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Kevin and Jana got married. Amber saw Daniel and Colleen having sex. Tyra admitted that Yolanda was really Ana's mother. Nikki learned that Victor had taken Walter out on a fishing boat in a bad storm, and the boat had sunk.
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Kevin and Jana were married
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A surprise guest interrupts Kevin and Jana's wedding

A surprise guest interrupts Kevin and Jana's wedding

Monday, August 18, 2008

At Jana and Kevin's wedding in Malibu, California, Michael was shocked to discover that the guru in a Nehru jacket about to preside over the ceremony was his long-lost father, Lowell, who referred to himself as River. Gloria demanded to know where River had been for so many years, but Kevin interceded and exclaimed, "Enough. This is our wedding." After Jana made all-around introductions, River said poetically, "And so, the river flows." Michael managed to control his anger while River performed the mystical matrimonial rite. After Kevin and Jana were united in marriage, family and friends cheered and clapped.

At the wedding reception, Amber and Colleen exchanged barbs over Daniel. Gloria cornered River and berated him for abandoning her and Michael. Gloria told River that Michael had cried for his father for years and that she and Michael had lived in poverty when Michael had been a boy. Gloria noted that Michael was a good man, husband, and father and that he was also a great son. River congratulated Gloria for raising Michael on her own. River insisted that he could not take credit.

Gloria reminded River that he had never taken responsibility for anything, especially not for blowing up an innocent janitor. River pleaded with Gloria to not force him to live on the run again. Gloria said, "You never promised me anything, so I don't think I can promise you anything, either." Gloria glared at River when he retorted, "Maybe it's our karma to hate each other. None of us can run from karma."

River approached Michael and explained that he'd been running from the government for a long time. Michael told River that his son, Fenmore, was ill and had stayed in Wisconsin and that he was worried sick about Fenmore's condition. Michael's voice rose to a hushed yell when he looked River in the eye and inquired, "Did you ever worry about me or wonder if I was sick? Did you ever call or write? Did you ever think about me at all?"

River explained that he was who he chose to be and not who Michael needed him to be. "Though we share flesh and blood, we may be strangers, after all," River added philosophically. Michael fought to choke back his tears as River rose and left. Lauren comforted Michael and noted that at least Michael had found out who his father was, after years of wondering and searching. Michael said that the results of his search "just felt like an end period."

Before retreating to their honeymoon suite, Kevin and Jana thanked their guests for celebrating their marriage. Colleen pressed Daniel to deliver a speech. Daniel said that Kevin and Jana were the perfect couple and that he hoped one day to enjoy a relationship as special as the one they shared." As Amber listened, she struggled not to cry. Amber seemed even more distraught when Daniel took Colleen by the hand and invited her to take a walk.

Colleen kissed Daniel on the lips, but he seemed reluctant to reciprocate. Colleen felt she had made a mistake, but Daniel took Colleen into his arms and kissed her, and then the two reclined onto an oriental rug splayed under a festive gazebo. Amber happened by and saw Daniel and Colleen making out. Without saying a word, Amber turned and ran away as she stifled tears. Lauren urged Michael to speak to his father before they flew home, but Michael noted that River wasn't a father; he was merely a sperm donor.

Alone in their suite atop a four-poster bed laden with silk pillows, Kevin and Jana peeled away each other's wedding attire. Suddenly, Kevin's passion screeched to a halt, and he announced, "It's over." Jana was confused, but Kevin explained that all the insanity they had withstood to get to that point was finally over, and whatever was ahead, they'd go through it together. Kevin kissed Jana passionately as they lay down together on the bed.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe flashed her diamond-encrusted sapphire engagement ring at Lily before Cane could manage to break the news to Lily gently. After Chloe stepped away, Cane told Lily that he could call the whole thing off, but Lily insisted that Cane give his unborn child the opportunity to be raised with both parents. Cane told Lily that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and that he would find a way for them to be together. Cane took Lily into his arms and kissed her passionately before he turned away and nearly ran head-on into Jill as he abruptly rushed out of the coffeehouse.

Jill saw Chloe sitting at the bar and assumed she'd angered Cane. Jill offered Chloe a large sum of money to leave, but Chloe refused. Jill told Chloe that she knew exactly what Chloe was up to. Jill said that in order to support her son's choice, she expected Chloe to straighten up her act so Chloe would not embarrass Cane, who was to become the CEO of Jabot.

After Jill grabbed a cup of coffee, she joined Lily on the patio. Jill told Lily that Chloe would never replace her in their hearts. Lily thanked Jill, and before Lily left, she advised Jill to accept Chloe into their family for the baby's sake. As Lily walked out, she encountered Chloe, who half-heartedly apologized for flashing her ring in Lily's face. Lily barely contained her anger and told Chloe that she had intentionally waved the ring in Lily's face. Chloe looked stunned when Lily added, "If you weren't pregnant, I'd smack you across this room!"

Chloe went to Cane's house and told him that they were an official couple, so she planned to move in. Cane balked, but Chloe insisted that she should live in town because something could go wrong with the baby, and she needed to live closer to medical care. Jill stopped by, and Chloe animatedly greeted her and called her "mom-in-law." Jill was not amused and warned Chloe to not call her mom-in-law again. Jill asked Cane to sit, and then she explained that he, as Jabot's CEO, would have to field questions about his relationship with Chloe, so Jill announced that she planned to throw an engagement party for them at the Chancellor mansion. Cane's face turned pale.

At Indigo, Neil and Tyra explained to Devon that Ana was his sister. Tyra told Devon that she had agreed to raise Ana, who was the result of a drug-abusing Yolanda's encounter with a drug dealer, so Ana would not have to be raised in foster care. Devon was hurt that Tyra had hidden the truth from him and Ana, but Tyra worried that Child Protective Services might take Ana away if the truth came out. Devon thought Ana should know the truth, so Tyra was worried that Devon would tell Ana that she was his sister.

After Lily arrived, she learned about Ana's parentage. Lily told Devon that if she had learned that Malcolm was her biological dad when she'd been Ana's age, she would have freaked out. Devon reluctantly promised not to tell Ana, who was seated at a nearby table, listening to her iPod, that he was her brother. Tyra was relieved.

Lily escaped to the bar, and Neil joined her. Lily told Neil that Cane had proposed to Chloe. Neil noted that Cane had acted quickly, but Lily explained that she had insisted that Cane marry Chloe for the baby's sake. Lily said that the ring Cane had given to Chloe was the same ring he had given to her. The ring, a Chancellor heirloom, was supposed to have been given to the baby Lily and Cane had lost. Their son was to have given the ring to the woman he loved. Lily cried and noted that the ring should have been hers. Neil comforted Lily.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jana told Kevin that she was taking everything in so she could remember it forever. They were surprised to see Amber leaving on an early flight. Jana explained that she had seen Daniel and Colleen kissing the night before. She said that she figured Amber had seen them together.

Colleen told Daniel that they should get back to their rooms before anyone noticed. She said that they should enjoy their rebound fun and not tell anyone. Daniel said it was too late for that; Amber had seen them.

Katherine saw Amber at the coffeehouse and joined her. Amber told Katherine that Daniel had had sex with Colleen. Amber said that she'd decided to not get mad, but to get even. Katherine said that sounded like a great idea. When Daniel went to the coffeehouse, he apologized to Amber about his rendezvous with Colleen. Amber said it was fine; she'd met someone new, too.

Michael wished the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, a good morning. Michael told Lauren that he was going to climb up the hill again to try to find out how Fenmore was. Lauren said that he was only trying to avoid seeing his father again. Michael's father went to him and said that he'd called Michael a stranger the day before. He asked Michael to stay another day to get to know him. Michael said he'd had plenty of time to do that before. River said that something had put them together on the island.

Michael couldn't let go of the anger he'd had toward his father all those years. River asked if Michael would have preferred to find him behind bars. Michael said that if his father had turned himself in all those years before, maybe he would have known him better. River told Michael and Lauren that his thoughts and prayers were with them. When he asked for a picture of Fen, he said that Fen was an old soul. Michael said that Fen was blessed because he had parents who were there for him. Michael said that he would not be contacting his father again.

Nick asked Victoria if she was happy to be in charge at Newman again. She said it felt like returning home. Katherine told Victoria that her new position was Newman's gain and Jabot's loss. Victoria explained that she'd felt uncomfortable working at Jabot after Nikki had been gone. Katherine admired her loyalty.

Adam was furious with Victoria for turning down a new business opportunity. He said that if Victor had been there, he would have jumped on the deal. Victoria said that he wasn't there, and she was in charge.

Adam told Heather that he felt different from everyone in the Newman family. Heather sympathized with him. Adam suggested that they stop thinking about business and have some fun. They got into their bathing suits and went for a swim. When Nick found them he was upset they were having fun when their father was missing. Adam said he cared about his father as much as Nick. Nick said that it showed. Adam told Heather that he felt that Victor was missing because he wanted to be.

Nick and Paul tried to figure out if their lead on Victor was worth going to El Paso for. Paul also found out that Walter had taken off to a little town in El Paso whenever things had been rough. Nikki knew immediately that that had been Victor's plan. She insisted that she go with Paul to find Victor. Paul said that it was too dangerous for Nikki to go. Paul said that he would not knowingly put Nikki's safety in jeopardy. Nikki insisted that they take the Newman jet immediately.

Victor saw Walter, the man responsible for Sabrina's death, at the bar. Victor asked the bartender if the man at the bar wanted to buy a boat. Victor waited for Walter to return and gave the bartender's little girl the necklace he'd bought for Sabrina.

When Michael and Lauren returned, Michael insisted on dropping by Newman Enterprises to find out the status on Victor. Victoria said that Victor might be in El Paso. Nick stopped by and told Victoria that he had seen Adam and Heather making out at the pool at the ranch. Victoria said she wished she could kick him out. Michael said that legally, that might be a possibility.

Cane told Jill that he appreciated the faith she had in him. Jill said that at first, she would show him the ropes, but then, he could run the company as he saw fit. Jill told Cane that although marrying Chloe was honorable, he needed to give the marriage a chance. She said that the one who would suffer most from his hatred of Chloe would be his child.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At Indigo, Devon and Ana teased each other. Devon called Ana "squirt," and Ana called Devon an "old man." Tyra and Neil watched from a distance. Tyra was concerned that Devon might tell Ana that she was his sister.

Katherine stopped by Indigo to speak with Neil, Devon, and Tyra. Katherine told them that she thought that Ana was a great talent. Katherine told them about a scholarship she annually offered to a gifted student. The scholarship was to a "lovely" arts school in New Hampshire. Tyra immediately became uptight when Katherine said that she wanted to offer the scholarship to Ana. Tyra told Katherine that the offer was generous but that she needed some time to think it over. Katherine told Tyra not to take too much time thinking because the application deadline had already passed, and Katherine would have to pull some strings to get Ana enrolled. Katherine gave Tyra the director of admissions' phone number and told her that the director was expecting Tyra's call.

Later, at Neil's apartment, Neil asked Tyra why she was reluctant to call the school. Tyra explained that a private school would do a lot of background checking, and Ana might find out that Yolanda, and not Tyra, was her mother. Neil said that he thought it was worth the risk. Ana was an amazing talent and shouldn't be deprived of the opportunity that Katherine was offering. Neil persuaded the reluctant Tyra to call the school for an application.

Tyra called the school, said that she was Yolanda Hamilton, and asked for an application. Neil was proud of Tyra's effort, but Tyra was afraid that she would end up being caught in a lie.

Devon talked to Ana about schools for gifted children. Ana said that she really wanted to go, even though the school was far away. Devon realized that he had left his music book at Indigo, and he left the apartment to retrieve it.

While Ana was on the phone with a friend, another call came in, and Ana hung up on her friend. When Ana answered the other call, she learned that she was speaking to Jean Whitman from the art school, who was calling to speak to Yolanda Hamilton. Jean said that Yolanda had called and left that number to call regarding her daughter. Ana said, "Yolanda, as in Ana's mom?" When Jean replied, "That's what the message said," Ana dropped the phone and ran out of the apartment, passing Katherine as she left.

Tyra told Katherine that Ana wasn't her daughter. Neil told Katherine that Ana's mother, Yolanda, was a drug addict, and that Tyra had raised Ana as her own. He added that because of Tyra's fear that the school would learn the truth about Ana's maternity, Tyra was using Yolanda's name on the application. Katherine told Neil and Tyra that they had nothing to fear; Katherine would see to it that the school wouldn't find out the truth. Tyra called for Ana to go into the living room, but Katherine told her that Ana had run out of the apartment. Neil and Tyra were concerned that Ana might have overheard them talking about Yolanda.

At Indigo, Ana found Devon and asked him if he knew that Yolanda was her mother. Devon hugged Ana but didn't say a word.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria told Jeff that she was glad to be home. Gloria was excited about the renovations being done to "our corner" of the Abbott mansion, and she wanted to move back into the mansion as soon as the renovations were completed. Jeff suggested that they finally go on a honeymoon. Gloria said that she wanted to stay and take over Jabot before they went off on a honeymoon. Jeff suggested they go to the Cayman Islands, sit on the beach, drink mai-tais, and buy up more Jabot stock using their dummy offshore corporation. Gloria told Jeff that she loved the way he thought.

Michael stopped by the Bardwells' table and asked Jeff to leave so that he could speak privately with Gloria. After Jeff left, Michael accused Gloria of knowing that River had been at the ashram. Gloria said that she hadn't known. Gloria admitted that she'd left River because she'd thought he would have been a terrible influence on Michael.

Michael said that River had planted a bomb that had killed a man. When Gloria said that River had said that had been a mistake, Michael said, "Just like you poisoning the face cream was a mistake." Michael lamented the fact that both of his parents were killers. He said that if he kept Gloria and River's secrets, he could be disbarred. Gloria asked Michael if he was going to send her and River to prison, but Michael said that no one was going to prison. He would keep their secrets.

In the Athletic Club lobby, Jeff was on the phone, telling someone that he would be in the Cayman Islands soon and that he wanted to set up a private meeting regarding his private account. Jeff added that he wanted to transfer a large amount of cash.

Jeff returned to the table. Lauren had dropped Fen off at the club, and Michael was feeding him. When Fen called Jeff "Grandpa," Gloria and Jeff were thrilled, but Michael was horrified. Michael said that Jeff was not Fen's grandfather -- and that there would be no lies between Michael and Fen.

When Jeff left to get the car, Gloria called someone and said, "I'm leaving town, so I need to get together with you as soon as possible to close this deal. Great. See you then." Gloria returned to the table and found Michael telling Fen made-up stories about River. Michael said that River was the "wisest of the grandfather hippies in all of Malibu." Gloria told Michael that it wasn't always easy telling one's child the truth.

Adam and Heather were at the Newman ranch, deciding what to have for dinner. Victoria, Michael, and two other men entered, and Victoria told Adam to pack his things. She told Adam that Victor had transferred the house to Newman Enterprises several years earlier, and, since Victoria was Newman's CEO, she had the right to throw him out. Adam said that he would move but that Victor, not Victoria, was his landlord, and Victor would be furious when he returned. Victoria smiled and said that she would take her chances.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Adam told Heather that he had always known that Victoria was jealous of him, but he hadn't known that his sister could be so spiteful. Heather told Adam that he could stay with her for as long as he needed. Adam said that he would stay with Heather only until he was able to prove that his eviction was illegal.

At Newman Enterprises, J.T. told Nick that he and Paul had learned that Walter had a place in Mexico, where he went when he needed to lay low. J.T. told Nick that Paul was flying to Mexico. Nick freaked out when he learned that Nikki had insisted on going with Paul. J.T. said that Nikki still cared a great deal about Victor. Nick said that it was not good that Victor and Nikki were in the same small town with a killer. Later, Nick told Victoria that Nikki had joined Paul. Nick said that contact with the plane had been lost due to bad weather.

Over the phone, Nick booked "one ticket for the next flight." J.T. joined Nick and Victoria and told Victoria that there was a crisis with the shipping hub in Dubai that needed Victoria's "executive muscle." Adam joined them and said that Victor would be found when he wanted to be found, and he told Victoria to enjoy her little power trip -- while it lasted. When Adam said that he was looking into the legality of the eviction, Victoria told him to give Heather her best. Victoria, Adam, and J.T. went to the executive conference room to discuss the problem in Dubai.

After the meeting, Adam told Victoria that he would go to Dubai and fix the problem. Victoria told Adam that she was going, as she had a good working relationship with the man in charge of the shipping hub. Victoria told Adam that she had changed the name "Newman Infinity" back to "Beauty of Nature." Adam told Victoria that he wouldn't want to be her when Victor returned.

In the hallway, Nick asked J.T. if he should tell Victoria that there was news about Victor -- and it wasn't good.

On the Newman jet, Nikki told Paul that she was worried that something awful would happen if Victor ran into Walter. Nikki was angry with Paul for telling J.T. that she had accompanied Paul on the trip to Mexico. Over the intercom, the pilot told Paul and Nikki to fasten their seat belts because there was bad weather ahead. Paul calmed Nikki's nerves as the plane encountered some turbulence.

In the run-down Mexican bar, Victor ordered coffee and paid the bartender quite a bit of money. When Victor thanked the bartender for arranging for a boat, the bartender warned Victor to look out for the storm. Walter entered the bar, walked past Victor, and sat at another table.

Victor, feigning he didn't speak English, stood behind Walter and got the message across that he was the captain of Walter's fishing charter. Walter told Victor that all he was looking for was to go out on the ocean and fish before the storm came in.

Later, as it was raining heavily, Paul and Nikki entered the bar. They showed Victor's picture around and asked if anyone had seen him. The bartender lied and said that he hadn't seen Victor. Nikki recognized Sabrina's earring, which the bartender's little daughter was wearing as a necklace. Nikki asked the girl where she had gotten the earring, and she said that her "friend" had given it to her. The girl identified Victor as "her friend." At first, the bartender said that his daughter was talking crazy, but when Paul handed him a wad of bills, the bartender admitted that Victor had been there all week. He added that Victor had chartered a boat and was out fishing. Nikki was terrified that Victor was out in a boat during the bad storm.

Nikki suggested that she and Paul charter a boat to look for Victor, but Paul said that it would be too dangerous. Nikki called Nick to tell him that she and Paul thought they'd found Victor, but he was out on a boat. The connection went dead, and Nikki didn't hear Nick warn his mother that she and Paul were in serious danger. Nick tried to call back, to no avail. A distressed Nikki stared at the photograph of Victor.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amber told Chloe that Liam, the new guy she had been dating, was an awesome guy. When Chloe hadn't heard of him, Daniel suggested that Amber had made him up. Phyllis approached Amber and asked why Amber had been avoiding her. Phyllis said that she'd given her more than three days to move out and that her place had better be cleaned out. Amber turned over the keys.

Daniel asked Amber where she was going. Amber said that maybe her new man, Liam, would set her up with a nice place downtown. Daniel asked Phyllis if they could talk about Amber. After Daniel spoke to her, Phyllis told Amber that she'd decided to let Amber stay at her place, but she was raising the rent.

Chloe told Jack that she was marrying Cane. She said that becoming a Chancellor would give her some insight into the inner workings of Jabot. She said that if Jack needed anything, he could just ask. Jack said he just might take her up on that offer.

Sharon told Jack that Noah had returned home, but Gloria was still living in their pool house. Jack said that arrangement would not change. Sharon was furious that Jack hadn't kept his promise to kick Gloria out by the time Noah returned. She'd known that Jack wouldn't do it because of something to do with his father. In the end, Sharon decided to just drop it and let Gloria stay, rather than get all worked up about it. Jack was pleased.

Nick and Phyllis decided to turn the tables on Jack and secretly run an article airing his dirty laundry. Phyllis said she didn't care if the public found out that Jack had shafted them. She said that payback was "a bitch." Phyllis wanted to add additional dirt on Jack, but Nick said that they shouldn't push the envelope. Nick said that he was going over to the ranch to pick up some of Victor's mail.

Noah partied with some friends at the pool at the Newman ranch. When Noah's friends found some beer in a mini-fridge, they started opening the cans. Nick showed up and asked what they were doing. Nick was furious. He said that he was going to call Sharon to see how she felt about it. When Sharon heard the news, she told Phyllis she had to take off to deal with the situation.

When Sharon arrived at the ranch, Noah said that he wasn't going to drink anything. Nick yelled at Noah for being irresponsible when everyone was worried that Victor was missing. Sharon told Noah to wait in the car. She asked Nick what was going on with him. Sharon said that seeing Noah almost drink had reminded her of the situation with Cassie, but she felt that Noah was responsible enough to not let that happen.

Gloria thanked Katherine for attending Jana's bachelorette party. When Katherine asked how the wedding had gone, Gloria said it had been full of surprises. Gloria told Katherine that she and Jeffrey were going to the Cayman Islands on a late honeymoon. Gloria said that while they were away, they were going to have some work done on the pool house. Gloria mentioned that since she was a stockholder for Jabot, she didn't appreciate that Jill had hired Cane as CEO.

Katherine wondered what Gloria was up to. Gloria said that Jabot was John's legacy and that she could not just walk away. Katherine told Gloria that the measly shares that she owned were as close as she would ever get to Jabot again.

Jack went to visit Gloria to discuss working with her to get Jabot back. Jack agreed to work with her, but not without a lot of threats if any word came out that he was involved. Jack said that Katherine still owned 51 percent of Jabot, so they would have to figure out how to get some of those shares from her. Gloria went to Katherine to talk about Jabot again. Katherine said to leave her alone, or she would regret it.

Devon called Tyra to tell her that Ana was with him. When Tyra hung up, she turned to Neil and started to cry. She said that Ana knew that Tyra wasn't her mother. Tyra said that she didn't care about DNA or what anyone said; Ana was her little girl. Karen walked in and saw Tyra and Neil hugging. Tyra explained that Ana had just found out that Tyra was not her real birth mother. Tyra worried that Ana would never forgive her for keeping it a secret.

Ana told Devon that he should have told her that Tyra was not her real mother. Devon said that they'd been trying to prevent hurting her. Ana said that Yolanda was a bad person who did lots of drugs. Ana said that she didn't want to be like Devon. Ana remembered living in a terrible place with Yolanda. She said that Yolanda had hung out with a drug dealer and told Ana that if she told anyone about it, she would go to hell. Devon told Ana that even though Yolanda had given birth to her, it didn't make her a mother. He said that Tyra loved her and took care of her, so he never wanted to hear her say that Tyra was not her mother.

When Devon took Ana home, Neil and Devon said they would leave to let Tyra and Ana talk. Tyra asked Devon to stay. Tyra tried to talk to Ana, but Ana went to her room.

Karen and Neil talked about the connection with Devon and Ana. Karen said that Ana had shone a little light into the world of children. Karen said that she hadn't thought she and Neil could have handled a child before, but she had changed her mind. Neil wasn't listening to what Karen had to say; he was mainly concerned about Tyra and Ana.

Friday, August 22, 2008

At Neil's, Lily told Devon that she had hardly slept at all after learning that Tyra wasn't Ana's mother. When a moping Ana entered the living room, Lily told her that she could empathize, since she had recently learned that Neil wasn't her biological father, yet she considered him to be her father in every sense of the word. When Lily asked Ana to forgive Tyra, Ana said that she couldn't -- she didn't believe in forgiving anymore. Lily implored Ana not to shut Devon out of her life.

As Lily left for a photoshoot at Jabot, Devon told her that, while growing up, he had always wanted a little sister. Before leaving, Lily predicted that Devon and Ana would grow close. Ana asked Devon if Tyra was sending her to music school to get rid of her. Devon told her that if Ana went to the music school, it would be because of her talent, not because anyone wanted to get rid of her. He told Ana that Tyra loved her.

Later, Devon and Ana played cards, and Ana gave Devon a big hug. Tyra joined them and asked Ana if she could join in the game. Ana told Tyra that she didn't want to play with her. Tyra was shocked when Ana said that she wanted to move in with Devon.

At Restless Style, Chloe and Amber discussed the upcoming photoshoot at Jabot. Chloe received a phone call from the movers. She told Amber that she was moving in with Cane later that day. Amber overheard Daniel on the phone, inviting Colleen to join him for lunch at the Athletic Club.

Nick told Daniel that he was concerned about Noah. He told Daniel about catching Noah and his buddies about to drink beer at the Newman pool. Nick asked Daniel to do him a favor: "Scare the hell out of Noah." Nick said that a lecture about the dangers of alcohol would sound better coming from Daniel, since kids didn't like being preached to by their parents. Daniel agreed to talk to Noah.

Amber pranced around the office, talking on her cell phone to her alleged boyfriend, Liam. When Amber's phone rang, Daniel laughed, realizing that Amber hadn't been talking to anyone. It was Chloe on the phone, telling Amber to go over to Jabot right away.

Noah showed up at Restless Style and looked at some of Daniel's artwork. While they looked at the sketches, Daniel received an email informing him that his work was going to be displayed in a Tribeca gallery in a few weeks. Noah told Daniel that Daniel's life was exciting, and he complained about his own life being dull. Daniel told Noah to enjoy "being a kid" while he still could. When Daniel told Noah that "following the crowd" wasn't always the best thing to do, Noah realized that Nick had spoken to Daniel about the pool party. Noah said that Nick was just uptight about Victor's disappearance and that his father was overreacting. Daniel reminded Noah that Nick cared about him very much.

Chloe marched into the Jabot photo studio, announcing to Jill and Cane that she was taking charge of the shoot. Cane was pleasantly surprised when Chloe said that if Cane didn't want to have an engagement party, then neither did she. Jill said they had to have the party in order to avoid yet another Jabot scandal. Chloe finally agreed to the party but asked Jill for a "change of venue." Jill took offense when Chloe said that the Chancellor mansion was too "stuffy." Jill told Chloe that, whether she liked it or not, the party would be held at the Chancellor mansion.

After Chloe and Cane walked out of the studio, Brad joined Jill. Jill apologized to Brad for naming Cane, and not Brad, to the CEO position. Brad insincerely said that Jill had no need to explain. Jill was happy when Brad told her that he wasn't planning to leave Jabot. He was planning to stick around for a while. After Jill walked away, Brad said to himself, "I'm sure it'll all pay off in the end."

At Jabot, Amber told Chloe that she was going to take Liam to the Athletic Club for lunch so that she could flaunt her new relationship in front of Daniel and Colleen.

When Lily arrived at Jabot for the shoot, she ran into Cane. They engaged in some awkward small talk, but just as Lily opened up and began discussing how the situation with Ana had brought back some painful memories, Chloe interrupted their conversation. Chloe announced that she was "super-nauseous" and told Cane to take her home. Cane told Chloe to lie down on the couch in his office. Realizing that she was not going to be able to continue her conversation with Cane, Lily walked off to prepare for the shoot.

As the shoot began, Chloe told Lily to "look like a model, not like a hooker." Lily asked Chloe why she was even there, having just complained about being sick. Chloe was irritated when she caught Cane staring at Lily through the partially open studio door. As Cane walked away, he ran into Brad. Brad told Cane that Cane could depend on him for support as Cane eased into the CEO position. Cane told Brad that he appreciated the gesture, but he had no intention of playing the "inter-company alliance game." Brad looked disgusted as Cane walked off.

After the shoot ended, Jill showed Cane and Chloe the guest list for their engagement party. After Jill left, they examined the list and realized that they didn't know many of the invitees. Chloe suggested an easy fix: she and Cane could elope.

Colleen was already at the Athletic Club when Daniel and Noah arrived. Noah said he didn't want to interrupt their date, and he left to play a video game. Daniel told Colleen that he had explained to Noah that it wasn't a "date." Noah assumed it was, since they were lunching at the upscale club. When Colleen asked Daniel why he had chosen the club for lunch, he replied that he knew that Amber wouldn't be there.

Daniel told a half-interested Colleen about his upcoming New York art show. When Colleen walked off to chat with a former coworker, Noah joined Daniel. Noah told Daniel that Amber was a better fit for him than Colleen. Noah said that Colleen wasn't as excited about the art show as Amber was. Amber showed up at the club.

Colleen rejoined Daniel and Noah, and she made snide remarks about Amber's "imaginary boyfriend." When Daniel walked over to Amber's table and told her to stop lying about Liam's existence, Amber stormed out indignantly, leaving her cell phone at the table. Hearing the cell phone vibrate, Daniel opened it and was shocked to see a text message that read, "Have to flake. Dying to C U Liam."

At another table at the club, Adam complained to Heather about how miserable his life had become. He had been evicted from the Newman ranch and had little power at Newman Enterprises. Heather started discussing how much pressure she was under at the D.A.'s office but realized that Adam wasn't even listening to her. Heather told Adam it would be nice for him to show some support, but Adam said that her problems did not compare in scope to his. When Adam said that he could never allow his problems to take second place to hers, Heather angrily left.

Heather stopped by Restless Style. She told Nick that she needed to get some more information about David Chow, as she was working with the Chicago Police Department on an unsolved murder that they suspected Chow had committed. Heather started breathing heavily then passed out. Nick grabbed her and yelled for someone to dial 9-1-1.

From the emergency room, Nick called Adam to tell him that Heather was in the hospital. Adam rushed over to see her. Heather said she had fainted because she was stressed out and run down. Adam apologized for having been a "self-centered ass" at the Athletic Club. Just as Heather began inquiring about being released, the doctor came in and told her that she needed to be admitted because her blood tests showed an abnormally low red blood cell count.

In the Mexican bar, Nikki and Paul learned that the boat Victor had chartered hadn't yet returned. Paul's phone rang. It was Nick, finally able to get through after having been disconnected from Nikki earlier. Nick briefly spoke to Nikki, who told her son that Victor hadn't yet been located. Nick then spoke to Paul and warned him that he had recently learned from the FBI that the mob had taken out a hit on Walter. Nick warned Paul to be extra careful.

Later, Nick called Paul to tell him that Heather was in the hospital. Paul was stunned that his young, healthy daughter had taken ill. Paul told Nikki he needed to fly back to Genoa City immediately, and he urged Nikki to fly back with him. She refused, saying that she was going to stay there until she found Victor. Paul left.

A policeman arrived at the bar and told Nikki that he had some news -- and it wasn't good.

Nick was flying down to Mexico in a private jet. He received a call from a hysterical Nikki. She told her son that the police had found a piece of Victor's boat that had washed ashore. When Nick asked how Victor was, Nikki said that he was presumed dead.

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