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Chloe announced that she was pregnant with Cane's baby. David planned to murder Nikki. David and Sabrina entered a limousine, not knowing that the chauffeur had been hired to crash the car. Paul realized that David had killed Ji Min.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, July 21, 2008

At Jabot, Lily learned that Cane had set up an appointment to view a house he considered buying. After Lily viewed the house, she was quite impressed and advised Cane to make an offer. Cane surprised Lily when he asked her to move into the house, which he had already purchased. Cane was elated when Lily said she would live with him. Lily later went to the coffeehouse to tell Colleen her news. Colleen was proud for Lily, but Lily feared that Neil, with his old-fashioned values, might not approve.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Amber filled Chloe in on the office gossip. When Daniel arrived, Amber attempted to acquaint Chloe with Daniel's myriad of artistic talents, but after Daniel exchanged pleasantries, he excused himself from Amber's presence. Amber was upset, but Chloe announced that she already had a plan to fix Amber and Daniel's broken relationship. Later, when Chloe spoke to Daniel about a photo shoot, he welcomed the opportunity to spend time with beautiful models. Chloe asked if Amber, with her "killer bod and blonde hair" was available for modeling. Daniel pretended he was not interested in Amber, and he claimed that Phyllis already had models lined up. Later, at the club, Daniel sketched a drawing of Amber while he waited to meet with Sabrina. After Sabrina arrived, Daniel showed her a few of his sketches. Sabrina was impressed and told Daniel that she wished to send the sketches to an art expert in New York for evaluation. Later, Daniel stopped by the ranch with more sketches to show Sabrina. Daniel asked Sabrina if he could sketch a drawing of her as a wedding gift. Sabrina agreed, but she requested that Daniel not tell Victor because she wanted the sketch to be a surprise.

At the club, David and Nikki celebrated their purchase of a home, and David added that their new home marked a new beginning to their relationship. Victoria, J.T., and baby Reed stopped by and invited Nikki to join them at Indigo to hear Ana sing. When J.T., Victoria, Reed, and Nikki arrived at Indigo, Neil introduced them to Tyra, Ana's mother. Victoria explained that J.T. had heard Ana sing and was impressed. Nikki suggested that perhaps Ana could perform at the upcoming Summer Gala, which would benefit the school's arts programs. The adults were awed when Ana sang a lullaby to Reed. After the guests left, Tyra and Neil talked about raising children as single parents. Cane stopped by and asked to speak to Neil alone. Cane showed Neil a sapphire ring and requested that Neil allow him to request Lily's hand in marriage. Neil gave Cane permission and wished him well.

From the club, Paul contacted J.T. and filled him in on disturbing information gleaned about David from Paul's New Jersey contacts. Paul obtained an old photo of David, whose real name was Angelo Serafini, with Walter, whose real name was Tony Amato. The photo was taken at a club called "Jupiter," which was once a well-known mob hangout before it was razed a few years before. In the club's lobby, David was shocked when Walter called out to him. David said, "What the hell are you doing here? I can't be seen with you." In coded conversation, David claimed that he could pay off his debt since he had access to Nikki's money. Walter asked David, "Hey, Angelo, since when were you afraid to get your hands dirty?" David pleaded with Walter to understand that he was trying to change his ways for his wife, but Walter reminded David that promises had already been made, and people expected results. David advised Walter to find someone else to do the job, but Walter insisted that David, whom Walter called "Angelo," had no other choice. After Walter left, a troubled David returned to the bar.

At the coffeehouse, Paul fielded more calls from investigators, who pieced together alarming facts about David Chow. Paul noted on a yellow legal pad that "David Chow = Angelo Sarafini." Paul showed the information to J.T. Paul said that David had been involved in legal trouble since he was 11 years old. Paul said he would soon know more about David's criminal record. After J.T. left, Paul made calls to other investigators. Nikki happened by and saw the note pad. Nikki asked what was meant by the notation, "David Chow = Angelo Sarafini." Paul told Nikki that "Angelo Sarafini" was David's real name. Paul added that if David lied about his name, he could lie about most anything. Nikki ordered Paul to stop investigating her husband. After Nikki left, J.T. returned. Paul said he had learned that the FBI was still investigating Amato (Walter) for racketeering and murder. After Nikki left the coffeehouse, she found David sitting at the club bar. Nikki approached and asked David point-blank who Angelo Sarafini was. David stood silently before Nikki with a blank stare.

At the coffeehouse, Sabrina and Victor marveled over ultrasound images of their unborn baby. Victor promised Sabrina that he would spend much more time with the baby after it was born than he had with Victoria and Nick when they were babies. J.T. pushed Reed in his carriage near Victor and Sabrina's table, so they could see Victor's grandson. Victoria approached and told Sabrina about Ana Hamilton's beautiful voice, and said that the young girl might be the perfect choice as a performer at the gala. Sabrina told Victoria that she trusted Victoria's judgment regarding Ana. After Sabrina left, Victoria sat down at the table with her father. Victor shocked Victoria when he told her he had cut her and Nick out of his will because he felt they had betrayed him. Victoria returned to her mother's table and told Nikki what Victor had done. Nikki approached Victor and berated his retaliatory action. Nikki said, "Removing Victoria and Nicholas from your will sends them a terrible message." Victor claimed that their children had acted with disdain and contempt toward him, and that he had also asked Nick to move out of the tack house. Nikki told Victor that it boggled her mind to realize the lengths he would go to in order to hurt people. Victor angrily responded, "You could provide for our children using the money from our divorce settlement, unless that useless, despicable husband of yours has gambled everything away."

At the Newman ranch, Victor told Sabrina that he regretted having given permission for the magazine article to be printed. Sabrina said she preferred to concentrate on the baby, since the magazine article would soon be forgotten. After Sabrina left the room, Victor phoned one of Restless Style's advertisers, a man named Leonard, and demanded that he pull his company's ads. Victor told Leonard that he had already convinced two other advertisers to pull their ads, as well. When Sabrina returned, Victor told her that he had cut Victoria and Nick out of his will. Sabrina was shocked and saddened and realized that she was the reason Victor had made the spiteful decision.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At the Athletic Club, an employee handed Jeff a briefcase, and Jeff thanked the employee for keeping it safe. Gloria welcomed Jeff back from his trip to Korea. Jeff told Gloria that he was unable to find Kyon, and that he still had no idea where the bottle of tainted face cream was. Gloria was concerned that Kyon might use the face cream and burn herself. Jeff told Gloria that Kyon had probably thrown the face cream away. Gloria reminded Jeff that she needed to get the cream back, or Michael wouldn't help them buy up shares of Jabot stock. Jeff said that they didn't need Michael's help-or the jar of cream.

Jeff told Gloria that on his way back from Korea, he had stopped in the Cayman Islands to set up an offshore company-"Agreeing Lovers." He told Gloria that they could buy up Jabot stock using that company. When Gloria told Jeff that she didn't like the company's name, Jeff told her that it was an anagram of "Gloria's Revenge." Gloria questioned whether Jeff would have told him about the offshore company without her prodding. Jeff told her that she needed to trust him.

When Gloria stepped away for a moment, Jeff opened the briefcase that the club employee had given him. He smiled when he saw the jar of face cream sitting in the case. In the club's foyer, Gloria called the credit card company, verifying that Jeff had indeed used his credit card in Korea, and then the Cayman Islands. Apparently satisfied that Jeff had told her the truth, Gloria rejoined him at the bar.

Also at the club, an angry and upset Nikki asked David who "Angelo Serafini" was. David told Nikki that "Angelo Serafini" was his real name-and that he had been lying to Nikki about who he really was. David explained that he had changed his name because he had been brought up as a punk kid in a bad neighborhood, and that he wanted to leave that behind. Nikki seemed skeptical about David's explanation-she wondered why he simply didn't change his behavior, rather than changing his name. At a nearby table, Adam overheard David and Nikki arguing.

Nikki told David that he lied as easily as he breathed-and that the only reason he was telling her the truth was because he had been caught in another lie. Sobbing, Nikki said that she felt stupid for defending David when everyone else doubted him. Nikki said that she wouldn't defend David anymore-he was clearly a compulsive gambler, with two dead ex-wives and a dead stepdaughter. David said that those deaths were tragic, but not sinister. He went on to tell Nikki that he was brought up in a poor family, with an alcoholic mother and a deadbeat father. He said that if he hadn't escaped from his past, he would either be in the mob, or dead at the bottom of a river. When David asked Nikki for another chance, Nikki said that she had already given him too many chances-and she wasn't giving him more. She stormed out of the club.

At Jabot, Nikki was upset when David stopped by her office. When David said that he still worked there, Nikki said, "Not for long." Nikki and David decided to keep quiet about their marital problems until after the gala. Nikki said she would file for divorce immediately after the event.

Later, David called someone named Leo. David said, "It's me-Angelo Serafini. Score me some of that dreamer liquid. Get it for me by tonight. I don't care what it costs."

In the Jabot boardroom, Brad and Jill were continuing their plotting to wrest control of Jabot from Katherine. Brad told Jill that David had a gambling problem. Jill said that if the stockholders learned that the co-CEO of Jabot was a compulsive gambler, the stockholders might get nervous. Jill said she could use David's gambling problem as leverage to get rid of David and Nikki-but that she needed proof of his problem. Brad said that he would take a look at David's phone records.

Heather stopped by the boardroom to pick up a box of Ji Min's files from Jill. Heather told Brad that she was unofficially investigating Ji Min's murder.

In the hallway, Brad lied and told Heather that Jill thought someone was using David's phone to leak information about new product lines. He asked Heather to get David's phone records. When Brad walked away, Adam walked up to Heather, surprising her. Adam unsuccessfully tried to pry information from Heather about why Jabot was looking at David's phone records. Adam asked Heather to accompany him to the charity gala.

Later, as Adam was leaving Jabot, he called Skye, but once again got her voicemail. Adam left a message that he needed more information on David-he also wondered why Skye hadn't returned his calls.

While going through the box of Ji Min's files, Heather found a picture of Ji Min with Walter. To herself, she said, "Who's the other guy?"

Brad and Jill reviewed David's phone records, and Brad pointed out a number that David called frequently. Brad knew that it was Andy the bookie's number, but didn't reveal that to Jill. Brad suggested that Jill call the number and try to place a bet. Jill called and told Andy that she was a friend of David Chow's who wanted to place a bet on a horse. Andy told Jill that if she was a friend of David Chow's, she could "stuff her bet." Jill smiled, realizing that she had reached David's bookie.

Later, Jill asked Heather to put copies of David's contract and personnel record in the same desk drawer that contained the phone records. Jill and Brad wondered if Nikki knew about David's gambling. They agreed that the information they had uncovered would make it easier to get rid of David and Nikki.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told J.T. that Walter (a.k.a. "Tony Amatto") was in deep with a major mob family. Paul added that Walter was a "mid-level hood." Paul called his contact, Bobby, at the Genoa City Police Department to see if Bobby had any recent photos of Amatto. Bobby joined Paul and J.T. and showed them a recent picture-Paul said it was definitely the guy who called himself "Walter." Bobby told them that "Tony" was a "bad dude"-that Amatto and his crew were as dangerous as they came.

Nick stopped by the main house at the Newman ranch to give Victor the keys to the tack house. Nick accused Victor of throwing Summer out of the only home she had ever known. Victor accused Nick of riding on Victor's coattails-he said that Nick had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Victor predicted the demise of Restless Style if the magazine continued to publish "scandalous" articles. Before he left, Nick said that he would accept full responsibility if any of the information in the article about Sabrina was wrong.

When Sabrina asked Victor why Nick had stopped by, he told her that Nick was returning the key to the tack house. Victor told her that Nick was no longer allowed on any of his properties. Sabrina wondered if evicting Nick was the proper way to handle the situation. Sabrina expressed concern that if Victor could so easily shut Nick out of his life, he could one day do the same to the child that she was carrying. Victor said that would never happen, and said that Nick had betrayed him. Sabrina said that perhaps "betray" was too strong a word. She said that Nick had acted recklessly and foolishly, but that Victor shouldn't turn his back on Nick-a move, Sabrina thought, that Victor would regret for the rest of his life. She urged Victor to take the high road and give Nick a second chance.

Adam told Victor that Brad and Jill were having David Chow investigated. Victor asked if they had learned about David's gambling problem. Adam wasn't sure, but said that it would be the perfect time to make David's problem public. Victor thanked Adam for the information.

Before Sabrina left to run some errands, she asked Adam if he knew that Victor had disinherited Victoria and Nick. When Adam said that he did, Sabrina asked him to try to talk Victor out of it. Adam said that it was none of his business, and that he wouldn't get involved. Adam protested when Sabrina intimated that he refused to talk to Victor because his share of Victor's fortune would be larger with Victoria and Nick out of the will.

At the tack house, Phyllis asked Nick if he told Victor that it was Jack who was responsible for editing the article about Sabrina. Nick said that even if he told his father, Victor would blame Nick for going into business with Jack. Nick said that he would be better off, "in every way," with Victor out of his life. Phyllis didn't believe that Nick meant that-she said that the Newman ranch was a part of Nick, and that he couldn't just walk away from it.

Phyllis offered to intervene and speak to Victor about their eviction. Nick said that Victor was a lost cause, and added that perhaps Victor was right-maybe he had been riding on Victor's coattails. Nick said that perhaps the eviction was a blessing in disguise. When Phyllis said that they would never be fully free of Victor, Nick teasingly called her a "party pooper." As Phyllis and Nick discussed where they would live, Nick began getting excited about their new beginning.

Victor showed up at the tack house, and told Nick that, in spite of Nick's reprehensible behavior, he had decided to allow him to stay at the tack house. Nick told Victor that he didn't want to-that he, his wife, and his daughter were going to move. Victor told Nick, "Have it your way," as he walked off.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chloe and Amber had coffee at Crimson Lights. Amber wondered why Chloe was asking her if Cane wanted kids. Chloe denied having a crush on Cane. Amber said that Cane was "all about Lily." Chloe stood up to go to the restroom and Amber commented that it seemed as if Chloe had to go every 20 minutes. Chloe told Amber that she was no longer bulimic.

On her way to the restroom, Chloe saw Devon putting up a "Roommate Wanted" sign. When Chloe asked Devon if Lily was moving out, Devon told her it was none of her business. Ana, however, told Chloe that Lily was moving in with Cane, who had purchased a new house.

Jana met up with Amber at Crimson Lights. Amber complained that work wasn't going well-Daniel barely looked at her, and Phyllis was a total "B." Amber said that she was thinking of moving back to Los Angeles. Jana suggested they consult the Ouija board for advice, but Amber said that she had another idea.

Kevin met Daniel at Restless Style. When he asked Daniel why he was working so late, Daniel said that he preferred to work when Amber wasn't around. Daniel said that he was thinking of moving to Los Angeles, and living there with his father. Kevin told Daniel that leaving Genoa City wasn't the answer-a geographical move wouldn't mend Daniel's broken heart. Kevin asked Daniel if he was really ready to cut all his ties to Amber.

When Kevin and Daniel listened to the radio, they were shocked to hear Amber talking on Dr. Drew's Loveline, a talk radio show. Amber, using the name "Marina," explained that she had cheated on her boyfriend because she thought her boyfriend had cheated on her. "Marina" said that her boyfriend then dumped her. Daniel called the talk show and said that he needed to go on the air immediately-he was "Marina's" boyfriend.

On the air together, "Marina" and Daniel, using the name "Herb," got into a heated argument. They aired much of their dirty laundry, such as Amber's obsession with money, as well as Daniel's addiction to pornography. The talk show host interrupted and said that both "Marina" and "Herb" suffered from serious pathologies, and that it was a blessing that they broke up. The host advised them never to reconcile.

When the host started ripping into "Marina," calling her crazy, "Herb" told the host that "Marina" wasn't crazy. The host told "Herb" that he was crazy for defending "Marina." Before he hung up, the host told the "screwballs" to get back together. Amber told Jana she was moving to Los Angeles-Daniel told Kevin that he was moving to Los Angeles.

Chloe called a realtor friend to see if she could find out where Cane's newly purchased house was located. When Chloe's friend asked her why she just didn't ask Cane where the house was, Chloe said that Cane hated her guts. Chloe's friend told her that she was "stalky," and hung up on her. On her way out of Crimson Lights, Chloe asked Devon when Lily was moving out, as she had a friend who might be interested in renting the room at Devon's. Devon told Chloe that, "Any friend of yours is a nightmare of mine."

Cane and Lily examined their new home-boxes and furniture were strewn all over. Proclaiming their mutual love, they started undressing and ran into the bedroom. Later, they went through some of their belongings together, and Lily reminisced about her marriage to Daniel. She told Cane that the marriage had ended terribly, and she was concerned that her relationship with Cane could meet a similar fate. Cane assured Lily that wouldn't happen. Outside, Chloe, who had followed the moving van, watched the couple through a window. When Lily walked out of the room, Chloe saw Cane admiring the engagement ring that he planned to give to Lily.

The preparations for the gala were underway at the Colonnade Room. Victor told Sabrina that he had asked Nick to stay at the tack house, but that Nick had refused Victor's offer.

Also at the Colonnade, Nikki reminded David that as soon as the gala was over, so was their marriage. Victoria arrived and lectured Victor for evicting Nick and his family. Victor told his daughter that he had decided to allow Nick to stay, and that he wanted Victoria to talk Nick into staying. When Victoria said that she would not try to change Nick's mind about moving out, Victor told her that she was being disrespectful. When Victor said that Sabrina had convinced him that he would regret severing ties with his children, Victoria said that all of the Newman family's problems were Sabrina's fault. Sabrina and Nikki both joined the argument. Nikki told Sabrina that Victor blamed everything on his children, as he didn't have the guts to admit that he was a terrible father. An angry Victor said that Nikki had started the family's problems when she married David Chow. Katherine broke up the argument, asking them to be civil with each other until the gala was over.

Later, Victor approached Nikki and told her that she had a hell of a nerve calling him a bad parent. He reminded his ex that at one time, Nikki was such a drunk that she couldn't even remember her name. He added that Nikki had endangered the entire Newman family by marrying "a loser with a criminal background." Victoria joined Nikki when Victor walked away. Nikki told Victoria that, after the gala, she was leaving David. Victoria agreed with her mother's decision. Nikki asked Victoria to keep her separation from David a secret until after the gala.

Katherine and Sabrina took a break and sat outside together. Katherine told Sabrina that after the gala, she and Victor should take a few weeks off and travel to Europe. Victor joined them, and he was thrilled when Sabrina suggested the vacation. Sabrina told Victor to go home and wait for her there. Victor said that before they went on their trip, he had one loose end that he needed to tie up. Victor walked away, leaving a concerned Sabrina behind.

A few moments later, inside the Colonnade, Victoria went off on Sabrina. She told Sabrina that she was sick and tired of Sabrina's "super sweet" act. Victoria added that Sabrina was out of touch with reality if Sabrina thought that she and Victoria could ever be friends again. She then went on to accuse Sabrina of planning to take Victor for every penny he had, and then run off with Philippe. Sabrina told Victoria that Victoria had made her feel like a worthless outsider. She accused Victoria of being a "spoiled little brat," who was so obsessed with what she didn't have that she couldn't see what she did have. Sabrina told Victoria that after the gala, she never wanted to deal with Victoria again. When Sabrina walked off, a tear dropped from Victoria's eye.

Devon and Ana showed up at the Colonnade Room, and Ana told Victoria, Sabrina, and Katherine that they wanted to sing a duet at the gala. Victoria and Sabrina said that was fine. When Ana and Devon walked away to practice their duet, Katherine ordered Victoria and Sabrina to get along until after the gala.

Outside the Colonnade, David was on his cell phone, telling a drug dealer, "It's not gonna work. I need it tonight-I'm working against the clock. Call me back." Walter approached David to remind him that he needed to "do the job." David refused. Walter congratulated David on the great job David had done when he killed Ji Min Kim-David had made it look like either Jack or Victor had killed Ji Min.

Walter continued to pressure David to "take the job." He reminded David that both of their lives were on the line. David told Walter that he was working on a hit of his own-one that would give him access to millions of dollars in cash, as well as a house. David said that he would be able to pay the debt five times over. Walter told David that he had already gone out on the line and bargained for David's life. An upset David asked Walter to get him off the hook. When David walked away, Walter made a phone call and said, "Yeah... well... our boy's got cold feet... we gotta do something about him."

Later, David met up with the drug dealer. After David gave the dealer an envelope with cash, the dealer gave David a small package. The dealer told David that too much of the drug could be lethal. David told him that he knew how to handle liquid morphine.

At the Athletic Club, Paul told J.T. that his old partner, Andy, had ties to a mob informant who could give them more information on David. After Paul spoke to the informant, who told J.T. that David had previously done jobs for Walter-as a mob hitman.

Victor joined Paul and J.T. for an update on the David Chow situation. Victor said that he wanted to leave the country knowing that Chow was not a threat to his family. Paul told Victor that Nikki's life was in danger-Chow was worse than they had imagined. Paul showed Victor the mug shot of Walter. He told Victor that Walter was a ruthless operator, and that Chow was part of Walter's ring of assassins. J.T. suggested that they warn Nikki, but Paul said that if Nikki confronted David, he might kill her. Paul said that he had someone watching over Nikki. That wasn't good enough for Victor, who wanted Chow removed from his family's vicinity. Paul told Victor that any attempt to save Nikki might result in Nikki's death. Before Victor left, Paul and J.T. assured him that they would work around the clock to "get Chow."

As Nikki left the Colonnade, David approached her. He told her that they should drive to the gala together the next evening in order to keep up appearances. Nikki reluctantly agreed. David wished Nikki "sweet dreams" as she walked off. From behind a bush, Walter watched the conversation between David and Nikki.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nick and Phyllis told Jack that he shouldn't attend the gala. Jack said that since Victor blamed them all for the Sabrina article, Nick and Phyllis shouldn't go either. Sharon happily said that they were going to have to make additional copies of Restless Style because they were selling like hotcakes. Jack said he'd be sure to mention that to Victor at the gala. Sharon asked Amber to order additional magazines for the East Coast. Chloe was shocked that Amber was going to continue working and miss the gala. Amber said she didn't want to go because Daniel would be there. Chloe ensured Amber that she would make her look so hot that Daniel wouldn't know what to do. Daniel told Kevin that he didn't want to attend the gala because Amber would be there. Kevin begged Daniel to go. Daniel agreed to go, as long as they stayed away from Amber.

When Nick and Phyllis arrived at the gala, Michael asked them about their knowledge of the Sabrina article. Phyllis told Michael that Jack had rewritten the article without anyone's knowledge. Victoria saw Nick and Phyllis and told them she wouldn't stay at the ranch if they weren't there. Nick said that Victor had reconsidered, but Nick decided he didn't want to be where he wasn't wanted. Victoria wondered if Sabrina had changed Victor's mind.

Jack admitted to Sabrina that he was the one responsible for altering the article. Sabrina told Jack that he had hurt Nick's relationship with his father more than anything else.

Cane happily admired the ring he'd bought for Lily. When Lily came downstairs, she told Cane that they'd be able to handle anything that Chloe tried to throw at them. When Cane arrived at the gala, he happily told Katherine and Jill that he was proposing to Lily. Jill said that he'd done much better this time around. Just then Amber arrived at the gala, looking super in a sexy gray outfit. When Amber asked Chloe to protect her from Daniel, Daniel overheard her. Katherine saw Amber glancing at Daniel and asked her if there was any chance they would get together. Amber said that she'd decided to move to Los Angeles to get away from it all. Katherine said that would guarantee that Phyllis would get her way.

Chloe saw Cane and Lily kissing and decided to go talk to them. When Cane saw Chloe coming, they decided to run off. Cane took Lily aside and told her he wanted her to be with him forever. As he reached in his pocket for the ring, Chloe interrupted them. She said she was pregnant and Cane was the father.

Victor purchased some precious stones for Sabrina to wear at the gala. Victor told her that he wanted to tell everyone about Sabrina's pregnancy. Sabrina didn't want to rush anything. Victor told Katherine that he planned on telling everyone about the pregnancy. Katherine asked if Victor planned to be a better father this time around. Victor felt his relationships with his other children were quite the opposite; they were the ones that had turned on him. Katherine suggested that he had a selective memory. Victor said Katherine was one to talk about parenthood.

Heather asked Paul if he could help her crack Ji Min's case. Paul said he was swamped, but would try to help any way he could. Heather told Paul that she would meet up with him later after the gala. As Paul started rummaging through Ji Min's belongings, he found a picture of Ji Min with Walter.

At the gala, Adam attempted to get insider information about David from Heather. Heather remained mum. Victor saw Adam and asked him about David. Adam said that they were about to leak the story about David's gambling addiction. Victor told Adam that he would be revealing a surprise by the end of the night. Heather and Adam decided to go outside on the balcony. Heather went to get her jacket and saw Walter acting mysteriously outside. Walter came up to Heather and said that it was a nice party. Adam received a phone call about Skye. Adam said he'd like to find out any information he could about her whereabouts.

David hid the liquid morphine in his pocket. When Nikki came downstairs, David asked her if they could talk over some drinks. Nikki said no, she wanted to get the gala and get her marriage to David over as soon as possible. David thanked Victor for his support of the gala. Victor said that he couldn't care less about David's opinion. Jill and Brad told David that they knew about his gambling addiction and would take it to the board if he didn't voluntarily quit. David suggested that Brad might not want to do that. Jill wondered about Brad's involvement in the situation. Brad asked Jill if she wanted to check his phone records. Jill decided against it. Meanwhile, Gloria and Jeffrey saw news about David's gambling addiction on television. They realized that Jabot shares would soon take a nosedive. Gloria realized she could eventually own the company. As they walked away, the news flashed a picture of Skye, saying that she'd been missing for the last week.

Victor asked J.T. why David was still running around free. J.T. said that it was harder to crack the case than he'd thought. Victor said that if David was a murderer, Nikki was in grave danger. J.T. called Paul and told him that Victor was on his case. Paul said that he'd found a possible link between Walter and Ji Min.

David poured the morphine in a drink and handed it to Nikki. He told her that he was lucky that Nikki had stood by him as long as she did. He said that he'd like to make a toast to her.

Friday, July 25, 2008

At the gala, Cane told Chloe that lying about being pregnant was low-even for Chloe. Cane said that he and Chloe never had sex, but Chloe reminded Cane that he was extremely drunk on the night they allegedly did. Lily said that even if Chloe was pregnant, that didn't mean the baby was Cane's. Chloe told Lily that she had been living "like a nun" since arriving in Genoa City, and that Cane was the only person Chloe had been intimate with. When Lily said that Chloe's ploy wouldn't hurt Lily and Cane's relationship, Chloe said that the three of them were going to have to deal with her pregnancy.

When Amber approached Daniel and said, "Great party," Daniel walked away. Amber complained to Chloe that her plan to reconcile with Daniel wasn't working. Amber asked Chloe where she had been, and Chloe said that she had given good news to some friends.

Back at their house, Cane told Lily that Chloe was a liar. Before she kissed Cane, Lily told him that she didn't believe that he had sex with Chloe.

Amber walked up to Phyllis and told Phyllis that she didn't know why Phyllis had it in for her. Amber brought up the cropped photo of Daniel in Dublin, as well as the fact that Phyllis had blocked Daniel's emails from reaching Amber. Phyllis told Amber that people didn't break up over undelivered emails-they broke up because one person had cheated on the other. Amber admitted that she had gotten drunk and slept with Adrian. Phyllis said that no one had forced her to do that. Amber proclaimed her love for Daniel. Phyllis said she was glad that Daniel had broken up with Amber. Amber told Phyllis that she hoped not to be as miserable and rotten as Phyllis was when she reached Phyllis' age.

Jana told Victoria and Sabrina that they were running low on champagne. Sabrina told Jana to call the suppliers and have more delivered, but Victoria said that they shouldn't dip into the charity's profits. When Victoria and Sabrina began to argue, Victor intervened. He told Jana to order the champagne they needed, and have the bill sent to him. Victoria told J.T. that she never wanted to deal with Sabrina again.

Jana and Kevin danced, and they told each other that both Daniel and Amber were planning to move to Los Angeles. Jana told Kevin that she had found a wonderful ashram in Malibu where she and Kevin could get married. Kevin had that "here we go again" look on his face.

Neil, Karen, and Devon arrived at the gala. Devon was happy that he had the opportunity to sing before a group of people. Tyra and Ana joined them. Neil asked Tyra to dance, leaving an unhappy looking Karen.

At Crimson Lights, Paul spoke to Bobby, his police contact, about the photograph of the House of Kim ribbon-cutting ceremony, which showed Ji Min, David, and Walter together. Paul told Bobby he thought that photograph proved that David killed Ji Min Kim.

Paul called J.T. and told him what he thought had transpired. Paul said that Ji Min had wanted to expand House of Kim into the United States, and that he had unknowingly used mob money to finance the expansion. Paul continued that when Ji Min realized that it was mob money, he severed his ties to David and Walter-which made David and Walter very unhappy. Paul said that Ji Min and David pretended they didn't know each other-Ji Min was afraid that David would rat him out to David's mob buddies, and David was afraid that Ji Min would blow his cover. Paul said that fear was enough to give David motive to kill Ji Min-and then plant evidence to implicate Jack and Victor. Paul ordered J.T. to get Nikki away from David immediately.

David poured the liquid morphine into a glass of ginger ale, and brought it to Nikki-he said he wanted to have one last toast with her. Nikki agreed, but reminded him that she was filing for divorce the next day. David said that he wouldn't contest the divorce, and told Nikki that he was still in love with her. Nikki told him that she knew that-but that his love wasn't enough to keep their marriage working. Nikki began sipping the spiked ginger ale.

Katherine and Jill discussed the marvelous job Victoria and Sabrina had done arranging the gala. David pulled Katherine away and told her that he thought Nikki might be drinking. On the terrace, Nikki was losing her balance, and slurring her speech. David and Katherine confronted Nikki, and asked her if she had been drinking. Nikki said that she hadn't. David suggested that he and Nikki go home, but Nikki insisted that she was fine. As Nikki stumbled towards the restroom, Katherine thanked David for keeping an eye on Nikki.

J.T. found the wobbly Nikki and lied to her-he told her that Reed was sick, and that he needed Nikki to go home with him to tend to the child. Nikki initially resisted, but then left with J.T.

J.T. and Nikki arrived at the Hellstroms'-then Paul dropped by. J.T. admitted there was nothing wrong with Reed. Paul told Nikki that they needed to get her away from David-he said that David was a murderer, and had killed Ji Min. Nikki, getting higher by the minute, didn't believe Paul. Paul reminded Nikki of how many people associated with David had died-David's two ex-wives, his stepdaughter, and Ji Min. Paul noticed that Nikki was acting strangely, and asked her if she had any alcohol that night. Nikki denied drinking alcohol-she said that the only thing she drank was some ginger ale that David had given her. As Nikki tried to leave, Paul told J.T. to call the hospital and tell them that Paul was bringing in a woman who had ingested an unknown substance.

At the gala, David was frantically looking for Nikki. He went outside to make sure his limo was ready. David seemed a bit suspicious when he learned that his regular limo driver had been replaced with a substitute-who David had never seen before.

At the podium, Sabrina and Victoria thanked the folks at the gala for supporting its worthy cause. Victoria introduced Devon and Ana, who performed their duet, complete with a back-up choir. Everyone at the gala was impressed with their talent.

Nick suggested to Sharon that he, she, and Phyllis band together against Jack. Sharon told Nick that it was ridiculous to band together against the person who had made Restless Style a success. Nick walked away when Sharon told him that she was 100% behind Jack. From a distance, Jack heard Sharon defending him. Later, Jack thanked Sharon for backing him. Sharon said that Jack had made the right decision by altering the article about Sabrina. She told Jack that she was proud of him.

Nick told Phyllis that he was angry with Sharon, and that he and Phyllis would not be able to form an alliance with Sharon to "overthrow" Jack.

Brad and Jill watched David talking with Katherine, and wondered if David was tendering his resignation. Brad agreed when Jill said that Katherine would not want news of David's gambling addiction to get out, as the news could cause Jabot's stock to plummet. Brad suggested that perhaps Katherine might protect David's secret for Nikki's sake. Jill said that if Katherine did that, it would prove Jill's point that Katherine was no longer competent enough to be Chancellor Industries' board chairperson. Jill hypothesized that since Nikki and Katherine were best friends, Katherine probably knew about David's gambling.

Jill received a call from a reporter, who wanted her reaction to the fast-spreading news about David's gambling problem. Jill told the reporter that Jabot would thoroughly investigate the allegations. After she hung up, Jill complained to Brad that since David's gambling problem had gone public, she and Brad no longer had leverage over David.

Jill approached Katherine and told her that a reporter had called about David's compulsive gambling-it was all over the news. Katherine told Jill that they needed to handle the fallout quickly to reassure their investors. When Jill asked if Nikki knew that David's problem had been publicly revealed, Katherine told Jill that Nikki had fallen off the wagon. A stunned Jill asked Katherine if there was anything else that Jill needed to know.

Walter approached Heather and asked her if they knew each other-he said that Heather had given him a "look" in the parking lot. Heather told Walter that he was mistaken. She told Walter that she didn't know him, or have any desire to know him. Walter walked away. Adam joined Heather, who told him about the "creepy guy" who had hit on her.

Michael walked up to Victor and told him that the "package" Victor ordered had just arrived. Victor told Sabrina that he and Michael needed to leave. Sabrina and Lauren had no idea what Victor and Michael were up to.

At the Newman ranch, Victor greeted his "package"-Philippe Chanderot. Chanderot thought Victor was interested in purchasing some of his artwork, but Victor told him that he wanted to know about Chanderot's interview with Adrian Korbel. Chanderot told Victor that he had never spoken to Adrian Korbel-that he had given an interview to one of the magazine's owners-Jack Abbott. Victor said, "I'll be damned."

Philippe told Michael and Victor that Sabrina had ridden on his coattails in order to ensure her success in the art world. Victor asked Michael to show Philippe out.

Back at the gala, Victoria made disparaging remarks about Sabrina to Nick. When Nick suggested that Victoria was being a little hard on Sabrina, Victoria reminded him that Restless Style had published the scandalous article about Sabrina. Nick told Victoria the truth-that Jack had altered the article, and had paid Philippe Chanderot to come to Genoa City. A stunned Victoria realized that she had been wrong about Sabrina, and frantically tried to find her.

In front of the Colonnade Room, David left a message for Nikki to call him. David was joined by Sabrina, who asked David if he could drop her at home, as she wasn't feeling well. At first reluctant, David gave in, and both he and Sabrina got into the limo. Before driving them off, the limo driver phoned someone and said, "I've got them both."

Shortly after David and Sabrina's limo left, Victoria ran out and asked Heather and Adam if they had seen Sabrina. Adam said that they hadn't. Victoria told Adam that she had been mistaken about Sabrina. Adam suggested that Victoria clear the air with Sabrina at the Newman family meeting scheduled for the following day.

As David and Sabrina's limo drove along, Sabrina received a text message from Victor, which read, "Sorry I didn't make it back. Will make it up to you when you get home." Sabrina smiled. She, David, and the limo driver suddenly saw headlights on a collision course with the limo. The driver pushed down on the brake, to no avail. In the otherwise quiet night, the sound of the crash was heard.

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