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Daniel was shocked to see Amber show up at his art show with Billy Abbott. Nick and Phyllis hired Nikki as their interim editor-in-chief. Jack and Adam planned a trip Mexico to find out the real reason Victor had gone there.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 15, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Nighttime lights set a romantic mood at the Athletic Club's basketball court as Amber and Daniel attempted to reconcile, but Amber received a phone call she claimed was from Liam. After the call ended, Daniel checked Amber's call log and noted that Amber's caller had used a Genoa City mobile number even though Amber claimed that her mysterious friend had phoned from London. Amber offered to discourage Liam from contacting her, but, exasperated, Daniel told Amber not to bother because he had given up believing that she would stop playing games. After Daniel stormed off, Amber sobbed.

Daniel retreated to his loft and enjoyed a beer while he listened to the "Loveline" radio show. A repeat guest caller, who referred to herself as Marina, told the show's hosts that she and her boyfriend, Herve, continued to have problems and even though she had been told to forget about Herve, she just couldn't. Marina begged for advice to help her get Herve back. As Amber, who used the name "Marina," filled in the details about her falling out at an ashram with boyfriend "Herve," the name she substituted for Daniel, Jana and Colleen listened at the coffeehouse. Colleen was stunned to hear Amber's voice claim that she had slept with a guy she met at a club only because her ex-boyfriend had slept with a slut. The radio hosts again advised Amber to break if off with Herve, but again, Amber pleaded for help and claimed that she and Herve were meant for each other. Radio announcer Dr. Drew remarked that Marina claimed she was such a great catch, but admitted that she had slept with three other guys.

Colleen poked fun as Amber's pathetic pleas were broadcast for all to hear. Jana maintained that Daniel and Amber were soul mates, and that Daniel was never going to forget Amber. Colleen rolled her eyes, and then she announced that her shift was over as she walked out. Daniel listened as Amber pledged her love for him on the radio. Amber begged her lost love to call in, but as time passed, Dr. Drew announced that the show would have to move on. Daniel picked up his phone and was about to dial in when he heard a knock at his door. Daniel put the phone down, turned off his radio, and then he opened the door. Colleen waltzed in with a sultry grin on her face, and then she slid out of her dress and kicked it away with the toe of her stiletto.

At the Chancellor mansion, Lily and Cane arrived to clear up the misunderstanding between Chloe and Cane. Lily and Cane were surprised to see Chloe snuggled cozily on the sofa next to a leather-clad, tattooed man who introduced himself as Rocco. Kay and Jill had already been introduced to Rocco and, unimpressed, they asked him to leave. Rocco ordered "Granny," who had bags of cash, to buy Chloe her own place. Cane warned Rocco not to speak to Kay like that again. Cane threatened to "rip the crap out of Rocco's face." Chloe claimed that she could not live in Cane's house because he set unreasonable rules. Cane alleged that Chloe was an unreasonable person. Kay stepped in and ordered Cane and Chloe to make up their minds about the marriage or end it at once.

Jill insisted that Chloe caused Cane problems because she could not be trusted and resented Cane's friendship with Lily. Chloe argued that she was humiliated after she witnessed Cane and Lily's public displays of affection. Cane told Chloe that she knew his feelings for Lily hadn't changed, and he denied that he and Lily had slept together during the time he had been married to Chloe. Chloe claimed that Cane would run back to Lily after the baby was born, so her baby would have no place in Cane's life after he and Lily eventually started a family. Lily told Chloe that her dishonesty was a threat and a danger to Cane and to their baby, and that Chloe and Cane's baby deserved better than to have Chloe as a mother. Rocco, with a silver hoop dangling from his right nostril, chastised Lily for making Chloe cry, and he remarked, "That is so not cool."

Chloe denied being a danger to her baby, but Lily reminded Chloe that she often referred to the baby as a little zygote and a blob. Chloe insisted that she would form a close bond with her baby because she never had a mother to turn to when she needed love and attention. Jill and Kay rolled their eyes when Chloe continued that she was moved when she felt the baby flutter. Lily advised Chloe not to provoke Cane to anger if she wished for them to raise the baby together as a couple. Chloe admitted that she had screwed up a lot, but she tearfully proclaimed her love for her unborn child and pledged to do everything she could to give her baby a good life.

Rocco handed Chloe some tissue to dry her crocodile tears. Kay told Chloe that she was relieved to hear Chloe say she loved the baby. Chloe piled lies higher and deeper when she claimed she wanted to be a doting mother. Kay declared that Cane had made an impulsive choice to marry Chloe, so he would have to choose whether he wished to make a clean break and end his relationship with Lily in order to stand by Chloe and the baby.

After Chloe and Rocco stepped outside, Rocco told Chloe to call if she needed him. After Rocco left, Chloe lovingly rubbed her swollen belly. Inside, Cane and Lily were alone in the sitting room. Cane told Lily that he would never love Chloe and berated himself for getting drunk the night Chloe claimed he slept with her. Lily told Cane that she believed that Chloe had been honest when she described her feelings for her baby. Lily worried that her presence provoked Chloe. Lily claimed that she had become the problem, so she and Cane would have to break off their relationship completely. Lily kissed Cane goodbye and walked out. Chloe was still on the porch. Lily apologized to Chloe for the hurtful things she had said about her, and then Lily went to the coffeehouse. Before stepping inside, Lily phoned Colleen and told her she wanted to go away to New York with her. Instead of going inside, a dejected Lily slumped against the wall outside the coffeehouse.

Before climbing into bed, Chloe suggested that Cane accompany her to the doctor's office to see an ultrasound image of the baby, which Chloe said might tug at Cane's heartstrings. Cane seemed detached as he pined for Lily. Before Chloe walked away, Cane agreed to accompany Chloe when she went for her ultrasound exam.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Nick left another message and begged Victor to return his call. Nick wanted to share his thoughts and feelings, so he wrote a letter to Victor and thanked him for putting faith into his abilities to either sink or swim on his own. Nick apologized for the article about Sabrina and explained that he had not known that Jack had changed the article. At the Abbott estate, Sharon also penned a letter, but her note was for Nick, and it explained her role in convincing Victor to help him, since Victor's generosity allowed Nick to buy Jack out of the magazine. Sharon recalled the day Noah figured out that his mother had helped his father by means of a mercy appeal to Victor.

Sharon and Noah stopped by the magazine headquarters, and Noah went to work on a project as part of his internship. Nick typed away, and Sharon leaned over his shoulder to take a peek. When Nick explained that he was writing a follow-up piece about Sabrina to contradict Jack's unkind story, Sharon suggested that Nick's plan might not be a good idea. Nick stopped typing and turned to face Sharon. Sharon was taken aback when Nick told her that she and Jack were no longer part of the magazine and should butt out. Sharon listened as Nick negotiated a call from a wary advertiser. Sharon again warned Nick not to publish a retraction to Jack's story, which might cause advertisers to pull their support.

Nick added that the Sharon he once knew had always been sensitive and sympathetic and had truly cared about people. Sharon looked hurt when Nick claimed that she had stood by Jack all the way, even when Jack's actions were unethical and unforgivable. Noah stepped in to defend his mother when Nick observed that Sharon had seemed to change into a different person he no longer knew. Before Sharon left, Nick offered an apology and cited his demanding workload as a source of unrelenting stress.

After Sharon left, Noah told his dad that Sharon had spoken to Victor about giving him back his job at Newman Enterprises. Noah explained that instead, Victor had arranged the letter of credit. Sharon looked hurt as she rode the elevator down to street level. Sharon fished the note she had written for Nick out of her purse, and after she returned home, she was about to destroy the letter when Nick brought Noah home. Sharon quickly hid the letter behind a pillow on the sofa. Again, Nick apologized to Sharon, and then he left. Noah suggested he and his mother get ice cream, so Sharon walked away and forgot about Nick's letter she'd stashed behind the cushion.

At Michael's condo, River stood at the door and begged Michael to let him in. River apologized for coming so late. Michael told his dad that Lauren and Fen had gone to visit Lauren's mother. River told Michael that they had not accidentally crossed paths at the ashram. Michael became frustrated and told his dad that he had no desire to play catch-up. Michael assured River that he had not contacted the police and ordered his father to leave. Michael's secretary phoned and told Michael that she was ill and could not make it to work. After the secretary hung up, Michael continued talking and pretended he was speaking to a client who needed immediate assistance. Michael left, but River refused to leave until he was able to tell Michael what he had come to say.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria and Jeffrey ran into each other after each claimed to have appointments elsewhere. Gloria busted Jeffrey for seeing Jack behind her back and warned him that she would not allow Jeffrey to put himself in place as CEO at Jabot. Jeffrey reminded Gloria that without him, she had no chance of getting Jabot back at all. Kevin and Jana observed Gloria and Jeffrey's impromptu give-and-take business argument, and Kevin noted that his mother and stepfather were up to something again.

Gloria was angry at Jeffrey, so she went to Michael's and was surprised to find River there listening to a psychedelic rock song. Gloria told River that she thought he had bailed on them again. River called Gloria's attention to the song playing and asked her if she remembered Golden Gate Park in 1967, and the mangy stray mutt Gloria fed, befriended, and named Gandolf. River reminded Gloria that she was always putting others first and taking care of them. Gloria claimed that she was no longer that person after River left her and Michael to fend for themselves, but River said he knew that Gloria's heart had not changed at all.

River told Gloria that he felt compelled to come and talk to Michael to explain the past. Gloria told River that when Michael was a boy, he always wondered why his daddy had not loved him. Gloria thought that as an adult, Michael probably no longer gave a damn about his absent father. River pleaded with Gloria to appeal to Michael on his behalf. Gloria explained that Michael was very stubborn. River said he could not leave until things were settled with Michael and with Gloria. River told Gloria that he sometimes wondered what their lives could have been like if he hadn't had to remain on the run. Gloria recalled that River had always told her that she was beautiful, smart, and loved, and she gave River credit because he never made her feel less than the best, so that counted for something.

Gloria and River settled back and relaxed after they downed a bottle of wine. River reminisced about attending a Jefferson Airplane concert with Gloria. With Gloria's inhibitions loosened, she gyrated her hips and waved her arms over her head as she recalled the concert's mesmerizing melodies. Michael tiptoed in, but after he saw River stretched out on the sofa watching Gloria as she danced, Michael quickly backed out and carefully closed the door, so his parents wouldn't know he'd been there.

Michael retreated to the coffeehouse and ordered a pot of stress-ease tea. Michael explained that River had returned and was staying at his apartment. Kevin strongly suggested that Michael get his father out of his place at once, since Michael was an officer of the court and River was a wanted felon. Kevin volunteered to make an anonymous call to the police and claim River broke into Michael's place. Michael refused, so Kevin suggested that if River had something to say, he could write it down on a postcard and mail it. Michael took the last sip of his tea and left. Jeffrey showed up, and Kevin mentioned that River was in town.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colleen woke up to find Daniel drawing a picture of her. He said that she looked so sweet and innocent that he had to draw her. Colleen was surprised that Daniel would think of her as sweet and innocent after what they'd done the night before. Colleen was impressed by Daniel's drawing. She looked at the pictures Daniel had drawn of Amber and said that he was really talented. Daniel noticed that Colleen had a message on her cell phone. When she listened to the message, she was in shock to hear that her father had been arrested.

Sharon went to see Brad at the courthouse. She asked him why he had been arrested. He told her that he had been involved in a mix-up involving the David Chow fiasco. He told Sharon that he tried to help David with a loan, and that it had ended up in an offshore account, linking him to the mob. When it was time for Brad to go inside, he thanked her for coming to see him. When Colleen came to the courthouse to see Brad, she admitted that she'd turned her phone off and left it at Daniel's. Brad wondered if Colleen was seeing Daniel. Colleen said they were dating.

Daniel told Kevin that he'd almost kissed Amber. He said that they were interrupted by a call from Liam. Kevin wondered if Liam was real or not. Daniel said he didn't know; all he knew was that Amber kept throwing Liam in his face. He also admitted that Colleen had stayed over at his place. Kevin said Daniel would be a lucky guy, whomever he chose. When Colleen came back to Daniel's to get her cell phone, Daniel said that he would like her to be at the opening. Colleen wanted him to be sure. Daniel told her that she was the one he wanted by his side.

Phyllis told Nick that he should take his letter of thanks to Victor in person. Phyllis asked Nick if he wanted to know why Victor gave him money to keep Restless Style. Nick thought about Noah telling him that Sharon had asked Victor to help Nick. When Nick showed up at the ranch, he asked to see Victor. The man at the door said that Victor was unwilling to speak to anyone. Nick asked if he could come inside to drop off the letter he had written for his father. Nick was shocked to see the ranch hadn't been kept up. When Victor saw that Nick had left him a note, he asked that it be put in a pile with the other unopened letters.

Jack tried to find out what happened to Victor in Mexico. He became irritated when no one was willing to tell him anything. When Jeffrey walked in, Jack demanded to know where Gloria was. Jeffrey said that Gloria hadn't come home the night before. Jack found the letter Sharon had written for Nick. Jack went to Restless Style and told Phyllis he was there to see Nick about the letters Sharon was writing to him. When Phyllis read the letter, she told Jack that they shouldn't jump to conclusions about anything. Jack said that if Sharon had lied to him about the magazine, he wasn't sure what else she had lied to him about. Jack asked if Phyllis would tell him if something was going on. Phyllis said as a friend she would, and she would expect him to do the same.

When Sharon returned home, she realized that the letter she had written for Nick had disappeared. Sharon called Jack and told him that when he came home, she needed to talk to him about something. Sharon asked Gloria and Jeffrey to give her and Jack some privacy when Jack came home. Nick showed up at Sharon's to tell her about the condition of the ranch. She was worried because Jack was going to be home soon. Nick said he'd be quick. He asked her if she was the reason Victor gave him money for Restless Style.

Gloria woke up to find that she'd crashed on the couch all night with River. As she sprang up off the couch, River laughed at her. Gloria said he didn't have anything to worry about; he wasn't married. River said it was a good thing they'd reconciled. Gloria said that River had deserted her and Michael; she wasn't about to forgive him.

Michael told Kevin he'd walked in on his mother and father dancing and drinking to old tunes. He said that he was horrified at what he saw. When Michael returned home, Gloria tried to pretend that she had just shown up at Michael's place. Michael said that he had been there the night before and caught them together. He wondered what Jeffrey would have to say. Gloria asked Michael not to say anything. When Michael was alone with River, he told River to leave and never return. Michael went to the coffeehouse and told Kevin what had happened.

When Gloria came home from Michael's, Jeffrey told Gloria that he'd been worried sick. Gloria said that Fen had been sick and she'd stayed over to help. Jeffrey was upset that Gloria hadn't called, but forgave her. River called Gloria and told her that he needed to speak to her. He said he was leaving town for good. Gloria said that she would be there. She told Jeffrey that Lauren had asked her to watch Fen again. When Jeffrey suggested that he go with her, Gloria said that she wouldn't want him to get sick, too. When Jeffrey ran into Michael at the coffeehouse, he found out Gloria had been lying about Fen being sick.

Karen used Neil as a target to show her self-defense class how to defend themselves. After class, Neil told Karen that he wanted her to come back to work at Newman. Karen was skeptical about working with Victor again. Neil said that she would be working for him, not Victor. Karen said she had to take a shower first, and asked if he would like to join her. After Neil and Karen showered and made love, Neil asked her to move back in with him. Karen was silent for a moment, thinking about how much things had changed since she'd left. She said yes to Neil's offer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeff used a hidden key to let himself into the Baldwins' apartment. He called out for Gloria and Lowell, but then realized that they weren't there. Jeff went through Lowell's bag and found a receipt from a local diner.

At the diner, Gloria pointedly told Lowell that there was no longer anything between them. She said that it made her uptight when Lowell talked to her about their relationship. Gloria spat venom at Lowell -- she reminded him that he had walked out on her and Michael when Michael was just an infant. Lowell reminded Gloria that he had to leave -- he had been accused of planting a bomb that killed a man.

Jeff came into the diner and found Lowell and Gloria together. He asked Lowell to "step outside" so that Jeff could beat him up. Gloria calmed Jeff down. She told Jeff that she and Lowell had spent the night listening to 1960's music and drinking wine -- Gloria claimed they had not made love. Lowell left the diner, but was followed out by a young woman who had been sitting at the counter, eyeing him.

Jeff questioned Gloria's loyalty -- he told her that he knew she had spoken to Jack privately about the possible Jabot takeover. Gloria reminded Jeff that he had done the same thing. She said that their love was so strong that it could weather these minor crises. When Jeff said that he wasn't sure if he could trust Gloria, she seductively asked him to come home.

At the Abbott mansion, Nick thanked Sharon for speaking to Victor on his behalf. Sharon clearly wanted Nick to leave, as Jack was about to come home. Jack came home, and the threesome shared an awkward moment. Jack politely asked Nick to leave so that he could speak to Sharon about the letter that she had written to Nick. Nick didn't know about the letter. Jack handed Nick the letter, and Nick left.

Sharon said that she had written the letter so that things between her and Nick would remain civil, for Noah's sake. Jack was furious that, in the letter, Sharon had implied that the way Jack had been running Restless Style "sucked." Sharon told Jack that she was just being supportive of Nick, and wondered why Jack thought there was anything wrong with that. Jack said that he thought Sharon was lying, and that she still had feelings for Nick. He said that the letter was "inappropriate," but then admitted that he had overreacted. He said he needed to know that the important people in his life were in his corner. Sharon said that she would never again do anything that would make him doubt her loyalty. The Abbotts hugged and made up, but, after Jack left the room, Sharon caressed the envelope that had contained the letter.

At Restless Style, Daniel stopped by to pick up some things he needed for his upcoming New York art show. When Phyllis told Daniel how proud she was of him, Daniel made his mother promise not to go overboard with the "my son's amazing" thing. Phyllis asked Daniel if Amber was on the guest list for the show. Phyllis was thrilled when Daniel told her that Amber had a new boyfriend, and he didn't think that Amber would be coming. Phyllis beamed when Daniel told her that he was bringing Colleen to the show, but Daniel warned her not to interfere in his relationship with Colleen.

Later, in his apartment, Daniel put some finishing touches on his sketch of Colleen. A messenger arrived to pick up Daniel's portfolio for the exhibit, and, just before the messenger left, Daniel decided to add the sketch of Colleen to his portfolio.

Back at Restless Style, Nick confronted Phyllis about the letter. Phyllis said that the letter proved that Sharon still had feelings for Nick. Nick disagreed -- he felt that the letter showed that Sharon was being supportive, and wasn't Jack's puppet. Phyllis said that Sharon didn't want to be honest with Jack, but wanted to be honest with Nick. Phyllis said that made Sharon "pathetic, desperate, and needy."

Nick reminded Phyllis that he still loved her -- that he had left Sharon for her. The tension between Nick and Phyllis melted when Nick kissed his wife. Nick told Phyllis that he had tried to see Victor, but Victor refused to see him. When Nick reminded Phyllis that they had a magazine to run, Phyllis went across the room to get a list of ideas she had for the next issue. During the brief moment that he was alone, Nick stared at the letter, and placed it in his pocket.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Brad confronted Jill, asking her if she had turned him in to the FBI. Jill lied and said that she hadn't. Brad said that if he found out that Jill was lying, he would smear her so badly that Katherine would cut Jill completely out of Chancellor Industries.

Inside Crimson Lights, Adam approached Cane, asking him for a job at Jabot. Cane told Adam he knew that Adam had been fired from Newman Enterprises. Adam covered by telling Cane that it was just a "family squabble," as things hadn't worked out between Adam and Victor. Cane looked over Adam's resumé and was impressed -- he said that he might have a place for Adam at Jabot.

In the Jabot boardroom, the SEC investigator was questioning Nikki. Katherine was there to lend moral support to her best friend. The investigator asked Nikki if she knew that David had been placing bets from Jabot. Nikki said that she learned about that when Brad Carlton told her.

When the investigator left to take a phone call, Katherine asked Nikki what was going on with Victor. Katherine was shocked to learn that Victor had fired the household staff. Nikki said that a lot of questions were being asked about why Victor had gone to Mexico.

Nikki remembered confronting Victor about having seen Walter Palin's picture -- and telling Victor that she thought he had killed Walter. Katherine suspected that Nikki knew more about Victor's motive for going to Mexico than Nikki was admitting. Katherine told Nikki that she was going to talk with Victor.

When Katherine arrived at the Newman ranch, Victor told the guard to allow her in. Victor was sitting in the dark living room, eating cereal. Katherine told Victor that Sabrina would not have wanted Victor to live that way. When Katherine said that life was for the living, Victor countered by saying that his heart belonged to the dead. Katherine told him that people were starting to ask questions about his trip to Mexico. Victor replied, "Thank you for coming by." Taking the hint, Katherine left without saying another word.

At Jabot, Nikki saw Cane with Adam and asked why Adam was there. When Cane told her that he was considering hiring Adam, Nikki warned Cane that hiring Adam would be a very bad mistake. Cane thanked Nikki for her opinion, but reminded her that she no longer worked at Jabot, and that he would be making the hiring decisions. When Cane asked Nikki what she was doing at Jabot, she told him that she was being questioned by the SEC about Brad's dealings with David Chow.

Katherine returned to Jabot, and told Nikki how defeated Victor had looked. Nikki told Katherine that Cane was considering hiring Adam. Katherine pulled Cane into the boardroom and told him not to hire Adam. At first Cane protested, saying that he was acting CEO, but Katherine was adamant. Cane went into the lobby and told a disappointed Adam that he wouldn't be able to use him at Jabot.

At Crimson Lights, Brad was on the phone, asking someone to find out who "ratted him out." Adam told Brad that he had just come from Jabot -- and that the SEC was questioning Nikki about Brad's relationship with David Chow!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nick talked to his mother about leaving a note for Victor. He told her that he'd never seen the ranch in such poor condition. Nikki said that Katherine had told her about it. Nick wondered how Nikki had been dealing with everything she'd lost. Nikki said that she was ready to go back to work.

Jack and Sharon talked about missing their jobs at Restless Style. Jack said that it was all Victor's fault. Sharon thought about asking Victor to help Nick. She suggested that maybe Victor was just trying to help Nick out. Jack insisted that Victor had given Nick money to buy the company to get back at Jack. Sharon told Jack that one of the things she'd always admired about him was his ability to move on. Jack continued to blame Victor for all the bad things in his life. Sharon decided to tell Jack that Victor had given Nick the money because of her. Jack was furious that Sharon had kept it from him. He wondered what else she'd been hiding if she couldn't tell him the truth. Jack was destroyed, but he said that he didn't blame her; he blamed Victor. He said that it was all about Victor's hate for him. Jack went to the ranch and asked to speak to Victor. He tried to bribe the bodyguard, but had no luck. Jack asked that the bodyguard give him something. He threatened to release it to the media. Jack decided to wait a few minutes. He had the feeling that Victor might change his mind after he saw the photos Jack had delivered to him.

Daniel asked Phyllis if Nick was going to make it to his opening. Phyllis apologized, but said that Nick had business to do. Phyllis got an important message and realized she wouldn't be able to go to the opening, either. Phyllis was disappointed that she couldn't go. Phyllis told Daniel that he was very talented, and this was only the beginning for him. Daniel told her that Colleen would take pictures for her. When Nick showed up, Phyllis told him that they were swamped. Phyllis suggested they nail down a cover model for the issue. When Phyllis told Nick about her idea, he said that it wouldn't work for their magazine. When Nick showed Phyllis his ideas, she disagreed.

Nikki showed up to return Nick's cell phone. She asked if there was anything she could do to help. As Nikki listened to Phyllis and Nick's ideas, she suggested that they appeal to both celebrity gawkers and people interested in fashion. Nikki had the perfect cover model in mind. After Nikki left for a coffee, Phyllis told Nick that she was impressed with Nikki's ideas. She wanted to hire Nikki as an interim Editor in Chief. Nick called Nikki and asked that she return to the office. He said that he and Phyllis needed to ask her something. Brad walked into the coffeehouse and accused Nikki of talking to the FBI about him. Nikki said that Brad deserved everything that was coming to him. When Nikki came back to Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis told her about their idea to have Nikki work for them.

Colleen asked her father if he had found out who turned him in to the FBI. Brad said that originally he thought it was Jill, but he wasn't so sure anymore. He told Colleen not to worry about him. He said that he did nothing wrong. Brad went to Heather and told her that she needed to find Walter.

Jana told Amber that she'd heard her on the radio show Loveline. Amber was depressed that Daniel hadn't called her back. Jana insisted that Daniel and Amber belonged together. Amber received a call from Liam, saying that he couldn't make it to Daniel's opening. Amber said that if Liam couldn't go, she wouldn't either. Jana said that Daniel would be disappointed if she didn't go. Colleen came by and asked if they had seen Daniel. When Amber found out that Daniel was taking Colleen to the opening as his date, she exploded. Jana told Amber that maybe it was time to let Daniel go. It seemed that all they were doing was hurting each other.

Adam told Heather that he'd sent his resume to companies all over Genoa City, but kept getting rejected. When Nikki walked in the coffeehouse, Adam confronted her. Nikki told Adam that he had no one to blame but himself. Nick told Adam that if he ever spoke to Nikki again, he would break Adam in half. Adam received a call from his old job in New York. He found out that his father had given him a bad reference. He decided to try to talk to his father again. When Adam showed up at the ranch, he wasn't allowed inside. He tried to force his way through the door, but was carried away by Victor's bodyguards. They sent Adam to jail. In jail, an inmate recognized Adam as Victor's son.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Heather went to see Adam, who was still in jail for assaulting one of Victor's guards. Adam asked Heather if she could pull some strings and have the charges against him dropped, but Heather told him that she couldn't -- as a member of the district attorney's staff, it wouldn't look good if she dropped charges that had been filed against her boyfriend.

Outside the Newman mansion, Jack continued to scream through the window at Victor. Inside the house, Victor examined the gruesome pictures of Sabrina's car accident that Jack had sent in for Victor to see. As Jack screamed at Victor to "come out and face me like a man," a guard emerged from the house and returned the pictures to Jack. Jack screamed that Victor obviously didn't have the guts to defend his dead wife's honor. The guard told Jack to leave immediately -- otherwise he might end up sharing a jail cell with Adam. Later, Victor called one of the guards and told him to bring the car around -- Victor was going out.

Adam was surprised to see Jack at the jail, and elated when he bailed Adam out. At the Abbott mansion, Adam thought it was "lousy" that Jack attempted to provoke Victor by threatening to sell the photographs of Sabrina's accident to a tabloid. Jack told Adam that he would never have sold the pictures -- it was just a bluff. Jack and Adam commiserated about how miserable Victor had made their lives. They decided that since Victor was in a deep depression, it was a good time for them to get their "payback."

Jack outlined his plan for revenge. He told Adam he would go to Restless Style's largest competitor and offer to write an exposé about Victor. Adam said that he could definitely add to the article. Jack said they should make the exposé as "down and dirty and as ugly" as possible. Jack thought that Victor and Nikki were hiding something about what had happened in Mexico, and he decided he was going to Mexico to get some answers. Adam wanted to join Jack, but Jack reminded Adam that since he was facing criminal charges, he wouldn't be allowed to leave the country. Also, since Jack was funding the project, Jack decided he was going to call all the shots.

Later, Jack left a note for Sharon, advising her that he was going to be gone for a couple of days.

At Restless Style, Nikki asked Phyllis why, in light of their rocky relationship, she would want Nikki to be the interim editor-in-chief. Phyllis told Nikki that she had the style and sophistication that Restless Style needed. Phyllis also felt that it would help take Nikki's mind off of Victor. She added that with Jack and Sharon gone, Phyllis and Nikki could work together to make Nick more excited about the magazine.

Phyllis told Nikki how sorry Nick was that Jack had surreptitiously rewritten the article about Sabrina. They both agreed that Nick's estrangement from Victor was tearing Nick apart. They discussed the fact that Victor had extended a line of credit to Nick so that the Newmans could buy the Abbotts' share of Restless Style. Nikki saw Victor's financial backing as a sign that Victor still loved Nick, but she realized that Victor desperately needed help.

Lauren and Fenmore returned from their trip. Just as they entered their apartment and greeted Michael, Michael's cell phone rang. It was Lowell, calling from Eddie's Diner, asking if he could stop by to see Fenmore. Michael refused to allow Lowell to visit. As Michael was hanging up, there was a knock at the door. Lauren opened the door to two FBI agents and a Genoa City police detective. One of the FBI agents told Michael that they had received a tip that Michael was harboring a fugitive -- Lowell Baldwin. Michael denied that he had harbored, or even seen, Lowell. He added that he had no idea where Lowell was. One of the FBI agents reminded Michael that, if he was lying, he would face disbarment.

After the agents finished searched the Baldwins' apartment , Michael checked his caller ID and dialed the number that Lowell had called Michael from. He learned that it was the phone number for Eddie's Diner.

Michael found Lowell at the diner, and told him that the authorities were looking for him. Lauren and Fenmore, who had been waiting in the car, came into the diner, much to Michael's dismay. After fawning over Fenmore, Lowell told Michael that the next bus out of town was leaving in an hour. Michael said that the authorities were probably watching the bus depot. A police officer who had stopped by the diner to get coffee noticed Lowell, and notified police headquarters.

As the Baldwins left the diner, several policemen entered, and placed Lowell under arrest.

In a New York art gallery, a thrilled Daniel looked at his artwork hanging on the walls. He met Kenneth, the show's director. Kenneth told Daniel how talented he was. Daniel worried that no one would show up at the exhibit, but Kenneth assured him that the exhibit had attracted a lot of publicity.

Colleen and Lily showed up at the gallery. Daniel showed Colleen the sketch he had done of her. When Daniel stepped away, Lily told Colleen that perhaps Daniel was becoming romantically interested in Colleen. Daniel rejoined the girls, and the three were shocked when Amber showed up.

Daniel told Amber that he thought she had decided not to come to the show. Amber said that she couldn't stay away -- she really wanted to wish Daniel good luck. Daniel told her that he was happy that she came -- but added that their romantic involvement had to end. Daniel said he was tired of their rollercoaster relationship, but he assured Amber that they would remain friends.

Later, Colleen asked Daniel where Amber was. Colleen was thrilled when Daniel told her that Amber was going back to Genoa City. Kenneth chatted with Daniel and Colleen, telling Daniel that the way sales were going, it looked as if his sketches might sell out.

On her way out, Amber stared at Colleen and Daniel from across the room. Suddenly, a pair of hands covered her eyes, and a voice said, "Guess who?" The hands belonged to her paramour, Liam. Anxious to prove to Daniel, Colleen, and Lily that Liam was real, Amber dragged him over to make introductions. Daniel, Colleen, and Lily were stunned when they realized that Liam was none other than Billy Abbott!

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