The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 2008 on Y&R

J.T. and Paul contacted David's ex-wife, Elizabeth. Brad blackmailed David with his gambling debt. Jill rehired Alistair to spy on Gloria. Victor was furious when Adam made a business blunder. Amber and Daniel admitted their love. Nick got into a car accident.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, May 19, 2008

At Restless Style's headquarters, Victor, Nikki, David, and Sabrina exchanged harsh words while they were stuck in the building's freight elevator. Nikki told Sabrina that she had better enjoy receiving expensive gifts from Victor because after they married, Sabrina would be attached to Victor by barbed wire instead of strings. Victor warned Nikki to "move the hell on, already," since Nikki had earlier promised Victor that she wanted to call a truce, end their bickering, and move on. Finally, the elevator doors opened. Nick and Victoria, worried about what might happen inside the elevator, were surprised to see that Victor, Nikki, David, and Sabrina stepped out of the elevator none the worse for wear-physically. Phyllis, Jack, Sharon, Amber, and Daniel had also kept vigil near the elevator. After a few moments of icy silence, Nick, Jack, Phyllis, and Sharon celebrated the successful launch of the magazine. Neil sent congratulations by phone. Victoria offered congratulations tinged with a jab at her mother's new husband when Victoria announced that it was "a day for a new magazine and a new husband." David turned an awkward moment around and offered an eloquent toast to Nikki. David raised his glass and said, "To a woman whose grace, intelligence, and kindness shine on everyone who knows her." Victor uttered a brusque, "Good luck," as he raised his glass.

Victor took a few moments to praise Nick for the magazine's success. Victor told Nick he was impressed that Nick had stood by his convictions. Meanwhile, Sabrina advised Daniel to sharpen his artistic skills by broadening his scope of art. Sabrina encouraged Daniel to seek inspiration by visiting the gallery downstairs. Amber beamed as she stood arm-in-arm with Daniel. Sharon approached Sabrina after Amber and Daniel walked away. Sabrina wasn't surprised when Sharon explained that it took the Newmans a while to accept her after she and Nick married. Sabrina expressed her desire to someday reconcile with Victoria. Sabrina was taken aback when Sharon noted that the Newman family remained strongly bonded even when they were chopping themselves to pieces.

Nikki told Kay that her wedding setting was beautiful. Kay told Nikki that she was concerned about Nikki's swift decision to marry David. Kay suggested that Nikki's marriage was prompted by Victor's engagement to Sabrina. Kay added that Nikki and Victor had "always come first with one another, no matter whose ring is on whose finger." Nikki later joined David, and together they walked over to speak with Nick and Victoria. When Nikki ducked away to take a phone call, David told Victoria and Nick that he realized it was odd for the siblings to see their parents with other partners. David promised Nick and Victoria that he planned to make their mother very happy. Jack approached David and explained that he had better watch out because Nikki would soon run back to Victor. Sabrina approached Victoria and asked Victoria how she felt about Nikki and David's marriage. Sabrina acknowledged that she knew Victoria had wanted her parents to get back together. Victor joined Victoria and Sabrina, and asked Victoria how she liked Jabot. Victoria curtly said, "It's very refreshing," before she walked away.

Amber was disappointed that no one had left feedback about her fashions on Restless Style's blog. Phyllis asked Kay if she would consider being the subject of an in-depth interview in a future issue. Kay suggested that she, Jill, and Cane be featured as three generations of business leaders. To get Amber's mind off her troubles, Kay took Amber and Daniel out to lunch.

At the club, J.T. told Paul that Nikki had already tied the knot with David. Paul was shocked because Nikki was hesitant about marrying David the last time Paul had spoken with her. J.T. theorized that Victor's engagement to Sabrina had pushed Nikki over the edge-and into David's arms. J.T. told Paul that David was involved in politics before becoming a corporate executive. David had also married three times before his marriage to Nikki. Paul filled in more details and added that all of David's former wives were older and rich. Paul said that two of David's former spouses were dead, and Paul said he desperately wished to speak to David's living ex-spouse, who had once worked with David at Granville Global. J.T. noted that, given the fact that David had been married to rich women, two of whom had most likely left him with wealthy estates, his credit rating was "pretty ugly."

After Victoria left the warehouse, she joined J.T. at the coffeehouse. Victoria amused J.T. when she described the scene at Restless Style's headquarters. Victoria claimed that Victor bore a "thermonuclear-war face" while Nikki looked as though she'd just left a tea party. Victoria told J.T. that she truly believed that David loved her mom.

At Victor's ranch, Victor thanked Sabrina for having convinced him to visit with Nick. Victor suggested that Restless Style would not last until its first anniversary. Back at the Restless Style headquarters, Sharon and Phyllis read numerous glowing reviews that attributed the magazine's success to Nick. Jack, however, told Sharon that "with time, everyone would know who was doing what" at Restless Style.

Nikki and David ran into Paul at the club. When David stepped away, Paul asked Nikki about David's gambling problem. Nikki assured Paul that David was working on it. After Paul stepped away, he phoned David's ex-wife and left a message for her to return his call. Paul later met J.T at the coffeehouse. Paul received a call from David's ex-wife, who told Paul that the day she divorced David was the best day of her life, and she theorized that Paul's friend, who'd just married her ex, must be rich. Before David's ex cut the call short and hung up, she warned Paul to stop harassing her.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill questioned Jeffrey about his decision to divorce Gloria although he still loved her. Jeffrey apologized for having led Jill on, and he explained that he and Gloria together were toxic. Jeffrey added that he feared he and Gloria might end up killing each other. Jill advised Jeffrey to tell Gloria how he truly felt. After Jeffrey explained that Gloria refused to trust him, Jill grilled Jeffrey and prompted him to elaborate about the root of his marital problems.

Outside Gloria's suite at the club, Michael, Kevin, and Lauren pounded on the door and begged Gloria to let them in. When the door opened, Michael, Kevin, and Lauren feared they'd find Gloria dead. They were shocked when they discovered Gloria and Alistair in bed together. Gloria and Alistair were still slightly drunk-and nude. Michael ordered his hungover mother and her lover to get dressed and make coffee. Gloria sneered at Alistair when he said, "I will merely exist until I see you again," just before he left. Michael yelled at Gloria and asked her what she was thinking. Gloria blamed her actions on Michael because he had spurned her in an hour of need. After Gloria threatened to move back to Detroit, Michael yelled, "But we all need you." Although Michael's statement was conveyed with sarcasm, tears welled in Gloria's eyes, and she echoed Michael's word, "We?" Michael admitted that he needed his mother. As soon as those words were out of Michael's mouth, Gloria added, "You're gonna help me."

Michael requested a copy of the foundation contracts and divorce papers, so he could attempt to recoup Gloria's fortune. After Lauren and Kevin returned, Gloria felt the need to explain what had happened with Alistair. Gloria admitted that she had slept with Alistair because he so resembled John. Unfortunately, Jeffrey, who stood just outside Gloria's room, overheard Gloria describing her night of lovemaking with another man. Gloria continued that she realized how much Jeffrey meant to her, and that she couldn't imagine her life without him. Jeffrey, however, had walked away and didn't overhear Gloria's declaration of love for him. While they dined at the club, Michael told Gloria that he could not break the contract with the foundation. Michael pronounced that Jeffrey's demand of half of Gloria's assets before the donation was "highly irregular." Lauren suggested that Gloria sell her jewelry. Gloria suddenly remembered her stash of valuable diamonds. Alistair stood nearby and overheard Gloria mention her secret investment.

Jill ran into Alistair in the park. Alistair told Jill that Gloria had been his drinking partner the night before and that he and Gloria had made love. Jill asked Alistair if Gloria had "spilled the beans." Alistair assured Jill that he "intended to unveil the sword of Damocles Bardwell had over Gloria." Alistair was relieved when Jill agreed to resume payments to him for keeping tabs on Gloria. When Jill returned home, Jeffrey had packed his bags. Jeffrey told Jill that his attempt to reconcile with Gloria hadn't gone well, so he just wanted to get as far away from her as possible.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jill and Brad congratulated Nikki and David on their marriage, but were obviously irritated that Nikki and David had taken off without telling anyone. Brad admired Nikki's ring and mentioned that it must have cost a fortune. David took Brad aside and told him that the ring was an old family heirloom. Brad wondered how much it was worth, considering David owed him a lot of money.

David sat down next to Nikki and smiled. He said that nothing had changed, yet everything had changed. David had a special gift for Nikki. It was the lucky coins they used at the wedding. Nikki said that she too, had a gift for David. It was a watch that said, "We will always have Mexico." David looked down at the watch and thought about Nikki. Then he thought about the money he owed Brad.

Brad told Nikki and David that he had to make a decision regarding Jabot when they weren't around. Nikki wasn't happy with the situation. When she received a telephone call, she told Brad that she would discuss the matter later. David told Brad that he'd made an obvious power play. Brad said that he was in the position to do so. After the Jabot meeting, Brad apologized to David for being so harsh to him. Then he asked if David had a joint account with Nikki. David assumed that they would. Brad acted surprised that Nikki would be so generous, considering David once had a gambling problem. David said that Brad would get all of his money soon.

David was on the phone discussing his gambling debt and quickly changed his tone when Nikki walked in. He pretended to ask the person on the phone to send him the bill. Nikki said that they would pay for the wedding together. David said that a joint account in "this day and age" was unlikely. Nikki said that she would just write him a check.

Nikki saw Lily and asked to speak to her. Lily told Nikki that she was sorry she had let Nikki down. Nikki said that there must have been a reason they didn't use the cover. She said she would get to the bottom of why they changed the cover at the last minute.

Chloe told Cane she was embarrassed that she had gotten so drunk the night before. She remembered that she had kissed him. She told Cane that he didn't need to mention the kiss to Lily. Cane wondered why she would want to keep it a secret. When Lily stopped by, she wondered what they had been talking about. Cane took Chloe aside and told her that he hadn't done anything-Chloe had kissed him. He told Chloe that she'd better clean up her act. Lily told Cane and Chloe that Nikki had talked to her about the cover for Restless Style. Chloe said that she would make sure they realized their mistake. Chloe went to Nikki and told her that Lily had just finished a photo shoot and that her photos were wonderful. Nikki was impressed with the new proofs. Lily happily told Cane that Chloe had helped her out. She said that Chloe was really making her modeling career move forward.

Jill was bothered that Alistair showed up at Jabot. He said that he was in disguise so it was okay. Alistair said that he'd found out a secret about Gloria. She had diamonds stashed away. When Jill asked where Gloria was hiding the diamonds, Alistair said that a creamy dessert might help his memory.

When Gloria showed up at work for Jabot she saw Alistair. She told him that if he was looking for a repeat of the other day, he was mistaken. Jill saw Gloria and said that she was surprised to see her. She said that she'd thought Gloria would be celebrating her divorce.

Jeffrey showed up at Gloria's hotel room to get his passport. He said that he was leaving town. Gloria told Jeffrey to get his passport and get out. Jeffrey said that he couldn't wait to get his settlement because then Gloria would get exactly what she deserved-nothing. He realized that Gloria was hiding something. He demanded to know what Gloria was hiding. Gloria told Jeffrey that he had everything, and he'd better leave, or she'd call security. Jeffrey bought some roses and tried to talk the maid into letting him into Gloria's room. The maid said it was against hotel policy. Finally, Jeffrey convinced her to change her mind, and the maid let him in. When Jeffrey was leaving Gloria's room, Alistair saw him. He said that if Jeffrey was looking for dirt on Gloria, it might be his lucky day. Jeffrey went to make a phone call and happily arranged a trip to the Cayman Islands.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In the Jabot boardroom, David went through Nikki's purse and copied several pieces of information from her wallet. He quickly tossed the purse under the table when he heard Nikki approaching. Nikki was relieved when David "located" her missing purse. After Nikki left, David called his credit card company to have Nikki added to his account. Before he gave the company Nikki's social security number, he asked if his credit limit could be raised. He was disappointed when he learned that the credit card company would need to talk to Nikki in order to add her to his account.

David decided to call a bank-he was planning on taking out a cash loan using Nikki's personal information. When the bank refused to take a loan application without Nikki on the phone, David asked them to make an exception, as his wife was Nikki Newman, the CEO of Jabot. The bank didn't give in-they told David that Nikki herself needed to take the loan out. Ironically, the bank told David that bank rules required Nikki's presence because the world was full of unscrupulous people involved in identity theft.

Brad spoke to Andy, David's bookie, and learned that David hadn't placed any bets recently. Brad looked disappointed, and wondered if David had quit gambling.

David became upset when Brad approached him about the money that David owed Brad. Brad invited David for another poker night-he promised that this time it would be a low stakes game. When David declined, Brad suggested that Nikki was keeping him "on a tight leash." David told Brad to leave Nikki out of the situation.

Nikki told Heather that Elliot, one of Jabot's attorneys, had to take a week away from the office. Nikki asked Heather if she could keep an eye on Elliott's files while he was away. Heather agreed, and as she walked away she collided with Brad. Victoria watched as Brad asked Heather to dinner. Heather declined, telling Brad she had too much work to do.

Later, Victoria told Brad that it was inappropriate for him to be dating Heather. Brad told his ex-wife that he wasn't planning a "date"-he was merely extending a courtesy to a new colleague. Victoria didn't buy that-she suggested that Brad had an ulterior motive-that is, breakfast in bed with Heather. Brad wondered if there was a new Jabot policy that required him to run all his friends past Victoria.

In the Jabot hallway, Victoria offered Heather some advice-she told Heather that "what you see with Brad isn't always what you get." Heather insisted that she and Brad were not dating-they were simply colleagues, and their relationship wouldn't become anything more than professional.

At the Newman ranch, Victor asked Sabrina if she could fit a shopping spree into her plans for the day. When Sabrina said she was too busy, Victor said he would bring the shopping spree to her. Sabrina was stunned when Lauren came in the door with a rack full of designer outfits.

Sabrina told Victor that the dresses looked so expensive she didn't even want to try them on. Victor told her that a beautiful woman deserved to wear beautiful things. When Victor told Lauren he was going to buy everything on the rack, Sabrina protested. She told Victor she loved him and that he was thoughtful, generous, and kind, but she didn't want to be blinded by his money. She added that people would gossip if she suddenly sported a new designer wardrobe. Victor said he didn't care if people talked, but Sabrina said that accepting all the clothes would upset her value system-she didn't need expensive clothes to prove who she was. Victor asked her to pick one item out, and Sabrina picked a handbag. Before she left, Lauren told Sabrina how impressed she was that Sabrina had taken only one item. Lauren said that most women would have taken everything.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and J.T. discussed plans to obtain more information about David. Their best lead was David's ex-wife, Elizabeth Hartford, but Elizabeth had been reluctant to talk about David. She did, however, tell Paul that marrying David was the worst mistake she had ever made. When Paul and J.T. brainstormed, they remembered that Elizabeth had worked with David at Granville Global, a company that Newman Enterprises had acquired. Paul decided to talk to Neil and find out if he had any information on Elizabeth's whereabouts.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil was irritated when Adam lectured him about how to market the Natural Glow products. He reminded Adam that he had been in the business for quite a while. Neil was clearly annoyed when Adam told him to write Victor a memo regarding the Natural Glow marketing plan.

Neil called Victor to discuss a new corporate travel contract. Victor asked Neil to keep an eye on Adam. He told Neil that his son was very smart, but was also very young. Neil seemed to feel vindicated when Victor told him that he didn't need the memo that Adam had requested. Before hanging up, Victor once again asked Neil to stay on top of Adam. Closing his cell phone, Neil smiled and, to himself, said, "I just did."

Skye called Adam to see if he had told Nikki about David's huge gambling loss. Adam told her that he hadn't-that David's gambling habit was Adam's "ace in the hole" and he would play it when the time was right.

Paul found Neil meeting with Adam. After Neil made introductions, he asked Adam to leave so that he could speak with Paul privately. After Adam left, Paul asked Neil how well he knew David. Neil told Paul that he didn't like David, as he had made Drucilla's life a living hell after Dru became a suspect in the Carmen Mesta murder. Neil added that he suspected David of having broken into the Winters' apartment, but the police were never able to prove it. Paul asked Neil if, during the Granville takeover, he had ever worked with, or heard of, Elizabeth Hartford, David's ex-wife. Neil said that he hadn't. Outside the door, Adam eavesdropped on Paul and Neil's conversation.

Paul told J.T. that he struck out with Neil. J.T. reminded Paul that Granville Global's employment records were Newman property, and, as head of security, J.T. had access to those records. They decided to take a look at Elizabeth's file. They learned that Elizabeth's grandfather had founded Granville Global. They also discovered that Elizabeth had sold a lot of her Granville stock when she divorced David. She then quit and went into hiding. They planned a bit of subterfuge-J.T. would tell Elizabeth's personal assistant that he needed to speak to Elizabeth regarding Newman's acquisition of Granville Global.

Paul connected his Blackberry to a computer, hoping to trace Elizabeth's phone number, and thus her whereabouts, when J.T. was transferred to her. J.T. used the Blackberry to call Elizabeth's assistant, and asked to be transferred to Elizabeth. After being transferred to Elizabeth, J.T. told her that Newman was doing an internal audit and that he needed to speak with her about Granville Global. Elizabeth became belligerent and hung up on J.T. -but not before Paul learned that Elizabeth was in Bermuda.

Neil called Victoria and told her how much he missed working with her at Newman. He then came to the point-he was reviewing some financial information concerning Newman's acquisition of Natural Glow, and had come across a charge for an internal audit of the company. He wondered if Victoria had ordered the audit. She told Neil she had-but she only did it to annoy Adam. Victoria added that she didn't know where the audit was, but she would find out and get it to him.

Later, Victoria located the Natural Glow audit paperwork and emailed it to Neil. Neil's heart dropped as he looked at the information on his computer screen.

Nikki and Victoria were lunching at the Athletic Club when Sabrina arrived, sporting her new handbag. After a tense, quick hello, Sabrina left for a meeting. Victoria and Nikki immediately began dishing about the handbag. Victoria said it must have cost a mint. She added that she was trying to be happy for Sabrina and Victor, but was finding it difficult. Nikki reminded Victoria that Victor could be generous-but he could also be vindictive. Nikki suggested Sabrina would probably learn that lesson the hard way.

Nikki and Victoria received another unwelcome visitor-Adam stopped by. When Nikki left to take a phone call from Heather, Adam told an unimpressed Victoria that he was taking good care of Beauty of Nature. Victoria told Adam that her new job was fantastic. When Adam said, "Keen," Victoria snapped, "Yeah, peachy keen."

Heather told Nikki that she had reviewed Elliot's files-and that she came across something Nikki needed to read right away.

Neil went to the Newman ranch to tell Victor that before she left Newman, Victoria had requested an audit of Natural Glow. Neil told Victor that if Adam had exercised due diligence during the Natural Glow acquisition, he would have uncovered the fact that Natural Glow was being sued for copyright infringement. Newman had acquired the lawsuit along with the company. When Victor asked Neil who was suing Natural Glow, he was shocked to learn it was Jabot!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

David told Nikki he'd returned from a self-help group. Nikki said that she could relate to David's addiction issues. David looked at Nikki and said that he'd lied to her. He said that he wasn't okay with them having separate bank accounts.

When David looked at the paper and saw the horse races, his look was glum.

Paul told J.T. he hoped that Nikki was wrong about David.

Neil saw Victoria at the club. Victoria joked that he'd better hurry to work if he wanted to beat Adam. She warned Neil that Victor didn't see Adam's flaws. Neil said he would see them that day. Victoria wondered what Neil knew about Adam.

Victoria saw Sabrina at the coffeehouse and told her that she had a very extravagant bag. Sabrina admitted that Victor had bought it for her. Sabrina said it was hard to be in a family where there was so little margin for error. Victoria told her to enjoy it while it lasted. Adam showed up at the coffeehouse and told Victoria he wished he had learned more about the company before acquiring it. Victoria said wished he had let her help him.

Victor asked Sabrina if he could talk to Adam alone. Adam said that he didn't mind speaking in front of Sabrina. Victor said that when he talked, Adam should listen. He said that if Adam listened more, they wouldn't be in the mess they were in. The company that Adam had acquired was going to cost Newman millions to fix. Victor angrily told Adam to never buy a company without consulting with him first. Adam apologized, but Victor said that he would take care of it himself.

Phyllis was surprised when Danny showed up in town. He asked Phyllis if Daniel was around. She said that he would be in soon. Danny said that he wanted to take Daniel on tour. Phyllis told Danny that he was being presumptuous. When Daniel showed up for work, Danny asked to have a moment with him. He asked Daniel if he would go on tour with him over the summer. Phyllis interrupted and mentioned Daniel's job responsibilities. Danny wanted to give Daniel a job as a photo assistant. He told Daniel that he knew Danny had a lot to think about. Daniel asked for some time to consider it. Danny said unfortunately, he only had a day to think it over. Amber was happy when Daniel told her about his father's offer until he told her how long he'd be touring.

Nick and Sharon reminisced about Cassie. Sharon was surprised that Nick remembered. Nick said that he didn't, he'd marked the day on his calendar. Sharon and Nick had coffee and wondered how they'd survived without her.

Phyllis told Sharon that she was thinking about Cassie too. Sharon went to Cassie's grave and told Cassie how much she missed her.

Phyllis told Nick he didn't have to work if he didn't feel up to it. Nick said that he needed to be somewhere else so that he'd be distracted. Phyllis had their babysitter bring Summer by. Nick was happy to see his daughter.

Friday, May 23, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Gloria and Jana stared at Cassie's portrait. Gloria said she couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose a child. She told Jana that as miserable as Sharon had made Gloria's life, her heart still went out to Sharon.

Daniel thanked Kevin for putting Cassie's memorial up. When Daniel said he thought his pain would abate each year, Kevin reminded him that the accident wasn't his fault. Kevin added that Cassie wouldn't want Daniel to feel sorry for himself. Daniel told Kevin that Phyllis and Amber didn't want him to go to Europe with Danny. Kevin advised Daniel not to worry about how Phyllis felt-but as far as Amber felt, that was a tough call.

At the Athletic Club, a glum Victor sat at the bar. Nikki joined him and they agreed how difficult this day was. Victor said he would never forget the day his granddaughter died. With tears in his eyes, he looked at Nikki and said, "What has happened to us?" Nikki reminded Victor that they shared 30 years of memories. They looked at each other tenderly and held hands. David interrupted the moment and Victor walked away. Nikki told David she was going to the cemetery. When David offered to drive her, Nikki told him she wanted to spend time alone.

At Cassie's gravesite, Nikki talked about how much change had occurred in the Newman family-Nick had married Phyllis, Sharon had married Jack, Nikki and Victor were divorced. She said that one thing was constant-they all loved Cassie. Nikki noticed Victor's flowers and read Victor's message on the card: "Every night I see my star and remember you." Nikki began crying.

At Crimson Lights, David and Kevin, among others, watched a boxing match. The match ended, and David was obviously upset with the outcome. Later, David met with Walter and asked him for a loan. David said that it was just a matter of some time and some paperwork before he had access to Nikki's money. Walter agreed to give David a loan.

Nikki met David at the club and told him that it felt like her whole family died along with Cassie. She wondered what would have happened if Cassie had survived. David hinted to Nikki that they should buy a house, make it their own, and plant a garden filled with roses. A teary-eyed Nikki hugged her husband.

In Bermuda, Paul tracked down Elizabeth Hartford, David's ex-wife. At first, she slammed the door in Paul's face, telling him that she had left America to get away from David. Later, Elizabeth relented and let Paul in, on the condition that Paul wouldn't tell David that he located her. Elizabeth told Paul that she was lucky-she had gotten away from David, unlike David's previous wives, who were dead. When Paul asked her if she thought David had something to do with those deaths, Elizabeth said, "Of course he had something to do with them. David Chow is a killer!"

At the Newman ranch, Adam told Victor that he had dabbled in chemistry as an undergraduate, and didn't feel that Natural Glow's formula was the same as Jabot's. Adam felt that a judge would rule in Natural Glow's favor. Victor became angry and told his son not to spin the facts. When Adam said that he felt terrible, Victor told him he should feel terrible, and that effective immediately, Adam's workload would be reduced. Adam became visibly upset when his father added that Adam had to run any new projects by Victor.

From the Athletic Club, Adam called Skye and told her about his mistake-that he had bought Natural Glow without realizing that the company was tied up in litigation with Jabot. Adam added that Victor had torn his head off-but that he deserved it. He hung up after telling Skye how much he missed her. Later, back at the ranch, Adam stared at Victor as Victor had a drink.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria asked her lawyer, Keith, to help her find a legal loophole dissolving her anonymous philanthropic foundation. Keith reminded Gloria that she couldn't do that-the legal papers establishing the foundation and its donations were irrevocable. Realizing there was no way out of the situation, Gloria gave Keith a list of charities that she wanted to donate to. When Jana suggested that Gloria make her philanthropy public, Gloria said no-she didn't want people to know what a fool she was by giving half of her estate to charity.

When Jack stopped by Crimson Lights, Gloria told him that she wasn't in the mood for his sarcasm, and that she didn't know why he hated her so much. Gloria continued to complain about how Jack had treated her. Jack interrupted Gloria and told her to stop wallowing in self-pity. He reminded Gloria that some people, like Sharon, were suffering from real, tragic losses.

In her suite at the club, Gloria toasted John's picture, saying that she was almost back where she started. A courier delivered Gloria's diamonds, but didn't close the door when he left. Gloria tore open the package and caressed the precious stones. Alistair stared into Gloria's room and observed her kissing her diamonds. He quietly closed the door. Alistair rubbed his hands together and began smiling.

At Restless Style, Sharon told Jack that she had visited Cassie's grave. When Jack suggested that Sharon take the day off, she said that she wanted to be at work-she found work distracting.

In another part of the office, Phyllis told Nick that he should visit Cassie's grave. Nick said that he didn't want to-it would only make him feel worse. Nick said that he still didn't remember the day that Cassie died. When Phyllis suggested that they take Noah for a picnic in the park, Nick said that he wanted to go to the club and play basketball.

Danny arrived at Restless Style looking for Daniel. Phyllis listed all the reasons why Daniel should stay in Genoa City and not join Danny on tour. Danny was upset-he felt that Phyllis was insinuating that he couldn't take care of his son. Daniel showed up and interrupted his parents' fight-he told them he had enough to worry about that day. After Daniel and Danny made dinner plans, Danny told Phyllis that he didn't realize how much Daniel still blamed himself for Cassie's death.

Amber joined Daniel at Crimson Lights, and they both stared at Cassie's portrait. Daniel said that Cassie's death was his fault-she would be alive if he hadn't gone to the party that night. Amber told Daniel she was honored that he was sharing his feelings with her, and that Daniel had made Amber very happy. She told Daniel she worried about what would happen to their relationship if he went on tour with Danny. Daniel was surprised when Amber said that she loved him. Amber worried that telling Daniel that she loved him signaled the beginning of the end of their relationship. Daniel told Amber that he might love her. When Amber told Daniel that he didn't really mean that, Daniel reminded her that she was his best friend-they worked together, enjoyed each other's company, and "played" with each other. "If that's not love," said Daniel, "I don't know what it is." The couple began kissing.

Amber told Daniel that if he didn't leave, he would be late for dinner with his father. Daniel said that she needed him more than Danny did. Daniel didn't answer his ringing cell phone. At the club, Danny told Gina that Daniel wasn't answering his phone. He hoped that his son was on the way.

Al Franklin, a lawyer for the Abbott Foundation, showed up at Restless Style. He announced some huge news-Keith Joyner, another attorney, had just informed Al that an anonymous donor was giving $5 million to the Abbott Foundation and $2 million to Cassie's Challenge. Jack, Sharon, Nick, and Phyllis wondered who the anonymous donor could be-they knew Victor wouldn't donate money to the Abbott foundation, and Katherine Chancellor wouldn't remain anonymous. When Sharon told Al she would like to thank the donor, Jack asked Al to do some research and find out who the donor was. After Al left, Jack wondered if Gloria could be the mysterious benefactor. Sharon said she doubted it-after all, Gloria hated Jack.

Nick left to play basketball at the club. Noah, realizing how sad Sharon was, asked her if there was anything he could do. Sharon said it was okay for them to be sad-that dying was a part of life. They told each other how much they missed Cassie.

Driving to the Athletic Club to play basketball, Nick was suddenly blinded by oncoming headlights. He swerved off the road, and the sounds of screeching brakes and crashing metal were heard.

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