The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on Y&R

Lily found out that she had lost her baby. David played in a secret poker game at Brad's house. Adam's ex-girlfriend, Skye, pretended to be a novice in order to receive an invitation into Brad's game. Jeffrey filed for divorce.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, April 28, 2008

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, J.T. ordered a special take-out breakfast to share with Victoria before Reed's christening. Adam stopped by to chat with J.T., who extended a cursory invitation for Adam to join the blessed occasion. Adam declined due to pressing business matters. J.T. seemed relieved that Adam would not attend.

Nikki stopped by J.T. and Victoria's house and gave her treasured Bible to Reed as an early christening gift. Victoria told her mother that she felt blessed to be a wife and mother. Nikki said that Victoria had everything she deserved. After J.T. returned with breakfast, Nikki left. Victoria worried that Victor might bring Sabrina to the christening, but J.T. said that no matter what happened, it would still be Reed's special day. Victoria wasn't thrilled when J.T. mentioned that he had invited Adam, but she was relieved when J.T. told her that her pompous half-brother couldn't come. J.T. noted that Victor seemed to be replacing his family with Sabrina and Adam. Victoria said that she wished Adam and Sabrina had never come to Genoa City.

At Neil's apartment, Lily prepared for her first ultrasound examination by drinking plenty of water and juice. When Lily noticed that Karen wasn't around, she asked Neil why. Neil explained that Karen had returned to her place for a few days to think. Lily theorized that Karen had backed away after Neil invited Lily to move back home, so he could help raise his grandchild. Neil told Lily that he and Karen would be together if that was the way it was meant to be. Cane stopped by to pick up Lily, and Neil noticed Lily's "mother-and-child" pendant that Cane had given her. Neil asked Lily to get a clear photo of the baby. After Lily and Cane left, Neil phoned Karen and left a message. He asked Karen to call, so they could find a way to work things out. Devon stopped by, and he and Neil flipped through a photo album filled with baby photos of Lily.

At the obstetrician's office, Cane listened and Lily gently caressed her abdomen while the doctor explained that Lily's current state of health seemed good. Lily asked when she would start to show, and the doctor explained that women typically show signs of pregnancy in the third month. Lily and Cane were surprised to learn that the baby was about the size of a grain of rice at Lily's current gestation. When the ultrasound technician began the procedure, Lily and Cane pointed to the screen and attempted to identify images that might resemble the size of a rice grain. Both Lily and Cane cooed to the screen and greeted their baby. The technician didn't answer questions about he exam, which left Lily and Cane puzzled. When the doctor returned, she told an anxious Lily and Cane that Lily was not pregnant because her embryo had stopped developing and had been reabsorbed by her body. Lily was devastated. As Cane cradled her in his arms, Lily repeatedly cried, "I don't understand."

At Restless Style's headquarters, Nick ended up between a rock and a hard place when Sharon demanded that some ads, which she claimed appeared as blurs of color rather than stylish photos of dresses, be redone. Nick had earlier agreed with Sharon that the ad photos needed to be redone, but he changed his mind and decided to use the ads as they were. Sharon seemed miffed, but she didn't press the matter further before she left to get Noah ready for Reed's christening. When Phyllis questioned Nick about his earlier decision to agree with Sharon, Nick explained that Jack and Sharon were their partners, so his decision was a courtesy. Nick added that he would have expected Jack to do the same for Phyllis. After Nick left, Phyllis searched for her car keys. Adam stopped by and admired the photos that Sharon had criticized. After Phyllis noted that "some people" didn't like the ads, Adam said, "My advice is to fire them." A flattered Phyllis jokingly asked Adam if she could quote him on the issue. After Adam found Phyllis' keys, she left to attend the christening. Sabrina stopped by to return a piece of mail. Adam whispered an apology for having accidentally walked into Sabrina and Victor's "sexcapade." After Sabrina mentioned that she was attending the christening, Adam told her that Victoria wouldn't want her there. Sabrina explained that she was with a man who was very much available. Sabrina noted that she had seen Adam eyeing Phyllis, and she reminded Adam that Phyllis was his brother's wife.

At Victor's ranch, Victor and Sabrina shared muffins and coffee before Sabrina quickly rushed off to bid on a piece of art in Africa. Before the christening, Nikki arrived with David. Before they entered, David received a call, which he took outside after Nikki stepped inside. David told the caller that she had been told not to call him, and he added that "there's no such thing as a sure thing." Inside, Nikki looked around the sitting room as if she were reminiscing. Sabrina, who had returned for the christening, breezed into the room, and she told a caterer that she needed to find additional silver platters. Nikki quickly noted where the caterer could find the platters. After Nikki offered to handle the caterer for Sabrina, Victor entered and explained that Sabrina was attending the christening with him. When Nikki asked Victor if he had "informed" Victoria, Victoria, carrying Reed, and J.T. walked in. Victoria responded that Victor had not told her that he had invited Sabrina.

As everyone in the room became tense, J.T. explained that when Victoria decided that Sabrina would no longer be Reed's godmother, he thought she would have known not to come. Sabrina quietly offered to leave, but Victor insisted that Sabrina stay because she was his guest. Just before Sharon and Noah walked in, as David followed behind, Victor bellowed that it was his house, and he would "damn well invite whoever he pleased." Noah carried his video camera. As Noah scanned the room, he mistook Sabrina for the minister. J.T. quickly introduced Sabrina as Victoria's old friend. Victoria added that Sabrina was now also a friend of his grandpa's. After Noah scampered off to check out the refreshments, Nikki whispered to Victoria and asked if Sabrina should stay. While Victor and Sabrina cooed to each other in French, Victoria told her mother that she would not allow Sabrina to ruin their day. Just as Victor uttered, "Pas de problème," Nikki spun around and glared at him.

After Phyllis, Nick, and Summer arrived, Phyllis told Victoria that she was honored to be Reed's godmother. Sabrina approached and asked to speak to Victoria alone. Sabrina explained that she had not meant to make the situation awkward for Victoria. Victoria said she accepted Sabrina's statement as an apology. Sabrina gave Victoria a silver rattle as a gift for Reed. In another part of the room, David told Nikki that she was handling Victor's insensitivity with grace. Nikki said she liked Victor better when he was cutting out paper snowflakes. David's phone rang, and he stepped out to take the call. Paul arrived just after David stepped out. J.T. embraced Paul, and Victor shook Paul's hand. After Victor asked if Adam was coming, J.T. explained that Adam was working. After Victor walked away, J.T. told Paul that the family was relieved that Adam was not coming. When David returned, Nikki asked why he was receiving so many calls. David explained that he had requested that all calls regarding Jabot business be forwarded to him. After David went to get a drink, Paul asked Nikki to meet him for coffee sometime. Nikki agreed. When David returned, Paul stared menacingly at David.

When Nick spoke to Victor, Sabrina told Nick that she was pleased with the space he leased for the art gallery. When Sabrina offered the gallery for magazine photography sessions, Nick quickly dismissed the idea, and then he walked away. Victor told Sabrina that Nick was being rude. Sabrina sighed. Victor greeted the minister after he arrived, and they all gathered around to begin the christening ceremony. Sabrina stood to the right of the minister, next to Victor. After the minister voiced a prayer, he called for the godparents to present Reed for christening. Phyllis cradled Reed in her arms and cried softly as she pledged to support him all of his life. Nick told Reed that he knew all of his mother's secrets from her diaries. Victoria laughed. Nick told his sister that he had always dreamed that the family would stay close. After the godparents spoke, the minister baptized the baby as Reed Newman Hellstrom.

A song, "Bless the Beast and the Children," composed by Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin, Jr., played. The song's lyrics, sung by Laura Ann Wight, were: "Bless the beast and the children. For in this world, they have no voice; they have no choice. Bless the beasts and the children. For the world can never be the world they see. Light their way when the darkness surrounds them and give them love; let it shine all the around them. Bless the beasts the children. Give them shelter from the storm; keep them safe; keep them warm."

During the song, a montage of heartfelt moments was seen. In his room at the club, Adam removed a photo of his mother from his wallet. As he gazed at the picture, he choked back tears. At the ranch, Nikki turned her head away when Victor kissed Sabrina on the lips. When David covertly read a text message on his phone, Paul noticed from across the room. Nick held Summer, as Noah and Phyllis all sat together in the atrium. Sharon stopped nearby, glared at Phyllis, then turned quickly and walked away. Neil took a weeping Lily into his arms when she and Cane returned to Neil's apartment. Devon looked saddened as he watched his father comfort his sister.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The phones were ringing off the hook at Restless Style, and Phyllis asked Sharon for help. Sharon told her that she was too busy. Nick told them that they had to rework a layout in the magazine. When Sharon had a suggestion for a replacement, Phyllis said they couldn't use it because they'd already agreed on a table of contents. Sharon went to Nick to talk to him about pulling the ad. When Nick agreed, Phyllis was angry that Nick had undermined her.

Amber babbled to the barista at the coffeehouse about her desire for a true romance. She said that she was jealous of the way Cane and Lily showed their feelings for each other. When Daniel arrived, Amber tried to tell him that she wished their relationship were more like Lily and Cane's. Daniel said that he was happy with their relationship

At Restless Style, Amber was proud that they had used her designs. Amber suggested that it might be a good idea to wear her designs to the office. Phyllis and Daniel thought it was a great idea. Amber was happy to hear that Phyllis was impressed with her work. When Amber rushed back to her desk to answer phones, Daniel kept trying to secretly kiss her. Amber had enough and went off on Daniel. She screamed that she was not a vending machine that he could just come and snack on anytime he wanted. She loudly exclaimed in front of everyone that they should have never had sex. Phyllis and Sharon were silent. Nick took Daniel aside and asked if he and Amber were together. Daniel admitted it was true, but that she was a little crazy. Amber tried to tell Daniel that she was hurt that Daniel seemed to be interested in her only for sex. Daniel told Amber that wasn't true at all; he told her that it was Amber he wanted to hang out with, Amber who knew he cried watching chick flicks, Amber he shared his secrets with. When they started kissing, Phyllis looked over at Nick and begged him to tell her that it was only a fling. Nick said that it didn't look like it.

Nikki told Victoria that Reed's christening was beautiful. Victoria said that Reed was a miracle. Nikki was impressed that Victoria didn't let Sabrina's presence affect the ceremony. Victoria said that she was tired of all the anger she had been feeling. She asked Nikki how she had learned how to forgive Victor so many times. Nikki told her that she'd realized that she loved Victor more than she wanted to hate him. Victoria gave Nikki some of her new ideas for her beauty line. Victoria said that she would have used them for Beauty of Nature, but that wasn't her department anymore. Nikki and Nick told her that there was always a place for her at their companies if she wanted. When Nikki left, Victoria found a gift from Adam at the door. It was a cross necklace for Reed.

David met with another dealer and used Nikki's position at Jabot as leverage. When Nikki went to David, she tried to talk to him about his mysterious behavior. David said it was because he was secretly planning their wedding.

Adam asked Victor if he'd enjoyed the christening. Victor said it was a wonderful time; he'd wished that Adam would have attended. Adam said he was too busy. Victor told him that there would be some new changes at Newman. Adam said that he thought going back to Acquisitions might be a better fit for him. Victor said that he would think about it. When Victor left, Adam's old girlfriend was at the door.

Neil sympathized with Lily on her loss. She said that he didn't have to be sorry for her; she knew it was time to move on. Cane asked Neil how he could help Lily. Neil told him to just be there for her. Katherine called Cane to ask about Lily's ultrasound and Cane said that he would meet her at the club. When Cane met with Katherine and Jill, they asked him what was wrong. Cane told them that they'd lost the baby. He said that he didn't know what to do to help Lily. Jill told Cane that she'd lost a baby too. Katherine said that it wasn't Jill's fault.

Neil told Victor that he had an emergency and couldn't make it to work. Lily told him that she would be okay. Neil decided to go in after all. Victor asked Neil if he would show Adam the ropes in the Mergers and Acquisitions Department. Victor went to Victoria and told her that he wanted to give her back Beauty of Nature. He said that he wanted Adam to have the Mergers and Acquisitions.

Lily opened an old treasure box that belonged to her mother. Karen came by to pick up some of her things and asked Lily about the baby. Lily told her that she'd lost it. Karen told Lily that she'd been trying to find the right words to say to Lily. Lily asked Karen if she ever wanted children. Karen said that it wasn't right for her, but if it was what Lily wanted, it was possible. Karen told Lily that she believed the saying about babies feeling their mother's emotions. She said that she was sure that her baby knew it was loved. When Karen was leaving, Neil ran into her in the hallway. Karen sympathized with Neil for Lily's loss. Neil didn't seem to believe her. When Neil walked into the house, he found Lily clutching her mother's treasure box. When he went to hold her, she broke down in tears.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adam welcomed Skye into his room at the Athletic Club. They kissed passionately. Afterwards, they discussed the fact that she was number one in their graduating class at Harvard Business School-Adam was number two.

Skye told Adam she wanted to find a poker game in Genoa City. Adam remembered how well Skye played poker, but told her that he didn't know of any local games. As Adam was leaving for the office, Skye said she would barhop until she found a poker game. Laughing, Adam said he wouldn't unleash a big city girl on "this small, peaceful town."

At the Newman house, Victoria accused Victor of giving the Newman merger and acquisitions department to Adam because she was a married woman. She reminded Victor of all of her accomplishments as head of that department. Victor was appreciative, but told Victoria that, since Adam had a Harvard M.B.A., he was better suited to run the merger and acquisitions department. Victoria's expertise, he added, made her better suited to run Beauty of Nature. Victoria complained that Victor was spending too much time focusing on his "young girlfriend." When Sabrina entered the room, Victoria turned to leave, saying that "one of us has work to do."

Adam stopped by Victoria's and told her that he felt bad about the turn of events at Newman. He told Victoria he had been looking at a new company that he thought would be a great fit for Beauty of Nature. When Victoria learned that the company made natural cleaning products, Victoria said it would be a very bad fit. She explained that cleaning products were about making a family healthy, while Beauty of Nature's products were about making a woman feel beautiful. She told Adam to pitch the idea to Victor-she was sure that Victor would not approve the acquisition. Adam left for the main house.

Adam told Victor about the cleaning products company. He explained that its products were biodegradable and would revolutionize the "green" products market. He told Victor he had run the idea by Victoria, and that she had reservations about the company. Victor suggested he run the idea by Victoria again-and until he did that, Adam was not to take any steps to acquire the company.

J.T. found Victoria moping at home. She told him that Adam had come by, wanting her to approve a possible acquisition for Beauty of Nature. Annoyed that Adam had stopped by, J.T. asked Victoria if she wanted him to talk to Adam. Victoria assured J.T. that she could handle Adam.

Nikki and David dined at the Athletic Club. David was upset that Nikki didn't completely trust him. He told Nikki that although she had been burned by Victor, David was the remedy-the "anti-Victor." Nikki assured David that she still planned to marry him. David's cell phone kept ringing during their conversation. He told Nikki that he generally was not a patient person, but he would wait until Nikki no longer had any doubts about him. When his phone rang again, David told Nikki he had to take the call-it was the office. He walked away from the table.

David had lied to Nikki-it was David's bank, calling to tell him his account was overdrawn. David harshly told the banker to charge his overdrafts to his credit card. David began calling his credit card company to obtain a cash advance, but hung up when Brad joined him at the bar. When he asked Brad if the weekly poker game was still on, Brad said there would always be a seat for David at the table. Nikki walked over, and she and David returned to their table.

When Nikki asked David who it was on the phone, he assured her it wasn't his bookie. David said that he was becoming resentful about Nikki's constant badgering, and being resentful was bad for an addict. He told Nikki he lost his appetite and stormed out of the club.

Nikki realized she didn't have her cell phone with her. Using a house phone, she dialed her own number and was surprised when Victor answered-she realized that she left the phone at Victor's after Reed's christening. When Nikki asked Victor to leave the phone on the porch, he told her he would keep the phone inside the house and wait for her to pick it up.

Later, at Victor's, Nikki thanked her ex-husband for arranging the christening. When Nikki continued that he had made J.T. and Victoria very happy, Victor said that both he and Nikki were responsible for the Hellstroms' happiness. As they began to have their first friendly conversation in months, Sabrina entered the room. Nikki turned cold and told them to have a lovely evening-then she walked out. When Sabrina asked Victor if everything was okay, he replied that as long as Sabrina was there, everything would be okay.

At Indigo, Paul asked J.T. for information about David. He told J.T. that he was investigating David because Nikki was an old friend. Paul added that Nikki didn't know that he was checking up on her fiancé. J.T. told Paul that he had done a background check on David, and David seemed to have a clean past. Paul told J.T. that he had learned from Nikki that David once had a gambling problem-perhaps David had fallen off the wagon. J.T. told Paul he would keep his eyes and ears open-he wouldn't want to see his mother-in-law hurt.

Skye sat at the Athletic Club bar with a deck of cards and a "Poker for Dummies" book. She pretended that she knew little about the game, asking the bartender if a straight flush beat a full house. Overhearing, Brad joined Skye. Continuing her charade, Skye told Brad she had watched the World Series of Poker on television and really wanted to learn how to play. When Brad offered her lessons, she said would prefer "action" to lessons. Brad extended an invitation to his weekly poker game.

Later, Skye told Adam that she had played the "gee, how do I play poker" routine and managed to get invited to a game. He was impressed, and they shared a laugh before they kissed.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Gloria was upset that Jeff wasn't around. She reminisced about the night when she and Jeff made love. In the Athletic Club entryway, Jeff was on the phone with a skywriter, planning to send a "skywritten" love message to Gloria.

Jeff joined Gloria and apologized for not calling her-he said his cell phone battery had died. Gloria complained that Jeff had left her suite that morning without sharing breakfast with her. Jeff said that, unlike her, he couldn't sleep until noon. When Jeff said that the other night was "magical," Gloria told him that she had succumbed to carnal lust, and that she needed to behave on a "higher karmic plane." Jeff asked Gloria if she still planned to adopt a child, and she said she would be a wonderful mother-after all, she raised two wonderful boys. When Jeff said that Michael and Kevin would be in therapy for the rest of their lives, Gloria told him to get lost. Jeff angrily told Gloria that he had been working with a realtor trying to find them a place to live-but he was happy the realtor hadn't found one. As he hastily exited the club, he called the skywriter and told him to cancel the love message for Gloria.

Jack returned home from his Chicago trip. Sharon asked him if he had recovered from his guilt about buying the mansion back from Gloria. Jack told Sharon that as long as he could have dinner with her and Noah, all was well with the world.

Later, relaxing on the couch, Jack told Sharon that he no longer felt guilty about the situation with Gloria. As they began kissing, Sharon found one of Gloria's earrings under a cushion. Jack said that would be the last time Gloria interrupted them in their house.

Jeff stopped by to ask Jack to reconsider and allow Gloria to stay at the mansion. Jeff reminded Jack that Gloria had convinced Michael to drop the lawsuit against the Abbotts. He told Jack that Gloria would even live in the pool house. Jack adamantly refused Jeff's request, and asked Jeff to leave.

At Indigo, Gloria interrupted the Baldwins' quiet night out. Lauren and Michael were shocked when she told them that she was planning to adopt a child-Michael said it was the most idiotic idea she ever had. Gloria said that she didn't want Michael or Kevin to be jealous of their baby brother or sister-she would always love her oldest boys. She then walked over and joined her adoption attorney at another table. Michael told Lauren that if Gloria grew bored raising her child, Fen would probably have a new little brother or sister.

When Gloria learned from her attorney that she would be fingerprinted and subject to an FBI background check during the adoption process, she quickly changed her mind and fired the attorney. Gloria rejoined the Baldwins. When Michael started walking over to tell the attorney some "juicy tidbits" about Gloria, she told her son not to bother.

Jill ran into Jeff at the Athletic Club. After he invited her to lunch, Jill wondered if Gloria was still in the picture. Jeff said that he was in the process of "erasing" her from the picture.

Gloria found Jeff leaving the club, and told him she wanted to talk. Gloria started to apologize for her earlier behavior, but Jeff didn't want to hear about it-he was leaving. When Gloria asked Jeff where he was going and what she should do, Jeff said, "Frankly, my dear..." He walked out of the club, leaving Gloria very much alone.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phyllis and Nick arrived at work and happily told everyone that it was their first anniversary. Sharon wondered if they should have bought a gift for them. Jack asked what the appropriate gift would be for someone who had stolen his ex-wife and cheated on Sharon. Nick had created a secret clue finder game for Phyllis. Sharon watched on the sidelines.

Phyllis talked to Daniel about his relationship with Amber. She said that as long as he was having a good time it was okay. Phyllis realized her next clue was in the elevator, the place where Summer was born. Her next clue was something Nick had recorded about how much he loved Phyllis. Her final clue was dinner for two at the Colonnade room, and a framed picture that Summer had drawn. Nick said the hidden meaning in Summer's picture revealed that Summer loved her more than there were stars in the sky.

Jack met with another client for Restless Style, who was surprised that Victor wasn't involved. Jack said that Nick Newman was the new Newman. When Jack came home, Sharon hugged him and told him that she had to come home. She said she couldn't take anymore of the anniversary show. She was upset that it still bothered her. Jack told her that Nick and Phyllis' still bothered him too. They decided to not return to work. Jack told Sharon about Jeffrey's suggestion to let Gloria move into the pool house. Sharon said that she could deal with Gloria in small doses, but that was too much.

Victoria didn't agree with Adam's proposal to bring a cleaning company into their Beauty of Nature line. Victoria had done her homework and said that the company hadn't run a clean campaign. When Victor still went through with Adam's idea, Victoria was outraged. Adam told her that she couldn't handle competition. Victoria angrily told Neil about Adam's new deal. Victor asked Neil if he disapproved of Adam's new deal as much as Victoria. Neil told Victor that he might lose Victoria if he continued to push her buttons. Victoria sat in the break room and thought about moving on from her job at Newman. When Victor saw her and invited her to dinner, she suggested that Adam might have time to go.

Cane told Jill that he hadn't heard from Lily. Jill told him to give her time. She told Cane that Felicia Forrester had requested that Lily do another shoot with them. When Jill wondered if Lily still wanted to continue modeling, Lily interrupted them. She said that she was ready to return to work. Lily ran into Karen and apologized for getting in the way of her relationship with Neil.

Lily and Cane had dinner together at the Athletic Club. Cane tried to talk to Lily about the baby, but she didn't want to talk about it. She said that she was fine, and was upset with Cane that he continued to try to talk about it.

Amber met with Katherine to continue writing Kay's memoir. Amber asked her if two people could really love each other after many years. Katherine told her that the only way it could happen was if she gave it a chance.

Alistair visited Katherine's estate and Esther was shocked at his uncanny resemblance to John. Alistair was upset that everyone kept thinking he was John's ghost. When Katherine offered him some coffee, Jeffrey came out of Jill's room and also asked for some coffee. Alistair concluded that if Jeffrey was with Jill, Gloria must be all alone. He wondered if John had been the love of Gloria's life. Katherine said he was, but that their story was very sad. She said that most love stories don't end the way people wanted them to. When Jill came home, Katherine asked her why Jeffrey was staying with her. Jill said that if Jeffrey let his guard down, he might give them info about his relationship with Gloria.

Gloria asked the doorman at the Athletic Club why Jeffrey Bardwell wasn't in his room. The doorman said that Jeffrey had checked out the night before. Alistair went to visit Gloria and told her that Jeffrey was living with Jill. Gloria said that he must be mistaken. Alistair said that he saw Jeffrey come downstairs with his own eyes, and declare that he was Jill's guest at the Chancellor estate. Alistair told Gloria that he'd realized the real reason he had come to Genoa City was to give Gloria solace. Gloria said that Jeffrey wasn't going to get away with that. Gloria went to Katherine's and pretended to be dropping off some work for Jill. She acted surprised to see that Jeffrey was there. Gloria said that Jeffrey looked at home. Jeffrey said that Jill made sure that all his needs were met. Gloria said that if Jill was dumb enough to be taken in by Jeffrey she deserved everything she got.

Friday, May 2, 2008

At Jabot, David and Brad ran into each other. David asked if that night's poker game was still on. Brad assured him it was-and that no one from Jabot would be there. So, Brad added, Nikki would never know that David had been there.

In the Jabot boardroom, Jill met with Heather and Nikki. Jill thanked Heather for breaking the contract with the company that David had tapped to supply essential oils to Jabot. After Heather left, Nikki told Jill that she was tired of Jill's micro-management. Jill said she would continue until Nikki and David had proven themselves. Until then, everything would go through Jill. Jill implied that Nikki could leave Jabot if she had a problem with that.

In the hallway, Heather ran into Brad. She accepted Brad's invitation to join him for dinner the next weekend. Paul overheard and did not look pleased. Brad walked away as Paul asked Heather to join him for dinner that night. Heather declined, saying that she was too busy.

Back in the boardroom, Brad told Jill he had a proposal to revive the men's line. She asked Brad if he had run the suggestion by Nikki, but Brad said he wanted to bring it directly to Jill. Jill reminded Brad about the chain of authority, and told Brad she would run his proposal by Nikki and David. Brad and Jill reminisced about how important John had been in their lives-Brad said he wanted to help any way he could to honor John's memory.

Nikki told David how irritated she was at Jill's constant interference. David lied and told Nikki he would be working late that night-he said he had an interview with a job candidate. He presented Nikki with a certificate for a massage at the Athletic Club.

After Nikki's massage, she ran into Paul. Nikki told Paul that she had some wonderful years with Victor, but that David made her very happy. Paul told Nikki she didn't seem happy at Reed's christening. Nikki said that it was stressful to both live and work with same person. Paul didn't buy that excuse-he asked Nikki if David was gambling again. Nikki said that whenever she asked David about that, he dodged the question. She finally admitted that she didn't trust David-and she thought he was gambling again.

Jeff found Gloria at the Athletic Club and told her he didn't want Jill-he wanted Gloria. Gloria told him that he was an actor, and that he hadn't ever said a truthful word to her. Jeff admitted that his original intention was to get William's money, but along the way he had fallen in love with Gloria. When Jeff asked Gloria if she wanted to be with him, she said that she thought she did, but then reminded him that he had spent the night with Jill. She added that they couldn't build a marriage based on lying and cheating. Jeff said that if she thought it was hopeless then he had nothing else to say. Gloria said that she buried two husbands she had loved and she had survived-she could certainly survive losing a husband she hated. Jeff walked away.

Paul and Lauren ran into each other at the club. Lauren reminded him that if they had remained married they would be celebrating their 24th anniversary. They reminisced about their life together. Lauren asked him how things were going with Heather. He told Lauren that he was letting Heather set the pace. He mentioned that he thought Heather was dating Brad-and although he trusted Heather, he didn't trust Brad.

Gloria interrupted them and asked for a few minutes of Lauren's time. Paul left, and Gloria told Lauren that she had pushed Jeff too far-this time, he was gone for good. Lauren told her the situation was classic Gloria-she made everything in her life melodramatic. Lauren reminded Gloria that she got Michael to drop his lawsuit against Jack, and that she moved out of the Abbott mansion-signs that Gloria was improving. When Gloria asked why she didn't feel any change in her karma, Lauren told her it took time. Lauren told her she needed to be honest with her family and with Jeff-if Gloria cared about Jeff, she should tell him. Gloria said it was too late-Jeff was living with Jill. Lauren told Gloria she would never know how things with Jeff would play out unless she tried. When Fen began acting fussy, Lauren left. Gloria called her lawyer Keith and left a message that she needed to talk to him that night.

Later, Gloria told Keith she wanted to make a sizable donation to charity-half of everything she had.

At the Chancellor estate, Jeff called Jill and invited her to have dinner with him-she said she was too busy to join him. Jeff then called a lawyer, Theresa, and asked her to come over to the estate as soon as possible. When Theresa arrived, Jeff told her that he wanted a divorce immediately-along with half of Gloria's assets. Unbeknownst to Jeff, Jill was listening in the hallway.

At Brad's, the poker game participants were beginning to arrive. Skye met a few of the players. She was still playing the "I don't know much about poker" routine. The game began after David arrived. Skye purposely misplayed a hand. Brad won the hand, and David was upset, having bet a lot of money. Later, Skye purposely folded even though her hand was much better than David's-and allowed David to win the pot.

Nothing was going right at Restless Style-Phyllis and Nick learned their editorial writer Yelena was back in rehab and wouldn't be able to write her article. Unless they found a replacement writer, Nick and Phyllis would be spending the night at the office, rather than celebrating their anniversary at the Colonnade Room. On top of that, their computer printer wasn't working.

A few minutes later, the replacement computer part arrived-but it was the wrong one. When the electricity went out, Phyllis said they would never make it to the Colonnade Room. Nick asked Phyllis to go out and get the proper piece for the computer. He told a disappointed Phyllis that they could always celebrate their anniversary on another night.

Phyllis returned and found that the power was still out. Nick blindfolded her and led her into another room. She heard the sound of guitars playing, and when Nick removed the blindfold, she saw that a New Mexico landscape had been set up. Phyllis realized that the problems with the computer part and the blackout were a ruse to get her to leave the building for a while. Nick wished his wife a happy anniversary-he said that since they couldn't go to New Mexico, he brought New Mexico to them.

Phyllis gushed when Trace Adkins showed up and performed a song. Phyllis learned that Trace was friends with Rocky. After the song, Phyllis and Nick thanked the band, and Trace told Nick that Phyllis was "a keeper."

With the band gone, Phyllis asked Nick how he had remembered all of it-she thought he lost his memory about New Mexico and Rocky in the plane crash. Nick said he was getting bits and pieces of his memory back. He remembered fighting a fire, as well as Phyllis dancing with Rocky. Nick told Phyllis that every moment he spent with her was a blessing-from their motel room picnic to their video game rivalry. He said that there was no one else he'd rather spend the rest of his life with-the words he had used at their wedding. Phyllis began crying and said that it was the best anniversary present she could have received. Nick told Phyllis that she was the best gift he could have received. They embraced and began kissing.

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