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Gloria and Jeffrey got married in Las Vegas. Gloria divulged to Nikki that she had seen David gambling. David flashed back to killing Ji Min. Neil invited Tyra and Ana to stay at his apartment. Amber hooked up with Adrian.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, June 30, 2008

From an elevator, David called Nikki to tell her that his Los Angeles meeting had gone well. When Nikki suggested that they have dinner when he arrived home, David told her that he was staying in Los Angeles to have dinner with Harrison-he would come home the next day. Nikki told David that she still loved him but that if he told her one more lie, their relationship would be over. David told her that he loved her too. After they hung up, David exited the elevator into a Las Vegas casino. Nearby, Gloria and Jeff were giddy-it was their wedding day.

David began gambling at a roulette table and won big. Walter showed up and told David that if David cashed out, he could pay Walter back. Walter told David that he could also pay him back by working for Walter again-although Walter knew that it wasn't David's favorite job. David bet all his money on black-he was despondent when the ball landed in a red space. From across the casino, Gloria spotted David. Jeff wondered what David was doing there. Gloria remembered overhearing the conversation between David and Nikki-Nikki had told David that he had better not be gambling again. Gloria devilishly smiled as she stared at David.

Gloria and Jeff played some roulette and won a lot of money. When Gloria took the chips and said she was going to buy something for herself, Jeff suggested they go up to the honeymoon suite. Gloria said there would be no "honeymoon" until they were married.

At the Little Chapel of Big Love, the chapel manager gave Gloria and Jeff a list of possible ministers, including "Liberace," "Elvis," and "Little Richard." When the Bardwells learned that "Liberace" and "Elvis" were unavailable, they settled on "Little Richard." Gloria and Jeff went into another room, where a man who looked very much like Little Richard played the piano. After a short wedding ceremony, "Little Richard" declared the Bardwells husband and wife, and he began playing the piano again. Jeff and Gloria began kissing and dancing. Gloria was shocked when Jeff told her that it really was Little Richard. An excited Gloria told Little Richard what a big fan she was. Gloria worried that the marriage would not be legal, but her fears were assuaged when Little Richard told her that he was an ordained minister.

At Jabot, Katherine asked Nikki why she hadn't been returning Katherine's calls. Nikki said that everything between her and David was fine-but Katherine sensed there was something very wrong. Nikki broke down and told Katherine that David was gambling again, and that he had wanted a divorce. Nikki added that she wanted to trust David, but wasn't sure that she could. When Nikki began sobbing, Katherine suggested they leave Jabot to have lunch.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Katherine continued to discuss Nikki's problems with David. Katherine accused Nikki of rushing into marriage. Victor stopped by their table to thank Nikki for encouraging Victoria to attend his wedding. He told his ex that it meant a great deal to him-and that perhaps one day he could return the favor. After Victor left, Nikki was upset that Victor had chosen that day to be nice to her. Katherine told Nikki that pride, not Victor, was her enemy. Nikki told Katherine that everyone had been right when they told her not to marry David. Katherine asked Nikki if she still loved David. She replied that she did-but that she wouldn't stand around while David threw his life away.

At Restless Style, Adrian told Amber he was looking forward to interviewing Sabrina, but Amber was in a grumpy mood. She told the professor that she had been up all night "bumming" about not being able to go to Europe and see Daniel. When Amber told Adrian that she hoped that Daniel would be less supportive of her career as "Restless Amber" so that she and Daniel could see each other in Europe, Adrian told her how ridiculous that was. Amber asked the professor if he had gone to China to visit Colleen. Adrian told Amber that he and Colleen had a fight before she left for China. He added that he thought they would work things out when she returned home, but she wouldn't speak to him. Amber said that Colleen and Adrian seemed like the perfect couple-and then wondered if people might eventually be saying that about her and Daniel.

At Indigo, Sharon told Jack that Amber had shown up on time for work-the Abbotts had high hopes for the "Restless Amber" concept. Victor and Sabrina showed up-Victor snidely asked Jack what career Jack would choose when Restless Style went under.

After Victor and Sabrina were seated, Sabrina asked Victor why he hated Jack. Victor told her that Jack had always been jealous of Victor's success-and that Jack coveted everything Victor had. He went on to tell his wife that Jack had married Nikki, had tried to take over Newman Enterprises, and had taken advantage of Victor when Victor was sick with epilepsy.

At the Abbotts' nearby table, Jack was telling Sharon about some of Victor's misdeeds. Sharon countered by telling her husband that Victor wasn't wholly responsible-Jack shared the blame. Jack commented that Victoria and Nick barely spoke to Victor. Jack was concerned that Victor would work to make Restless Style a failure. Brad stopped by to tell Jack and Sharon that Colleen was back in Genoa City. At Crimson Lights, Brad chided Colleen for staying out all night without calling him. Colleen became upset and reminded Brad that she was no longer a teenager. She told Brad that she thought living with him would not work out.

Colleen stopped by Restless Style to visit with Jack and Sharon. Amber told Colleen that Adrian was working at Restless Style as a writer. When Amber began fishing for information about why Colleen and Adrian broke up, Colleen made it clear that it was none of Amber's business.

Colleen told the Abbotts all about her trip to China. Jack and Sharon were surprised to learn that Colleen and Adrian had broken up. Colleen complained about living with Brad, who treated her like she was still in high school. When Colleen walked away, Jack and Sharon decided they would ask Colleen to move in with them. They vowed by the end of summer that Colleen would be in-Gloria would be out.

When Colleen returned, the Abbotts invited her to move in. Colleen was thrilled and told Jack and Sharon she would move in that day.

At Indigo, Adrian assured Victor that his article about Sabrina and the art gallery would be fair and balanced. When Victor said he wanted to see the article before it was published, Sabrina said that she wouldn't have agreed to the interview if she had any doubts about Adrian. Adrian agreed to allow Victor to see the article before publication, but told Victor he would not be able to edit it. When Victor left, Adrian began interviewing Sabrina. Later, at Crimson Lights, Sabrina told Victor how well the interview went.

At Restless Style, Adrian told Jack and Sharon that the interview with Sabrina had gone well. Jack said he could live with Adrian's bargain, allowing Victor to see the article before publication. Adrian gave Jack a flash drive that contained his interview with one of Sabrina's Parisian co-workers.

Adrian ran into Colleen-the tension between the two was very thick. When Adrian suggested that they talk, Colleen said she had planned to stop by his apartment-to give him back his key. Adrian realized that Colleen planned to never talk to him again. As Colleen left, she asked Adrian to please not make the situation harder than it already was. Later, Colleen told a skeptical Brad that she was moving in with Jack and Sharon.

Adrian told Amber how disappointed he was that Colleen wouldn't talk with him. Amber complained to the professor that she was still upset about her situation with Daniel. Amber and Adrian decided to drown their sorrows in Irish whiskey.

At home, Jack listened to Adrian's interview with Sabrina's Parisian co-worker. During the interview, the co-worker had told Adrian how sad the situation with Sabrina had been-evidently Sabrina had arranged a large showing for an artist Sabrina was sleeping with, and it became quite a scandal. Jack picked up the phone and told the operator he wanted to make a call to Paris.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jill criticized Heather's work quality at Jabot. Heather was shocked at Jill's curtness. Victoria said that Jill was out to get everyone lately. She said it didn't help that Heather had arrived at Victor's wedding with the competition. Victoria told Heather that she should rethink who she spent time with outside of work. Heather called Paul and asked him to meet her for coffee. Heather told Paul that she felt that Jill blamed her for not finding Ji Min's killer. She said it had always bothered her that the case was unsolved. Since she wasn't assistant DA any longer, she wondered if maybe it was time to start investigating the case on her own. When Heather asked for Paul's help, he suggested that she start as if it were a brand new case. Heather returned to Jabot and got to work. Jill was shocked when she saw that Heather was reinvestigating Ji Min's case. Heather said that she thought it would be a benefit for the business to solve the case. Jill was appreciative that Heather had placed an emphasis on the man she'd loved.

David felt destroyed when he gambled again and lost. Walter told him he could make it up to him. When David saw Gloria and Jeffrey, he realized he'd lost a lot more than just money. David told Walter that he knew Nikki would leave him if she found out he was in Vegas. Walter was surprised that David cared anything about Nikki besides the money.

Gloria told Jeffrey that she'd overheard a conversation between Nikki and David. David had said that he would quit gambling. Gloria said she felt she owed it to Nikki to tell her she'd seen David. Jeffrey said it was time to stop thinking about Nikki and to get back into bed with him. Gloria said she was really enjoying being Mrs. Jeffrey Bardwell, but couldn't get Nikki and David out of her head. David considered knocking on Gloria's door. He thought about what would happen if Nikki found out. He decided to knock, but no one was there. David returned to his room and started drinking. Walter told David there were other ways to take care of a gambling debt other than money. David's memory flashed back to murdering Ji Min Kim.

When Gloria and Jeffrey returned to Jabot, Jeffrey spotted Jill and said hello. When he told Jill that he and Gloria had remarried, she slapped him.

Nikki was torn about what to do about David. Katherine said a marriage couldn't work without trust. Katherine suggested that Nikki could use some help during such a trying time. When she suggested that Sabrina co-chair the charity ball, Nikki was shocked. After some thought, she realized that it might be interesting seeing how Sabrina could handle it. When Victoria arrived, Nikki told her that she had some suspicions if David was really in Los Angeles. Victoria said she hated to see someone drag her mother down. Nikki said she would throw herself into her work. She asked Victoria if she could help her with the charity ball. Nikki told Victoria that it came with a catch; Katherine was going to ask Sabrina to help. Victoria said she would help for the sake of the family.

Sabrina was thrilled when Katherine asked for her help at the charity ball. Sabrina decided to go to Nikki to discuss the ball. She asked that Nikki reconsider not working on the ball for the family's sake. Nikki asked Sabrina if she was talking about Nikki's family. Sabrina said it was also her family. Nikki said it had nothing to do with Sabrina. Nikki wished Sabrina all the luck in the world, because she'd need it.

Katherine returned to Jabot to offer Nikki her support. Nikki admitted that she really wanted to give David another chance. Gloria knocked on the door and asked if she could speak to Nikki alone.

Sabrina told Jana that she would be working for the charity ball. Jana suggested being Sabrina's co-chair. Sabrina saw Victoria and asked if she'd like to sit with her and Jana. Victoria said she was just getting a quick cup of coffee, but she'd be seeing her sooner than she thought. Victoria said she'd spoken with Katherine and she would be co-chairing the ball with Sabrina. Sabrina was thrilled. Victoria told Sabrina that it was a charity ball, not family therapy. Victoria said she'd been involved with the ball for years and suggested that Sabrina allow her to take the lead. Sabrina said that she would do the job that was asked of her.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon were enjoying some quiet time when Gloria and Jeff barged in and announced they had remarried. The Bardwells thanked the Abbotts for being the catalyst that reunited them, then headed off to the pool house to "start their honeymoon."

Jack and Sharon hoped that since the Bardwells were wealthy, the Abbotts' unwanted houseguest would soon vacate the pool house. When Sharon stepped out of the living room, Jack stared at a photo of John, saying, "Why did you have to make it so hard? I want her out of here and I promised Sharon-but I keep hearing you say 'Be fair-give Gloria a chance.'" When Sharon returned to the living room, she found Jack holding the photo. Sharon asked Jack if he was having second thoughts about the Abbotts' plan to have Gloria off the estate by the time Noah returned from summer camp. Jack confirmed that he was.

In the pool house, Gloria and Jeff declared their love for each other, despite each other's faults. Jeff presented Gloria with a gift-a dog bone with a red ribbon. Gloria hoped that Jeff hadn't bought her one of those "prissy" Chihuahuas. Jeff told Gloria that she underestimated him. When Fisher stopped by to play with the bone, Gloria saw that Jeff had hidden some of her missing diamonds in Fisher's collar. Jeff gleefully clasped Gloria's diamond necklace around her neck-he then presented her with a velvet bag containing the rest of the gems. Gloria was thrilled-and told Jeff that she had suspected all along that he was the "bad boy" who had switched the diamonds.

In the Jabot boardroom, Chloe told Jill that Lily's Los Angeles photo shoot was going well. Later, Chloe looked over the headshots of the other Fresh Faces of Jabot models. She tore up the photos of the more qualified girls. As she tossed the pieces into the garbage, Chloe said to herself, "Sorry girls, it's for a good cause-me!"

When Chloe showed Jill the photographs of the less qualified girls, Jill said they looked terrible. Jill decided to abandon the other Fresh Faces models in order to concentrate on Lily. When Jill remembered that Lily planned to stay in school, Chloe suggested that they play up the "scholar/model" aspect of Lily's life. Chloe suggested that Cane should supervise the change in advertising strategy. Initially reluctant, Jill came around when Chloe told her how well she, Lily, and Cane worked together. Jill told Chloe that Cane would supervise, but Chloe would do the day-to-day work. Later, Chloe ran into Cane and hurriedly told him that there was going to be a major change at Jabot-Lily would be the only Fresh Face model. Before she walked away, Chloe told Cane that he would be supervising the change.

At Crimson Lights, Cane told Neil that he and Lily had a great time in Cabo San Lucas. Neil told Cane that Devon was busy showing Tyra and Ana around town. Neil added that Tyra seemed to be nothing like Yolanda, Devon's drug addict mother, but he wondered why Tyra hadn't been involved in Devon's life.

At Indigo, Devon told Neil that he had dropped Tyra and Ana off at their hotel. Neil started questioning Devon about how long Tyra was staying, and when she had to get back to work in Seattle. Devon became resentful and accused Neil of comparing Tyra to Yolanda. Devon assured Neil that Tyra was nothing like Yolanda-Tyra was a wonderful mother. Devon warned Neil not to give Tyra the third degree when she and Ana arrived.

Tyra and Ana arrived at Indigo. Tyra left to use the restroom while Ana took the stage and sang a song. Karen joined Neil and Devon. Devon continued to defend Tyra-he told Neil that his aunt had a job as the manager of the Pembroke Hotel in Seattle. To prove his point, Devon called the Pembroke Hotel, but he was embarrassed when he got a recording saying that the hotel was out of business.

Across the room, Tyra ran into Cane and thanked him for paying her hotel bill. Tyra asked Cane how he knew that she and Ana needed money for a place to stay. Cane told Tyra he had overheard her discussing the situation with Ana, adding that she should tell Neil the truth, as Neil would be understanding.

Cane accompanied Tyra back to Neil, Devon, and Karen's table. Neil immediately asked Tyra why she had lied about her employment status. Tyra told Neil, Devon, Karen, and Cane that she had worked her way up at the Pembroke, starting as a clerk-ending up as manager. When the Pembroke went under, Tyra was unable to find work despite her management experience because she didn't have a college degree. Tyra confessed that she sought Devon out after she and Ana had been evicted from their apartment. Tyra apologized for her dishonesty. When Devon asked Tyra how she had been paying for her hotel room, Cane told the group that he had been footing the bill. Devon wondered if Tyra thought that Devon would have thought less of her if he had known that Tyra was down on her luck. Neil told Tyra that he appreciated her honesty-but he wished that she had come to him for help.

Alone with Devon, Neil told his son that he couldn't condone what Tyra did-but he understood why she did it. Devon told Neil that he wanted to help his aunt. Neil suggested that Tyra and Ana return to Seattle. Neil rejected Devon's suggestion that Tyra and Ana stay with Neil. A downhearted Devon left the table to tell Tyra the bad news. Karen joined Neil and told him that Tyra was a good woman and a good mother. Karen reminded Neil that, when Tyra and Ana arrived, he had said that Devon's family was part of the Winters' family.

Across the room, Devon was telling Tyra that it would be best if she and Ana returned to Seattle. When Neil walked over, Tyra told him that she and Ana would leave the next morning. Devon, Tyra, and Ana were thrilled when Neil invited Tyra and Ana to stay at his apartment. Neil told Tyra that he would need a few days to ready his apartment for her and Ana-in the meantime, he would pay their hotel bill.

When Tyra and Ana left, Neil told Karen that he hoped he had made the right decision. Karen assured him that she knew it wasn't an easy decision-but it was the right one. Neil told Karen that he had been hoping she would move back in with him, but Tyra and Ana's visit could delay that. Karen told Neil they needed to take their relationship one step at a time.

In Nikki's office, Gloria confessed that she didn't have the flu-she had called in sick so she could fly to Las Vegas to marry Jeff. Nikki was shocked when Gloria "casually" mentioned that she had seen David playing roulette in a Las Vegas casino. With a vacant expression on her face, Nikki asked Gloria to leave. Nikki called David and left a message.

In his Las Vegas hotel suite, David thought back to Nikki telling him that if he lied to her again she would have no choice but to leave him. He thought about calling Nikki, but changed his mind. Later, David got angry with Walter when Walter suggested that David tap into Nikki's assets to pay back the money that David owed Walter. David told Walter that, in order to pay off his debt, he would work for Walter one last time. Walter told David that he would call him when he needed him.

Nick and Victoria met for coffee at Crimson Lights. Victoria told her brother that she would be co-chairing the charity ball with "the new Mrs. Victor Newman." Victoria received a phone call from Nikki-she needed to see Nick and Victoria urgently.

Nikki told her children that David was gambling again. Victoria and Nick told Nikki that she should leave David-she could stay with Nick and Phyllis. Nikki said that she was not leaving David. When Nick told Nikki that David was ruining her life, Nikki defended her husband, saying that he suffered from an illness. Victoria made Nikki promise that if things got difficult, she would leave David. Nikki promised, but said that she was still hopeful about saving her marriage to David.

David returned to Genoa City and went to Nikki's office. Nikki told David that she knew he had been gambling in Las Vegas. David remarked that he had lied to Nikki again. When Nikki showed David a folder filled with treatment strategies to combat gambling addiction, David asked Nikki why she was doing this. She told her husband that she loved him and she wouldn't walk away from him. Before he stormed out of Nikki's office, David yelled, "Stop... stop... it's over... we're over... you have to let me go."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nick and Victoria were worried about Nikki trying to reconcile with David. They hoped to put a stop to it before things became worse.

Nikki followed David back to his hotel room. He told her to stay away from him. David said he'd poisoned his other marriages and would poison theirs too. He told Nikki it was completely over.

Nick and Victoria saw Nikki downstairs at the Athletic Club. Nikki told them that David was upstairs packing. When David came downstairs, Nikki told him he'd better leave right away. David told Nick that he was leaving Nikki for her sake. He told them that someday they would thank him. Victor stood by and watched them. When David left, Victor asked if everything was okay. Nikki said that David had left on a business trip. When Victor was surprised that David would leave on a holiday, Nick covered and said that it wasn't Fourth of July everywhere. Nikki thanked Nick for covering. Nick said that soon enough, Victor would find out.

Paul saw Nikki at the club and asked her to dinner. She thanked him for being a good friend. Paul told her that he was sorry she was hurting, but he was not sorry David was out of her life. Nikki thanked Paul for not saying I told you so. When she hugged Paul, David was watching.

When Nick went back to work, Victor went to Restless Style. He asked Nick what was going on with Nikki. Victor told Nick that he knew in his heart that something was wrong. Nick wondered why Victor cared, and said whatever happened, he'd handle it. Victor told Nick that David was a dangerous man.

Victor had a special trip planned for Sabrina on Fourth of July. Sabrina went to the coffeehouse and waited for Victor. She saw J.T. and thanked him for coming to her wedding. J.T. said it was Victoria's decision. Sabrina saw Victoria and asked what was going on. Victoria said it wasn't a good time. Sabrina suggested discussing the gala to get her mind off of things. Victoria liked Sabrina's idea of doing a Renaissance theme. Victoria said they could turn the bar into their favorite café in Florence. Sabrina commented on how big Reed was getting. She asked Victoria if having a baby changed everything. Victoria said it did. As Sabrina was about to tell her something, Victoria interrupted her and asked that any idea Sabrina had, she should run it by her first.

J.T. told Victoria that he and Paul had done some investigating on David before Nikki married him. Victoria was upset that he hadn't told her before. When J.T. said that David's previous wives had died, she was shocked and upset. Victoria became furious that J.T. hadn't said anything. She told J.T. that she needed to be alone.

J.T. returned to talk to Victoria. She had forgiven him for not telling her about the investigation into David. She said that wanted J.T. to continue investigating David.

Adam invited Heather over to Victor's for a midnight swim. Heather was uncomfortable going to Victor's. She admitted to Adam that she'd attempted to put Victor away on a murder charge. Adam wondered how much evidence Heather had against him. Heather said that she had enough to arrest him. Adam was upset that Heather hadn't told him about it before, but said that he wasn't about to mix business with pleasure. He insisted she go with him. Paul saw Heather and asked to speak to her. Heather told Paul that Jill was happy when she decided to reopen Ji Min's murder case.

When Heather and Adam arrived at Victor's, Adam suggested that Heather get changed. Heather said there was no need, and stripped right in front of him. After a hot night in the pool, Adam wondered how Heather could've thought Victor had the potential to be a killer.

Sabrina returned home and told Victor she'd seen Victoria and they'd discussed that gala. Sabrina noticed that Adam had some company outside.

Adam asked Heather if she'd like to go upstairs with him. When they came inside, Victor was there. Heather was uncomfortable and went to change. Victor told Adam that Heather had framed him for murder. Adam said he wouldn't hold it against her for doing her job. Victor said that Heather was not welcome in his house.

Amber and Adrian arrived at the coffeehouse. Amber told Jana about her frustration with Daniel not calling her. Jana insisted that Daniel was just having a good time with Kevin. Phyllis listened in on Jana and Amber's conversation. Colleen was uncomfortable when she saw Adrian. A new boy named Jason showed up for a date with Colleen. Adrian watched them. Jason saw Adrian and said hello. He'd attended one of Adrian's classes. Amber went to Adrian and consoled him. When Adrian and Amber returned to Restless Style, they ran into Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis told her that she was on her way out, but asked Amber to turn off her computer. Amber saw a picture of another girl kissing Daniel.

Friday, July 4, 2008

At the Restless Style office, Phyllis told Nick that she was sick and wouldn't be able to attend the party for Restless Style's advertisers. Amber showed up to get her sunglasses. Amber called Phyllis cruel for purposely showing Amber a picture of Daniel and a groupie on her computer. As Amber left, Phyllis told Nick that she didn't like Amber. Nick replied, "Especially when she nails you with the truth."

Victoria, J.T., and Reed were lounging poolside at the Newman ranch. Thinking that Victor and Sabrina were in Boston, she called to invite Nick, Phyllis, and Summer over. Nick told Victoria that Phyllis was sick, but that he would stop by before heading over to the Restless Style party.

Inside the Newman house, Heather told Adam that she felt uncomfortable being there-Victor had made it clear that she was persona non grata at the ranch. Adam said that everything would be okay-Victor and Sabrina had gone to Boston. After Heather and Adam walked out of the house to the pool, Victor and Sabrina came downstairs. Sabrina told Victor that she felt bad about not being able to go to Boston due to morning sickness. Victor assured her that it was all right-and said that he was looking forward to spending the day with her at home-alone.

Back at the pool, Victoria called Nikki and unsuccessfully tried to get her mother to stop by. Nick arrived. Victoria, J.T., and Nick were surprised to see Victor and Sabrina walk out to the pool. Sabrina told the group that she was feeling a bit under the weather, and that their Boston trip had been cancelled. Adam and Heather joined the group, and Victor became upset. He told Adam that Adam was defying his orders by allowing "that woman" in the house. Adam said that it was his home too. He added that he took orders from Victor at work, and they weren't at work. Nick stepped in and broke up the argument. Victor and Sabrina went inside the house-Heather and Adam left.

Sabrina told Victor that she knew he was angry, but added that it was obvious that Adam liked Heather. Victor reminded Sabrina that Heather had accused him of murder. Sabrina told Victor that she wanted the Newman family to mend fences-particularly with her baby on the way.

At the Athletic Club, Adam told Heather that he needed to deal with Victor. When Heather tried to calm Adam down, he said that he wanted to go back to the ranch for round two. Adam said that perhaps he needed to find a new place to live. Heather suggested that he apologize to his father.

Back at the pool, Sabrina told Victoria that she had seemed stressed out when they met the previous evening to discuss the charity gala. Victoria said that she didn't recall being stressed out. She emphasized to Sabrina that they really didn't need to meet about the gala. Victoria said that she had been planning charity events for years, and that if Sabrina had any ideas, she could email them to Victoria.

Referring to Adrian as "slightly impertinent," Victor asked Nick if he had seen the professor's article about Sabrina and the art gallery. Victor reminded Nick that he had the right to see an advance copy of the article. He added that there was something about Adrian that he didn't like. Victor asked Nick about Nikki. He told Nick to keep an eye on David Chow-Victor said that Chow was dangerous.

Nick and Victoria watched as Victor and Sabrina played with Reed. Later, Victor suggested that Victoria allow Sabrina to hold Reed. An obviously uncomfortable Victoria allowed Sabrina to hold him-but took him back almost immediately. When Victor and Sabrina went back inside, Victoria told J.T. that it wasn't easy allowing Sabrina to hold her baby.

Inside the house, Sabrina told Victor how thrilled she was that Victoria had allowed her to hold Reed. Victor opined that Sabrina and Victoria would probably reconcile soon. After Sabrina left the room, Adam returned, telling Victor that they needed to talk. Victor told Adam, "Don't you ever forget who I am and who you are-if you do, you'll be more sorry than you've ever been in your life. This is the last warning I'm giving you." Victor stormed out, leaving a stunned Adam.

Watching the fireworks, Victoria told J.T. how sad it was that Sabrina would never have children. J.T. said that there was still time.

Chloe found Cane at the Athletic Club bar. When Cane said that he was going to the Restless Style party, Chloe suggested that they carpool. Cane quickly said that wouldn't work out-he didn't know how long he was going to stay at the party.

At the Abbott mansion, preparations were under way for the party. Sharon and Jack were surprised to find Michael at their house. When the Abbotts heard Gloria's voice, Sharon said, "This isn't happening." Gloria came into the house and, after wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, informed the Abbotts that she had invited her whole family. Jack reminded Gloria that he had left her a message asking her to stay away from the mansion that day. Gloria said she had misunderstood the message-she thought Jack was inviting her to the party.

Pulling Jack aside, Gloria told him that John would have wanted her at the party. She promised she wouldn't cause any scenes. Jack caved and allowed her to stay. Sharon was disgusted with Jack when she learned that Gloria was staying.

Cane arrived at the party, followed by Amber. Amber lied and told Cane that she and Daniel were in constant touch with each other. Sharon ran into Chloe, who lied and told Sharon that Cane had invited her to the party. When Chloe went to find Cane, Amber, seeing Sharon's distress, brought over shots of liquor for both herself and Sharon.

At the pool, Michael and Lauren noticed Gloria's wedding ring. Gloria told the speechless Baldwins that she and Jeff had remarried. The Baldwins pulled Gloria into the pool house. Michael told Gloria that she was crazy. Gloria told Michael to lighten up-she had married Jeff for his money-which had originally been her money. When Gloria told the Baldwins that Jeff had returned her diamonds, and that Little Richard had "performed the deed," Michael said that her news was too weird. He and Lauren went outside to rejoin the party.

Jeff joined Gloria in the pool house and told her that they would make their own fireworks-in bed.

Sharon told Jack that Nick would be at the party shortly-but Phyllis was ill, and not coming. Jack told Sharon that he would take care of the Restless Style advertisers-since obviously the Newmans couldn't get it together.

Jack received a call on his cell phone. Jack said, "You're absolutely sure this leads back to Sabrina Newman? If this is in the article, it has to be bulletproof-make sure you double check the facts and get back to me-not my partners." Jack hung up the phone.

Out at the pool, Jana met up with a slightly tipsy Amber. Amber told Jana about the photo of Daniel with the Irish girl. Amber rejected Jana's suggestion that she try to call Daniel. When Jana walked away, Adrian joined Amber for a shot, as Colleen looked on.

Adrian told Colleen that he was surprised to see her at the party. Colleen told him that she lived at the Abbott mansion. After an awkward moment, Adrian told Colleen that they used to be able to talk about anything. Colleen said, "That was then," and walked away. Adrian stared at Amber, who was still drinking, and joined her for a shot. Later, as Amber left the mansion, Jana and a seemingly angry Colleen watched Adrian follow her.

Adrian and Amber ended up at the Restless Style office. A drunk Adrian told a drunk Amber that she was fantastic. She told Adrian that he was kind of cute. Adrian said that Daniel was a fool for not staying in touch with her. Amber replied that Colleen was an idiot for not talking to Adrian. Adrian and Amber began kissing.

Jack told Cane and Chloe that the Katy Perry cover didn't go over well. He added that he wanted Jabot to know that Restless Style would be focusing on a more upscale market. Chloe suggested that Lily be the next Restless Style cover girl. When Jack said that he would give the idea serious thought, Cane was impressed with the sales pitch Chloe had given.

Cane told Chloe that he was leaving. Chloe faked that she had been stung by a bee. She told Cane that she wouldn't be able to drive, and asked Cane to drive her home. Cane drove Chloe-in her car. When the car stalled out on a secluded back road, Chloe said that they were probably out of gas. When Cane said that the gas gauge indicated they had a full tank, Chloe informed him that the gauge was broken. Cane was frustrated when he was unable to get a cell phone signal.

Nick arrived at the party as Jack was addressing the attendees. Jack announced his "vision" for Restless Style-they would begin focusing on the upscale market. When he toasted to Restless Style, saying, "The best is yet to come," Nick and Sharon glared at him.

Nick was angry about Jack's speech-and Sharon backed Nick up. Jack admitted that perhaps his speech was a bit over the top-but he insisted he didn't have a hidden desire to run the magazine without his partners.

Later, Nick approached Jack and told him that he was tired of the advertisers discussing "Jack's vision." Sharon joined in and chided Jack for not being a team player. Jack apologized again and told them that the party would probably generate millions in ad sales. Sharon said, "It's not what you say ... it's what you do," before she walked away.

Jack answered his cell phone. He said, "Rock solid? Sabrina Newman in a scandal? Back up your files-cover your tracks, and I'll be in touch with you next."

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