The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 1, 2008 on Y&R

Esther recognized Chloe as her daughter, Kate. Nikki discovered that Victor was alive, but she feared that Victor had killed Walter. Victor fired Adam and kicked him out of the Newman ranch. Jack planned to write an exposť on Victor, Adam, and Newman Enterprises.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 1, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Due to the Labor Day holiday and CBS Sports coverage of US Open tennis, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. There were no new original episodes of As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jill, Kay, and Cane tried to explain to Esther that Chloe wasn't her daughter, Kate, but Chloe finally confessed that it was true. Chloe spun her story to everyone but Jill remained skeptical. Kay continued to take in the turn of events. Jill advised Cane to divorce Chloe. Chloe tried to get a read on where Kay stood with her story, but Kay didn't take a side either way. Cane asserted to Jill that he wasn't leaving Chloe, or giving her a chance to take off with his child. Jill was tormented when Esther reminded her that they were going to share a grandchild. Cane finally lashed out at Chloe.

J.T. pushed Victoria to read the letter Victor left her, while Nick and Adam read their own letters. Meanwhile, on a Mexican beach, Nikki was overcome when she realized that Victor was alive and standing before her. Victor led a dazed Nikki to a fishing shack on the beach. Nikki was left all alone. Nikki exploded at Victor after he revealed to her that he wanted to remain dead to the outside world. As Victor continued to struggle internally, Nikki begged him to come home with her.

Later, Nikki and Victor admitted their love for one another as they continued to rip each other apart with their pain. Victor insisted to Nikki that their love destroyed them and it needed to end, but Nikki continued to fight him and his pain. Adam was stung by Victor's letter and discarded it without finishing it. Adam reacted violently when Heather tried to read the letter. Heather read Adam's letter in which Victor asked Adam to reach out to Nick and Victoria.

Victor's final goodbye to Victoria touched her deeply as she read. Nick was interrupted by Sharon and Noah's arrival as he read. Noah asked Nick if he could attend public school. Later, Nick and Sharon agreed to give Noah a chance at public school. Victor left him.

Meanwhile, Victoria continued to read her letter in which Victor said that she was the very best parts of him and the very soul of Newman. In his letter, Victor wrote to Nick that he was the best father he had ever known. Meanwhile, Victor walked out on Nikki. As she raced out on the beach after him, she twisted her ankle and cried out, but Victor didn't turn back to help.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At Restless Style, Noah told Daniel that he thought Restless Amber was "hot." Amber came into the office and wished Noah a good morning, but pointedly ignored Daniel. Noah and Daniel joked about Amber giving Daniel the cold shoulder.

Daniel returned Amber's missing cell phone to her. Amber deduced that Daniel must be jealous that she was dating someone else, since he was "spying" on her. Daniel laughed and told Amber that he was sure that Liam, Amber's supposed boyfriend, was a figment of Amber's imagination.

Later, Amber spoke to Liam on the phone, making sure she was talking loudly enough for everyone, especially Daniel, to overhear. A skeptical Daniel rolled his eyes. When Amber was off the phone, Daniel said that he didn't care if Amber hooked up with Liam. Amber wondered why Daniel would care, since he thought Liam didn't exist. Daniel challenged Amber to prove Liam's existence by having Liam accompany Amber to Daniel's New York art showing. Amber said that they would be there.

At Newman Enterprises, Brad and Adam discussed restructuring the Newman board of directors. Adam said that Brad would be reinstated to the board, and that Neil, who had been fired, could no longer serve on the board. Adam assured Brad that he would rid the board of Victoria and Nick, saying that his sister and brother had a free ride long enough.

A reporter interviewed Adam about the personnel changes at Newman. When the reporter asked about firing Neil and Victoria, Adam said that he didn't want to discuss the past-he wanted to focus on the future. Adam said that he would be introducing new products to the Newman cosmetics line. Adam told the reporter that he was no longer Adam Wilson-his name was Victor Adam Newman.

Jack stopped by Adam's office. When Adam asked Jack about his contentious relationship with Victor, Jack said that Victor had been a great sparring partner. Hoping that it wasn't going to be a "like father, like son" situation, Jack asked Adam to consider once again placing Newman ads in Restless Style. At first, Adam dismissed the idea, but Jack offered him low rates, along with prime ad placement. Adam changed his mind, and agreed to start once again placing Newman ads in the magazine. Jack asked Adam how it felt to inherit the "Newman mantle." Adam said it wasn't his choice-but it was his "destiny." Jack suggested that Restless Style do a profile of Adam. Adam said that he would like to go "on the record," and share his vision of bringing Newman Enterprises into the 21st century. Agreeing to the article, Adam said, "I am the future of Newman Enterprises."

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Nick she was worried that they hadn't heard from Nikki in several days. Nick tried to reassure Victoria that Paul would find their mother. Victoria and Nick discussed the letters that Victor had left for them to read upon his death. They learned that, in each of their letters, Victor had apologized for the way he had been treating them. Nick wondered why Victor couldn't have apologized when he was alive. They agreed that Nikki would be happy about the letters, as they indicated that Victor had loved Victoria and Nick.

Noah and Sharon joined Nick at Crimson Lights. They discussed the possibility of Noah leaving the private Walnut Grove Academy and enrolling at the public Genoa City High School. Nick and Sharon had some concerns-they worried that Noah's chances of getting into a good college might be lessened if he attended public school. The Newmans were also concerned that Noah might be exposed to drugs. After Sharon left to take a phone call, Noah told his father that his mother treated him like a child. Noah said that he didn't want to go to school with a bunch of rich kids who got expensive cars when they turned 16-he didn't want to become a "trust fund kid." After Sharon returned to the table, Noah told his parents that, at Genoa City High, he would be taking advanced placement classes. Nick and Sharon agreed to let Noah go to Genoa City High, as long as his grades didn't fall below a B+.

At the bar in Mexico, Paul showed his search team pictures of Victor and Nikki. Before sending them out to search, Paul reminded them that a substantial reward would be paid out if they found either Nikki or Victor.

Nikki was asleep in what had been Victor's hut. She was awakened by the bartender's daughter, who had brought food for Victor. Nikki told the girl that Victor was gone and was never coming back. The little girl asked Nikki if she was the lady who used to "wear the earring." Realizing that the girl was referring to Sabrina, Nikki said that she wasn't. Nikki told the girl that she and Victor had loved each other a long time ago-but not anymore. As Nikki began to leave, the girl asked her what to tell Victor if he returned. Nikki replied, "Tell him I've gone home."

Nikki went to the bar, where she ran into Paul. Paul told Nikki how worried Nick and Victoria had been about her. Nikki told Paul that Victor was still alive. She told Paul that Victor was fine physically, but that he seemed to have "given up" emotionally. When Nikki told Paul that Victor was never returning to Genoa City, Paul said that given some time, Victor would return. Nikki disagreed, saying that she had never seen Victor in such bad shape.

Nikki called Victoria, who was with Nick, Sharon, and Noah at Crimson Lights. Victoria put Nikki on speakerphone. All of them were stunned to hear that Victor was still alive. When Nick asked when Nikki and Victor were returning home, Nikki told them that Victor didn't want to return to Genoa City, or have anything to do with his family. Nick and Victoria were naturally upset, but Sharon reminded them that at least Victor was still alive. Nick said that the fact that Victor was alive "changes everything."

In Mexico, Nikki told Paul that she wanted to go home. Weeping, she told Paul that Victor had looked at her as if she were dead to him-and that it appeared as if Victor was through with everybody. Nikki began sobbing uncontrollably as Paul tried to console her.

At Restless Style, Jack was writing the profile on Adam-and commenting to himself about how arrogant Adam was. When Nick stopped by, Jack told him that he was working on an article about Adam-the Newman heir. Nick said that the article probably would have sold a lot of copies of the magazine-but it was a moot point, since Victor was still alive. Jack was shocked. Nick demanded that Jack stop writing the article and not post it on the Restless Style website. Jack said that the only way he would stop the article was if Victor personally called Jack.

Victoria went to Newman Enterprises to find Adam. She ran into Brad, who told Victoria that he and Adam were going to be shaking things up at Newman. Victoria said, "Not that it matters, but there's going to be a paradigm shift." Before she walked away, Victoria told a confused Brad that she had news about Victor.

Heather and Adam met each other at the Newman ranch. Adam told Heather that Restless Style was doing an article about him. Telling Heather how special she was, Adam began unbuttoning her blouse.

Later, Heather was whispering Adam's name into his ear as they made passionate love on the living room sofa. Both of them were oblivious to the fact that, standing just a few feet away, Victor was staring at them!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Victoria was thrilled when Victor walked into the coffeehouse. She ran to him and apologized for turning her back on Sabrina. Victor said everything would be okay again. Nick walked in and hugged his father. Nick had thought he'd never see Victor again. Victor said that this would all be a new beginning. Nick interrupted Victoria's thoughts by asking her if she'd like a latte. It had all been a daydream. Nick asked her what she'd been thinking of. Victoria said she'd been hoping her father would come home. Victoria couldn't stand the thought that Reed would never know his grandfather. Nick received a call on his cell phone. He told Victoria that she wouldn't have to worry, Victor was back in town.

Victor stood by his couch and watched Adam kissing Heather. Adam jumped up off the couch when he saw his father standing there. Victor gave him a cold stare and walked away. Heather told Adam she would rent a room at the Athletic Club. Since Victor was back, she knew she wasn't welcome at the ranch.

Victor asked Stella what had happened to Zapato. She told Victor that Adam had put Zapato in a kennel. Victor asked that his dog be rescued from the kennel right away.

Michael received a phone call summoning him to come to the ranch immediately. When the housekeeper told Michael how wonderful it was the Mr. Newman wanted to speak to him, Michael didn't realize she was talking about Victor. Michael asked Adam what he wanted. Adam was upset that Victor had contacted his lawyer, but would not speak to him. When Michael realized that Victor was alive, he jumped for joy. Victor was completely serious and only wanted to discuss business. When Victor found out that Adam had fired Neil immediately after he was put in charge, Victor was less than pleased. When Michael went into the details of Adam's actions after Adam had learned of Victor's death, Victor told Michael what he wanted to do.

Devon and Lily went over to Neil's to find a bracelet that Ana had left behind. They were planning to mail it to her. When they saw that Neil was home during the day, they wondered why Neil wasn't at work. They were shocked to find out that Adam had fired Neil from Newman. Neil received a telephone call from Michael, telling him to come to the ranch right away. Victor was alive.

Nick and Victoria went to the ranch to see their father. Michael said that Victor did not want to see them at that time. They were furious that they were not allowed to see their own father. When Neil showed up to see Victor, Adam wondered why Neil had been brought to the ranch. Michael said he'd know soon enough. Victor said that Neil would be reinstated as head of the company. Adam had made a huge mistake and Victor would make sure he paid for it. Neil returned home and told Devon that his position at Newman had been reinstated. Devon told Neil that he'd quit his job to focus on his music. Neil decided to let Devon make his own choices.

Victor asked that Adam come in to his office. Adam said that he was thrilled to know that Victor was okay. Adam said that he'd done the best he could under the circumstances. Victor wondered why Adam would think he should fire Neil Winters. Adam said that he did what he thought his father would have wanted. Victor said that Adam must not have learned anything at all. Neil would be reinstated-and Adam was fired. Victor told Adam he would not live at the ranch any longer.

Nick and Victoria couldn't stand it any longer. They demanded that Michael let them see their father. Michael said to be patient. Victor was about to right the wrongs that had been committed. When Adam walked out of Victor's office, he didn't say a word. It was Victoria and Nick's turn to see Victor. They ran in to see their father.

Jill couldn't believe Katherine wasn't upset that Chloe was Esther's daughter. Esther and Jill began arguing. Katherine said that whatever the case might be, it was really up to Cane and Chloe. Jill told Esther that she would not let the daughter of a ditzy maid get her hooks into Jill's son. Katherine told Jill that the situation with Chloe sounded a lot like something Jill would have done not so long before. Chloe stopped by and said that since Cane was being mean to her, she would be staying at the Chancellor estate from that point on.

Katherine told Esther that she and Chloe needed to have a heart-to-heart chat. When Esther called Chloe to talk, Chloe didn't want to do it, but Esther insisted. Esther met Chloe at the coffeehouse and asked why Chloe hadn't been in her life. Chloe said that Esther should be happy, Chloe was a Chancellor, and Esther would never have to be a maid again. Esther said that she liked taking care of Katherine. Chloe said that Esther's life was pathetic.

Jill met with Cane to discuss getting an annulment. Cane said that he couldn't do anything or Chloe would try to take the baby away from him. Jill insisted that they could present Chloe with an offer she couldn't refuse. Cane told her that he needed to take care of Chloe himself.

Chloe asked Cane how long he planned to ignore her. Chloe gave Cane papers regarding her rights. Cane said that Chloe had lied to him, so everything had changed. Chloe said that he married her because he was the father of her baby, and that hadn't changed. If Cane continued mistreating her, he wouldn't like what she was capable of.

Lily was shocked to hear that Chloe was Esther's daughter. Lily said that it proved what a liar Chloe was. Lily told Cane that no matter how terrible things were with Chloe, he would be an amazing father. Cane said that it should have been their baby. Cane tried to hold Lily, but Lily pulled away. He thanked her for coming and talking to him. They looked into each other's eyes and kissed passionately. Lily ran off.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of US Open tennis, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. There were no new original episodes of As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Monday, September 8th.

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