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Jack gave the mansion to Gloria. Gloria admitted that she was falling in love with Jeffrey. Sabrina and Victor shared a passionate kiss. David played poker with Brad. Chloe worked Lily to the point of exhaustion.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, March 31, 2008

At the Abbott mansion, Michael angrily confronted Jack and Sharon about the mystery man, John Abbott's clone, who frightened Lauren and caused her to tumble down a flight of stairs. Jack and Sharon feigned innocence, but Michael called them liars and held them responsible for Lauren's accident. After Michael leaned heavily on Sharon for a confession, Jack finally admitted that the man Gloria saw was an actor they'd hired to scare Gloria. Michael was furious, but Sharon explained that their aim was to get their house back after Gloria forced them out. After Sharon admitted that they'd discovered their John look-alike on the Internet, Michael was livid. He asked Jack how he could have known that the stranger hired to frighten Gloria wasn't a homicidal maniac. Jack wasn't surprised when Michael threatened to sue. After Jack called Michael an ambulance chaser, Michael lunged at Jack, but Sharon separated the men and warned Jack that they needed to find Alistair quickly and get him out of town.

At the Baldwin's condo, Gloria was livid after she learned that Jack and Sharon had hired an impersonator to appear as John's ghost. Gloria enlisted Kevin's help to track down the man. Jana stayed behind to look after a recovering Lauren. Gloria and Kevin ended up at the coffeehouse and encountered Jeff, who didn't mention his knowledge of Alistair and neither did Kevin or Gloria. Jeff claimed he had an errand to run and quickly excused himself. Kevin and Gloria left, too.

Jana was a bit overbearing in her efforts to comfort Lauren, so Lauren gladly excused her caregiver when Michael returned. Lauren assured Michael that she was fine. Although Lauren was angry after she learned of Jack's crazy scheme, she told Michael, who was ready to explode, that the fiasco was over and she was fine. Michael, however, vowed that he would not let Jack get away with what he had done. Michael ranted wildly about suing Jack for severe emotional distress just as Jana returned with a book for Lauren. After Michael stormed out, Lauren admitted to Jana that she truly feared what Michael might do to get back at Jack Abbott.

Jack phoned Jeff, who watched for Alistair to return to the club. Jeff wasn't thrilled to learn that Michael knew about Alistair because he realized that Gloria and Kevin would be told. Jeff insisted that either he or Jack find Alistair before Gloria and Kevin did. Jeff, Jack, and Sharon later met at the club, where Sharon learned from the housekeeping staff that Alistair had not returned to his room. Sharon thought that perhaps Alistair had skipped out, but Jack believed that Alistair was too smitten with Gloria to leave town without meeting her. Jeff suggested that Alistair had hidden out at the mansion, where he awaited Gloria's return.

Jack, Sharon, and Jeff returned to the Abbott mansion but found no trace of Alistair there. Jack worried that Michael would use the fiasco with Alistair to ensure that Gloria would keep his house forever. Jack was about to check the attic when Gloria and Kevin returned. The men left the sitting room to fetch boxes they each claimed were stored here and there. Gloria and Sharon seemed poised to exchange blows just as Michael arrived. When Jack, Jeff, and Kevin returned, Michael explained to Gloria that Jeff, Sharon, and Jack had hired the man who pretended to be John Abbott's ghost. Gloria claimed that she had known the truth for days and admonished Jack for having insulted the memory of his father. After Kevin left, Gloria still fumed as she considered what she might require of Sharon, Jack, and Jeff in order to make amends. Sharon phoned Lauren and humbly apologized for her actions. Lauren was not in the mood talk, so Sharon begged to meet with her.

At the coffeehouse, Jill told Kay she was concerned that Nikki did not have the capacity to lead Jabot. Kay pleaded with Jill to trust her judgment and insisted that Nikki would grow into her position. Jill, having learned of her mother's mini-stroke, worried that the stress would be too much after Kay mentioned her desire to return to work. Flustered, Jill told Kay she couldn't figure out what her mother truly wanted. As the two women talked, Alistair, wearing a dark coat, black hat, and sunglasses, entered the coffeehouse. After thumbing through the stack of money Jack had given him earlier, Alistair approached the coffee bar. Alistair attempted to order various alcoholic drinks before the barista explained that the establishment was a coffee bar. Alistair settled on a cup of cream laced with a little coffee. Kay and Jill walked by as Alistair sought directions to the nearest bar that served booze. Kay interrupted Alistair and asked him if they'd ever met. Alistair explained that he was just a stranger passing through. After Kay and Jill left, though, Alistair decided to follow.

After Kay and Jill returned to the Chancellor estate, Kay marveled at the close similarity between the stranger at the coffeehouse and John. Jill explained that Kay saw a resemblance to John in the stranger because she missed her old friend. After Jill changed the topic of conversation back to work, she promised to give Nikki a chance at Jabot as long as Kay agreed to let Jill run Chancellor without interference. Kay agreed and explained that she was more interested in writing her memoir. After Jill left, Kay caught a glimpse of someone through the window. She spotted the man from the coffeehouse hiding behind a tree on the estate. Kay opened the door and called out to the intruder and ordered him to come forward. Kay invited the man inside and demanded to know his name. Alistair introduced himself and explained that he had been invited to Genoa City but had not been treated well during his stay. Kay and Alistair were talking when Jill returned. Jill was shocked when she thought she was seeing John reincarnated. Kay introduced Alistair, and he explained that he and Kay were about to have tea or perhaps brandy. Jill rushed to get brandy and fresh fruit to appease the visitor in hopes that he would tell them more about himself. As Alistair savored his drink, he asked about Gloria and wanted to know if she was as lovely on the inside as she was on the outside. Kay and Jill broke out in laughter. Alistair was nonplussed as to why the two women found humor in his infatuation with Gloria. Jill explained that it wasn't the first time a man who looked like him had fallen for Gloria.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor chuckled after Victoria all but asked her father flat-out what he thought of Restless Style after his impromptu appearance at the launch party. Victoria seemed deflated when Victor said that he admired the way Nick had thrown himself into the project but didn't feel the magazine would succeed. Victoria admitted that she felt bad for having blamed the security breach on Adam. Victor asked Victoria to give Adam a chance to prove himself. Victor and Victoria both agreed that they had enjoyed Sabrina's visit. Nikki stopped by to pick up Victoria and Reed for dinner. After Nikki announced her dinner plans to Victor, he quickly responded that she need not discuss her schedule with him.

At the club, Nikki and Victoria dined while Reed slept in his carriage. Nikki asked about J.T.'s new job. Victoria, without thinking, mentioned that J.T. had already encountered an issue. When Nikki asked if the issue involved security, Victoria declined to elaborate, and both women decided to keep mum about details since they worked for rival corporations. Sabrina phoned Victoria from L.A. and told her friend that she had found some contemporary art that might interest Victor. Just before their call ended, Victoria encouraged Sabrina to call Victor. Victoria told Nikki that Sabrina had urged Victor to attend the Restless Style party. Victoria added that Victor had admitted that he was proud of Nick. Victoria said that she was thankful that Sabrina had brought Victor to the party to support Nick, but Nikki seemed unimpressed.

At Brad's, Cane, David, Adrian, and another friend joined in a high-stakes game of poker. Brad bet a hefty wager, and David jumped in. Nikki phoned David, but he avoided her call, so Nikki left a message on his voicemail. David heartily won a few rounds and gladly gathered surrendered chips from his opponents. As David kicked off the next round, Brad lent Cane money to bet. The other players called it quits after David cleaned them out. Before David left, Brad remarked that they'd soon get together again for another game. After David left Brad's, he joined Nikki at the club. Victoria and Reed had already gone home. David never mentioned his poker game, but Nikki was surprised to learn that David had been at Brad's. When Nikki noticed Adam and Victor seated at a nearby table, she was ready to leave. At home, David secretly phoned a gambling buddy, who confirmed that the regular game was on. Suddenly, David backed out and told his friend he wasn't coming. After David hung up the phone, he sighed as if he'd just fought and won a battle.

Adam stopped by Victor's office and acknowledged that he was impressed with Restless Style. Victor didn't comment when Adam told him that members of the press seemed encouraged to see Victor and Nick in the same room. After Adam and Victor made plans for a late dinner, Adam left. Sabrina phoned to tell Victor about the modern art exhibit she wanted him to see in person. Victor declined and instead requested a catalog. As Adam and Victor dined at the club, Victor told Adam that he'd planned a trip to L.A. to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Michael was irritated that Lauren had gotten hurt because of Jack and Jeffrey's plan to scare Gloria. He said that Jack and Jeffrey wouldn't be getting away with it. They discussed not letting Gloria continue to get herself into trouble. Lauren said that Gloria should find out the consequences of her actions. Michael said that his brief stint in prison had actually done something good for him. They realized that they might be onto something.

Gloria and Jeffrey argued about Jeffrey's involvement in the Alistair plot. Jeffrey said that he did it to get them out of the Abbott estate. Jeffrey told Gloria that he couldn't compete with John, especially if they stayed in John's house. Gloria told Jeffrey that John Abbott had nothing to do with why she wasn't in love with him. She said that she fell in love with his brother, but that Jeffrey had no redeeming qualities. They started throwing angry accusations at one another and when Gloria ran at Jeffrey in anger, he grabbed her arms and started kissing her. Gloria pushed Jeffrey away, but then in the heat of passion they began kissing again. Gloria got away from Jeffrey again, and told him that it would be a cold day in hell before their lips touched again. Gloria went to the coffeehouse and frantically searched for Kevin. When she couldn't reach Kevin, she called Michael to tell him she would be over right away. When Gloria showed up, she told Michael and Lauren that she wasn't about to stay with Jeffrey anymore. Michael told her that their house was now off limits to her. They had established some rules, and from that point on on, Gloria was on her own.

David asked Brad not to say anything to Nikki about their poker game. Brad said that he would keep it quiet, and David admitted that he used to have a gambling problem. Brad pretended not to know anything about David's addiction problem. He apologized to David for putting him in that situation.

Nikki overheard Adam on the phone talking about donating his mother's clothing. He was also trying to figure out what to do with their old tractor on the farm. Adam asked Nikki if she knew anything about tractors. Nikki joked that Adam was an executive by day and a farmer by night. Adam asked Nikki if he could join her. Adam asked about Hope's life in Genoa City. Nikki said that she probably wasn't the best person to say. Nikki apologized for being blunt, and said that even though she and Victor were divorced, she would bring the whole family together in the case of a potential threat. Adam seemed hurt that Nikki considered him a threat. He said that he was going through a difficult transition. David showed up and Adam excused himself. Nikki had wondered where David had gone, and Nikki asked if David was up to any trouble. David lied and told her no.

Brad made a phone call and asked about David Chow. He said that David was interested in getting back into the game. He told the person on the phone to make a bet for David.

Victor was working late hours when the janitor came in to vacuum. Victor asked that he kindly return later. Victor thought about Nikki's words that he would end up alone. Neil came by Victor's office to drop off some notes and was surprised to see Victor still at work. Victor told Neil to go home to his family. Neil admitted that everyone was away. Victor said that Neil should cherish every moment he had with his children. Neil realized that Victor was thinking about Nick and said that things would get better soon. Neil started on his way home, but decided to come back to bring Victor some dinner. Victor said that he and Adam had already had dinner. Neil mentioned that Victoria and Adam didn't exactly get along.

At the Chancellor estate, Alistair revealed that Jack, Sharon, and Jeffrey were the major players who hired him to scare Gloria. Jill and Katherine were shocked to hear that Jeffrey was involved. When Alistair excused himself to use the restroom, Katherine told Jill to be wary of Alistair. When Alistair returned, he asked them for more brandy. He shared with them his newfound adoration for Gloria. Katherine secretly told Jill that she needed to quit falling for Alistair's act. Jill said that she would like to find out what was behind the plan to scare Gloria.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Having a drink at the Athletic Club bar, Adam remembered Hope's deathbed explanation of her decision to keep Victor out of Adam's life. Adam stared at a small picture of his mother, and wished her a happy birthday. He then called Victor at his office and told his father he needed to see him. Leaving the club, Adam ran into the Abbotts, who thanked him for talking Victor into buying ad space in Restless Style. Jack also told Adam that if he grew tired of working for Victor, he could always work at Restless Style.

In Victor's office, Adam reminded his father that it was Hope's birthday-and demanded to know the truth about how Hope and Victor met, and why their relationship ended. Victor told him the story: Victor had been driving through Kansas, he was robbed and his car was stolen. He happened upon Hope's farm and Hope asked him to stay. Victor explained that, at the time, his life was in turmoil-he was estranged from Nikki and his children. When Adam reminded Victor that he was divorced from Nikki and estranged from Nick, Victor assured Adam that he wasn't going to "hit the road" again. Victor told Adam how much he loved the bucolic life he led in Kansas. Eventually, said Victor, Hope agreed to come back to Genoa City with him, and they were happy for a while-but then Victor immersed himself in work, and didn't pay Hope much attention. Hope became pregnant with Adam and returned to Kansas. When Adam asked Victor if Hope left Genoa City because Victor didn't want Adam, Victor assured him that wasn't the case-it was Hope's decision to leave Genoa City and marry Cliff. After Cliff's death, Victor explained, Hope, along with Adam, returned to Genoa City for a time-Victor had even given the infant Adam a tour of the Newman jet. Adam wondered why Hope had never called Victor for help, then joked that he could have used some help with college tuition. With his mood seemingly lighter, Adam thanked Victor for telling him the story. Victor then told Adam that he was going out of town for a while, leaving Adam, Victoria, and Neil to run Newman Enterprises. Adam said they would do their best.

At the Baldwins', Michael told Gloria that he blamed her for Lauren's accident. He told his mother that if she needed a place to stay, she should get a room at the club. Lauren agreed with Michael that a room at the club would be best. When Michael told Gloria that she gave new meaning to the word "psychodrama," Gloria told him that she really needed to be around her family that night. Lauren relented and told Gloria she could stay for one night-but only one night. Michael and Lauren were shocked when Gloria announced that she was falling in love with Jeff. Michael reminded Gloria that Jeff had blackmailed her, forced her into marrying him, and conspired with the "pompous ass" Jack Abbott to frighten her out of her home. Michael didn't understand how Gloria could possibly build a healthy relationship with a man like Jeff, unless she was turned on by sadism. Gloria replied that she had never met a man who was truly her equal-until she met Jeffrey Bardwell. Becoming increasingly frustrated with Gloria, Michael told her he wished he had a mother who wasn't crazy. Gloria told Michael she wasn't crazy-she was "unique." Michael stormed out of the apartment.

With Michael gone, Lauren asked Gloria how she could suddenly proclaim her love for Jeff, as she had previously said she hated him. When Gloria said that she saw stars when Jeff kissed her, Lauren told her that was due to chemistry-not love. Lauren warned Gloria that she was walking down a self-destructive path, and reminded her of her lousy track record in love. When Gloria reminded Lauren about how loving her relationship with John had been, Lauren told her mother-in-law that her marriage to John hadn't taught her anything. After John died, Lauren said, Gloria starting pulling one crazy stunt after another.

At Crimson Lights, Jeff showed up looking for Gloria. A hostile Kevin told him that Gloria wasn't there. When Jeff told Kevin that he and Gloria wanted to be with one another, Kevin accused Jeff of being delusional. Jeff asked Kevin to pass along a message to Gloria: he wanted her in the "worst possible way" and would wait as long as it took to get her. When Kevin accused Jeff of messing with Gloria's head, Jeff said that he considered Gloria to be a "female version" of himself.

Michael arrived at the coffeehouse just as Jeff was leaving. Jeff asked Michael to tell Gloria that he would wait up for her. With Jeff gone, Kevin asked Michael if he had heard that Jeff and Gloria were apparently the hottest new couple in town. Kevin told Michael they needed to help Gloria, but Michael advised his brother to count the Baldwins out-they no longer wanted anything to do with Gloria. He added that Kevin should count himself out as well. Michael lectured Kevin, telling him that their mother had always expected them to bail her out, but all Gloria did was suck the energy out of them. What Gloria wanted, Michael said, was revenge, a large bank account, and to be the center of attention. Michael accused Kevin of being Gloria's errand boy, but the brothers began fighting when Kevin said he helped Gloria because he wanted to. He reminded Michael that Gloria had paid for Jana's surgery. When Michael told Kevin he was trying to save him from a world of hurt, Kevin countered that he knew what a world of hurt felt like. Michael told Kevin if he continued to stand up for Gloria instead of himself, he couldn't promise that he would be able to save Kevin.

After Michael left, Gloria called Kevin and asked him to pick up some of her things from the Abbott mansion. Kevin sternly refused, telling Gloria that he had things to do-and that he was tired of always being at her beck and call. He hung up on his mother.

When Michael returned home, Gloria told him that Kevin refused to do a small favor for her. When Michael said, "good for Kevin," Gloria remarked that she could no longer count on either of her sons. She handed Michael her set of keys to the Baldwins' apartment, told him she wouldn't stay where she wasn't wanted, and walked out. Michael told Lauren that Gloria left. When Lauren said she felt guilty, Michael told her not to-they did what they had to do.

Having dinner at the Athletic Club, the Abbotts discussed their plan, now in shambles, to scare Gloria out of the Abbott mansion. Not only was Alistair missing, but Michael knew about their plan, and was contemplating suing the Abbotts. When Sharon asked Jack if they should give up trying to regain full ownership of the mansion, Jack opined that perhaps it was time to let go of the place. They agreed that not being able to have Noah living with them was unhealthy for the boy. Sharon told Jack she would support him no matter what his decision was. "John" visited Jack and told him to give the mansion to Gloria-after all, Jack had Sharon and Noah, who would be happy no matter where they were, as long as they were together. Jack told Sharon that he loved her-and that the battle for the house was all over.

Gloria arrived at the Abbott mansion, finding an amorous Jeff, who wanted to pick things up "where they left off." Before Gloria had much of a chance to protest, Jack walked in, threw his keys to her, and told her the mansion was hers. Gloria was skeptical, and asked Jack why he had changed his mind. Jack told her that she had polluted every pleasant memory he had of the house. He told Gloria she was a sad, mean-spirited person-even her family was turning against her. Jack told her he planned to focus on Sharon, Noah, and finding peace-something John Abbott would have wanted.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jack and Sharon were relieved when they finally found Alistair. Jack paid him off and sent him on his way. They were happy that the trouble with Alistair was now over. They decided to start thinking about finding a new home for themselves. When they went to the Abbott mansion to get some of their furniture, Jack became overwhelmed with sadness. He looked around the mansion and remembered all the happiness he had there with his family. Sharon told him that they could make new memories.

Jill was intrigued by Alistair's interest in Gloria, and thought she might be able to find out information about Gloria's loveless marriage with Jeffrey by using Alistair. Alistair returned to the Chancellor estate. He was thrilled to learn that Jill and Katherine wanted to hire him to find out why Gloria was married to Jeffrey. Jill and Katherine told Alistair some of the back story of how John and Gloria met. Alistair asked again about having another drink. Katherine was worried that Alistair drank too much.

Gloria continued to call Michael and Kevin. She hoped that she could finally get through to them. Jeffrey wondered why Gloria would be so glum. After Jack had given up and handed the reins over to Gloria, he would've thought she'd be thrilled. Gloria said that her sons had turned against her, and that it was all Jeffrey's fault. Jeffrey told her that he'd realized that Gloria was a caring, wonderful person and he'd fallen in love with her. Gloria seemed touched. When Gloria went to the coffeehouse to see Kevin, Kevin turned Gloria down once again. When Michael also turned her away and said that he would never visit the Abbott mansion again, Gloria secretly cried out to John in loneliness.

Jana wasn't happy that Kevin wanted to cut Gloria out of his life. When Amber went to the coffeehouse, Jana asked her to be her maid of honor. Amber was thrilled and offered to make Jana a dress. Michael overheard Kevin and Jana talking about their wedding, and Michael said that he would visit the Abbott mansion only for an occasion such as that. Kevin said that he'd decided not to have it there, but that he wanted Michael to be his best man.

At Newman, Victor told Adam that he didn't have to call him Sir anymore. Adam said their discussion before was personal, it was business now. Victor said he had enjoyed their conversation and hoped they could talk again. Victor told Adam that he was on his way to Los Angeles. Adam realized that Victor was on his way to see Sabrina. He remembered witnesses their kiss outside of Victor's office.

Victor visited Sabrina in Los Angeles. He was very impressed by the art show. They walked arm in arm and enjoyed the beautiful artwork. Sabrina was happy that Victor had decided to come. Victor told Sabrina that one of the butterfly works of art reminded him of Victoria. Sabrina told Victor that one of the paintings reminded her of Victor's strength.

Victoria visited Nick and Phyllis at Restless Style. Nick told her that Victor had decided to let Nick live his own life. Nick wondered what was bothering Victoria. She admitted that Adam had been getting on her nerves. When Victoria returned to the office, she told Adam that she felt undermined by everything he did. Adam apologized and explained that it had been hard being an only child all his life and suddenly having a brother and sister. He told Victoria that he would try harder to be nice to her. Victoria said that they needed to discuss business. They couldn't agree as to who should be the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. When Victoria suggested they talk to Victor, she was surprised to hear that he was out of town. Victoria called around and tried to find out where Victor had gone. When Adam came back Victoria asked Adam why Victor went to Los Angeles and only told Adam.

Adam visited Restless Style and brought Phyllis a gift. She told him that he needed to stop hitting on her. Adam told her that he didn't mean anything by it. Michael and Lauren stopped by to visit Phyllis. Phyllis introduced them to Adam. When Adam left, Lauren told Phyllis that she was impressed with the design of their office. Lauren told Phyllis that she was ready to discuss writing a fashion column for their magazine. Amber tried to interrupt them to talk to Lauren about her designs. Phyllis shooed her away. Amber and Daniel began arguing and ran off. Phyllis asked Nick if he knew what that was about. When Daniel returned, Phyllis asked what was going on with Daniel and Amber. Daniel said that he and Amber don't always see eye to eye. Phyllis admitted that she believed Adam had a crush on her. When Nick inquired further, Phyllis said that the gift was just a kind gesture.

Friday, April 4, 2008

In Los Angeles, Sabrina continued giving Victor a tour of the contemporary art museum, concentrating on the works of Jeff Koons. Victor took a liking to Koons's work-he thought Koons brought a childlike quality to his interpretation of ordinary objects.

Looking for Victor, Victoria called Sabrina. Victoria told Victor that she needed his input, as she and Adam disagreed about the direction of the Beauty of Nature ad campaign. Victor told his daughter to try to get along with Adam. He added that he would be back in Genoa City the next day, and would deal with the problem then.

After Sabrina showed Victor an exhibit called "Urban Light," Victor told her that he needed to leave-his plane was waiting. Sabrina said that she would soon be leaving for New York to begin the next chapter of her life. As they said goodbye, Victor told Sabrina she was beautiful-and they shared a passionate kiss.

In the Newman conference room, Adam asked J.T. if he had discovered the identity of the computer hacker. J.T. told Adam that he shouldn't worry about it-Adam was no longer a suspect.

Adam stopped by Victor's office to drop off a report, and appeared annoyed that Victoria was working at Victor's desk. Victoria informed Adam that if he wanted Victor to see the report he should have it messengered to the ranch as Victor was returning to Genoa City that night. Adam was worried that J.T. hadn't yet identified the computer hacker. Clearly irritated, Victoria told Adam to worry "about Adam."

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told J.T. that Adam was concerned that J.T. hadn't identified the hacker. J.T. thought he should do a background check on Adam. Victoria told her husband that Victor usually had thorough background checks done on Newman employees-but Victor may have been swayed by sentiment when hiring Adam, leading him to skip the background check. Victoria agreed that J.T. should try to dig up information about Adam, but J.T. needed to be careful that Victor didn't find out. J.T. wondered why Adam was so interested in the hacker's identity.

Cane ran into a tired-looking Lily at Crimson Lights. Lily told him that she had slept in and missed her morning classes. Cane was concerned, as Lily's exams were approaching. When Lily ordered a super-caffeinated drink, Cane offered to buy her a "decent breakfast." Chloe showed up and excitedly told Lily that Gilles Bensimon, the photographer who discovered Tyra Banks, wanted Lily to model for him. The shoot was scheduled for later that day. Lily protested, telling Chloe she was tired, and behind on her school work. Chloe angrily mimicked Lily, then told her that she was passing on the opportunity of a lifetime. Cane jumped in and told Chloe that Lily was not going to do the shoot, and, if necessary, he would call Bensimon. He told Chloe that Jabot had a longer relationship with Bensimon than she had. Chloe stormed out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Lily relaxed on the couch while Cane went to the kitchen to get her some chicken soup. Amber showed up, telling Lily she was concerned about Mrs. Chancellor. When Lily told her that Mrs. Chancellor wasn't there, Amber decided to wait. Lily snidely congratulated Amber on snagging Daniel, but wondered if it was less of a thrill now that Daniel and Lily were divorced. Cane returned from the kitchen and escorted Amber to the front door. At the door, Amber told Cane that Lily seemed tired and moody-in the movies, Amber said, that meant the heroine was pregnant.

At Jabot, Nikki was showing new hire Heather around. When Nikki introduced Heather and Brad, he told her he didn't think she got enough credit for pursuing Jack and Victor as suspects in Ji Min's murder. Brad told her if there was anything he could do to help Heather out, she should let him know. Nikki introduced David and Heather, then Heather headed off to begin work.

Alone in the Jabot boardroom, David told Nikki he had been to a therapist to seek treatment for his gambling addiction. Nikki was proud of the hard work that David was doing. Brad eavesdropped at the door as David asked Nikki if there were still days when she wanted a drink. Nikki confided that there were. David said he was still struggling with his "inner gambler," but was glad he and Nikki could support each other.

Chloe showed up, and Nikki was angry that she barged in the boardroom without knocking. Chloe claimed it was an emergency-Lily was "flaking out" and refusing to do a shoot with Bensimon. Chloe continued that modeling was a game for Lily, and that every time she didn't want to do a shoot she ran to that "lunkhead" boyfriend of hers. Nikki sternly reminded Chloe that Cane was Katherine Chancellor's grandson, as well as a vice-president of Jabot. When Chloe said that she was focusing on what was best for Lily, Nikki suggested that she focus on what was best for Chloe. Nikki told Chloe to knock before entering a room-and to stop working Lily so hard. Nikki added that if Chloe couldn't fit into the Jabot corporate environment, her job might be in jeopardy. Chloe left without saying another word.

Later, David asked Brad if he had said anything to Nikki about their "poker night." When Brad assured David his secret was safe, David was thankful. Brad asked David if he and Nikki had time to evaluate Brad's plan for a new bonus system for the Jabot sales force. David told Brad that they had discussed the plan, and decided now was not the right time to implement it.

David told Brad he had a lot of fun playing cards at Brad's house, and David suggested setting up another game. When Brad questioned if that was a good idea, taking David's gambling problem into account, David assured him that the small stakes poker game was actually therapeutic. He continued that a "small taste of the action" would keep him out of the large stakes games. Brad said he would let David know when the next game was. Before David walked away, he told Brad that Nikki didn't need to know about the games.

Running into Heather, Brad invited her out for a drink after work. Heather said she had too much work, but Brad said he would be at the Athletic Club bar if she changed her mind. Later, Heather met Brad at the bar and asked him if his offer was still good.

Jill met with Alistair in the Athletic Club dining room. Jeff, unseen by them, was sitting a few tables away. Alistair professed his love for Gloria, but told Jill he was ashamed that he had scared her. Jill told him to apologize to Gloria-or blame Jack Abbott. After all, Jill said, Don Quixote never gave up on his Dulcinea. As Alistair left to visit his "Dulcinea," Jill reminded him that Gloria wouldn't like it if she found out that Jill and Katherine had coached Alistair about John's likes and dislikes. She also asked Alistair to try to stay sober. Alistair confessed to Jill that although he had given thousands of performances, he had never been that nervous.

With Alistair gone, Jeff joined Jill. He mentioned that Alistair looked a lot like John Abbott. Jill agreed that the resemblance was amazing. Jill noticed Jeff's key to an Athletic Club suite, and asked him why he was staying at the club. Jeff lied, telling Jill that there was some painting going on at the Abbott mansion, and he had been overcome by the fumes. When Jill learned that Gloria wasn't staying with Jeff, he said that his wife was so in love with the Abbott mansion that she couldn't leave-even with the paint fumes. When Jill mentioned that Gloria was slacking at work, Jeff told her that ever since the cruel hoax that Jack and Sharon had played on his wife, she hadn't been the same. Jill told Jeff that she knew he loved Gloria-and it must be hard having a ghost as a rival.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Michael he was concerned about Gloria-he hadn't heard from her all morning. Lauren called and invited Michael and Kevin to join her and Jana for lunch. Kevin said he would be along in a while, and Michael correctly surmised that Kevin was going to check on Gloria. Kevin admitted that was the truth-he thought it was very odd that neither he nor Michael had heard from their mother.

At the Abbott mansion, a lonely looking Gloria spoke to John's picture. She popped open some champagne and began drinking straight from the bottle. She told John's picture that she knew that John had always loved her, but now she was being abandoned by her sons and by Jeff. She wondered why she had to lose John.

Gloria answered a knock at the door. It was Alistair. At first, Gloria called him "John." Alistair admitted that he had been an actor playing a role in a cruel plan-he added that he had initially been told it would be a harmless prank. He presented Gloria with a bunch of gardenias (which Jill and Katherine had told him were her favorite flowers) and she invited him in.

Sharing champagne, Alistair admitted he would rather have a dry martini, straight up, 2 olives (Jill and Katherine had coached him that this was John's favorite drink.) Gloria remarked that martinis were John's favorite. When Gloria started telling Alistair about how much she loved John, Alistair began probing about her marriage to Jeff. When he asked whether she loved Jeff, Gloria said, "I married him." When Alistair observed that love and marriage didn't necessarily go hand in hand, Gloria said there were some problems because Jeff didn't like living in John's house.

Jeff showed up and was unpleasantly surprised to see Alistair there. As Jeff showed Alistair the door, Gloria thanked Alistair for coming by. Gloria told Jeff that he was a scoundrel-and that Alistair was a gentleman. Jeff told Gloria he had made a decision-he didn't want Gloria to go to prison, he wanted her with him. He told her he couldn't imagine life without her. As they began kissing passionately, a woman began pounding at the door and screaming in an Asian language. When Gloria asked Jeff if it was Chinese, he said it was Korean. The woman let herself in and began screaming at the stunned Bardwells.

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