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Karen explained to Neil that she'd had a hysterectomy. Katherine offered to help Marge. Eden kissed Noah. Jack set it up to appear that Adam had been fully responsible for the forgery of Victor's diary. Heather issued a warrant for Victor's arrest.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 27, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, October 27, 2008

At the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victoria inspected the singed metallic fragment Nikki had mysteriously received, but neither knew what the object could be. Victoria thought the piece looked like a little Jeff Koons egg, which might have belonged to Sabrina. Victoria suggested that Jana might know. Jana confirmed that Victor had indeed given a Koons egg to Sabrina when he proposed. "It was her favorite possession," Jana recalled. "Sabrina's engagement ring was inside the egg," continued Jana. Horrified to hear about the fire and that the police were looking for Victor, Jana said she did not know what meaning the egg was meant to convey or who had sent it. "Let's keep this between us," Nikki pleaded. Jana agreed.

Nikki insisted to Victoria that it was not coincidental that Sabrina's engagement gift had been inside the chateau before Victor burned it to the ground. Victoria did not believe that her father had burned the chateau. "Victor was erratic when he left," Nikki exclaimed. Victoria urged Nikki to go to France. Nikki explained that she could not reach out to Victor because he did not trust her. Victoria seemed distraught. Nikki added, "There might not be a person on this earth Victor could trust right now."

Inside an old stone church, Victor knelt before an altar illuminated with hundreds of burning candles. A priest, who spoke French, gave Victor a card with prayers from the patron saint of childbirth, children, and the falsely accused. Victor lingered at the altar for hours until the priest returned and reminded Victor that it was late. The priest softly said, "You have a place to stay? There's a room off the rectory that is warm and quiet, and no one will disturb you." In the tiny, sparse room, Victor sat on his borrowed bed and prayed the saint's prayer. "Through the infinite goodness of God, you will help me, I most humbly beg thee to intercede for me..." Victor prayed.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jack and Adam's relationship continued to deteriorate. Jack was miffed because Frank Ellis, hired to forge Victor's diary, knew Jack's real name and even had his cell phone number. Adam insisted, "If there's any heat, I won't go down alone." Jack told Adam to deliver the payment to Frank. Adam told Jack to do the honors himself, because it was time Jack met Frank face-to-face. Jack explained that he had business with their publisher. Adam walked away without taking Frank's payment from Jack.

Inside a dimly lit bar, Frank was schmoozing with a lovely date when Jack called and arranged to meet him secretly on the patio at Crimson Lights. Jack added that he had Frank's money ready. Frank agreed, and said, "See you soon." After Jack hung up, he added, "That's what you think." After Frank left his date to meet Jack, the dark-haired woman phoned Jack and said, "Frank's on his way." Jack asked, "Did you get it?" The woman, whom Jack had hired to steal Frank's apartment key, later delivered the key to Jack and took a wad of cash in exchange. The woman assured Jack that she had given Frank a fake name and number. Jack slipped into Frank's apartment and rifled through Frank's belongings.

As Jack continued his search through Frank's belongings, Frank phoned and explained that he had grown impatient after Jack stood him up at the coffeehouse patio. Frank threatened to release the tape with Jack's voice dictating Victor's fake diary. Jack pacified Frank after he promised to do whatever Frank thought was necessary. After Jack hung up, he continued to search for the tape.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Adam later encountered an irritated Frank, who had been waiting for Jack. "You might have just missed Jack," Adam explained as he approached. Frank said, "Your partner is unreliable, and you two make me nervous." Frank threatened to alert the press about Jack and Adam's plot to frame Victor Newman for murder. Adam pleaded with Frank to calm down.

After Jack found the tape in Frank's desk, he rubbed a magnet over the tape and erased his recording. "Good luck playing that back now," Jack remarked as he replaced the tape, and then snuck out of Frank's apartment. Adam called Jack and told him he was at Crimson Lights trying to stall Frank. "Give him the money," Jack instructed. "You have the envelope," Adam noted. "Nope," Jack responded, and he explained that the cash was in the pocket of a beige jacket he had left behind on the patio. Adam plucked the cash out of Jack's jacket pocket, and said, "You're not off the hook. Frank has your voice on tape." Jack played it cool and instructed Adam to thank Frank profusely and tell him to move on.

After Adam gave Frank the money, he demanded that Frank give him the tape because it was their only insurance policy. Frank led Adam back to his apartment. Frank thought he had lost his key, but he entered his apartment with a spare key he kept atop the doorframe. Inside, Frank fetched the tape for Adam. Adam warned that Jack's voice had better be recognizable. "Voice-recognition software should be able to prove it. I think we've got him," insisted Frank. Adam smiled as he pocketed the tape.

Back at Crimson Lights, Jack crept onto the vacant patio and discarded the beige jacket into a trash bin, and then he wiped down Frank's keys and tossed them away. Jack buttoned his coat and scurried away before anyone saw him.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria showed Jana an old photo of herself with Lowell and a young Michael. Gloria, still bitter that Lowell had abandoned her and their young son, also blamed Lowell for Jeffrey's disappearance. A jealous Jeffrey believed that Gloria still carried a torch for Michael's father, since she had offered to help with Eden. Jana insisted to Gloria that she and Jeffrey could work things out. Gloria said, "It's hard to work it out when Jeffrey won't listen." Jeffrey overheard and responded, "Give it a shot." Jeffrey quizzed Gloria about her attachment to Lowell. Gloria told Jeffrey that she had only visited Lowell at the jail when Michael dragged her there. Jeffrey, unconvinced, continued to pout.

Gloria boasted that she had been busy with her plan to take over at Jabot. Gloria explained that Kay, on the verge of signing over five-percent of controlling stock, had experienced more senior moments. "I've been helping her through them," Gloria smugly announced. Jeff chuckled after he heard about Kay's "disappearing" car incident and about how Jill walked in just before Kay signed the contract. Gloria recalled that Jill promptly tore up the stock agreement. Gloria claimed that she could have used Jeffrey's help. "When we joined forces, we were unstoppable," Gloria added. Jeffrey told Gloria that he enjoyed joining forces. With a come-hither look, Gloria lured Jeffrey home.

In their bedroom, Jeff admitted that he was happy to be home. Jeffrey confessed that, thanks to his late brother, William, he had been more successful with his underhanded endeavors. Jeffrey fished under their bed and handed Gloria a note from William, which read, "If anything happens to me, don't let her get away with it." Pretending to be nonchalant, Gloria thrust the note back at her estranged spouse. Gloria insisted that she did not know what the note meant. Jeffrey added that he still had the tainted face cream. Gloria threatened to kick Jeffrey's ass out of her bed and out of her house. Jeffrey assured Gloria that no one would ever know about the caustic cream or the damning letter if she behaved. Jeffrey warned Gloria that if she tried "to screw [him] over," the authorities would get the letter and the cream. Jeffrey threatened Gloria and proclaimed, "You'll stand trial for product tampering or even murder."

While Gloria was out of the bedroom, Jeffrey reached into Gloria's purse and pulled out the old photograph. Jeffrey sighed as he gazed at the photo of young Gloria, Lowell, and Michael. When Gloria returned, Jeffrey was gone. Gloria called out Jeffrey's name as she knocked on the bathroom door. Jeffrey did not respond, and Gloria realized he had left. Gloria noticed that Jeffrey had ripped up the old photograph. Gloria collected the torn bits. "Oh Jeffrey," Gloria sighed, as tears welled up in her eyes. Gloria continued to sob as pieces of the torn photograph fell through her fingers and back onto her empty bed.

At a seedy roadside bar on the edge of Genoa City, a well-dressed Kay stood as she walked in and looked about. "Talk about a blast from the past," Kay observed when she spotted an already drunken Marge. "Well, there you are, my long-lost swanky friend. I didn't think you'd come," responded Marge. Kay returned a cordial greeting. "I owe you my life," Kay announced. Marge laughed off Kay's comment. Kay noted that Marge was drunk, and she asked her look-a-like friend if she were an alcoholic. Marge ignored the question and simply said that she still slung hash in the same old place. Marge told Kay that she had no one else to call for help. Kay admitted she was eager to settle a debt she felt she owed to Marge.

Kay delivered a cup of strong coffee to Marge and insisted she sober up. Marge laughed heartily as she recalled the loss of her signature gold tooth. Noting that she had kept her nails long and her hair blond, Marge explained that looking like Katherine Chancellor had been both a gift and a curse. "I really thought that looking like you was my ticket to the mansion," Marge confessed. Marge flashed back to the day she met Clint Radison at the diner. After quizzing Marge, Clint promised he would turn her into a lady. Marge swore she had not known about Clint's plan to kidnap Kay and force Marge to impersonate her.

At the bar, Marge reluctantly choked down coffee. "This stuff gonna make me sick," Marge cried. Marge and Kay recalled more times gone by, such as their initial dislike for one another. Marge and Kay flashed back to the day years before when Kay scolded Marge for taking over Kay's life. Kay had told Marge she was despicable for robbing her of her family and her home, and then flaunting the anguish she had wrought. "I'd like to see you in hell," Kay had shouted in anger. "You were a spitfire," Marge recalled. "Still am," Kay claimed. Marge brandished her empty glass and ordered another drink.

"Another couple of days and I would have sold every blessed thing in that house of yours right out from underneath you," slurred an inebriated Marge. Kay reminded Marge that she had come through for her in the end. Both women flashed back and recalled the remote farmhouse where Clint Radison had held Kay and Esther hostage while Marge impersonated Kay. In order to aid Kay's escape from Clint, Marge had exchanged clothes with Kay, which had allowed Kay's son, Brock, to rescue her. "Forget about me. Just get going and don't look back," Marge had insisted as she carried out the ruse and pretended to beat the combination to her safe out of Kay. After Kay and Esther had escaped, Kay had told Esther that Marge had saved their lives, and since Clint had used Marge, she was not accountable for his crimes.

As Marge continued to imbibe, Kay told her that Esther, who had been pregnant during the ordeal, had later delivered a healthy baby girl. Kay thanked Marge again and told her she was a decent soul. Worried for her friend, Kay reminded Marge that she should know firsthand about Kay's battle with alcohol and how she beat it. Kay asked, "Is that why you called me tonight?" Marge refused help, but Kay gave Marge her cell number and offered to help every step of the way. Before Kay left, she took away Marge's keys. Marge yelled, "Hey, what are you doing?" Kay paid the bartender for a cab and told him not to serve any more drinks to Marge. "Call anytime, day or night," Kay pleaded. Alone, Marge chugged the rest of her last drink.

Esther showed up at Jabot's boardroom and fretfully told Jill that Kay had not turned up and had missed her appointments. Esther feared that Kay could be in serious trouble. Jill phoned around in search of her mother. Kay walked nonchalantly into the boardroom and explained that she had been with a friend. "Esther and I have been looking everywhere," Jill barked. Jill reminded Kay that she had missed another appointment with her neurologist. Kay told Jill that it was none of her business where she had been. Jill thought Kay's friend was imaginary, but Kay insisted that her friend was real and needed help.

At the bar where Marge waited for a cab, Jeffrey was stunned when he saw Marge stagger drunkenly toward her waiting cab. "Senior moments my ass," Jeffrey exclaimed to himself, "Katherine's drunk!"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adam held the tape of Jack's voice in his hand. He put the tape into the recorder, and heard nothing but static. Adam realized that he'd been had. As he jumped up to leave, Heather asked where he was going in such a hurry. Adam said he'd tell her later. When Adam arrived at the forger's apartment, Adam accused him of erasing the tape. The forger said he knew nothing about it. Together they realized that Jack had set them up.

Sharon told Jack that they needed to start spending more time together. She said that ever since they stopped working at the magazine, she didn't know where Jack was or what he was doing. Sharon said that she knew when her husband wasn't being completely honest with her.

Nick called Phyllis from the airport and told her he was sure that he'd been followed. Phyllis said she was going to wash dishes and go to bed early, not exactly her favorite way to spend her anniversary. Nick said he'd do his best to be home the next day. When Nick hung up the phone, Agent Aguilar approached Nick. Nick said that he thought Aguilar was a Mexican agent, and they were going to Argentina. Agent Aguilar said he would see Nick when they landed. Nick asked Agent Aguilar if he'd ever lost a man. Nick said he'd bet him one hundred dollars that when Nick got off the plane, he could lose Aguilar. Agent Aguilar said to make it two hundred dollars. When the plane landed, Nick grabbed the handcuffs he was holding and locked Agent Aguilar to the seat.

Heather went to Nick and Phyllis' and told Phyllis that she didn't believe Victor was in South America. She suggested that Phyllis and Nick were trying to set them on the wrong trail. Heather asked Phyllis where she thought Nick went when he left her home. Phyllis said probably the airport. Heather said no, he went to Sharon's for a long goodbye. Phyllis said that she was making up a story about nothing. Sharon knocked on the door. Sharon told Phyllis that they had to sign some forms for Noah's trip to Paris, and she was hoping Nick hadn't left yet. Heather told Phyllis that she should be worried about her husband's relationship with his ex. Phyllis said Heather should be worried about her case. Phyllis told Heather that she should leave. Summer came downstairs and told Phyllis she'd been frightened by a bug. Heather realized where Summer might have heard that word. After Heather left, Phyllis called Nick and asked if he had something he wanted to tell her. Nick only said, "Happy anniversary."

Adam went to Jack and played the empty cassette. Jack said that he had no idea what Adam was talking about. Jack acted like nothing had ever happened. He told Adam that they had never worked together. Adam became angry and grabbed Jack just as Sharon walked in. Adam told Sharon that her husband was a snake. Adam said that if the deal went south, he wasn't going down alone; he was taking Jack with him. When Adam left, Jack told Sharon that the incident with Adam was nothing and they should light some candles and have a nice night together. Sharon was furious with Jack and insisted that he was lying to her.

Jeffrey walked in and told Jack that he was sure that their plan was going to work; Katherine was a drunk and would soon be signing over her stocks to them. Sharon stood back and watched. Sharon told Jack that even when her instincts told her he was up to something, she knew how Jack operated. Jack said that he was trying to protect her. Sharon said that all he'd done was put more distance between them. She said that she needed to know the truth. Jack pretended to give in, and he told Sharon that he was mentoring Adam. Jack said that Adam was writing a story and that he'd accidentally erased a dictated tape and blamed Jack for it. Sharon said that she saw right through Jack's story. She said she trusted her instincts, not Jack's lies. Jack told Sharon that she was the most important person in his life. Sharon said no matter how pretty Jack's words were, they didn't match his actions. Sharon got up to leave and Jack asked her not to spoil their evening. Sharon said that she wasn't worried about just one spoiled evening-she was worried about the future of their marriage.

Adam returned to the coffeehouse and listened to the tape recorder. He'd recorded the last conversation he had with Jack.

Gloria told Kevin that Jeffrey still had the face cream. Kevin said that he knew Jeffrey couldn't be trusted. When Jeffrey walked in, Gloria told Kevin she had to go. Jeffrey said that they needed to talk about something. Jeffrey told her that he had seen Katherine at a bar and that she was totally drunk. Gloria realized that Jeffrey still wanted to join forces with her and take over Jabot. Jeffrey said that he knew Gloria still had feelings for River. Gloria said that the only reason she had the picture of River and Michael was because she was going to give it to Michael. Jeffrey didn't care, he said the only thing he and Gloria had together was strictly a business arrangement. Kevin called Gloria again and asked what Jeffrey had done. Gloria said he hadn't turned her in yet. Gloria told Jeffrey she was leaving. Jeffrey said he didn't care where she went.

When Gloria arrived at the coffeehouse, Katherine tripped and Gloria ran to her. Katherine told Gloria to leave her alone. Gloria sat down and told Katherine that it was sad when people fell into their old habits. Katherine wondered how Gloria had found out about her friend's slip. Gloria changed the subject and tried to bring up the issue of the stocks again. Katherine said that she wasn't losing her mind, and she was sick and tired of everyone telling her that she was losing it. Katherine couldn't believe Gloria was trying to bring it up again. Gloria said that Katherine didn't remember; signing over the stock was Katherine's idea. Gloria said that the only way she could even think about letting Katherine sell her the stock was if she was one hundred percent certain that Katherine wanted her to have it. Katherine received a call and Gloria went over to Kevin and Jeffrey. Jeffrey asked Gloria if she'd gotten Katherine to sign over her stock yet. Gloria said that Katherine was no fool; Gloria couldn't rush into anything.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amber met Katherine at Crimson Lights. Katherine had some good news -- she had sent out sample chapters of her memoirs to a publisher friend, and her friend wanted to publish the book. Katherine said all they needed to do was put some finishing touches on the manuscript.

Katherine remembered telling Marge that she was a decent soul -- and that Marge's alcohol problem could be beaten. Katherine told Amber to buy herself a coffee, and, while Amber was gone, Katherine called Marge's cell phone. At a bar, Marge ignored her ringing phone. Katherine left a voicemail asking Marge if she was all right. When Amber returned to the table, she asked Katherine if everything was okay. Katherine confided in Amber that she was concerned about a friend who had a drinking problem.

At Jabot, Katherine and Amber went through some old newspaper clippings, which chronicled Katherine's marriages and many of the charity events that she had hosted. Katherine ran across an article with the headline, "Kidnapped Philanthropist Katherine Chancellor Rescued by Doppelgänger." Katherine, making sure that Amber didn't see, stuffed the article into her pocket. I

Jill arrived, and mistakenly thought that Katherine was going through the clippings in an effort to improve her memory. When Katherine told her that she and Amber were going through the articles in order to finish her memoirs, Jill said that she thought Katherine had given up on that "stupid" book.

Katherine told Jill that she had found a publisher. Jill told her mother that "Katherine Chancellor" stood for class, and that she shouldn't be airing her dirty laundry in public. Jill feared that Katherine would blame Jill for every bad thing that had occurred in Katherine's life. Jill continued pleading with Katherine not to have the book published, to no avail. When Jill left the room, she called the doctor's office and made an appointment for Katherine to see the doctor -- she told the doctor's receptionist that Katherine was "losing it."

Marge was at a seedy bar. Her friend Murphy came in, and told Marge that he had been looking all over town for her. Murphy told Marge that her chronic absenteeism from work might end up getting her fired -- Marge's boss had already put up a "Help Wanted" sign in the window of the diner where Marge waitressed. Murphy told Marge he wanted to sober her up.

At his trailer house, Murphy tried to sober Marge up by giving her coffee. Marge told Murphy that she wanted a little bit of booze to put in the coffee. He told Marge there wasn't any alcohol in his house. Marge told Murphy that he was the only friend she had.

Murphy told Marge that she needed to stop drinking. Marge said that she wanted to, but that she couldn't. Murphy suggested that Marge enter a rehab facility, but she reminded him that treatment at one of those rehabs was very expensive. When Murphy asked Marge if she knew anyone with money, Marge said, "Maybe."

Nick arrived home. Nick and Phyllis had a laugh that Summer had mentioned the "bugs in the house" in front of Heather. Nick said that the Newmans could no longer pretend that they weren't aware of being followed by the authorities. Nick said that his trip to Buenos Aires had still been useful, as it kept the authorities busy and distracted. Nick asked Phyllis about the envelope that Sharon had left. Phyllis told him it contained some additional consent forms that he needed to sign for Noah's trip to France.

Phyllis asked Nick why he hadn't told her that he had visited Sharon before leaving for South America. She said it had been weird having Heather inform her about his visit with Sharon. Nick insisted it was no big deal -- he had just stopped by the Abbott mansion to sign some permission papers for Noah's trip. Nick asked Phyllis if she was jealous of Sharon. Just as Phyllis said that she trusted in Nick's love for her, Sharon knocked at the door.

Nick told Sharon about the Newman family's plan to confuse the authorities about Victor's whereabouts -- he also informed her that the authorities thought that Victor had murdered Walter Palin. When Sharon asked if there was anything she could do, Nick asked her to try to shield Noah from any news about the hunt for Victor. Sharon said that it would be easy to shield Noah from any news, since he was going to France. Sharon left after getting the signed consent forms from Nick.

Phyllis wanted to know why Nick had told Sharon about the Newman's "wild goose chase" plan. When Nick said that he trusted Sharon, Phyllis said, "That makes one of us."

Later, Nick told Phyllis that he was devoted to her, and that all married couples went through "vulnerable moments." He told Phyllis that he couldn't imagine his life without her.

Jill walked into the Jabot boardroom and was very unhappy to see Brad. When she asked Brad what he was doing there, Heather suddenly showed up and told Jill that she had asked Brad to meet Heather at Jabot.

Heather told Jill and Brad that, in light of the fact that both David Chow and Walter Palin were dead, the authorities were dropping all charges against Brad. After Heather left, Brad said that Jill had "thrown him under the bus." Not only had Jill given Cane, rather than Brad, the CEO position at Jabot, but she had also "ratted" Brad out to the authorities. Before he left, Brad reminded Jill that "what goes around comes around," and that Jill would "get hers."

At Crimson Lights, Sharon ignored a phone call from Jack. Brad joined Sharon. Sharon was thrilled when Brad told her that all charges against him had been dropped.

Brad told Sharon that he was lucky that the FBI had dropped the charges -- he had feared that if they did too much digging, they might have found out that Brad was really George Kaplan. Brad took Sharon's hand in his, and told her how much their friendship meant to him. At that moment, Phyllis walked in and observed their handholding. Phyllis said, "I'm glad Jack isn't the jealous type. First you spend time with Nick, then with Brad. I haven't seen you with Jack lately." Phyllis walked away when Sharon said, "Grow up."

Brad asked Sharon how her marriage to Jack was going. Sharon said they were going through a little "rough patch," but that everything would be okay. When Brad began fishing for more information, Sharon said that she didn't want to "muck up" their friendship by discussing her marriage. Before Brad left, he gave Sharon a big hug, which Phyllis observed from across the room.

At Newman Enterprises, J.T. told Nikki and Victoria that all three of the homes on the Newman ranch had been bugged, but that he had the bugs removed, and installed counter-surveillance. Nikki said there had to be another way to help Victor. Victoria's secretary called to tell her that Heather Stevens was there to see them.

Heather told Victoria, Nikki, and J.T. that Victor had never been in South America. Nikki sarcastically said, "He wasn't?" Nick arrived as Heather warned them that the French authorities, as well as Interpol, were involved in the search for Victor, since it appeared as if Victor had torched his French chateau. Heather urged them to get Victor to turn himself in, as the European authorities would treat him more harshly than the American authorities.

After Heather left, Nikki said that she needed to reach Victor. As she quickly left the room, Nikki told her children and J.T. that she had an idea, and needed to make some phone calls.

When Nikki returned, she announced that she had a flight to catch. She told the group that she had come up with a plan, but they needed to trust her -- she had to carry out the plan alone. Nikki refused to say what the plan was. Before she left, Nikki gave Nick a piece of paper with a name on it. She told Nick to set up a meeting between "that person" and Nikki for the next day -- and to make the meeting look like legitimate Restless Style business. Nikki told the kids not to worry about her, and left.

After Nikki left, J.T. volunteered to have her followed. Nick and Victoria found the idea tempting, but decided to pass, as Nikki had asked them to trust her.

On a commercial jet, Nikki took her seat. When a flight attendant asked Nikki if she was flying for business or pleasure, Nikki replied, "It's just one of those things I have to do."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amber and Daniel showed up at a Halloween party and were excited to start partying. Daniel asked Colleen if she was the host of the party. Colleen said no. Chloe and Cane showed. Chloe was dressed as a prom queen and Cane wasn't wearing a costume. Billy came downstairs and welcomed everyone to his party. Kevin told Daniel that they should order as much alcohol as they could, even throw it down the toilet if they had to, just to waste Billy's money. Kevin received a call from Katherine, and Daniel teased him about having an affair with an older woman. Kevin said that life would be easier when Katherine was gone. Amber wasn't happy with Kevin's words. Kevin said he didn't mean it, he just meant that he wanted Katherine out of his hair.

Billy went over to Chloe and told her that the prom queen wasn't supposed to put out before the prom. When Lily showed up at the party, Colleen told her to stop looking over at Cane. Lily received a call from her online friend. Colleen told her to invite him to the party. Billy sent Lily a text back that he was on his way. Billy went up to Lily and teased her about spending all of her time on the phone. Lily said that she'd invited someone to his party. Lily received another text that her online friend was at the party and she should figure out who it was. Lily imagined that it was Cane. When Cane actually came up to Lily, Billy gave him a dirty look. Lily thought for a moment that it was Cane, but when she mentioned something about Sonny Crawford, Cane knew nothing about it. Lily was upset and ran off.

Eden walked into the coffeehouse and saw Noah. She asked him what he was up to. Noah said nothing. Eden grabbed his hand and said that he was coming with her. Eden had Noah put on a Halloween mask and they tried to enter the party. The doorman stopped them. They went back to the coffeehouse and talked. Eden said that they were just going through a growing up phase. She said that her father seemed to understand, but not Noah's father, Nick. Noah said it was because he had lost a sister. Noah told Eden that he should go home. She kissed him goodbye and ran off.

When Victoria walked into Nick's house, she felt a draft through the door. Victoria told Nick that she couldn't stop thinking about her parents. Nick said that Victor was missing out on all the great memories of their children. Victoria was happy that their children were too young to realize what was going on. Victoria told Nick that one thing about Victor's letter to Nick was right-he was an amazing father. Nick said that they both had amazing children. They talked about the Halloweens they shared when they were children. When Victoria mentioned missing Sabrina, a picture fell down and scared everyone. It was a picture of the Newman family. When Nick, Phyllis, and J.T. went trick-or-treating, Victoria was left alone in the house with Reed. She thought she saw a shadow on the wall. When Nick, Phyllis, and J.T. came back, Victoria told them she had thought she saw a woman walking by. Victoria got scared when she saw the rattle Sabrina had given her on the floor. Phyllis said it was probably nothing. Victoria and J.T. went home. When Phyllis and Nick went upstairs, a shadow fell on the picture of the Newman family. Sabrina's voice whispered Victor's name.

Neil told Karen about a particularly memorable Halloween when Lily dressed up like a ballerina just like her mother. Karen called Olivia on the phone and asked to see her. When Karen met Olivia at Indigo, Karen wondered if Olivia had said anything to Neil about her condition. Karen was surprised that Neil had backed off on the idea that he wanted to have children. Olivia said that Neil was a sensitive man, and he would back down on the children idea if he knew it would make Karen uncomfortable. When Tyra and Ana showed up, a police officer asked Tyra if she and Ana came to the party as twins. He said there was no way she could be Ana's mother. Although Neil told Tyra that it was a compliment, Tyra didn't like what the officer had said.

Neil went up to Karen and asked her if she wanted to turn in early. Karen said that she wanted to stay at Indigo. Karen said that she needed to tell Neil something he deserved to know. She told Neil about her mother's battle with cancer. She said that watching her mother waste away was one of the worst things she'd had to go through in her life. Karen said when she was in her twenties, she'd heard that she was a carrier of the ovarian cancer gene. Karen told Neil that she had a hysterectomy so she would never have cancer, but that also meant that she would never have children. She said no matter how much she loved him, she would never be able to give him a child. Neil said that he knew she was brave and strong, but she blew him away. Karen said that Neil had a decision to make, and he needed to understand what it was that he was giving up if he committed to her.

Friday, October 31, 2008

In the Jabot boardroom, Jill's secretary advised her that a meeting regarding a possible merger had been moved up one hour. Jill was surprised, as she had already rejected the proposed merger. The secretary informed Jill that Katherine had set up the meeting. An angry Jill called Katherine and ordered her to come to Jabot immediately.

When Katherine arrived, Jill reminded her that Chancellor Industries wasn't interested in the merger. Jill reminded her mother that it was Jill's duty to watch over the company, and that she had cancelled the meeting. Jill said that Katherine was acting oddly, but Katherine insisted that she was fine. Jill gave Katherine an ultimatum -- either she would see the chief of neurology at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, or Jill would take a petition declaring Katherine incompetent to the company's board of directors.

An angry Katherine told Jill that she had a lot of nerve trying to oust her from Chancellor Industries. Jill said that she was doing it out of concern for Katherine, but Katherine didn't believe her. Katherine felt that Jill was trying to push her aside so that Jill could get complete control of Chancellor. Jill told Katherine that there was something seriously wrong with her, and reminded her that, several days earlier, Katherine had thought that Phillip, who had been dead for 30 years, was still alive. As Jill became teary-eyed, Katherine applauded Jill on her "performance." Jill said that if word leaked out that Katherine was having memory lapses, unscrupulous people might try to take advantage of her. Very calmly, Katherine told Jill that if she presented the petition to the board of directors, Katherine would fire Jill.

Later, Jill overheard Katherine speaking to Marge on the phone. Marge was calling from a seedy bar, and told Katherine that she needed her help to conquer her alcoholism. Katherine told Marge that she would help her. Jill retreated into the boardroom, called someone, and said, "Katherine refuses to listen to reason. We may have to force her to cooperate."

At Crimson Lights, Heather told Adam that her office had learned from an informant that excerpts from Victor's Mexican diary were about to be published in a magazine. Heather said that the handwriting was in the process of being authenticated, and that, in the diary, Victor had confessed to murdering Walter Palin. When Heather left, an anxious Adam called Jack.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack ignored Adam's call. Sharon joined Jack and wondered why he hadn't answered his phone. When he didn't reply, Sharon told him that she was finding it harder and harder to stay married to someone who didn't trust her. Sharon asked why Jack was spending so much time speaking to, and meeting with, Adam. Jack immediately lied, and told her that he was just trying to help Adam find a new job. Sharon told Jack that she didn't believe him, and walked away.

Adam met with Jack and repeated the information that Heather had given him -- that "some magazine" was about to publish Victor's diary, and that the district attorney's office was in the process of obtaining excerpts from the diary. Jack tried to reassure Adam that it was not a problem -- in fact, it was good news. Jack said that, if the magazine was about to go to press with the diary, it meant that they had authenticated that the handwriting was Victor's. Adam said that he wanted to "stick it to Victor," but was afraid that the authorities might discover that Victor's "confession" to Palin's murder was a forgery. Jack told Adam to relax -- even if the authorities discovered the forgery, they could never link it to Jack or Adam.

Later, Jack told Adam that he had spoken with Robert, the magazine's publisher, and had confirmed that the magazine's legal department had determined that the diary was authentic. Jack added that the magazine, the Sophisticate, was already printing a special issue featuring the diary, and that it was hitting the newsstands the next day. Adam was thrilled -- not only about the money, but also about getting revenge on his father.

In her office, Heather was trying to get more information on the diary when Sharon stopped by. Sharon asked Heather if she knew why Adam and Jack were spending so much time together. Heather said that Adam had told her that Jack was mentoring him. When Sharon asked if she thought it was odd that Jack and Adam had suddenly became friends, Heather told Sharon that she didn't think Jack was trustworthy. Sharon snapped back, telling Heather that she didn't think Adam was trustworthy. An associate of Heather's stopped by with a large envelope. Heather examined the contents. From across the room, Sharon could see Victor's name printed in large letters on the outside of the envelope.

A few moments later, Heather's associate returned with yet another envelope. He said it contained the "diary facsimile." When Heather told Sharon that she had to end their chat, Sharon asked if she could use Heather's phone to call Noah. A slightly suspicious Heather told her that she could, if Sharon made it a brief conversation. When Heather left her office, Sharon called someone using Heather's phone. Impersonating Heather, Sharon said, "This is Heather Stevens. I need more copies of the diary facsimile right away. Just leave them on top of my filing cabinet." Sharon left Heather's office.

Sharon hid in the hallway. When she saw that the requested copies had been delivered, she sneaked into Heather's office, grabbed one copy from the top of the pile, put it in her purse, and left.

Later, several of Heather's associates gathered in her office. Heather informed them that an international warrant had been issued for Victor's arrest. As the group left the office, Heather eyed the pile of papers on top of her filing cabinet.

At Crimson Lights, Adam saw Heather and the FBI agent looking over some documents. Before he left, the FBI agent told Heather what a good job she had done. She ran into Adam, and told him about Sharon's visit. When Heather asked what he and Jack were up to, Adam said that he was working on a "little project" -- and that Jack was helping him get it off the ground. Heather said that, for a Harvard man, Adam was naïve to think that she believed that story. As Heather began to leave, Adam stopped her and said that he was thinking about their future. Heather told Adam that if he didn't clean up his act, they might not have a future.

From a hotel suite in London, Nikki called someone and said, "Of course it's important. I wouldn't have crossed the Atlantic if it wasn't. You really need to help me. Please meet with me."

Victor was in his room at the French chapel. The priest stopped by to invite Victor to share a meal with him. Victor told the priest that he appreciated the offer, but that he preferred to be by himself. After the priest left, Victor began to pray. He asked God to lift him out of his depression.

The priest called Nick, who was in his office at Newman Enterprises. The priest told him that a deeply disturbed man, who might be Victor Newman, was staying at a chapel in France. The priest said that he couldn't confirm it was Victor, but that he had seen Victor's picture in the newspaper, and felt that he should try to get in touch with a member of Victor's family. The priest said that he was torn about betraying Victor's confidence, but Victor's soul was tormented. Nick was thrilled to learn that Victor was, physically at least, all right. He asked the priest where the chapel was located. The priest told Nick exactly where the chapel was.

Later, after talking to the priest about how God could let such horrible things happen to Sabrina and his unborn child, Victor packed his bag and left the chapel.

Nick called Nikki to tell her about the call from the priest. When Nick suggested that Nikki go to France, she said that there would be no point to that, as Victor would refuse to see her. Nick asked his mother about her plan. She told him that she would fill him in if the plan worked. She asked Nick to trust her -- and added that there was only one person who could possibly reach Victor.

Later, Nick and Sharon read the section of the forged diary in which Victor confessed to murdering Walter Palin.

Nikki stared pensively out the window of her London hotel room. There was a knock at the door. Nikki opened the door to Ashley Abbott, saying, "Ashley! I'm so glad you're here."

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