo shoot, Chloe shouted orders left and right, but Lily did not strike a pose that pleased her task master. During a break, Cane told Lily that "Restless Style" was throwing a prelaunch cocktail party next week at Indigo to announce pre-sold ads in order to draw interest. Cane proudly announced that Nikki was sending Lily to represent Jabot. Lily was thrilled, but Chloe seemed panicked for adequate time to prepare Lily. When Chloe mentioned that Lily could secure additional modeling jobs, Cane reminded her that Lily represented Jabot. After Lily's long day in front of the camera, she told Cane she was exhausted. After Cane ensured that he and Lily were alone, he kissed Lily. Lily blushed when Cane told her she looked good in her modeling clothes but even better out of them.

At the Hellstrom's, Victoria enjoyed time with Sabrina but was disappointed when Sabrina said she would soon head to New York to build a client base. Victoria teasingly suggested that Sabrina might find someone to help her get over Phillipe, but Sabrina insisted that work was her priority. Victor greeted Victoria and Sabrina and invited both to meet him for lunch. Sabrina agreed to meet Victor and requested a viewing of Victor's private art collection. Victoria expressed her desire to accompany her friend, but explained that she had a meeting with Adam, her half-brother. Sabrina was surprised to learn about Adam. Sabrina asked Victoria what she thought of Adam. Victoria said that Adam was edgy, as if he had something to prove. Nikki stopped by. After Sabrina left, Nikki told Victoria that David had lied to her.

At Victor's office, Adam said he hoped Victoria would not miss another business meeting as she did when Reed fell ill. Victor assured Adam that he should not worry about Victoria. Adam mentioned that he'd met Phyllis and Nick, who seemed to be a savvy businessman. Victor asked if Nick had spoken of his new business venture, which Adam noted, Victor wasn't enthusiastic about. Victor advised Adam not to involve himself in the matter because he didn't want Adam torn in his allegiance, but Adam maintained that his allegiance was to the company. Adam said that Nick might someday become a business contact or friend but nothing more. Impressed with Nick's Restless Style magazine, Adam suggested that Beauty of Nature buy advertising space, but Victor nixed the plan. Adam persisted and stressed that even if the magazine folded, people would read it out of curiosity, therefore, Beauty of Nature could lure interested customers through the online venture. Adam asked outright if he could pursue the plan, but Victor wondered if Adam questioned his judgment. Adam sighed and explained that he was not questioning Victor's judgment—only his judgment about this particular issue. Victoria walked in. After Victor told Victoria about the debate, Victoria agreed that Adam's plan was worth a shot. Victor admitted that he was outnumbered and told Adam and Victoria to go ahead with the ad if they felt committed.

Outside Victor's office, Adam thanked Victoria for her support, but Victoria noted that Adam seemed ready to engage in battle. Adam responded that he fought for issues he believed in. Sabrina met up with Victoria, and she introduced her friend to Adam. Victoria explained that she and Sabrina had met in Italy when they studied art history through the Guggenheim program. Adam arrogantly observed that he had thought such programs were just for spoiled rich kids who wanted an excuse to hang out in Europe. Sabrina politely explained that living abroad gave people pleasant demeanors in the face of all kinds of rudeness. Adam was speechless. As Sabrina and Victoria walked away, Victoria commented that it was the first time she'd seen Adam without a comeback.

At the coffeehouse, Adam told Victoria that she should convince Nick to run the Beauty of Nature spread because, Adam claimed, he was only a farm boy. Victoria, annoyed by Adam's continued claim to be a small-town boy, explained that his ruse, backed by a Harvard education, only went so far in the real world. Victoria also reminded her little half-brother that Newman Enterprises had done fine thus far without his expertise and that humility went a long way.

Victoria led Sabrina to her office and found that Victor had provided a bassinette and changing table for Reed. Victoria admitted that people often said that Victor was insensitive, but he was actually very caring. Victor stopped by, but before he escorted Sabrina to see his art collection, he told Victoria that she and Adam should not advertise the Beauty of Nature in Nick's magazine.

Victor and Sabrina sat down to lunch after they toured Victor's private gallery. Victor seemed to enjoy his role as gracious host, and he told Sabrina that he was glad she'd come for Victoria—and for him. After Victor explained that his collection of Impressionistic art comforted him from the harsh business world, Sabrina advised Victor to add modern art to his collection. Victor and Sabrina encountered David and Nikki before they left the club. Victor noted David's bruised eye, but David claimed he had an accident. After the two couples exchanged pleasantries, Nikki and David left. Sabrina mentioned Victor's recent divorce from Nikki, and Victor learned that Sabrina's parents had divorced. "I don't dwell on the past or look back," Sabrina observed. Victor correctly noted that Sabrina enjoyed contemporary art because she lived in the present, and Victor declared that perhaps he should do the same.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Adam asked Victoria what she thought of the ads in Nick's magazine. Victoria said that she hadn't had a chance to look at them yet. Adam told Victoria that he was going to tell Nick that Victor decided to help them out. Sabrina stopped by Newman Enterprises to say hi to Victoria. When Adam stated that contemporary art was too expensive, Sabrina suggested that Adam might not really understand the work. When Adam left, Victoria received a call from the doctor telling her that Reed had a staph infection. Sabrina calmed Victoria down and offered to pick up Reed's prescription for her. When Sabrina returned with medicine for Reed, Victoria was still worried. Victoria told Sabrina that she wished Sabrina could stay longer. Sabrina told her that she would work it out. When J.T. returned home, he told Victoria not to panic. Victoria couldn't help worrying. She told Sabrina that she decided to stay at home with the baby from now on.

Neil was upset when Victor decided to run an ad campaign in Nick's magazine. He told Victor that he was disappointed Victor didn't take him up on his offer originally. When Victor's assistant dropped off a sample of Sabrina's work, Victor told Neil he was impressed. Neil wondered if Victor might be looking for a new consultant.

Jack told Nick and Phyllis that Sharon decided to work with them on a full-time basis at Restless Style. Jack said that Eric Forrester turned down their offer because of Victor. Nick wondered why Jack would think Victor was involved. When Jack explained that after a mysterious phone call, Eric abruptly changed his mind, Nick was shocked to hear that Victor would destroy them before they even got off of the ground. Phyllis got upset when Nick bolted out the door to confront his father. Jack and Sharon offered to take Phyllis out to lunch, but Phyllis said that she would stay behind to work. Adam showed up to tell Phyllis that he convinced Victor to change his mind about placing an ad in their magazine. Phyllis wondered how Adam had done that. Adam suggested that perhaps Victor would want to let Adam go with it to see him fail. Adam said that he hoped to prove everyone wrong and make the magazine a success. Adam suggested that Phyllis and her company sell the magazine once it started rolling. Phyllis said that she wasn't interested. Nick showed up to confront his father about convincing Eric Forrester not to advertise with Restless Style. Victor said he merely stated his opinion to a friend. When Nick demanded to be treated as an equal, Victor said he would when he deserved it. Sabrina stopped by to tell Victor she decided to stay in Genoa City awhile longer. She admitted to Victor that Victoria seemed extremely fragile and that she wanted to stay to help her. Victor said that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Nikki told David that she decided to pay off his debt. Nikki insisted that the only way to get past this problem would be for David to get help with his addiction. David said he'd be happy when this was behind them and they could get married. Nikki said that she wasn't sure if that was going to happen. David insisted that he wouldn't take Nikki's money knowing that he might lose her. Nikki said that she would need to see that David was actively seeking help. Brad came in and wondered if something was going on between Nikki and David. Nikki told Brad that issues between her and David shouldn't be any of Brad's concern. David returned and told Nikki that Walter would meet them at the club. Brad overheard Nikki's phone call about transferring two hundred and fifty thousand dollars into David's Chow's account. Brad went to visit Walter at the bar to get the scoop about David.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The power was still off at the Restless Style office. Phyllis, at the office with Adam, called Nick to let him know about the outage. Nick said he would get the electrician there as soon as possible, but that Phyllis should come home. Phyllis, concerned about her computer files, said she would rather stay until the electrician arrived. When Nick said he didn't like the idea of her being there alone, she told him that Adam was there-he had stopped by to tell them that Beauty of Nature would be purchasing ad space in Restless Style after all. When Nick, through Phyllis, asked what the "catch" was, Adam assured him there wasn't any. Nick said that with Victor there always was a catch. Nick hung up and called the electrician.

Phyllis told Adam he didn't need to wait there with her, but he insisted. Adam wanted to talk about Phyllis, and asked her how she and Nick had gotten together. Clearly uncomfortable discussing this, Phyllis changed the subject to Adam and his background. She guessed it must have been hard to lose his mother and then move to Genoa City. Adam told Phyllis that he learned that Victor was his father when Hope was on her deathbed. He said that at the time he was too numb with grief to care-and he still didn't. Adam surmised that Phyllis came from "humble" origins and commented that people who come from nothing have to work harder than those who are born into wealth. Phyllis defended Nick, saying that he had struggled as well, and had to prove himself to Victor. Adam, realizing he was hitting a nerve with Phyllis, said he merely meant that he and Nick came from different backgrounds, while Adam and Phyllis came from the same type of background. Adam said that he was proud of who he was, and added that Nick and Victoria seemed like nice people. Phyllis accused him of insinuating that the Newman children were "dilettantes." When Adam asked Phyllis why Nick had been fired, she said it was too complicated to explain. He asked her for advice on how to avoid ending up being fired. Phyllis told him not to get too close and to watch his back.

Sharon showed up at Phyllis and Nick's to drop Noah off. When Noah went upstairs to get ready for bed, Nick told Sharon about his meeting with Victor-he thought Victor would probably try to continue to derail the Restless Style project just because of Jack's involvement. Sharon thought perhaps Victor wanted it to fail so that Nick would beg for his old job back. Nick said that would never happen. When Sharon said that it appeared that Victor's "new son" was being groomed for Nick's job, Nick said that Adam could have the job and his father. Sharon asked Nick if he had gotten to know Adam at all. Nick said that Adam seemed like an all right guy, but he had heard from Victoria that he was being overly aggressive at work. Also, said Nick, Victoria told him that Adam claimed to be only interested in the job and not in the Newman family. Sharon felt this might be a defense mechanism-that Adam was feigning indifference because he was afraid of Nick and Victoria's rejection. Nick said he hoped that Adam knew what was in store for him, as all hell would break loose if Adam ever disagreed with Victor. Nick said he was torn between staying out of the situation or warning Adam. With a little push from Sharon, Nick decided to befriend Adam. The electrician called and Nick planned to meet him at the office.

At the office, Nick ran into the electrician and sent him to look at the alarm system before he ran into Adam and Phyllis. He thanked Adam for keeping Phyllis company, and for changing Victor's mind about running the Beauty of Nature ads. Adam said that Victor was allowing the ads to run because he wanted to prove that Adam was wrong about the eventual success of Restless Style. When Adam said he would prove Victor wrong, Nick was impressed with how well Adam knew his father. Adam told Phyllis how enjoyable it was to have spent time "in the dark" with her, then left. The electrician informed Nick that the work on the wiring would be a lot more expensive than he had first anticipated. When Nick complained that the work would cost an arm and a leg, Phyllis commented how good it was to have the contract with Beauty of Nature to help defray the cost.

Back at their house, Nick asked Phyllis for her impression of Adam. She said that Adam seemed like a conflicted soul-a small-town boy living in the big city. Nick said that Adam acted and talked tough, but Phyllis said that didn't mean he was tough. Nick said he had better be if he planned to work with Victor. Phyllis thought Adam was looking for Victor's approval and friendship from Nick and Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Amber was in seventh heaven about living in Phyllis' old penthouse. She asked Daniel to come over later to help with the heavy lifting, then left with Jana to start unpacking. Daniel asked Kevin how Amber, on her barista's salary, could possibly afford the rent at the penthouse. Kevin told him that Amber paid $6000 in cash up front to the realtor. Kevin surmised that perhaps Amber was making some money from internet sales of her album, but Daniel thought she might be mixed up in some crazy get-rich quick scheme. When Kevin asked Daniel why he was so concerned where Amber's money came from, Daniel said that he worried about her-that she was very ambitious, but very impatient. When Kevin said it sounded like Daniel was in love with her, Daniel vehemently denied it, insisting they were just friends.

Jana was helping Amber unpack when Daniel showed up to help. Jana left the two of them alone, and they had a good time looking through Amber's memorabilia and mementoes. Their conversation about wishing they had known each other earlier in life led to a passionate kiss. At first they were hesitant about making love, but they began undressing and Daniel carried her upstairs.

Later, Daniel came downstairs alone. In the dark, he tripped over a duffel bag. When he looked inside the bag, he was shocked to find thousands of dollars in cash!

Gloria returned to the Abbott mansion and Jeff demanded to know where she had been. She admitted she was avoiding him because he was trying to get her into bed with him-the last place she wanted to be. He told her he had outwitted her by preventing Kyon from coming over from Korea. Unbeknownst to them, Jack came in through the kitchen and listened to them argue. Jeff told Gloria he knew how much she wanted to make love to him. Gloria told him how tired she was of fighting with him-that she might just call his bluff. When Jeff continued to push Gloria to join him in the bedroom, she said she could never make love to him in the house she shared with John. When Jeff suggested they go elsewhere, Gloria suggested another planet. She stormed out right past Jack, who looked confused, yet pleasantly surprised, at their arguing.

Jack asked Jeff if he had decided whether to sell the mansion back to Jack. Jeff said that he very much wanted to, but that he had to convince Gloria. He thought perhaps he could fool Gloria into signing off on the sale, and asked Jack for another 24 hours to work on Gloria.

Sharon returned home and Jack told her about the argument between Gloria and Jeff. Jack said their marriage sounded more like a business negotiation than a loving relationship. Sharon felt they were both unstable and should be kept away from Noah. Jack told Sharon that Jeff was going to trick Gloria into signing an agreement to sell the house back to the Abbotts. Sharon was hesitant about this plan, but Jack told her in this situation the ends justified the means.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria dragged Kevin onto the patio and told him she was going mad-and planned to kill Jeff while he slept. When Kevin realized she was serious, she told him that Jeff knew everything she and Kevin were up to, including their plan to fly his Korean mistress to Genoa City. Kevin surmised that Jeff was having Gloria followed, and probably had hidden cameras planted around the mansion. They agreed to no longer scheme in the mansion or on their cell phones, but Kevin thought her plan to kill Jeff was over the top. With Jana eavesdropping, Gloria told Kevin that Jack hated Jeff and had motive to kill him. With Kevin's help, she would kill Jeff and frame Jack. Jana rushed out to the patio and urged Gloria not to do it, but Gloria and Kevin convinced her that they weren't being serious. Convinced, Jana left the patio just as Jeff showed up. Jeff wondered aloud what Kevin and Gloria were scheming about now. When Jeff started talking about making love to Gloria, Kevin ran off.

Jeff told Gloria that he was calling off their game. He had wanted Gloria to fall in love with him the way he had fallen in love with her, but it was obvious that wasn't happening. Gloria was extremely skeptical and asked Jeff if he was still going to blackmail her. He insisted he wasn't. He told her he had divorce papers drawn up. When Gloria asked why she should trust him, Jeff assured her he was completely sincere, and that she would receive the divorce papers the next morning. Then, he said, he would just be a distant memory.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nick challenged Phyllis to a video game, but she was so tired from work she just wanted to go to bed. After a little manipulation, Nick convinced her otherwise. After the game, Phyllis and Nick joked about quitting the magazine and living off of video games and sex. Nick didn't think Phyllis would last two days without work. Phyllis said that a Newman wouldn't last that long doing nothing either. Nick admitted that, like him, Adam has been a hard worker. Phyllis asked Nick to lighten up on Adam a little. Nick said that he would think about helping Adam out.

Victor looked at pictures of Victoria and Nick and felt sad. He thought about the ugly words that he and Nick shared. At the Genoa City Athletic Club, the bartender asked Adam if he was sure that he wanted regular coffee so late at night. Adam said that he needed the coffee to stay awake. Adam sat and thought about the first time Phyllis found out about his being a Newman. He decided to make a phone call to a mystery person in New York. Adam admitted that he missed New York, apologized for calling, and hung up. Then Adam imagined that Phyllis showed up at the bar and kissed him. He shook his head in embarrassment at the fantasy. He closed up his laptop and visited Victor at the ranch. Adam told Victor that he came up with a new advertising idea for Beauty of Nature. Victor admitted that the reason he let Adam go forward with advertising in Restless Style was to watch him fail. Adam said that he knew the truth behind Victor's decision, and he didn't plan on failing. Adam told Victor that he wished to someday have a home like Victor's that he had earned on his own. Victor said that he hoped one day Adam would want to claim his rightful name as a Newman. When Victor went upstairs, Adam looked around and admired the ranch.

Victoria told J.T. that she couldn't stop worrying about Reed. J.T. said that's one of the things he loved most about her. Victoria brought Reed downstairs and they joked about what Reed would be like in the future. J.T. fell asleep with Reed in his arms, and Victoria laid down by them and kissed them.

Karen appreciated that Neil helped her find the bravery to stand up in front of a crowd. Neil told Karen that he was in love with her. They kissed passionately. Neil took Karen into his arms and they danced. Neil then asked Karen if she would move in with him. Karen wanted to know if he was sure. Neil said that he was ready to take the next step with her. Karen said that she was not ready to get married. Karen said she wanted to be sure that this was the right thing to do.

Amber came downstairs and saw that Daniel found her money stash. Amber tried to make the excuse that she received a lot of money as an advance on her label. Daniel was angry with Amber's lies. He told her that if she didn't tell him the truth, their relationship was done. Amber admitted that she kept the money that they had stolen from Plum. Daniel was furious with Amber for lying to him this whole time. Daniel said that finding the money changed everything between them. Amber tried to convince Daniel that they wouldn't get into trouble if they spent the money wisely. Amber said that the money could be their future. Daniel felt that it wasn't right to keep the money, but when Amber waved the money in front of him, his greed took over. Daniel threw the money on the ground and he and Amber made love. Afterward, Daniel wasn't ready to make a decision about the money yet. He also wondered what was going on with the friendship/relationship going on between them. Amber suggested that the money could help them get what they wanted. Daniel thought about it and said that maybe there was a way they could have it all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

In Victor's office, Adam told Victor that he had breakfast with the ad guys and that the Beauty of Nature campaign was coming along well. Victoria stopped by and was infuriated when she learned that Adam had met with the advertising department without informing her. Victor left to let the two of them sort their differences out. Victoria was shocked to learn that Adam proposed changing the name of the Beauty of Nature line, and told him Newman had spent a lot of time and money establishing the name. Adam suggested a single word name with more "punch"-perhaps "Fresh" or "Inspire." Victoria was still adamantly opposed. When Adam told her that when something wasn't working it needed to change, Victoria stormed out.

In Victoria's office, Victoria told Adam that she was not afraid of change, but renaming the line was a ludicrous idea. She told Adam that calling an advertising department meeting without her was not only insulting, but a waste of time. She accused him of picking a fight with her just to prove himself. Their argument escalated when Adam told her that he thought she was insecure about him being there. He told her that her art degree hardly qualified her to run a division of Newman. Victoria was about to go ballistic when J.T. showed up with Reed. Victoria asked J.T. to wait a moment as she and Adam were in the middle of something, but Adam left, snidely muttering, "baby comes first." J.T. asked Victoria if Adam was being condescending about the baby. Victoria told him that Adam kept inferring that she couldn't simultaneously raise a child and have a career. She told J.T. that she would show him that she could be a great mother and a better businessperson than he could ever be.

Finding Adam in the Newman conference room, J.T. told him to ease up on Victoria-she had been through a lot recently. He told Adam that Victoria was a lot stronger than Adam thought she was. When Adam asked if that was a threat, J.T. told him it was a clue to take a step back before he blew his opportunity.

Adam went to Victoria's office to apologize for overstepping his boundaries. When he said he wanted to have a good working relationship with her, she cautiously replied that she thought it would take some time to get used to each other's style of doing business. Adam left, and when J.T. returned, Victoria asked her husband if he had spoken to Adam. When J.T. said he had, Victoria was angry-she felt J.T. sticking up for her would reinforce Adam's belief that she couldn't handle motherhood as well as career. When J.T. said he wasn't trying to undermine her, Victoria forgave him.

Adam stopped by Victor's office to let him know that he was making headway on Beauty of Nature as well as his other projects. He told Victor his meeting with Victoria went okay. When Victor told Adam that he could not change the Beauty of Nature name, Adam replied that the payoff could be high. Victor told him that he would better understand all of this when he got deeper into the business. Victor added that Adam should slow down a little bit as it took a while to learn the ropes.

After Adam left, Victor got a call from Eric Forrester, who had heard that Beauty of Nature was advertising in Restless Style. Victor told Eric that was true, but Victor still didn't expect Restless Style to publish even one issue.

The lights were still flickering at the Restless Style office, and Phyllis told Nick she was terrified that her computer files might be lost. The electrician stopped by to tell them he had found another short circuit, but had repaired it. He assured Nick that the electrical system was now 100% repaired. Phyllis nervously booted up her computer and was thrilled to see that her files weren't lost. She showed Nick the mock-up for the premiere issue. Nick thought it looked fantastic. Adam phoned to tell them he was coming over to show them the mock-ups for the Beauty of Nature ads.

Jack and Sharon stopped by Restless Style with good news for Nick and Phyllis-it was a go for the pre-launch party. Jack told them that Ashley was going to bring Eric Forrester, and that once Eric saw the magazine mock-up, he wouldn't be able to help but be caught up in their enthusiasm. Nick told Jack that he was a master marketer. He asked Jack and Sharon to handle all the advertising for the launch. Jack and Sharon agreed, and walked off to another area of the office to get to work.

Adam arrived to show Phyllis and Nick the Beauty of Nature ads. When Nick noticed that some of the ads had a different product name, Adam said they were thinking of changing the name to "ignite" the brand. For the time being, Adam said to go with the Beauty of Nature name. Adam asked them if they could guarantee Beauty of Nature editorial space as well as the advertising space. Phyllis said that generally editorial content wasn't part of any advertising deal. Adam appeared to be okay with that. Nick suggested that Adam, Nick and Phyllis, and Victoria and J.T. celebrate by going out to dinner. He assured Adam it wouldn't be a family thing-just colleagues celebrating a business deal. Adam said he was game, and Nick left to phone J.T.

Nick spoke to J.T. and invited Victoria and him to join Adam, Nick, and Phyllis for dinner. J.T. thought it was a good idea to get to know Adam better, and that dinner might "diffuse the fireworks" that had been flying between Victoria and Adam. He told Nick he would talk Victoria into it.

When J.T. told Victoria about the dinner plans, she was at first adamantly opposed, but J.T. felt they should give Adam a chance. Victoria finally agreed after remembering that Adam had apologized to her. She teased J.T. that if the dinner fell apart, it would be J.T.'s fault.

Standing extremely close to Phyllis, Adam admired the mock-up of the premiere issue of Restless Style. As Adam told her how much he admired her enthusiasm, Jack, Sharon, and Nick returned to the room. Nick introduced Adam to the Abbotts, telling them Adam was his half-brother-Victor and Hope's son. When Adam said he hardly knew Victor, Jack suggested he keep it that way. Adam told Sharon he recognized her as the former spokesperson for Beauty of Nature, and asked her what it would take to lure her back. Jack quickly nixed the idea, saying that Sharon was thrilled to be working on Restless Style. The group explained to Adam that Jack and Sharon were now married. Yes, Nick had once been married to Sharon, and Phyllis had once been married to Jack, but they were all happily working together. Adam left, telling Jack that his reputation was one of the reasons they were advertising in the magazine. With Adam gone, Jack said that he liked him-he just hoped Victor wouldn't turn him into a clone.

At the Athletic Club, a depressed Heather told Paul that her job was in jeopardy. Paul told Heather not to be so hard on herself. Heather went on to say that her investigation into Ji Min's murder was a disaster-first investigating Victor and then Jack, but turning up nothing. Paul told her that there was clear evidence against Jack, and that she was correct in following the evidence. When he suggested that perhaps Heather should do something different with her life, she told her father she didn't want to do anything different, then she ran out.

Paul followed Heather to the Crimson Lights patio and told her she was an excellent assistant district attorney, but that sometimes she tried to do it all herself. When Heather agreed that she was very "hands on," Paul told her he had learned that mistakes don't define a person-how one reacts to them does. He added that if one gets upset, one's job performance suffers. Heather told Paul she was pretty sure she was going to lose her job, and told him it was a little too late for him to be giving her fatherly advice. He told Heather to take it as friendly advice-but Heather said she wasn't going to take his advice at all. When she ran inside, Paul followed her and told her maybe she needed a vacation. Heather told Paul she thought she had the answer-to leave Genoa City for good.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon were shocked to find that Gloria had redecorated the living room in '70's style-bean bag chairs, lava lamps, the works. They laughed at how far Gloria would go to get them to move out. Jack said that the fun and games were about to end, and retrieved a small package from the mailbox. When Sharon asked what it was, he told her he would tell her at Crimson Lights-out of earshot of the Bardwells.

At Crimson Lights, Jack showed Sharon the package contents-it was a spy camera disguised as a clock. Jack told her he wanted to catch the Bardwells breaking the terms of the timesharing agreement so he would have a legitimate legal reason for kicking them out. Kevin, noticing how conspiratorial Jack and Sharon were, sent Jana over to eavesdrop and find out what was in the package. When Jana stopped by the Abbotts' table, she began telling them that Jeff was a bad person and was wrong for Gloria. When Jack started to probe, Kevin quickly ran over and shooed Jana away. Gloria arrived, and Sharon sarcastically complimented her on the redecorating. After the Abbotts left, Kevin asked his mother if Jeff was really going to grant her a divorce. Gloria said she wasn't going to celebrate her freedom until it was a "done deal." Kevin said he wanted to find out what Jeff was up to.

Later, Kevin asked Paul if he could retain the investigator to follow Jeff for a couple of days. Kevin thought there might be another woman in Jeff's life. He told Paul that it would destroy Gloria if Jeff were cheating on her. He told Paul to send Gloria the bill.

At the Abbott mansion, Gloria found Jeff unable to get comfortable in a beanbag chair. She told Jeff the Abbotts were amused, not annoyed, with Gloria's redecorating. When she asked Jeff where the divorce papers were, he said that they were being drawn up. When Gloria asked him why he would walk away from the "Life of Riley," Jeff said it hadn't been fun since he realized Gloria would never love him. Later, Gloria overheard Jeff on the phone, asking someone if the papers had been drawn up exactly as Jeff specified. Jeff told the person to send the papers over. Jeff began laughing maniacally and went upstairs.

The Abbotts returned to the mansion and placed the spycam clock on the desk. When they heard the Bardwells coming downstairs, Jack told Sharon to pick a fight with Gloria. Sharon told Gloria that the Abbotts planned to do some redecorating too-they were going to remove all the furniture (including the beds), and install prayer mats and hard wooden benches. Gloria became upset, and when Jeff said the Abbotts were just trying to get her goat, Sharon added that they would also get a goat-and that Gloria could milk it. When the Abbotts headed upstairs, Gloria protested to Jeff that the Abbotts were not going to get away with this. When Jeff said that Gloria started it, Gloria said she would get revenge on the Abbotts. Jack, listening at the top of the stairwell with Sharon, whispered "just make sure you get it on camera."

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