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Neil and Karen applied to be Ana's foster parents. Katherine pawned her emerald ring. Jana gave Lowell the cash that Katherine had left behind. Lowell planned to flee, but Eden hid his cash to keep him from leaving Genoa City. Heather had Adam arrested.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 15, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, December 15, 2008

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren and Michael rifled through file folders and searched for the insurance form with information that might clear River's name. Eden arrived, but after she learned about Michael and Lauren's search for the form, she excused herself and went to another room. Michael and Lauren noticed that Eden seemed worried. Michael told Lauren that River must have admitted that he had been conning them all along. Lauren found the insurance form just as Eden emerged and announced that she would crash at a friend's house. Michael stopped Eden in her tracks and asked her where she was going. Michael engaged in an emotional tug of war with Eden in an attempt to dissuade her from her clandestine mission.

Michael reminded Eden that she had claimed she felt she belonged with him and Lauren. Eden claimed she had promised her friend that she would be coming. Michael enveloped Eden in his arms, and Lauren advised Eden to listen to Michael. Eden remained evasive, but Michael reminded her that she no longer needed to run away or hide from her past. Eden worried that her dad would be angry, but Michael assured his sister that he would deal with River. After Michael left, Lauren unpacked Eden's clothes and told her that she, Michael, and Fen wanted Eden to stay. Eden worried that River would think she had let her father down if she didn't return with him to the ashram. Eden was emotionally torn, and she returned to her room to think. Eden's nearly emptied tote bag sat on the floor, and the plush bear River had stuffed with Kevin's money was still nestled inside.

In a darkened warehouse, River anxiously waited for Eden. River recalled ripping open a plush bear and stuffing it with the money Jana had given him. Michael confronted River at the warehouse. River explained that it was time for him and Eden to move on. Michael produced a document from his pocket and told River that a trail of missing funds tied him to the bank bombing. Michael told River that he was nothing more "than a thief hiding behind lofty ideals" because the insurance document confirmed that the bank had submitted an insurance claim for $4.5 million. The cash was a payroll that the bank believed the bomb blast had incinerated. Michael concluded that River stole the money and used most of the cash to purchase the ashram. Michael chided River for allowing Howie and Gloria to believe he was innocent. Michael labeled himself as a bastard for setting River free.

Michael berated River for purchasing real estate in Eden's name in order to conceal the stolen funds. Michael claimed that River had used Eden just as he had used a young Michael the night of the fateful peace rally. River maintained that his children were his greatest gifts. Michael begged River to tell the truth. Before River could respond, Michael labeled his father as a con, a liar, and a killer. Michael said he regretted stepping up to help his father during the police raid. River declared that he had come to Genoa City because he cared for his son and his family. River told Michael that if Michael reopened the case against him, it would destroy Eden. Michael challenged River to have some guts and be a man.

River begged Michael not to betray Eden. Michael explained that he had begged Eden to stay home because she would have come to support her father. Michael acknowledged that Eden would run if he turned River in to the authorities. Michael added that if he were to do the right thing, he would worry every day and night about his sister. River begged Michael to walk away, and he glibly added that the missing money was just paper. Michael clarified the issue and reminded his father the he had killed for that paper. River said persecuting him and Eden wouldn't bring the dead man back.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill ordered Esther to phone a shelter and donate all of Katherine's clothing and belongings. To thwart Jill's plan, Esther claimed she wanted "Mrs. C's" rooms to remain undisturbed as part of her inheritance. Jill and Esther fought over who had been more devoted and loving to Katherine. Jill claimed that Esther was bitter because Jill was Katherine's blood relative. Esther said that Katherine knew that Esther would honor Katherine's memory. A courier arrived and delivered Christmas gifts to Jill and Esther. Both women discovered that Katherine had purchased the gifts weeks before Christmas. Esther suggested they wait until Christmas to open their gifts. Jill recalled that Katherine had relapsed into alcoholism when she purchased the gifts.

Both Jill and Esther expressed sorrow because they had failed to rehabilitate Katherine in time to prevent her tragic death. Jill and Esther settled their differences, and Jill agreed to leave Katherine's rooms intact for a while longer. After Esther left, Jill expressed anguish for the emptiness she felt. Jill held her mother's photo and wondered why she wasn't able to feel her mother's spirit.

At Murphy's mobile home, Katherine joked that Murphy had great business acumen after he raised a lot of money during the pancake supper. Murphy was surprised when Katherine, whom he believed was Marge, uttered the word "acumen," and he was even more surprised when Katherine called him "Phillip." When Murphy asked who Phillip was, Kay responded, "Who is he?" Katherine asked Murphy to help her remember who Phillip was. Murphy advised Katherine to wait patiently for her memories to return. Katherine recalled fighting with someone in order to keep her home. In her mind, Katherine heard Jill's voice claim, "I've had to fight for everything I ever had in this world-my house and my husband. You always try to take it all away, but now I have the law on my side, and you lose." Katherine concentrated on the sound of the voice and thought aloud, "Who is she?"

Katherine gazed out the window and recalled Esther and Jill's voices entreating her to rest, and rebuffing her for drinking. Katherine shook her head and exclaimed, "I was an awful drunk." Murphy agreed that "Marge" was as awful as any drunk was. Katherine thanked Murphy for sticking with her, and she rested her head on his shoulder. Katherine suddenly remembered that she had a daughter.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin searched frantically for his stash of cash. Kevin, relieved when Jana said she had moved the money, grew angry after Jana admitted she had given all of Kevin's money to River. Jana claimed that the money, which Katherine had accidentally left behind, was eating away at Kevin's soul. Kevin demanded that Jana recover the money, but Jana claimed that the money would help the people at River's Malibu ashram. Jana said the money had never belonged to Kevin. Kevin countered that the money was not hers to give away.

Kevin fumed, but Jana claimed the money caused problems because Kevin had become secretive and distant. Kevin was livid and said that perhaps their lives weren't meant to be a shared journey, especially after Jana took the money without telling him. Kevin told Jana the coffeehouse's plumbing bill amounted to $2,000, which would take every cent of profit for an entire month.

At the coffeehouse, Neil, Karen, Tyra, and Devon assured Ana that she would soon return home. Karen promised Ana she wouldn't marry Neil until Martin Luther King Day, so Ana could take part in the ceremony. Ana hugged Devon and the others before the social worker escorted her away. After Ana walked away, Tyra scolded Karen for promising Ana she would come home in a few weeks. Neil announced that he had renewed his foster-care status. Tyra apologized and hugged Neil. Karen sighed in disgust.

After Neil, Karen, Tyra, and Devon returned to Neil's condo, Neil and Karen explained that they had applied to become foster parents in hopes of bringing Ana home sooner. Rafael arrived and explained that the court would not release custody of Ana to Tyra. Tyra told Neil he would make a wonderful foster father for Ana. Rafael noted that Neil and Karen weren't married, and the court viewed cohabitating couples as an unstable household. Tyra suggested that Karen move out. Karen rolled her eyes.

Karen suggested that she and Neil marry sooner. Rafael said that he had thought to suggest the marriage until Tyra mentioned the option of Karen moving out, which might allow Ana to come home soon. Rafael promised to consider each option and let them know which would get Ana home soonest. Neil embraced Karen's plan to marry promptly, and he kissed her repeatedly on the lips. Tyra rolled her eyes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adam told the wedding planner that there was a change of plans. He wanted to move the wedding date to the next day. The wedding planner was overwhelmed. She said that state law had a waiting period that required filing five days before the marriage. She didn't understand what the rush was. Adam said that he might have to leave the country. He wondered if being Victor Newman's son could make things happen for him. The wedding planner said that if they petitioned in Illinois, it would only be a one-day waiting period. Adam asked for her to do whatever it took. Adam asked if ten thousand dollars would be enough. The wedding planner said she would set it all up, and assured him that she had impeccable taste. Adam received a call from Heather and asked him to meet her at her office.

Heather thought about Adam's story about Jack's offer to help him get Victor's diary published. Then Heather thought about what Victor had said. She asked the guard at the jail to bring her Frank Ellis. Heather asked Frank if he had been compensated for his confession. Frank said that he knew why Heather was there. He knew Heather wanted to hear something that would get Adam off the hook. Frank said that he didn't have any reason to lie. As Heather was about to leave, Victor went to her and told her that he'd made an offer to Adam to come clean. He said that Adam refused his offer. Heather walked out.

When Adam showed up at Heather's office, Heather was in tears. She told him that she would give him one last chance to tell her the truth. Adam said again that he found the diary at the ranch. Heather said it was over, and threw Frank Ellis' confession note at him. She couldn't believe that he'd been lying to her for so many months. Adam said that he did it for them-Heather was all he had. The money was their ticket out of there; they could leave the country and start a new life together. Heather couldn't believe that Adam wanted her to give up her career and reputation just to run off to another country with him. Adam asked Heather if she loved him. She said that it didn't matter anymore. Adam told her that he had made arrangements for them to get married in Chicago. He begged her to come with him. Heather said that she couldn't believe she was saying it, but she wanted him to go. She whispered for Adam to run away. Adam asked Heather to follow her heart. He said that he would wait for her at the airport.

Jana tried to apologize to Kevin, but he was busy on the phone. He told Jana that Jeffrey was in the hospital with an allergic reaction. Kevin said he would call Jana when he arrived at the hospital.

When Kevin arrived at the hospital, he asked Jeffrey if he'd eaten jalapeños again. Jeffrey said that he burned himself from the outside in. Kevin realized that Jeffrey had used the face cream on himself. Kevin called Jana and told her she needed to find Michael right away. Gloria was in jail and only Michael could get her out. When Kevin hung up, he couldn't believe that Jeffrey had turned Gloria in. Kevin said that he thought Jeffrey loved Gloria. Jeffrey said that he did, and he would be waiting for Gloria when she got out. He just needed to put Gloria in her place once in awhile. Kevin said that Gloria would be in prison for the rest of her life and that Jeffrey was an idiot. He grabbed a glass of orange juice and splashed it on Jeffrey's face. Jeffrey screamed.

Gloria asked the police why they were treating her like a common criminal. The detective played the tape of her confession. Gloria tried to say that she and Jeffrey had a twisted game they liked to play. The detective didn't want to hear it. He told Gloria that she could have her one phone call. Gloria called Michael and got the answering machine. She begged him to come get her at the police station.

The police talked about how lucky they were that there was overwhelming evidence about the moisturizing cream case. They joked that the cold cream case wasn't cold anymore.

Gloria admitted to Kevin that Jeffrey had tricked her into admitting that she had tampered with the face cream. She told Kevin that she was in a lot of trouble. Kevin told Gloria to be strong and not to say a word until Michael got there.

Michael couldn't believe that he'd been fooled by River. He told River that he needed to come with Michael and turn himself in. River said that there was no way he was going to do that. River told Michael that he needed to back away from him. Michael said that he would not. River said that Michael was no saint. Michael told River that he wasn't perfect but that he'd like to think he had become a better man. River said that he didn't need to spend years in prison to know what he did was wrong. Michael said that he had a wife and son and needed to do the right thing. He had to turn River in if he thought he was a threat to somebody. River wondered who he was a threat to. Michael said that River was a threat to Eden. River said that Eden worshiped him. Michael said that was because she had no idea who he was.

River said that he didn't think Michael had it in him to turn River in. Michael said that if River walked out, he would never see Eden again. River said that Michael wasn't giving him a choice. He said that it was a comfort to know that Michael and Lauren would take care of Eden. River hugged Michael and said goodbye. Michael begged him not to leave, but River left anyway.

Eden told Lauren that if her father wanted to go with her, she would leave with him. Lauren said that she thought Eden liked going to school. Lauren said that she was sorry she was willing to just walk away and that there was no one there that she was going to miss. Eden admitted that she would miss a lot of people in Genoa City. She realized that she wanted to stay. Jana showed up at Michael's looking for him. Lauren and Eden were shocked to hear that Gloria was in jail. When Eden went to the bathroom, Lauren told Jana about Michael's meeting with River. Lauren asked Jana to go find Michael at the warehouse.

Michael went to Heather's office. She said that she wasn't in the mood to talk about Victor or the diary. Michael said that he needed to talk to her about something else. Michael told Heather that he wanted her to get an arrest warrant for Lowell Baldwin. Heather couldn't believe that Michael was telling her that. Michael said that he had to do it for his son and wife. He said that every day a little bit of his soul had died. He wasn't going to let that happen any longer. When Michael left, Heather tried to call Paul. She only got an answering machine. Heather looked out the window and cried. Her cell phone rang but when she saw it was Adam, she didn't answer it.

When Michael arrived home, Lauren told him that his mother had been arrested.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy stopped by the diner, where Pearl served him and Katherine dinner. At the counter, Lowell asked Pearl for some hot tea. Murphy told Katherine and Pearl that he had seen Lowell hitchhiking, and, feeling sorry for the cold and tired man, had invited him to the diner for tea and a sandwich. Pearl told Murphy that he shouldn't be spending what little money he had on a meal for a stranger.

Later, with Murphy gone, Katherine asked Pearl if Murphy was having financial problems. Pearl said that Murphy's bait and tackle shop wasn't generating much income. She also told Katherine that Murphy had never saved any money -- he had always given it away to those whom he deemed less fortunate -- to people like Lowell.

Katherine remembered Pearl telling her that her ring wasn't costume jewelry -- that it was a real emerald surrounded by diamonds. When Murphy returned to the table, Katherine asked him if he needed money to keep his shop from going bankrupt. Murphy told a skeptical Katherine that he wasn't having any financial problems.

At home with Lauren, Michael was feeling overwhelmed. Lowell had just told him that he was guilty of bank robbery and murder, and Gloria was in jail. Lauren tried to calm Michael, who said that his father was "a sociopath -- a murdering son of a bitch." Michael wondered if he could spare Eden from learning the truth about their father.

After Michael left, Eden came out of her room and asked Lauren where he had gone. Lauren said that Michael was probably at the jail seeing Gloria. Lauren, telling Eden that it would be best if she didn't speak to Lowell for the time being, asked Eden to turn over her cell phone. Eden said that Lauren couldn't stop her from following Lowell back to the ashram. Lauren suggested that Eden wait a few days -- and, if she then wanted to return to the ashram, Lauren would take her there. Eden surrendered her phone to Lauren.

At the jail, Gloria asked Kevin where Michael was. Kevin told her that he was probably trying to find Lowell. Gloria blamed Lowell for her predicament -- she said that if she hadn't testified on Lowell's behalf, Jeff wouldn't have turned her in for tampering with the Jabot face cream.

Michael arrived at the jail and chided Gloria for confessing that she had tampered with the cream. Gloria said that Jeff had tricked her into confessing. Kevin pulled Michael aside and demanded that he get Gloria out of jail as quickly as possible. Michael said that he would do the best that he could, but that he wouldn't be able to get a bail hearing for Gloria until the next day.

After Michael left, Gloria told Kevin that, even if the charges against her didn't stick, she would never be able to run Jabot. Kevin reminded Gloria that they had done terrible things in their quest to get the Jabot stock from Katherine, and opined that perhaps Jana was right about "the whole karma thing." As an officer led Gloria to her cell, she urged Kevin to have Michael do whatever was necessary to get her out of jail.

Back at home, Michael told Lauren that Gloria might be facing manslaughter charges. Eden interrupted their conversation, and asked Michael where Lowell was. Eden was stunned when Michael and Lauren told her that Lowell had been responsible for the bomb blast that had killed a bank janitor 40 years earlier. Eden initially didn't believe them, but Michael told her that Lowell had admitted his guilt. When Michael told Eden that he had ratted Lowell out to the police, Eden told Michael to "go to hell."

At the airport, Adam was concerned that his flight to London might be delayed due to bad weather. As he stared at a happy couple waiting for the same flight, Adam remembered Heather telling him to get out of her office before she had him arrested. Over the public address system, Adam heard the announcement that his flight would be departing soon.

In her office, Heather stared at a picture of Adam. She left another message for Paul, asking him to call her back as soon as he could. Michael showed up at Heather's office, and asked her to drop the murder charges against Victor. He told her that Adam was "toast," and suggested that she recuse herself from the case. Heather said that if the time ever came when she thought there was any conflict of interest, she would turn Victor's case over to another prosecutor. After Michael left, Heather called the airline to see if Adam's flight had departed. When she learned that it would take off shortly, Heather quickly left her office.

Just as Adam was about to board his flight, Heather arrived at the airport. Adam hugged his fiancée, saying, "You made it. I'm so glad you came." Adam was stunned when Heather told him that she was having him arrested. As an officer cuffed Adam and began reading him his rights, Adam said, "Don't do this to us, baby. Please."

Billy and Jack had coffee at Crimson Lights. Jack was annoyed that Billy hadn't been in touch with him since the Abbotts regained control of Jabot. Billy told Jack to relax, and explained that he had to move slowly, as Ashley "practically foamed at the mouth" whenever Jack's name was mentioned. Jack said that Billy would have to work around Ashley. When Billy said that he didn't like being treated like a flunky, Jack grew angry and reminded his brother that he had been running Jabot since before Billy was born. Billy said that he was under pressure from Jack, Ashley, and Jill. Before leaving to see his mother, Billy told Jack that he would honor their deal, but not until the time was right. "John" showed up and told Jack how much Billy took after Jack -- oozing charm, flashing a big smile, and possessing the ability to walk over any family member who got in his way.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill told Billy that, although she was deeply hurt by what had happened at the Jabot stockholders' meeting, she still loved him.

Jill and Billy reminisced about past holiday seasons at the Chancellor mansion. Jill said that she had just lost her mother -- and the last thing she wanted was to lose her son. Billy told Jill that he had never meant to hurt her. When Jill suggested that Billy leave Jabot to work with her and Cane at Chancellor Industries, Billy wondered whether she would give him a better position than Cane. Jill didn't understand the animosity that Billy felt toward his brother. Billy told Jill that he didn't understand why Cane was her "favorite son." Jill said that Cane wasn't her favorite -- but that perhaps she was over-compensating because she never had the opportunity to raise Cane. Billy wondered why Jill had never attempted to make up for sending Billy off to boarding schools, and pretending that he didn't exist. Jill was shocked to learn that Billy felt that way. Billy said that he would stay at Jabot -- where he wasn't treated like a peon. Before he left, Billy told Jill that he loved her -- he just couldn't work for her.

At the redecorated Abbott mansion, John said that Jack had alienated Ashley and ruined his marriage to Sharon because of his involvement in forging Victor's diary. Jack reminded John that there was no evidence linking him to the forgery. John said that if Jack focused on the people he loved, rather than on the people he hated, he would be a happier man.

Jack and John reminisced about Christmases past at the Abbott mansion -- the family caroling, the smell of Mamie's gingerbread cookies, and the reading of the Christmas story around the tree. A wistful Jack said that his life "went south" when he was forced out of Jabot because of the face cream scandal.

Jeff returned to the Abbott mansion, and Jack noticed the burn on his face. Jack was intrigued when he learned that it was a chemical burn caused by Gloria's face cream. Jeff said that the label on the cream read, "GloAgain by Jabot." Jack asked Jeff where Gloria was -- he wanted to speak with her. Jeff told Jack that Gloria was in jail -- that she had been arrested for tampering with the Jabot face cream!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ashley visited Victor in jail. Victor told her that he was able to cope with being in jail because Ashley visited him every day. Ashley told Victor that Jack was still denying everything. Victor wasn't surprised. Ashley said that she couldn't trust Jack. Victor said that he was still having a hard time dealing with the fact that Adam had turned on him. Victor said that it would be Adam's story against Frank's.

Victoria and J.T. went to see Victor. Victoria said that she knew the diary was a fake. She said that someone must be looking out for Victor. She suggested that maybe it was Sabrina. Victoria wondered why Victor wasn't already out of jail. Victor said that Heather Stevens was an extraordinarily ambitions woman. He said that sometimes her ambition was misplaced, but he knew that she wanted to make a good impression in the DA's office, and he felt that she was honest. Victoria said that she didn't trust Heather. Victor said that Adam would get burned. This time, his fiancée would be holding the blowtorch.

Heather brought in the district attorney to speak to Adam. The district attorney told Adam that he was there to question Adam about the allegations made by Frank Ellis. Heather asked Adam if he wanted a lawyer present at his hearing. Adam said that wouldn't be necessary. He hadn't done anything wrong; he was innocent. Adam admitted that he had met Frank Ellis, but not under the circumstances that Frank said he had. Adam said that Frank was a con artist, and he couldn't believe that they were trusting Frank's story. Adam suggested that possibly Victor hired Frank in jail and spoon-fed him the story. The DA asked why Adam didn't turn the diary in to the authorities right away. Adam said that at first he was protecting Victor. Heather said that Adam should have turned the diary in to the authorities. Adam said that when Victor had turned everyone against him, he decided he could make some money off of it. Adam suggested that Frank had forged the diary and set him up. Adam looked at Heather and told her that he was surprised that she didn't trust him. He said that she knew he wasn't that kind of person. The DA received a call and stepped out. Heather asked Adam what the hell he was doing. She told Adam that he had admitted to her that he and Jack had forged the diary. Adam wondered why, if Heather really thought he had committed a felony, she told him to run away. Heather said that she had every intention of prosecuting Adam.

The DA asked Heather if she got any additional information from Adam. Heather said no. The DA was surprised that Heather had more confidence in Frank's story than her own fiancé's. Heather said that she knew that Adam was guilty. She said that she couldn't prove it yet, but she would. Heather and the DA returned to tell Adam that he was free to go. Heather said that Adam wouldn't be able to leave Genoa City until everything was cleared up. Heather asked the DA what they were trying to prove, whether or not Adam forged the diary, or whether or not Victor killed Walter Palin. The DA said that they were trying to prove both things. Heather said that she thought it would be best for her to drop Victor's case and focus solely on Adam's. The DA wondered if she was worried about a conflict of interest. Heather said that Adam's case belonged to her. She said that Adam deserved to be behind bars, along with his father. The DA told Heather to remind him to never double-cross her.

When Heather went back to her hotel room, she thought about Adam's proposal. She heard a knock on the door. It was Adam. She asked him what he was doing there. Adam came in and told Heather that he loved her more than he loved anyone. He said that she had broken his heart. Heather said he was the one who broke her heart. She asked him how she could love a felon. As far as she was concerned, Adam and his father were both manipulative bastards. She told him to take the ring and get out.

Murphy asked Marge where she was heading. She told him not to ask so many questions so close to Christmas. Katherine went to a pawn shop and asked how much she could get for her ring. The appraiser said that he'd seen the ring before. Marge said that her friend had come in and had the ring appraised before. The appraiser said that he would offer her $5,000 for it. Marge said that she knew the ring was worth way more than that. Marge said that she wouldn't take less than $11,000. The appraiser finally offered Marge $10,000. Marge said that he had a deal. When Marge returned home, Murphy was shocked when he saw all the money Marge brought him. Marge said that his business was in trouble and he needed it. Marge said that she was doing it for herself. Murphy said he'd pay her back every penny. Marge said that Murphy had given her a reason to go on; no money could repay that. Marge told Murphy that she had doubled the original offer from the appraiser. She said that she could have walked out of there with nothing. Meanwhile, the appraiser made a phone call. He said that he knew the ring was worth millions of dollars.

Jack wanted to talk to Jeffrey about Gloria. He said that he went to talk to Gloria in jail, but that she wouldn't see him. Jeffrey said that Gloria must have felt too guilty, considering that the face cream scandal had forced Jack to leave Jabot. Jack said that if word got out that John Abbott's widow had been responsible for the death of Emma Gibson, they would be in a world of trouble. Jeffrey said that he would take Jack to see Gloria. When Jack saw Gloria, he told Gloria that he'd like to ring her neck. Jeffrey said that they were in business together and that Gloria had better talk to him. Jack said that Gloria was the one that forced him to walk away from Jabot.

Gloria said that she would never hurt John's company. Jack said that he could never understand why John loved Gloria in the first place. Jack remembered how it had all gone down. He remembered how self-righteous Gloria had been. He told her to save her tears for the jury, she'd be going to prison for manslaughter. Jack said that the worst day of his life was the day his father died. The second worst day was the day he found out he could no longer work at Jabot. Jack told Gloria that she was responsible for both. When Jack walked out of Gloria's cell, he ran into Victor. Victor told Jack that his time was running out. Jack said that was coming from a man who was in jail for murder.

Jana told Jill about a food drive they had set up at the coffee house. Jill said that she'd like to make a donation in Katherine's name. Victoria and J.T. were also impressed with the food drive. They made a huge donation as well. Jana was so happy, she offered them coffee on the house. J.T. received a message from Paul. It said that he was on to something that could bury both Jack and Adam.

Jill ran into Ashley at Jabot and told her that she was moving in upstairs. Jill said that Ashley and Jack would not weasel her out of the company. Ashley told Jill that it had also taken her awhile to get used Jill taking over the company. Jill said that it wouldn't be long before Gloria and Jeff stabbed Ashley in the back.

Jill was surprised when she saw Jeffrey's face. When Jeffrey said that Gloria had done it to him, Jill joked that Gloria had burned Jeffrey's face in a tanning bed. Jeffrey told Jill that he'd found an old jar of face cream in Gloria's drawer. Jill was shocked that Gloria hadn't turned in the jar. Jeffrey told Jill that it was Gloria who put a batch of cleaning solvent in the face cream. Jill said that once she got her hands on Gloria, she would kill her. Jill and Jeffrey went to Ashley to tell her about the face cream. Ashley was in shock. She said that if the story were true, Gloria almost single-handedly destroyed her company. Ashley said that when she saw Gloria, she would kill her. Jill said to get in line. Ashley made arrangements to file a civil suit so that Gloria would lose all the money she had received from John.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jack stopped by the Abbott mansion and told Sharon that Gloria had been arrested for tampering with the Jabot face cream. He said that the face cream scandal had been a turning point in his life -- that, since he had left Jabot, nothing had gone right except for his relationships with Sharon and Noah. Jack's eyes teared up as he told Sharon about all of his regrets -- and all of his mistakes. Sharon said that it was important that he learned from his mistakes -- that he could have a good life if he stopped standing in his own way.

As she waited to visit Gloria at the jail, Ashley remembered Gloria's vehement denial that she had tampered with the face cream. When Gloria showed up in the visiting room, she didn't want to speak with Ashley -- but Ashley ordered her to stay.

Gloria said that she was innocent -- she told Ashley that Jeff had framed her. Ashley chided Gloria for ruining peoples' lives, and John's company. At first, Ashley said she had thought that Gloria was merely a gold digger, but she realized how dangerous a person she really was. Ashley told Gloria that, after she was prosecuted, Jabot would be filing a civil suit against her for ruining Jack's career and Ashley's reputation. Before Ashley stormed out, she added that the Abbotts were planning to take Gloria's Jabot stock away from her.

Ashley returned to Jabot, and was angry to find Jack, who was not supposed to be on the property, in the boardroom. Before leaving for a meeting, Ashley told Jack that Jabot was going to sue Gloria in an effort to divest her of her Jabot stock.

After Ashley left, "John" appeared to Jack. Jack was angry with John for having defended Gloria during the face cream investigation. John apologized, saying that he had no reason to suspect Gloria. John admitted that Gloria had behaved despicably, and that Jack had every right to hate her. John urged Jack to try to once again take his "rightful" place at Jabot, saying that Gloria would get what was coming to her.

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Kevin prepared to visit Gloria. Michael asked his brother to bring Jana along, as she seemed to having a calming effect on Gloria. Kevin admitted to Michael that he hadn't told Jana about Gloria's arrest. When Jana walked over, Kevin told her about the manslaughter charge. Michael said that he had more bad news -- that Lowell had admitted setting the bomb at the bank -- and that he was on the run again. After Michael left, Kevin chided Jana for giving Lowell the $60 thousand that Kevin had found in Katherine's bag.

Jeff visited Gloria, who informed him that his "petty jealousy" might cost them their Jabot stock. Jeff presented Gloria with divorce papers, saying that if she gave him her Jabot stock in the divorce settlement, it would be safe until she was released from prison. When Gloria whined that Jeff would get everything, and that she would be left with nothing, Jeff told her that she shouldn't have testified on Lowell's behalf. Jeff left the divorce papers for Gloria to mull over, telling her not to take too long making her decision. He said that once Jabot filed suit against her, it would be too late for her to give him the stock.

Kevin, Jana, and Michael visited Gloria. Michael told his mother that it might take several days to get her a bail hearing. Gloria became hysterical when Kevin told her that Lowell was a fraud -- he had lied when he claimed not to have set the bomb at the bank. Gloria said that Jeff had been right -- she shouldn't have testified on Lowell's behalf. Gloria realized that Jana might be right about the "karma stuff" -- Gloria wanted to "screw over" Jack and Ashley by contaminating the face cream -- but she had ended up "screwing over" herself.

Noah visited Eden at the Baldwins' apartment. Eden complained that she didn't know what to believe about her father. Fondling her teddy bear, Eden realized that it was stuffed with cash. Noah volunteered to hide the cash at the Abbott mansion. They removed the cash and replaced it with wads of blank paper.

Later, Lowell used his key and entered the Baldwins' apartment. He was about to run off with the teddy bear, but Eden snuck up on him, saying, "Dad! Weren't you going to say goodbye?"

Eden asked Lowell if they were going back to the ashram. Lowell told Eden that she would have a better life if she stayed with Michael and Lauren. Eden's heart dropped when she saw that Lowell had her teddy bear. When Eden asked him why he was holding it, he said that he was taking it with him so that he would always feel close to her. Lowell hugged Eden and rushed out of the apartment with the teddy bear.

Later, in a dark alley, Lowell ripped open the bear, expecting to find the thousands of dollars that he had stashed in it. He went ballistic when he realized that there was nothing inside the bear except for some blank pieces of paper.

Nikki visited Victor in jail to remind him that they needed to make their annual Christmas deposits to their children's and grandchildren's trust funds. Victor was cold toward Nikki, and asked her to have their accountant take care of everything. Nikki reminded Victor that it was Summer's birthday. Victor asked Nikki to tell Summer that he loved her. As Victor left, Nikki said that she was sorry that he couldn't wish Summer a happy birthday in person.

At the tack house, Phyllis and Nick decorated for Summer's birthday party. Nick realized that Phyllis was acting distant. She told Nick that she was having trouble forgetting about the kiss that he had shared with Sharon. Suddenly mellowing, Phyllis said, "You hurt me -- figure it out," and began kissing Nick. They were interrupted when Nikki showed up for the party. When Phyllis went upstairs to check on Summer, Nikki asked if everything was okay between Nick and Phyllis. Nick said that he had done something that he wished he hadn't -- but that everything was going to work out.

Nick saw Sharon approach the tack house and went outside to greet her before she could reach the front door. Sharon had a birthday gift for Summer. Nick told Sharon that it was best that she not go inside, as Phyllis knew about the kiss that they had shared in Paris -- and was getting over her "broken heart."

When Phyllis learned that Nick was outside the front door speaking with Sharon, she walked out, said, "Hi, Sharon ... bye, Sharon," and ordered Nick inside so they could give Summer her birthday cake. Sharon stood outside alone.

Sharon returned home and was not happy to see Jeff, his feet propped up on her new sofa, reading the newspaper. She told Jeff to go to the pool house and pack his and Gloria's things -- she was throwing the Bardwells out. As Jeff left, he said that was okay with him, as he didn't like living there, anyway. Just to make sure Jeff left, Sharon sent Fisher after him.

Adam visited Heather at her hotel suite. He announced that he was leaving Genoa City, and that it was Heather's last chance to change her mind and leave town with him. Heather reminded him that he had been warned to stay in town, but Adam said that the authorities hadn't accused him of committing any crime. A sobbing Heather ordered Adam out of her room.

A few minutes later, Paul stopped by and comforted his weeping daughter. Heather said that she should have listened to Paul when he had suggested that Adam might be trouble. Paul told Heather that he had just returned from Mexico. When Heather asked if he had unearthed any new evidence against Victor, Paul told her that he had unearthed some ironclad new evidence -- but it incriminated Adam, not Victor.

Adam stopped by the jail to say goodbye to Victor. Adam sarcastically thanked Victor for teaching him to be a ruthless, heartless person. Adam gloated, saying, "The seasoned pro is in jail -- but the rookie gets to walk." Victor said that he didn't understand how a wonderful person like Hope could have raised a person of such low moral character. Adam told Victor to enjoy the rest of his life in prison, but, as he opened the door to leave, Detective Wallace, who was standing with Paul and Michael, arrested Adam for fraud and obstruction of justice.

After Adam was led out in handcuffs, Victor told Paul and Michael, "The DA's been spoon-fed everything he needs. Now -- it's time for the grand finale."

At his arraignment, Adam met Rafe, the public defender assigned to his case. Adam told Rafe that there wasn't any evidence to support the charges against him. Overhearing, Heather told Adam to turn around and look at the people entering the courtroom. In walked Paul, followed by the Mexican bartender and his young daughter!

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