The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on Y&R

Victor and Sabrina admitted that they were in love. Victoria recanted her offer for Sabrina to be Reed's godmother. Michael dropped his lawsuit against Jack. Gloria and Jeffrey made love. Karen moved out. Lily turned down Cane's marriage proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, April 21, 2008

In Gloria's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jeffrey was no fool after he "happened upon" Gloria and Alistair kissing. Jeffrey confronted Gloria and asked if she had expected him "to throw Alistair out on his pickled puss and ravage" her. Gloria rested her hand on Alistair's shoulder when she responded that Alistair gave her something that Jeffrey never could. Jeffrey, angry and frustrated, walked downstairs to the bar and ordered a drink. Gloria announced plans to take a bubble bath, which was her subtle technique of booting Alistair out of her suite, but Alistair eagerly volunteered to bathe with Gloria and give her a relaxing massage, as well. Gloria insisted that her "mood was broken" after her unfortunate encounter with Jeffrey, so Alistair left. Gloria was relieved to be rid of Alistair, but he had managed to sneak away with a key card to Gloria's room.

As Jeffrey sipped his drink at the bar, and as Gloria, alone in her suite, considered her next move, they both recalled the day at the Abbott mansion when they fought, but after a physical tussle, they embraced and shared a passionate kiss. Gloria, upset by her failed plan to reunite with Jeffrey, stepped into her bathroom to relax and unwind in the tub. Alistair snuck back into Gloria's room. Alistair brought a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine, and he sat down at the desk and penned a sappy note to Gloria. Jeffrey returned to Gloria's room and found Alistair's note. Jeffrey walked over the bed, where someone was under the cover asleep. Jeffrey sat down on the bed and told Gloria that he was losing his mind without her. Just after Jeffrey professed his love to Gloria, she burst out of the bathroom. An undressed Alistair rose from the covers. Jeffrey quickly fled. Gloria, in a robe, had a towel wrapped like a turban around her head, and her face was smeared with a half-dried mud mask. Gloria ran after Jeffrey, but he was gone.

Alistair, clueless about Gloria's true feelings, remained in Gloria's bed. An angry Gloria demanded an explanation from Alistair, and he claimed that he had waited for her but fell asleep. Gloria waved the empty bottle of wine in Alistair's face as she angrily observed that he had passed out. After Gloria literally threw Alistair out, he shocked other patrons when he stood in the hallway, dressed only in his underwear. With a sheet draped over his shoulder, Alistair pretended to rehearse as he emphatically recited, "Friends, Romans, countrymen." Alone again, Gloria dumped Alistair's flowers and his love note into a wastebasket. She thought about Jeffrey, and she exclaimed, "Oh, Jeffrey." Jeffrey stood just outside Gloria's door and almost knocked. After Jeffrey had second thoughts, he turned and walked away.

At the GCAC lounge, Sabrina told Victor that Victoria felt as though she had been betrayed after Victoria learned about Sabrina's romantic relationship with Victor. Victor admitted that he, too, felt bad that Victoria had been hurt. Victor assured Sabrina that he did not regret the time they had spent together. Sabrina was a bit stunned when Victor insisted that the couple fly to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim Museum. Victor noted that Sabrina loved art as much as he loved music.

In Nikki's office at Jabot, Nick told his mom that Victor had chosen to rent space on the lower floor of Restless Style's office building for his art gallery. After Nikki suggested that Nick not allow Victor to become a tenant, Nick explained that Victor owned the mortgage on the building. Nikki said she wasn't surprised by Victor's covert intrusion, and Nick alleged that Victor was poised to swoop in if the magazine venture were to fail. Felicia Forrester arrived, and she couldn't contain a wide grin when she saw Nick in his mother's office. Felicia looked over the photos of Lily and praised Lily's talent. After Felicia suggested that Nikki discuss business over dinner, Nikki, who already had plans with David, declined the offer. Since Phyllis was in New York, Nick agreed to meet Felicia for dinner at the club.

Nikki escorted Nick and Felicia to the club. When they walked in, they saw Sabrina and Victor kissing. Victor greeted Felicia, who immediately sensed the strain in Nick and his father's relationship. Felicia and Nick were seated for dinner, and Sabrina told Victor that she would see him later at home. After Sabrina left, Nikki berated Victor for being involved with Victoria's friend. After Nikki mentioned Nick's mortgage, Victor explained that he was looking out for Nick's best interest. Nikki accused Victor of having an ulterior motive, but Victor barked back that he didn't care what she thought. Nikki told Victor that his actions were hurting their children. Victor reminded Nikki that she had wanted another life, so she should just go and be with her "pipsqueak of a boyfriend." After Nikki went up to her room, Adam walked into the club carrying a file folder stuffed with business papers. Victor advised Adam to take a little time off, but Adam shared his plans to re-launch Beauty of Nature in England. Adam also told Victor that he had corrected the media release for Granville Global's acquisition of Cross Media, which was actually a cash sale instead of a stock transaction, so he had finalized the paperwork and signed off on it in Victoria's place.

In their room at the club, Nikki told David about her unpleasant encounter with Victor. David said that he couldn't understand how Nikki had stayed in her marriage to Victor. Nikki noted that as long as Victor was in charge, everything was fine. Nikki smiled when she observed that she was now free of Victor. David wondered if Nikki was upset when she saw Victor with another woman, but Nikki insisted that she was no longer in love with Victor. After a night of lovemaking, Nikki awoke to the buzzing sound of David's PDA, which Nikki picked up. After she read the text message, David emerged from the bathroom in search of his toothpaste. After David noticed the worried look on Nikki's face, he read the message, which stated: "Poker not for beginners, huh?" David assured Nikki that the message was from his former bookie, who refused to accept that David had retired from gambling. David promised Nikki that she had nothing to worry about, but Nikki seemed concerned.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria told J.T. that she refused to take Sabrina's calls. Victoria, who said she wished to forget about her father's relationship with her best friend, made plans to watch a movie at home with J.T., but J.T. claimed that he had received a call about a matter that needed attention. J.T. stopped by the ranch to talk to Sabrina. J.T. noted that Sabrina had been a bright spot in Victoria's life after she and Reed almost died, but after Sabrina upset Victoria by "hooking up" with Victor, J.T. demanded to know what Sabrina thought she was doing. Sabrina claimed that she had fallen in love with Victor, and she insisted that her love for Victor was real. J.T. sarcastically noted that her love must be "millions and millions real." Sabrina told J.T. that he was being judgmental, but J.T. explained that Sabrina had chosen to hurt Victoria when she became involved with Victor. J.T. demanded that Sabrina stop calling Victoria to offer apologies and beg forgiveness. Sabrina seemed stunned when J.T. insisted that Sabrina had exactly what she wanted-Victor. After J.T. went home, he told Victoria about his conversation with Sabrina. Victoria worried that Victor might fire J.T. if Sabrina told Victor about J.T.'s confrontation. J.T. comforted Victoria and told her that in the end, the only thing that mattered was them and their son.

When Victor returned to the ranch, he realized that Sabrina was upset. Sabrina told Victor that she might not be able to stay with him. Victor listened as Sabrina explained that their relationship adversely affected too many people. Sabrina said she was saddened to lose her friendship with Victoria in order to be with Victor, which was a relationship "without any guarantees since it could be over tomorrow or next week." Sabrina acknowledged that she did not like who she had become. Victor held Sabrina in his arms. Sabrina's sadness melted away when Victor expressed gratitude about having found happiness with her after living at the ranch alone, estranged from his family. Victor begged Sabrina to stay, and he acknowledged that he once had nothing, but now he seemingly had everything. They kissed and expressed their love for one another in French.

While Felicia and Nick dined and discussed business, Adam approached their table. After Nick introduced Adam to Felicia, Nick explained that Adam worked for Victor. When Adam mentioned that he was going to New York, Felicia asked if he would meet with Phyllis. Adam said, "No. But if I run into her, I'll be sure to tell her that I saw you both together." After Adam left, Nick explained that Adam was his half-brother, who only recently learned that Victor was his father. Felicia said that she could sense the tension between Nick and Adam. Felicia said that she knew first-hand about walking away from a demanding father to find one's own way. After Nick went home to check on Summer, Adam joined Felicia. Adam acknowledged that Victor had put him in Nick's place at the company. Adam told Felicia that he noticed how she had flirted with Nick when she touched his hand numerous times during dinner. Felicia explained that she and Nick enjoyed a wonderful business relationship. Adam piqued Felicia's interest when he told her that he had a similar relationship with Phyllis. Before they parted ways, Felicia gave Adam her business card, in case they needed to discuss any issue "they may have in common." Felicia encouraged Adam to mention to Phyllis, if he happened to see her in New York, that he had observed Felicia and Nick enjoying each other's company.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Jeff found Alistair nursing a hangover. When Jeff asked why Alistair had been passed out on Gloria's bed, Alistair told him that a gentleman didn't kiss and tell. In Gloria's suite, she came to on her bed, saw an empty wine glass, and murmured to herself: "Alistair... Jeff... Alistair... Jeff."

Later, Gloria ran into Jeff and Alistair in the dining room. They each invited her to breakfast, but Gloria said she needed to be alone. Jeff said he realized that Gloria was moving on. Saying that their "farce of a marriage" was over, Jeff told his wife that he was going to file for divorce. He added sinisterly, "We both know what that means." As Gloria walked away, she said, "Do what you gotta do, Bardwell."

At Jabot, Jill told Alistair that she wasn't happy with his lack of information about the Bardwells' relationship. Alistair told Jill that his "thespian instincts" told him that Jeff liked Jill a lot more than he liked Gloria. When Jill told Alistair she was cutting off his funds, Alistair told her that he overheard Jeff threaten to put Gloria behind bars. Her interest piqued, Jill told Alistair that this was his lucky day.

At the Baldwins', Michael made calls trying to line up expert witnesses for his lawsuit against Jack. Lauren sullenly looked on. He asked Lauren if the "silent treatment" meant that Lauren wanted Michael to drop the case. Lauren didn't say a word as Michael left.

At the Athletic Club, Jeff told Michael that he was worried about Gloria-he was filing for divorce, and Gloria had taken the news hard. Michael wondered why Jeff was so concerned about Gloria.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria told Kevin that Jeff was filing for divorce. Kevin was sure that meant that Jeff would probably go to the police. Gloria said she didn't care-perhaps it was time for her to accept what was coming to her. Kevin called Michael. Michael showed up, and Kevin and Gloria were surprised that he already knew about the possible divorce. He told Gloria that Jeff seemed "strangely concerned" about her. When Gloria asked if Jeff sounded like he meant it, Michael wanted to know why she cared. Gloria said that she didn't care, but Michael was skeptical. Michael received a call from a spinal injury expert who was going to testify against Jack. When Gloria asked Michael to drop the lawsuit, Michael reminded her that Lauren was almost killed-if ever a man deserved to be sued, he said, it was Jack Abbott. Gloria told Michael he reminded her of herself. She asked her son if the lawsuit was really about Lauren at all.

Later, Gloria and Jeff ran into each other at the club. After reminding each other about their infidelities, Gloria wondered why they should care, as their marriage was ending. Alistair and Jill walked by-when Jill asked if they were having a romantic moment, Jeff told her that he and Gloria had decided to part ways. Jeff asked Jill if she wanted a bite to eat. As Jeff and Jill walked off, Gloria said that she and Alistair would be enjoying room service. Gloria told Alistair to go upstairs to her suite and wait for her. After Alistair left, Gloria walked out of the club.

Michael returned home, looking tired and upset. He told Lauren that his mother said he was just like Gloria. When Lauren said that was an interesting observation, Michael reminded Lauren that the lawsuit was for Fenmore and her. Michael added, however, that he might have inherited a "vengeance gene" from Gloria. He also wondered if on some level he still was riding to Gloria's rescue. When Michael asked Lauren why she wasn't talking to him, she said that sometimes it was better when she didn't. When Lauren left to check on Fenmore, Michael made a phone call-he left a message for Jack to call him regarding the suit.

At the Abbott mansion, both Sharon and Noah were out running errands. Jack felt strangely alone and tried, to no avail, to get "John" to appear to him. Jack called Ashley and left a message-he said he just wanted to talk about the old days when the Abbotts all lived together as one big happy family. He asked Ashley to come home soon.

Jeff stopped by the mansion and asked Jack to allow Gloria to move back in. When Jack asked if Gloria had put him up to it, Jeff told him that Gloria had no idea that he was there. Jeff admitted that he originally came to Genoa City to milk Gloria for cash, but he had grown to care for her. Jack adamantly told Jeff that under no circumstances would he let Gloria move back in. After Jeff left, Jack again tried to conjure up his father's spirit.

At the Athletic Club, Victor asked Sabrina if she was worried about Victoria's reaction to their relationship. Sabrina said she not only worried about Victoria's reaction, but Nick's and Adam's as well. She told Victor that Adam felt that she had seduced Victor to further her career. Victor said that once her article in Art Forum was published, everyone would realize why he hired Sabrina as his art consultant. Before Victor left, he told Sabrina not to worry about anything.

Victor showed up at Victoria's. She told her father that if he was expecting her forgiveness, he was going to be disappointed. Victor said he hadn't seduced Sabrina-things were serious between them, this wasn't just a fling. He told his daughter that it was hypocritical of her to condemn his relationship with Sabrina while approving Nikki's relationship with David. Victor told her that he cared about the way she felt, but it was time for her to face reality.

Victoria went upstairs to check on Reed. As Victor was leaving, he ran into Nick. Nick told his father that Victoria was stressed out because of Victor's relationship with Sabrina. When Victor said that his children didn't have a say in whom he could or couldn't see, Nick told him that Victoria would never get used to the relationship. Nick told Victor that the more he tried to exert control over his children, the more he lost it.

Adam ran into Felicia at Crimson Lights. They conspiratorially decided that Felicia should visit Nick before she left for Los Angeles-and Adam should "work" on Phyllis. Felicia told Adam that although Nick was laid back, Adam was very much his "father's son."

Adam ran into Sabrina in her new first floor gallery office after unsuccessfully looking for Nick at the Restless Style office. Adam admired the space, and congratulated Sabrina on how "fast" she moved. Sabrina told Adam that he was underestimating Victor-which was not a good idea.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Nick commiserated about their father. When Victoria reminisced about how loving Victor had been while she was growing up, Nick told her that Victor had changed. Felicia joined them on the patio, and told Nick she would email him copy for the next set of Restless Style ads. She told Nick she was leaving for Los Angeles, and invited him to visit. Felicia gave Nick a kiss on the cheek. When Felicia left, Victoria told Nick he was "one smooth guy."

At the art gallery office, Victor told Sabrina how impressed he was with the space. Sabrina told Victor she was happy they no longer needed to sneak around. She added that, other than Victoria's reaction, their relationship was everything she wanted. She asked Victor if he was hurt by Victoria's reaction, and if he had any regrets.

Later, Nick stopped by Sabrina's office. She asked him if he could understand her relationship with Victor. Nick told Sabrina that she had no clue about what she had gotten herself into-that she would learn why Victor was referred to as "ruthless."

Victor ran into Adam at the Athletic Club. Victor told his son that after Adam returned from New York, Victor wanted to talk to him about expanding his role at Newman Enterprises. Victor told Adam how proud he was of his contributions, and wished his son good luck with his trip to New York.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Jill and Jeff seemed to be enjoying each other's company. Jeff denied that he had invited Jill to dine with him just to make Gloria jealous. When Jeff learned from a waiter that Gloria was not in her suite, Jill asked if he was going to look for his wife. Jeff said he wasn't-that he was right where he was supposed to be-with Jill. Fishing for information, Jill told Jeff that she was Gloria's friend and confidante. She asked Jeff if he knew that Gloria had manipulated William into marrying her. Perhaps, Jill said, Gloria did the same to Jeff. Jeff laughed at that suggestion.

Jeff drove Jill back to Jabot. Gloria's assistant told Jill that Nikki changed their essential oils supplier. Jill was upset that she hadn't been consulted, and left to find Nikki. Jeff learned from Gloria's assistant that Gloria was at Crimson Lights.

Lily visited Cane at the Chancellor mansion. She told Cane he was everything she wanted in a husband-but, for the time being, she didn't want a husband. Cane assured Lily that he loved her and she didn't have to worry about losing him. He added that he would take an active role in raising their child. Lily made an appointment to see her gynecologist.

Lily told Cane she was meeting Chloe at Jabot. When Lily said that she felt she was disappointing everyone involved with the Fresh Faces of Jabot campaign, Cane told her that Jill and Katherine were more interested in Lily's well-being than the campaign.

In the Jabot boardroom, Chloe told Lily that agents, trying to get Lily to sign with them, had been calling all day. Chloe said that perhaps Lily would be able to resurrect her career after she had the baby. Lily told her that the baby would always come first. Chloe said that she wasn't a heartless monster. She added that Lily had two things Chloe always wanted-a great guy and a terrific career. Lily hugged the uncharacteristically supportive Chloe.

Cane called Lily and she told him that things with Chloe went well. Cane told Lily that, while taking Katherine to the hospital for a routine check-up, he had learned that Lily was going to have an ultrasound the next day. He invited Lily to join him for dinner, but Lily already had plans to dine with Neil. Cane told her that he would take her to her ultrasound appointment the next morning-he wanted to be there to see the first pictures of their baby.

Jill returned to the Chancellor mansion and Cane told her that Lily rejected his marriage proposal-Lily felt that Cane proposed only because Lily was pregnant. Jill thought that was partly true, and reminded Cane that Lily must be overwhelmed. Cane told Jill that when he was a child he would stare at the sky and wish that he would find his mother. Cane said that his story ended happily when he found Jill-and that he wanted his baby's story to have a happy beginning.

At Crimson Lights, Jana suggested that Kevin go over to Gloria's table, but he refused. Jana went over to the depressed-looking Gloria. Gloria complained that she felt all alone-she soon wouldn't have a husband, plus her sons weren't speaking with her. Jana told Gloria that things would get better, particularly if Gloria "chose the light" and spread good karma. Kevin walked over and told Gloria that she should be happy because she was rich. Gloria said that didn't help-Jeff was probably going to send her to prison. Kevin said he wouldn't let Jeff do that. Kevin immediately rejected Jana's proposal for Gloria to help them plan their wedding. Gloria agreed with Kevin-she felt she might ruin the wedding if she were involved. Jana told Kevin that she learned about karma from an Indian swami, and tried to do a good deed every day. When Kevin mentioned that Jana read to kids at the women's shelter, Gloria thought perhaps she could give the women there some fashion advice and thus prove that she put others' needs before her own. Jana tactfully told Gloria that perhaps she could pick something a bit more "down to earth."

Gloria was gone when Jeff showed up looking for her at Crimson Lights. Kevin pounced on Jeff and warned him not to call the police. Jeff said he wasn't going to call the police-all he wanted was a cash settlement-he would then give Gloria the jar of tainted face cream and leave Genoa City forever. When Kevin left to take a phone call, Jana told Jeff she thought Gloria and Jeff were "karmically" connected. Jeff countered that Gloria was seeing another man-Alistair. Jana told Jeff that the only man Gloria wanted was Jeff-and added that Gloria was at the Athletic Club.

At the Baldwins', Michael told Lauren that he was dropping the lawsuit against Jack. He told his wife about a former professor who always taught him to "do justice." Michael said he realized that his lawsuit was about vengeance-not about justice. Lauren told Michael that she was proud of him. Michael said that every time he looked at Gloria he realized he never wanted to be like her.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren told Kevin and Jana that Michael was dropping the lawsuit. Although Kevin was not happy hearing the news, Jana was. Jana said the lawsuit was tainted from the start-and that the secret to good karma was compassion and honesty. She added that Michael had released a great deal of good karma into the universe by dropping the lawsuit. When Jana stepped away, Lauren and Kevin laughed at Jana's karma "obsession."

Jack was still wandering around the Abbott mansion calling for the spirit of his father. He blamed Gloria for John's ghost not visiting him.

Sharon returned home and sensed that Jack was unhappy. When Jack said that something just didn't feel right in the house, Sharon suggested redecorating. Jack said it wasn't the place that was bothering him-he was hung up on the past when all the Abbotts lived at the mansion. When Sharon asked if there was anything she could do, Jack said that her presence comforted him. He decided to go to the gym to work out, and, before he left, confirmed to Sharon that he was still planning to go to Chicago. After Jack left, Sharon picked up his cell phone and noticed that he had a lot of missed calls.

Jack ran into Gloria at the club. Jack suggested they call a truce, despite Michael's lawsuit. Gloria responded that Jack was the son of a man she had loved very much, and she wished him no ill will-and hoped that Jack felt the same about her.

Jack ran into Michael at the gym. He immediately went on the offense with Michael-Jack told him that he had no intention of settling the lawsuit out of court. Michael told Jack that Jack was a lot like Gloria-petty and malicious. He then informed Jack that he was dropping the lawsuit. A surprised Jack asked Michael why. Michael told him that lately he had been thinking about being a parent. He continued that although Jack had John to set a great example for him, Michael never had a good role model. He asked Jack if he was following in John's footsteps. What, asked Michael, would John think if he knew how Jack had treated Gloria? Michael walked away, leaving a pensive-looking Jack.

Jack went home and told Sharon that Michael was dropping the lawsuit. Sharon was pleased-she had a meeting with Lauren about Fenmore's Restless Style ads, and Sharon didn't think it would go well if the Abbotts were still bickering with the Baldwins. Jack told Sharon he felt there was something he had to set right with Gloria, but that they could discuss it when he returned from Chicago.

At the club, Michael told Gloria that he was dropping the lawsuit against Jack. Gloria told Michael she was proud of him. She added that the life she was living hadn't made her happy, and that Jana was coaching her on karma. Michael told his mother that she would have to expend a lot of good karma to make up for the things she had done.

Jana, Kevin, Michael, and Lauren wondered why Jeff had decided to leave Genoa City. Michael was suspicious-he didn't understand why Jeff wasn't hanging on to the jar of tainted cream. Lauren hypothesized that perhaps Jeff was just sick of the whole saga. Jana thought that Gloria and Jeff were in love with each other. Michael said that Gloria was predictable when she acted selfish and vindictive, but would be unpredictable if she started doing good deeds. That, Michael said, "could not be a good thing."

Back at the club, Gloria received a phone call. Gloria said that she needed to help somebody-the poorer, the better. Unaware that Jeff was listening to the phone call, Gloria added, "I do so want to adopt a child."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

When Sharon saw the latest photos for Restless Style, she thought they didn't work. Sharon told Nick that she was happy that she was able to share her thoughts and make decision about the Restless Style advertisements. Phyllis was ecstatic with the look of the new ads, and snubbed Sharon when she suggested that they retake the photos. Sharon called the photographer to make sure that he had still gone ahead with the photos. Phyllis told Daniel not to make any decisions without consulting her first. Sharon went to Phyllis to talk to her again about the photos. Phyllis suggested that Sharon email the suggestions to her. Sharon was frustrated and said that she already did.

Sabrina was hesitant about working at the ranch where she might run into Victoria. Victor insisted that she stay and work with him. He promised her that Victoria would get used to the idea of them together. Victoria and J.T. prepared for Reed's christening. Victoria told J.T. that she didn't feel comfortable having appointed Sabrina as Reed's godmother. Victoria decided to call Sabrina to discuss their relationship. Sabrina told Victor that she was relieved that Victoria wanted to talk to her. Victor said that Victoria cared too much to have them lose their friendship. When Sabrina went to see Victoria, she was crushed to learn that Victoria did not want her to be Reed's godmother anymore. Victoria went to Nick and asked if Phyllis would like to be Reed's godmother. When Sabrina returned to the ranch, she told Victor that Victoria didn't want anything to do with her anymore. Victor said that he was sorry that Victoria had hurt Sabrina. He wondered if she had any regrets. Sabrina said that she had no regrets at all. When Victor called the stable hand to set up horses for him and Sabrina, Nikki overheard that Victor was going to let Sabrina ride her horse. Nikki said that the horse belonged to her. She left angrily.

Lily thanked Neil for the dinner he made for them. Neil suggested that Lily stay with him for awhile. Lily told Neil that Cane had asked her to marry him. Neil congratulated Lily, but Lily told him that she had said no. Lily explained her feelings about going ahead with a marriage based on being pregnant. Neil understood. Lily told Neil that she wanted to name her baby after Drucilla. After Lily left, Neil decided to call Karen to apologize. When Lily visited Cane, she told him that dating seemed weird now that she was going to be a mother. Cane said that it was nonsense-they would continue dating and would watch as their relationship grew. Cane wondered if Lily wanted to move back in with her father. Lily said that she hadn't made any decisions yet. Cane said that his family wanted her to stay with them. He said otherwise her dad would be picking up sleeping bags on the couch.

Katherine offered to hold onto Lily's ring until Cane needed it. Cane talked to Katherine about how becoming a father reminded him of what he'd missed growing up. Katherine apologized for taking him away from his mother.

Jana told Amber that she'd found out that Lily was pregnant. Amber appeared not to care about the news, but nearly knocked Kevin down when she ran out the door. Kevin asked Jana what was going on with Amber. Amber went to Daniel to tell him the news about Cane and Lily. The news prompted Amber to think about where Daniel and she were in their relationship. They decided to make a date together. Daniel told his mother that he'd found out that Lily was pregnant. Phyllis wondered if Daniel was okay with it. Daniel said he had moved on. Phyllis said that she'd noticed.

Jana decided that they should choose another date for the wedding; she wanted it to be on a full moon because she'd heard it was good luck. Kevin had a surprise for Jana, he wanted them to get tattooed rings so that they could mark their love forever.

Jill was furious when Nikki continued to make decisions at Jabot without consulting her first. David said that Nikki had put a lot of research into her decision and that she should at least take it into consideration. Jill threw Nikki's paperwork in the trash. Jill saw Brad and asked him what he knew about David's business experience. Brad said that Nikki must have had some reason to pick David for the position besides wanting to marry him.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Daniel was at Indigo. Amber showed up for their first "date," wearing a very revealing outfit. When Daniel said it was kind of weird to be having a date, Amber said it was kind of nice. Lily and Cane showed up and Amber told Daniel that if they came over, he shouldn't mention that they were on a "date." Lily and Cane stopped by, and Amber told Lily she had a "special glow." Lily attributed the glow to a new Jabot make-up base. Lily and Cane left to find a table. Amber and Daniel laughed at their inside joke-unbeknownst to Lily, they knew that Lily was pregnant.

Later, Daniel and Amber agreed it was pathetic that the most exciting part of their date was seeing their former spouses. Amber wondered if it was possible for her and Daniel to actually be a couple. Daniel said they would always be best friends. Amber said it was not worth the risk for them to sacrifice their friendship by taking it further, but quickly changed her mind when Daniel kissed her. They bolted out of Indigo and ended up at Amber's apartment, where they began ripping each other's clothes off.

Karen stopped by to see Neil at Indigo, having just returned to Genoa City from a visit with her family. She told Neil she had done a lot of thinking while she was away-and had decided that she was in love with Neil. Neil told Karen how much he had missed her. When Neil told Karen that he wanted her to come home, Karen emphasized that it was Neil's home and not hers. Neil told Karen he realized that he freaked her out when he suggested that they raise Lily and Cane's baby-but that was a moot point. He informed Karen that Lily and Cane were planning on raising the child. Karen said that she didn't want to be a surrogate grandmother. When Neil said that Karen's moving out would not be a good solution, Karen insisted it would be.

Later, Lily and Cane saw Neil sitting alone. Lily sensed that something was wrong and invited her father to join them. Neil said he had to leave-he had an early meeting the next day. As he left, Lily told Cane that something was wrong.

Neil almost tripped over one of Karen's bags when he arrived home. He told Karen he had hoped she would change her mind. She told Neil he needed to concentrate on Lily-and that Karen moving back to her apartment would give both Karen and Neil some breathing room. Neil said he felt as if he was losing Karen. She assured Neil that her love for him hadn't changed-but she felt it was necessary to move out. She grabbed her luggage and left the apartment.

Back at Indigo, Lily joked about her ravenous appetite. Cane told her that he would love her even if she weighed 300 pounds. He presented Lily with a "Madonna and child" necklace. As he placed it around her neck, Lily said that she would wear it forever. Lily told Cane that if the baby were a girl she wanted to name her Drucilla; if it were a boy she wanted to name him Drew. Cane suggested "Jill" as a middle name if it were a girl, "Phillip" if it were a boy. Lily said that she knew the last several days hadn't been easy on Cane, but assured him she loved him with all of her heart. Cane kissed her and suggested that they leave.

Gloria arrived at the Athletic Club and complained to the doorman that they didn't know how to make soup at the women's shelter. Jeff overheard as he came downstairs and was surprised to learn that Gloria was volunteering at a soup kitchen. He told Gloria he overheard her talking to her lawyer about adopting a baby, adding that Gloria had "officially" lost her mind. Gloria told Jeff that raising a child would be a "do over," as she realized she hadn't done a good job raising Michael and Kevin. When Gloria said she wanted to change her life, Jeff asked her if she was prepared to be a mother. Gloria wondered why Jeff cared, and told him she wanted to change her karma, just like Jana did. Jeff told Gloria that she shouldn't change at all-that he loved her unpredictability. When Jeff asked Gloria why she insisted on being alone, Gloria said she didn't like sharing him with Kyon and Jill. When Jeff said that he had waited a long time to hear Gloria say that, she left the bar and went upstairs, leaving Jeff saying "No!"

Later, Gloria was napping in her suite when Jeff arrived at the door. After she let him in, they shared a passionate kiss.

In the Athletic Club dining room, the Hellstroms were dining with Nick and Phyllis. Victoria told Phyllis there had been a change of plans-Sabrina was no longer going to be Reed's godmother. Victoria asked Phyllis if she would stand in for Sabrina, and Phyllis said she would be honored to. Phyllis said that it was okay if Victoria changed her mind again-she realized that Victoria was angry with Sabrina. Nick assured Phyllis that Victoria was one hundred percent sure she wanted Phyllis, not Sabrina, to be Reed's godmother.

Adam stopped by their table. He and Phyllis compared notes on their trips to New York. Phyllis said her trip was successful-she was still in the process of luring a famous photographer to work for Restless Style. Phyllis told Adam she thought she saw him in New York with a beautiful brunette on his arm. Adam insisted that it wasn't him. Victoria seemed upset when Adam said he was in the process of convincing a "big star" to become the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. After Adam left, Phyllis insisted that she had seen him in New York.

Alone at the table, Victoria told Phyllis she knew that it was a waste of energy being angry at Sabrina. Phyllis empathized-she knew from her experience with Danny that betrayal was intense. Phyllis suggested that Victoria have a heart-to-heart talk with Sabrina.

At the Athletic Club bar, J.T. and Nick agreed that the stress of having Adam at Newman, along with Victor and Sabrina's relationship, was taking its toll on Victoria. When J.T. told Nick that he was investigating Adam's background, Nick asked to be kept posted. When Nick said that he needed "to keep his friends close, but his enemies closer," J.T. asked Nick if he planned to make Adam his new best friend. Nick replied, "Something like that." J.T. assured Nick he would inform him if any suspicious information about Adam turned up.

At the Newman ranch, Victor and Sabrina returned from horseback riding. Sabrina seemed bothered by the fact that she had ridden Nikki's horse, but Victor told her that they were living in the present, not in the past. Sabrina gave the staff the night off and prepared dinner for Victor. When she told Victor she would be busy working during Reed's christening, Victor insisted that she attend the christening as his guest. Sabrina thought that might upset Victoria, but Victor said that eventually Victoria would be happy that Sabrina attended. Sabrina told him how much she appreciated his standing by her side even though his family disapproved of their relationship. Victor told her that he was sure Victoria would come around, but asked Sabrina if she would be okay if Victoria didn't. Sabrina said she would be.

Adam entered the Newman house while Victor and Sabrina were romantically entangled on the couch. He left a folder in the hallway, then left before the couple realized he was there. Outside the front door, he ran into Victoria. He tried to warn Victoria not to go in, but she ignored his advice and was shocked to see Sabrina wearing nothing but her bathrobe. Sabrina begged Victoria not to leave, but Victoria ran out the front door. Adam then came in and told Sabrina he had dropped off some papers for Victor.

Later, Victor tried to comfort an upset Sabrina. Victor told her that he had fallen in love with her, and Sabrina told him she reciprocated. Before they kissed, Victor said that nothing would bother them anymore.

Adam showed up at Victoria's. Although she was hostile, he asked if he could come in. He told Victoria he knew that she was hurt seeing Sabrina at the main house. Victoria didn't react, and just asked Adam what he wanted. When he said he stopped by because he saw that she was hurt, Victoria said he had probably just dropped by to gloat. Adam said that wasn't true, and reminded Victoria that he had tried to stop her from entering the main house. Adam told Victoria he thought Sabrina was setting Victor up-he added that he saw Victor and Sabrina kissing at the office weeks ago. When Victoria said that Adam must be loving every minute of it, he insisted he wasn't. Victoria told Adam not to make a show of "brotherly love." When Adam accused Victoria of being self-centered, Victoria told Adam that he didn't know anything about her. Adam became upset and told Victoria that she was the opposite of Adam's mother Hope, who was a kind, generous woman. Victoria told Adam to leave. Adam left-leaving Victoria alone and in tears.

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Noah confesses
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