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David lost all of his money to Skye in a poker game. Jack changed the content in Adrian's article on Sabrina to sling dirt about Sabrina's relationship with Philippe. A pregnant Chloe pretended that she'd had sex with a drunken Cane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, July 7, 2008

After Chloe's car ran out of gas in a remote, cell-phone dead zone, Cane hiked six miles to a gas station. Not amused, Cane returned and slammed the car door to awaken a hung-over Chloe. While Cane recounted his ordeal, Chloe fantasized as her eyes dreamily roved over Cane's biceps, eyes, and lips. Back in town, Cane stopped by the coffeehouse for a caffeine infusion. Chloe hung onto Cane and suggested they discuss Lily's ad campaign for Jabot. Nikki joined the pair and discussed Lily's level of commitment and questioned Lily's ability to work with Cane. Nikki seemed anguished when Cane pointed out that some couples worked very well together.

Nikki and David dined at the club. Nikki told David that they should continue to work together. Brad joined the estranged couple and informed them that Jill had tapped Lily to be the sole representative for Jabot's Fresh Face Retro campaign. When Nikki complained that she hadn't received a memo about Jill's decision, Brad pointed out that both Nikki and David should improve their lines of communication. After Nikki left, David told Brad that he and Nikki were separated, and that he was no longer living at the club. Victor later ran into David at the club, and Victor warned David that he would be watching him "from now on."

At the Newman ranch, Sabrina suffered morning sickness. Victor commiserated, and Sabrina left to sit by the pool. Adam came downstairs and told Victor that although he wouldn't stop seeing Heather, he would no longer bring her to the ranch. Victor claimed that Heather was dating Victors Newman's son for one reason only. Victor recounted how Heather had tried to further her career by pinning Ji Min's murder on him. After Adam left, Victoria stopped by. Victor told Victoria that he had seen David at the club with a suitcase. Victor added that he distrusted David and vowed that he would go after anyone who threatened harm to anyone in is his family. Victoria admitted that her mother and David were having problems, but she refused to elaborate. At the pool, Adrian joined Sabrina to work on his piece about her for Restless Style. Sabrina was flattered that Adrian was impressed with her art background. Adrian told Sabrina that writing fluff wasn't his forte. Victoria joined Adrian and Sabrina. Adrian greeted Victoria warmly before he left. Victoria asked Sabrina about the interview. Victoria grilled Sabrina about what happened when Sabrina worked at the Pompidou in Paris. Sabrina said she had mentioned her first show at the Paris museum, but that she didn't elaborate. Victoria reminded Sabrina that she'd left Paris after she trashed her reputation by having a scandalous affair with Phillipe.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Nick arrived early to find a disheveled Amber and Adrian already there. After Phyllis arrived, she noted Amber's anxiousness. Although Amber and Adrian had spent the night together on the floor, they had hastily dressed before Nick and Phyllis came and tried to act normally. Nick carried a box, which was a gift of fabric sent by Daniel from England. Phyllis, who wasn't fooled by Amber's innocent act, noted that Amber didn't seem to be impressed by Daniel's offering. When Daniel called, he noted that Amber sounded weird. Amber thanked Daniel for the gift and told him she missed him very much. After the call, Amber told Phyllis that the photo she had seen of Daniel with the sleazy girl had been nothing more than a publicity stunt. After Amber angrily suggested that Phyllis had purposely left the photo up on her computer screen in order to hurt her, Phyllis reminded Amber that she was her boss, so Amber should watch her tone. Phyllis added that facts could sometimes be misconstrued, just as Phyllis could easily misconstrue having found Amber and Adrian together. Later, Amber ran into Adrian at the coffeehouse. Amber told Adrian that Daniel had called and assured her that their relationship had not changed. Adrian promised Amber that Daniel would never know about their impromptu tryst.

Nick fielded a call for Jack from an artist named Phillipe Chanderot, who claimed to have been involved with Sabrina. Apparently, Mr. Chanderot was calling to answer an inquiry from Jack. While Nick was explaining to the caller that he wasn't interesting in digging up dirt on Sabrina, Jack arrived and listened to Nick's end of the conversation. After Nick hung up, he told Jack that Mr. Chanderot, Sabrina's ex, had been more than willing to trash Sabrina. After Nick rebuffed Jack for failing to collaborate, Jack reminded Nick that he was attempting to keep the magazine from going belly-up. Jack lied that he had never contacted the guy and denied that he would contact Mr. Chanderot again. When Adrian returned, Nick asked Adrian about his opinion of Sabrina. Adrian extolled Sabrina's savvy art expertise. When Cane and Chloe stopped by, Chloe and Amber butted heads. Cane and Chloe discussed Lily's upcoming cover photo. Nick wasn't too happy after he learned that Jack already knew about Jabot's ad campaign featuring Lily. After Cane and Chloe left, Phyllis joined the argument between Jack and Nick over Jack's tentative agreement with Jabot to put Lily on the magazine's cover. Jack held up a notepad and offered to share the notes he'd taken during his meeting with Cane and Chloe. Phyllis remembered that she had ad mock-ups on her flash drive. When Phyllis went to get her flash drive, she found Amber's sexy undergarment under a desk.

At the club, Adam ran into Heather, and she explained that she understood why Victor was still miffed at her. Heather admitted that her zeal to win led her to follow the wrong evidence, which implicated Victor. Adam promised that he would not let his father dictate his personal life. Heather thanked Adam for sticking up for her to Victor. After Heather left, Skye showed up and kissed Adam. Heather watched from the other side of the room. Skye claimed that a detour from business had brought her to town. Adam was quick to tell Skye that he was seeing someone. Skye made Adam promise to stay in touch, anyway. Brad happened by after Adam left, and he and Skye hugged. Brad told Skye that poker with David Chow was still on, as was taking David for every cent he had. When Heather later returned, she told Adam that she'd seen him with Skye. Adam insisted that what Heather had seen was the ending of a relationship.

After a tough day, Nikki soothed her nerves with tea at Crimson Lights. Victoria joined her mother and asked what David had done this time. Victoria was surprised to learn that David was still working at Jabot. Victoria admitted that J.T. had told her about David's past and the implications that he was involved in the deaths of two previous wives. Nikki said that Paul had told her about David's sordid past. Nikki maintained that David would never hurt her. Victoria pointed out that he already had.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adam saw Victor boxing at the Athletic Club. Victor received a phone call from a source informing him of David Chow's gambling addiction. Adam called Skye to find out more information about David. When Skye met Adam at the Athletic Club, Victor introduced himself. Adam admitted that his new girlfriend wouldn't approve. Skye told Adam that David seemed to be a habitual gambler.

Sabrina arrived for her photo shoot to accompany the Restless Style article. Victor showed up shortly after her. He asked Nick what was going on with Nikki and David's relationship. Nick said he would handle it, but when Victor saw Nikki, he told her they needed to talk. Victor said that he knew her marriage was in trouble and that David had a gambling problem. He said David was a dangerous man and that she should stay away from him.

During a business meeting, Nikki was disappointed when Jack said that they wouldn't be using any edgy models for future issues of Restless Style. Gloria walked by and recognized Restless Style's new client. The new client said that Gloria had convinced her to advertise in the magazine. Nikki was impressed and Gloria asked if she'd consider giving her back her old position. Gloria later told Jeffrey she would do anything to get her old job back.

Jack and Sharon agreed that things needed to be changed at Restless Style if it were to survive. Jack decided to call Jamie Whitfield and Nicky Hilton for help on the next issue's cover.

Nikki informed Nick that Jack and Sharon had said that Restless Style was undergoing a change. Nick was furious that Jack was attempting to undermine him once again. When Jamie Whitfield and Nicky Hilton showed up to discuss the next Restless Style cover, Nick couldn't believe Jack had gone over his head again. Nikki told Nick he should play Jack at his own game. Nick decided to choose a model without Jack's input. When Jack and Sharon arrived at Restless Style, Jamie told Jack that Nick was a great asset to the company. Jack was irritated that Nick and Jamie had made a decision without him. Sharon told Jack that he was upset only because he didn't like sharing the limelight. Jack didn't want to hear it. He decided to return Phillipe's call to discuss Sabrina.

Chloe called Cane to get his signature on some paperwork. Cane said he was at Indigo with an old friend. Chloe said she'd needed a drink, anyway, and she would meet him at Indigo. Chloe was impressed with Cane's friend Sebastian. Cane warned Chloe that Sebastian was rowdy, but she didn't seem to mind. Cane quickly got so drunk that he could barely speak. Sebastian and Chloe had to carry Cane out to his car. When Cane passed out in Chloe's car, Chloe took advantage of him.

Phyllis threw Amber's lingerie in her face and told her that she knew what Amber was up to. Amber said that she knew what Phyllis was trying to do, and it wasn't going to work. Amber wondered if she should tell Jana about her night with Adrian. When Amber told Adrian that she was worried Daniel would find out about her and Adrian, Adrian said she should just tell him.

Phyllis told Nick that she'd heard Amber and Jana talking about a double wedding. Phyllis wanted Amber fired. Nick said that Phyllis needed to let it go.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

At Indigo, Nikki found David, who was meeting with his Gamblers Anonymous sponsor. When the sponsor left, Nikki pleaded with David to try to make their marriage work. She asked David what he was afraid of-he replied that he wasn't afraid, but that Nikki should be. When Nikki asked why she should be afraid, David told her that, due to his gambling addiction, he was irresponsible and unpredictable. Nikki tried to empathize, but David told her that she had no clue how "ugly" his world was. Nikki told David that she knew about addiction. She added that Victor had helped her with her alcoholism, and she couldn't bear to think about what might happen to David if she left him. When Nikki asked David if he still loved her, he replied that he did. She told David that she wanted to stay with him because she believed in him.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. and Paul were sitting at the bar when Victor joined them. Victor told Paul that he'd had David's background investigated, and that he knew that Paul was also investigating David. Victor told Paul to continue the investigation, despite Nikki's request for Paul to stop. Victor told Paul and J.T. it was obvious that David was after Nikki's fortune.

Paul received a phone call-he learned that Mina, David's stepdaughter from his second marriage, had been found dead. Paul learned that Mina died from an overdose of prescription painkillers. Later, Paul spoke with Mina's fianc้, who had found Paul's name in Mina's journal. Her fianc้ informed Paul that Mina had been clean for years, and that her life had taken a turn for the better. Her fianc้ said that he thought Mina had been fed the drugs. Mina's fianc้ also told Paul that the last entry in Mina's journal had been less than a week earlier, and it read, "I heard from David Chow today." Victor asked Paul and J.T. not to tell Nikki about Mina's death. David and Nikki arrived and saw Victor, J.T., and Paul sitting at the bar. Before leaving the club, Victor glared at David. Nikki apologized to David for Victor's behavior and invited David to spend the night with her. J.T. and Paul looked on as the Chows went up the stairs to Nikki's suite.

At Crimson Lights, Jana had the lights off and was lighting some candles when Kevin surprised her-she hadn't expected him until a little later, but was thrilled to see him.

Waiting for the elevator at Restless Style, Amber remembered a conversation with Daniel during which she and Daniel made a pact to always be honest and faithful. Amber then remembered kissing Adrian. The elevator door opened and Amber was shocked to see Daniel standing there. Daniel told Amber how much he had missed her-that he had never stopped thinking about her. Daniel wanted to rush to their apartment, but Amber told him that Jana had planned something at Crimson Lights, and they needed to stop by the coffeehouse for a few minutes.

Kevin gave Jana a gift-an expensive Ouija board that he had purchased in a Dublin antique shop. Jana told him that she loved the gift. Daniel and Amber arrived. Jana said how great it was to have the old gang back together again. Daniel and Amber tried to leave, but Kevin and Jana coaxed them into playing one round at the Ouija board-Jana said it would reveal their innermost thoughts.

The foursome placed their hands on the Ouija board piece. Jana asked the first question-did Kevin really spend a fortune on the Ouija board? The piece traveled to the "Yes" position. Amber asked the board if Daniel had looked at any girls in Europe. The piece traveled to the "No" position. When Daniel asked the board if Amber had looked at any guys while he was gone, the piece began to travel to the "Yes" position, but Amber pushed it to the "No" position.

Later, Jana danced with Kevin, and Amber danced with Daniel. Daniel and Amber left to head to their apartment, where they began ripping each other's clothes off.

At the Athletic Club, Neil, Tyra, Devon, and Ana finished dinner. Devon and Ana planned to go to the campus house to surprise Lily, who had returned from her photo shoot in Los Angeles. Neil asked Tyra to join him at Indigo. Karen joined the group as Devon and Ana left to see Lily. Neil asked Tyra to allow him to speak privately with Karen. When Tyra left to wait in the foyer, Neil thanked Karen for talking him into inviting Tyra and Ana to stay in Genoa City. Karen was surprised when Neil told her that he was going to offer Tyra a job managing Indigo.

At Indigo, Neil offered Tyra the manager position. When Tyra said that Neil shouldn't feel obligated to secure her employment, Neil said that he was doing it because having Tyra and Ana in Genoa City meant so much to Devon. They discussed the hardships that Devon had endured as a youngster.

A groggy Cane woke up in Chloe's car, and was shocked to see that both he and Chloe were completely undressed. Cane told Chloe he had been so drunk that he didn't even remember leaving Indigo. Chloe lied and told Cane that they had both been drunk-but she said that Cane clearly knew what he was doing. Cane said that he might have been drunk, but he never would have done "this." Chloe asked him to define "this."

Lily was at the campus house when Cane arrived, followed by Chloe. Cane was clearly irritated by Chloe's presence, and Lily was confused as to why Chloe was there. Cane explained that he and his friend Sebastian were drinking at Indigo, and that Sebastian had invited Chloe to join them. Chloe announced that she and Cane had sex. Cane urged Lily to take Chloe's announcement with a grain of salt, since Chloe was a "freaking head case." Chloe said that she had woken up naked on top of Cane. When Cane said that nothing happened, Chloe insisted that she was the only one telling the truth. Cane begged Lily to throw Chloe out, but Lily said that she had a few things to say to "this bitch."

Lily asked Chloe if she had it out for her-after all, Chloe had kissed Cane, and claimed to have had sex with him. Lily asked Chloe if she was psychotic, or just plain stupid. Lily warned Chloe to stay away from her. Before Chloe left, she reminded Lily that it took two to have sex. Lily threw Cane out, and, when he left, she began sobbing.

In her car, Chloe remembered how she had seduced Cane-she had made sure that he was drunk, while also making sure that her drinks didn't contain alcohol.

Cane jumped into Chloe's car and told her that she wasn't going to "play him." Chloe lied and said that Cane had come on to her-that he had crawled all over her. Cane told Chloe that he wanted her gone from his life-from Lily's life-and from her job at Jabot.

Devon and Ana stopped by the campus house to welcome Lily home, and Devon saw that something was troubling Lily. When Ana went to look at some souvenirs, Lily told a shocked Devon that Chloe claimed to have had sex with Cane. She added that Cane had denied it. Lily asked Devon if she should trust Cane. Devon said that even if Cane had a dozen beers, he couldn't imagine Cane having sex with Chloe. Devon advised his sister to believe Cane.

Later, at Indigo, Devon was thrilled to learn that Tyra had accepted Neil's job offer. When Devon and Tyra left, Karen sneaked up on Neil and hugged him. She told Neil that he was a good man-and that she was lucky to have him. They began dancing to romantic music. When Karen told Neil that she loved him, Neil said that was what he wanted to hear.

Cane stopped by the campus house and told Lily that he would leave if she wanted him to. When Lily invited him in, he once again swore that nothing happened between him and Chloe. Lily told Cane that she believed him. Lily and Cane agreed that they needed to put a lot of distance between themselves and Chloe.

Still in her car, Chloe answered her cell phone. She said, "Hi... no, actually I no longer do booty calls-because I just found out that I'm pregnant with my new boyfriend's baby. Well, I'm Chloe Mitchell and I do what I want." After hanging up the phone, Chloe retrieved a home pregnancy test from the glove compartment. To herself, Chloe said, "Cane's gonna be a baby daddy-I'm gonna give him the one thing that Lily couldn't."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amber admired the pictures Daniel had drawn for her. Daniel came downstairs and told Amber how much he'd missed her. After they made love, Amber insisted that they return to work. Daniel wondered what Amber was fretting over. He said that whatever she had to tell him couldn't be that bad. Amber said Phyllis had shown her a picture of Daniel getting together with another woman. Daniel showed Amber the real picture and said he'd never been alone with any girl on his trip. Amber was relieved. Daniel went to Restless Style to talk to Phyllis.

Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon hurriedly tried to make their cover shoot deadline. Their work was brought to a halt when Phyllis read an article that their cover model had been arrested the night before. Nick suggested that Sharon do the cover for Restless Style. Everyone began arguing about having a partner of the company on the cover. They were interrupted when Daniel showed up to talk to Phyllis. Although Phyllis was thrilled to see Daniel, she said she had an emergency that she needed to deal with. Jack then got an idea to use Victoria as their cover model.

Daniel insisted that he talk to Phyllis about the photo she'd cropped. Phyllis said she'd done nothing wrong; it was Amber's word against hers. Phyllis told Daniel that Amber was completely wrong for him. Daniel told her to save her worry for someone who cared.

Jack asked Phillipe about his relationship with Sabrina. Phillipe said that Sabrina had been madly in love with him. He said that he'd had another relationship at the time, which didn't go over well with Sabrina. Jack thanked him for the information Phillipe had provided him.

Victoria didn't like Sabrina's upscale catering choices for the gala. When Sabrina suggested going to a caterer in Chicago, Victoria mentioned that Phillipe was there. Sabrina told Victoria that she was completely over him. Sabrina said she didn't care if she ever saw him again. When Victoria saw Phillipe at the club, she asked what he was doing in Genoa City. Phillipe said it was just a coincidence that he was in the same town as Sabrina. When Victor saw Victoria at the club, he could tell something was on her mind. Victoria decided to tell her father that she'd seen Sabrina's old boyfriend at the club. Victoria said that she didn't think Sabrina had ever gotten Phillipe out of her system. She said that was why she was surprised that Victor and Sabrina were married so quickly.

Phillipe showed up at Newman to see Sabrina. He told her that he couldn't leave Genoa City without seeing her first. Sabrina told Phillipe she'd moved on. She said that she was married now, and that he meant nothing to her anymore.

Nikki was surprised that Victoria had told Victor that Sabrina's ex was in town. Victoria said she wanted Victor to know that Sabrina wasn't the perfect person that Victor thought she was. Victoria was shocked when Nick asked her to be the model for their next issue of Restless Style. Victoria said no, but Nikki tried to convince her that it would be a good move.

Adrian gave Sabrina and Victor an advanced copy of her article. They were pleased with the article. When Adrian brought the article to Restless Style, Jack said that he was impressed with Adrian's work.

Nikki asked David if he thought they'd made a mistake spending the night together. David said he didn't regret anything, but he was back at square one. He said he had things he needed to take care of for himself. When Nikki left the table to take a call, Brad appeared and asked David if he'd like to come to his place for another gambling night. Nikki returned and wondered what they'd been talking about. Brad told Nikki he was upset that she'd chosen David to represent a client instead of him.

David received another call from Walter. David said that he wanted half the money up front if he were to continue the job.

Brad told Skye he wasn't sure if David was coming. When Brad received the call from David that he was coming, Skye wondered what Brad was getting from the situation.

Friday, July 11, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Adam discussed the impending competition between the Newman and the Jabot all-natural cosmetic lines. When Adam told his father that David Chow had a gambling problem, Victor told Adam that he already knew about it. Adam suggested "leaking" information about David's problem. Adam felt that Newman could gain a competitive edge in the marketplace if it were revealed that David, the co-CEO of Jabot, was a compulsive gambler. When Sabrina joined Victor, Victor told Adam that they should discuss Adam's idea later. After Adam left, Sabrina told her husband how upset she was that Victoria had told Victor about Sabrina and Phillipe's relationship. Even after Victor said that he trusted Sabrina completely, she stormed out of the club to confront Victoria.

Adam continued to pursue the idea of exposing David's gambling problem. Victor told his son that, from a business perspective, it was a good idea – from a personal perspective, Victor felt that a lot of people might get hurt. Victor decided that they shouldn't make David's problem public.

At Brad's house, Brad introduced David Chow to Dr. Walter, one of the other poker players. Brad told David it was just going to be a foursome tonight – and David was shocked to see Skye walk in. When Skye asked David if he planned to win back the money he had previously lost to her, he said he was.

David was on a winning streak when Brad suggested they take a break. When David and Dr. Warner walked away, Brad told Skye that she seemed off her game. Skye told Brad that David had been dealt some extremely lucky cards. Brad told Skye that her luck was about to change. He fronted Sabrina some money so she could continue to play.

The foursome played a hand – the pot kept growing and growing. Brad and Dr. Warner folded. David decided to bet all of his money on the hand. Skye followed suit. David revealed that he had a full house – but was shocked when he was beaten by Skye, who had four of a kind.

Later, Brad told David not to worry – David could make back the $80,000 he had just lost in another game. As a disheartened David left, Skye joined Brad. Brad told Skye that he had dealt her a card from the bottom of the deck to make sure that she won.

At the airport, Skye called Adam and told him that David was "beyond desperate." She added that she wouldn't put anything past David. Adam agreed. Skye told Adam that David had been winning – but then Brad rigged the game so that David would lose. After hanging up the phone, Skye looked up at someone and said, "What are you doing here?"

At Restless Style, the Newmans and the Abbotts were desperate to find a cover model for the next issue. They were thrilled when Victoria and Nikki came by – Victoria told them that she had changed her mind and would pose for the cover. Victoria was hurried into the photo studio, where she was dressed and made up to look like a 1930's movie star.

Adrian stopped to make some last minute changes to his article about Sabrina and the art gallery. Both Jack and Sharon told Adrian how much they liked the article, and invited him to write a piece for the next issue.

Daniel stopped by Restless Style. Amber thanked him for chastising Phyllis, who had cropped a photograph to give the impression that Daniel had an affair with a groupie. Daniel showed Amber and Adrian the animated "Restless Amber" computer character.

Jack had some bad news for Amber – the web host had called and informed Jack that, for the time being, they didn't have enough bandwidth to use the "Restless Amber" animation. Sharon, Jack, and Daniel went to the photo studio to watch Victoria's shoot. Amber stayed at her desk, crying. When Adrian came over to console Amber, she told him that she was concerned Daniel would learn that she and Adrian had slept together. Adrian swore that, even under torture, he would never tell anyone. Amber told Adrian she was concerned that Phyllis would tell Daniel.

Just as Victoria's photo shoot was about to begin, Sabrina barged in and told Victoria that she had crossed the line – she could not believe how evil Victoria had been by telling Victor about Phillipe. Sabrina said she wouldn't leave the studio until Victoria apologized to her. The Newmans and the Abbotts asked Sabrina to leave, but Victoria asked for a few moments alone with her former friend. Victoria told Sabrina that it would be a "cold day in hell" before she apologized to Sabrina. Victoria added that Victor had every right to know about Phillipe – also, she didn't believe that Sabrina had no knowledge of Phillipe's visit to Genoa City. When Sabrina said that their friendship obviously meant nothing to Victoria, Victoria accused Sabrina of betraying their friendship. Victoria told Sabrina that she didn't want to spend any time with her, and asked Sabrina to resign as the gala's co-chairperson. Before she stormed out, Sabrina told Victoria that she should resign.

After the photo shoot, Victoria told Nikki that Phillipe did not come to Genoa City to see the sites – he had come to see Sabrina. Nikki listened as Victoria told her how intense Sabrina's love for Phillipe was – Sabrina had considered suicide when they broke up. Victoria told Nikki that Victor was Sabrina's "rebound," and that Sabrina wasn't being honest with him.

The Newmans and the Abbotts picked a cover shot they agreed upon, and emailed it to the printer. Jack suggested they go to the club and celebrate finishing up their third issue. Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon thought that was a good idea. Jack told them to go ahead without him – he needed a few moments to put some finishing touches on an article. With everyone at Restless Style gone, Jack added the phrase, "It was widely believed that Sabrina created Phillipe's one-man show in order to seduce him" to Adrian's article.

Rejoining Victor at the club, Sabrina told him that she didn't know how cruel Victoria could be. Victor told his wife that perhaps it was time for her to let go of the friendship. Victor reassured Sabrina that she had done nothing wrong – and that he would handle Victoria.

At Amber and Daniel's apartment, Daniel asked an obviously depressed Amber what was wrong. Amber told Daniel that she really thought he had been sleeping around while in Europe. She added that she really needed a friend to comfort her – but she ended up sleeping with the friend. After Amber said that her one-night stand was a mistake, Daniel said, "You slept with someone while I was away?" picked up his keys, and left without saying another word. Amber began crying hysterically.

At the campus house, Tyra, Devon, Neil, Karen, and Lily told Ana how excited they were that Ana was going to sing at Indigo that night. Ana surprised the group when she told them that she didn't want to sing. Karen told Ana that she was once frightened of singing in public, but that Pat Benatar advised her to imagine that she was singing to just one person in the crowd. Neil told Ana that after that advice, Karen sang beautifully in front of a crowd. A cheered-up Ana said that she would sing to Devon.

At Indigo, Cane tried to throw Chloe out. Chloe said, "You aren't my boss anymore, Ethan." She told Cane that he had a lot of nerve trying to blame her for coming on to him, when, according to Chloe, he had come on to her. Chloe told Cane that because he had fired her from Jabot, she might file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Cane told Chloe that he never had been, nor ever would be, interested in her. He added that Chloe was making up the story just to break Cane and Lily up. He warned Chloe to "stay out of my face," then walked away.

The Winters family, along with Karen, Tyra, and Ana, arrived at Indigo. Cane told Lily that he had seen Chloe, and he had made it clear that he never wanted to see her again. When Lily complained that she would still have to work with Chloe, Cane told Lily that he had fired her.

In the Indigo entryway, Chloe called for her pregnancy test results and learned that they were positive. Chloe said, "No... I don't want to see a doctor... I have a good job... I may not keep it." She added that the she and the father would decide what to do.

Neil introduced Ana, who sang a beautiful song to the Indigo crowd. After she finished her song, all of her friends and family congratulated her. Ana gave Karen a big hug for the pep talk that Karen had given to her.

When Chloe approached Lily, Lily told her to go away. Chloe told Lily that she had lost everything – and that it was all Cane's fault. Lily was shocked when Chloe said that Cane was a good kisser, and, that after he kissed her, she just couldn't help herself. When Cane walked over, Chloe proclaimed him a liar, and said that one day Lily would realize that he wasn't "Mr. Perfect." As Chloe walked off, Lily said that she was psychotic.

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