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Phyllis secretly wrote an editor's note that slandered Sharon and Jack. Nick rehired Sharon as the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Gloria planned to swindle Jabot stock from Katherine. Billy confronted Chloe about who her baby's father was. Cane and Lily kissed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 6, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Nick awoke at the tack house after a brief and fitful night of sleep. Phyllis rubbed Nick's back as he described the disturbing scene when he and Sharon found Noah dancing at an unsupervised party. Nick added that some of the teenager party-goers swigged beer. Phyllis held her tongue when Nick mentioned that he had comforted a distraught Sharon.

At the coffeehouse, Noah complained about his assignment to clean the horse stalls as punishment for breaking curfew. Nick joined Sharon and Noah, who stepped away to buy a sack lunch. Sharon thanked Nick for helping her with Noah. Nick recalled his teenage years when hormones ruled. Sharon giggled girlishly and remarked that she remembered that time quite well. Sharon mentioned that Phyllis' accusing remarks had made Jack seem like a liar when he was supposed to be with Ashley in Los Angeles. Sharon explained that Jack had actually met with Ashley in New York. Nick apologized for Phyllis' role in the misunderstanding.

After Sharon came home, Jack asked her why she had not awakened him before she left. Sharon recalled Noah's troublesome behavior the night before and boasted that Nick had been at her side. Jack wanted to know why Sharon had not believed that he was with Ashley as he had claimed. Sharon tattled about Phyllis' meddlesome taunts. Sharon quizzed Jack about why he hadn't returned home two days earlier after Billy mentioned that their business meeting had ended at that time. Jack said he had stayed longer in order to meet with lawyers and had left a note stating so. Sharon grew angry and insisted that married people should not leave without telling their spouses where they were. Jack apologized and claimed that he had been pressed for time. Sharon relented and apologized, too. Sharon embraced Jack, but she seemed distrustful and grimaced behind Jack's back.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Phyllis was giddy about the latest issue's release, but Nick dampened Phyllis' mood when he brought up the misunderstanding Phyllis engineered between Sharon and Jack. Nick stressed that Phyllis and Sharon must interact peacefully for Noah's sake. Phyllis maintained that all disputes were settled, since Jack and Sharon had left the magazine. Nick was impressed when Phyllis revealed the magazine's provocative cover. Phyllis attempted to divert Nick's attention when he began perusing the magazine's articles, but Nick pulled her aside and reminded Phyllis that they had agreed not to publish sleazy articles. Nick was livid after he read Phyllis' letter that attacked Sharon. Phyllis apologized, but Nick said that her apology was not good enough. Nick berated Phyllis and reminded her that Sharon was Noah's mother.

Nick stopped by the Abbotts' and showed Sharon the hurtful remarks Phyllis had published in the magazine. Nick explained that he had not known about the derogatory editorial before publication. Sharon blew off the article and smiled when Nick said that he did not agree with Phyllis' opinions.

At the Abbott estate, Billy grilled Jack about his plan to take over control of Jabot. Gloria breezed in and Billy was surprised to see her. Jack later explained that Gloria was allowed to stay in the pool house, so he could keep an eye on his enemy. After Billy left, Gloria returned. Jack explained that Billy had moved back and was working at Jabot. After Gloria inquired about Traci and Ashley's proxies, Jack said that his sisters were committed, and along with Kay's shares, their plan to gain control of Jabot could go forward. In her mind, Gloria recalled the day Kay had flatly turned down Gloria's request for controlling shares of Jabot stock. Nonchalantly, Gloria urged Jack not to pressure Kay, and allow time for the dust to settle after the SEC investigation. Jack refused and insisted that the time was right because chaos presented the perfect opportunity to act.

Lauren read the newspaper article about Lowell Baldwin's upcoming trial on first-degree murder charges. Michael worried about Eden after he harshly scolded her, but Eden agreed to accompany her brother to visit their father in jail. When Lowell entered the visitors' area, Eden barraged her father with questions after thrusting copies of posters at him that depicted Lowell as one of the FBI's most-wanted fugitives. Eden sobbed and begged her father to swear that the FBI's charges were incorrect. Lowell insisted that he was not responsible for anyone's death. Eden claimed that people who ran looked guilty. Lauren attempted to calm Eden and explained that Michael could help Lowell, but Eden freaked out. Before Eden left, she looked into her father's eyes and said, "Eighty-five-point-three years." Michael asked what Eden meant, and Lowell responded, "Math problem I gave her. She solved it." Michael retorted rhetorically, "Why did you even bother to have children?"

After Eden and Lauren left, Michael asked Lowell about a witness named Howie Sullivan, who had supposedly been questioned by the FBI after the bombing. Lowell remembered the man as "Kite," because he was always as high as one. Lowell recalled that Kite had a sister who was a nun. Michael suggested that Eden be called to testify as a credible character witness, but Lowell vehemently refused to put his fifteen-year-old daughter on the stand. Michael said that Eden's testimony could effectively sway the jury from feelings of detest to empathy. Lowell worried that Eden would be crushed if the prosecutor twisted her words against him. Michael reminded his father that there were no other defense strategies.

Back at the Baldwins' condo, Lauren soothed Eden and suggested that Lowell had tried to protect her by hiding the truth. Lauren asked Eden if she had ever researched information about her father on the Internet. Eden said that she looked up "Richard Gerick," which was the name her father used. Eden insisted that Lowell was innocent.

At Jabot, Jill and Kay argued over Cane's decision to hire Colleen to replace Lily. Jill felt Colleen was not the right fit, but Kay believed that an Abbott in place as the company's model kept the founding family rightly involved. Billy arrived and greeted Kay. Billy noted that he had taken Cane's old office, and Jill acknowledged that she had not yet decided on Billy's new position at the company. Later, Billy mentioned that he was surprised to learn that Cane was selected as Jabot's CEO. Billy told Jill that a group called "Agreeing Lovers" was the third-largest Jabot shareholder after the Abbotts and the Chancellors. Jill explained that the unknown shareholder's aim was to sell high after having buying low, but Billy claimed that the group was acquiring more stock.

After Jill left, Billy phoned a broker and ordered a background check on Agreeing Lovers. Billy learned that the group had formed in the Cayman Islands. Billy later approached Jack at the coffeehouse patio and questioned him about Agreeing Lovers. Billy recalled Gloria's sappy descriptions of Jeffrey's gifts and attention, and he demanded to know if Gloria was Jack's silent partner. Jack's phone rang, and he left without admitting or denying Billy's assertion.

Gloria stopped by Crimson Lights and interrogated Kevin about Kay's state of mind. Kevin said that he had not noticed evidence of Kay's dementia. Kay arrived for Kevin to set up her laptop, and Gloria pleaded with Kevin to convince Kay to sell some of her Jabot stock. Gloria added that if Kay's senior moments weren't real then it was time to give her some. While Kay explored new programs on her laptop, Gloria ordered Kevin to hot-wire Kay's car and move it to remote parking space. Gloria explained that she could offer Kay a ride home in order to ingratiate herself. Kevin agreed. With a wary eye, Jana watched her husband and mother-in-law's dastardly scheming while she shuffled through a new deck of tarot cards Kevin had given her as a seven-week anniversary gift.

After Kevin returned, Kay walked to the parking lot. Jana approached Gloria and Kevin and demanded to know what was going on. Before Gloria or Kevin could answer, Kay retuned and frantically yelled, "My car is gone!" Kevin and Gloria tried to look surprised. Kay described her "missing" car to a police officer. As Jana and Kevin looked on, Gloria comforted Kay and insisted that she would take care of her dear friend. A policeman soon returned and told Kay that her car had been located in a nearby parking lot. Kay seemed concerned that she had misplaced her car, but Gloria attempted to dispel Kay's distress. Gloria claimed that she often lost her own car at the mall. Jana approached Kevin and quietly asked where he had been when he left the coffeehouse moments earlier. Kevin claimed he had checked his car windows in case it rained. Gloria thanked Kevin for his efforts, and then she rushed over to Kay and offered to drive her home. Gloria helped Kay into her coat as Billy watched warily from the patio.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nick told Phyllis that he had to give Sharon fair warning about what she had written in Restless Style. Phyllis asked if he was finally going to stop making Sharon out to be the victim and her, the villain. Nick said that was Phyllis' job. Phyllis wondered why Nick had gone to Sharon. Phyllis said that Sharon had a husband; he should be the one comforting her. Phyllis went up to her room alone. Nick decided to go upstairs. As he jumped into bed, Phyllis said she was still mad at him. He said he was still mad at her, too. Phyllis wondered why Nick still felt the urge to protect Sharon all the time. Nick said that he and Sharon had a lot of history, but Phyllis was his wife.

Sharon wondered what Jack's conversation on the phone was about. Jack avoided the question. Sharon asked if Jack was going to continue keeping secrets. Jack said that it went both ways. He thought about Nick and Sharon hugging. Jack told Sharon that the phone call was about him trying to find a way to save their marriage. Jack said that he planned a special vacation for the two of them. Sharon said that it was a nice idea, but the timing wasn't right. Jack wondered what he could do to make Sharon swoon. Sharon wondered why it was so hard for both of them to simply love each other. Jack told Sharon that he always felt like she was slipping away. Sharon took Jack in her arms and they made love.

Jana wondered if Kevin was going to tell the truth about the incident with Katherine's car mysteriously disappearing. Daniel came into the coffeehouse looking like a drowned rat. Shortly after, Amber arrived in ripped pantyhose. Amber said that she'd taken a fall. Kevin got her some coffee and a shot of alcohol. Jana got her tarot cards out and began to read them. Kevin's card meant he was playing with fire, and Daniel's card said that he was attracted to the perfection in front of him. Daniel looked at Amber. Amber's card said that she was keeping a secret that could destroy many lives. When Kevin said that it was time to go home, Jana asked Kevin about Katherine again. Jana said that if the tarot cards were true, she hoped it wasn't too late for him to change the path he was on.

Billy went to Chloe's to ask her if he was the father of her baby. Chloe said he wasn't the father. Billy asked her if she was lying. Chloe asked what he'd do if he was. Would he step up like his brother, Cane? Billy reminisced about the first time they'd met. Billy then asked Chloe about when she'd broken into his computer and stolen all his messages. He said based on his knowledge of her being his stalker, he wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to bag a Chancellor just for the money. Chloe told Billy that she wouldn't have even wanted Cane to be the father. Billy decided to go. He said that he felt sorry for his good brother, Cane. After Billy left, Chloe thought about her scheme to meet Billy. As she held her stomach, she told the baby that she did plan to meet the baby's dad. She said she hadn't intended on falling in love with him.

As Lily was leaving Jabot, she was startled when Cane jumped into the elevator behind her. When she pressed the button, she realized that they were stuck. Lily asked Cane why he picked Colleen to be the new Fresh Face of Jabot. Cane said it had nothing to do with Colleen being Lily's friend. As they talked about the past, things got lighthearted and they began laughing. Lily wondered if Cane would tell Chloe that they were locked in the elevator together. Lily told Cane that she was a little jealous that he was happy and she wasn't. Cane said that every day he wasn't with her, he was dying inside. Cane took Lily in his arms and started kissing her. As the elevator door opened, Billy was standing outside watching them.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis decided that they had "made up" after the tension between them the previous day. They were excited that the new issue of Restless Style, the first without the Abbotts as co-editors, was hitting the newsstands. Nick teased Phyllis, saying that Restless Style would no longer contain any articles slamming close friends or family.

In Heather's room at the Athletic Club, a depressed-looking Adam had a post-mortem picture of Tony Amato, a.k.a. Walter Palin, displayed on his computer. Heather tried to cheer Adam up, telling him that he was smart, talented, and educated -- and that he would soon secure employment. She advised him to go to Newman Enterprises and ask for a job -- Heather felt there was no reason the Newmans should still bear a grudge against Adam.

Heather was surprised to see the photograph of Tony on Adam's computer. When she asked Adam how he knew Tony, Adam told her that Tony's body had washed ashore in Mexico -- he had been Victor's co-passenger on the fishing boat that was lost at sea. Heather told Adam that Tony also went by the name "Walter Palin," and was responsible for Sabrina Newman's death. Adam opined that Victor had killed Tony, but Heather told him not to jump to conclusions. Heather implored Adam to stop playing detective, promising him that she would work on the case.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack warned Sharon about the Editors' Letter in the new issue of Restless Style. Sharon told Jack that Nick had already warned her about the letter. Jack sarcastically said that had been "noble" of Nick, and asked Sharon why she didn't tell him that Nick had stopped by. Sharon said that she didn't see the point in bothering Jack about it. She reminded Jack that "far worse" about the Abbotts had been published. Before Sharon left for the Athletic Club, Jack promised her that he would forget about the letter, commenting that very few people would be buying the magazine anyway. After Sharon was out the door, Jack slammed the copy of Restless Style on the coffee table.

Jack called Adam to see if he had changed his mind about writing an exposť about Victor. Adam said that he still didn't want to write the article. Jack verified that Adam still had Victor's Mexican diary, and asked Adam not to show it to anyone else.

Nikki and Victoria had coffee at Crimson Lights. Neil called Victoria to tell her that Newman was having some trouble negotiating a contract with a Singapore company -- Neil said it was because the company, in light of Victor's disappearance, was nervous about Newman Enterprises' future. Victoria told Neil she would come to the office to help him deal with the crisis.

Victoria and Nikki discussed how strangely Victor had acted when he returned from Mexico. Nikki remembered asking Victor if he had murdered Walter Palin.

When Brad approached Nikki and Victoria to say hello, he received less than a pleasant greeting in return -- Nikki accused Brad of having blood on his hands for having encouraged David's gambling habit. Brad countered by telling Nikki that she had married David, against everyone's advice.

Brad and Heather met at the Athletic Club. Heather questioned Brad about how money he had loaned to David Chow ended up in Walter Palin's bank account. When Brad asked Heather if they had located Palin, Heather showed him the post-mortem photo of Walter. Heather told Brad that Walter had been found dead in Mexico, and implied that Brad was somehow involved in Walter's death. Brad told Heather that he wasn't going to answer any further questions unless his attorney was present. Later, Brad desperately tried to get in touch with his lawyer, but learned that he was out of town.

At Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis listened anxiously as Nikki read a review of the new issue of the magazine. The review said that the magazine was "not inspired, but solid." Phyllis called to get the sales figures, and was disappointed when she learned that they were merely "steady." Nick said that he was happy with "steady."

Adam stopped by Newman to beg Neil for a job, but Neil told Adam that he was "crazy." Victoria stopped by and angrily asked Adam what he was doing there. Adam told Victoria that he should be rehired at Newman, saying, "This is a family enterprise. Although Neil is competent, he is a Winters, not a Newman." Adam said that rehiring him at Newman would boost the business world's confidence in the company.

Neil said that Adam might be right -- it would help to have another Newman working at the company. Adam was crushed when Neil suggested that they rehire Nick. Adam reminded Neil and Victoria that he was Victor Newman, Jr., but Victoria said, "You'll always be Adam Wilson to me." She told Adam to leave the building, and warned him that if he showed up again, she would have him thrown out "by the neck."

Back at Restless Style, Nick received a phone call from Victoria, who wanted to see him. After Nick left, Nikki and Phyllis began sniping at each other. Nikki told Phyllis that she didn't like the Editors' Letter that Phyllis had written. When Nikki told Phyllis that she didn't appreciate how Phyllis was treating her son, Phyllis told her to mind her own business -- or Nikki might find herself out of a job.

Jack and Phyllis ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Jack made sure Phyllis knew that he wasn't pleased about the Editors' Letter that trashed him and Sharon. Jack told her that it was only a matter of time before Nick learned about Phyllis' evil side. Jack told a worried Phyllis that he was going to sit back and relax while he watched Phyllis ruin her marriage to Nick.

At Newman, Nick was shocked when Neil and Victoria offered him a job. At first refusing the offer, Nick told them how much Restless Style meant to him. He also expressed concern that Victor might return and resume control of Newman Enterprises. Neil told him that if that happened, Nick could simply quit. Victoria begged Nick -- she told him that, without Newmans at the helm, Newman Enterprises might go under. Neil said that he, Nick, and Victoria could be the ruling triumvirate at Newman.

Adam ran into Nikki at the Athletic Club. Nikki was unpleasantly shocked when he asked for her help obtaining a position at Newman. When Nikki refused, Adam threatened her -- he told Nikki that if she helped him he would "keep quiet" about Victor's trip to Mexico. Nikki told Adam that his mother would be horrified if she knew how Adam had turned out.

Back at Restless Style, Nick told Nikki and Phyllis that he had decided to return to work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki was thrilled. Phyllis acted as if she was happy, but she was clearly not. When Phyllis asked Nick if was going to leave Restless Style, he said that he planned on doing both jobs -- but that he would be spending less time at Restless Style. He implored Nikki and Phyllis, who were shooting daggers at each other, to "work together now, more than ever."

In Heather's suite, a desperate-looking Adam called Jack. Adam held Victor's Mexican diary as he told a thrilled Jack that he had changed his mind -- he was going to help Jack with the exposť about Victor.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gloria told Jeffrey she was off to see how Michael was doing. She said because Jeffrey turned River in, Michael and Lauren were left to look after River's teenage daughter. Jeffrey sarcastically remarked that River had abandoned yet another child. Jeffrey told Gloria he hated that River was still around.

Michael told Lauren that he might have a witness for River's case. He said as long as River kept his mouth shut, they might have a chance. Lauren said it was too late for that. She showed Michael a left wing magazine with an interview with River in it. Gloria showed up and told Michael she was there for him if he needed anything. Michael told Gloria if she wanted to help she could look through the huge stack of papers he had on his desk. As Gloria went through the paperwork, she thought about what could have been if River had never attended the rally. Then Gloria found an article about a man named Howard not accepting a deal that would incriminate River.

Michael went to see River to talk to him about the article. Michael said that he was trying to help, but that River had all the cards stacked against him. River wondered if Michael really believed he was innocent. Michael said it was his job to prove that was true. River said he wanted to hear whether or not Michael believed he was innocent. Michael was interrupted by a phone call, and left.

Nikki and Katherine were having lunch together when Heather interrupted them. Heather asked to speak to Nikki alone. Nikki wondered if it was another desperate plea for Adam. Heather said it was regarding Victor. She asked if Nikki knew anything about the man in the picture. Heather told Nikki that the man in the picture was Walter Palin. She said Walter was the man responsible for the deaths of Sabrina and her unborn baby, and she knew that Victor had followed him to Mexico. Heather said that she also knew that Nikki had followed Victor, and if Nikki knew anything that she wasn't revealing, she'd be an accessory to murder. Heather said that if Nikki didn't tell her anything, she would just go talk to Nick and Victoria. Nikki got angry and told Heather to leave her family out of it. Nikki said that Victor's absence had put too much stress on Nick and Victoria. Nikki said that whoever decided to trash Victor should go straight to hell. Katherine went to Nikki and asked what had happened. Nikki said that she was fine. When Nikki tried to call Victor to warn him, Katherine said it was time Nikki told her what kind of danger Victor was in.

Nikki saw Michael and ran up to talk to him. Michael said that he was sorry, but he was in the middle of something. Howard, the potential witness for River's case, arrived and Michael sat down with him. Howard told Michael about the rally. He said that they had planned on using a fake bomb to scare people, but that River had gone back to make sure that it wasn't used. Howard said that River had been steering away from the group because he had a wife and a little boy. He said that he knew River hadn't set that bomb, and that he'd gone to jail because he wasn't willing to testify against Howard. Howard told Michael he had a business meeting across town. He said to tell River that he said hello. When Michael returned home, Gloria had organized all of his disclosure files. When Gloria showed Michael the document about Howard, Michael told her that the document proved what Howard had told him. Gloria wondered what that meant. Michael said that meant River might not have to spend his life in prison after all.

Jeffrey went to see River in prison. Jeffrey said that River was a fraud, and the sooner he was away from their family, the better. Jeffrey said that it was bad enough that River had abandoned his son, but he'd gone ahead and abandoned his daughter, too. Jeffrey said it was no wonder everyone thought River was guilty.

River made a call to a mystery person. He said that he needed to get out of jail that night.

Karen told Victoria that sales had dropped a lot since the Beauty of Nature name change. Victoria said that consumers were probably confused. Victoria asked Karen if she could watch Reed for a short time while she attended a business meeting. Karen was happy to oblige. When Victoria returned, she told Karen how good she was with children. Victoria asked Karen if she ever thought about having her own child someday. Karen said she didn't think so. Victoria said she didn't have to talk about it, but asked if it had to do with Neil. Karen said she didn't mind talking about it. She told Victoria that she'd decided some time ago that she didn't want to have children. Karen said that she'd lost her mom to ovarian cancer and had found out that she had the same gene. She was afraid she might pass the gene on to her child. Victoria said that it was very noble of her to give up motherhood. Neil arrived and they stopped talking.

Lily told Neil that she'd decided to put herself on a dating website. Neil was worried, especially considering what had happened to Lily previously with Kevin. Lily said that she was being careful. Neil told Lily and Devon that he hoped that things would pick up at Newman when Nick returned. Devon received a letter from Ana saying that she hated school. Devon was determined to talk to Ana and convince her that school was a good thing. When he called the school, they refused to speak with him. They said that it was school policy and that Devon should call Ana's mom. Devon told Lily that there was something about the way they said it that didn't feel right.

Katherine went to see Neil to ask why she was receiving money back for her unused tuition. Neil said that he would call Tyra right away and find out what was going on. Devon called Neil and told him that he wasn't able to reach Ana or Tyra, and that's Ana's school had been reluctant to talk to him.

Friday, October 10, 2008

River called Eden from prison. He told her that it was time for them to put their "plan" into action. Before he hung up, he told her that he was going to get out of prison that night. After he hung up, River retrieved a pill that he had hidden in his sock. He took the pill.

At the Baldwins', Michael was on cloud nine as he told Lauren about Howard Sullivan, the witness who might be able to clear River of the decades-old murder charge. Michael told Lauren that Sullivan believed in River's innocence. He continued to explain that prosecutors had offered Sullivan a deal many years earlier. The authorities would have released Sullivan, who had been in jail on unrelated drug charges, in exchange for Sullivan's fabricated testimony against River. Sullivan turned down the deal, even though it would have meant his freedom, and Michael had a memo that corroborated Sullivan's story.

Later, while Michael was on his cell phone, setting up a meeting with the federal prosecutor to try to set bail for River, Lauren received a call that River had been rushed to Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Lauren and Michael took off to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, the Baldwins learned from Dr. Harris that River had been stabilized, but was still drifting in and out of consciousness. The doctor told them that he was still waiting for the results of some toxicology tests. Michael was reluctant to leave the hospital to go to his meeting with the federal prosecutor, but Lauren convinced him to go.

Michael met with Greg, the federal prosecutor, at the Athletic Club. Michael told Greg about his conversation with Sullivan, and presented Greg with a copy of the memo, in which the lead detective had written to the prosecutor, "Sullivan won't play ball -- scuttle his deal and send him back to prison." Later, Michael was thrilled when Greg called him and let him know that the federal prosecutor's office wouldn't fight Michael if he asked a judge to set bail for River.

At the hospital, Eden showed up to see her father. Lauren updated Eden on River's condition. Eden insisted on seeing River, but the police officer was reluctant to let her into River's room with her bag. Eden insisted the bag merely contained a change of clothes for River. The officer searched the bag and followed Eden and Lauren into River's room.

Lauren and Eden found River ostensibly unconscious, his right hand handcuffed to the bed. Eden played a "sad daughter" act very close to River -- she was actually slipping a bobby pin into River's left hand. When Lauren, Eden, and the officer left, River began picking the handcuff lock with the pin.

Lauren received a phone call from Fen's babysitter -- the sitter was sick and Lauren needed to pick up Fen. Lauren wanted Eden to come with her, but Eden insisted on staying at the hospital.

Later, as Eden was speaking with the officer outside River's room, they heard a loud crash of glass coming from inside the room. The officer rushed into the room, gun drawn, and saw that River was planning to jump out of the window. The officer yelled at River, telling him that he wouldn't survive the fall, but River chose to ignore the advice and jumped. As the officer ran out of the room, Eden began smiling.

Jack and Adam met at a secluded Athletic Club table to discuss their plan to place forged entries into Victor's Mexican diary. Jack told Adam that he had done some research, and had received a recommendation for a forger named Frank Ellis, who, as luck would have it, lived only a short distance away. Jack, who made a big deal about having left his cell phone in his car, used Adam's cell phone to call Frank. Jack, using the name "Victor," told Frank that he wanted to conduct some business with him. Jack and Frank arranged to meet later that day at Crimson Lights.

Later, from the Abbott mansion, Jack called Adam and lied to him -- he told Adam that an emergency had come up and that Adam, not Jack, would need to meet with Frank. Adam was reluctant, but Jack talked him into it, and told Adam to offer the forger a large sum of money.

Adam met Frank on the Crimson Lights patio. Frank called Adam, "Victor." Frank looked at Victor's diary, and told Adam that he would need more extensive handwriting samples in order to add any forged material. Adam told Frank that would be arranged. Adam and Frank were both shocked when Heather stopped by the patio. Frank thought he was being set up, as Heather had unsuccessfully prosecuted Frank in Chicago on a financial fraud charge. Heather asked Adam what he was doing with Frank. As Frank quickly slipped out, Adam lied to Heather, telling her that he thought Frank was an investment banker offering him a job.

Later, Adam called Frank and told him that Heather was his girlfriend, assuring Frank that it wasn't a setup. Frank decided to take the forging job. Adam called Jack to tell him that Frank was in.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria, Neil, and Nick held a joint press conference to announce Nick's return to the company. Nick reminded the reporters that he, Neil, and Victoria had run Newman during the company's most profitable years.

Nick called Sharon and asked her to meet him at Newman. When Sharon arrived, she was surprised to learn that Nick was returning, part-time, to Newman. Nick told Sharon that his first order of business at Newman was to re-launch the Beauty of Nature line -- and he asked Sharon if she wanted to come back to work on the line. Sharon told Nick that she was speechless, and wondered why Nick wanted her back at Newman. Nick told her that Adam's plan to re-package and rename Beauty of Nature as "Newman Infinity" had been a total disaster. Nick said that Newman could rebuild Beauty of Nature around the return of Sharon Newman. Sharon reminded Nick that her name was Sharon Abbott -- and that she would need to discuss the job with Jack before giving Nick a firm decision.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon told Jack about Nick's job offer. At first, Jack seemed somewhat disappointed -- he said that he had hoped he and Sharon could work on a new project together. Later, Jack had a change of heart and told Sharon that he wouldn't stand in the way of this "great opportunity."

After learning that Sharon was going back to work with Nick, Noah asked her if it meant that she and Nick were "getting back together." Noah told Sharon that he had seen her and Nick hugging the other night. Sharon assured Noah that the hug she saw was a "friends' hug," and that her marriage to Jack was solid.

After the press conference, Nikki pulled Victoria into a private office. Victoria told her upset mother that Heather Stevens had questioned her about Victor's recent activities. Victoria was shocked when she learned from Nikki that Victor might have been involved in Walter Palin's death. Victoria asked Nikki to tell her the whole story -- but Nikki wanted to tell her and Nick together.

When Nick joined Nikki and Victoria, Nikki told her children that the Mexican authorities were interested in questioning Victor about Walter Palin's death. Nikki reminded Nick and Victoria that Walter Palin was the man responsible for Sabrina's death. She added that she had asked Victor if he had killed Palin, but Victor had denied any involvement in Palin's death. When Nick wondered why they needed to be concerned about the Mexican authorities, Nikki told him that Heather had somehow gotten Palin's autopsy picture, realized that Victor was in Mexico at the time of Palin's death, and was cooperating with the Mexican authorities trying to solve the case. Nikki told Victoria and Nick that she had tried to contact Victor, but his phone was disconnected. She added that she tried to ask Michael about Victor's whereabouts, but Michael refused to help her, citing "attorney-client privilege."

Nick found Michael at the Athletic Club, and handed him a $100 bill, telling Michael that was his retainer for helping to locate Victor. Nick told Michael that Heather was working with the Mexican authorities who were investigating Walter Palin's death -- and that Victor was a suspect. Nick said they needed to get the information to Victor immediately.

Later, Nick met up with Nikki and Victoria, and told them that all of the numbers Michael had for Victor were disconnected. Nikki said that she had a plan. She informed Nick and Victoria that the police were following her, then added, "How about I take them on a nice wild goose chase?"

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