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Neil and Karen got engaged. Ashley and Victor made love. Nick and Sharon shared a kiss in Paris, while Phyllis secretly watched. Jill and Nikki saw Marge's dead body and assumed that it was Kay; however, Kay was still alive.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, November 10, 2008

In Nick's hotel suite in Paris, Phyllis discovered that her cell phone would not work, so she left a note for Nick to meet her at the Pyramide du Louvre. Phyllis met with French model Juliette for a photo session set up in the Louvre's courtyard. Juliette posed in various stylish fashions for a future cover for Restless Style. Phyllis was disappointed after Nick failed to show up at the shoot, and Juliette was sorry she had not met Nick. After the shoot was finished, Juliette offered to give Phyllis a lift to her hotel, but Phyllis insisted that she would rather walk and enjoy the sights of Paris.

After Sharon and Nick toured the Musée du Louvre, they strolled through the Tuileries Gardens. Sharon surprised Nick when she admitted she had never visited Paris. Nick insisted that he and Sharon tour a few of his favorite Paris highlights and enjoy dinner. While they dined, Sharon and Nick discussed Victor, and Nick told Sharon that Nikki had sent Ashley to search for his father. Nick added that he hoped Ashley could get through to Victor.

Nick told Sharon that he felt "normal" with her, and Sharon said she felt the same way with him. Sharon added that they had weathered Victor's disappearances before, and they would this time as well. Nick whisked Sharon away to show her more of Paris.

While Nick and Sharon enjoyed the sights of Paris from a bateau-mouche on the Seine River, strains of an accordion player's rendition of "La Vie En Rose" reminded Sharon of a long-held dream. Nick smiled when Sharon said she had watched old movies set in Paris and had fantasized about hearing the familiar love song when she and Nick visited Paris together someday. Sharon rubbed her hands together to warm them, so Nick took Sharon's hands in his.

Near Notre Dame Cathedral, Ashley spotted a stoic Victor. Ashley ran to Victor and embraced him warmly. Victor expressed no emotion and asked, "What are you doing here?" Ashley explained that she had spoken to Father Dominique at the church. Ashley added that she knew where to search after she discovered the prayer card of Saint Raymond that Victor had left behind.

Ashley asked Victor if he had searched for solace at the church. Victor responded, "What if I told you that I was guilty as sin?" Ashley insisted that Victor was not guilty because she knew him too well to believe that. Ashley admitted that Nikki believed that Victor had killed Walter Palin.

Ashley followed Victor as he walked over a bridge above the Seine River. Ashley pleaded with Victor to talk about his grief. After Victor nearly collapsed, Ashley led Victor to a nearby café and ordered a meal. Victor ate after Ashley begged him to take one bite. After Victor ate, he paid the tab. Ashley noticed that Victor looked stronger after he had eaten.

Victor ordered Ashley to leave and not tell anyone that he was in Paris. Ashley reminded Victor that many people loved him, including his children. Victor ran along the wharf near the Seine, and Ashley followed. Ashley told Victor that she knew he had loved Sabrina dearly when she had seen them together at their wedding. Victor admitted that he "went after the scum" who had murdered Sabrina, and that he'd even prayed, but nothing eased his pain.

Victor said that losing Sabrina and the baby had made him feel just as alone as he had the day his mother had left him at the orphanage. Ashley told Victor that if he gave up, she would lose the close relationship they had shared for many years. Ashley embraced Victor and told him that he was not alone. Victor enveloped Ashley in his arms and kissed her on the lips.

Eden and Noah visited Hemingway's favorite Parisian bookshop. Eden thought about her Parisian-born mother and wondered if her mother had visited the same bookshop. Noah and Eden later strolled though the Père Lachaise Cemetery, where Eden begged Noah to snap her photo as she stood near Jim Morrison's grave. Eden explained that her father had loved Morrison and his rock group, the Doors. Noah mentioned that he would like to meet Eden's father. After Eden hotly nixed the idea, Noah was confused. Eden's temper softened, and she explained that her father was in jail.

Kevin returned to the coffeehouse with Katherine's purse and the $75,000 in cash Katherine had intended to pay for Marge's stint in alcohol rehab. Kevin recalled that Katherine had sworn him to secrecy about returning the money to her at the mansion, and he was puzzled after no one answered the door. Kevin became annoyed after Daniel and Amber questioned him about the money. When Amber asked if Jana was at home, Kevin blasted, "No, she's gone," as a response.

After Kevin retreated to the storeroom, Amber noted that Kevin's response reminded of her the man who had answered Katherine's cell phone. Amber told Daniel that when she had asked the man about Katherine, he had gruffly responded, "She's gone." Daniel sighed, but Amber was convinced that Kevin might be involved with Katherine's mysterious disappearance.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill, Nikki, and Esther worried about Katherine. Jill showed a police detective a photo of the missing Katherine and pleaded with the officer to keep his investigation quiet. Jill explained that the public could not know that Katherine had been drinking and driving. After the police officer left, Jill blamed booze for Katherine's recent episodes of confusion. Nikki checked the call log on Katherine's cell phone.

Nikki first phoned Amber and learned that she had not seen Katherine. Amber mentioned the man who had answered Katherine's cell phone. Jill theorized that the man was the bartender. Nikki only told Amber that Katherine had lost her phone. When Nikki phoned Kevin, he lied that he had gone to meet Katherine at home to check problems with her computer. Kevin added that Katherine had not been at home when he'd stopped by. After Jill and Nikki left to search for Katherine, Esther prayed for Katherine's safe return.

Amber fretted about the reason Kevin was meeting with Katherine. Kevin finally admitted that the meeting had never taken place. Kevin ordered Amber to leave him alone, but he later apologized. Amber and Daniel left to search for Katherine. Kevin returned to the storeroom and fondled the stacks of money in Katherine's purse. Kevin admitted that he could think of seventy-five thousand things to do with the money, but he stuffed the cash back into Katherine's purse and said, "Where are you, Mrs. Chancellor?"

As Katherine drove Marge to a rehabilitation facility during a rainstorm, Marge worried about the weather and begged Katherine to turn back because she had not said goodbye to her friend, Murphy. Katherine assured Marge that she could phone her friend from the facility. Suddenly, the headlights of an oncoming car blinded Katherine and forced her BMW off the road. After the accident, Katherine's crumpled car finally stopped on a rocky surface under thick trees. Inside the car, faintly lit by the console lights, a bloodied hand with five perfectly polished, manicured nails reached out and grasped the dashboard.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ashley continued to follow Victor. Victor finally gave in and stopped to wait for Ashley. Ashley ran into his arms and Victor kissed her. They went up to Ashley's hotel room and made love. Victor told Ashley that he was glad that she hadn't let him push her away. He said that Ashley had made him feel alive again. Ashley said that everything they'd been through together would make Victor strong again. When Ashley fell asleep, Victor got up. Ashley wondered if he was leaving.

Phyllis wondered why she hadn't been able to reach Nick. She decided to take a stroll though Paris. She ate French pastries and enjoyed the sights. She smiled at a happy couple strolling across the bridge.

Meanwhile, Nick and Sharon happily enjoyed a carefree stroll through Paris. Nick insisted that they try to see as much as they could before Sharon had to return home. Sharon was impressed when they saw the Mona Lisa. As they drifted on a bateau mouche, they talked about dreams they once had. Sharon said that things didn't always turn out the way people imagined.

When they got off the bateau mouche, Sharon saw a merry-go-round and started crying. She told Nick that she wished Cassie could have been there. Nick pulled Sharon close to him to hug her. Sharon thanked Nick for all he had shared with her. When Sharon shivered from the cold, Nick pulled Sharon close to him. He looked into her eyes and started kissing her. Phyllis walked up to the bridge and saw them. Phyllis couldn't believe her eyes; she turned away and ran back to her room. She frantically packed her things and dashed out of the hotel room.

Sharon pulled away from Nick and said they had to stop. Nick said that it felt "so right." Sharon said that she wouldn't be the other woman. She said she could never forget how heartbroken she had been that he'd chosen Phyllis over their marriage.

Noah told Eden that his father had also been arrested. Eden said that her father was innocent. She said that she knew her father would get out of the mess he was in, but she didn't know when. Eden and Noah decided to go check out Jim Morrison's grave. Eden wondered if Noah thought she was weird to want to hang out in a cemetery. Noah said it wasn't that strange.

Noah said he enjoyed going to the cemetery in Genoa City to see Cassie. Noah said that sometimes it hit him that she wasn't there anymore. He admitted that was why his parents had split up. Noah looked at Eden and started kissing her. They were interrupted when three guys started confronting Noah and Eden. They pulled off Eden's necklace and grabbed her. Eden struggled and ran away. A policeman showed up and blamed Noah for everything.

Esther was distraught at the thought that Katherine was missing and might have been drunk somewhere. Esther was thankful that Chloe and Cane were there to comfort her. Cane appreciated that Chloe was concerned about her mother.

Amber and Daniel decided to go to Katherine's to see if anyone knew where she was. Chloe answered the door and was surprised Amber hadn't heard that Katherine had gotten drunk and taken off somewhere. Amber had a hard time believing that Katherine had fallen off the wagon. Suddenly Esther screamed. She had received a message about Katherine.

Esther called Nikki and Jill, who had been driving around looking for Katherine. Esther told them that a rehab facility had sent Katherine a fax about not showing up. Nikki and Jill suddenly saw a broken-down guardrail and stopped the car. Jill called Cane and said they'd called the police to check it out. Jill and Nikki got out of the car and went down the hill in search of Katherine. They found Katherine lying there, lifeless. Jill called Cane to tell him the horrible news. Esther broke out in tears.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe, Cane, Esther, and Jill were still stunned by Katherine's death. Jill broke down when she began calling Billy to break the news to him. Cane called Billy, who was at Crimson Lights with Lily, and told his brother the bad news.

Cane thanked Chloe for being nice to both Jill and Esther -- he said that it meant a lot to him. Chloe told Cane to let her know if there was anything she could do. As Cane began talking about how much Katherine had meant to him, he and Chloe hugged. Billy and Lily arrived just in time to see them hugging. Lily seemed to realize that Cane and Chloe were growing closer.

Billy told Jill he thought that Katherine had stopped drinking many years earlier. Jill told Billy that perhaps she'd driven Katherine to drink because of her constant nagging. Jill fretted that Katherine's last thoughts might have been of Jill trying to get rid of her.

Chloe took Esther a cup of tea and told her mother that she realized how much Katherine and Esther had meant to each other. Chloe apologized for ever acting embarrassed that Esther was "just" a maid. Chloe said that she'd always wanted Esther to have a better life -- because she loved Esther very much. Lily consoled Cane, telling him that she knew what it was like to lose a close relative.

Jack called Sharon in Paris. He became angry when he heard Nick's voice in the background. When Jack asked what Nick was doing there, Sharon told Jack that it was a bad time for her to talk and hung up on him. A livid Jack threw a remote control across the room. "John" appeared and told Jack that he should be angry with himself -- not with Sharon. When Jack complained that Sharon had lied to him, John said that Jack was really to blame.

Billy called Jack and told him that Katherine had died in an accident. John said that he'd always thought Katherine would live forever. He reminded Jack that one had to cherish the people in one's life, because one never knew when one might lose them.

Nikki went to the Hellstroms' and told Victoria that Katherine had been killed in a car accident. Nikki blamed herself for Katherine's death, saying that she had been so involved with her own "disasters" that she had stopped being a real friend to Katherine. Victoria told Nikki that everything that went wrong in the world was not Nikki's fault. Not listening to Victoria, Nikki said that she was also responsible for David's and Sabrina's deaths. She cried, "All that blood is on my hands."

Nick and Sharon were shocked to learn that Noah had left the tour with a girl named Eden. The tour guide told them Noah had sworn that they were leaving the tour to meet up with Nick and Sharon. Nick and Sharon were disgusted that the people who ran the tour hadn't verified Noah's story before they allowed Noah to "roam around in a strange city with some girl" they didn't know. Nick said he was going to "sue someone's ass."

Nick promised Sharon that they would find Noah. Nick's phone rang. A French police officer was calling to tell Nick that Noah was all right -- but was in a French jail. After learning the jail's location, Nick and Sharon went to get their son.

At the jail, Noah was thrilled to see his parents. Nick and Sharon explained to the French officer that Noah was normally a "good kid." The officer told Nick and Sharon that Noah had been charged with defacing property and disturbing the peace. Noah explained that he and Eden had been in a cemetery, visiting Jim Morrison's gravesite, when a gang of thugs had attacked them. Noah said that he had just been defending Eden and himself, and that the property damage was minimal.

The officer said that he tended to believe Noah, as gangs often roamed around that graveyard, preying on innocent American tourists. Nick said that he would pay for any property that Noah had damaged. Just as the officer left to speak to his supervisor, a relieved Eden ran in and hugged Noah. Sharon and Nick recognized Eden as "the young lady who was dancing with Noah at that party."

Nick told Sharon, Noah, and Eden that they were going to return to Genoa City together. When Nick asked for Eden's parents' phone number, she informed him that her mother was dead and that her father was in prison. Eden told Nick that her brother, Michael Baldwin, a "big-shot lawyer," was her guardian.

Nick called the Baldwins. Speaking to both Lauren and Michael on speakerphone, Nick told them that Noah and Eden had gotten themselves in a little bit of trouble in Paris -- Noah had been arrested, and Eden had spent the night on her own. Michael was relieved when Nick said he would see that Eden returned safely to Genoa City.

Michael spoke to Eden privately -- and read her the riot act for what she had done. Michael said that Lowell had trusted him with Eden's life, and she had gone and done something stupid. Eden began to cry. Michael backed down a little and told Eden to listen to Nick and Sharon. After getting off the phone, Eden hugged Noah as Nick and Sharon looked on.

Jack called Sharon and told her that Katherine was dead. A stunned Sharon told Nick, Noah, and Eden.

Back home at the tack house, Phyllis recalled seeing Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris. Jack called Phyllis to tell her that Katherine had died. Phyllis, in turn, called the Baldwins to inform them of the bad news.

Victor and Ashley woke up in Ashley's Paris hotel room after a night of lovemaking. They decided to walk around the streets of Paris. Victor asked Ashley to stay with him in France.

Later, Victor and Ashley returned to Ashley's room. As Ashley scanned the front page of the newspaper, she saw a picture of Victor under the headline, "Billionaire Admits Murder In Diary." Victor saw that Ashley was bothered by something, and once again asked her if she would stay with him in Paris. Ashley handed him the newspaper and pointed out the headline.

Ashley told Victor that before she could even consider staying with him, he needed to go back to Genoa City to see the people who loved him and to take care of the business about the diary. Victor said that he had never kept a diary. When Ashley once again urged Victor to return to Genoa City, Victor said, "I don't ever want to set foot in that town again."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adam asked Heather if she could get him out of his interview with the FBI. Heather said he'd already put her in a compromising position when he'd told her he'd found the diary. Heather said the FBI would probably want to know what Jack's role had been in helping Adam sell the diary. Adam said that Jack had only helped him publish the book. Heather knew that Jack had been more involved. She mentioned their trip to Mexico.

Adam admitted that Jack was the first person he had gone to when he'd found the diary. Heather said to tell the FBI everything he'd said to her. The FBI asked Adam how he'd met the publisher. Adam admitted that Jack had introduced him but only had general knowledge of the diary. The FBI asked Adam to sign a statement authorizing the veracity of his story. Adam signed it. When the FBI left, Adam saw Frank, the man who had forged Victor's diary, walk away in handcuffs. Adam called Jack and told him to meet him at Crimson Lights right away.

When Adam met Jack at Crimson Lights, Jack said that Frank had been arrested for something else. Adam was relieved. Adam said that the only thing left to worry about was Jack's wife. Adam said that Sharon had been asking Heather questions about them.

Heather told Paul that she was engaged to Adam. Heather said that if Paul wanted to be a good father, he'd better accept it. Paul said he was happy for his daughter. Heather was surprised that Paul was being so supportive. Paul said he knew they had been through a lot, and he was happy if she was. When Adam walked in, Paul congratulated Adam. Adam was surprised that Paul gave them his blessing.

Jack offered his condolences to Esther and told her to do the same for Jill and Cane. As Jack was leaving, he ran into Phyllis. Jack asked Phyllis if she'd known that Nick and Sharon were together in Paris. Phyllis said she knew. When Jack asked more questions, Phyllis said she needed to talk to Esther. When Phyllis returned home, Jack was waiting in Phyllis' apartment. He said when they had been married, she'd always left the key under the mat and still did.

Jack said that he knew Phyllis knew something was going on between Nick and Sharon. He said that he'd returned home from New York City and found them in each other's arms. Phyllis told Jack to get out of his house. After she slammed the door, she began throwing things around the room. When Nick returned home, he kissed Phyllis hello. He said he wanted to forget Paris; he was just very glad he was home.

When Nick, Sharon, and Noah arrived at Sharon's house, Sharon hugged Nick goodbye and thanked him for their wonderful day in Paris. When Jack returned home, he asked Sharon how her trip had been in Paris. Sharon said that it had been fine. Jack offered to fix Sharon something to eat, but she said she'd rather just go home and pack.

Victor told Ashley that he didn't want her to go. Victor said that he wanted them to be together. Ashley said that she had to go to Katherine's funeral. Victor said he would never go back to Genoa City. Ashley said if Victor went back with her, he wouldn't be alone. Victor couldn't face going back to his family or the authorities.

Victor asked Ashley if she believed in his innocence. Ashley said she wouldn't justify that with an answer. Ashley said that she'd always loved Victor, and she probably always would. She said she had to go back to Genoa City, and even though she wanted him to go back with her, she couldn't force him. Victor said Ashley was beautiful, turned around, and walked away. Ashley returned to her hotel in Paris. As she was leaving, Victor was at the door. Ashley asked if Victor was going to Genoa City with her.

Karen sympathized with Neil on the loss of his friend Katherine. She said that sometimes a death made a person appreciate life more. Neil said that was why they should marry. Karen admitted that she was afraid to leave Neil a widow. Ana showed up at the coffeehouse with Tyra and Gil. Ana said they had gone out for ice cream.

Neil told Tyra that she shouldn't rush into things with Gil. Karen said that Gil might be understanding about Tyra not being Ana's real mother. Neil said she should still take it slowly. Karen thought Neil was being a little harsh with Gil. She said that Gil seemed like a nice guy. Neil said he was just trying to protect his family. Karen realized that life was too short, and she should live for the moment. She told Neil she wanted to get married.

Amber was devastated by the loss of Katherine. Daniel begged her to get up. Daniel told Amber that Mrs. Chancellor had once told him that she had seen herself in Amber. Amber said that was because she had been a little bit of a wild child. Daniel wondered what Katherine would say if she saw Amber wallowing. Amber knew Katherine would want her to get back on her feet.

Amber realized that she could print Katherine's memoirs. Amber got on the phone with the publishers and offered them an exclusive of Katherine's memoirs. Daniel showed Amber a picture he'd drawn of Katherine. Amber was touched. When Amber went to Jill and told her that she was going to publish Katherine's memoirs, Jill was furious. Jill said that the memoirs belonged to her. Jill told Amber to get out.

As Jill prepared for the funeral, she was deciding what to say. Nikki appeared and suggested that they recite a heartwarming poem. Jill told Nikki they didn't need her help. Nikki told Jill that the flowers had been taken care of. Jill said she'd already taken care of it. Jill wondered why Nikki would think she knew Katherine better than her own family. Jill told Nikki that she, not Nikki, was Katherine's daughter.

The priest asked Jill and Nikki if they would like to see Katherine. When they saw her, Nikki told Jill she was there if she needed her. When Jill was alone with Katherine, she asked if Katherine could ever forgive her for letting her down. Jill couldn't believe she hadn't known that Katherine had started drinking again. Jill wished she'd been a better daughter to Katherine. She said that despite all the things they had put each other through, she knew that Katherine had loved her.

When Nikki was alone with Katherine, she talked to her about their lifelong friendship. Nikki said if it weren't for Katherine, she wouldn't have been there to say goodbye. She said she would have drunk herself to death. It killed her that after everything Katherine had done for her, Nikki hadn't been there for her at the end.

Nikki said that she would never forgive herself for not realizing that Katherine had been fighting the demons to drink. Nikki felt that if she had been less self-absorbed, maybe she would have seen what Katherine had been going through. Nikki said Victor was right; all she did was cause pain for people. Nikki said that everything inside her was dead. She would never have her dear friend to help her find the way.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wandering through the chapel, Marge's ghost looked around and assumed she was at her own funeral. She wondered who had bought the lush casket, but she assumed that Murphy had taken up a collection. She hoped that her regular diner customers would show up for the service.

At the Abbott mansion, Noah left for school. After he was gone, Jack asked Sharon how things were going with Noah. Sharon snapped that she didn't need his help with Noah -- that she and Nick would handle their son.

Jack complained that Sharon hadn't been forthcoming about being in Paris at the same time as Nick. She told Jack that she didn't have anything to hide. When Jack tried to hug Sharon, she pushed him away and walked out of the room.

Dina Abbott Mergeron, who was Traci, Jack, and Ashley's mother, arrived at the mansion with Traci -- they were in town to attend Katherine's funeral.

When Dina, Traci, and Sharon went upstairs to freshen up for the funeral, an FBI agent knocked at the door. The agent told Jack that his name had been mentioned during a murder investigation -- the authorities wanted to meet with Jack to discuss his involvement with Victor Newman's diary. Jack suggested they meet the next day, as he was on his way to a funeral. When the agent left, Sharon asked Jack who the man was. Jack lied and told Sharon it was someone who had gone to the wrong address.

At the tack house, Nick told Phyllis that, according to Estella, Nikki was a mess. After discussing how nice their lovemaking the previous evening had been, Nick told Phyllis that he wished that she had joined him in Paris. Phyllis pointedly commented, "That will teach you to go to Paris with your ex-wife." Phyllis then said that she was joking, adding, "The one thing I don't doubt is our commitment to each other -- right?"

Phyllis was upset when Nick received a call from Sharon. While Nick and Sharon were speaking, Daniel and Amber showed up. When Phyllis somberly told them about Noah's antics in France, Daniel said, "Good for Noah," but then promised Nick he wouldn't tell Noah how much Noah's antics had impressed him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe, Billy, and Cane showed up. Jill asked Chloe if she could have time alone with her sons. Jill told Cane and Billy that Chancellor Industries needed to show stability during the difficult time -- therefore, she was appointing herself chairman of the company's board of directors. She added that, for the time being, she wasn't going to give up her position as CEO at Chancellor.

Jill told the boys that she needed them to be her "right and left hands." When Billy asked for a high-profile job at Chancellor, Jill said he would get one -- but it wasn't the right time. Cane seemed annoyed that Billy was discussing business just hours before Katherine's funeral.

Katherine's son Brock showed up at the mansion. He hugged Jill and Billy and was introduced to Cane. When Brock referred to Chloe as "little Kate," Chloe told him that she no longer went by that name. After Billy, Cane, and Chloe left for the funeral chapel, Jill told Brock that she blamed herself for their mother's death. Brock told Jill that it wasn't her fault. Brock looked around and said that the mansion would never be the same without the Duchess.

Nikki, J.T., and Victoria were shocked to see Ashley at the Athletic Club. Nikki rushed over and asked Ashley if, while in France, she had located Victor. Ashley told Nikki that Victor was none of Nikki's concern anymore. Before going upstairs to her room, Ashley said it would be best if Nikki moved on.

At the funeral parlor, Jill, Cane, Chloe, Brock, Billy, and Esther surrounded the casket. Jill looked at some of the flowers, and was happy to see that Larry Warton had sent an arrangement -- along with a card saying that "Katherine was a cool old broad and should party on in the afterlife." Jill was moved to tears.

Nina Webster Chancellor arrived and hugged Brock and Jill. She told Jill that her son, Phillip Chancellor IV, was still in Iraq. Nina hugged Esther, and noticed Cane standing with Jill. Nina asked Esther who the "cutie" was then quickly answered her own question when she realized that Cane was "the baby that was switched with Phillip."

Daniel and Amber arrived, and were greeted by Danny and Gina. Gina remarked that Katherine and Rex Sterling, Danny and Gina's father, would be in heaven together.

Nikki, Victoria, and J.T. arrived, followed by Paul. Nikki felt faint, but Paul supported her.

Nina and Danny hugged. Nina was astounded by how old Daniel had gotten. When Paul joined them, Danny commented that it seemed like a "nostalgia tour."

Jill told Nikki, who was openly weeping at the casket, that Brock wanted them to take their seats. Jill said that Nikki was laying it on "a little thick," adding that Nikki had upstaged her with Katherine for years. Nikki told Jill she didn't know what had triggered Jill's onslaught, but she didn't appreciate it. When Nikki said that she had tried not to intrude, Jill said that all Nikki had done was intrude. Jill said, "Wring out your hankie and take your seat."

The Abbott family arrived. As soon as they entered, Sharon told an irritated Jack that she needed to talk with Nick. Billy told Jack that Jill had given him and Cane "the big speech," announcing that she was taking the chairman of the board job at Chancellor Industries. Billy was surprised when Jack said that, as Katherine's heir, Jill deserved the job. Billy told Jack that they really needed to get Jabot back into the hands of the Abbott family.

As Phyllis looked on from across the room, Sharon told Nick that Jack was upset that he and Sharon had spent time together in Paris. Sharon said that she was trying to get her marriage to Jack back on track, but all she could think about was being in Paris with Nick. Nick told Sharon that "it was just a kiss." Phyllis remembered seeing the passionate kiss that Nick and Sharon had shared in Paris.

Amber placed Daniel's sketch of Katherine by the casket, saying that Katherine had believed in her more than her mother had. Phyllis walked over to console Amber. She told Amber that broken hearts were horrible. Phyllis commented that Katherine had to have really loved Amber -- in spite of Amber's faults. Realizing her faux pas, Phyllis apologized to Amber, and the ladies agreed to a truce.

Mitchell Sherman, Katherine's attorney, told Jill how sorry he was about her loss. When Mitchell said that he was going to schedule a reading of Katherine's will, Jill said that she knew what to expect. Mitchell implied that perhaps Jill didn't, saying that Katherine had made some recent changes to her will. Jill looked uneasy.

Dina and Jack wondered why Ashley had taken a seat by herself, instead of with the rest of the Abbott family. Nikki stood up and said that she needed to get outside, or she would be sick. Paul grabbed Nikki, who, along with everyone else, was astounded to see Victor walk into the chapel. Not saying a word, nor looking at anyone, Victor sat next to Ashley.

Marge's ghost reappeared and was impressed with the number of people who had shown up for her funeral. When Marge saw Esther, she remembered that Esther had worked for Katherine and deduced that these "crazy rich people" thought that Katherine had died. Realizing that she didn't know where Katherine was, Marge quickly ran out, telling herself that she needed to find her.

At the river, Marge's ghost found Katherine's seemingly lifeless body downstream from the accident site. Marge started screaming, "Katherine! Say something!" Marge's ghost disappeared. Katherine's hands and eyelids began to quiver.

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