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Victor and Sabrina made wedding plans. Gloria accidentally started a fire in Lauren's boutique, and Lauren fired Gloria. Lily kicked Chloe out of her house after Chloe kissed Cane. Colleen returned home from China after she'd broken up with Adrian. .
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Victor phoned a contractor from the ranch and discussed plans to add on a playroom for the baby. Although Sabrina thought that Victor's plans were considerate, she pled with him to keep the baby a secret, even from Adam, for the time being. Victor discussed plans for the wedding and initially suggested an ancient church in Strasbourg that Sabrina adored. Victor remembered a quaint setting closer to home and suggested an old barn on his estate. Sabrina was charmed and expressed her hopes that Abby and Summer could serve as flower girls. Victor asked if Sabrina's friend Regina had agreed to be matron of honor, but Sabrina explained that Regina was opening an exhibit in Florence and couldn't come. Victor offered use of his private jet, but Sabrina was adamant that her friend could not get away. Sabrina told Victor that she was pressed to find a matron of honor. Victor expressed the joy Sabrina had brought to his life and said, "If someone had told me when I divorced that I would fall in love again so soon and create a child, I would've said that fate does not bestow that much joy in one man."

At the coffeehouse, Jana offered to help Kevin wait on customers since Gloria was gone. Kevin noted that he was thrilled that Gloria no longer worked for him. Jana said she truly felt that Gloria would have a better day. Sabrina, who suffered from a queasy stomach, stopped by the coffeehouse and asked Jana for a cup of ginger tea. Jana thought Sabrina suffered prenuptial jitters. Jana eagerly offered to help select a wedding cake and a caterer, but Sabrina proposed that Jana serve as maid of honor. Jana expressed sorrow that Victoria had declined Sabrina's request to serve her best friend as matron of honor. Jana said she would be honored and privileged to be part of the wedding. Jana told Kevin that she had agreed to serve as Sabrina's maid of honor, and that she had asked Sabrina to be part of their wedding. When Jana realized that Victor would also attend their wedding, Kevin said he wondered how Victor would feel about traipsing through a graveyard. Jana said she had changed her mind about a Goth wedding and now instead wished to be married outdoors, perhaps near the ocean.

At Lauren's Boutique, located on the ground floor of Jabot's headquarters, Gloria had graciously attended to a customer who purchased a bracelet. Gloria bragged about her sales skills, so Lauren asked Gloria to demonstrate her technique. Lauren mentioned that the bracelet Gloria had just sold cost $2,000, but Gloria sheepishly admitted that she had actually sold the jewelry for $200. Lauren contacted the customer, but the woman refused to pay the difference and suggested that Gloria use a magnifying glass if she couldn't see the price tags clearly. Angry that Gloria had lost money on the sale, Lauren sent Gloria to the stock room to iron shirts. Gloria quickly became bored and left the iron unattended while she took an extended break in the boutique's showroom. Gloria called Kevin and complained that Lauren was forcing her to slave away in a sweat shop. While Gloria protested to Kevin, she enjoyed a lengthy respite from her mundane task. After Lauren realized that Gloria's break had stretched a little too long, Lauren suddenly smelled something burning and noticed that smoke was boiling out of the stock room. Lauren shouted for someone to call 9-1-1. Gloria told Kevin she had to go and hung up the phone.

At Jabot, Kay returned Jeffrey's cell phone to Jill after it was found under a table at the mansion. Kay questioned Jill's motives for maintaining a sexual relationship with a man who was obviously in love with Gloria. Jill explained that she was curious to know why Gloria had given tens of millions of dollars to a man she was barely married to. Jill added that Jeffery knew about Gloria's secret, and Jill vowed to find out what Jeffrey knew. After Kay left, Jeffrey came by, and Jill returned his cell phone, which he had left behind after they made love. Jill assured Jeffrey that he was the perfect lover, but added that they would need to "do it" multiple times, so she could know for sure. In a serious tone, Jill made it clear that she and Jeffrey did not love each other. Jill said that she couldn't fathom why Jeffrey still had feelings for Gloria. Jeffrey stammered and replied, "It's complicated."

To escape the fire and smoke, Gloria and her coworker Lynsey, along with staff from Jabot, sought refuge at the club. Gloria assured Lynsey that she had no idea how the fire started. When Gloria saw Jeffrey, she sophomorically remarked, "Well, my, my, if it isn't Jill Abbott's special boyfriend." Jeffrey sighed disgustedly. Lauren came to the club and announced that the hot iron Gloria left atop a stack of shirts had started the fire, which caused $100,000- worth of damage. Gloria apologized and begged for a chance to make amends, but Lauren fired Gloria, as Jeffrey, Jill, and the others gathered at the club looked on. Jill remarked that Gloria belonged in a straight straitjacket. Later, Jeffrey went to the pool house to check on Gloria. Gloria assumed that Jeffrey had come to gloat and tell her that she was worthless, but Jeffrey, without saying a word, grabbed Gloria and kissed her passionately.

At the Newman ranch, Adam proudly told Victor about his plan to revamp Beauty of Nature. Victor warned Adam not to cut any production corners. Adam assured Victor that he had completely redesigned the products and the packaging, which were natural and biodegradable. Adam said he had thought of three new names for the company, which were Newman Infinity, Newman Tomorrow, and Newman Destiny. Victor chose Newman Infinity as the company's new brand name. At Jabot, Brad told Victoria about the changes at Beauty of Nature. Brad explained that a sales representative told him that Beauty of Nature was undergoing a top-to-bottom makeover. Victoria said that Adam had finally gotten what he had wanted. Victoria added that if Victor and Adam wanted to ruin a perfectly good product line, then she would just sit back and watch the company fall apart.

After a fire broke out at Lauren's boutique, Jabot employees took shelter at the club until the smoke cleared. While Victoria was at the club, Adam approached. Victoria asked Adam about the changes at Beauty of Nature. Adam gloated that the company had been renamed Newman Infinity. Victoria commented that Victor would never accept the name change, but Adam noted that Victor had indeed chosen the new name himself. Back at Jabot after most of the smoke was gone, Victoria told Brad that Adam's mistake brought Newman Enterprises into a lawsuit against Jabot. Victoria felt that her father had rewarded Adam by giving him control of Beauty of Nature, and she seemed saddened that Victor had even allowed Adam to change the company's well-known name. Victoria added that she would have relegated Adam to the mail room.

At the coffeehouse, Lily and Devon talked about Neil's trip to New York, where Neil hoped to reconcile with Karen. Devon said he and Roxanne were becoming serious, and Lily remembered that Chloe had mentioned that Devon and Roxanne made a cute couple. Lily noted that it was odd that Chloe had kissed Devon without provocation. Devon suggested that Chloe was just crazy. Cane later ran into Devon at the coffeehouse. Cane mentioned that Chloe had kissed him, too. Devon explained that Chloe kissed him after he accused her of being interested in Cane. Devon said Chloe claimed he was crazy for thinking such a thing, and that he was the one she was into. Devon added that he thought Chloe's claim was "a complete lie, and perhaps, a little bait and switch." Cane thanked Devon for the head's up about Chloe.

At Jabot, Cane and Lily looked over proofs of Lily's photo session. Lily mentioned to Cane that Chloe had passionately kissed Devon. Cane asked if Chloe was drunk when she kissed Devon. Lily wondered why Cane thought Chloe had been drunk. Cane explained that Chloe had been drunk when she kissed him recently. Shocked by the revelation, Lily demanded to know why Cane hadn't told her about Chloe's kiss. Cane insisted that he definitely hadn't returned Chloe's kiss, and that Chloe was so drunk, she didn't remember what she had done the day after it happened. Cane added that he made it clear to Chloe that he was not interested in her. After Cane left, Chloe showed up to view the proofs. Lily confronted Chloe and told her that Cane mentioned the awkward kiss. Chloe claimed she was wasted and would never have kissed Cane had she been sober. When Lily asked about kissing Devon, Chloe claimed that she was "into" Devon. Lily demanded that Chloe move out of her place at once. When Cane and Chloe were alone, Chloe confronted Cane and asked, "Why did you mention our kiss to Lily?" Cane made it clear that there was no such thing as "our" as it pertained to him and Chloe. Cane explained that he told Lily about the kiss after she mentioned that Chloe had also kissed Devon. Chloe insisted that she was wasted when she kissed Cane, so that was all there was to it. Chloe claimed that she was into Devon, even though he wasn't yet into her. Cane seemed baffled when Chloe complained that he ruined her life by telling Lily about the kiss, because Lily had kicked her out.

Karen was shocked when Neil showed up at her apartment in New York City. Neil pleaded with Karen to return with him to Genoa City. Neil told Karen that he missed her laugh and her company, and that he had been wrong to let her go. Neil added that his kids wanted Karen to come back, too. Neil begged Karen for a second chance. Karen told Neil that she had truly missed him, too, but Karen pointed out that she had built a new life and career in New York. Neil promised Karen that she could return to her old job at Newman. Karen looked shocked when Neil asked her to marry him right away. Karen seemed overwhelmed and explained that she couldn't wrap her head around Neil's sudden marriage proposal, since she preferred to contemplate major life changes. Karen reminded Neil that memories of Dru were still very much a part of his life, and she just could not step back into that life. Neil said he understood and urged Karen to take care. Neil kissed Karen and walked out of her apartment. After the door closed, Neil momentarily pressed his hand against the door. Karen gazed longingly at the other side of the door and looked as if she were too dazed to move.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heather was impressed with Victoria's idea to have a green beauty line. Victoria said that everything would be recyclable, including the packaging. She told Heather that when the line debuted, Newman would wish they'd thought of it first. Victoria asked Heather how she was adjusting in her new position at Jabot. Heather said that it was a good transition for her. Victoria thanked Heather for her hard work, and told her to go have some fun once in awhile. When Heather had coffee with Adam, he told her about his ideas for the new line. She was surprised to hear that a lot of his packaging ideas were exactly like Victoria's. To change the subject, Heather asked Adam about Victor's wedding. Adam asked Heather if she'd like to go. She said she'd love to be his date.

Adam asked Nick to pull their Beauty of Nature ad in Restless Style. Adam said that Victor had approved his decision to revamp the entire line. He told Nick that they were going entirely green and recyclable and would have a new name, Newman Infinity. Nick suggested doing a countdown ad to introduce the new line, but Adam said he'd have to think about it. Nick wondered if Adam felt he was too good to listen to others' suggestions. Adam said that Harvard had instilled caution in him before rushing into a decision.

Sabrina told Lauren that she'd asked Jana to be her maid of honor. She requested that Lauren bring by some dresses for Jana to try on. Lauren said she'd be delighted. Victor told Sabrina to cancel her plans for the day because he'd set up an OB/GYN appointment for her.

Victor asked Sabrina how her doctor appointment went. Sabrina said that she was going to be a happy mother. She told Victor that he wouldn't have to accompany her on all her doctor's visits. Victor said that he wanted to; he hadn't been there for any of his children's births. Victor stopped by to see Nick to ask him if Summer could be a flower girl at his wedding. Nick said he'd think about it. Victor said that Nick was actually his first choice for best man at his wedding. Nick said that was news to him. Victor said that he knew Nick would have refused. Victoria overheard Victor and said that obviously Victor had a lot of confidence in Adam's judgment. Victor said he felt awkward and excused himself.

Victoria and Nick decided to have dinner together at the Athletic Club. Nick told Victoria that he'd heard about Newman Infinity. Nick told Victoria that Adam was also going green with the line. When they talked about Victor's wedding, Nick said he'd decided to go. He asked Victoria to go with him. Victoria said she couldn't go; it would be torture.

When Jana came by to see Sabrina, they shared their happiness about their relationships. Jana told Sabrina that she wanted to throw her a bachelorette party. Sabrina said that all Jana had to do was be at her side at the wedding. When Lauren showed up to try on dresses for the wedding, they freaked out when they thought Victor had seen Sabrina in her wedding dress. It was only Adam. When Victor did show up, Lauren and Jana hid Sabrina until Victor was gone.

Gloria pulled away from Jeffrey's embrace and asked if he'd slept with Jill. Gloria knew the answer when Jeffrey didn't say anything. Jeffrey angrily shot back that Gloria had slept with Alistair. Jeffrey told Gloria that they were two peas in a pod. He said that he knew Gloria wanted him as much as he wanted her. Gloria said she hated him, and kissed him. When they finally came up for air, Jeffrey suggested they go get dinner at the club. As Gloria was getting ready for her a shower, she noticed Jeffrey's passport had a stamp from the Cayman Islands. Gloria realized that Jeffrey was the person who'd stolen her diamonds. Jeffrey said that every time they got close, Gloria had to play games with him. He said she'd made a fool out of him for the last time.

Lily and Devon went through an old photo album at Neil's. They shared some laughs remembering old times they'd shared with Drucilla. They wondered if Neil had put the album together out of loneliness. They were surprised when Neil returned early from his trip to New York. Neil told them that things hadn't worked out. Devon said he thought Karen had lost her mind losing a good thing like Neil. Neil said that Karen was like Drucilla because once they'd made up their minds about something; that was it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At the Abbott pool house, Gloria was having a bad dream. She dreamt that she was homeless, poor, redolent-and trying to sell flowers to Nikki, Katherine, and Jill at Crimson Lights. In the dream, Jill was wearing a necklace made from one of Gloria's stolen diamonds. Gloria woke up and headed for Crimson Lights. A busy Kevin was happy to see her-he needed extra help, as a proctologists' convention was in town. Gloria told her son that she didn't have time to help, adding, "It'll be a cold day in hell when Jill gets my diamond." Kevin had no idea what Gloria was talking about.

Gloria headed over to the Jabot boardroom to visit Katherine. She told Katherine that she was unemployed, in debt, and needed a job. She begged Katherine to rehire her. Later, with Gloria out of the room, Nikki and Katherine agreed to rehire Gloria. An angry Jill stopped by, wanting to know why the "arsonist" was in the building. Nikki told Jill that she was rehiring Gloria. Katherine told Jill she should have consulted with Nikki before firing Gloria. Jill said that she was willing to work out a compromise regarding Gloria's future at Jabot.

Katherine and Jill told a relieved Gloria that they were rehiring her-but she would be returning in a different position. Gloria asked what her new position was going to be, and was not too happy when Jill told her she was going to be the new Jabot receptionist.

In the Jabot hallway, David was on his cell phone, telling someone that the "money was deposited and the funds are now available." When Nikki ran into him, David told her that he had a big surprise for her.

Back in the boardroom, Victoria met with Jill and Katherine about the Jabot eco-friendly product line. When Jill said she wanted to rethink the project, an irritated Victoria reminded Jill that the line was already in production. Jill was upset when Katherine told Victoria to stick to Victoria's original plan. When Victoria left the room, Jill chided Katherine for overriding her in front of a subordinate.

Nikki stopped by to tell Jill and Katherine that a conference call had been rescheduled for later that week. Katherine and Jill told Nikki that the revised conference call time conflicted with Victor and Sabrina's wedding. Nikki told Katherine and Jill that she was fine with Victor's marriage-after all, she was happily married to David.

David thanked Brad for the tip that Candelabra would probably win the race-David had made a lot of money betting on the horse. When Brad suggested they raise the poker game ante, David told Brad that he was finished with gambling, and would no longer attend the weekly game. Victoria saw David hand a check to Brad.

Later, David was on his phone again, talking to someone about placing a bet on a horse. He quickly hung up when Victoria approached him and asked why he had given Brad a check. David lied, telling Victoria that Brad was helping him out with a surprise for Nikki. A suspicious Victoria told David that sounded nice-if it were true.

Nikki and Victor ran into each other at the Athletic Club. When Nikki told him that Victoria and Nick had missed him on Father's Day, Victor said that he doubted that. When Nikki snidely insinuated that his children were unhappy with his upcoming marriage, Victor, referring to Adam, said, "Two of my kids may be unhappy-but one is all right." As Victor walked away, a sad-looking Nikki wished him good luck.

David brought a blindfolded Nikki into a stable. He removed the blindfold and showed her the surprise-a horse. Nikki was thrilled when he told her that he had purchased the horse for her. He told her that the horse's name was Athena-"a goddess for a goddess." Nikki was happy that she would no longer have to go to the Newman ranch to ride.

At the club, Victor told Neil that he and Sabrina would be honeymooning in France. Neil suggested that Victor and Sabrina visit a French art museum that Drucilla had loved. Neil told Victor that he still missed Dru, and that his relationship with Karen had ended. Neil reassured Victor that he would take care of things at Newman Enterprises while Victor was away. Unaware that Adam was sitting within earshot, Neil told Victor that he was concerned that Adam, by totally revamping the Beauty of Nature line, had "leaped before he looked." Victor told Neil that Adam was only doing what Victor had told him to do.

Adam walked up to Victor and Neil's table, and told Neil that he appreciated his expertise, but the market research on the updated Beauty of Nature line was solid. Victor told Adam to listen to Neil, as Neil was the one person Victor trusted completely. When Adam left, Neil asked Victor what Nick thought about Adam being Victor's best man. Victor told Neil that he was happy that, unlike Victoria, Nick would be attending the wedding. When Neil said he was sorry that Victoria had decided against attending the wedding, Victor said he felt sorry for Sabrina, as Sabrina and Victoria used to be best friends.

Later, Neil ran into Victoria at the Athletic Club bar. Neil brought up Victor's wedding, and asked Victoria if she would attend. Victoria said that she still had a problem with her former friend marrying her father. Neil told Victoria that Victor really wanted her to attend the wedding. He added that if she didn't attend, she would be risking any future relationship with her father-and that there was a chance that Reed would never get to know his grandfather.

Back at his apartment, Neil was shocked when he answered the door to Karen. She told Neil that she had flown to Genoa City because she couldn't stop thinking about him.

At the Newman ranch, Sabrina worked on her wedding vows, which reminded Adam that he needed to work on his "best man" speech. When Sabrina got a call from a European friend unable to attend the wedding, Adam asked if any of her family would be attending. Sabrina told Adam that her father, a diplomat, had been assassinated when she was twelve. After her father's death, Sabrina's mother put her in boarding school. She told Adam that she had lost touch with her mother. Sabrina added that was why her friendship with Victoria meant so much to her-Victoria was like family. Adam told Sabrina that he thought Victoria still might come around and accept her marriage to Victor. Sabrina told Adam that she and Adam were kindred spirits-outsiders trying to be accepted by the Newman family. Sabrina was touched when Adam said that he would be a good big brother if she and Victor ever had children.

Victor returned home with a gift for Sabrina-a silver baby rattle-just like the one Sabrina had given Victoria for Reed. Victor told Sabrina he thought that she and Victoria would reconcile-and that Reed and their baby would become playmates.

Victoria ran into Adrian at Crimson Lights. When Victoria asked how Colleen was doing on her trip to China, Adrian told her that he and Colleen hadn't spoken, as they had a fight about his book. Adrian told Victoria that he was working on an article about Sabrina and the Newman Art Foundation for Restless Style. Victoria adamantly refused to give Adrian an interview for his article.

Colleen, back from her trip to China, surprised Brad at the Athletic Club. She told her father that she was getting a room at the club. Brad insisted that Colleen stay at his house. When Brad asked what Adrian thought about Colleen not moving back into Adrian's apartment, she told Brad that Adrian didn't even know she was back in town.

Colleen stopped by Crimson Lights, where she was welcomed home by Kevin and Jana. When Colleen saw how busy it was at the coffee house, she volunteered to help out. Colleen told Kevin that she would not be able to return to her job at the club. Kevin offered, and Colleen accepted, a job at Crimson Lights. Adrian walked up to Colleen and asked her why she didn't tell him that she was coming home.

Out on the patio, Adrian told Colleen that he could never forgive her for showing Brad an advance copy of his book, but that he was willing to work on their relationship. Colleen said that she was no longer interested in their relationship-she couldn't move past the fact that Adrian had treated her like a child. She was concerned that Adrian might turn on her and belittle her once again. When Adrian reminded Colleen that she was not a quitter, she said that she wasn't quitting-she was just moving on. Colleen wished Adrian all the best and walked away from the table-leaving a despondent Adrian alone.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Victor saw Victoria waiting for Nikki at Indigo. Victor asked if she would be attending his wedding. Victoria said no. When Nikki arrived, Victor asked her to talk some sense into Victoria. Nikki told Victoria that she should go to the wedding. Nikki said that she was able to forgive Victor and wish him her best. She said that with David, she'd realized that she had to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nikki said that when Victoria was in the hospital, Victor was there by her side. She thought Victoria should be the bigger person. Victoria thanked Nikki for her advice, but was torn about what to do.

Victor had a surprise dinner planned for Sabrina. He told her that he'd spoken to Victoria and was sure that she wasn't going to their wedding. Victor said that Sabrina had given him a chance for a new beginning. He said he'd tried to be a good father to his children, but it didn't go as he'd planned. Victor asked why she'd never spoken about her mother. Sabrina said she'd never be like her mother. Victor said they'd try to be the best parents they could be. When they returned home, Sabrina's mother was waiting for her there.

Brad pressed David to continue gambling. David told Brad that Victoria saw him give Brad a check. He asked that Brad cover for him. Brad said that he had David's back, but David should consider another gambling opportunity. David said one more time only. When David met up with Nikki, she told David that Victoria was torn about whether to go to Victor's wedding or not.

Adrian asked to speak to Colleen alone. Colleen said that talking wouldn't change anything. She said their relationship was over. Adrian walked away in anger. Lily was surprised to see Colleen working at the coffeehouse. She could tell something was wrong. Colleen told her that splitting with Adrian wasn't going to be easy.

Cane called Lily to invite her to Indigo. Chloe showed up and enthusiastically hugged Cane and Devon. Chloe was apparently drunk again. Cane started to call a cab for Chloe. Chloe asked where she was going, considering she had no place to live. Cane said he'd figure it out. Cane spoke to a friend on the phone and told Chloe that he'd found a place for her.

When Lily and Colleen showed up at Indigo and saw Adrian. Lily suggested they leave, but Colleen said it would be okay. When Adrian saw her, Colleen ran off to the bathroom.

Neil was shocked to see that Karen had returned to Genoa City. He wondered what it meant for their future. Karen asked that they focus on being friends. She said that she was still hurt that Neil had let her go in the first place.

Gloria told Kevin to congratulate her; she got her job back at Jabot. Kevin was shocked. Gloria explained that it was only a receptionist position, but that wouldn't last long.

Gloria entered the Abbott mansion to ask for help opening up a bottle of gin. Ashley appeared and was shocked to see Gloria. Jack explained that Gloria was living in the pool house. Ashley wondered if Jack had lost his mind. Sharon and Jack explained that Gloria had secretly donated a lot of money to Cassie's charity. Jack said he thought that's what John would've wanted. Ashley noticed some of the new pieces in the living room and commented that Gloria had terrible taste. Sharon said they were her pieces. Ashley apologized, but said that she'd liked things the way they were. When Ashley, Jack, and Sharon went out to dinner, Ashley was shocked to learn that Nikki had remarried.

Friday, June 20, 2008

At the Athletic Club, David told Nikki that she didn't have to pretend that Victor's wedding wasn't going to bother her. Brad stopped by to discuss some business, but David wasn't paying attention-he was staring at an ad in the paper for an International Poker Tournament to be held in Las Vegas. After Nikki left for the stable, Brad told David that Nikki was a real trooper-she looked like she didn't care that Victor was marrying that day.

Brad told David that David was on a roll-he had won big at the racetrack and paid Brad the money David owed him. When Brad again suggested that David take part in the baseball pool, David said he wasn't interested. When Brad left, David continued to stare at the ad for the poker tournament.

Also at the club, Jill told Katherine they should go home to prepare for the wedding. Katherine told Jill to go by herself-Katherine wanted to check to see if Nikki was okay. An insensitive Jill didn't understand why Nikki might be upset -- after all, Nikki had remarried and proclaimed herself happy. Katherine said that Nikki might be upset because Victor was marrying a much younger woman-just as Katherine's late husband Phillip had done years earlier, when Jill stole him from Katherine. Jill told Katherine that wasn't how it happened.

At the stable, Nikki introduced Katherine to her horse, Athena. Katherine thought that David buying Nikki a horse was an extraordinary gesture-but wondered how Nikki was dealing with the fact that Victor was marrying Sabrina. Nikki said that she was fine-after all, she had David-the most wonderful man in the world. When Katherine asked about David's gambling problem, Nikki told her that the problem was under control-David was being completely honest with her.

Back at the club, Paul ran into Adam and Heather, who had obviously spent the night together. When Paul invited them for breakfast, Adam thanked him but declined-he had to get ready for Victor's wedding. Heather told Paul that she was going as Adam's date, adding that she and Adam were ready to go public with their relationship.

David was still staring at the poker tournament ad as Paul began reading the ad over David's shoulder. Paul asked David if ads like that were tough-after all, they were ubiquitous. David said that Gamblers Anonymous meetings were ubiquitous as well. Paul told David that he was looking for Nikki-he had completed a background check on a new Jabot hire. David told Paul to email the information to Nikki. As Paul left, he saw David call his Gamblers Anonymous sponsor. David said, "Thank God you're there-I really need your help." David told his sponsor that he needed help getting through a difficult period. David told his sponsor that he had tried praying, but that wasn't working. David yelled into the phone, "If we talk in person, it won't change a damned thing."

Later, Nikki called David, but he let the call go to voice mail. David called an airline-and booked a flight to Las Vegas.

At the stable, David abruptly told Nikki that he wanted a divorce! Nikki was shocked as David told her that he was leaving her. David walked out-Nikki stood alone, speechless.

At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick discussed how well their website was doing. They decided to place a link to cover girl Katy Perry's album on the site. Victoria stopped by and told Nick and Phyllis that she was still having a hard time deciding whether or not to attend Victor's wedding. When Victoria told Nick that Nikki advised her to go to the wedding, Nick told his sister that he agreed with Nikki. Phyllis reminded Victoria that the Newman family had been against Phyllis' marriage to Nick, but the family grew to accept her. In time, Phyllis suggested, Victoria would probably accept Sabrina and Victor's marriage. When Phyllis left to get Summer ready for the wedding, Nick continued to urge Victoria to attend the wedding. Victoria joked that when the minister said, "Speak now or forever hold your peace," she could tell the wedding guests how she really felt about Victor and Sabrina's marriage. Nick told Victoria that whatever she decided, he would still love her. J.T. showed up and suggested that he, Victoria, and Reed go to the beach-unless Victoria had changed her mind and decided to go the wedding. Victoria told her husband she would rather go to the beach.

Jana, Kevin, and the Baldwins had breakfast at Indigo. Jana told the group how honored she was to be Sabrina's maid of honor. She added that Victor had turned the Newman barn, the site of the wedding, into a fairyland. After Jana left, Michael told Lauren that he had never seen a more enthusiastic maid of honor. Lauren thought it was sad that Sabrina had to choose someone she barely knew. Michael said that Sabrina should have anticipated that Victoria would turn down Sabrina's request to be her maid of honor when she decided to marry Victoria's father.

Ashley and Abby stopped by to visit Brad. When Abby left to get a gift she had for Brad, Ashley said she thought she was living in some "weird, parallel universe"-Gloria was living in the Abbott pool house, and there were no Abbotts working at Jabot. Brad tried to convince Ashley to return to Jabot, but Ashley told her ex that she was happy with her life in Los Angeles. They discussed Nikki's marriage to David and Victor's marriage to Sabrina-Brad said that although Victor and Nikki were marrying others, he was certain that it was still the "Victor and Nikki dance."

At the Newman ranch, Victor and Sabrina discussed how happy they were. Sabrina's mother, Zara, walked in, and after saying, "Good morning, lovebirds," she told Sabrina to get her some coffee. She also told an obviously annoyed Sabrina that it was bad luck for her to see the groom before the wedding.

Adam returned to the ranch and was introduced to Zara. When Zara said that she and Sabrina hadn't really been close, Victor told Adam that Sabrina had an "unconventional" childhood. Zara thanked Victor and Sabrina for not banishing her from the wedding-she wouldn't have blamed them if they had.

Alone with Zara, Sabrina told her that neither Victoria, nor any of her European friends, would be attending the wedding. Zara told Sabrina that Sabrina should be embarrassed by that. When Zara asked if there would be any rich, single men at the wedding, Sabrina sharply told her that it was an intimate wedding-there wouldn't be any men for Zara to hit on. Zara congratulated her daughter on "hooking a bigger fish" than Zara ever had-Victor Newman.

Jana and Lauren helped Sabrina get ready, with Zara looking on. Zara made a snide remark about how well Lauren had instructed "little Jana." Zara answered the doorbell-Ashley and Abby had arrived. While Lauren took Abby upstairs, Sabrina told Ashley how much it meant to her and Victor that Ashley and Abby had come to the wedding.

Zara chided Sabrina for choosing Jana as her maid of honor when she could have had Ashley Abbott or Lauren Fenmore. When Sabrina told her mother that she barely knew Lauren and Ashley, Zara asked her if she had done a background check on Jana-she tried to show her daughter some information about Jana that was displayed on her PDA's screen. Sabrina sternly told Zara that she didn't want to hear anything negative about Jana. She added that if Zara continued to misbehave, Sabrina would have security escort her to the airport. Sabrina ran upstairs and began crying.

In the redecorated barn, Victor told Adam about Abby-Adam's little sister. He told his son that Abby called Brad, "Daddy," and called him, "Victor." Not quite understanding the intricacies of the situation, Adam commented that it all sounded "very modern." Victor told Adam that life was full of surprises-one year earlier, Victor had no idea that Adam or Sabrina would be in his life.

After greeting Victor, Jill disapprovingly noticed that Adam and Heather appeared to be a couple. Jill approached the couple, who assured her that their personal relationship would not affect their business relationship. Later, when Neil arrived and spotted Heather and Adam together, he asked Jill if that "was what he thought it was." Jill replied, "Unfortunately, yes."

Nick, Phyllis, and Summer arrived, and Nick wished his father well. Victor said that he regretted that Victoria wasn't coming.

Victor thanked Ashley for coming to the wedding-particularly for bringing Abby. Ashley told Victor how sorry she was that Victoria had decided not to attend. She added that she could see how happy Sabrina made Victor. The minister told Victor that it was time to start the ceremony. Outside the barn door, J.T., Victoria, and Reed hid behind some bales of hay.

The wedding ceremony began. Abby walked down the aisle, followed by Summer and Phyllis. A beautiful-looking Jana was next. Victor and Nick both smiled when Victoria, J.T., and Reed came in and took seats in the back. Next, Sabrina, Victor's bride-to-be, appeared in the frame created by the barn's open doors.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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