The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on Y&R

Gloria and Jeffrey planned to secretly buy Jabot stock. Jeffrey claimed that his ex-girlfriend had stolen the tainted face cream. Nick and Jack each planned to take over the magazine. Adam leaked David's gambling problem to the media. Karen grew jealous of Tyra.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Phyllis and Nick dined with Victoria at the club and offered praise for her great cover photo. Nick thanked his sister and insisted that he owed her for stepping in and allowing herself to be photographed for the magazine. Victoria mentioned that she and Sabrina had exchanged cross words during the photo shoot. Victoria added that she would never again trust her former friend, whose old boyfriend just happened to show up in town. Victoria added that Sabrina might be capable of just about anything.

At the gallery, Sabrina was pleased that Adrian's article about her might serve as great publicity for the upcoming gala. Sabrina told Adrian about the harsh words she and Victoria exchanged. Adrian was certain that Sabrina and Victoria would soon iron out their differences. Before he left, Adrian insisted that Sabrina was generous, forgiving, and loyal, and that everyone would soon learn about Sabrina's good traits after the magazine issue with her interview was released. Later, Jana prepared tea for Sabrina's meeting with Kay and Victoria to plan the gala. After Kay and Victoria arrived, Kay noted the chilliness between Sabrina and Victoria, although each insisted that nothing was wrong. When Victoria and Sabrina discussed decorations for the gala, they snapped at one another as if just below the surface, they were actually arguing about the deterioration of their relationship since Sabrina became romantically involved with Victor. Before their argument escalated, Kay admonished the two women to call a truce and channel their energies into planning the gala. Victoria and Sabrina continued to bicker. Frustrated, Kay told the women to work out the gala's details and let her know.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Daniel snuck in before anyone else to investigate what had prevented his emails from posting to Amber's computer. Daniel muttered, "That explains a lot," just before Phyllis and Nick arrived. When Phyllis asked Daniel what he was doing, he answered, "I'm just finding out how far you'll go to mess up my life, and I know what you did." Phyllis admitted that she blocked emails Daniel sent to Amber. Daniel ordered his mother to stay out of his life, but Phyllis said, "I'm not going stay out of your life, and you're going to be glad that I didn't stay out of your life. You're going to realize that I was right about Amber." Amber walked in just as Daniel told his mom to butt out because his relationship with Amber was none of her business. After Phyllis walked away, Amber thanked Daniel for standing up for her, but Daniel cautioned Amber not to read too much into it. When Amber attempted to discuss the issue with Daniel, he snapped that they'd already discussed it. Adrian walked in, and Amber looked as if she wanted to sink into the floor. Daniel glared at Adrian and then at Amber.

Jack arrived at the magazine's headquarters, and he noted that Daniel looked a little rough around the edges. Sabrina breezed in and apologized for having disrupted the photo shoot. Phyllis pointed out that Sabrina should apologize to Victoria. Vindictively, Sabrina said, "Oh, there's a lot I want to say to her." After Sabrina left, Nick told Jack that one newsstand had drastically cut back on its order due to lagging sales the previous month. Jack, in a somber tone, said, "You and I have already put a lot of money into this business. Right now, our expenses far exceed our income. I'm afraid Restless Style is starting to look more like a millionaire's hobby than it does a successful business." After Jack and Nick began arguing about whether or not the print version of the magazine could ever become profitable, Phyllis stepped in and reminded the men that the Webzine greatly exceeded expectations. Jack claimed that perhaps Victor had been right. Nick refused to accept Jack's assessment, and he insisted that the print version was workable. Jack noted that in light of losing advertisers, they would have tough decisions ahead. After Phyllis left, Jack pressed Nick to allow any drastic measure that would ensure the magazine's success. Nick relented, as long as, he noted, Jack's plan was not illegal.

While Jack was alone at the magazine's headquarters, he phoned the publisher and said, "No, the byline stays the same. Adrian Korbel is the author. Only the content changes, so print the article exactly as I emailed it to you last night." Jack later offered Adrian an opportunity to write a piece on Aboriginal art. Adrian was intrigued until he learned that his flight to Australia would leave in two hours. Jack sweetened the deal and told Adrian he would meet with Irving Dietrich. Adrian recognized Dietrich as a famous anthropologist and collector who had written best-selling books. Jack added that Dietrich was about to lead a new expedition to the outback, and it was arranged for Adrian to meet with Dietrich before he left. Jack encouraged Adrian to make a decision quickly.

At the club, Jill was dismayed to learn that Kay had hired Julio Ortiz as director of operations for Organic Life. Kay cited Jill's preoccupation with Jeffrey Bardwell for having taken the reins from Jill. Mockingly, Jill thanked Kay for doing her job and insisted that she was no longer concerned about Jeffrey Bardwell. Kay reminded Jill that she had recently been too obsessed with her sex life to tackle Chancellor Industries, which Kay added, was still her company. After Kay claimed that Jill was jealous because Gloria had snagged Jeffrey, Jill reminded her mother that something was wrong with Gloria and Jeffrey's relationship. Kay warned, "Stay out of it. For some reason, you think there's some big secret." Jill responded, "There is. Jeffrey said something odd when Gloria spiked his drink and tried to kill him. He said that she'd done something like that before."

In the Abbott's dining room, Gloria, along with Jeffrey, gathered her brood for a discussion. Jack was not amused to find Gloria entertaining her family in his home, but he reluctantly obliged. After Jack left, Kevin learned that Gloria and Jeffrey had married. Kevin thought Jeffrey was blackmailing his mother again, but Gloria explained that her marriage was "for real" this time. Jana excused herself and thanked her hostess for breakfast. Michael, Kevin, and Lauren cringed when Gloria announced that she and Jeffrey had a plan. To carry out their plan, Jeffrey asked for Michael's professional help. Michael looked puzzled until Gloria added that she and Jeffrey wished to buy Jabot stock. Michael said that a broker could assist, but Gloria explained that she and Jeffrey wished to secretly obtain the stock. Michael opened his laptop and explained how a dummy corporation worked. Lauren worried about legalities, but Jeff pointed out "they" would stop Gloria if it was known that she was behind the purchase. Gloria spitefully rolled her eyes and declared, "So we need to do it before they know what hit 'em. And then Jill can take her telephone and her reception desk and stick it where the sun don't shine." When Jeff asked about Michael's fee for setting up the dummy corporation, Michael demanded that Jeffrey hand over the cream Gloria had tainted. Jeffrey insisted that he would never again hurt Gloria or her family, but Michael ordered Jeffrey to fetch the cream. Jeff left, but when he returned, he reported that the cream was missing from the safe in his room at the club. Michael gritted his teeth and narrowed his brow in frustration, but Jeff claimed that someone must have taken the cream.

At Amber's penthouse, she relived the awful scene the day before after she confessed to Daniel that she'd been unfaithful. As soon as Daniel stepped into Amber's apartment, she began apologizing. Daniel asked Amber whom she had slept with, and he laughed mockingly when Amber admitted that it was Adrian. Amber rambled that she and Adrian had been wasted and did not know what they were doing. Amber also blamed Daniel for his lack of communication and the photo of him with a female groupie for her disloyalty. Daniel explained that it was not his fault that his emails didn't get through. Flustered, Daniel exclaimed, "The picture's your excuse? I guess that just goes to show how much you trust me, huh?" Sobbing, Amber pledged her love and promised that she would never be unfaithful again. Before Daniel stormed out, he told Amber that he would come back later for his stuff. After Daniel left, Amber broke down. Kay stopped by to check on Amber, and she told Kay that she had cheated on Daniel. Amber cried that she wanted Daniel back. Kay advised, "If he truly loves you, he will return on his own." Amber blamed Phyllis for doctoring the picture, but Kay pointed out that Amber had made the choice to sleep with Adrian.

From his house, Brad phoned Skye and left a message. Brad congratulated Skye for her poker playing and mentioned that Chow would not echo his sentiment. Brad also offered Skye a position at Jabot and noted that he might soon be calling the shots, so he might even become her boss. Jill stopped by. She told Brad she had a proposition for him that must be kept in strictest confidence. Jill said she knew that Brad wasn't happy unless he was running the show. Brad admitted that he was an ambitious guy. Jill said she planned a power play against Kay to "dethrone" her and put Brad in charge of Jabot. Brad agreed to help Jill carry out her plan.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nick was surprised to hear that Jack had offered to send Adrian to Australia on a business trip for Restless Style. Adrian told Jack that it was a terrific opportunity, but he'd have to pass on the offer.

Amber begged Daniel not say anything to Adrian about their one-night stand. Daniel couldn't help himself; he had to confront Adrian. Adrian tried to explain and said that he and Amber had made a big mistake. Adrian said that Amber loved Daniel very much, and that Daniel shouldn't let her go. Daniel went to the coffeehouse and thought about his relationship with Amber. When Kevin saw Daniel deep in thought, he asked what Daniel was thinking about. Daniel told Kevin that Amber had slept with Adrian. Daniel asked Kevin if he could stay with him for a while. Kevin said that Daniel should go talk to Amber to see if he could try to forgive her.

Adrian visited Amber to see if she was okay. He wished she wouldn't have said anything about their infidelity to Daniel. When Adrian mentioned that he'd been offered a business trip to Australia, Amber begged him to go. Adrian decided that going on the trip would be a good thing for both of them. Amber hugged him just as Daniel returned home. Daniel was furious and told Amber it was over and he wished he'd never told her that he loved her.

Adrian called Jack and told him he'd decided to go on the trip to Australia. Jack was thrilled. Jack said he was looking forward to reading Adrian's article in Restless Style.

Gloria wondered what Jeffrey had done with the contaminated face cream. Jeffrey said the last time he saw the cream was when he put it in a safe at the Athletic Club. Michael told Jeffrey that his blackmailing scams were getting old. Jeffrey realized that his old girlfriend Kyon once had access to his safe. He said that he would have to go to Korea to get the cream back. Gloria decided that she would be going to Korea to find Kyon. Michael felt that Jeffrey should be the one to go to Korea. Gloria finally agreed to let Jeffrey go on his own. Michael knew Gloria too well to believe that she would just stay back and be a trusting wife. Jeffrey said he already knew this; he'd hidden her passport already. Gloria said her goodbyes to Jeffrey and asked him to promise her that he wouldn't end up in the sack with Kyon. Jeffrey said that he couldn't wait to return home to his beautiful wife. He said he no longer wanted to hold the threat of jail over her head.

Sabrina told Victoria that she'd attended a meeting about the gala without her. Victoria was furious that Sabrina had the final say on all the planning for the gala. Sabrina said she'd done only what needed to be done; she begged Victoria for a truce. Victoria agreed to get along for the sake of the gala.

David told Nikki that he didn't think he deserved to be leading meetings representing Jabot. Nikki said she still believed in him. Nikki suggested that David serve as a fundraiser for the gala. David didn't think Nick or Jack would appreciate his presence there. David said he would talk to Nick and see how it went. David received a call from Walter and told him that he couldn't talk about the job. He ran into Jack and asked him about serving as the fundraiser at the gala. Jack was extremely skeptical at first, but David was convincing.

Nikki went to Nick and asked him to give David another chance. Nick said that he wasn't about to let David walk all over Nikki. Nick said that it didn't seem that David was trying, considering how late he was to their meeting. Nick was so irritated when David didn't show up to the meeting that he called Nikki a Stepford wife and told her that he was leaving. When David finally showed up, David said he'd talked to Jack about letting him participate in the gala. Nick seemed satisfied with David's reason for being late and agreed to let him work the gala. Nikki admitted to David that she'd thought he'd been gambling when he hadn't answered her calls. During the Jabot meeting, Victoria said that she and Nick were not comfortable having David as the fundraiser for the company. Nick said they'd need a system in place to make sure David didn't run off with the money.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At the Athletic Club, Katherine questioned Nikki about David's suitability to be in charge of fundraising for the gala. Nikki told her that it wouldn't be a problem. Katherine was upset to learn that Restless Style and Jabot were the gala's primary sponsors, and that Newman Enterprises wasn't going to be involved. David showed up with a copy of Restless Style. After admiring Victoria's cover photo, David read part of Adrian's altered article, implying that Sabrina used a romantic entanglement to advance her career, to the ladies. Katherine declared the article "rubbish," but was concerned about the ramifications for the gala.

At the Newman ranch, Sabrina, thinking that Newman Enterprises was still involved in the gala, asked Victor for a check. Victor answered the telephone, and told the reporter who called that he liked Adrian's Restless Style article. Victor was puzzled when the reporter said he thought that Victor would be critical of the article.

After obtaining a copy of the magazine, Victor and Sabrina were shocked to see that it wasn't the same article that Adrian had shown them.

Victor read various passages from the article-one stating that Phillipe Chanderot was the love of Sabrina's life, another saying that Sabrina's marriage to Victor had caused a rift in the Newman Family, and, lastly, one stating that Victoria had gone from being Sabrina's confidante to being her estranged stepdaughter. When Sabrina tried to discuss her relationship with Chanderot, Victor stopped her, saying that she didn't need to explain. Relieved that Victor believed her, Sabrina wondered why Adrian would alter his article. Victor suspected that Jack had something to do with it. Victor was disappointed that Victoria and Nick helped the altered article see the light of day.

Katherine stopped by the Newman ranch to comfort Sabrina. Sabrina thought that Katherine would want her to resign as co-chair of the gala, but Katherine told her that she would support Sabrina publicly and privately. Sabrina said that the article was filled with lies, but that most of Genoa City would treat it as "pure gospel." Katherine laughed, but agreed with Sabrina. She told Sabrina that a lot of people were jealous that Sabrina had married Genoa City's most eligible bachelor. Katherine advised her to go about her business and keep her head held up high. When a reporter called Katherine for a comment about the Restless Style article, Katherine told him that the article wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

Sabrina became livid when Katherine told her that Victoria had agreed that Restless Style and Jabot would co-chair the gala-and that Newman Enterprises wasn't going to be involved. Sabrina accused Victoria of being a hypocrite. She also told Katherine that she wouldn't treat her worst enemy the way that Victoria was treating her. Katherine told Sabrina to "show Genoa City up" by attending the gala luncheon.

Katherine left the ranch and Victor returned. Sabrina weakened and told Victor that she didn't think she could go to the luncheon. Victor told his wife to show "them" what she was made of-and that if anyone looked at her sideways, she should "spit them in the eye."

At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick were curious when they began receiving phone calls regarding the article about Sabrina. The callers were referring to the article as being "controversial" and "daring." The Newmans also learned that sales of the issue were going through the roof, which they attributed to Victoria's cover photo. Nick went to take another look at the article about Sabrina. Nick was shocked to see that the article in the magazine wasn't the article that they had approved. Nick read a passage from the article that claimed that Sabrina had used her sexuality to seduce a young French artist, Phillipe Chanderot-allegedly, Sabrina was attempting to seek fame by riding the coattails of the young artist. Nick mentioned that Victoria was quoted throughout the article-Victoria had insinuated that Sabrina was still in love with Chanderot, but had married Victor. Phyllis wondered who had made all the changes.

A furious Victor showed up at Restless Style. He yelled at Nick, asking his son how Nick could show him one version of the article and then print another. Victor demanded a retraction, but Nick did not agree to one. Victor told Nick that Jack was probably behind the changes in the article. Before storming out, Victor warned Nick to "fix this."

Phyllis accused Amber of knowing something about the altered article, since Amber had been "close" with Adrian. Daniel overheard and jumped to Amber's defense. Nick got off the phone and told everyone that Victor had been right-Jack was responsible for the changes to the article.

After unsuccessfully trying to reach Jack by phone, Nick told Phyllis that he would meet her at the Athletic Club for the gala luncheon-there was something Nick needed to do first. Phyllis broached the subject of possibly firing Amber to Daniel, but Daniel told her that if Phyllis did that, he would never speak to her again.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon anxiously waited for the sales figures to come in. Jack told Sharon that he thought Nick wasn't willing to do what it would take to make Restless Style a success-publishing articles that would get people talking. Jack wished that he were running the magazine alone.

Sharon noticed that the house phone was off the hook. When Jack reluctantly placed the handset back on the phone, it began to ring. Jack insisted that Sharon not answer it. Sharon knew that something was wrong-and Jack finally admitted that he had made some changes to the article about Sabrina.

After reading the article, Sharon was furious with Jack for altering the article, and for being dishonest with her. When Jack said that he had done it in order to generate sales, Sharon said that she would rather be an honorable failure than a dishonorable success. Sharon was concerned about how people would treat her later at the gala luncheon.

On the Crimson Lights patio, J.T. gave Victoria a copy of Restless Style. He invited Victoria to go to the lake with him, but she reminded J.T. that she had to attend the gala kickoff luncheon later. After J.T. and Victoria read some of the unflattering information about Sabrina, J.T. said that he wouldn't like to be around Victor when Victor saw the article. Victoria said that the gala luncheon would be a disaster, but she guessed that Sabrina wouldn't show up.

Nikki joined the Hellstroms. Victoria said that she didn't know if everything in the article was true, as she had only heard Sabrina's version of Sabrina's affair with Chanderot. Nikki told Victoria that Katherine was concerned that some of the gala's biggest supporters might decide to skip the event because of the article.

Inside Crimson Lights, Jana read portions of the article to Kevin, Colleen, and Daniel. When Jana said that the article made Sabrina sound "bloody awful," Colleen said it didn't sound like something that Adrian would have written. Daniel disagreed, saying that Adrian couldn't be trusted.

Brad told Colleen that the article probably was written by Adrian. When Brad said that Colleen didn't know Adrian as well as she thought, Colleen admitted that Adrian could have written the article.

Amber thanked Daniel for coming to her defense when Phyllis had accused Amber of knowing about the alterations in the article. A subdued Daniel told Amber that he had discovered that Phyllis had blocked his emails from getting to Amber, but added that he and Amber would not be getting back together again.

At the Athletic Club, Katherine chided Victoria for undermining Sabrina's role as co-chair of the gala by signing Jabot and Restless Style as sponsors without consulting Sabrina. Victoria told Katherine that she and Sabrina had agreed that they could make decisions about the gala without consulting with each other. David and Nikki showed up. David wanted to run some fundraising ideas by Katherine-but he couldn't at that time, as he had to go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. When Katherine expressed surprise to Nikki that their fundraiser wouldn't be attending the luncheon, Nikki commented that she thought Sabrina wouldn't show up either. Nikki added that perhaps that was for the best.

Sharon joined Phyllis at a table in the club. Phyllis was furious that Jack had altered the article about Sabrina. Sharon defended Jack, saying that he had done it to generate magazine sales. Heads turned when an elegantly dressed Sabrina walked into the Athletic Club dining room. Sabrina and Katherine winked at each other as Victor joined Sabrina.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was ending a phone call during which he learned that the sales figures for the magazine were phenomenal. As Jack was leaving the house, he opened the door and found Nick standing there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amber was surprised that reporters were hanging around outside the Restless Style office. She told Daniel that she wasn't going to say anything cruel about Sabrina. Daniel mentioned that people were angry because the article suggested that Sabrina had married Victor when she was still in love with another man.

At the gala luncheon, Victor told Sabrina to smile and hold her head high. Phyllis apologized to Victor about the article and said they had known nothing about the changes. Victor said they'd better enjoy the article, because it would be their last. Phyllis and Sharon realized that despite the sales of their latest issue, Restless Style was in trouble.

Katherine was happy that Sabrina had decided to go to the luncheon. Sabrina said she only hoped for a little peace. Katherine said that Victor didn't seem be on the same wavelength. When Katherine informed Victor that David would be the fundraiser for the gala, Victor told Nikki she'd better watch out for David. Victor told her about the untimely death of David's ex daughter-in-law. Sabrina asked Nikki what she and Victor were arguing about. Nikki said that Victor was always meddling in her affairs. Nikki made a phone call and decided to purchase a home for her and David.

J.T. and Paul met at the coffeehouse to discuss David. When David showed up, Paul asked if he'd spoken to his ex-daughter-in-law recently. David said he hadn't spoken to her in years. Paul thought that was strange, considering he had evidence that David had called her two weeks earlier. David said he'd tried to call her to make amends, but she hadn't returned his call. Paul said that was probably because she had died of an overdose. David offered his condolences. Paul told J.T. that David's story had checked out. When David went off to take a call, Paul decided to follow him. Paul listened to David's conversation with Nikki. When Paul saw Victor, he told him that Nikki had purchased a home for herself and David.

Nick went to the Abbott mansion and told Jack that this time, he'd gone too far. Nick said that he wanted Jack out of Restless Style. Nick was furious that Jack had written about his family. Nick said that it wasn't over, and left. Sharon called and told Jack that it was a good idea he hadn't shown up at the gala luncheon.

Victor went to the Abbott mansion to tell Jack that he would be reprimanded for what he'd done to Victor's wife. Jack suggested that Sabrina had it coming to her. Victor said that Jack's father would be ashamed of him if he knew what Jack had done. Jack told Victor to get out.

Lily told Colleen that Chloe had tried to sleep with Cane. When Chloe showed up at the coffeehouse, Colleen told her she wasn't wanted there any longer. Chloe said that she was staying in Genoa City forever. Chloe went to Restless Style and talked to Amber about working there. Chloe told Nick and Phyllis that she was leaving Jabot and wanted to work for Restless Style. Nick thought Chloe might be a good candidate.

Amber admitted to Chloe that she had slept with Adrian. Chloe said that people put too much emphasis on sex. Amber was shocked when Chloe told her she'd slept with Cane.

When Colleen found out that Amber had slept with Adrian, she went to Restless Style. She asked Amber if she ever got tired of being such a slut. Colleen said that for a fashion designer, Amber sure had a hard time keeping her clothes on. Colleen accused Amber of coming on to Adrian when she was with him, and also for destroying Daniel and Lily's marriage. They begin to fight, and Daniel pulled them apart. Daniel stopped the elevator and consoled Colleen.

Jana was shocked when she saw that her Ouija board was pointing to the word "goodbye." The man that Kevin had purchased the Ouija board from had said that was bad luck. Jana insisted that Kevin help her ask questions about the future for Amber and Daniel. When the Ouija kept returning negative results, Jana freaked. Jana told Kevin that they were destined for catastrophe.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The phones were ringing off the hook at Restless Style-reporters were interested in comments regarding the article about Sabrina. An irritated Nick did not answer the phones, saying that he didn't want to be part of the "Newman family feud circus." Phyllis said that the website was getting so many hits that it might crash. Sharon told the Newmans that the magazine was about to sell out. Jack told Nick that he had called the printer to order more copies. When Nick called the printer to stop the press run, he learned that it was too late-the copies had already been printed.

Nick complained that Jack was continually going behind his back. Jack said that if Nick were unhappy, Jack would gladly buy him out. Victoria accused Jack of using the words Victoria had said out of context. When Jack told Victoria that perhaps the magazine was selling well because of her cover photo, she replied that it was because of the article about Victor and his "trophy wife."

Phyllis asked Jack why he didn't even tell Sharon about altering the article. Jack said that he wanted Sharon to be in the clear in case of any repercussions. Phyllis asked Jack if he had thought about the repercussions for Victoria and Nick, particularly with Victor on the warpath. When Jack said that they were protected by the first amendment, Phyllis said that the normal rules didn't apply to Victor-he would seek retribution even if he didn't have a legal leg to stand on.

At the Newman ranch, Sabrina was putting the finishing touches on a letter she had written to Victoria. Victor read a part of the letter out loud-Sabrina had written that she felt "profoundly betrayed," and wondered how Victoria could "turn her confidences" against her. When Victor offered to contact more reputable journalists and have them report the truth, Sabrina adamantly told him not to do that. Victor then suggested they counteract the negative publicity by announcing Sabrina's pregnancy, or by taking a long vacation. Sabrina reminded Victor that he was the one who advised her to "spit in the eye of anyone who looks at her sideways." After Sabrina left for a meeting with Jana, Victor called Michael and informed his lawyer that he wanted to file a libel lawsuit against Restless Style.

Adam joined Victor and informed him that he was pulling all of Newman's advertising from future issues of Restless Style. Victor was pleased. When Adam said that he was trying to get in touch with Adrian Korbel, Victor said that he was looking forward to confronting that "pipsqueak." Victor told Adam to get the names of the CEOs of any companies that advertised in Restless Style. He told his son that by the end of the day, Restless Style wouldn't have any advertisers left.

When Michael told Victor that libel lawsuits were notoriously difficult to win, Victor said he didn't care-he just wanted to bury Restless Style in legal fees. He sent Michael to the study to begin fact-checking the article-Victor wanted the article taken apart word by word.

Adam told Victor that Jabot, Newman, and Forrester Creations were Restless Style's primary advertisers. Victor said that he would call Eric Forrester and ask him to pull the Forrester ads. He told Adam that if Nikki wouldn't pull the Jabot ads, he would reconsider publicly revealing the information about David's gambling problem.

Later, after Adam left the house, Victor told Michael that the two children who had been groomed to carry on his legacy had betrayed him-and he wanted them removed from his will. Victor ignored Michael's advice to put more thought into his decision to disinherit Victoria and Nick. Michael drew up the new will, which provided for Abby, Adam, Sabrina, and any children Victor might have with Sabrina. Saying that he didn't want Nick or Victoria to see a penny, Victor signed his new will.

While Sabrina was meeting with Jana at Crimson Lights, a pushy reporter approached Sabrina and asked her to comment on the Restless Style article. When she refused, the reporter asked if Sabrina was still having an affair with Phillipe Chanderot. Jana came to Sabrina's aid and threw the reporter out. At a nearby table, a man was keeping a close eye on the events occurring at Sabrina and Jana's table.

Later, Nick stopped by Crimson Lights to apologize to Sabrina. He begged Sabrina to believe that the article had been altered. Sabrina told Nick that the only reason she had agreed to the article in the first place was because she thought it would bridge the gap between Nick and Victor. Before she left, she told Nick that she wasn't interested in his lies and excuses. The man at the nearby table followed Sabrina out. Jana warned Nick that he would pay a steep price for publishing the article.

At Restless Style, Nick told Phyllis that he had met with the printer, and, going forward, no changes could be made to the magazine without all of the partners' approval. Nick told Phyllis that Sabrina thought he and Victoria were conspiring against her. Nick left to see his banker-he wanted to end his partnership with Jack by buying him out. Later, Nick returned and informed Phyllis that the banker didn't think Restless Style was a good investment, and wouldn't loan Nick the money to buy Jack out.

While driving to his house on the Newman ranch, security guards directed Nick to the main house. When Nick asked Victor what he wanted, Victor told Nick to pack his bags-he wanted Nick off the ranch.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon told Jack that she had become one of those "cliché wives" who had married a man thinking the man would change. When Jack began to promise that he would never again hide anything from her, Sharon cut him off-she told him that his promises were meaningless. Sharon told Jack that she had to stop asking him to be something that he was not. Jack thought that Sharon was about to tell him that she wanted a separation, but Sharon told him that their marriage was worth fighting for. Jack told her that Restless Style's success would mean nothing to him if she weren't there to celebrate it with him.

Sabrina and Victoria ran into each other at the Athletic Club. Victoria apologized to Sabrina for providing the information about Sabrina's affair for the article. Sabrina told Victoria that she didn't believe that Victoria was sorry, and that Victoria and Nick, rather than Adrian, were to blame for the article. Victoria accused Sabrina of lying when she had said that she had returned to Genoa City to see Victoria, when Sabrina's real intention had been to see Victor. Victoria added, with a smirk on her face, that all of Sabrina's Parisian friends were gossiping about Sabrina.

At the Athletic Club, Adam, sounding concerned, left a voicemail for Skye, asking her why she hadn't been returning his calls. Sabrina joined Adam and thanked him for being the only one of Victor's children who didn't hate her. Sabrina was pleased when Adam told her that he had pulled all of Newman's ads out of Restless Style. Adam then asked Sabrina what really happened between her and Phillipe Chanderot-he wondered how much of the Restless Style article was true.

While heading to a movie, Neil and Karen stopped by at Indigo to see how Tyra was handling her first weekend as the bar's manager. Although things were hectic, Tyra had everything under control.

Later, Devon, Roxanne, and Ana showed up at Indigo. Tyra apologized to Devon and Roxanne for "dumping" Ana on them, but they insisted it was their pleasure to watch Ana. Ana showed off a pair of sneakers she had purchased. She said that Karen was responsible for her being able to purchase the sneakers-Karen had persuaded Ana to sing at Indigo, Neil had given Ana a gift for singing, and Ana had used the gift card to purchase the sneakers. When Ana went to help Tyra with something, Neil told Karen what a great mother Tyra was. Later, Ana sang a beautiful gospel song for the group.

At Jabot, David told Nikki how thrilled he was with the multi-million dollar estate that Nikki had purchased in both of their names. Nikki said that she considered it an investment in their future.

Victoria visited Nikki and told her that Jack had taken her words about Sabrina out of context. She informed her mother that the war between Victor and Jack was re-escalating. Victoria was shocked to learn that Nikki had purchased a house, with David listed as co-owner. Nikki explained that David needed to know that she trusted him. Victoria countered that David needed to prove that Nikki could trust him. She was somewhat relieved when Nikki told her that David wouldn't ever be able to take out a loan against the value of their new house.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Paul showed J.T. an envelope he had just received in the mail-it was from Mina, David's deceased stepdaughter. The envelope was postmarked the day before Mina had died. Inside the envelope, Paul found a copy of a letter that Mina had sent to David. In the letter, Mina had written that, until her dying day, she would work to prove that David had killed her mother. Mina had also written that she knew all about "Jupiter." Paul and J.T. were confused by that reference, and agreed that the letter didn't sound like the work of someone planning to commit suicide. When they saw that the letter had been mailed locally, they deduced that David received the letter the day of Mina's death.

Inside Crimson Lights, David and Paul ran into each other. David asked Paul if he still had it in for him. Paul said that he just wanted to make sure that Nikki was happy and safe. David said that he was going to kick his gambling addiction-his future was with Nikki.

Later, at the Athletic Club, David received a call from Walter. David said, "I've changed my mind... I'm not interested... I know... I know... things have changed... no... it's not gonna happen... I'm done." David hung up.

Back on the patio, Paul searched for references to the word "Jupiter" on his computer. He suddenly came upon a photo of a young David and another man. The caption identified young David as "Angelo Serafini." The caption also read, "The Jupiter Club; Atlantic City, NJ." An excited Paul called J.T. and told him that they had caught a break-Paul had learned David Chow's true identity!

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