The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on Y&R

Jack, Sharon, and Jeffrey continued with their plan to trick Gloria into thinking that John's ghost was haunting her. Lauren moved into the mansion to spy on Gloria. Daniel and Amber burned the stolen money. Paul asked Nikki to hire Heather at Jabot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, March 24, 2008

At the offices of Restless Style, everyone busily prepared for the launch party. Jack and Sharon checked off a list of the most prestigious magazines and newspapers with their publicist, Patrick, who offered assurances that all were on board. Patrick giddily displayed a newspaper article with a front-page photo of Nick. Phyllis, Jack, and Sharon were pleased. But Nick and Patrick butted heads when Patrick suggested that reporters aimed to interview Nick just because he was Victor's son. Patrick suggested that Nick use his father's name to attract attention then spin the exposure to his advantage. Phyllis and Nick became frustrated with Patrick's antics, and Phyllis assured Nick that the press wouldn't merely mention Restless Style as a footnote to a father-and-son "Newman" story. As preparations further hummed along, Amber fielded phone calls. Ashley called from the airport, and Jack offered his sister and Felicia Forrester a ride. Ashley instead opted for a limo. Amber mentioned that she had worked with Felicia, so Jack ordered Amber to schmooze their prospective client. After Jack stepped away, Amber confessed to Sharon that Felicia didn't like her.

Nick overheard Amber and Daniel, who were supposed to be working on the launch party, arguing as Amber pleaded with Daniel to work out his problems with his dad. Daniel told Nick that Danny wasn't his dad, but Nick reminded Daniel that Danny was the person who had raised him, cared for him, and worried about him when he'd been sick. Nick told Daniel that he needed to respect Danny if he wanted respect in return. Both Amber and Nick urged Daniel to give Danny a chance.

Danny stopped at Restless Style to talk with Phyllis about Daniel. Danny admitted that he missed Daniel, but feared Daniel wouldn't talk to him. Phyllis, distracted by preparations for the launch party, encouraged Danny to share his feeling with Daniel. Nick accompanied Daniel as the two approached Danny and Phyllis. Nick excused himself and Phyllis, and they stepped away. Awkwardly, Danny and Daniel stepped closer together and each offered, "Hey," as an icebreaker. Nick and Phyllis observed the encounter a few feet away and marveled that the two estranged men were civilly interacting. Nick explained that Amber had prompted Daniel to reconsider his feelings. Phyllis also congratulated Nick for scoring glowing media attention without mention of Victor.

Danny and Daniel stepped away from the mayhem at the Restless Style office to talk privately on the building's roof landing. Danny suggested that they start fresh, and Daniel agreed. Danny explained that he'd stayed away because he believed that Daniel hadn't wanted him around. Danny admitted that he'd lied about a scheduled performance in Chicago when Phyllis called because he had so hoped for a chance to reconcile. Daniel said his anger stemmed from his belief that Danny had surfaced only to boost his career. Daniel reminisced with Danny about the old days when Daniel traveled with his father on Danny's band's tour bus. Danny said that even though Daniel was not his biologically, he wished that Daniel were his. Danny was touched when Daniel said that it took much more than biology to make someone a dad. When Danny was called away for rehearsal, Daniel volunteered to help the band. Before Daniel left, though, he thanked Amber by giving her a kiss on the lips. Daniel told Amber he was pleased that she had instructed him to do the right thing.

At the ranch house, Victoria and Sabrina admired Nick's half-page photo placed above the fold of the morning newspaper. Victoria read the caption: "Restless Style co-founder meets with business partners at company headquarters." Victoria phoned Nick and congratulated him. Victoria asked her brother if Victor had called, but Nick evaded her question. Victoria assured Nick that she and J.T. would attend the launch party. After J.T. phoned and told Victoria that their plans for a sitter had fallen through, Sabrina volunteered to sit with Reed.

In his office, Victor noted the newspaper article about Nick. Victor read that the launch party pointed the way to the future of the Newman name. A quote from Nick stated that with Jack Abbott by his side, he knew Restless Style would be a huge success. Adam knocked and entered. Having noticed that Victor had read about Nick, Adam invited Victor to check out the launch party. Victor explained that he was not interested and expressed his belief that the positive press was merely the product of a well-paid publicist. After Adam left, Victor received and rebuffed phone calls from reporters, who sought comments about Nick's business venture. Victoria stopped by and pleaded with her father to be civil to Nick. Victor refused to discuss the matter, even after Victoria begged her father to take the first step.

After Adam left Victor's office, he ran into Victoria and Sabrina in the break room at Newman Enterprises. Victoria mentioned Nick's write-up in the newspaper and said she thought Nick seemed quite confident. Adam quipped that Nick seemed cocky to him. Victoria maintained her composure when she set Adam straight that Nick was confident to have begun a new company on his own like their father had. Victoria was not surprised when Adam told her that Victor hadn't been impressed with Nick's write-up. Adam irked Victoria further when he reminded her that Victor had started with nothing, where as Nick floated on the Newman name. After Adam insisted that Nick likely wouldn't have succeeded if he weren't a Newman, Victoria reminded Adam that he wouldn't have either. Sabrina interjected her agreement with Victoria. Adam grinned cockily.

At the ranch house, Sabrina, who served as an impromptu babysitter, cradled Reed. Victor stopped by and was surprised to see Sabrina. Sabrina told Victor she had volunteered to stay with Reed while his parents enjoyed Restless Style's launch party. Just before the festivities began at the launch party, Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack arrived-all dressed to the nines.

From the Abbott mansion, Jeff phoned Jack and told him that Gloria had been terrified when she spotted John's "ghost" in the window. Jeff chuckled when he told Jack that Gloria claimed she'd screamed because she'd seen a mouse on the windowsill. Jeff explained that Gloria stayed up all night staring out the window, although she claimed that she had been engrossed in a book. Sharon seemed pleased when Jack relayed Jeff's update about Gloria's haunting. Sharon admitted that she felt a little sorry for Gloria, but Jack reminded her that Gloria had aggravated Noah's dog. Jack added that their goal was to get Gloria out of their house and that she would still inherit money. Sharon said she just didn't want Gloria to suffer a heart attack.

At the coffeehouse, a weary-eyed Gloria confessed to Kevin that she had seen John's ghost. Kevin told his mom that she must have lost her mind due to the stress of being married to a man she hated, but Gloria theorized that John's spirit was angry because she'd kissed Jeff in John's house. Jana overheard the conversation, and eagerly added that she had heard of ghosts in England and had in fact witnessed the apparition of Lady Edith, who'd been hanged as a witch during the 1600s. Gloria's eyes widened when Jana recounted that Lady Edith was sometimes heard crying on moonlit nights. Kevin interrupted the conversation and hoped to lay rest to the ghost stories, but Jana begged Gloria to share her experiences with John's ghost. Gloria explained that she'd seen John's ghost after having earlier discovered his book and jacket in the house. Jana declared that John was attempting to contact Gloria. Even though Kevin rolled his eyes in frustration, Gloria demanded that he participate in a séance Jana planned to guide at the Abbott mansion.

At the Abbott mansion, Jeff donned John's rubber boots, which were caked with fresh mud. Jeff walked around the sitting room and left a trail of muddy prints. When he stepped out of the boots, he laughed deviously. When Gloria came home, she admonished Jeff for having made a mess. Jeff pointed out that his shoes were clean and denied having been out of doors. Gloria saw John's boots and asked Jeff where they had come from. Jeff again denied involvement. Gloria was so frightened that she sought solace in Jeff's arms. Gloria took her mind off her troubles and pampered Jeff while she served him tea and cookies. Gloria explained that John had been good to her because she had treated him like a king. Jeff insisted that he had not been involved with Gloria's "visits" from John's ghost. Gloria announced that Jana planned a séance. Jana and Kevin arrived. Jana brought candles and other items, but even before the séance began, Gloria repeatedly called out to John's spirit.

In his hotel room, Alistair managed to break into the liquor cabinet. Alistair posed a toast as he turned the diminutive bottle of whiskey bottom-side up. Sharon and Jack were enjoying a break at the coffeehouse when an inebriated Alistair ambled in, wearing a trench coat, dark glasses and downward-tipped hat. Jack and Sharon hurriedly met Alistair at the door and turned him around. When Kevin asked if anything was wrong, Sharon and Jack explained that they weren't allowing riffraff into the coffeehouse. Sharon and Jack escorted Alistair back to his room and ordered him to stay put unless one of them escorted him. Jack gave Alistair some money to seal their agreement. After Alistair stashed the money in his pocket, he demanded to know who the beautiful woman was he'd seen through the window. Jack told Alistair that the woman was Gloria. Alistair admitted that he wasn't actually Scottish after Jack and Sharon requested that he use an American accent. Jack and Sharon made Alistair swear to stay put, but after they left, he called a liquor store and ordered two bottles of whiskey. After Alistair downed nearly one whole bottle of whiskey, he gazed longingly at Gloria's photograph and claimed that his role required a bit more research. A quite drunken Alistair grabbed his coat, placed his hat on his head and off he went.

Cane walked into the coffeehouse and noticed Lily, who had placed an order for coffee as breakfast. After Cane asked Lily if she'd eaten, she explained that her stomach was in knots and that she was about to be barraged by Chloe's strict beauty regimen so she'd look prefect at the launch party. Chloe entered the coffeehouse and stood silently at the other end of the bar as Cane and Lily continued their discussion. Chloe overheard Cane tell Lily that she shouldn't allow Chloe to push her around, and he offered to intervene.

Back at Jabot, Chloe snapped directives as Lily endured makeup adjustments and surprise wardrobe changes. When Cane suggested that Chloe lighten up, Lily silenced him, so Cane stepped away. But after Chloe suggested that Lily suck in her gut in order to squeeze into a size zero dress, Lily told Chloe that if involvement in fashion required becoming a full-of-herself bitch like Chloe then it was not worth it. After the two women expressed their hatred for each other, Lily calmed down and apologized. Lily said she realized that she could not have become a model without Chloe's assistance. Lily hugged Chloe just as a surprised Cane reappeared. After Chloe left, Lily requested another energy drink but refused food because she feared she wouldn't fit into the tiny dress Chloe had chosen. Chloe proudly pronounced Lily ready for the party. When Lily emerged wearing a couture gown, she looked svelte and glamorous, and Cane assured her that she'd blow everyone away.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Restless Style launch party was in full swing. Ashley and Felicia Forrester were there to show their support. Ashley was excited to learn that Danny was also going to perform at the party. When Amber showed up, Felicia wasn't pleased to see her. Phyllis intervened and introduced herself. Felicia told Phyllis that Amber used to work with her and warned her to watch out for Amber. Felicia went to Jack and Sharon and said that her company was on board with Restless Style. They happily toasted with champagne. When Phyllis hadn't seen Danny, she went to Daniel and asked if he'd seen him. Daniel told her to relax. Phyllis was relieved when Danny arrived. She asked him if things were okay with Daniel. Daniel interrupted them and said that things were okay with them again.

Nick became irritated when a reporter asked him if his father was funding the magazine. When Phyllis asked him how many people asked him about his association with Victor, he said a million. Lily made a grand entrance when she arrived at the party. Chloe ran off to find reporters for Lily to talk to. Lily became cold, and Cane found her shivering in a corner of the room. When Chloe found her, she was irritated that Lily wasn't mingling with everyone.

Esther worried about Katherine drinking too much tea. When Jill came downstairs, she was upset to hear that Katherine was missing the Restless Style launch party to continue writing her memoir. Jill told Katherine that she didn't want her to write the book. Jill went to leave but returned to tell Katherine how upset she was about Katherine writing her memoir. Katherine said that she had to write her story "before..." She trailed off. Jill left Katherine alone again, and told Nikki at the party that she felt that something was going on with Katherine. Katherine tried to call Amber and asked her to come by. When she realized that Amber was at the party, she apologized and told her not to worry about it. Amber rushed over to be with Katherine. Katherine told Amber that she had a horrible dream. Amber reached out and hugged her.

Sabrina admired Victor when he held Reed in his arms. Victor commented that Sabrina smelled reminiscent of an orange. Sabrina said that Victor had the nose of a bloodhound. Victor laughed, and said that it felt good to laugh again. Victor began to share stories about his life. When Sabrina asked him if he was happy with his life, he admitted that he wasn't. Victor said he was recently divorced, has a son who didn't want to speak to him, and another son who considered him only as a boss. Sabrina offered some suggestions for how Victor might want to help his situation. When Victoria came home, Sabrina asked Victor to come to the party with her to make a gesture to Nick. When Victor showed up at the party, the reporters flocked around Sabrina and Victor. Nick didn't seem pleased.

Gloria became nervous when they began the séance for John. Jeffrey sat in the other room and laughed about it. Jeffrey called and left a message for Jack about the séance, saying he'd wished that they had known beforehand so that Alistair could have shown up. Meanwhile, an intoxicated Alistair tried to find Gloria's house. When Gloria asked John to send her a sign, Alistair fell on a chair outside. Kevin went outside to check it out, but no one was there. Jana was shocked when she saw a man walk by the patio window. Gloria, Kevin, and Jana went outside to check it out. Although they didn't find anyone outside, when they returned Gloria was shocked to smell John's cologne, and his poetry book was laid out on the table. Kevin insisted that Jeffrey was up to something. Jeffrey found Alistair and put him away. Jeffrey then went to Gloria and asked her how the séance was going. Gloria told him that she felt that John had returned and she had to prove to him that she really loved Jeffrey. Jeffrey happily went upstairs, just as Alistair found his way into the living room. Gloria saw Alistair and fainted. Jeffrey ran downstairs and escorted Alistair out of the house. When Gloria came to, no one was there.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine told Amber she was still feeling down due to her dream about John Abbott. She told Amber that the day John went to prison was one of the saddest days of her life. Amber tried to comfort Katherine by telling her that perhaps the dream was symbolic of a recent loss in Katherine's life-her retirement. Amber told Katherine she was honored that Katherine called her when she went into her funk, but wondered why Katherine hadn't called Jill. Katherine said that she couldn't call Jill because her daughter was upset about how she would be portrayed in Katherine's autobiography. Amber suggested that perhaps Katherine could write the book but not have it published. Katherine told Amber about the horrible fight she and Jill had years ago-when Jill revealed to Katherine that Katherine's true love, Rex Sterling, was a bum hired by Jill to seduce Katherine. Katherine concluded that she couldn't write the book without hurting Jill, so perhaps she shouldn't write it at all. After an introspective moment, Katherine came to a new conclusion-perhaps she should write the book.

At the Restless Style party, Jill complained to Cane that all Katherine had been doing since her retirement was writing her autobiography. Cane reassured her that it was not unusual for a business magnate like Katherine to write her memoirs. Jill was concerned with what Katherine might write about her in the book. Cane told Jill he could talk to Katherine about it, but Jill said that she would talk to her mother.

Jill returned home to the mansion and wondered why Katherine had asked Amber to come over. Amber sensed the tension between mother and daughter and left. Jill asked Katherine what she was keeping from her. Katherine finally admitted she had a minor stroke. She told a stunned Jill that the stroke had put things in perspective-that her retirement was a mistake. When Jill asked if that meant that Katherine was returning to work, Katherine told her that was the plan.

Victor and Sabrina arrived at the Restless Style party, and all the photographers and reporters swarmed around them. The Abbotts thought Victor had a lot of nerve showing up. David asked Nikki if Nick might kill his father, and Nikki said if Nick didn't, she might. Victoria told Victor she hoped he was there to support Nick. When Nick, Sharon, Jack, and Phyllis overheard a reporter saying that Nick was a "pretty boy wannabe with daddy's checkbook," Nick took Victor aside. Victor told Nick what a nice party it was, and Nick replied that it had been nice until Victor showed up. When Nick suggested that Victor couldn't stand to see Nick succeed, Sabrina quickly stepped in and took the blame for Victor's presence at the party. Phyllis rescued Nick from the uncomfortable situation. When Sabrina suggested to Victor that they leave, Victor refused, saying that the party was becoming interesting.

Nikki spoke to Victor, telling him he was going to ruin Nick's night by showing up at the party. Victor told her that he was "utterly disinterested" in what she had to say, and walked away. At the bar, Brad introduced himself to Sabrina, informing her that Victoria had told him a lot about her. Sabrina reciprocated, telling Brad that Victoria had told her a lot about him. Victor and Ashley embraced, and caught up on news -Ashley offered her condolences on Victor's divorce. Ashley told Victor that Abby was doing great, and Victor hoped that he could have a visit with his daughter soon. From the bar, Sabrina eyed Ashley and Victor suspiciously.

Lily told Devon she was exhausted, but she continued to pose for photographers. Later, she got an energy drink from the bar as an impatient Chloe tried to whisk her away to take more pictures. Overhearing, Cane walked over and told Chloe to chill out-as Chloe's boss, he was ordering her to leave Lily alone for the rest of the night. Lily walked away and ran into Daniel, who told her how beautiful she looked-that Drucilla would be proud. Lily thanked him, and, alone in a corridor, grew weak and fainted into Devon's arms. When she came to, she told Devon that she hadn't eaten all day. Neil came over, and Lily assured her dad she was okay-she was just taking a break. She said that after she was done working the party, they should all go out for pizza.

Paul, Michael, and Lauren arrived at the party, and were surprised to learn from Ashley and Felicia that Victor was there. Jack asked Lauren if she was interested in writing a fashion column for Restless Style. Michael snapped that his wife was too busy, but Lauren said that she might be interested. Jack said he would be in touch.

At the Abbott mansion, Gloria came to and screamed for Jeff. When she realized she was alone, she poured herself a stiff drink and thought out loud that John really had come back to haunt her. She called Michael at the party and told him she needed to see him right away.

Phyllis introduced Danny, who sang his new song. During the song, Jeff showed up and pulled Jack away. Michael noticed the two of them together and wondered what was going on. Jeff told Jack that a drunk Alistair had shown up at the Abbott mansion, and was now in the back seat of Jeff's car, singing tunes from "Man of La Mancha." Jeff told Jack that Gloria had seen Alistair at the mansion, but thought it was John's ghost. Jack gave Jeff the key to his suite at the club, and told Jeff to sneak Alistair in the back way. After Jeff left, Jack ran into Michael, who thought it was very strange that Jack had invited Jeff to the party. Jack snidely said that Jeff was growing on him, and walked away.

Gloria showed up at the party and told Michael she needed his help. When she told her son that John's ghost was haunting her, he questioned her sanity. After he learned there had been no witnesses to her most recent "John" sighting, Michael told her she had been duped-he had seen Jeff and Jack talking conspiratorially at the party. He said that Jack was helping Jeff play "let's scare the wife."

Sharon called Jeff at the club, and told him not to let Alistair out of his sight. As Sharon left to relieve Jeff of his Alistair-sitting duties, Michael told Gloria to follow her. Gloria followed Sharon to the Athletic Club. Inside the suite, Sharon told Jeff that she would watch Alistair, who was snoring on the bed. An unseen Gloria watched as Jeff left the suite.

Back at the party, Danny told Daniel and Phyllis he regretted not meeting Amber, Daniel's "girlfriend." Both Phyllis and Daniel assured Danny that Amber was not his girlfriend. Amber returned from Katherine's, and when Danny saw them together, he said it was sad they weren't a couple-he thought Daniel and Amber looked good together.

J.T. told Victor that someone had hacked into the Newman Enterprises computer system. J.T. left to check into the problem, and promised to keep Victor apprised.

The party began winding down-Victor wished Nick good luck, and Adam told Nick how much he looked forward to working with them. Adam mentioned the computer hacking at Newman, and assured Victor he would stay on top of the situation. Jack said goodbye to Ashley and Felicia, and thanked Felicia for her decision to place Forrester Creations ads in Restless Style. Jack then called Sharon and told her he would be over to check on Alistair right away. Phyllis congratulated Nick on how well things had gone, and reminded Nick that Restless Style was his baby. Devon told Neil that he was worried about Lily. As Lily left, she whispered to Devon not to tell Neil that she had fainted. Neil asked Devon why he was worried about Lily, but Devon covered, saying it wasn't a big deal.

At the Hellstroms', Victor heard from J.T. -the computer security breach was quite serious, and J.T. would be at Newman all night. Victoria was grateful when Sabrina told her she would spend the night. When Victoria went upstairs to check on Reed, Victor thanked Sabrina for a wonderful evening. She watched as Victor walked off.

At Newman, J.T. told Adam that someone had definitely hacked into the computer system, and had copied some financial reports, earnings records, and meeting notes. When Adam asked J.T. where the hacker might be located, J.T. told him that it was an inside job!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phyllis and Nick talked about the success of the Restless Style launch party. Phyllis mentioned that Danny's performance had swayed some of the ladies. Nick teased her when she pretended to be a star struck teenager after Danny. Danny arrived at Restless Style and thanked Phyllis and Nick for letting him perform. He said that it felt good to have the chance to mend things with Daniel. Phyllis told Danny to make sure and keep in touch with Daniel. Danny went to visit Danny and Amber at an advertising shoot. Danny told Daniel that he had written a song for him and asked if he would like to hear it. Danny played piano and sang a beautiful and sad song for Daniel. Daniel and Amber were moved by the song. When Danny hugged Daniel goodbye, Daniel called him dad. Daniel thanked Amber for helping him fix things with his father. Amber told him that's what friends were for. Daniel wasn't sure if friend was all he wanted to be with Amber.

Neil, Victoria, Adam and J.T. tried to figure out why someone would hack into their computer system. J.T. told Neil that he felt it was an inside job. Victoria asked Adam if he had something to tell them. Adam was upset that Victoria was questioning him. He told Victoria that he felt she was being personally insulting toward him. Victor came in and told them not to accuse anyone until there was evidence to back it up. Adam took Victor aside and told him that he felt someone was setting him up. Nick came in and asked to speak to Victor alone. Nick asked his father the real reason for his appearing at their launch party. Victor told him that he does want him to succeed, and that he should move on with his own life. Nick ran into Victoria on his way out and she told him about the hacker. Victoria told Nick that she thought Adam may have something to do with it. Victoria was surprised when Sabrina showed up after she had dropped her off at the airport. Sabrina said that her flight had been cancelled, so she was going to try to get a flight later that day. Victoria was thrilled to have her back, and invited her to a farewell lunch. Sabrina asked if Victor could join them. She said that she felt honored that Victor had opened up to her, but felt bad that she had invited him to the Restless Style party. Victoria said that it was for the best. Adam ran into Victoria and Sabrina leaving for lunch. He asked if he could talk to her alone. He told her that he was surprised that she was so threatened by him. He asked her if she would have done something like this to set him up. J.T. asked Adam if he could have his passwords. Adam felt that J.T. was against him too. J.T. told Adam that he didn't want to pin anything on him; he wanted to clear things up. J.T. went to Victoria and told her that he didn't believe that Adam was the culprit. He suggested that the culprit might be Brad.

Sabrina went to visit Victor while Victoria was talking to Adam. Sabrina gave Victor one of her art books. She told him that she had a wonderful time in Genoa City. Victor told her that it was a pleasure. When he escorted Sabrina out the door, their eyes met and she kissed him. Adam was standing nearby and saw them kissing.

Adam went to visit Phyllis to congratulate her on the success of the Restless Style launch. Phyllis wondered what Adam was doing there. Adam told Phyllis that he hoped to achieve a relationship such as Nick and hers, one where each person protects the other from bad press and bad fathers. Phyllis wondered if he was purposely trying to irritate her. Nick returned and Adam congratulated Nick as well. Nick received a call from someone who wanted to take out an ad in their magazine. They happily hugged to their success.

When Jack and Sharon told Alistair that he was not allowed to leave the hotel room, he said that he would quit. Alistair didn't approve of Jack and Sharon's plan to hurt Gloria. He said that if he could reveal himself to her, maybe she would fall in love with him. Jack ran into Brad on his way out of the hotel room. Brad thanked Jack for the lovely party. When Jack left, Brad called Nikki on the phone with some important news.

Gloria asked Jeffrey what he was up to when he left the night before. When he told her that he went for a drive in the country, Gloria mentioned that she had seen his car at the Restless Style party. When Gloria left, Lauren came downstairs and tried to get more information from Jeffrey. Jeffrey received a phone call from Jack, telling him to abort the mission. Lauren secretly checked the phone and found out the caller was Jack. Lauren met with Michael to tell him the latest gossip.

Gloria went to visit Kevin and told him that she had seen John. She insisted that Jack and Sharon had something to do with it. Gloria convinced Kevin to go to the hotel room to find any evidence that Sharon and Jack may have left. While Gloria was at the hotel room, Alistair came to the Abbott estate, looking for her. When Lauren saw him she fainted and fell down the stairs.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Jeff returned to the Abbott mansion and found an unconscious Lauren at the foot of the stairway. Coming to, she said she saw someone who looked like John Abbott in the house. Jeff carried her to the couch. When she insisted on calling Michael, Jeff tried to stall her, to no avail. She told Michael that she saw someone who looked like John. Michael told Lauren that Gloria had recently told him the same thing. He added that he would be right over, and warned her not to tell Jeff anything about what she had seen. She told Michael it was too late-she had already told Jeff. Before he hung up, Michael told her not to let Jeff leave.

At the mansion, Michael saw that Lauren was shaken up and had a large bruise. As he carried Lauren out to take her to the emergency room, he warned Jeff to stay there-he wanted to talk to him about John's "twin."

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Gloria and Jana that when he snuck into the Abbott's suite all he found were some empty whiskey bottles. Gloria, now skeptical about seeing John's ghost, surmised that Sharon and Jeff were in cahoots with Jack, trying to terrify her. For now, Gloria decided, she didn't want Sharon, Jack, or Jeff to know that she was on to them- she would continue to act scared.

Michael and Lauren arrived home, where Michael said it was lucky that Lauren had suffered only a mild concussion. He told Lauren he would find out who it was that she actually saw. He called Gloria at Crimson Lights and told her about Lauren's accident. He then told Kevin to come over and keep an eye on Lauren while he "put an end to this insanity."

Later, at the Baldwins', Kevin, Jana, and Gloria visited with Lauren. Jana kept pushing her ghost theory, but Gloria told her to be quiet about that. Gloria opined that Michael hated her. Kevin started arguing with Gloria, telling his mother how egocentric she was. Lauren, obviously suffering with a headache, told them to shut up.

Sharon and Jack were irritated that Alistair was not in the suite at the club. Remembering that Jack had given Alistair $1000 in cash, Sharon worried that Alistair might be out drinking. They realized that they needed to find him before someone else did. Jack went on a fruitless search for Alistair, checking out the bars and the airport.

At the Abbott mansion, Jeff told Jack and Sharon about Lauren's accident. The Abbotts were concerned when they learned that Lauren told Michael that she saw John's double. Jeff told the Abbotts that they were in serious trouble-after all, it was their mansion and their actor who caused Lauren to fall. Michael arrived with the legal documents that Jack needed to sign in order to sell his half of the mansion to Gloria. When Jack hesitated, Michael accused the Abbotts of trying to scare Gloria by hiring an actor to play John's ghost. Realizing he might be implicated in the scheme, Jeff tried to slip away, but Jack stopped him. Michael told Sharon, Jack, and Jeff that they had caused his wife's fall, and they should expect a lawsuit. When Jack accused Michael of making baseless accusations, Michael reminded Jack that tort lawsuits were his business. As they were arguing, Alistair appeared at the front door. Michael ran out after him, leaving Jack and Sharon with defeated looks on their faces.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil told Adam that he would be the most surprised person in the world if it turned out that Adam had hacked into the Newman computer system. Neil added that Victor felt the same way. Adam said they should try to convince Victoria-she already had him tried, convicted, and jailed. Adam told Neil about a possible corporate acquisition-a company called Natural Glow. It was owned by a bunch of "hippies," and featured all-natural ingredients. Neil sternly reminded him that he needed to get Victoria's approval before he moved forward with the acquisition.

In Victor's office, J.T. convinced Victoria that because of the way the computer's security system was set up, the hacker had to be someone who had the access codes. Victoria still thought it might be Adam, but J.T. assured her it couldn't have been. They reviewed the information that had been taken-project files, regional sales records, and the Beauty of Nature files-and realized it could have been Brad. Brad had the access codes. Now that he was working for Jabot, Brad would benefit from having all that information. Later, J.T. visited Adam and told him that he was no longer suspected of hacking into the computer system.

At Jabot, Brad told Nikki that they "should put the screws" to distributors in the south and the west-weak spots in Newman's distribution system. Brad showed Nikki some graphs with the numbers, and she was shocked to see that they were up-to-date figures-not information that Brad could have gotten while he was still working at Newman. Brad claimed he was "copied" on a lot of information while he was still at Newman. David joined them and told Nikki they needed to destroy the information-mere possession of it could get them indicted. Nikki confessed to Brad that it made her a little uncomfortable. David asked Brad to leave, then asked Nikki if she had second thoughts about hiring Brad. Nikki said that Brad might be a little overzealous, but because they had seen the information they could hardly ignore it. Nikki made the argument that if the tables were turned, Victor wouldn't destroy the information. She told David she appreciated his input, and asked him to try to get along with Brad.

Victoria confronted Brad about hacking into the Newman computer-she said that the identity of the hacker was now untraceable, but she was sure he did it. When she accused Brad of holding a grudge against Newman Enterprises, he denied it-after all, he was very happy at Jabot. Victoria said that spying was beneath him. Brad said he was competitive, and would do anything he could to make Jabot more successful. Victoria gave him a free pass this time, because of Abby and Colleen, but warned him that if it happened again she'd have him arrested.

Back at Newman, Victoria apologized to Adam for suspecting him. Adam said he found her apology a bit "underwhelming." He wanted her to acknowledge that she put him in a very difficult position with his new employer-who happened to be their father. Later, Victoria ran into Neil and told him that Adam was really pushing her. Neil assumed she was referring to the Natural Glow acquisition. Victoria became upset when Neil told her of Adam's plan to acquire the company. She said Natural Glow probably had less than $5 million in sales annually, and Newman could do better for less money. She confronted Adam and asked him if he had learned anything about the "line of authority" at Harvard Business School. When Adam reminded her that she wasn't around, Victoria warned him not to turn motherhood into an illness. She told him that Neil had filled her in about the potential acquisition, and she thought it was a terrible idea.

Colleen and Adrian helped Lily move her possessions into Devon's campus house. Devon told a tired-looking Lily that she needed to take it easy. Lily admonished Devon, telling him not to broadcast her fatigue to everyone -especially not to Neil. Using Devon's computer, Colleen checked her grade on a very difficult exam she and Lily had recently taken-Colleen got an A, but Lily flunked. Lily rationalized that it wouldn't be a problem-after all, it was just one test. Chloe called Lily and told her they needed to meet at the coffeehouse to go over Lily's modeling schedule. Colleen and Devon told Lily she should cancel the meeting, but Lily insisted on going. After Lily left, Devon and Colleen discussed how worried they were about her. Cane showed up, and Devon told him that Lily had gone to Crimson Lights to meet with Chloe. Devon expressed concern about Lily, and asked Cane to tell Lily to slow down a little bit. After Cane left, Devon told Colleen that Neil had been right-Lily was taking on too much. Devon and Colleen decided that they should treat Lily to a quiet evening of Chinese takeout and a chick flick.

Lily met Chloe at Crimson Lights. Chloe told Lily she looked terrible-now that she was modeling she needed to look good in public all the time. When Chloe told Lily there was a shoot scheduled for that evening, Lily told her she couldn't do it-she needed to unpack and study. Chloe offered Lily some "energy" pills-she told Lily that all the models took them. Lily refused the pills. Cane showed up and asked Chloe to make sure Lily had time to rest. When Cane went inside to get Lily a large muffin, Chloe warned Lily not to eat it. After Chloe left, Cane told Lily not to do the shoot if she was too tired. Lily replied that he was only saying that because he was her boyfriend-as her boss, he would tell her to "suck it up."

Back at the campus house, Lily told Colleen and Devon she couldn't join them for the Chinese takeout and the movie-she had a shoot tonight. When Devon said that the modeling thing was getting out of control, Lily assured him it wasn't.

Nikki and Katherine met for coffee. Katherine told Nikki about her nightmares. Nikki told Katherine about David's gambling addiction. She added that David said he was no longer gambling, but she had been urging him to get into therapy. Katherine said that David needed to acknowledge he had a problem-every minute of the day.

At Jabot, Brad acted conciliatory towards David regarding their meeting about the Newman material. Brad then invited him over to his house for some beers with the guys. David accepted.

Later, David arrived at Brad's, where Cane, Adrian, and a poker table awaited him. When David said he thought they were just going to have a few beers and watch a game on TV, Brad told him they changed plans and decided to play poker. Brad told him it would be low stakes-and, besides, they were all lousy players. David asked Brad to get him a drink, and then approached the poker table.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate


Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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