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Adam and Jack planned to forge Victor's diary. Jack asked Ashley, Traci, and Billy to give him their Jabot proxies, so the Abbotts could regain their family's company. Chloe made Billy pretend that he did not know her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, September 29, 2008

At a New York bar, Jack and Ashley chitchatted as they sipped mimosas. Traci joined her siblings at Jack's request. Traci and Ashley rolled their eyes at one another when Jack announced that he could gain controlling interest of Jabot if Ashley and Traci gave Jack their proxies. Jack pressed the issue and said, "It's up to the three of us to protect the company. We can pool our family resources and restore Jabot to what it was meant to be." Jack reminded his sisters that their father built Jabot as a family business. Ashley was confused because Jack was not legally allowed to own stock. Jack noted that his scheme involved a silent partner. Ashley and Traci refused to support Jack unless he revealed his partner's identity. Since Jack refused, the sisters would not budge. A hungover Billy joined the meeting and ordered coffee. Traci and Ashley shot curious glances at Jack.

At Jabot, Cane was discussing ad graphics for a new line of cosmetics with clients when Jill walked in. After the meeting ended, Cane told his mom that her sudden appearance had surprised him. Cane and Jill butted heads after Jill argued that the garish colors Cane chose for the new line seemed outdated. Kay stopped by, and Jill shared her concern that Cane had begun a new line without her input. Kay reminded Jill that Cane was CEO. Jill later apologized to Cane and asked if they were allies again. Cane accepted his mother's apology, but he refused to align himself with Jill if her plan included "sticking it to Grandma."

At the Newman ranch, Nick, Victoria, and Nikki discovered that Victor was gone, but Zapato happily greeted them. Victoria found a stack of unopened mail. Nick was hurt when he noticed the unopened letter of apology he had sent to Victor. Nick phoned Michael and told him that Victor had disappeared. Michael said he knew where Victor was, but he could not share Victor's location due to attorney-client privilege. Nick and Victoria worried about Victor's mental state, but Nikki maintained that Victor needed time to himself, so he could heal.

Victoria discovered Daniel's sketch of Sabrina and the ultrasound image of Sabrina and Victor's baby. Nikki explained that her anger at Victor had turned into feelings of deep sadness. Nikki, Victoria, and Nick expressed concern over Victor's deteriorating mental state. Victor, seated aboard a private jet, fastened his seat belt when the pilot announced, "Mr. Newman, I suggest you buckle up. We're about to land."

At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey was not pleased after Gloria told him that River would not be extradited to Michigan. Jeff grinned broadly after Gloria commented that Kay agreed to sign over five percent of her controlling interest. After Gloria left to get her nails done, Jeffrey ran into Kay. After Jeffrey thanked Kay for agreeing to sell a portion of her Jabot stock to Gloria, Kay acted surprised and claimed that she had told Gloria, "No!" Jeffrey was angry because Gloria lied. Later, at the coffeehouse, Kay approached Jeffrey and Gloria. Kay addressed Jeffrey as "William" and asked him about Carmen Mesta's murder case. Gloria's eyes widened. Jeffrey corrected Kay and told her he was not William. Kay acted as if she were playing a joke. After Kay walked away, Gloria told Jeffrey that Kay's "senior moments" could be played to their advantage.

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren comforted Eden after she admitted that she had never attended school. Eden explained that she had been taught at home, and she was afraid to mingle with her peers. Lauren assured Eden that she could make friends easily, especially if she offered them a discount at Fenmore's. Eden worried that other kids might treat her badly over media coverage about her father's arrest, but Lauren assured Eden that the other kids would think she was cool to have a rebel father who had been on the run. Later, Lauren was shocked when she found Eden at the coffeehouse. Eden explained that she had overheard a teacher gossiping about River's arrest, so she split. Eden insisted she had no need for school, but Lauren hauled her back to class.

River awaited his fate in the Genoa City jail, and he wasn't the least bit appreciative when Michael proudly announced that he had called in numerous favors to have his father's case transferred to Genoa City Federal Court. River worried that the media circus might traumatize Eden. River refused to face a trial if he could not give an honest account of what happened. Michael responded, "Oh, screw honest! Screw honesty! It doesn't matter if you marched against the Vietnam War in the '60s, or if you wore love beads or if you stuck flowers down gun barrels. None of it matters!"

Through Michael's vehement protests, River refused his son's offer to represent him. Dejected, Michael went home and grumbled about his dad's stubbornness to Lauren. Michael proclaimed that he had thrown River a lifeline that any sane person would have grabbed onto. Lauren told Michael that his big heart would not allow him to distance himself emotionally from his father. River phoned Michael and told him that he had changed his mind and welcomed Michael as his attorney. Michael was relieved. River explained that fate had played a role in their reunion at the ashram. River added, "So the way I see it, life brought you to me, so I should flow with it."

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cane told Chloe that she should go see her mother. Chloe laughed it off. Cane said he gave up a hell of a lot to make things right for their baby, and Chloe should do the same. When Cane returned to work, he stopped in his tracks when he saw Lily. Lily told Cane that she'd decided to resign. Cane begged her to stay. Jill came in and apologized for interrupting. Jill asked Lily if she'd heard about the new campaign. Lily said it sounded wonderful, but unfortunately she wouldn't be a part of it. Lily walked out. Jill asked Cane what had happened. He said that he lost her. Jill was worried what they would do since Lily had quit. Cane didn't want to talk about Lily anymore. Katherine came in and asked Cane if he wanted her to talk to Lily. Cane said he needed to figure out a way to get Lily back.

Lily talked to Colleen about quitting Jabot. Lily said that she saw an ultrasound picture of his baby on his screensaver. Lily said that the last time she'd seen an ultrasound picture was her baby's picture. Colleen hugged her. Lily said she felt it was time she moved on. Chloe walked into the coffeehouse and Lily told her that she had quit Jabot. Lily said that she hoped she never saw Chloe again. When Lily left, Cane showed up and asked Colleen if she would like to be the next Fresh Face of Jabot.

Esther happily looked at the ultrasound picture of Chloe and Cane's baby. Katherine came home and told Esther that something was terribly wrong with her. When Katherine admitted that she had been forgetting things lately, Esther said that was a sign of something serious. When Katherine saw the ultrasound picture that Esther was holding, she said that Chloe should have given it to Esther instead of Cane. Katherine wondered if they should have sent Chloe away to boarding school. Chloe came in and said that she was still angry about the whole thing. Esther said that when Chloe looked into her own child's eyes, she would understand. Esther told Chloe that maybe someday she and Cane would fall in love with each other. Chloe said she'd never allow herself to do that again. Esther told Chloe a story about a schoolgirl crush she had. Chloe said she'd had a similar love once. Esther wondered if Chloe still loved him. Chloe said only as much as she hated him.

Gloria told Kevin that she had a brilliant idea and needed his help. She said that Kevin was one of the lucky few that still had a job at Jabot. Kevin admitted that Katherine seemed to actually like him. Gloria said that was all about to change. She told Kevin that she needed Katherine to sell her some of her shares. Gloria said that Katherine had called Jeffrey by the name William, and she felt that Katherine might be losing her mind. She wanted Kevin to find out if it was true. Kevin said he was in. When Kevin showed up at Jabot, he said hello to Katherine. He told her that he wanted to make himself more accessible to his coworkers at Jabot. Kevin said she looked great. Katherine teased Kevin about hitting on her. Kevin went back home and told Gloria that they'd have to figure out another way to get Katherine's shares; she was completely on her game.

Billy thanked Jack for his plane ticket. Ashley and Traci laughed at Jack's tactics to bring everyone together. They wondered what Jack was up to. Jack toasted to the future of the Abbots at Jabot. Ashley didn't want Jack to jump the gun. Jack begged them to give him a chance and trust him again. Traci and Billy were willing to give Jack a chance, but Ashley held her ground. She said that unless Jack told her who the silent partner was, she wouldn't give up her proxy. Jack told Billy that he needed to make his stay in Genoa City more permanent. Jack said he needed an inside man at Jabot. Billy went to Jill's office and said he had the most beautiful mother a guy could have. Jill was thrilled to see her son.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At Crimson Lights, Colleen was pleasantly shocked when she learned that Cane wanted her to replace Lily as the Fresh Face of Jabot. She wanted to make sure that Cane wasn't planning on using her as a messenger between him and Lily, but Cane reassured her that his offer to Colleen was strictly business. He asked her to stop by Jabot to model for some test shots.

In the Jabot boardroom, Billy told Jill that he planned to stay in Genoa City permanently. He asked Jill if he still had a future at Jabot -- after all, she had made her other son, Cane, the CEO. Billy joked whether there was still a job for him in the mailroom.

Jill told Billy that his return to Genoa City was like a dream come true. She told him that she had been following his impressive career at the House of Kim, and that there would be room for him at Jabot. When Billy mentioned that Cane had moved right to the top of the company, Jill assured him that, even though Cane's title on the door might be CEO, she was still calling the shots at Jabot.

Cane came into the boardroom to discuss some business with Jill, and was introduced to his half-brother, Billy. Cane embraced Billy so tightly that it appeared as if Billy might pass out. Billy blew off both Cane and Jill's invitations for dinner. As Billy walked out, he said that he was happy to be back at Jabot -- that he had been away for too long.

Billy ran into Colleen in the hallway. He told his niece that he was going to Amber's. Billy told Colleen that distracting Amber from Daniel wasn't much of a hardship -- both Billy and Amber were enjoying their time together. When Billy learned that Colleen was at Jabot to take some test shots, he realized that Colleen was a candidate to replace Lily Winters. Billy wished his niece good luck.

At Crimson Lights, Lily was shocked when Colleen told her that she had been photographed at Jabot, and was under consideration for Lily's old job. Lily was clearly less than enthused when she told Colleen, "Go for it -- it's a great job." Lily marched off to the patio.

On the patio, Devon was updating Roxanne on Ana's adjustment to her new school. Lily joined them and told them that she had resigned her position at Jabot. Lily admitted that she was unhappy that Cane was considering Colleen, her best friend, for the Fresh Face of Jabot position. Lily said that she was tired of being the "bigger person" -- making everyone else feel better.

Lily went back into the coffeehouse and confronted Colleen. Lily told her that she would mind -- a lot -- if Colleen took the job at Jabot. A defensive Colleen reminded Lily that she had resigned -- it wasn't like Colleen stole Lily's job. Colleen said that she really wanted the job, particularly because it was with the company her grandfather had founded. Lily told Colleen that if she took the job, it would affect their friendship. When Lily marched out, Colleen told Daniel that she was having second thoughts, as she didn't want to lose her friendship with Lily. Daniel told Colleen that her friendship with Lily would survive.

Back at Jabot, Jill told Cane that she didn't think Colleen was right for Jabot -- particularly since she was Brad Carlton's daughter. Jill said they needed a professional, but Cane insisted that he wanted a "fresh face." Jill once again advised Cane not to go with Colleen.

Moments later, Cane called Colleen and told her that she could have the modeling job if she wanted it. An exhilarated Colleen told Cane that she wanted the job.

Neil was in his apartment when Karen showed up at the front door with all of her belongings. Neil was thrilled that Karen had decided to move back in with him.

Neil told Karen that he was hoping Tyra and Ana would join them for Thanksgiving. He told Karen how happy he was that Karen and Ana had become such good friends. Neil and Karen embraced and began kissing.

Later, Lily showed up at Neil's with takeout food -- but found Neil in his gym shorts, and Karen drying her hair. Lily quickly realized that Karen had moved back in with Neil. Karen told Lily that she and Neil hoped that living together would work out better for them this time. Lily told Neil and Karen that she had quit her job -- and that Cane was probably going to offer it to Colleen. Karen was optimistic that Lily and Colleen would remain friends. A depressed Lily decided not to have dinner with Neil and Karen. After she left, Karen and Neil exchanged worried looks.

Billy met up with Amber at her penthouse. He told her that he wanted to stay with her -- that no one at the Chancellor mansion was as beautiful as she was. They began making love.

Later, Amber asked Billy what he thought of Cane. Billy said that he seemed to be a decent guy, but wondered why Cane broke up with Lily. Amber filled him in on the sordid details, but said that it was "killing" Cane that he could no longer be with Lily. Billy said he was sorry to hear that.

At the Restless Style photo studio, Phyllis congratulated Nikki on booking Ruby Aldridge for the cover of the next issue. A depressed Nick walked out. Nikki blamed Phyllis for Nick's mood, saying that if Phyllis hadn't talked Nick into having Victor committed, Victor would not be missing. Nikki told Phyllis to focus on Restless Style, and leave her family alone.

When Nick returned to the photo studio, Nikki commented that since Jack was gone, Nick was "the boss." Nick said that was all Victor's doing. Nick wondered whether Victor had given him the funds to buy Jack out because he knew how much Nick loved the magazine -- or because Victor wanted to "stick it to Jack." Nikki told Nick that Victor was grieving, and not to take his actions too personally. Nick told Nikki he didn't know if he could ever trust Victor again. Nick said that he didn't know how to let go of Victor, Nikki told her son that Victor had made his choices -- and that Nick shouldn't allow those choices to ruin his life.

Ruby Aldridge arrived for the photo shoot. Phyllis and Nikki disagreed about Ruby's wardrobe. Nikki thought it too risqué, but Phyllis described it as "erotic vintage meeting haute couture." Nick agreed with Phyllis, and Nikki abided by their decision to go with the risqué wardrobe.

During the shoot, Nick was distracted when he remembered finding Victor on the floor of the art gallery. Noticing Nick's distance, Phyllis reminded Nick that there was a half-naked model being photographed. Nick muttered, "She's great," and walked away. To herself, Nikki said, "Damn you, Victor -- damn you for doing this to him."

After the shoot, Phyllis unsuccessfully tried to cheer Nick up. Nick told Phyllis that he didn't blame her for talking him into having Victor committed. Nick was still convinced that Victor needed help -- the next time Victor fell on the floor, there might not be anyone to pick him up. Phyllis finally got Nick's mind off of Victor by removing her blouse and starting to "model" for him.

Nikki called Victor and got his voice mail -- she said that she knew he would probably see it was from her and immediately hit the "delete button." On the "one in a million" chance that he might listen to the message, Nikki said that she knew Victor was in pain, and thinking about Sabrina, and the baby he lost. She reminded Victor that he had other children who were suffering, and needed their father. She told Victor to mourn, cry, or rant -- and then return to his family.

Later, Victor, in an unfamiliar location, listened pensively to Nikki's message.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nick and Phyllis were thrilled with the final outcome of the cover for Restless Style. Phyllis said the best thing about their cover was that Jack and Sharon were not around to poison any of it. Nick thought about writing an editor's letter explaining their focus of the new magazine. Phyllis said that she'd help Nick write the letter. Nick told Phyllis to be nice.

Lauren told Michael that they were going to dinner with Nick and Phyllis to celebrate the release of their first issue of Restless Style without Jack and Sharon. Michael said he would, but he had too much paperwork to do. Lauren said that Michael really needed to get out. She suggested that Eden watch Fen. Lauren received a phone call and found out that Eden had skipped school again. Michael couldn't believe they were raising a teenager.

Sharon was talking to her decorator when Billy walked in. Sharon was surprised to see him. Billy said he'd been in New York with Jack. He wondered why Jack wasn't already back as well. Billy told Sharon that he was back at Jabot. Noah walked in and was happy to see Billy. Noah said there was a party that night, and he wanted to go. Sharon suggested that Noah call his father. Nick said he'd meet with Noah at Sharon's to discuss it. When Nick arrived, he talked to the father of the boy that was throwing the party. Sharon was skeptical, but agreed to let Noah go. When Nick called Phyllis about dinner, Phyllis said that Michael and Lauren had cancelled due to teenager issues. After Phyllis hung up, she continued writing the editor's letter. When she showed Nick the letter, he was impressed with Phyllis' work. She said that she liked fantasy. Nick wondered what other fantasies she liked. They were interrupted by a phone call from Sharon. Sharon said that Noah hadn't returned home yet and that it was past his curfew. Nick said he'd come over. Phyllis was upset that Nick had to leave.

At the coffeehouse, a girl recognized Eden from class and introduced herself. She admired Eden's necklace and invited her to a party. Eden said she would go. When Eden returned home, Michael and Lauren were waiting for her. Lauren said that Michael helped her father; it was Eden's job to attend school. Eden mentioned that she'd been invited to a party. Lauren said there would be plenty of parties she could attend later. Eden said she was going to her room. Lauren told Michael he did a good job talking to Eden.

Eden showed up at the party and her friend offered her a beer and wondered what had taken Eden so long. Eden said she'd had to sneak out of her brother's house, but that was okay because her brother was clueless.

When Noah arrived at the party, he was surprised to find out that there wasn't any adult supervision. Noah's friends noticed Eden and wondered who the hottie was. Noah said she was fine if you liked "psycho bitches from hell."

Jack called Adam to tell him that he had a man interested in their story on Victor Newman. Jack said he'd booked Adam a flight to New York. When Adam arrived in New York, he met up with Jack and talked about the inside scoop they had on Victor. When they met with a news editor, Jack said that he had the biggest story on Victor Newman. The news editor was a bit skeptical about the story. Jack said he could provide a look inside the brain of one of the richest men in the country. The editor agreed to publish the article. Jack said that Adam would write the article. They shook hands. Adam told Jack that he was having second thoughts about writing the article. He told Jack that if Jack wanted to go through with forging Victor's diary, he'd have to find someone else to do it.

Colleen told Lily that she'd decided to accept Cane's offer to replace her as the Fresh Face of Jabot. Colleen worried that Lily would be upset. She said that she wasn't doing it to take her place. Lily said she knew she wasn't irreplaceable, and recognized that it would be a great opportunity for Colleen. Lily said she was upset about the situation, but she wouldn't feel right if she told her not to take the job. Colleen went to Jabot to tell Cane she'd decided to take the job. When Colleen returned to the coffeehouse, Chloe asked her how it felt screwing over her best friend. Chloe told Colleen that the only reason Cane wanted to hire her was so he could be close to Lily. Colleen found Lily and said that she decided to change her mind about the job.

Lily went back to Jabot to pick up her last paycheck and ran into Billy. Billy told her that he was happy for Colleen, but she'd never replace Lily. Cane asked Billy if he wanted to come to his place to hang out. Billy asked if he could bring a date. Cane said the more the merrier. When Cane went home, he told Chloe that he was inviting his brother and his date over for dinner. Chloe didn't want anyone to come over. When Billy came to the door, he was surprised to see Chloe. Chloe told him that he'd never seen her before and that they were strangers.

Friday, October 3, 2008

As Chloe showed Billy in, she warned him to pretend that she and Billy didn't know each other. Chloe threatened to reveal "dirt" on Billy if he didn't play along. Cane came into the room and "introduced" Chloe to Billy.

Later, Billy congratulated Chloe and Cane on their marriage. When Billy guessed that their baby was due in March, Chloe quickly corrected him -- she said the baby was due on April 12th. Feigning sleepiness, Chloe tried unsuccessfully to end the gathering. When Amber showed up at the front door, a shocked Cane learned that Amber was Billy's date.

The foursome gathered in the Ashbys' living room, where Cane and Chloe awkwardly pretended to be a happily married couple. Billy brought up Daniel's art exhibition, and asked Cane if he knew Daniel. Cane said that Daniel used to be married to Cane's "friend," Lily. Chloe said that Cane and Lily had been more than friends. Cane was embarrassed when Billy recapped Cane's recent relationships -- he had been married to Amber, engaged to Lily, and was married to Chloe.

While Amber and Cane were out of the room, Billy told Chloe that he was shocked to learn that his "stick in the mud" brother had married Billy's "ex-stalker chick." Amber and Cane returned. Chloe said that Cane was a real "stand-up" guy. Billy joked that he was more of a "horizontal" guy.

Later, in the Ashbys' kitchen, Chloe asked Amber if she and Billy were having a serious relationship. Amber told Chloe that she still loved Daniel. Amber and Chloe returned to the living room. Cane told Billy that Chloe was actually Esther's daughter, Kate, as an embarrassed Chloe looked on.

In bed alone, Phyllis was having trouble sleeping. She recalled the phone call Nick had received a few hours earlier. Sharon had called to tell Nick that Noah had broken his curfew, and Phyllis was unhappy that Nick was leaving to comfort his worried ex-wife.

At the Abbott mansion, Nick and Sharon tried to call Noah. At the warehouse keg party, a drunk Eden grabbed Noah's phone from him and answered, "Party central." Nick demanded to know who had answered the phone, but all that he and Sharon heard was loud music, and someone announcing that a new keg had arrived. Eden hung up the phone and began dancing, holding Noah's phone above her head.

Noah's friend spilled beer all over Noah. Noah tried to retrieve his phone from Eden, but she said she would only give it back to him if he danced with her.

Nick called Phyllis to tell her that he would be late -- he and Sharon had to go to a party to get Noah, and then have a family "pow wow."

Back at the party, Noah danced with Eden. Nick and Sharon arrived, the music stopped, and all of the teenagers scurried off. Noah grabbed his phone from Eden, who told Noah that it had been fun dancing with him. As police cars approached, Sharon and Nick hustled Noah out of the warehouse.

Back at the Abbotts', Nick scolded Noah. Phyllis called to speak to Nick, but Sharon said that Nick was busy. When Phyllis said she just needed to speak to Nick for a brief moment, Sharon said, "What part of 'he's busy right now' don't you understand?" Phyllis told Sharon she was glad Noah was okay, then added, "You, on the other hand, can kiss my ..." Sharon hung up the phone before Phyllis could finish her sentence. Phyllis remembered reading the letter that Sharon had written to Nick.

Noah swore to his parents that he hadn't been drinking -- he told them that one of his friends had spilled beer on him. Nick told his son he didn't even want him around alcohol. Sharon said that the only reason they allowed him to go to the party was because they thought there would be adult supervision. Noah said that, unbeknownst to him, his friend Austin's older brother had pretended to be Mr. McNally, Austin's dad. Nick wondered how he and Sharon could ever trust Noah again.

Nick told Noah that he was grounded. Nick and Sharon sent Noah off to bed, and he quietly complied. After Noah went upstairs, Sharon told Nick that Phyllis had called. Nick called Phyllis and told her not to wait up for him -- that he and Sharon had a lot to discuss. Nick and Sharon agreed that they would make it through Noah's teenage years -- and so would Noah.

Phyllis fantasized that Sharon was seducing Nick. Clearly growing irritated, she called Restless Style's printer to make changes to the editors' letter she had written, explaining the Abbotts' departure from the magazine. Phyllis deleted all the nice things she had written about the Abbotts, and had the printer substitute, "Jack's wife, Sharon, whose experience was limited, agreed to Jack's scrape-the-bottom-of-the-barrel, mudslinging approach to journalism. The devil and his vacuous, hair-chewing wife have been driven from the Restless Style building -- and we are well rid of both of them."

Sharon thanked Nick for helping her out in dealing with Noah. Nick said that they had been through a lot -- and they would get through this. As Nick and Sharon embraced, Noah watched them from the stairway -- and Jack watched them through the front door!

At the Baldwins', Lauren appeared ready to go to bed, but Michael was still reading through Lowell's case files. He was outraged when he learned that the FBI, many years earlier, had released someone who might have had information that would have cleared Lowell. Michael vowed to track down the potential witness.

Michael and Lauren discussed Eden. Lauren thought that Eden was acting out by constantly rebelling against Michael and Lauren's authority. She felt that Eden was just a scared, confused kid. Michael and Lauren, not knowing that Eden had left to go to the warehouse party, went towards her room to tell her the good news about the potential new witness in Lowell's case.

As Eden slipped in the front door of the dark Baldwin apartment, Michael turned on the lights. Michael snidely asked how the party was. His sarcastic sister answered, "It was chill." Eden said that it was no big deal for her to go to a party. Michael said that in exchange for the Baldwins' guardianship, Eden needed to abide by certain rules and regulations. When Eden mocked Michael, Michael became angry and threatened to revoke his guardianship, which would force the authorities to place Eden in foster care. Eden stormed off to her room.

Lauren called Eden back out, and Michael apologized for having threatened her. Eden said that she didn't need anyone to look after her. When Michael and Lauren told Eden that they cared about her, she asked how Michael could possibly threaten to place her in a foster home if he really cared about her. Eden said, "You can send me to live with strangers, but I'm not staying where I'm not wanted." After Eden left the room, an outraged Michael told Lauren that he could change the minds of twelve jurors, but couldn't change the mind of one teenager.

A few moments later, Eden came back into the living room with her packed bags. She told the Baldwins that she was heading back to the ashram until Lowell was released from prison. Michael yelled, "Our father murdered a man -- he'll probably be in jail for the rest of his life." Eden was clearly shocked when she heard this.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen told Lily that she was not going to take the modeling job at Jabot, having decided that her friendship with Lily wasn't worth "some stupid job."

Later, Lily was surfing the Internet when an ad for an on-line dating service popped up. Lily laughed at the ad, but Colleen thought that Lily should give the service a try.

When Daniel showed up at the coffeehouse, he was surprised to hear that Colleen had decided not to take the modeling job at Jabot. He admired the strength of Colleen and Lily's friendship.

Later, Lily changed her mind and told Colleen that she should take the Jabot modeling job. Lily said she realized that she shouldn't deprive Colleen of a great opportunity -- and that she should be mad at Cane, not Colleen. Colleen thanked Lily for being such an amazing friend. When Colleen left for a moment, Daniel told Lily he knew how hard that had to have been for her. Lily said that losing her best friend would have been harder.

Daniel and Colleen were helping Lily register for the on-line dating service when Phyllis showed up at Crimson Lights. Phyllis complained to Daniel that Nick had gone off to rescue "Miss Helpless." When Phyllis told Daniel that she had "tweaked" the editors' letter about Jack and Sharon, he asked her if the "tweaking" included trashing the Abbotts. When Phyllis said that she was merely "setting the record straight," Daniel said that he had a bad feeling about that.

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