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Lily decided to have her baby. Cane proposed to Lily. Gloria returned the Abbott mansion to Jack. Victoria was appalled that Sabrina was dating Victor. Nick discovered that Victor owned the mortgage for the Restless Style building.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, April 14, 2008

At Forrester Creations in Los Angeles, Lily, accompanied by Devon and Nick, prepared for her photo session. Felicia Forrester, who oversaw her company's ad campaign, shamelessly flirted with Nick. Felicia told Nick that she had plans for him to enjoy his leisure time in L.A. Nick agreed when Felicia told him that they made a great team, although Nick interpreted Felicia's remark to mean "partners in business." Felicia found Nick's misplaced cell phone, but she didn't return the phone right away when she noticed that Phyllis was calling. Lily was excited about modeling an original design from Forrester Creations. Chloe, Lily's stylist, hurt Lily's feelings when she said, "You look like crap." Lily, who suffered a bout of morning sickness, ran to the restroom to throw up. When Lily returned, Chloe presumed that Lily was bulimic. Chloe warned Lily that she was keeping watch over her. Lily enjoyed posing for the photographer, and Felicia and Nick were pleased with Lily's photos. Felicia enjoyed uninterrupted time with Nick, so she didn't return his phone until after Nick declined her offer for a night of partying in favor of reuniting with one of his fraternity brothers. Felicia's eyes roved up and down Nick's body as he walked away. After the photo shoot, Lily told Devon that she truly enjoyed modeling. Devon insisted that Lily tell Neil about her pregnancy soon. Lily phoned Neil and requested he meet her for dinner after she returned to Genoa City.

At Victor's ranch, Sabrina, who'd spent the night with her lover, worried about telling Victoria that her and Victor's relationship had become romantic. When Victoria arrived, Victor asked Victoria to accompany Sabrina and help her locate space to house the art collection he planned to acquire.

At the club, Phyllis ran into Michael when she went to pick up a to-go order. Phyllis discussed the multi-million-dollar lawsuit Michael had filed against Jack and Sharon. Phyllis defended her business partners, and she implied that Michael's intention was to seek revenge on Gloria's behalf. Phyllis seemed shocked when Michael bluntly announced that Gloria was no longer his concern.

At the Abbott mansion, a lonely Gloria comforted herself with Godiva chocolate. Jeffrey phoned, and Gloria read him the riot act. Gloria told her estranged husband that she planned to have their marriage annulled. Gloria rebuffed Jeffrey's threat to send her to the jailhouse, and she added that it didn't matter if Jeffrey hadn't slept with his girlfriend, because she still planned to send him to the poorhouse.

At the coffeehouse, Jana and Kevin planned for their wedding to be held at a haunted house. The couple was in agreement about their wedding site, but Kevin refused to include Gloria on the guest list because, Kevin claimed, Gloria would ensure that the day revolved around her. Jack and Sharon stopped by. Sharon was surprised when Jack told her that he was about to sign a contract on a house. When Michael walked in, he told Jack that Sharon had tried to persuade him to drop his lawsuit, which he had no intention of doing. Near the coffee bar, Nikki contemplated the menu while she waited to meet Victoria. When Victoria approached her mother from behind, Nikki was startled. Nikki admitted that she was tense because a few days had passed since she had been in touch with David, who was away in Texas due to a family emergency. After Jack and Sharon left for the office, Michael approached Jana and Kevin to ask why Jana had summoned him about an emergency, which was actually Gloria's little trick to gather her family together. Gloria arrived and told her sons and Jana that they had been right, and she had been wrong. Gloria apologized and told her family that she wanted to mend their relationships. Michael refused to believe that Gloria was truly remorseful. Gloria begged her sons and Jana to come to the Abbott mansion for tea.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon showed up after Gloria summoned them to join her for an important announcement. After Michael, Kevin, Jana, and the Abbotts were all in place, Gloria, clutching a photo of John, admitted that she was mistaken to believe that living in John's house would make her feel closer to him. Jack accused Gloria of bluffing when she announced that she wished to give the house back. Jack demanded to know what Gloria really wanted. Gloria said she wanted to make amends to her family. Gloria gave Jack the court agreement and ordered him to rip it to shreds. As Jack destroyed the contract, Gloria lovingly cradled John's photo and turned away as she choked back tears.

At Restless Style magazine's office, Adam stopped by and consulted with Jack about the ad for Beauty of Nature. After Jack suggested that Adam seek consultation from Phyllis, Adam explained that Nick and Phyllis seemed anxious and tense because they were not yet accustomed to his presence in Genoa City. Jack advised Adam to be wary of Victor because Victor would eventually feel threatened by Adam's success. When Phyllis arrived, Adam abruptly excused himself. Phyllis asked Adam why he was leaving so soon after she arrived. Adam explained that it was part of Nick's arrangement. Phyllis said that she knew Nick had confronted Adam, and she added that it was demeaning that Adam conducted business only with the men in their company.

Sabrina and Victoria stopped by Restless Style's office and asked Phyllis about renting the space on the ground floor for Victor's art gallery. Phyllis mentioned that Nick owned the building, and he might not allow Victor to rent part of it. Victoria said she would talk to Victor and hoped to negotiate an agreement, which could help mend the father-and-son relationship. Victoria repeatedly asked Phyllis to call Nick in L.A., but since Felicia had hidden Nick's phone, Phyllis' calls were unanswered. After Jack and Sharon arrived, Sharon was called away to handle the company's payroll. Jack was surprised when Sabrina told him about Victor's plan to open a gallery for a collection of contemporary art. Jack was even more surprised when he learned that Sabrina planned to rent space downstairs in Nick's building. After Victoria and Sabrina left, Jack and Sharon told Phyllis that perhaps "Nick and Victor were meant to stay apart."

Sabrina met Victor at the club for lunch. Sabrina admitted that she had not yet found the right moment to tell Victoria about their relationship. Sabrina excitedly announced that she had discovered an open and airy space for the gallery. Sabrina explained that she was concerned because the space was part of Nick's building, and she worried that Nick would refuse to rent space to his father. Without hesitation, Victor explained that renting that particular space would not be a problem because he owned the building. Sabrina was confused, but Victor told her that Nick had offered the bank his trust fund as collateral when he purchased the building. The bank notified Victor, so he acquired Nick's mortgage on the building.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alistair told Jill the latest news about Jeffrey and Gloria. Jill was shocked to hear that Jeffrey had cheated on Gloria. When Jill saw Jeffrey at the Athletic Club, she asked him how things were with Gloria. Jeffrey said that all was peachy but when the waiter asked him if he needed a different room for the night; Jeffrey admitted that things weren't exactly as they seemed. Jill told Jeffrey that she would be a friend to him if he needed one.

Gloria looked at a picture of John and told herself that everything was for the best. When the movers arrived, Gloria was vexed with their hastiness with her furniture. Alistair arrived and was shocked to see strangers moving things out of the mansion. When Gloria assured Alistair that they were movers, he was confused. Gloria said that she decided to give up the mansion to show her sons that they were more important. When Jeffrey arrived he was shocked to see that Gloria was moving out of the mansion. Gloria told Jeffrey that she had fallen madly in love with Alistair and kissed him. Alistair went to Jill and told her that Gloria was moving to the Athletic Club.

Jack and Sharon happily told Noah that they were going to be able to move back into the mansion-without Gloria. Noah was worried that Gloria had changed his room but Jack assured him that everything would be back to the way it used to be. When Sharon and Jack came home to the mansion, John appeared and told Jack goodbye. Jack didn't want his father to go, but John told him that it was time. John told Jack that he loved him and wanted Jack to make him proud.

Michael was so happy to see Lauren he picked her up in the air and swung her around joyously. Lauren asked Michael how Gloria was dealing with the move. Michael still felt that Gloria needed to pick up the pieces of her life on her own, but Lauren insisted that Gloria had made a change and that Michael should call her. Jana told Kevin that she thought it would be a good idea to ask Gloria to move in with them. Kevin insisted that would be a terrible idea. Michael and Lauren arrived and talked to Kevin about Gloria. They wondered if Gloria had actually changed. Lauren and Jana felt that Gloria had redeemed herself; Kevin and Michael did not. Lauren and Jana begged the boys to give Gloria one last chance. Michael and Kevin agreed to give it a try. When Gloria arrived at the Athletic Club, Gloria called Michael and asked him if she could move in with him.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe was surprised when Lily asked for tea instead of her usual coffee order. But when Lily assured Chloe that she wasn't bulimic, Chloe had forgotten about the tea. When Cane arrived, Chloe asked him why Lily was always in the bathroom. Lily was irritated by Chloe's remarks about her. Cane said that he and Lily were on their way to meet with Nikki. Chloe called to speak to Nikki and found out that Nikki wasn't at Jabot. Chloe saw Neil and said that Lily wasn't that into her modeling career. Neil hoped the reason was because Lily was more into her schoolwork.

Lily and Cane talked about her pregnancy. Lily wished that she could talk to her mother. Cane said that he understood how Lily felt. Lily worried about telling Neil, but knew it was something she must do. Jill came home and asked Cane what was going on with Lily. Cane told Jill that Chloe was pushing Lily too hard. Jill continued to ask questions, but Cane wouldn't say anything further. Cane told Jill a story about when he was a boy and his father wasn't there to see him play a rugby game. He remembered how much he'd wished to have his mother there. Jill told Cane that someday he would have a son and he could be there for him that way. Jill knew from Cane's story that Lily was pregnant.

Lily met her father for dinner and told him that she had something to tell him. Neil said that he knew what was going on. He said that if she wanted to stop modeling that he would back her 100 percent. Then Neil realized that Lily's worries weren't what he'd originally thought. She told him that she was pregnant. Neil wondered what Lily was going to do. Tears welled up in his eyes. He told Lily that he wanted to help her with whatever she wanted to do. Lily said that she wasn't sure if she was keeping the baby.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Chloe was raving to Jill about a hairstylist Jabot "had" to hire. Jill cut Chloe off, telling her she wanted to discuss Lily. Jill asked Chloe if she had noticed Lily seemed to be fatigued. When Jill told Chloe that she was very concerned about Lily, Chloe told Jill that she suspected Lily was "worshipping the porcelain throne to lose weight"-in other words Lily was bulimic. Chloe told Jill that Lily denied being bulimic, and suggested that Jill talk to Lily. Jill told Chloe that Lily would never confide in her since she was Cane's mother, in addition to being Lily's boss. Jill told Chloe to get Lily to see a doctor as soon as possible.

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Cane that Neil was disappointed when he learned she was pregnant. She added that when she had received good grades in school, Dru and Neil had told her the world could be hers. When Cane said it still could be, Lily countered that a baby would quash any chance at a successful life-she would have to give up school and modeling. She told Cane that Neil offered to raise the baby if she decided to keep it. Lily vacillated between wanting and not wanting the baby. Cane assured her that if she had the baby he would assume responsibility for the child's care. Lily was concerned that she would hate the baby and end up resenting Cane. Cane assured her that she was both strong and tough enough to get through the situation. He added that, although he respected Neil, if Lily had the baby Cane would raise it.

When Lily told Cane she was afraid of disappointing him, he gave her a reassuring hug. He told her about a dream he had in which he was fishing with a son. Lily reminded him that their situation was real-not a dream. She expressed her concern that whatever decision she made, things would turn out badly. When Lily asked Cane if he was 100-percent sure he wanted to raise the baby, Cane told her that no matter what decision she made, he would support and love her.

Chloe found Lily and Cane and told Lily that Jill was "on to her." She added that Jill wanted Chloe to take her to the doctor. When Chloe offered to make an appointment, Cane and Lily exchanged worried glances.

At Newman, Karen was shocked when an angry Neil told her that Lily was pregnant. When Karen went on about how Lily needed to make plans, Neil grew tenser and left the room. When he returned later, Karen apologized for getting on his nerves. Neil told her that an apology was unnecessary-he just had a "visceral reaction." He told Karen that he let Lily know that he would help her with the pregnancy and the child in any way. Karen told Neil that being a single mother could be tough, and would probably end Lily's modeling career. Neil thought that wouldn't be a great loss. Karen reminded Neil that ultimately it was Lily's decision. When Neil suggested that he and Karen raise the baby, Karen was shocked-she wondered how Lily and Cane would react. Neil told Karen he realized that Karen had just moved in with him, but he would do anything to stop Lily from terminating the pregnancy. Neil told Karen that he realized what he was asking of her was monumental, but it would ultimately bring them closer together.

At Restless Style, Nick, having just returned from Los Angeles, surprised Phyllis. Phyllis asked him if he had spent much of the trip "dodging" Felicia Forrester, but Nick assured his wife that Felicia wasn't his type. Phyllis said she dropped a contact lens, and as she and Nick got under the desk to search for it, Nick realized it was a ruse-Phyllis gave him a welcome home kiss.

Sabrina arrived at Restless Style. Nick was surprised to see her, as he thought she had moved to New York. Sabrina told Nick that she was staying in Genoa City, having been hired to curate a private art collection-Victor's. Sabrina added that she and Victor were looking for a space to display the collection, and that they thought the first floor of the Restless Style building would be perfect. Nick's initial reaction was surprise-he couldn't believe Victor would want to rent space in a building that Nick owned.

After Sabrina left, Nick and Phyllis discussed the fate of the first floor-several prospective tenants had fallen through. They decided that renting the space to Victor was their best option. Nick thought it was "cool" that his father would owe him for once.

Phyllis told Nick about a photographer from New York whom she wanted to hire for Restless Style. When she said they would need to go to New York to "woo" the photographer, Nick told his wife he couldn't. Phyllis said she would go alone-and that she expected a big welcome upon her return.

In Victor's office, Adam was keeping Victor apprised about changes on the Beauty of Nature website. Adam told his father that his top two choices to be the Beauty of Nature spokesperson were Scarlett Johannson and Stella Monet. Victor knew Scarlett personally, but, when he looked up Stella on the Internet, learned that she had recently been arrested for drunk driving. Adam scratched Stella off the list.

Adam told Victor that with all of the cutting edge marketing Newman was doing for it's cosmetics line, perhaps it was time to revisit changing the name "Beauty of Nature." Victor sternly told his son that he would not budge on his decision to leave the name as is-after all, Victor said, brand stability was important to customers. Adam reminded Victor that he was leaving for New York on business the next day.

Outside Victor's office, Adam left a voicemail for someone, saying that he wanted to "keep track of the only person who beat him at Harvard." Continuing with the message, Adam said that he was traveling to New York, and that "it would be great to see you."

Later, Adam was meeting with Victor when Sabrina stopped by. When Adam left, Sabrina and Victor kissed. She said that Adam was intense. Victor responded, "like father, like son." Sabrina said that Adam wasn't half as handsome as Victor. Phyllis called Sabrina to inform her that she and Victor could rent the first floor space. After getting off the phone, Sabrina asked Victor why they were renting from Nick when Victor owned the building. Victor explained that Nick owned the building-but Victor owned the mortgage. Victor told Sabrina that Nick was not aware that he was the mortgage holder. Sabrina questioned whether it was a good idea to house the collection in Nick's building. Victor asked Sabrina if she was worried about telling Victoria about their relationship. If so, Victor offered, he could tell his daughter. Sabrina told Victor that she would rather inform Victoria.

Victoria showed up in Victor's office, and Sabrina asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch. Victoria suggested that they have lunch at the Hellstroms'. When Sabrina told Victoria about renting the space in the Restless Style building, Victor told Victoria that he owned the mortgage on the building. Victoria was stunned, feeling Victor was trying to undermine Nick. Victor told Victoria it was purely a business decision. As Sabrina and Victoria left, Victor told his daughter that he had purchased the mortgage as a "safety net" for Nick-and that he would have done the same for her.

At the Hellstroms', Sabrina told Victoria that she had some important news. At first, Victoria thought that Sabrina was ill, but Sabrina informed her that she was involved with someone-Victor! Victoria did not believe what she was hearing. When Sabrina explained that "it just happened," Victoria told her that "things like this don't just happen." Sabrina told Victoria that Victor was brilliant and charming, but Victoria added that he was old enough to be Sabrina's father. Victoria told Sabrina that she had betrayed their friendship by having an affair with Victor. She accused Sabrina of being an "opportunistic tramp" and told her to leave.

Adam dropped by Restless Style to review the ad campaign with Nick. Phyllis overheard when Adam told Nick that he was going to New York the next day. They remarked about the coincidence after Phyllis told Adam that she would be in New York as well.

Victor stopped by Restless Style with the signed lease agreement. He thanked Phyllis and Nick for renting him the space for his art collection. After Victor left, Phyllis told Nick he had done the right thing-and perhaps there was a chance for reconciliation between Victor and Nick.

Nick received a phone call from a frantic Victoria, who told him to come to her house immediately. When he arrived, Victoria told him that her "so-called friend" Sabrina was having an affair with their father. Nick didn't seem particularly upset-after all, he said, Victor liked younger women. He told his sister that it had nothing to do with her. Victoria countered that Nick wouldn't like it if Nikki were dating one of Nick's friends. Nick told Victoria to accept Victor and Sabrina's relationship-Victor never cared about what his children thought, and Victoria should make peace with that. Victoria asked Nick if could make peace with the fact that, unbeknownst to Nick, Victor had purchased the Restless Style building mortgage from the bank. A stunned Nick sarcastically said, "he forgot to mention that." Victoria told Nick to make peace with that.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chloe told Lily that Jill had instructed her to call a doctor for Lily. Lily said that she would make the appointment herself. When Chloe persisted, Lily blurted out that she was pregnant. Chloe said it had been nice working with Lily, but her career was over. Cane tried to comfort Lily, but she said she needed to be alone. Lily went to Drucilla's dance studio and wondered what she was going to do. She called out and asked her mother for advice. An old friend of Lily's mother heard her. She said that Drucilla was listening.

At lunch, Jill asked Cane what he was worried about. Cane pretended that nothing was wrong. Jill told Cane that she was so happy to be in his life. She said that he would be as happy when he had his own children someday. Cane wondered how much Jill knew about Lily. Jill admitted that she knew Lily had been sick lately. Cane decided to tell Jill that Lily was pregnant.

Karen was conflicted about Neil's idea to raise Lily's baby. Neil couldn't understand why Karen wasn't ready. Karen said that they had just moved in together, and she had barely unpacked her things. Neil wasn't happy that Karen didn't feel comfortable being a mother to Lily's child. He walked off to think for a while. When Neil returned, he asked if she would leave if he decided to raise Lily's child. Karen said that she would. Lily knocked on the door and asked to speak to her father. Lily told Neil that she had been thinking about Drucilla. Neil told her the first time Drucilla felt Lily kick in her stomach, she was totally in love with her. Lily said that she knew how much her mother had loved her, and she had decided to keep the baby.

Adam saw Phyllis at Restless Style and asked her if she was alone. Phyllis told Adam not to look so frightened of her. Adam said that he didn't want Nick accusing him of flirting with her.

Nick couldn't believe it when Victoria told him that Victor owned the mortgage to his building. Nick went to Phyllis and told her what Victor had done. Phyllis said that Victor might have been trying to create a safety net for Nick. Nick didn't want to have anything to do with it. He went to tell Victor that he couldn't stop Victor from interfering in his life, but he could stop caring about him.

Adam wondered what was wrong with Sabrina when she walked past his office in a huff. Sabrina told Victor how Victoria had reacted when she told her about their relationship. When Sabrina tried to change the subject to discuss business, Victor could tell that Sabrina was really upset. Victor said that Victoria was hanging onto the hope that her parents would get back together. Sabrina received a phone call and negotiated an art deal for Victor's new collection. She happily told him that it would be his first piece in the new studio, provided Nick didn't want to break the lease when he learned that Victor owned the mortgage. When Sabrina left Victor's office, Adam asked if Sabrina and Victor had just had their first lovers quarrel. Sabrina gave Adam a dirty look. She told him that he had it all wrong, but Adam continued to taunt her.

Nikki was thrilled when David returned from his trip. She told him that she had made decisions at Jabot without him, and wondered why he hadn't called her. David apologized and said that it was a family emergency. He mentioned that one of Nikki's phone messages had asked him about a wedding cake. He asked Nikki if the wedding was back on. Brad interrupted them and told David that they had some business to discuss. When David suggested they meet after dinner, Brad said he couldn't because he had a poker game. Nikki gave David a worried look. David took Nikki aside and admitted that Brad had asked him to play poker with him before, but that he had said no.

Victoria walked up to the table and asked to speak to Nikki alone. Victoria told Nikki that Victor was having an affair with Sabrina. Nikki said she had wondered if there was something more going on besides a working relationship. Victoria said she didn't care how the relationship started, but it would be a cold day in hell before she ever forgave either of them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jack arrived at the Abbott mansion. Sharon told him she had "de-Gloriafied" the upstairs, and that she had told Noah if he didn't keep his bedroom clean she might buy Gloria's portrait and hang it in the boy's room. Jack told Sharon he should feel happy, but he didn't-he no longer felt John's presence in the house. Jack lamented that he didn't measure up to his father. Sharon reassured Jack that John never expected Jack not to make mistakes-John just wanted Jack to learn from them. Later, Sharon reminded Jack that he once claimed that John's spirit had offered him advice on how to develop a fatherly relationship with Noah-and as a result of that advice, Jack had made Noah feel more secure when Nick was missing. Remembering that incident lifted Jack's mood, and he left to pick up some dessert at the Athletic Club.

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Kevin and Lauren that he was tiring of Gloria's "mandatory" family meetings. Michael was skeptical when Kevin said that at least Gloria was making an effort to get along with them. Gloria showed up, dressed in extremely plain clothes, but Michael thought her "new look" was a ruse. Gloria asked Michael and Lauren to reconsider allowing her to move in with them. Michael said that things at home were sane-he and Lauren were not willing to give that up. When Gloria suggested that she could occasionally stay at Kevin's in order to give the Baldwins more space, Kevin said there was no way that Gloria could stay with him and Jana. Michael told Gloria that she should buy her own home. After the Baldwins left, Jana came over and placed a comforting hand on Gloria's shoulder.

Later, Kevin checked to see if Gloria was mad at him. When Gloria said she just didn't want to be alone, Kevin reminded her that she had Jeff. Gloria insisted that she was done with her "schizophrenic" husband. Kevin reminded Gloria that Jeff could have her jailed for manslaughter.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren told Michael how proud she was that he didn't invite Gloria to move back to their apartment-she teased Michael that she would have hurt him if he caved in to Gloria.

Gloria showed up at the club. Michael accused her of stalking him. She begged Michael to drop the lawsuit against the Abbotts-after all, she said, Lauren hadn't really suffered any long-term consequences. Unbeknownst to Gloria and Michael, Jack was listening to their conversation. Michael told Gloria that he wouldn't drop the suit. Gloria blamed herself-if she hadn't tried so hard to keep the mansion, Lauren never would have been injured. Michael decided to get the Baldwins' dinner to go.

Jack arrived home with the dessert and told a surprised Sharon that Gloria had asked Michael to drop the lawsuit, although Michael refused to do so. The Abbotts pondered the reason for Gloria's sudden change of attitude. Later, Sharon told Jack she wanted to have a party to celebrate their regaining full ownership of the mansion. Jack agreed that was a good idea, but added that the first night he wanted to celebrate alone with her. After a kiss, he led his wife upstairs.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Michael enjoyed their takeout dinner. Kevin reminded them that outside food was not allowed at the coffeehouse. Michael explained that their dinner at the club was interrupted by "a side of Gloria," and told Kevin that Gloria wanted Michael to drop the lawsuit against the Abbotts. Lauren decided to invite Gloria to dinner to see if she had sincerely changed.

Back at the Athletic Club, Jeff knocked on Gloria's door and begged her to let him in-after all, he said, they were meant for each other. He was embarrassed when he realized that the maid was in the room-Gloria wasn't.

At Jabot, a secretary screamed when she saw Alistair-she thought he was John. Jill heard and hurried Alistair into a conference room. Jill was upset when she learned that Alistair had no further information about Gloria and Jeff's relationship. When Jill ranted about how she was paying for Alistair's luxury stay at the Athletic Club, Alistair accused her of being as hostile as that "imbecile" Bardwell. Jill told him if he didn't come up with some information soon, he would be paying for his own eggs benedict.

Jill brought Alistair to the club, then she stepped out of sight. Alistair asked Gloria to join him for dinner. She initially declined, but changed her mind when Jeff showed up. When Jeff asked Gloria if they could speak privately, Alistair told Jeff that he and Gloria were about to have dinner. Gloria told Jeff she could spare him about 30 seconds. She sent Alistair off to get them a table. Alone with Gloria, Jeff made veiled threats about sending her to prison. Gloria said she didn't care-and left to have dinner with Alistair.

Jill "coincidentally" ran into Jeff, and told him he looked upset. When Jeff stared at Gloria and Alistair dining, Jill asked if there were problems with the Bardwells' marriage. Jeff said that he and Gloria had a minor misunderstanding. Jeff invited Jill to have a drink, and Gloria stared sadly at the couple as they sat at a table.

When Colleen went to take Gloria and Alistair's order, she was shocked by how much Alistair resembled John.

Jill told Jeff that Gloria was a hypocrite-his wife ranted and raved when she caught Jeff with "that woman from Korea," but she turned around and carried on with Alistair. Colleen handed Jeff the check, to which Gloria had attached a note that read: "All I really want is you-in my room after dinner? Gloria."

Later, Gloria invited Alistair to join her in her room, but she made sure to leave the door open slightly. After sharing a nightcap, Gloria began kissing Alistair. Jeff walked in on them. As soon as Gloria saw Jeff, she smiled victoriously.

Jill and Cane dined at the club, but Cane said he had to leave for a meeting at the office. Jill told her son that trying to distract himself wouldn't change the fact that Lily was pregnant. Jill invited Cane and Lily to live at the Chancellor estate. Cane told Jill that Lily hadn't decided whether or not to have the baby, but that he would stick by her no matter what. Jill reminded Cane that he wanted Lily to have the baby-and that if she didn't, both he and Lily would have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Jill told Katherine that Lily was pregnant with Cane's child. Jana overheard their conversation.

At the Winters', Lily told Neil that she was sure she wanted to have the baby. When Neil asked Lily what Cane wanted, she told her father that she had made the decision for herself-not for Cane, although Cane did want her to have the child. Neil asked Lily to move back home, but Lily freaked out, said she needed to speak to Cane, and left.

In the Jabot boardroom, Lily told an overjoyed Cane that she was going to have the baby. Lily told Cane that Dru had "spoken" to her at the dance studio-Lily added Cane would be a wonderful father. When Lily said she could never have an abortion, Cane said she and the baby added up to the greatest gift anyone could have given him.

Cane stopped by the Winters' to talk with Neil. Cane told him that he was completely behind Lily's decision to keep the baby. Neil said that he would do anything for Lily and her child-and that he wanted Lily to move back home. Cane told Neil that Jill and Katherine wanted Lily to move to the Chancellor estate. Neil countered by saying that Cane and Lily weren't married, and that the baby was an accident. Neil told Cane he believed that he was sincere-but that Cane had no idea how he would feel once Lily had the baby.

Later, Cane ran into Katherine. He told his grandmother that Lily had decided to continue her pregnancy. When Katherine asked Cane if he truly loved Lily, he assured her that he did. Cane told Katherine that he wasn't happy that Neil wanted to help Lily raise the baby. Katherine took Cane's hand and told him they were going back home-she had something she wanted to show him.

At the Athletic Club, Lily told Devon and Colleen she had decided to have the baby, but was met with a lukewarm reception. When Colleen reminded Lily about her modeling career and school, Devon said Lily could probably handle it, as she had a good support system. When Lily said she and Cane were going to move in together, Colleen questioned if that was what Lily really wanted. Lily became irritated and stormed out when Devon suggested putting the baby up for adoption. Later, at Crimson Lights, Lily received a call from Madame Chauvin. Lily told her that she was on her way to the dance studio.

At home, Devon told Neil that he suggested Lily put the baby up for adoption. Neil said that wasn't going to happen-the baby was going to be loved by the Winters family. When Devon mentioned that the pregnancy would affect Lily's relationship with Neil, Neil told him that they would adjust.

Lily arrived at the dance studio and found a single rose on a stool. Cane surprised her and said the studio that Dru loved so much was the perfect place for him to propose to her. Cane got down on bended knee and showed a shocked Lily the ring that Katherine had given him. She told Cane she had dreamt many times about a man proposing to her-but in her dream, the man proposed because he wanted to, not because he had to. Lily told Cane she loved him with all her heart, but she needed time to consider his proposal. Cane told her he would give her the time she needed. Lily began crying and apologized to Cane before she ran out of the studio. A misty-eyed Cane stared after her.

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