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The Restless Style launch party was a big hit. Victor arrived with Sabrina on his arm. Lily fainted. Brad hacked into the Newman computer system, but David refused to use the information Brad provided. Alistair developed a crush on Gloria.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, March 17, 2008

In the bedroom of the Abbott mansion Gloria had shared with John, she became superstitious after she discovered a book, which had supposedly been signed by and buried with John. Jeff still wanted to make love, but Gloria's mood had been ruined by fright, which she claimed had dropped her blood sugar. Gloria, alone in her bedroom, clutched a photo of John as she talked aloud to herself. Gloria, in her soliloquy, sought an explanation for the eerie appearance of John's book. "This is ridiculous," Gloria told herself. "Oh, John, there has to be some kind of explanation," she continued. After Gloria collected herself, she phoned Kevin and ordered him and Jana to join her and Jeff at the Abbott mansion, which soon was to be hers, for a celebration of her triumphant acquisition. Jeff wasn't pleased, however, when Gloria told him that Kevin and Jana were coming because he had hoped for an intimate celebration with his wife. Gloria assured Jeff that she had fully recovered from the shock of having found John's book.

At the club, Jack and Sharon settled into their temporary living arrangements and perhaps prematurely congratulated themselves for having hatched a plan to successfully evict Jeff and Gloria. Sharon gleefully anticipated that Gloria would run soon after she discovered things Sharon and Jack had pulled out of the attic. Jeff called and left a voicemail for Jack in which he told Jack that step one was complete. Jeff elaborated that "she" had quite a reaction and suggested that they get together to discuss what was next.

Jack was pleased after he listened to his voicemail. Sharon was pleased when Jack told her about Jeff's message. Jeff met Jack at the club and told him that the device Jack provided to cause the lights to flicker had further unnerved Gloria after she discovered John's book. Jack promised to compensate Jeff, but Jeff claimed he had cooperated only because he wanted out of the mansion. Jack urged Jeff to stick to their plan when Jeff expressed his concern that Gloria could have figured out what they were up to. After Jeff left, Jack joined Sharon at the club bar and explained that they needed to up the ante. Back at their loft office, Jack and Sharon planned their next move and decided to hire an actor who resembled John to haunt Gloria in person. Sharon found an online listing and photo of an actor named Alistar Wallingford, who greatly resembled John. Sharon said she'd to contact the man's agent. Jack smiled smugly.

Michael noticed Jack at Sharon at the club as he and Lauren enjoyed drinks. Jack told Michael that Gloria had won, but Michael noted that Jack and Sharon didn't seem like two people who'd just lost their home. Jack told Michael he should ask Gloria, but Michael pointed out that Gloria was not a paragon of truth. Michael speculated that something about the situation wasn't right, but Jack insisted that he had no reason to lie. Back at their table, Lauren and Michael discussed their odd encounter with Sharon and Jack. Michael told Lauren that he hadn't bought Jack and Sharon's story for a minute because they both seemed too happy. Gloria phoned and invited Michael and Lauren to join her, Jeff, Kevin, and Jana at celebratory dinner party at the Abbott mansion to announce a big surprise. Michael told his mom that he already knew about her surprise but wasn't buying it.

After Kevin and Jana arrived at the mansion, Gloria sent Jeff to the club to pick up dinner. After Jeff left, Jana congratulated Gloria on her acquisition. Gloria expressed concern that she could lose her right to live in the mansion if she failed to convince Jeff she was in love with him. Jana readily agreed that prison was a terrifying option. Gloria explained that she'd been quite shaken after she discovered John's handmade, one-of-a-kind book of poetry in the master bedroom. Kevin insisted that Jeff had placed the book in the bedroom as a cruel joke, but Gloria wasn't convinced. Jana pushed the idea that John's ghost had placed the book in the room as a sign that he wasn't pleased with Gloria's marriage to Jeff.

Soon after Michael and Lauren arrived, Jeff returned with the food. Michael noticed that Gloria and Jeff seemed to be getting along a little too well. Jeff stood near Gloria with his hand on her shoulder as he explained that he had fallen even harder for Gloria while he watched her torture Jack and Sharon. As the family dined, Michael and Jeff exchanged barbs. When Gloria stepped into the kitchen for more wine, Michael followed. Michael told Gloria he knew she was putting on an act and suggested that after her poison scheme failed, she had moved onto something else. Gloria claimed that she could only fight one battle at a time, and she'd just won back her home.

After Gloria returned to her guests with the wine, Michael beckoned Lauren from the gathering and told her he had a plan to prove that Gloria and Jeff weren't lovey-dovey. Michael instructed Lauren to pick a fight with him then refuse to leave, so she could stay behind and spy on Gloria and Jeff. Lauren and Michael carried out their plan, and a sobbing Lauren stayed behind after Michael stormed out. Gloria comforted Lauren and agreed to let Lauren spend the night at the mansion. Kevin and Jana made their exit soon after Michael's.

Lily enjoyed a brief break at the coffeehouse between Chloe's relentless sessions intended to prepare her for Restless Style magazine's premiere party. Cane noted that Lily needed time to relax, but Chloe burst in and announced that she'd prepared Lily's itinerary for the days leading up to the premiere. Chloe's nerves were set on edge when Cane told her that he'd take over with Lily. Cane advised Chloe to take up yoga or mediation, but Chloe, ever the taskmaster, ordered Lily to be ready to work early the next morning. After Chloe stepped away, Cane whisked Lily away and explained that she'd been officially kidnapped. When Lily and Cane arrived at the club, she thought he'd arranged a dinner date. Lily was pleasantly surprised when Cane led her to a romantic massage suite complete with sheer floor-to-ceiling swags, flickering candles, and a crackling fire.

Covered with a sheet, Lily lay facedown as Cane drizzled oil onto her back. Cane's nimble hands traveled from her shoulders to her feet as he caressed and rubbed Lily's body. Dressed in terry robes, Lily and Cane enjoyed intimate moments in the suite. Before Lily left the club, she encountered Chloe, who wasn't happy when she realized that Lily had been at the spa. Chloe admonished Lily for not appreciating how hard she had worked to make Lily look good. Lily shot back that she had already looked good and explained that if Chloe kept pushing so hard, they'd both lose. Lily warned Chloe to back off, or she wouldn't have a job.

At the coffeehouse, Amber argued with Kevin and Daniel when they told her that they planned to burn the stolen money. Amber pleaded her case by explaining that she'd spent some of the money without recourse, but Daniel and Kevin insisted that she shouldn't tempt fate again. Jana approached their table, and Amber abruptly changed the topic of conversation. After Jana told Kevin that Gloria was trying to reach him, Kevin told Jana that they'd been invited to dine at the Abbott mansion, so he sent her home to get ready. Before Kevin left, he warned Amber that he'd find out if she tried to trick him and threatened to rat on her if she did.

At Amber's condo, Daniel videotaped the destruction of the money. The video, which Daniel claimed would later be erased, would serve as proof to Kevin that the money was destroyed. Amber sobbed when Daniel lit a fire in the fireplace. As Daniel tossed stacks of bills into the flames, Amber cringed. By the time Daniel burned the last bill, Amber had fallen asleep on the sofa.

At the Chancellor estate, Esther dutifully dusted furniture. Kay, annoyed, admonished Esther for reverting back to her formal maid's uniform. Uncharacteristically agitated, Kay stumbled and Esther caught her, but Kay insisted that she was fine, except for problems with her knees. Esther pleaded that Kay not hide anything from her, but Kay maintained that she was fine.

While Amber slept, Daniel visited Kay. Daniel asked Kay to consider investing in Amber's fashion venture. Daniel gave Kay a brief business plan and Kay promised to look it over and said she would consider investing in Amber's project. Kay added that she was very fond of Amber, and she noticed that Daniel was also. Amber awoke just as Daniel returned from his visit with Kay. Amber remained cross about having to burn the money, but Daniel told Amber he was willing to bet that good things would come soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amber was shocked when Katherine gave her a huge check to start her work on her new clothing line. When Amber went to Daniel with the news they decided to go celebrate. When Amber looked at Katherine's check, she was surprised that it was the exact amount they figured they would need. Amber realized that Daniel must have talked to Katherine.

Phyllis hadn't heard anything from Danny Romalotti yet, but she insisted that she would get in touch with him. It wasn't long before Danny called and told Phyllis that he was interested in performing at Phyllis' party. Phyllis was ecstatic. Danny told Phyllis that he was anxious to see Daniel. Nick wondered if it would be okay with Daniel when Danny showed up as a surprise. Phyllis said that she would smooth things over. When Phyllis asked a coworker if she had seen Amber, she was surprised to hear that Amber and Daniel had taken off. Phyllis tried to call Kevin to see if he had seen them.

Victor was happy when Victoria and J.T. brought Reed to Newman for a visit. Nick called Victoria and told her that their PR guy, Adam, suggested that Victoria model one of their dresses at the Restless Style party. Victoria said that she would do it if she could also promote Beauty of Nature. Nick said it was a deal. Victoria asked Sabrina to go with her, but Sabrina said that she would be leaving too soon. Victoria said that Sabrina could sleep on the plane, and she would get her a designer dress out of the deal. When Adam tried to discuss business with Victoria, she said that she was on her way to visit their brother. Adam told Victor that Danny Romalotti was going to sing at the party. Victor said that he would not be going.

When Danny showed up at Restless Style, Daniel asked him what he was doing there. Danny said that he was there to do a performance for their magazine. While Amber was thrilled to meet Danny, Daniel was irritated with the person who set up Danny's performance. Kevin walked by and told Daniel that Phyllis had been trying to reach him. Daniel told Danny that he didn't have anything to say to him, and he wasn't interested in anything Danny had to say. He told Nick that he wasn't coming back into the office that day, if at all.

Kevin asked Michael what was going with Lauren. Michael told him that some things should be left unsaid. Gloria went to Michael and wondered the real reason for Lauren staying at the Abbott mansion. Michael said that they had a fight, and would work things out on their own. Gloria said that in the meantime Michael should draw up the paperwork to have Jack sign over the house to her.

Jeffrey was upset when Gloria said that she felt uncomfortable sleeping with him when her daughter-in-law was down the hall. Lauren came downstairs and started crying when she thought about Michael. Gloria told Lauren to stay as long as she needed. Lauren asked Gloria if she could bring Fenmore over to the house. Gloria said absolutely. Jeffrey went into another room and pulled out a jacket with the initials JA on it. Jeffrey called Jack to tell him that Lauren was staying at the Abbott mansion and that she was going to ruin their plan. He told Jack to get over there to handle it right away. Lauren overheard their phone conversation and asked Jeffrey what he and Jack had to discuss. Jeffrey shook it off and said that Jack and Sharon wanted to pick up their things. Lauren continued to be suspicious. When she came home to visit Michael and Fenmore, they joked about their fight the night before. Lauren said that she felt if she stayed there longer she could learn more information about Jeffrey. Lauren told Michael that she found out that Jeffrey and Jack were conspiring about something.

Jack and Sharon thought about finding someone that looked like John in order to scare Gloria. Together they found an actor named Alistair on the Internet and Sharon called him on her cell phone. Sharon laughed at the man's accent on his voicemail. When Alistair returned Sharon's call, Sharon enthusiastically set up a meeting with the actor. Sharon left to reserve a room for Alistair, and Jack noticed Victor dining alone. Jack couldn't resist the urge to brag about their upcoming party. When Alistair showed up at the hotel, Jack and Sharon were shocked to see how much Alistair resembled John Abbott.

When Jack and Sharon showed up to discuss their plan, Gloria interrupted them. Jack told Gloria that John was rolling over in his grave at the idea that Gloria was sleeping with Jeffrey in their old master bedroom. Jack and Sharon left in disgust. When they were alone, Jeffrey told Gloria to do what she had to do to get Lauren out of the house. Jeffrey tried to kiss her, but Gloria was distracted by an old photo of John. When she saw the jacket with John Abbott's initials on it, she started shaking and ran off.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At the Restless Style office, everyone was busy with launch party preparations. Phyllis was none too pleased that Amber wasn't there, as a fill-in receptionist wasn't able to handle the phones. Patrick told Phyllis he had some good news and some bad news. The good news: all of the major "fashionistas" were planning on attending the party. The bad news: a major fashion blog was reporting that Victor was involved in Restless Style-Nick was at the helm merely representing his father. Phyllis was furious, but Patrick reminded her that Nick had an interview scheduled with The New York Times, and that her husband could then set the record straight. Later, a frustrated Nick spoke to the Times reporter by phone. He told the reporter that Victor had nothing to do with the magazine-his father would never get involved in a project that was so "cutting edge."

Danny arrived at Restless Style. The reunion between Danny and Phyllis was clearly awkward. Phyllis suggested that Danny keep a low profile, as she hadn't been able to reach Daniel to tell their son that Danny was back in town. Danny told her it was too late-he had already seen Daniel.

At her apartment, Amber chided Daniel for being so mean to his father. Daniel countered that Danny had been mean by hiding Daniel's true paternity. He added that the only reason Danny was in town was to sing at the launch party, and Daniel was angry that no one had warned him. When he said that he was going to avoid both Phyllis and Danny, Amber reminded Daniel that he worked at the magazine. When Daniel said he couldn't go to the office, Amber accused him of being crazy.

Back at Restless Style, Phyllis left a voicemail for Daniel to call her. Danny was angry that Phyllis hadn't told their son that he was coming to Genoa City. Nick interrupted, telling Danny that Phyllis had been trying to reach Daniel. Patrick introduced himself to Danny. As Patrick pulled Danny away to go over some party details, Danny insisted he would make things right with Daniel. Phyllis told Nick she felt horrible, but Nick thought that Daniel would understand.

Amber finally showed up at the Restless Style office, and told Phyllis that Daniel was upset. When Amber suggested that Phyllis go see him, Phyllis became defensive and said that she knew how to take care of her family. As Phyllis stormed out, Amber wished her good luck. Amber then whispered to herself that Phyllis would need all the luck she could get.

At Amber's, Phyllis found a sullen Daniel. She apologized to her son, telling him that she had tried to reach him numerous times, but was only able to reach his voicemail. Daniel complained that he had finally managed to put Danny out of his life, and suddenly he had dropped back into it. Phyllis told Daniel that she had seen the bitter relationship develop between Nick and Victor-she didn't want the same thing to happen to Daniel and Danny. Daniel said that he was not Nick-and that Danny was not his father. Phyllis told Daniel that although Danny wasn't his biological father, he was Daniel's father in every way that mattered. Daniel snapped that Danny had also lied when he told Daniel that Phyllis had abandoned him as a child. Phyllis defended Danny, telling Daniel that she hadn't been a good mother. When she asked Daniel to come back to work, he agreed, but only because of his commitment to Restless Style. When Phyllis gently suggested that perhaps he and Danny could mend fences, Daniel replied that, in the words of Victor Newman, it "ain't gonna happen."

Amber was happy to see Daniel show up at Restless Style. She reminded him that, like burning the money, sometimes it wasn't easy to do the right thing. Daniel wondered why he felt so lousy if he was doing the right thing.

At Crimson Lights, Danny remembered Daniel confronting him about his paternity. Phyllis showed up, and Danny told her he was still upset that Daniel hadn't known he was returning to town. He accused Phyllis of manipulating situations and then apologizing-but, in this case, an "I'm sorry" wouldn't fix things. Phyllis told Danny she couldn't care less what he thought of her. She also told him he didn't have to perform at the party-that the only important thing was that he talk to Daniel. If he didn't, she said, their son might never recover.

At the Abbott Mansion, Gloria was still staring at the "JA" label in the jacket she found on the couch. She accused Jeff of putting it there, but he denied it. He also denied having anything to do with the "spooky" incidents from the other night-the flickering lights and the appearance of John's book. He told Gloria he had fallen in love with her, and wasn't trying to drive her crazy. He suggested that Gloria go to work-perhaps getting out of the house would allay her suspicions. She agreed, then left. Jeff called Jack to tell him that the jacket gimmick worked-Gloria was scared. Jack said he would soon be home to reveal the next part of the plan. When Jeff remarked that he and Jack made strange bedfellows, Jack replied that his enemy's enemy was his friend.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria told Kevin that either Jeff was playing games with her or she was going crazy. For all she knew, she said, John's ghost could be haunting her. She complained to her unsympathetic son that no one was taking her seriously.

In the Abbott's suite at the club, the eccentric Alistair asked Jack and Sharon what role they wanted him to play. They told him that he would be impersonating a dead person-and that if he pulled it off, he would be paid well. Alistair said that he had done that before-he once played Ulysses S. Grant. Alistair looked at a photo of John, and, after remarking that John wasn't as good-looking as he was, told the increasingly skeptical Abbotts that he could pull it off.

While Alistair shaved and showered in the bathroom, Sharon opined that he seemed a bit tipsy. When Alistair started "vocalizing" in the shower, the Abbotts decided to call off the scheme. When he emerged from the bathroom, the Abbotts were shocked to see the transformed Alistair-who could now pass as John's twin brother. When Alistair asked where the script was, Jack told him there was no script-Alistair would just be helping out with a harmless, but secret, prank.

Alistair was told that he would need to appear to a certain lady from time to time. Alistair incorrectly surmised that Sharon was Jack's mistress, and that Jack was trying to give his "Lady Macbeth of a wife" a heart attack. Alistair told the Abbotts he would require high compensation, as this prank sounded very "shady." When Jack told him he would receive $10,000, to be held in escrow until the conclusion of the prank, Alistair promised to deliver the "performance of a lifetime."

At Crimson Lights, Jack expressed concern about Alistair's alcohol intake, but Sharon showed him that she had swiped the keys from their suite's mini-bar. When Sharon left the table to get some sugar, "John" appeared to Jack and told his son that he was disappointed that he hired the "Laurence Olivier" of community theater to play him. From the counter, Kevin noticed that Jack was apparently talking to himself. "John" told Jack that he had hit a new low, and begged him to give the mansion to Gloria. Jack refused. Kevin called Gloria and left a voicemail informing her that Jack and Sharon appeared to be up to something. The Abbotts got their coffee to go. After they left, Kevin looked around, trying to locate the person Jack was talking to.

Paul stopped by Jabot to visit Nikki. He told her that his daughter, Heather, was thinking of changing careers and leaving Genoa City. When Paul asked Nikki if there might be any opportunities for Heather at Jabot, Nikki realized that Heather was the assistant district attorney who had tried to prosecute Victor. Paul confirmed Nikki's suspicion that April Stevens was Heather's mother. He explained to Nikki that Heather had just found out that Paul was her father, and they were working on their relationship. Nikki took Heather's phone number and told Paul she would call his daughter if there were anything available at Jabot. Paul asked Nikki not to tell Heather that he was "meddling." After Paul left, Nikki called Heather and asked her if she had ever considered corporate law, as they were expanding the Jabot legal department. An interested Heather said she would drop by to discuss the opportunity with Nikki.

Gloria met with Nikki in the Jabot boardroom. She congratulated Nikki on her "brilliant" idea to tie in some charity concepts with Jabot's Restless Style ads. Jill interrupted and snidely commented on how nice it was to see Gloria and Nikki working so well together. When Nikki told Jill that she wanted to see Jabot branch out philanthropically, Jill replied that Jabot had always been charitable. Gloria, purposely oblivious to the tension between Nikki and Jill, said, "Good deeds ... great bottom line!" Gloria and Jill left the boardroom when the receptionist buzzed Nikki to inform her that Heather had arrived. In the hallway, Gloria remarked that it seemed as if Jill was having a hard time letting go of Jabot. An upset Jill told Gloria to go do something productive.

Later, Gloria told Jill she thought that Katherine made a mistake putting Nikki in charge of Jabot. Gloria said that Nikki was a Newman at heart, and volunteered to take over running the company if Nikki didn't work out. She added that John would have wanted it that way.

Nikki purposely gave Heather a hard time during their meeting. Nikki asked her how she could possibly put a man like Victor Newman behind bars-after all, didn't Heather think about how that would affect Victor's family? Heather told Nikki she was just doing her job as assistant district attorney, and that if Nikki was going to belittle her for that, the meeting was over. As Heather gathered her things, Nikki admitted she was testing Heather's "backbone" and that it was clear that Heather was tough. Nikki thought that Heather would fit in well at Jabot. When Heather said she was very interested in the job, Nikki asked for a few days to make a decision.

Danny and Paul ran into each other at Crimson Lights and commiserated about their adult children learning about their true paternity relatively late in life. Paul mentioned that Daniel was a good kid and friends with Heather. Heather showed up at Crimson Lights and told Paul that she had a job interview at Jabot-and it had gone well. Paul introduced Heather and Danny. Heather learned that Danny was Daniel's father.

Jack stopped by the club and, after disguising Alistair with dark glasses and a hat, they left down the back staircase.

Back home, Gloria told Jeff that going into work had been a great idea. She was planning to unwind with a hot bubble bath. Jeff hugged her, told her she was an "exquisite" woman, and offered to draw her bath. Gloria let out a blood-curdling shriek when she saw John/Alistair staring at her through the living room window!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

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