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Neil and Karen moved in together. Lily discovered that she was pregnant. Nick confronted Adam about flirting with Phyllis. Victor and Sabrina made love. Jeffrey's Korean girlfriend arrived in town and created problems between Gloria and Jeffrey. David placed a bet.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 7, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, April 7, 2008

At Jabot, David pleaded with Nikki to marry him right away. Nikki replied, "Not yet." Nikki explained that she wished to wait until she was certain that David had control over his addiction to gambling. David assured Nikki that he attended counseling regularly, but Nikki said she was worried because stress could hamper his recovery from addiction. Nikki added that marriage was stressful, so she felt it was wise to wait.

Brad secretly watched from a booth at the coffeehouse bar as Andy, David's bookie, approached David and asked where his friend, who he claimed "had kept him in Porsches," had been hiding. David explained that "he was no longer into the action." David returned to Jabot and recalled his conversation with Nikki when she promised to share his struggle and support him as long as he made an effort to stop gambling. Andy phoned and told David that he had a tip on a particular horse in a hot race. David refused to place a bet, but Andy persisted. David caved in and said, "Just this time, give me a dime on Executive Chef." Afterward, Andy called Brad and told him, "Chow bit hook, line, and sinker."

Victoria, at her office at Newman Enterprises, was miffed after she learned that Adam had known all along that Victor had flown to Los Angeles to visit the Broad Contemporary Art Museum with Sabrina. J.T., who had come with Reed, asked Victoria why Adam had lied. Victoria said that Adam claimed that Victor did not want anyone to know where he was. Victoria also told J.T. that Adam's mind games annoyed her. Adam breezed into the room and announced that Victor's jet had landed. Victoria played Adam's game after he stated that perhaps Victor had been to L.A. with Sabrina touring art museums, since Victor had shown him an art catalog, which Sabrina had given to Victor just before the trip. Victoria coolly replied, "We'll just have to wait and ask Dad."

After Adam left Victoria's office, Sabrina phoned Victoria and explained that she believed Victor was seriously considering investing in some pieces of contemporary art. Victoria and J.T. were pleased that Sabrina had Victor as a prospective client. A few feet from Victoria's office, Victor stepped off the elevator, and Adam welcomed him home. Adam's greeting was followed by an urgent request to discuss the acquisition of an Oregon cosmetics company. Before Victor could respond, Victoria emerged from her office and greeted her father. Victor acknowledged that he had enjoyed his visit to L.A. and the company of a beautiful woman. Victoria asked to speak to her father alone, but Adam insisted that he had pressing business concerns. Victor told Adam that he would have to wait, and Victor and Victoria walked away, arm in arm.

In Victor's office, Victoria told her father that she hoped that his new interest in modern art would be a distraction from the pain he had endured from his divorce and Hope's death. Victor asked Victoria if she was actually persuading him to become Sabrina's client. Victoria smiled and confirmed her father's assumption. "Well," Victor responded, "Who am I to make my daughter unhappy?" Victoria's smile turned into a sneer when Victor asked how she and Adam were getting along. Victor explained that Adam was still finding his way in the Newman family, and he felt bad that Adam had grown up without knowing his father, brother, and sister. Victoria agreed to be more patient with Adam, but she added that she wasn't about to "roll over and play dead while Adam found his place." J.T. brought Reed by before he took the baby home for a nap, and Victor cooed to his baby grandson. After Reed and J.T. left, Victoria told her father that Adam had not been involved in the computer-hacking incident but didn't say who had. Victor demanded to know, but Victoria pleaded with her father to trust her to handle the matter. Victor argued that he should be "apprised" about everything that concerned his company. Victoria stammered as she begged her father not to press the issue. Nikki arrived to pick up Victoria, so Victoria and Victor quickly dropped the subject.

As Victor escorted Victoria to the elevator at Newman Enterprises, she suggested that her father go home, rest, and unpack. Nikki, having overheard, asked Victor if he'd taken a business trip. Victor answered, "Yes. I was in Los Angeles to see a beautiful . . . um, museum." Victoria placed her hand on her mother's back and ushered her into a waiting elevator. Victor returned to his office, phoned Sabrina, and left a voicemail message. Victor said that he had a wonderful time, and had enjoyed himself tremendously, and then he wished Sabrina a safe flight to New York. After the call, Victor relived his memory of kissing Sabrina while they were in L.A. Adam stopped by and noted that Victor seemed to be in a good mood.

While Victoria and Nikki dined at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria mentioned that Sabrina had arrived safely in L.A. Nikki realized that Victor's "beautiful museum" comment meant that he had enjoyed his tour of a museum with Sabrina. Nikki doubted that Victor could be persuaded to collect contemporary artwork. Nikki remained expressionless when Victoria told her that a woman as beautiful as Sabrina could persuade "just about anyone." Victoria asked her mother if David made her happy, and Nikki claimed that he did. Victoria admitted that she sometimes wished she could awaken and learn that her parents' divorce was a horrible nightmare. Nikki explained that she and David would marry someday. Victoria admitted that she didn't truly know David, and she didn't feel that her mother truly knew him either. When Nikki was in the powder room, Victor walked into the club. Victoria invited Victor to join them, but when Nikki returned to the table, Victor walked away.

At the Abbott mansion, Jeffrey's incensed Korean girlfriend, Kyon, ranted partly in Korean and partly in English as she demanded to know who Gloria was and why Jeffrey was with another woman. After Jeffrey escorted Kyon out of the mansion and into his car, he returned for his keys. Gloria was livid. Jeffrey explained that he had no idea that his ex-girlfriend was in town. Gloria accused Jeffrey of only pretending to want her, so he could get her into the sack, steal her money, and then run off with his "young arm candy." After Jeffrey suggested that Gloria was jealous, she became furious and claimed that the sight of Jeffrey made her sick. Jeffrey asserted that Gloria's outburst was like that of a jealous wife, who loved her husband. An angry Gloria threw Jeff out.

Jeffrey accompanied Kyon to the club bar and told her that he wasn't happy to see her. Kyon said she wanted to claw Gloria's eyes out after she discovered Jeffrey pawing at another woman. Jeffrey reminded Kyon that after he married Gloria, he had flown to Korea and told Kyon that he was no longer available. Kyon told Jeffrey that she refused to believe that he wanted Gloria over her. Kyon's drink was served, and Jeffrey said he planned to take her to the airport after she finished it. Kyon took a sip then calmly informed Jeffrey that she wasn't going anywhere.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria complained to Jana that Jeffrey had abandoned her for his Korean girlfriend. Jana listened as Gloria told her that she and Jeffrey were about to make love right in the middle of the living room when "Crayon" barged in. Gloria claimed that Jeffrey's foreign friend's timing had saved her from making a huge mistake because Jeffrey would have made her life miserable had she succumbed to him. Jana disagreed. Gloria seemed dazed when Jana explained that love and hate were closely related emotions, therefore, Gloria and Jeffrey were likely made for each other.

When Gloria returned to the Abbott mansion, Jeff was there. He told Gloria that Kyon was going back to Korea. Jeffrey begged Gloria to start over. Gloria told Jeffrey that she would never forget that he had treated her horribly. Jeff responded that Gloria had not been kind to him. Gloria finally agreed to start over with Jeffrey, so she could prove her point that a romantic relationship with him was a ridiculous idea.

At the Chancellor estate, Lily rested on the sofa while Cane comforted her. After Lily admitted that she had been nauseated, Cane suggested that perhaps Lily was pregnant. Lily refused to believe she was pregnant and noted that she and Cane had used protection. Caned reminded Lily that no method was foolproof and suggested that Lily at least visit her doctor. Lily told Cane that she couldn't even consider the possibility of having a baby at her stage of life and insisted that a baby needed both a mother and a father. Cane consoled Lily, and she agreed to take a home-pregnancy test. After Cane was called away on business, Lily went alone to a store to purchase a pregnancy test. At Jabot, Cane was visibly distracted by thoughts of Lily and the pregnancy test during his business meeting.

When Lily returned to her apartment with the test, Devon was home. Devon noticed that Lily didn't look well. Lily claimed that she'd been extremely busy and was tired. Devon expressed concern that Lily was overworked and he was worried that Lily was trying to be a full-time college student and a full-time model. Suddenly, Lily was overcome by a wave of nausea and rushed to the bathroom. In Lily's haste, she dropped the bag she was holding and the pregnancy test fell onto the floor. Devon picked up the test and realized what it was. Devon placed the test kit back in the bag and set it on the table. When Lily returned, Cane phoned and asked Lily if she'd taken the test. Lily told Cane that she hadn't had a chance and promised to call him after the test. Devon attempted to get Lily to talk about her problems, but she said nothing and bounded up the stairs to her room. After Devon left, Lily seemed stunned as she slowly lifted the phone to her ear and placed a call.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Victoria became fed up when Adam disagreed with Victoria's vision for their latest ad campaign. Adam wanted to mock up the ad again, but Victoria said there wasn't enough time. She left the office in frustration. Victoria's attitude changed when Sabrina stopped by to visit. Victoria took Sabrina aside and talked to Sabrina about her frustration with Adam. She also admitted her hopes of her parents reconciling. Sabrina said that Nikki had moved on, maybe it was time that Victor did too. When Adam saw Sabrina he thought about the kiss he had witnessed between Victor and Sabrina. Victor was happy to see that Sabrina had come by on her way to New York. He invited her to stay at the ranch with him. He also offered her dinner at the ranch. Sabrina didn't want to impose, but Victor insisted. At dinner, Victor and Sabrina toasted to their new friendship. Victor had bought Sabrina a work of art from her favorite artist. When Victor asked Sabrina why she had come back, she told him that she had to see him again. They began to kiss and Victor carried Sabrina upstairs.

Phyllis was frustrated by the issues she was encountering with the website for Restless Style. Felicia Forrester showed up to discuss her campaign and asked Nick and Jack if they wanted to go to lunch with her. Phyllis wondered what Felicia's visit was regarding. During lunch, Felicia said that she would like to see a new face for their campaign. Felicia had seen Lily at the launch party and thought that Lily would make an excellent face for their advertising. Nick wondered how he could convince his mother to let them use Lily for the campaign. They decided to meet again for dinner to discuss the layout and design of the Forrester ads. Jack had to leave on a business matter and Phyllis couldn't get a babysitter, so Nick and Sharon met with Felicia. Felicia told Nick that they were on the same page with their ideas. When Felicia had to take a phone call, Sharon told Nick that Felicia appeared to be flirting with him to get what she wanted.

Daniel showed Amber the picture he had put together of Amber's designs. Amber was impressed with Daniel's work. When Adam came by looking for Phyllis, he saw Daniel and Amber's designs and was impressed with their hard work. Amber said that she liked a guy who noticed good talent. Amber told Adam that Phyllis was probably at home because she couldn't find a babysitter. Adam left and Daniel teased Amber about flirting with Adam. Amber laughed it off, but Daniel continued to tease her about it. Amber thought Daniel might be jealous. Amber became angry and told Daniel to stop trying to change her. Daniel grabbed Amber and they made love on the office floor.

When Adam went to Phyllis' house, she wondered what he was doing there. Adam told Phyllis that there was a serious problem with the Beauty of Nature ad, and that it had to be fixed immediately. Phyllis put Summer to bed, and when she returned, Adam was holding her hair tie. She was surprised that he didn't know what it was. Phyllis said that she was okay with fixing the ad and that it was time for Adam to leave. Adam wondered why Phyllis was in such a hurry to have him leave. Phyllis said that she thought Adam had come over there just to see her. Adam suggested that maybe she was attracted to him and that was why she wanted him to go. He continued to push the envelope and said that he didn't understand the connection between Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis showed Adam out and Nick came home. Nick could tell that Phyllis was frustrated with Adam. When Adam left, Nick told Phyllis that he wasn't happy with Adam for bringing work over to their house. Adam's question had apparently pinched a nerve with Phyllis, because she asked Nick what it was that made him love her. Nick showed her by carrying her upstairs. When they returned from lovemaking, Phyllis couldn't find her hair tie. Phyllis had a faraway look on her face and asked Nick if they hadn't had an affair, whether they would be together. Nick said of course they would be. Phyllis decided to call Victoria and told her that she was going to go ahead and make the changes to the ad. Victoria was angry that Adam had gone behind her back and said that they were not changing the ad. Meanwhile, Adam smiled when he held Phyllis' hair tie in his hand. He saw that Victoria was calling him, but decided not to answer.

When Cane came by Lily's place, Lily was in a state of shock. He asked her if she had taken the test and he could tell by the look on her face that she was pregnant. Cane said that he wasn't advocating anything, but they had a lot of things going for them. They had money and families that cared about them. Lily said that she knew that her father would never be able to accept it. Cane held Lily and she fell asleep. He whispered that he loved her.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At the Newman ranch, Sabrina and Victor told each other they had slept amazingly well after making love. Victor was about to kiss Sabrina when Victoria stopped by. Before Victor left for the office, Victoria thanked him for taking such good care of her friend. With Victor gone, Victoria asked Sabrina what went on between her and Victor-specifically, if Victor had offered her a job. When Sabrina answered that he had not, Victoria said he needed to, so that Sabrina could spend more time in Genoa City. The two friends decided to go out for breakfast, but Victoria said that first she needed to stop by the office so Victor could give her some "daughterly advice."

At Newman Enterprises, Adam told Victor that, due to personality differences, he and Victoria were not working well together. Adam blamed Victoria, saying that she stood in the way of "maximum efficiency," and was making all the wrong business calls. When Adam asked to be transferred out of the Beauty of Nature division, Victor was reluctant. Victor felt that conflict could be productive, but Adam said this wasn't just a conflict-it was a power struggle. When Victor mentioned that sales for Beauty of Nature had been increasing, Adam took credit. Before Adam left, Victor implored him to try to get along with Victoria.

Arriving at Newman, Sabrina and Victoria ran into Adam. Sabrina went to see Victor. Alone with Adam, Victoria reprimanded him for trying to make changes to the Beauty of Nature ads. She added that she told Phyllis to leave the ads alone. When Adam informed Victoria that Victor approved the changes, Victoria told him that she couldn't work with someone who was constantly going behind her back. Adam asked Victoria why she resented him. He wondered if it was because of his Harvard degree, his excellent job performance, or the fact that Victor was his father. Victoria snapped that Adam wouldn't be working there if Victor and Nick were getting along. Adam assured Victoria that he wasn't trying to replace Nick. Victoria calmed down and told Adam that she would try to work more amicably with him in the future.

Later, Victoria told J.T. that she still didn't trust Adam. When J.T. volunteered to do a background check on Adam, Victoria at first hesitated, but then agreed that J.T. should proceed.

When Sabrina stopped by Victor's office to tell him she was leaving for New York, Victor offered her a job as his art consultant. He told Sabrina how much the modern works he saw in Los Angeles intrigued him. When Victor said he wanted to build a modern art collection, Sabrina replied that New York and London were the centers of the modern art world. Victor said he would send her to those big cities-but he wanted her business to be based in Genoa City.

Victoria interrupted Victor and Sabrina. Sabrina stepped out. Victoria told her father that the Beauty of Nature division didn't need both her and Adam. When Victor agreed, Victoria incorrectly assumed that Victor was going to transfer Adam-but Victor told Victoria that she would be transferred. He added that Adam brought a fresh perspective to Beauty of Nature. Victoria was taken aback-after all, she said, Adam knew nothing about cosmetics. Victor stood firm and told Victoria he would put her "considerable talent" to use in another division. Victoria angrily left the office, telling Victor that she hoped he wouldn't regret his decision.

In the hallway, an upset Victoria ran into Sabrina, and told her what had just transpired. Sabrina told Victoria she had news that might cheer her up-Victor had offered her a job as his art consultant, although she hadn't yet given him a firm answer.

Victoria's mood brightened and she encouraged Sabrina to take the job. She also asked Sabrina to be Reed's godmother. Sabrina happily agreed, and Victoria reminded her to be back in Genoa City in two weeks for Reed's christening.

Back in Victor's office, Sabrina expressed some misgivings about being based in Genoa City. Victor told her he wanted to build a museum of contemporary art-with her assistance. Sabrina was overwhelmed, but told Victor she still needed time to think about it. Before Sabrina left for the airport, she and Victor shared a passionate kiss.

At the Winters', Karen was moving her stuff into the bedroom. She showed Neil a painting she purchased and asked him if it would be okay for her to hang it. He agreed, but then hesitated when she wanted to hang the painting in place of one of Drucilla's paintings. He told Karen that Drucilla had hung the painting when they first moved into the apartment, and reminded Karen that it was the anniversary of Drucilla's memorial service. Karen agreed that Neil should go see Lily and Devon.

At the campus house, Cane asked Lily how she felt. She replied that she felt overwhelmed since learning she was pregnant. When Lily told him she needed time to let the reality of her pregnancy sink in, Cane told her he would cancel his meetings and take the day off. Lily told him she preferred to be alone. When Lily said that the pregnancy would change everything, Cane said it already had.

Lily invited Colleen over to tell her about the pregnancy. Lily told Colleen that she and Cane loved each other, but Lily needed some time alone to sort things out. She wasn't sure she could balance being pregnant with her modeling and her education. Colleen recommended that Lily tell Neil about the pregnancy, but Lily said Neil would be disappointed if he knew. Just as Colleen was offering to take Lily to the doctor, Chloe called and ordered Lily to come over to Jabot immediately-that Lily had just won the "golden ticket."

In the Jabot boardroom, Felicia asked Nikki if she could borrow Lily from Jabot so that Lily could be featured in the Forrester Creations ad campaign. Initially reluctant, Nikki agreed when Nick said it would be great for both Jabot and Forrester to use Lily in the Restless Style ads. Cane joined the meeting, and looked very concerned when he learned that Lily was going to be flown to Los Angeles for a Forrester photo shoot.

Arriving at Jabot, Lily learned from Felicia that she was going to be the lead model for Forrester Creations' new line of clothing. Lily said she thought she was under exclusive contract to Jabot, but Nikki told her that she agreed to loan Lily out for the campaign. When Nick added that Lily would be featured in two Restless Style ad campaigns, Lily and Cane exchanged worried glances.

At the Abbott mansion, Jeff was romancing Gloria. She told him he wouldn't get to first base on their "first date." Jeff left for the Athletic Club to pick up dinner and asked Gloria to pick out a bottle of champagne from the wine cellar. After Jeff left, Kyon knocked at the door, then let herself in. She told Gloria that Jeff would use her just as he had used Kyon. Kyon started crying and told Gloria that Jeff had promised he would marry her until he met Gloria. Kyon then turned on Gloria, accusing her of seducing Jeff. Kyon wondered why the wealthy Gloria didn't just pick another "rich American." Gloria told Kyon that Jeff could take all of her money, but Kyon said that Jeff would never do that. Gloria offered Kyon a tour of the house-they could straighten everything out when Jeff returned home.

Down in the wine cellar, Kyon asked Gloria why she didn't divorce Jeff because Jeff only wanted Gloria for her money. When Gloria added, "and my affection," Kyon ran out of the cellar and locked a frantic Gloria in.

At the Athletic Club, Alistair saw Jeff at the bar and surmised that Gloria was home alone. Arriving at the Abbott mansion, Alistair asked Kyon if Gloria was there. Kyon became agitated and told Alistair to leave-if he didn't, she was going to call the police. Alistair left, but realized that something was "amiss."

Jeff returned to the mansion with the takeout, and was shocked to see Kyon there. When he asked where Gloria was, Kyon lied and said that Gloria left him. She added that she would never leave Jeff like Gloria had done. When Kyon starting undressing, Jeff asked her to put her clothes on and leave. Kyon began kissing Jeff, and he reciprocated. They didn't realize that Alistair had reentered the house and was watching them with a look of disgust on his face. Alistair walked farther into the house to look for his "fair Gloria."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jack wasn't happy when he was served papers for a two million dollar lawsuit against him. Jack told Phyllis about his plan to hire an actor to play John to scare Gloria away from the mansion. Phyllis told Jack that he and Sharon would find a new place and make new memories. When Sharon came by Restless Style, Jack told her about the lawsuit. Sharon was infuriated. Jack called his lawyer and realized that he was going to have to address the lawsuit. When Jack saw Michael he said that Michael's case against him wouldn't fly. Michael said that he understood Jack's frustrations, but if Jack hadn't tried so hard to get Gloria out of the house, it never would have happened.

Victor noticed that Michael was all smiles when he walked into his office. Michael said it was a personal issue. Victor asked Michael if he had squared everything away regarding Adam. Michael said it was a done deal. Victoria went to Victor's office and told him that moving from Beauty of Nature was not what she wanted. Victor said that he had made his decision. Victoria went and told Adam that at least now they didn't have to work in the same department anymore. She congratulated him. Sabrina returned and told Victor that she had decided to take him up on his offer. She wanted to stay. Victor said that her decision made him very happy.

Michael went to the coffeehouse and told Kevin and Jana that Jack had been served. Kevin admitted to Michael that he was having a hard time staying away from Gloria. When Michael suggested that Kevin not invite his mother to his wedding, Kevin and Jana didn't think it was a good idea. Jana said that Gloria had saved her life, and she would hate herself by not inviting Gloria. Kevin said that he wanted their wedding day to be the best day of their lives. He didn't want his mother ruining anything.

Nick accused Adam of flirting with Phyllis. Adam suggested that Phyllis was making it up. Nick said that Phyllis wasn't the only person who noticed Adam's advances on her and that Adam should stay away from Nick's wife. Adam insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong. Adam said that he hadn't realized Nick was so insecure, and that maybe Nick was also jealous that Adam had taken over in Nick's place at Newman. Nick said that he wasn't jealous at all. He said that when he had first met Adam, he thought he should warn him about Victor. But after he got to know Adam, Nick wondered if maybe it was Victor he should warn about Adam. Adam smiled mischievously. Adam called Phyllis and apologized for making her uncomfortable. Phyllis said to just forget about it, business as usual. Adam told her that he was only going to communicate with Nick and Jack from that point forward. When Nick went to Restless Style, Phyllis told Nick that Adam had said he wasn't going to work with her anymore. Nick said that maybe it was for the best. Phyllis wondered if Nick had spoken to Adam. Nick admitted that he had said something to Adam. When he suggested that Adam only liked Phyllis because he wanted to make Nick jealous, Phyllis wanted Nick to take it back. Nick said that he didn't think Adam could be trusted.

Gloria was infuriated with Jeffrey's Korean girlfriend Kyon for locking her in the wine cellar. As Kyon seduced Jeffrey, Alistair desperately tried to find Gloria. Alistair knew that Gloria was in the house somewhere because she had left her purse behind. Alistair heard Gloria and unlocked the door. When he saw the wine cellar, he was so excited he let the door shut behind him. Gloria told Alistair how Kyon had locked her in the cellar. Gloria was upset to hear that Jeffrey and Kyon were upstairs ripping off each other's clothing. When Gloria became claustrophobic, she was irritated that Alistair was more interested in drinking the wine than getting them out of there. She found a way to jimmy the lock and ran upstairs. When she saw Jeffrey and Kyon on the couch, she called him a filthy pig. Gloria told Kyon to get out of the house. Jeffrey insisted that nothing had happened. He said that he would never betray her that way. Gloria said that he just did. She told him that she would rather spend the rest of her life in prison than stay married to him for one more day. Alistair asked Gloria why she would go to prison. Gloria said that it was just an expression. Alistair asked Gloria if he could see her again, but Gloria said no. She was extremely hurt by Jeffrey's actions.

Friday, April 11, 2008

At the Abbott mansion, Gloria remembered throwing Jeff out after she caught him with Kyon. Staring at her portrait, Gloria congratulated herself for getting everything she deserved-the house, the money, and a lousy husband. Jana stopped by and told Gloria she felt John's spirit in the house. Gloria told Jana she didn't feel anything. Gloria complained that her sons don't talk to her. Jana reminded Gloria that, as Kevin's fiancée, she wielded a lot of influence with him. Jana suggested that Gloria do something nice for Kevin. Gloria found Kyon's earring in the couch, and became livid when she assumed that Jeff had probably purchased it with Gloria's money. Jana said that she wanted Gloria to stand up for her and Kevin at their wedding. Gloria was sincerely touched, but doubted that Kevin would want her there. Jana joked that as the bride, she would call all the shots. Gloria told Jana she liked marriage so much that she had gone through it five times. Jana said that Jeffrey would be lucky if Gloria took him back. Her mood lightening, Gloria hugged and thanked Jana.

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Kevin that Jack had filed a countersuit, claiming that Lauren and Gloria had trespassed. The brothers congratulated each other on going a full day without speaking to their mother.

Sharon showed up and insisted on speaking with Michael. She asked Michael to drop his lawsuit against the Abbotts. Refusing to drop the suit, Michael melodramatically told a skeptical Sharon that Lauren was suffering anxiety attacks-his wife could be scarred forever because of her fall at the Abbott mansion. Sharon begged Michael to leave her and Jack alone-why, she asked, couldn't he be happy that Gloria had inherited 50% of John's estate, and owned the mansion? She continued that a $2 million lawsuit was cruel and vindictive, and before she stormed out, she told Michael that he was just like Gloria. Michael was clearly upset at that comparison.

When Kevin learned that Sharon had asked Michael to drop the lawsuit, he told Michael that he hoped his brother had told her to "shove it." When Kevin said that "the jackal" would regret messing with their family, Michael said that sentiment was getting redundant. As Michael left, he told Kevin that Sharon had compared him to Gloria.

Jana and Kevin tried to pick a wedding date. After rejecting several dates, Kevin closed his eyes, pointed to a calendar, showed the calendar to Jana, and told her that was going to be the day they would marry. Jana then quickly mentioned to Kevin that she had asked Gloria to stand up for them. She immediately walked away from the stunned Kevin.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jeff was drowning his troubles in scotch. Kyon called him and he told her she deserved to be locked in her room. He then told Kyon there was no "us," before he hung up on her.

Jack walked up to the bar, but refused Jeff's offer to buy him a drink. The drunk Jeff told Jack he thought they were on the same side as well as "partners in crime." When Jack said they no longer were since Jeff was "king of the castle," Jeff said he no longer wore that crown. Kyon called again and Jeff told her to either sit in the room or take a swan dive out the window. Jack seemed intrigued hearing Jeff's end of this conversation.

Later, Gloria tried to call Jeff, but he, assuming it was Kyon, didn't answer his phone. Gloria decided she would wait for Jeff to call her back rather than trying him again.

Sharon joined Jack at the club and asked him what was so important that he couldn't tell her over the phone. Sharon looked stunned when Jack told her he had bought a house!

After working out together, Brad and Heather had lunch at the Athletic Club. When Heather asked Brad to tell her about himself, Brad tried to avoid answering, telling her that his background was "boring." Heather told Brad that he was "intense." She added that he had obviously "charmed" Nikki into giving him a job at Jabot. Brad replied that he and Nikki shared a long business relationship. When Heather said that it was obvious that he didn't care for David Chow, Brad said that David wasn't qualified for the job. He added that if he were CEO of Jabot he would check all of David's deal memos.

At a nearby table, an agitated Nikki told Victoria that she was expecting David to call her, as they had an appointment at a bakery to sample some wedding cake. Victoria asked why they were tasting cake when they hadn't even set a date. Nikki reminded Victoria that she was definitely proceeding with her marriage to David-that Nikki and Victor were divorced and there were no plans to change that. Nikki was shocked to learn that Victor had transferred Victoria from the Beauty of Nature division and had placed Adam in charge. Victoria told her mother that she was working in corporate acquisitions, and would prove herself to be a brilliant businesswoman.

About to leave the club, Nikki tried calling David again, but got his voicemail. She bumped into Paul, who thought Nikki looked worried. Nikki confided to him that David had a gambling problem, although David said it was under control. Nikki commented that an addiction could cause someone to lie. When she told Paul that David said he was visiting family in Texas, Paul offered to investigate. Nikki decided not to take Paul up on his offer, but thanked him for being such a good friend. When Paul thanked Nikki for hiring Heather, Nikki pointed out that Heather was lunching with Brad in the club dining room.

Paul stopped by Heather and Brad's table and asked Heather if she wanted to have dinner later that week. Brad was initially annoyed by Paul's interruption, but then learned that Paul was Heather's father.

Also at the Athletic Club, Adrian showed Colleen an advance copy of his book. Adrian told Colleen he was happy about the publication, but, noticing Brad sitting nearby, said that not everyone would be happy. He told Colleen that he had included the whole story in the book, including her grandmother's role in returning stolen pieces of art to their rightful owners-as well as Brad's involvement in the story. When Colleen commented that Brad never talked about his involvement, Adrian said he hoped that soon the whole country would be talking about it. Adrian told a disappointed Colleen that he needed to go to New York for a few days to meet with his publisher.

In Victor's office, Sabrina told him that she had decided to accept his job offer and remain in Genoa City. After sharing a passionate kiss, Sabrina asked Victor why he had hired her as his art curator-after all, there were many other experienced people available. She wanted to be sure that Victor was making a professional, not a personal, decision. Victor assured her it was purely a professional decision. He asked Sabrina if she had told Victoria, but she said she hadn't, as she wasn't quite sure how Victoria would respond to the news. Victor was sure that Victoria would be very happy having her best friend in Genoa City.

Sabrina ran into Adam in the break room, and told him that Victor had hired her as his art consultant. Adam was sarcastic about Sabrina working out of Genoa City, not exactly the "art capital of the world." He congratulated Sabrina on "getting what she wanted"-he said he was sure it wasn't the first time.

Later, in Victor's office, Adam mentioned that Sabrina told him about her new job. When Victor said that collecting art was fun, Adam said that Victor must be happy that Sabrina walked into his life. Victor appeared irritated with that remark.

Back at the Athletic Club, Sabrina joined Victoria and told her she had accepted Victor's job offer. Victoria was thrilled that Victor saw how "brilliant" her friend was, and then went on about finding Sabrina a place to live. Sabrina told her that, for the time being, she would stay at the Newman ranch. Nikki joined Victoria and Sabrina, and they told her that Sabrina was going to work for Victor. When Victoria mentioned that Sabrina would be staying at the ranch, Nikki incorrectly assumed Sabrina would be staying with the Hellstroms. Nikki did not look happy when Victoria told her Sabrina would be staying at the main house.

At Newman, Sabrina asked Victoria if they could talk in her office. Just as they were headed there, they ran into Adam, who seemed sincere when he told them how happy he was for them. Victoria said that perhaps she could get along with Adam-and, if that could happen, maybe even a reconciliation between Victor and Nikki was possible. When Victoria asked Sabrina what she wanted to talk about, Sabrina said she couldn't remember.

Sabrina joined Victor at the ranch. He asked her if she had told Victoria about their relationship, but Sabrina said she couldn't, as Victoria still hoped her parents would reconcile. Sabrina realized she needed to tell Victoria soon, but didn't know what to say. Victor told her to tell her the truth-that he and Sabrina were romantically involved.

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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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