The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on Y&R

Victor was pronounced dead after his fishing boat washed ashore. Nikki started drinking again. Adam inherited Newman Enterprises. Cane and Chloe eloped. Phyllis printed a nasty exposé on Jack and Sharon in Restless Style. Heather spent a night in the hospital.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, August 25, 2008

At Restless Style's headquarters, Sharon and Jack weren't pleased when they discovered that a tell-all exposé about Jack had been included in the latest issue. Jack blamed Nick. When Phyllis arrived, Jack held up an advance copy of the magazine and demanded an explanation for the article titled "Meet the Real Jack Abbott." Jack said that while it was fine for Phyllis to get back at him, she should have left Sharon alone. Phyllis reminded Jack that Sharon had stood by him when he attacked Nick's family because Jack "had saved the magazine." Sharon objected and recalled that Jack's article had been true. Phyllis said her article was also true. When Jack demanded a retraction, Phyllis explained that doing so would cost the magazine dearly. Phyllis browsed the early-release online issue and noted that feedback on the article was overwhelmingly positive because readers loved gossip, intrigue, and lies. After Phyllis left, Sharon urged Jack to stop the printing, but Jack acknowledged that the story was drawing massive attention to the Webzine, and that a re-print would cost a fortune. Sharon wasn't happy that Phyllis had referred to her as a "hair-chewing child bride." Jack suggested that Sharon write an expose about Phyllis for the next issue, but Sharon maintained that she didn't join the magazine to have her name smeared and would not play along with Phyllis' war game.

At the hospital, Paul rushed in to check on Heather. Adam was there, and he fielded phone calls from Heather's boss. Adam urged Heather to take a break from her heavy workload. Heather assured Paul that she was okay. After Adam learned that Paul had been in Mexico, he barraged Paul with questions about Victor. Paul offered brief answers and told Adam that he had been searching for Victor. Paul advised Adam not to go to Mexico because the situation was being handled. Adam left to get water for Heather. Paul looked worried when Heather explained that tests indicated that her red blood cell count was low. Heather was touched that Paul had flown back to be with her. Kay used her landline to phone Paul, while she used her cell phone to maintain an open connection to Nikki in Mexico. Paul told Kay that Nick was on his way to Mexico. Paul was stunned when Kay told him that Victor was presumed dead, and Heather overheard. Kay cried when she reported that Nikki was drinking again. Nikki was demanding attention, so Kay ended her call to Paul.

When Adam returned, Heather told him about Victor's accident. Adam was stunned to learn that Victor was dead. He cried that he had just begun his relationship with his father. Paul returned and offered condolences to Adam. Adam said he had to go and kissed Heather goodbye. After Adam left, Heather noted that although Adam had only known Victor for six months, he was hurting. Paul was prepared to take Heather home from the emergency room when the doctor returned and explained that Heather would be admitted for more tests. Heather asked what could be wrong, but the doctor advised her to take one step at a time and not jump to the worst-case scenario.

Nick was desperate to fly to Mexico to help his mother search for Victor, but the pilot flying the Newman Enterprises jet said that the plane was grounded until a dangerous storm passed. Nick went to the bus station, but the ticket agent was unsure when the next bus would depart to Bucerias. Nick promised to pay generously for anyone who could manage to get him to the seaside village, so a man loitering in the bus station offered to drive Nick. The guy puffed a cigarette as he and Nick traveled down roads rutted with washed-out gullies. Nick coughed and rolled down the window for air as he searched for a stronger cell signal.

Nick phoned Phyllis and told her the ominous news about Victor. Phyllis encouraged Nick not to give up hope. Nick also phoned Sharon and told her that he was worried about how Noah might hear about his grandfather. Sharon was visibly shaken, but she assured Nick that she would talk to Noah. Nick's driver stopped his truck when he noticed that part of the road had washed away. When the driver returned to his truck, he told Nick that the road was "no good," so they would have to drive around it. Nick rolled up the truck window and said, "Let's do it." After Nick's call, Sharon and Jack were stunned. Jack told Sharon that he wouldn't believe that Victor was dead unless he saw a corpse.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis told Neil and Karen that Victor was missing and the outcome did not look good after a boat he was on was apparently capsized by a storm. Neil was alone in Victor's office when Phyllis later phoned and announced that Victor was probably dead. Neil stood in Victor's office and admired the stately portrait of Victor. Neil held his head in his hands and fought to regain control of his emotions when Karen walked in. Karen was saddened to learn that Victor might be dead. Neil recalled that Victor had taken him under his wing just after Neil obtained his MBA. Neil said that Victor was like a father and had been his confidant time after time. Karen comforted a grief-stricken Neil.

Phyllis showed up, and Neil offered condolences. Neil noted that Michael was out of town, and Karen warned that news of Victor's supposed death would quickly make headlines. Neil worried about Victoria, who was in Dubai, but both Neil and Phyllis agreed that they would deal with Adam after they came up with a news release that comforted the family and protected the business. Karen suggested that Neil address the press and state that Victor was missing and presumed dead. Adam burst in on Neil, Karen, and Phyllis and angrily demanded to know when they had planned to tell him that Victor was dead. Neil noted that nothing had yet been confirmed. Adam asked if they were waiting for Victor's body to wash ashore. Phyllis glared at Adam and said that they were working on a plan. Adam boldly announced that Victor had left the bulk of his estate to him, so "the board of directors could go screw themselves because he was running things."

Nikki waited at the bar for more information about Victor. The bartender set a shot of vodka in front of Nikki. Nikki picked up the cup and drank the liquor down in one gulp. Afterward, Nikki winced and sighed. Outside, rain poured and lightning flashed menacingly as the bartender refilled Nikki's glass. Nikki phoned Kay, and Kay asked if there had been any word about Victor. Nikki, her tongue thickened and her senses dulled by numerous shots of booze slurred, "Word, word? Oh, there have been lots of words." After Kay demanded to know if Nikki had been drinking, Nikki answered, "Yes, I am drinking, Katherine. Victor is dead."

Nikki moved with her drink in hand to a booth as she continued to ramble on about Victor. Kay was shocked when Nikki explained that Victor's fishing boat had washed up in pieces without a trace of survivors. Kay tried to comfort Nikki as Nikki recalled a lifetime with Victor filled with fond memories. Nikki stifled tears as she recalled that Victor had initially played the part of a butler when she was a dancer at a strip club. Kay pleaded with Nikki not to take another drink. Nikki continued to remember the past and recalled that Victor had considered her to be a diamond in the rough that he turned into a lady. Kay was surprised to learn that Paul had left Nikki alone. Kay warned Nikki that alcohol would not bring Victor back and would hurt her in the long run, but Nikki said she did not care about the long run. Nikki said she only wanted to talk about the man that she loved more than life itself, and she threatened to hang up. Kay placated Nikki and urged her to continue. Nikki said that she and Victor were always right for each other, so she couldn't understand why she had not been with him when he died.

After Kay spoke briefly with Paul, Nikki became depressed when the song she and Victor had danced to at their first wedding played while couples in the bar danced. Nikki told Kay that the song would haunt her until she died. Kay managed to contact Nick via landline, and she prompted Nikki to continue on with her stories. While Nikki mumbled, Kay advised Nick to rush to Nikki's side because she'd been drinking and might harm herself. Nick insisted that Victor was just trying to show him up by surviving an accident in the Pacific Ocean after Nick survived a plane crash into Lake Michigan. Kay wished Nick well and ended her call. Nick offered to double his fee to the driver if the man drove faster. As the rain battered the man's truck, he responded, "What good is money, amigo, if I am dead?" After Kay resumed listening to Nikki, Nikki recalled how gentle and thoughtful Victor was when he applied make-up to her face just before their wedding at the hospital.

Kay prodded Nikki to continue talking and assured her that feelings about what might have happened to Victor were not facts. Nikki was in a stupor and pretended to introduce herself as she would before a meeting of fellow Alcoholics Anonymous members. Nikki, half singing, joked, "Let go; let vodka!" Nikki blamed herself for Sabrina's death and berated herself for turning against Victor and failing to show him the respect he deserved. Kay cried when Nikki said that she was responsible for everything that went wrong. Kay pleaded with Nikki to return to her hotel room and sleep, and Kay promised that Nicholas would be there when Nikki awoke. Nikki sounded completely overcome with sorrow as she told Kay that the only man she ever loved was gone forever, and that life was not worth living without him. Nikki set her phone down onto the bar, and then she got up and ambled away. Kay shouted Nikki's name repeatedly into the phone, but there was no response. Kay left a desperate message for Nikki to call, but Nikki had stumbled outside onto the patio. Lightning flashed and rain washed over Nikki's tear-stained face as she clutched her head and yelled, "Oh, Victor, what am I going to do without you? What am I going to do now?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nick finally made it to Mexico and found Nikki. She was relieved to see him. Nikki wept in Nick's arms and told him that his father was gone. She told Nick that she was disappointed in herself for falling off the wagon. Nick said that he wanted to take Nikki home. Nikki wasn't going to leave knowing that Victor's body was floating in the ocean somewhere. Nick decided to conduct his own search. When Victoria reached Nikki, Nikki told her about Victor. Victoria said that she was worried about Nikki, especially after hearing that Nikki had been drinking. Victoria begged her to come home. She asked Nikki to promise to be in Genoa City when she returned home. As Nikki was about to go, the bartender received a phone call. They had found a body. The bartender said that Nikki couldn't leave yet because she had to identify the body.

Adam told Michael that his father was dead, and he was in charge of Newman Enterprises. He said that some changes would be made. Michael said that nothing was in effect right away; Victor was not officially dead yet. Adam showed Michael the official papers sent from Mexico. Adam said that he was Michael's boss now. Michael sarcastically told Adam that he was obviously grieving over the death of his father. He said that there might be some glitches in Victor's will that he would have a hard time with. Michael said that Victor chose his executor, not Adam. When Adam said that Michael might not be paid, Michael said that some things were more important than money.

Neil went to Adam to discuss a project that Adam had approved. He told Adam that he should've discussed the project with Victoria. Adam said that obviously Neil hadn't heard the news. Adam showed Victor's death certificate to Neil. He said in light of his father's death, there would be changes at Newman. He would no longer need Neil's services at Newman; Neil was fired. Neil told Karen and Michael that Adam had fired him. Neil said that he wasn't going anywhere. Karen talked to Neil about contesting Adam's decision to fire Neil. When Adam saw that Neil was still in his office, he told him to pack up his things. Neil said that he was willing to let Adam think about that before making an unwise decision. Adam had already made up his mind. Karen told Adam that he was a sorry excuse for a man and that she was quitting immediately. Adam had Neil and Karen escorted out of the building.

Chloe and Cane went to Vegas to elope. As they waited for the judge to arrive, Chloe attempted to talk to Cane. Cane told her that all he wanted to do was to get it over and done with. Cane couldn't believe he was marrying Chloe. Chloe said it wasn't her idea of a dream wedding either. She asked Cane to pretend that he wasn't repulsed by her. Cane said that the only reason he was marrying her was because if he didn't marry her, he felt she'd take off with the baby. Chloe started crying. She told Neil that her mother had never paid any attention to her. Chloe said she was happy knowing that her baby would have two parents. When the judge showed up, Chloe got out the marriage license. Cane looked at the license and thought of Lily. He told Chloe that although he'd never wanted to marry her, he agreed that it was best for their child to have two parents.

Lily and Devon agreed that Ana needed to return to Tyra's. Devon thought that sending Ana to music school might be a good step for her. Ana overheard Devon and said that she didn't want to be sent away. Devon told Ana that she would have the choice to go or not. They talked about the benefits of going to a special music school. Ana wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. Devon said that he would continue going to school and then he and Ana could get together and make music. Ana liked Devon's proposition and agreed to go to music school.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At Cane's, a deliveryman showed up with a package. Initially, Cane thought the man was at the wrong address-but Chloe told Cane she had ordered some things for the baby. Chloe showed Cane some of the items she ordered for the baby, including a "My Daddy Rocks" t-shirt. Cane thought the stuff was tasteless. He noticed a stuffed giraffe among the packages, and wondered if Chloe was trying to replace her stuffed giraffe, Elmer-the toy that Chloe's mother had thrown away. Chloe insisted that the giraffe was for the baby, and not for her.

Cane asked Chloe to wait a while before announcing their marriage. After Cane left, Chloe talked to the baby, saying, "I wonder how long Daddy wants us to wait-ten minutes or 15 minutes?"

At the campus house, Neil, Lily, Devon, and Karen were preparing for Ana's goodbye party. When Lily and Devon left the room, Karen asked Neil if he had told the kids that Adam had fired him. Neil said that he hadn't -- the kids were already upset that Ana was leaving, and he didn't want to upset them further.

Ana and Tyra arrived for the party, and Tyra announced that she was moving to New Hampshire with Ana. When Karen heard this news, her mood brightened. Neil pulled Tyra aside and asked her why she was leaving Genoa City. Tyra told Neil that Ana had never been alone before, and reminded Neil that Ana was still in shock after learning that Yolanda was her biological mother. Neil told Tyra that she had been an incredible mother to Ana, but it was time to let Ana go. He added that Ana would be living in a dorm, and Tyra wouldn't be able to see her much during the week. Neil's arguments failed to change Tyra's mind-she insisted on moving to New Hampshire.

Cane, unaware that a party was in progress, stopped by the campus house to speak with Lily. Ana invited Cane inside. Cane was met by hostile stares from Neil and Devon. Tyra told Cane how grateful she was for his grandmother Katherine's generosity.

Cane and Lily stepped outside for some privacy-and Cane informed Lily that he had married Chloe. He told Lily that he still loved her. A stunned Lily told him to leave.

There were tears, hugs, and kisses as Ana and Tyra left for New Hampshire. After they were gone, Neil asked Lily if she wanted to talk about Cane's visit, but Lily said that she didn't want to discuss it. After Lily left, Neil told a depressed-looking Devon that Ana would still be his sister no matter where she was. Neil was thrilled when Devon told him that he wasn't dropping out of college-he was going to change his major to music.

After Devon left, Karen asked Neil if he wanted to go over to his place. Neil said that he wanted to go to Karen's place. Karen looked concerned when Neil said that, without Tyra and Ana, his apartment would seem too empty.

Lily was moping around on the Crimson Lights patio when Cane showed up. Cane begged Lily to wait for him-he reminded Lily that he was only marrying Chloe to establish a legal relationship with his child. He told Lily that he would divorce Chloe "the second that relationship was established." When Lily reminded Cane that he slept with Chloe, Cane said that he didn't remember that-and that his heart belonged to Lily.

Chloe stopped by to see if Cane had told Lily about their marriage. Lily ran inside. When Chloe said that she didn't mean to upset Lily, Cane said, "Yes, you did." Cane went running into the coffeehouse to look for Lily. Chloe followed Cane-she wanted to show him the Restless Style article about Jill.

At the Abbott mansion, a reporter was interviewing Jack about the latest issue of Restless Style, which contained a negative portrayal of Jack. Jack confirmed that there was an "internal war" going on at the magazine. He said that he wanted total control of the magazine -- and he told the reporter that he would get it. When the reporter asked Jack if either the Newmans or the Abbotts would have to leave the magazine, Jack smugly told her to buy the magazine to find out.

When the reporter told Jack that a death certificate for Victor had been issued, Jack reacted by saying that he felt sorry for Nick, but it didn't change the fact that he wanted Nick to leave Restless Style. The reporter, citing Jack's long vendetta against Victor, asked Jack what title he might give an exposé about Victor. Jack said, "The Man with a Black Hole for a Heart."

In the Mexican bar, Nick learned from Michael that Adam had declared himself "King of Newman Enterprises," and had fired Neil. Nikki commented that everything had fallen apart since Victor's disappearance. Nick told Nikki to go back to their motel, but she insisted she go to the morgue to identify the body that the police had recovered.

A policeman showed up with a picture of the person whose body had washed ashore. Nikki and Nick told the officer that they had never seen the man before-but Nikki suddenly remembered that it was Walter, David's friend. Nikki didn't reveal that she had met the man in Genoa City. The bartender told the officer that the man in the picture was on the boat with Victor. The bartender said that if that man didn't survive, it was unlikely that Mr. Newman could have.

Outside the bar, Nick and Nikki stared at the ocean. Nick said that the storm had been so bad that they might never find Victor's body. Nikki told Nick that they should go back to Genoa City.

At Restless Style, Sharon and Phyllis learned that the Mexican authorities had issued a death certificate for Victor, and that a body, possibly Victor's, had washed ashore. Noah showed up and told Sharon that he had a dream the night before-in the dream, Victor told Noah not to worry about him.

Phyllis suggested to Sharon that she tell Noah about the death certificate -- Phyllis said that Noah would find out about it on the Internet. Sharon told Noah that there was a chance that Victor had died-but not to give up hope. Sharon told her son that there were search teams doing all they could to find Victor.

Noah asked Phyllis what she thought about his grandfather's situation. Phyllis told Noah that Nick and Nikki were going to try to identify a body that had washed ashore, and that debris from the boat Victor was on had been found. Noah left, extremely upset. Sharon screamed at Phyllis for giving Noah that information-Sharon said that, as his mother, she, and not Phyllis, should be apprising Noah about the situation in Mexico.

Nick called Phyllis and let her know that the body that washed ashore wasn't Victor's. Nick told his wife that he and Nikki would be returning to Genoa City later that day. Sharon grabbed the phone from Phyllis, and Nick asked his ex how Noah was holding up. Sharon said that Noah was "hanging in there." Phyllis became extremely upset with Sharon when Sharon hung up the phone without giving Phyllis a chance to say goodbye to Nick. A defensive Sharon said that she thought Phyllis had finished her conversation. Jack overheard Phyllis telling Sharon that Nick wasn't Sharon's concern any more -- she told Sharon to stop obsessing about Nick.

Sharon told Jack how sad she was about Victor. Jack said that he felt sorry for Nick. He reminded Sharon that he had been Nick's stepfather during Nick's "formative years." Jack said that he had "adored" Nick-but that adoration had come to a screeching halt when Nick and Phyllis published the article about Jack.

Noah overheard Jack telling Sharon that he had told a reporter that Nick wasn't fit to run Restless Style. An upset Noah confronted Jack about "trashing" Nick. Noah said that he thought Jack was Nick's friend. After Noah ran off, Sharon lectured Jack, "Noah's grandfather just died, and you're being disrespectful to Noah's father."

Jack admitted to Sharon that he had been acting like a jerk. He found Noah and apologized for speaking badly about Nick. When Noah asked Jack if he had hated Victor, Jack said that he had respected Victor as a businessman. Jack told Noah that Victor had loved Noah very much. Noah accepted Jack's apology.

Nick and Nikki were on the plane in Mexico, waiting to take off. Nick fell asleep, and Nikki wrote a note. When the pilot came into the cabin to tell Nikki that they were about to take off, she gave the note to the pilot, instructing him to give it to Nick when they reached Genoa City. Nikki then told the pilot that she was staying in Mexico, and got off the plane.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adam told Brad that Victor had left him in charge of Newman, and that things were going to change. He decided to offer Brad the CEO position of Newman Enterprises. Brad gladly accepted his offer. Adam said that he felt that he and Brad had a lot in common. Brad said he'd hoped that was a compliment.

Sharon was upset with Jack for saying terrible things about Victor during his interview. Jack said he was trying to stick up for them. Sharon wondered what was going on with Jack. She said that they'd ruined their relationships with their partners at Restless Style. She wondered when it was going to end. Jack said that it wouldn't. Jack's next plan was to do a story on Victor. Sharon said that she knew doing a story on Victor would be profitable, but, because of Noah, she didn't want to do it. Jack said that Noah would understand. Sharon told Jack he would end up sensationalizing the story and hurting everyone else in the process. She said that writing the story about Victor would be wrong.

Nick told Phyllis that Nikki had escaped out of the plane and was in Mexico all alone. Victoria hugged Nick and told him that she didn't believe Victor was gone. When she asked where Nikki was, Nick told her that she had ditched him in Mexico. Paul suggested that he go to Mexico. Nick and Victoria worried about Nikki. Victoria said that Paul had 48 hours, after that, they would take the jet and go after her themselves. J.T. saw Victoria and Nick and told them about Jack's interview. He told them that Jack had said Victor had a black hole for a heart.

Sharon went to Nick and told him she was concerned about him. Nick said he knew she was afraid after what happened with Cassie, but he would be okay. When Sharon hugged him, Phyllis walked by and stared at them.

Victoria went to Adam and asked him what he'd been doing. Adam said since he was in charge, she was terminated. Victoria said that he would destroy Victor's legacy. When Adam told her that he'd hired Brad as CEO, she was furious. Victoria told J.T. that Adam had fired her and hired Brad as CEO. J.T. suggested that he resign. Victoria said that he needed to stay on to keep an eye on things for her. She would not let him take the company down. She told J.T. she was more worried about Nikki. She hadn't answered her phone, and thought that maybe something had happened to her.

Paul told Heather that he was leaving for Mexico to find Nikki. Heather thanked him for returning to make sure she was okay. She said that Nikki needed him; he should go to her. Paul told Heather that it was none of his business, but he felt that Heather should take a step back from Adam for a while. Heather said that Paul didn't know Adam. She said they had a lot of things in common. Paul said that he didn't trust Adam. He respected Victor, but from what he'd seen Victor do to Nikki, he didn't trust the man's son, either. Paul got ready to board the plane and tried to call Nikki. Nikki didn't answer the phone. She told the bartender that she needed to know what happened to Victor. She tried to give him money. The bartender told her that he was sorry for her loss, but she needed to go home. Nikki said that until he could prove to her that Victor was dead, she couldn't go home.

Heather went to see Adam at Newman. Adam told her to pack her bags, because they were moving to the ranch. Heather worried about moving too fast. Adam said that ever since they first met, they had a connection. Heather said that there was something sexy about a man who wanted to rule the world. Adam said that every king needed a queen.

Chloe told Jill that she needed to read the latest issue of Restless Style. Cane interrupted her and told Jill that he and Chloe had eloped. Jill was upset that she hadn't been invited. Chloe said she was sorry that they ruined their engagement party. Jill said they would have a wedding reception instead. Cane was the new CEO of Jabot and he had to prove that his life was stable. Jill said that the party was on.

When Jill read Restless Style, she was furious. Katherine said the story would spell legal trouble for Jabot. Jill knew that Brad was responsible for leaking the story. When Jill was about to run off to find Brad, Katherine screamed, "Don't you dare run out on me!" Katherine told Jill that she didn't trust her anymore. When Jill found Brad, she told him that she was going to sue him for spilling the article on her to Restless Style. Brad said that he wasn't worried about a little lawsuit. He was the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jill went to Jack and told him that she knew who had spread all that garbage about her. She said that he was bitter because he'd never be able to work at Jabot again. Nick went up to Jack and said, "I told you so." Nick said that he was tired of putting up with Jack's antics; it was time that he did something about it.

Cane was upset that Chloe hadn't told him about the article in Restless Style. Chloe said she hadn't had the chance. They continued bickering about little things. Cane insisted that Chloe eat to stay healthy for the baby. Cane said that they should try to treat each other well for the sake of the baby.

Friday, August 29, 2008

At the Ashbys', Chloe told Cane that she wasn't feeling well -- she thought she might have the stomach flu, or a 24-hour virus. Cane offered to take Chloe to the emergency room. Chloe refused. Concerned about their baby's well-being, Cane called Chloe's doctor, who told Cane to bring Chloe in right away.

As Chloe prepared to go to the doctor's office, Cane found an empty potato chip bag under the sofa. Cane accused Chloe of feigning illness as an excuse not to attend their wedding party at the Chancellor mansion. Cane firmly told Chloe that she was Mrs. Cane Ashby, and that she had better act like it. He told Chloe that if the doctor said she was okay, they were going to the party. Cane wondered why Chloe was so reluctant to attend the party.

At Jabot, Jill was on the phone with a reporter, telling him that she couldn't comment on the Restless Style profile about her, as she was considering a libel suit against the magazine. Overhearing the conversation, Katherine told Jill that in order to win a libel suit, Jill would need to prove that the magazine's claims were false. When Katherine brought up the possibility of an SEC investigation of Jabot, an angry Jill told Katherine that she wanted to change the subject. Jill discussed the wedding party, telling Katherine that she was throwing it to bolster Cane's image. Jill was concerned that Chloe might ruin the party.

Jill and Katherine arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Jill yelled at Esther for not having the decorations ready. Esther assured Jill that everything would be ready on time. Esther wished that the party was for Cane and Lily, and said that she wasn't sure if she could welcome Chloe into the family. Katherine told Esther that she felt the same way.

Esther answered the phone. It was a reporter wanting to talk to Jill. Jill refused to take the call. The reporter asked Esther if she wanted to make some extra cash to reveal the "Chancellors' secrets." Before Esther had a chance to reply, Jill ordered her to hang up.

Katherine and Jill renewed their argument about David Chow. Jill reminded Katherine that Nikki must have confided in Katherine about David's gambling problem, and that Katherine should have informed Jill. Katherine said that her obligation was to protect Nikki. Jill told Katherine that she couldn't trust her.

Jill told Esther that she had invited a reporter, who was going to do a "puff piece" on the Ashby marriage. She instructed Esther that she was to be nice to Chloe, whom Esther was going to meet for the first time.

At the Chancellor front door, Cane told Chloe that since the doctor had given her a clean bill of health, he expected her to be on her best behavior. Chloe and Cane entered the mansion and were greeted by Jill and Katherine. Esther brought in some drinks for the group. After looking at Chloe, Esther dropped the tray of drinks, realizing that Chloe was actually her daughter, Kate!

Victoria and J.T. were in Victor's office, packing up Victoria's personal belongings. Victoria lamented the fact that she was no longer running Newman Enterprises. J.T. told Victoria how sorry he was that Adam, and not Victoria, was running the company. Victoria said that she ran the company better than Adam ever could.

Victoria told J.T. that Victor's birth name was Christian Miller, but when Victor ran away from the orphanage, he changed it to Victor Newman -- "Victor" meant he would always be a winner, "Newman" meant that he would be a "new man," cutting all ties to the past. Nick and Phyllis joined the Hellstroms. J.T. reported that Paul had no updates on Nikki's whereabouts. Realizing that it might be the last time they were in Victor's office, Nick and Victoria reminisced about the good, and bad, times they had there. Victoria told the group that Adam had tapped Brad to be CEO. Phyllis said that she couldn't decide who was slimier -- Adam or Brad.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack spoke to Ashley on the phone. He told his sister that he would represent Abby at the reading of Victor's will. After he hung up, Jack told Sharon that Abby was deeply distressed about Victor's death. Sharon said that she would call Abby later. She also volunteered to represent Abby at the reading of the will, as she had to be at the reading to represent Noah. Jack told her that Ashley had specifically requested that he represent Abby. Sharon expressed concern about Jack and Nick being together at the ranch. Sharon begged Jack not to provoke Nick. Jack accused Sharon of taking Nick's side in the Nick-Jack feud. Sharon said that she simply wanted what was best for everyone on a difficult day.

At Crimson Lights, a preoccupied Michael told Lauren that he should have gone to Mexico to help with the search for Nikki, but, as executor of Victor's estate, he needed to be present in Genoa City for the reading of the will. When Lauren said that it was going to be a rough day for everyone, Michael, referring to Adam, said, "Almost everyone."

Jana and Kevin, back from their honeymoon, joined the Baldwins. When Kevin invited Michael to lunch, Michael turned down the offer. Michael told Kevin and Jana that, while they were on their honeymoon, Victor had been declared dead. Michael told his brother that he needed to go to the Newman ranch for the reading of Victor's will. Jana and Kevin were shocked to learn of Victor's death. Jana blamed Victor's death, as well as Amber and Daniel's breakup, on the Ouija board.

After Michael left, Lauren told Kevin that Michael was very sad, as Victor had been a father figure in his life. Kevin asked how Michael was dealing with having found his father, River. Lauren said that Michael was acting like he couldn't care less. Lauren decided to call the ashram and speak to River, but when she called, she learned that River had left the day after Jana and Kevin's wedding.

Kevin checked the FBI website to see if he could find any information on River's whereabouts. Lauren said that she would have Paul try to locate River. When Kevin joked that perhaps the Ouija board could help locate River, Jana said the Ouija board was evil. She wanted to burn it.

Kevin closed the Crimson Lights patio. Jana said an incantation. Kevin placed the Ouija board in a trash barrel, doused it in lighter fluid, threw a lighted match in, and watched as the board burned.

At the Newman ranch, Adam told a thrilled Heather that he was having a six-course dinner flown in from her favorite restaurant in Brussels. When Heather said that was extravagant, Adam told her to get used to extravagance.

Phyllis and Nick arrived at the ranch for the reading of Victor's will. Phyllis wondered why Heather was there, and the Newmans were shocked to learn that Heather had moved in with Adam. Victoria and J.T. arrived at the ranch and were also surprised to see that Heather had taken up residence there. Nick told Victoria that it might be the last time they would ever be in the house. He also told Phyllis that if Adam inherited the ranch, he would probably evict Nick and Phyllis from the tack house.

Jack and Sharon arrived. Jack and Nick began exchanging bitter words, but Phyllis and Sharon separated them, telling them that it was neither the time nor the place for arguments.

Michael read the will. Victor left one quarter of his estate to Abby and his grandchildren. He bequeathed his rare book collection to Ashley. Nick inherited the Restless Style building, free and clear of any liens. Victoria got Victor's art collection and control of the Newman Art Foundation. Adam received the bulk of Victor's estate, as well as Newman Enterprises.

Michael had three letters that Victor had written -- one for each of his children. He gave Victoria, Nick, and Adam their letters, and told them Victor had stipulated that the letters be read in private. The three Newman children wondered what the letters contained.

Adam told Victoria and Nick that they could take anything they deemed to be of sentimental value from the house. Victoria sarcastically thanked him. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, Nick said that inheriting the Restless Style building showed that Victor thought that Nick was on the right path. Victoria said that art was her passion, and that she was thrilled that Victor had left her his collection. Victoria told Adam that all he had inherited was money. When Victoria said that she hoped the money made Adam happy, he said that it did.

An exhausted Nikki was walking along the beach in Mexico, screaming Victor's name. She fell in the sand, and, as she began to get up, she saw someone approaching. She looked up at the person's face -- it was Victor.

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