The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on Y&R

Brad hired Michael to stop the release of Adrian's book. Victoria quit her job at Newman and started working at Jabot. Sabrina hired Jana to be her assistant. David fell more into debt. Victor proposed to Sabrina. Daniel and Amber moved in together. Nikki and David set a wedding date.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, May 5, 2008

At the club, Paul questioned Nikki about David, but Nikki was reluctant to discuss her fiancé behind his back. Nikki extolled David's virtues and bragged that his thoughtful expressions of love meant more to her than Victor's grand overtures ever had. Paul pointed out that none of what David did mattered if he was lying to her. Nikki acknowledged that she might be able to accept that David had begun gambling again, but David's lies to hide his addiction were unforgivable. Paul praised Victoria for having made J.T. a new man. Nikki agreed that J.T. and Victoria were happy, but Nikki gestured to Adam, seated nearby, when she noted that Victoria was no longer happy at work. After Nikki mentioned that her gut feeling told her not to trust Adam, Paul agreed that Nikki should listen to her gut.

At Brad's, newcomer Skye let David win a high-stakes round of poker in order to boost his confidence. Skye twirled a lock of her hair whenever she bluffed, and David quickly picked up on what he believed was a nervous tick. David arrogantly smacked his chewing gum as he raised the ante to $5,000. Skye continued her novice-player ruse and matched David's bet. Skye's next move raised David's eyebrows after she upped the ante by $50,000. After David met the challenge, he proudly laid down a full house, which he thought was a winning hand.

David batted his eyes and nervously wiped his forehead when Skye produced four of a kind, which trumped David, and won her the pot. Brad observed David's reaction. After the other players left and David stepped out for a moment, Brad told Skye that he realized she was a player. After Skye and Brad expressed their fondness for each other as friends, Skye left. David emerged and confessed to Brad that he couldn't cover the check he had written to Skye. Brad acted surprised, but he reminded David that it was only $50,000.

David admitted that along with that game's loss, he had been on a losing streak, so he was screwed. David explained that the last time he had borrowed money from a loan shark, he had been seriously threatened. David added that he had vowed not to borrow from Nikki, because he was supposed to be recovered from his gambling addiction. Brad pretended to be David's friend and lent David $100,000 to cover debts from all his recent gambling losses. As Brad walked away to get his checkbook, he grinned like the cat who had swallowed the mouse.

In his room at the club, Adam found one of Skye's playing cards. Adam smiled when he recalled that Skye had already found high-stake poker players to scam. After the game at Brad's, Skye returned and told Adam that she had faked out her "mark" and won $50,000. Adam was amazed that Skye had managed to win so much money. After Adam and Skye made love, Adam teased Skye because she had scored twice in one night. Adam was shocked when he learned that Skye had hustled David Chow.

Skye was confused when Adam explained that Chow was his father's ex-wife's boyfriend. Adam examined David's check. When Skye worried that the check might bounce, Adam explained that Chow was a vice president at Jabot. Adam, surprised at the turn of events, said "Nikki acts like I'm not worthy to share a gene pool with her two over-privileged kids, and her lover gets fleeced by mine." Adam was stunned when Skye explained that David knew what he was doing. Skye said she recognized David as an adrenaline junkie from his body language and dilated pupils. Adam wondered if Nikki knew.

Gloria continued her conversation at the club with her attorney, Keith. Although Gloria insisted that half her estate be donated to charity, Keith advised that Gloria make partial endowments each year in case the economy suffered. Gloria held fast to her original plan because she didn't want her wealth to get into the wrong hands, so Keith agreed to draw up the papers immediately. After Keith left, Gloria sulked at the bar as she recalled her encounter with Jeffrey at Jill's. Gloria's face tensed when she remembered that Jeffrey had rubbed salt into her wounds when he had said, "Jill makes sure all my needs are met."

Gloria noticed Esther sitting at the bar, so she struck up a conversation and learned that Esther disliked Jeffrey. Esther told Gloria that Jeffrey constantly ordered her around. Gloria urged Esther to tell her everything about Jeffrey because they had both endured the utter disrespect of Jeffrey Bardwell. As Esther aired her complaints against Jeffrey, Gloria learned that Jeffrey was living in the guest wing and not with Jill in her quarters. Esther noted that Jeffrey and Jill often exchanged smoldering looks.

At the Chancellor estate, Jeffrey consulted his attorney, Theresa. Jeffrey maintained that half of Gloria's assets had belonged to William; therefore, those assets should rightfully become his in the divorce settlement. Jill interrupted the meeting, and Jeffrey worried that Jill had overheard his conversation with his attorney. Jill said she had just arrived. Jeffrey cut his meeting short, and Theresa left.

Jeffrey told Jill that he and Gloria didn't have much of a marriage. Since Katherine was playing bridge and Esther had the night off, Jeffrey and Jill realized they were alone. Jeffrey prepared a meal for the couple. Jill was impressed with Jeffrey's culinary skills. After Jill complained that her feet hurt, Jeffrey offered a remedy.

Gloria returned to the Chancellor estate. As Gloria walked near an open door, she heard Jill's breathy voice. Jill sounded as if she were in ecstasy as she repeatedly exclaimed, "Oh, my God! Oh, please don't stop! Oh, yes! Right there -- oh, it's so good!" As Gloria walked nearer the room where Jeffrey and Jill were, Gloria announced, "You're so busted!"

When Jill heard Gloria, she asked her "why the hell" she was there. Embarrassed, Gloria stammered, "I thought..." Jeffrey smugly finished Gloria's sentence and said, "Yeah, it's obvious what you thought." Jill said she had been enjoying a foot rub until Gloria had brokem in. Gloria noted that Jeffrey was still her husband, but Jill explained that Jeffrey had just spoken with his divorce attorney. Gloria looked deflated.

Gloria asked Jeffrey why he had not spoken to her beforehand. Jeffrey explained that he saw no reason to postpone the inevitable. Jeffrey walked Gloria out of the Chancellor mansion. Gloria was angry that Jeffrey had felt free to give Jill a foot rub two minutes after he had spoken to his lawyer. Jeffrey explained that he thought that divorce was what Gloria wanted.

Gloria told Jeffrey that she couldn't stand it anymore before she walked away. When Jeffrey returned to Jill, she told Jeffrey that he still loved Gloria. Jeffrey denied his love for Gloria. Jeffrey took Jill in his arms and kissed her passionately.

In Victor's office, Victoria stopped by to talk. Victoria told her father that she had been undervalued since Adam had arrived. Victor told Victoria that he didn't understand why she was so upset because he had given her back control of Beauty of Nature. Victoria explained that Adam was manipulative because he had persuaded Victor to reassign responsibilities. Victoria stunned her father when she noted that she had thought she would never see Victor Newman wrapped around someone's finger.

Victoria claimed that Victor was trying to make up to Adam for having ignored him during childhood. Victor maintained that he was only reestablishing a relationship with Adam. Victoria claimed that Victor was doing so by walking all over her. When Victor claimed that his actions were business decisions, Victoria railed that Victor had excused all of his hostile actions as business decisions when he had drilled at Clear Springs, called Nikki's loan, and bought Nick's building. Fed up, Victoria quit and walked out. Victor shook his head in disbelief.

Adam ran into Sabrina at the club. Sabrina was busy readying a takeout box of goodies for Victor, who was working late. After Adam learned of Sabrina's plans, Adam suggested that he visit Victor, as well, to share his latest research. Sabrina told the brown-nosing young man that he might be popular if he didn't always try so hard to impress Victor. Adam mentioned that Sabrina wasn't too popular with anyone besides Victor. Sabrina noted that Adam loved to push her buttons. Adam responded, "The truth hurts, don't it?" Adam winked at the miffed Sabrina as he walked away.

When Sabrina dropped the treats off at Victor's office, Victor told Sabrina that Victoria had just quit her job. Victor said that Victoria was incapable of separating family and business relationships. After Sabrina explained that Adam could be abrasive and obnoxious, Victor defended his son. Victor said that Adam had grown up on a farm in Kansas and had not had the privileges his other children had received. Victor added that he admired Adam for pulling himself up by his bootstraps.

Sabrina protested that Adam's upbringing did not justify his behavior. Victor said that Adam was more than qualified for his position, since he had earned a business degree from Harvard. Sabrina responded that she understood why Victor wished to help Adam, but she pleaded with Victor to see that Nick and Victoria had had their father's undivided attention until Adam had abruptly entered the family business. Victor said that his other children should accept Adam, who did not have the same advantages they had. Sabrina explained that Victoria had reacted as she had because she adored her father.

Victor changed the subject and told Sabrina that he adored her. Sabrina, worried that Victoria had made a hasty decision to leave Newman Enterprises, asked Victor if he would allow Victoria to return if she changed her mind. Victor said that Victoria could certainly return -- if she agreed to work with Adam. Sabrina was pleased to feel like part of Victor's life when Victor, tired from his long, stressful day, said, "Why don't we go home."

Victoria stopped by Nikki's suite at the club. Nikki was surprised when Victoria announced that she had left Newman Enterprises. Nikki suggested that Victoria could stay home with the baby, but Victoria explained that she wasn't the stay-at-home type. When Victoria suggested that she join her mom at Jabot, Nikki was thrilled. After Victoria left, David returned. David lied and told Nikki that his meeting with a business prospect had not been the right fit.

Nikki was still giddy when she announced that Victoria had quit Newman Enterprises. David didn't quite share Nikki's enthusiasm when Nikki told him that Victoria would join Jabot. After Nikki and David climbed into bed, Nikki apologized for having been distant. David suggested that perhaps he should leave Jabot, but Nikki reminded him that he knew what bothered her. David assured Nikki that she could trust him. Nikki told David that she wanted to trust him. David moved close to Nikki, took her into his arms, and kissed her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adam told Skye that he didn't want her to leave Genoa City. Phyllis called Adam and told him that she would be filling in for Nick at the meeting. Adam suggested having the meeting at the Athletic Club. Skye asked Adam who Phyllis was. Adam insisted that their meeting was strictly business.

When they went downstairs, Skye noticed Phyllis sitting in the dining area. She teased him about looking shy when he saw Phyllis. When Skye said goodbye, Adam sat down with Phyllis. Phyllis noticed that Adam had lipstick on his face and teased him about it. When Adam looked at Phyllis' ideas, he said that they didn't work for him. He said that if she didn't rework the ads, he would pull them.

Sabrina happily showed Victor the new gallery. She could tell that his thoughts were with Victoria. Sabrina told him that she had left the company, not him. She said that love would draw her back. Neil interrupted them and commented that Sabrina and Victor looked very happy. When Neil mentioned that Victoria should still be involved in Mergers and Acquisitions, Victor said that Victoria no longer worked there anymore.

Victoria was packing her things at Newman when Nick stopped by. Nick was surprised to find out that Victoria had quit working for Newman. They talked about how strange it was not working for their father anymore. Neil went to see Victoria and told her that he would miss working with her at Newman. Sabrina went to see Victoria and said that she was sorry everything had turned out the way it had.

Nick went to see Victor and told him that he needed to stop Victoria from quitting. When Sabrina walked in, Victor said that Nick had suggested something, but he wasn't going to do it. Nick left angrily. Sabrina wondered what Nick had been so angry about. Victor said not to worry about it. He told her that he was falling in love with her more and more every day.

Victor walked into Victoria's office and looked around sadly. Adam entered and wondered what had happened. Victor told Adam that he wanted Adam to have the office. He wanted Adam to move in right away.

When J.T. returned to work at Newman, Victor told him that it would be better if he found another place to work. J.T. couldn't believe Victor wanted to fire him. When Victor said that confidentiality was an issue since Victoria was gone, J.T. said that Victor could not know him very well. As he was about to leave, Victor said that he had liked J.T.'s answer and wanted him to stay.

Brad told Jill that he had a couple of projects in the works that he wanted her to take a look at. He suggested that Victoria might be able to contribute as well. Jill wondered when Brad had found out that Victoria was going to be working with them. He said that he had found out just a second before she had. Jill wondered how Brad felt about working with Victoria. Brad thought Victoria might be distracted with her new husband and baby.

Jill went to Nikki to talk about her hiring Victoria without Jill's consent. Nikki said that she was sure that Jill would be happy with the decision, just as she had been when Jill had hired her son, Cane.

Colleen was worried that Adrian was going to release a tell-all book about her family. She warned Kevin that Jana's family might be in the story as well. Kevin was irritated when Jana read about horoscopes, and he asked her to quit. She wondered what was wrong with him. Kevin said that his mother's crazy antics had been getting to him.

Colleen told Adrian that she had some concerns about Adrian's book. She told him that she didn't think he should publish it. Adrian told her that he stood by his book. She asked if he could change some of the sections in the book, but Adrian said that he had to leave.

Kevin asked Colleen how her conversation with Adrian had gone. She said not well. She decided to go to her father. She took an advanced copy of Adrian's book to Brad. She said that it wasn't good.

Gloria insisted that her advisor donate all her money anonymously to charity. Jill walked in, and Gloria asked Jill a hypothetical question about donating money for a good cause. Jill said that sometimes people donated for reasons other than just being generous.

Jeffrey tiptoed into the coffeehouse. Jana wondered why Jeffrey was trying to be so inconspicuous. Jeffrey said that he was worried that Gloria might be around. Jana told Jeffrey to give it up and admit he was in love with Gloria. When Gloria walked into the coffeehouse, she asked Kevin if she could look at Jana's horoscope book. Kevin noticed that Jana's horoscope wasn't what she had said it was. He called Jana to ask her about it.

Jana had an interview for the position of Sabrina's assistant at the gallery. Sabrina said that Jana was very qualified and wondered if Jana would accept.

When Gloria saw Jeffrey, she asked him if he really wanted a divorce. He asked her if she did. Jeffrey looked like he was about to say something, but Jill showed up, and the moment was gone.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At Jabot, Lily met with Chloe and told her how fabulously her photo shoot in Los Angeles had gone. Chloe looked at some of the photos and told Lily they were spectacular. Cane joined them in the boardroom. When Cane said that Lily was most likely exhausted, Lily said that she was ready to get right back to work and asked Chloe what was next. Cane looked concerned.

Later, Lily admitted to Cane that she had been avoiding him -- seeing him reminded her of her miscarriage. When Cane apologized, Lily said that she was over it. Cane suggested that they talk later, and Lily agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen told Kevin that she had given Brad an advance copy of Adrian's book. Kevin asked Colleen if she had told her boyfriend that Jana would be publicly humiliated if the book were published. Kevin wanted to call Michael and halt publication of the book, but Colleen stopped him.

Colleen told Jana that she might be leaving Genoa City to pursue a work study opportunity in Shanghai. When Jana reminded Colleen that she would have to be away from Adrian, Colleen said that Adrian would probably encourage her to go. Jana told Colleen that she had also received an exciting job offer.

Jana told Kevin that she had been offered a job as Sabrina's assistant at the Newman Art Foundation. Kevin acted truly excited for her and even teased that losing Jana at Crimson Lights wouldn't be a problem -- she messed up a lot of orders. Jana hugged Kevin.

Colleen phoned Lily and asked her to meet at Crimson Lights. She told Lily that she needed advice on the book situation. Lily was eager to tell Colleen about her trip.

When Lily and Colleen met, Colleen said that she had asked Adrian not to publish his book. Colleen blamed herself for helping Adrian do research for the book and for allowing him to use real names -- Colleen felt she might be putting her father and grandmother in danger. She told Lily that, unbeknownst to Adrian, she had given a copy of the book to Brad. Colleen mulled over her dilemma: either her family would be hurt, or she would lose her boyfriend.

Adrian met Colleen on the Crimson Lights patio and became extremely angry and agitated when he learned that she had given Brad a copy of the book. He accused Colleen of betraying his trust. When he reminded Colleen that she was the person who had encouraged him to write the book, Colleen apologized. Kevin overheard their argument.

When Colleen told Adrian that her family's peace and safety were more important than his book, he told her that she was oversimplifying the situation in order to cover her betrayal. Adrian condescendingly added that the incident demonstrated how immature Colleen was. Before he stormed out, Adrian told her that he needed to find Brad -- he and Brad had a lot to discuss. After Adrian left, Colleen began sobbing as Kevin looked on. At Jabot, Brad began reading Adrian's book.

Meeting at the Athletic Club, Lily told Cane about the sense of loss she had felt since her miscarriage. She knew how much Cane had wanted the baby, and she blamed herself for losing it. Cane told her there wasn't anyone to blame. He told Lily he had a surprise for her, and he walked away.

Lily spotted Madame Chauvin at the club and told her about the miscarriage. When Lily told Madame how much emotional pain she was in, Madame told her to acknowledge the pain, but not allow it to break her. She told Lily that she was strong like Drucilla.

Cane showed Lily the surprise -- a romantic suite at the club. When Lily told Cane that she wasn't ready to be intimate, he told her that he had no ulterior motives. Lily told Cane that she had been sad for a year and that she wanted her life back. She then asked Cane if he was still interested in dating an aspiring model. Cane said he didn't care what she did -- as long as he could be with her. They agreed to a "first date."

At the Newman Art Foundation office, Victor stopped by to visit Sabrina. While he was there, a contemporary artist, Brian Wells, took over his most recent painting. Victor found the painting interesting and told Brian to leave it at the office for a few days while he contemplated purchasing it. After Brian left, Sabrina asked Victor what he really thought of the painting. Victor said that before Sabrina had entered his life, he'd had no interest in modern art. When she told Victor that the painting would be a great investment, he told her that the painting paled in comparison to her.

Neil called Victor to tell him that Victoria was working at Jabot. Victor acted as if he didn't care about the news and invited Sabrina to dinner. She was overjoyed when Victor told her to negotiate a price for the painting -- he wanted it to hang in the foundation office.

Later, Sabrina was impressed when Jana immediately identified the painting as a Brian Wells. Jana accepted Sabrina's job offer. When Jana asked if she should be concerned about working with Victor Newman, Sabrina told her that Victor was reasonable, fair-minded, and surprisingly kind.

Adam watched pensively as a maintenance man removed the baby furniture from Victoria's office in preparation for Adam's move-in. Adam went to Victor and told his father that it was a great office but that it felt wrong for him to move there. When Victor said that Victoria wasn't returning, Adam said that he wished she were, as she was an asset to Newman. Victor told Adam that any employee who quit without notice would have a hard time regaining his trust. He added that Adam shared traits of both of his parents -- his concern about Victoria was like Hope, but his competitive spirit was Victor's.

Victor asked Adam to move to the ranch. Victor felt that with Nikki, Victoria, and Nick gone, he and Adam could get to know each other much better. Adam told his father he would think about the offer.

Sabrina told Victor she had some good news -- Brian had accepted their offer for the painting. Sabrina said that Victor would soon be getting a lot of attention on the "gallery circuit." When Victor told Sabrina how glad he was that she had entered his life, Sabrina told him she felt the same way. Victor said that he was a direct man -- when he wanted something, he went after it. Victor and Sabrina shared a passionate kiss.

Nikki gave Victoria a tour of the Jabot offices. When Victoria said that it felt odd being at Jabot, Nikki told her that in a week she wouldn't imagine working anywhere else. Nikki told her daughter that it was a brand new chapter in her life. Victoria said she liked the sound of that -- how the mother and the daughter teamed up to bury the father's company.

In the hallway at Jabot, Brad reminded David about his poker loss, how his "full boat" had been sunk by Skye's four of a kind. David thanked Brad for his discretion.

Later, Victoria and Nikki found Brad and David working in the boardroom. Brad seemed genuinely happy that his ex-wife was working there. Jill stopped by and welcomed Victoria to Jabot. Victoria pitched an idea she'd had -- tie the Fresh Faces campaign to a "green" product line. Nikki thought the idea was "inspired." Jill said she thought it was worth exploring, but as soon as Brad and Jill were alone, Jill immediately expressed her skepticism to Brad. Brad agreed that it wasn't exactly a new idea -- thousands of companies were introducing eco-friendly product lines.

David pitched an idea to Nikki and Victoria. An old "Vegas buddy" of David's was producing a romantic thriller set in a rain forest. David thought Jabot should sponsor the premiere of the film. He added that all the major networks and cable channels would be there -- Jabot's products and logo would be seen everywhere. Nikki thought the idea was great -- they could even change Jabot's packaging to tie in with the movie. Victoria suggested they raise the price of their products and donate the difference to charity. David and Nikki immediately got on the phone to try to make the idea a reality.

Nikki called a meeting with all the Jabot executives to discuss David's idea. Jill wanted to see the mock-up and press kit. She also wanted to make sure someone read the script. When Jill asked who had thought up the idea, Nikki said it had been a group effort.

Alone with Brad, Jill said, "Hmm.... the daring duo comes up with a good idea." Brad said he hoped they had a backup plan -- after all, "Hollywood types rank lower than used car salesmen on the food chain."

Victoria and Brad thought it ironic that they were working together again, this time at Jabot. Victoria told Brad that some things were unacceptable to her, particularly using any proprietary information from Newman. She said they needed to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Brad realized that Victoria was referring to his alleged hacking into the Newman computer system.

Later, David told Nikki it was official: Jabot would be the sole sponsor of the movie's premiere. Overjoyed, Nikki told David that he was right about them -- she couldn't wait to be his wife. Nikki suggested they marry in about four months.

Brad overheard David talking to Andy, David's bookie. David told Andy he wouldn't stop betting until he was five grand up. Brad immediately phoned Andy and told him to get David to place a big bet on a sure loser; he wanted to make sure David was "back in the hole."

In the hallway, Brad told David that they should set up an installment plan for David to pay back the $100,000 he owed Brad. When Brad suggested that David give him his next paycheck, David agreed -- but looked concerned.

Nikki walked in the boardroom and found David on the phone. He told her the Colonnade Room had a cancellation on August 17th. David thought that would be a perfect day for their wedding, but Nikki was concerned, as she had married Victor at the Colonnade. When David said they could marry elsewhere, Nikki threw away her doubts and told David to book the Colonnade. David told Nikki she would always be perfect and began kissing her. When Victoria walked in, Nikki told her the news -- David would soon be Victoria's stepfather.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jack wasn't happy with the cover of Restless Style. Jack suggested calling Jamie Whitfield, a woman who had a lot of experience working on fashion magazines. Phyllis told Jack to do whatever he felt was right.

Amber was excited when Jack took Jaime over to Restless Style. Amber hoped to have the opportunity to show Jaime some of her designs. Amber visited Jana at the coffeehouse and told her that she felt that she had blown it with Daniel. She had said that she had asked him to move in, but he hadn't said anything. Jana told Kevin that if they could get Daniel to move in with Amber, they would have the place to themselves. Jana said that everything was going well: she had a great job and a wonderful man; she had everything she'd hoped for.

Jaime said that they needed a whole new cover for the Restless Style magazine. When Jack took Jaime aside, she told him that he should have called her sooner. Phyllis and Sharon agreed that Jaime was already interfering with their work.

Daniel told Phyllis that Amber had asked him to move in with her. He said that he wanted a copy of Phyllis' keys to the penthouse so that he could surprise Amber. Phyllis was skeptical, but Daniel insisted she hand over the keys. When Amber returned home, she was thrilled to see Daniel had moved in.

At the Athletic Club, David told Nikki that he had been receiving advice from a counselor about his gambling addiction. Victor and Sabrina showed up at the club, and Nikki asked to speak to Victor alone. Nikki said that Victor had driven both Victoria and Nick away, and she wanted to know why. Victor said that his door was wide open for anyone who wanted to leave. Nikki said that Victor favored Adam over Nick and Victoria.

Nikki saw Adam at the bar and commented that he was the last Newman child left at Newman Enterprises. When David approached Adam, Adam remembered Skye's story about David's gambling troubles. Adam said that losing Victoria was a major loss for the company. Nikki and David went home and discussed locations for their honeymoon.

Adam looked at a picture of his mother and felt very alone. He decided to call Victor and take him up on his offer to move to the ranch.

Victor told Sabrina that he'd had a run-in with his ex-wife. She said that they should talk about it at dinner. Victor told her not to worry about it. At dinner, Victor had a special gift for Sabrina. Sabrina was thrilled to see Victor had purchased a rare Barbie doll that she had once owned when she had been a little girl. When Sabrina went upstairs for bed, Victor made a phone call about a delivery to the gallery.

Kevin asked Colleen how she had dealt with Adrian finding out that she had given her dad an advance copy of Adrian's book. Colleen said it had gone terribly and that Adrian was on his way to see her father. When Michael visited Kevin at the coffeehouse, Kevin told him that he needed to stop the book from being published. Kevin said that the book had details of Carmen's murder and that it could hurt Jana. Michael said that he would check the case log, but he couldn't make any promises.

Adrian went to Brad and asked him to return his book. Adrian said that Colleen had given Brad the book without Adrian's permission. Brad said that the book was about his family. Adrian said that the story was meant to be told. Brad decided to return the book to Adrian.

Brad called Michael to ask him to go to his office. Michael knew that Brad wanted to discuss the ramifications if Adrian's book were released. Michael said that he would need the book to make any kind of case. Brad said that he'd returned the book to Adrian, but if Michael didn't share any information, Brad had something to show him. He'd made a copy of the book. Michael said that he would read it and return it to Brad. Brad said that he was prepared to make sure the book would never see the light of day.

When Colleen arrived at home she was worried that Adrian would be mad at her. Adrian said that Brad had been surprisingly reasonable and had returned the book to him. Adrian apologized to Colleen for being so harsh with her.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Victor and Sabrina shared breakfast at the ranch. Sabrina told Victor she had told the staff not to show up until 10 a.m. so she could have him all to herself. When Sabrina went upstairs to get dressed, Victor listened to the voicemail that Adam had left informing Victor that Adam was going to move to the Newman ranch.

Victor told an unpleasantly surprised Sabrina that Adam was moving to the ranch. He explained that Adam was his son and that he had neglected Adam for many years. Victor said he wanted to get to know his son better. Realizing that Sabrina was not happy with the news, Victor told her that he realized she thought Adam could be tactless. Sabrina said that both she and Adam were grownups and could deal with their problems in a mature fashion. Victor thanked Sabrina for being so understanding. He called Adam at the club and told him to move in immediately.

Adam arrived at the ranch and thanked Victor for his generosity. Victor asked Sabrina to give Adam a tour of the ranch. After Victor left for the office, Adam sarcastically told Sabrina that she had to be thrilled having him at the ranch. Sabrina told Adam that he knew nothing about her -- she was a good, honest person and was happy about who she was. She hoped that one day Adam could say the same thing about himself.

Adam met Estella Muñoz, the new head of Victor's staff. Adam was impressed when Estella told him that the staff included gardeners, maids, groomsmen, security, and a chef. She told Adam that the staff was discrete -- Mr. Newman liked his privacy. Adam walked into the living room and made himself very comfortable on the couch.

At Jabot, Michael told Brad that he had left a message with Adrian's publisher's law firm. A lawyer returned Michael's call, and Michael told the lawyer about several sections of Adrian's book that were libelous. Michael wondered if Adrian had even interviewed his sources and threatened to file a temporary restraining order against the book's publication.

Later, Michael informed Brad that he had received an email from the publisher and the law firm -- the book's publication would most likely be cancelled. Brad thanked Michael and told him that worrying about the book had taken a year off of his life.

At Adrian's, the professor told Colleen he understood why she had given a copy of the book to her father. Adrian said that since Brad had returned the book unread, no harm had been done. Adrian changed his tune when he called his publisher's publicity department -- he was informed that his book tour had been cancelled and that the book was "on hold."

Adrian tried to reach several of the publisher's executives, but no one would take his calls. Adrian turned on Colleen and blamed her and Brad. He once again pointed out that Colleen had helped research and edit the book. Colleen apologized but added that the book would have had detrimental consequences for her family. Adrian thought his writing career might be over. When Colleen suggested he write something else, Adrian told her he didn't want her pity.

Colleen visited Brad at Jabot. Brad told Colleen that he'd had to move quickly to prevent the book's publication. Colleen admitted that she had done the wrong thing by encouraging Adrian to write the book. Colleen worried that she would lose Adrian, but Brad said that if their relationship was meant to be, the crisis wouldn't tear them apart -- rather, it would draw them closer together.

Colleen returned to Adrian's. When Adrian learned that Colleen had gone to see Brad, he accused her of "picking sides." Colleen thought it would be good for her to give him some time and space -- so they could be "us" again. She announced that she was going to take the work study opportunity in Shanghai.

Michael stopped by Crimson Lights to tell Kevin that Adrian's book's publication was on hold. Jana overheard when Kevin said, "Jana never has to find out." When Jana began probing, she learned that she was unflatteringly mentioned in the book. Jana became upset but calmed down when Michael assured her that he wouldn't let her down -- he would make sure the book didn't see the light of day.

Daniel finished moving into Amber's apartment. He joked that he would need to live out of his duffel bag, as Amber had monopolized the closet space. Daniel reassured Amber that he planned to stick around. They began to get intimate on the couch. When Amber said that living together wasn't as hard as she had thought it would be, Daniel reminded her that he had only been there for 14 hours.

Later, Amber and Daniel visited Kevin and Jana to tell them they were living together. Kevin and Jana were thrilled. Amber thought it would be fun for them to double date, and invited Kevin and Jana over for dinner that night.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria joined Nikki and David for breakfast. Victoria told them she had some ideas about Jabot's teen line. Nikki told Victoria she would be happy if Victoria could make Jabot's teen line as successful as Newman's Brash & Sassy. Nikki told Victoria that David had hired a world-famous chemist as a Jabot consultant. David said that he merely made the contact -- that it was Nikki who sealed the deal.

After David left, Nikki asked Victoria to stop looking at David and her like they were "specimens under a microscope." Nikki added that she and David had set a wedding date, and there was no longer any hope of Victor and Nikki reconciling. Victoria said she could tell that David made Nikki happy.

Nikki ran into Victor at the club and told her ex-husband she was tired of all their unnecessary fighting. When she proposed a "cease-fire," Victor said it was the best suggestion she had made in a long while.

Brad spoke to Andy, David's bookie, and was surprised to hear that David hadn't returned Andy's calls. Brad reminded Andy that he would give him $25,000 if he could get David to bet on a sure loser.

Outside the Jabot conference room, Brad reminded David that David's loan payment was due -- Brad wanted David to make his payment on time so that David didn't become overwhelmed with debt. David told Brad not to worry about it.

In the boardroom, Brad congratulated Nikki and David on sealing the deal between Jabot and the "rain forest" movie producer. After Brad left, David wanted to discuss the wedding with Nikki, but she left to take a conference call. Andy called David. David insisted he was no longer betting -- he was in the hole financially. Andy piqued David's interest when he mentioned something about an upcoming Dodgers' game.

Sabrina ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights. When Sabrina asked how things were going at Jabot, Victoria snapped that they were going much better than things at Newman. Sabrina started talking about their time in Italy, when she and Victoria had drunk coffee at cafés for hours. Sabrina hesitatingly asked Victoria if she could join her, but Sabrina received a phone call and had to leave. Victoria was non-responsive when Sabrina said goodbye.

Adam joined Victoria on the patio and told his half-sister that Sabrina had made herself very comfortable at the ranch. When Victoria remarked that Adam apparently didn't like Sabrina, Adam said that Sabrina lacked subtlety -- she was clearly after Victor's money. He was concerned that Sabrina would make a fool out of Victor. Victoria said she didn't think that Sabrina was after the Newman fortune. Victoria was shocked to learn that Adam was living at the ranch.

Sabrina found Victor at her office. He gave her a large package that contained a magnificent diamond ring. Victor told Sabrina that the last thing he had expected had been to fall in love with her. He added that a lot of people would say he was too old or that it was unseemly for him to be in a relationship with his daughter's best friend. Victor said he didn't care -- his love knew no boundaries. Victor told Sabrina how happy she made him -- and then asked her to marry him.

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